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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  January 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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your forecast first." bree weather adlib: skies will be mostly clear overnight tonight allowing temperatures to plunge into the teens with wind chills in the single digits across the state. clouds will work back into iowa tomorrow making for mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and the winds will remain from the northwest at 8 to 12 mph. highs tomorrow will not be as warm topping out in the 20s in central iowa. monday means back to work, back to school, and temperatures back into the 20s again. the sunshine and light winds on monday will help make it not seem so bad! by midweek our temperatures will be back in the 30s with many places getting above freezing, including the metro. precipitation chances start going up towards the end of the work week with the best chance looking to be friday with a wintry mix moving in and continuing through the first part of the weekend. nikki
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victims of abuse and stalking might feel a little safer in iowa in 20-16... the details on a new "safe at home" program that's now here in the state... nikki donald trump isn't a stranger to making headlines... but now reports say... his face... is also making it into isis recruitment videos... nikki a setback for martin o'malley means a step ahead for a lesser known presidential candidate that lives right here in west des moines... " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news i'm nikki davidson. we're less than a month away from the iowa caucuses. it's a time where candidates are working to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. nikki: local five's jacob peklo has more on how two democratic candidates are fighting for the attention of voters. jacob peklo, studio "the campaign trail for martin o'malley is focusing once again on iowa. he made the first
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and western parts of the state this weekend. though he's not even on the ballot in a noted key battleground state, he's still hoping that getting hot in iowa will propel him to victory." (natural sound of applause) martin o'malley started his 2016 campaigning at the west des moines public library. martin o'malley, d- presidential candidate: "i was very, very elated to see a crowd like this on such short notice here. so, i do think that people are tuning in and i do think that people want an alternative." o'malley has struggled recently to reach double digits in several polls, but believes a strong push before the caucus could turn the tide. martin o'malley, d- presidential candidate: "i think the people of iowa have the opportunity to, to as they have before to lift up the candidate that no one has heard of before." but the efforts suffered a setback. o'malley's name will not appear on the ohio ballot, but another candidate...rocky de la fuente will. martin o'malley, d- presidential candidate: "i was disappointed, you know. in any challenger campaign, it's a battle of attrition to make sure that you don't drop any important balls." rocky de la fuente, d- presidential candidate: "now that o'malley basically made the mistake in ohio, and also he's not very high up in the polls, the reality now is i need to pass sanders." o'malley says he hopes to mount a strong
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ohio, which de la fuente did to get his name on michigan's ballot. the former maryland governor still believes iowa could change the race, where he's attracting new voters. tim huckaby, urbandale resident: "the other two primary candidates do have some good points, but i think he's the man that's most apt to be able to deliver." martin o'malley, d- presidential candidate: "i'm excited, i'm encouraged actually. i think these next thirty days are going to be really excited actually." de la fuente filed his paperwork with the f- e-c in october, and has gained the public eye for his home in west des moines. now, he thinks the timing is right to make a move. rocky de la fuente, d- presidential candidate: "but i knew that o'malley was not my target. my target has always been hillary." nikki: o'malley will be
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tomorrow, after stops in sioux city and council bluffs. de la fuente is in his home in san diego now, but says he'll back in iowa on wednesday. nikki: continuing in your local election headquarters tonight...donald trump is getting some bad press. nikki: a disturbing new recruitment video from a somali terrorist group features the republican presidential candidate... the new video was apparently released by an al qaeda affiliate based in somalia. the video labels the u-s as a racist society.... that will evenutally turn agagnst it's own muslim communities. it features audio of trumps proposed muslim travel ban. it's something democratic candidate hillary clinton mentioned in the last democratic debate. (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate ) "he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists." nikki: the new terror video doesn't
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conflicts as well. featuring the shootings in ferguson missouri and in baltimore. nikki: new details in the death investigation of des moines teen sam kemp. nikki: kemp was missing for nearly a week last month, after a party in granger. police and a dive team recovered from his body from a pond. tonight, the results from his autopsy are out. the state medical examiner says he drowned. there were traces of alcohol and marijuana in his system. there was no evidence of trauma or injury. the polk county sheriff's office is still investigating. nikki: a new program in iowa protects survivors of abuse by keeping their home addresses concealed from public documents. local5's sarah greene shows us how the 'safe at home' program aims to keep victims safe. ' as of january first, abuse survivors living in iowa can keep their home address confidential. that means things like driver's licenses, utility bills, and even voter registration can use a substitute address. the shelter manager from winnie's place, an emergency shelter for homeless and abused women, says the program makes it more difficult for an abuser to find a victim. (kit miller/shelter
10:06 pm more step of protection, that will take, um, somebody a little more work to find where they're at." mail sent to the substitute address gets forwarded by the secretary of state's office to the confidential address of the survivor. (nats of mail box) (sarah) "the safe at home program helps survivors of abuse not live in fear of everyday tasks like taking a walk in their neighborhood or simply checking the mail. " (abuse survivor) "you would always be looking over your shoulder, you'd be afraid to do anything in public. i'm not sure if i would even want to leave my house." (kit miller/shelter manager) "somebody's sister or friend works at a connivence store and knows or sees that id can very easily let the abuser know." one domestic and sexual abuse survivor says the program will make a big difference for others like her. (abuse survivor) "a lot of things are public record these days, and even though you try and hide where you're at and your identity you do what you can, if they really want to they can find where you're at. and this law stops that." not only does 'safe at home' keep survivors safe, it helps them feel at home too. (kit miller/shelter manager) "home is supposed to be your refuge, and so you need to feel like you have a safety net there and you have some comfort, and you have the ability to relax
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home is all about. sarah greene local 4 news.' nikki: iowa is one of 33 states with an confidential address program. for more information on how to sign up for the 'safe at home program' visit our website, that's we are iowa dot com. nikki: taking a look around iowa now, a snowmobile ride turns deadly. nikki: the marshall county sheriffs office says 25 year old travis vandewalle of legrand was riding alone at the time of the accident. the vehicle overturned onto him while he was attempting to climb a drift... it happened in field northeast of legrand near abbott avenue at about 6:30 p.m. vandewalle was found by a concerned family member after he didn't return when expected... the investigation remains open pending results of the marshall county medical examiner. nikki: a new sharon
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after she failed to stop at an intersection in rural mahaska county. around 1:30 new year's eve day, 55-year-old susan durian was driving west bound on 215th street north of failed to stop at the intersection of oxford avenue. a semi was driving north on that avenue and hit her. durian was taken to the mahaska county hospital and died there. iowa state patrol is investigating the accident. nikki: an airplane flipped over near the newton airport just before 10 this morning. according to police a cessena 172 was attempting to land when the pilot lost control and went off the left side of the runway... it then hit a snow bank, causing the plane to flip over... emergency services were dispatched on a report that the pilot was stuck inside the plane... when they arrived they found the pilot, micheal bates of ne-vad-a had gotten himself out... and had no injuries. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at ten...iowa and iowa state both back on the court... but only one team comes out with a win. we've got the highlights later in sports. nikki:
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away homes and businesses in missiouri... we've got the latest on the destruction. james: and i'll have your forecast next. "now, we are iowa's most accurate
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t weather experts " bree weather adlib: skies will be mostly clear overnight tonight allowing temperatures to plunge into the teens with wind chills in the the state. clouds will tomorrow making for mostly sunny to partly
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winds will remain from the northwest at 8 to 12 mph. highs tomorrow will not be as warm topping out in the 20s in central iowa. monday means back to work, back to school, and temperatures back into the 20s again. the sunshine and light winds on monday will help make it not seem so bad! by midweek our temperatures will be back in the 30s with many places getting above freezing, including the metro. precipitation chances start going up towards the end of the work week with the best chance looking to be friday with a wintry mix moving in and continuing through the first part of the weekend. nikki:
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local 5 news at 10... its a race against the clock to save lives and homes in volunteers armed with sandbags try to protect their communities... nikki: next.... a group of workers at a colorado plant.... fired for praying together... we'll explain why the plant says the religious practice hurt its operations... nikki: have a story you think we should cover? email us at: news at we are iowa dot com. or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555.
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facebook "we are iowa local 5 news" and twitter "we are iowa 5 news" if you see news break... let us know. we'll be right back. you're watching local 5 news at 10.
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news in hd. home of " nikki/bam: flooding continues in the midwest. the record floods are midwest. the record floods are finally receding in some areas, but just beginning in others. that tops our look at national headlines tonight. nikki: the historic floods are sweeping away homes and businesses in missouri. some parts of saint louis are under 16 feet of water. but all that water is now moving south - the illinois governor toured flooded areas - declaring a state of emergency - and deploying national guard troops. sot - governor bruce rauner / (r) illinois "the levees are mostly holding well nikki: but for now, the
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lives in missouri--volunt eers are filling sandbags and doing whatever they can to help. nikki/bam: a bar owner in new york says his business was the intended target of an alleged new year's eve terror plot. federal officials said thrusday, emanuel lutchman planned to attack a bar - but authorities did not reveal which one. the owner of merchants grill says investigators told him that his place would've been targeted. he also says he's seen the suspect before. (font: :02-:09)john paige owner, merchants grill): "he's been around the neighborhood for some time. he's a of businesses have asked him to leave. he's banned in a few of them." yourself?" "including myself." nikki: a criminal complaint says lutchman wanted to bomb and kidnap partiers to prove himself to isis. he was nabbed after he met with a confidential source for the justice department. he's been charged with trying to provide material support to i-s-i-s. nikki/bam: 190 muslim workers at a meat plant in colorado have been fired. it comes as a result of a dispute over
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work. in december, 11 somalis living in colorado wanted to pray all at one time. cargill meat solutions, the company they all worked for, said no because it would stop the operations. the somalis left to pray anyway, and were let go--along with many who protested their firing. (font: :48 - :58) "it's got things to do with donald trump, it's got things to do carson and all these guys who are rhetorically talking bad about islam." nikki: cargill insists it attempts to provide religious accommodation for all at its plant, including a prayer room. many somalis however, take issue with that. nikki: weapons aren't allowed inside sports arenas, but that didn't stop a connecticut man from trying to bring a meat cleaver, sword and stun gun to the nhl's winter classic. matthew bromson was charged with tresspassing and three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. nikki/2shot iowa fans bummed out by
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had something to smile about tonight... jordan if you turned off the basketball game at halftime, you missed a crazy 2nd half!! coming up on local 5 sports, highlights from the hawkeyes battle with purdue, plus iowa state taking on #3 oklahoma.. that's all coming up next... " now, local 5 sports
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jordan: you really couldn't ask for a tougher big 12 opener. #11 iowa state traveling to norman to take on #3 and unbeaten oklahoma... cyclones trying to avoid their first 0-1 conference start since 20-13. georges niang and buddy hield, two preseason all americans! first half, niang
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move up and in for two. isu up by as many as 11. sooners answer back, hield on the drive throws down the dunk! isu up 4 at the break. 2nd half, you can't replace a guy like naz mitrou-long, but deonte burton is doing his best. the marquette transfer had a season high 19! but here come the sooners... isaiah cousins, 0 points in the first half. 2nd half he gets hot here with back to back threes. ou takes the lead... later on...niang gets his pocket picked, the pass from cousins to ryan spangler for the bucket. sooners up 4. but niang trying to spark a late game rally, here he is with two more of his game high 29! now with less than 30 seconds to go after an ou turnover. isu can play for the last shot. monte morris for 3 and the lead... off the mark. ou knocks in two free throws.
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off isu, 87-83. cyclones back in action wednesday at home vs. texas tech. jordan: the iowa hawkeyes are coming off a huge upset of #1 michigan state, the first time iowa has ever beaten a top ranked team at home... now they hit the road for another tough battle taking on #14 purdue these two have split their last two meetings... 1st half, jared uthoff, like other 1st halves this season, starts out hot. the spin move up and in for two! uthoff finished with a game high 25... but purdue goes on a tear. kendall stephens nails the triple. then on the other side, it's stephens again for three! part of a 16-0 boilermaker run! purdue led it 37- 20 at halftime.. 2nd half, iowa starts to chip away at what was once an 18 point hole... anthony clemmons breaking ankles with the step back three. hawks down 9. then it's mike gesell, great camera work btn... iowa down just 5. then valley grad peter jok with the steal, he takes it back to pull the hawks within 3.
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dom uhl steps back and gives iowa the lead. and it's a lead they wouldn't give up! iowa outscores purdue 50-26 in the second half! and for the second time this week, they pull off the upset, 70-63 the final "a lot of coaches say this, 'i'm really proud of my guys,' but i could not be more proud. i thought in the first half, we got off to a pretty good start, but we didn't play with the toughness both mentally and physically that you need in this building, but the bottom line was we had twenty minutes left and they certainly did in the 2nd half." uni also on the road taking on southern illinois. anthony beane had himself a game. here he sinks the three... then it's beane again splashing in the triple... more long ball from the salukis, tyler smithpeters drops in the three ball... southern illinois had 13 threes in the game. you can't tell by the highlights sent down, but uni did make this a game.
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valiantly, but fall 75-73... panthers now losers of 5 of their last 9! jordan: the iowa state women tipped off their big 12 schedule with a big 84-79 road win over k-state on wednesday, the cyclones 7th straight win... today they take on an ok-state team coming off an upset win over #4 baylor! isu has lost 4 straight to the cowgirls... cyclones trail most of the game, but they lead it in the 4th... bridget carleton, no but seanna johnson with the putback. 36-33 cyclones. osu pulls within 2 on this 3 by roddricka patton. but check out the hustle by bryanna fernstrom, handles the pass, gets the bucket and the foul! isu goes up 44-40. depite shooting 12-53 from the floor...isu goes 22-25 from the charity stripe, they win their 8th in a row! 49-42 jordan/2shot nikki:
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watching local five news at ten. watching local five news at ten.
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