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tv   Local 5 News Late Edition  ABC  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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sweeping the nation.. find out the winning numbers next.. nikki plus, the presidents stance on firearms is actually boosting gun sales... we'll explain why... nikki and weeks before the caucus... iowans are getting the chance to see where candidates stand on the issues that are important to them with the family first forum. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki/lam: good evening. i'm nikki davidson. six lucky numbers could change someone's life tonight. the powerball jackpot is at a historic high tonight at nine hundred million dollars. and with that 900 million dollar jackpot at stake.... iowans are spending their weekend loading up on tickets.. and, as you might suspect, the most popular
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what folks would do with the winnings are take a long vacation or pay off looming debt. "9 figures i could figure out something""probably florida or carribean or some place to get out of this weather""pay off all my bills and help my family members out" nikki: sales for the jackpot closed at 8:59 tonight. officials say if no one wins the jackpot..... wednesday's drawing could top one-point three billion dollars. nikki: we know that in tonight's drawing is atleast 75 percent of all number combinations have been selected... so it is likely there will be a winner. here's a look at those six winning numbers.... 16, 19, so far there has not been a winner announced, we'll update you throughout the show if anything changes. nikki: if you ran out to grab a ticket last minute like i did, you already
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outside. meteorologist bree sullivan joins me now....and bree bree (adlibs weather intro) bree (bre adlibs weather hit as she walks over to the weather center.) i'll have more on that in your full forecast later in the show.
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nikki: we're approaching crunch time in iowa's campaign season. today, two of the top democratic presidential candidates stopped in des moines for the families first forum.. it gave a chance for midwestern grassroots leaders to get answers on their pressing concerns. local 5's jacob peklo joins us now with more. jacob nikki, martin o'malley and bernie sanders nikki, martin o'malley and bernie sanders each had about an hour to separately campaign and take questions. one big name---front runner hillary clinton---was not there. it was a time sanders and o'malley used to try to make up ground. nats of cheering an energetic crowd filled the sanctuary at first christian church. nats: "i have not decided who i'm voting for yet, but i want to thank you for being the candidate that's been the most apologetic in my lifetime on taking on corporate interests and i want to thank you for that." bernie sanders and martin o'malley spent quality time getting to
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voters... and their values. bernie sanders, d- presidential candidate: "what this campaign is about, what this political revolution is about is saying there is something profoundly wrong in this country." as for hilary..? nats: "where is hillary?" rasheen aldridge, st. louis resident: "i wish she had been here to hear the stories of the people who really need to change in their communities, and really hear the stories of people who are going through tragedy on a day to day basis." so, o'malley and saers worked to capitalize on their new opportunity. bernie sanders, d- presidential candidate: "i will make the case that the people who work with three year olds are doing more important work than college professors do." arique aguilar came from southern minnesota to get answers about improving the immigration process.... arique aguilar, panelist: "i'm a u.s. citizen being punished physically, emotionally and psychologically." ...which brought an impassioned response from both men. martin o'malley, d- presidential candidate: "we need to stop these mindless deportation policies that are ripping families apart for absolutely no good." bernie sanders, d-
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"they no longer have to live in the shadows. i am going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship for 11 million undocumented." and now, with the support of this crowd of 700 strong, they're hoping to ride this momentum to washington. jacob washington. jacob both o'malley and sanders agree on the need to shut down "for profit prisons." they also say it's a priority to invest in developing better working conditions. live in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. nikki: before o'malley was here in the metro, he held a press conference outside a cedar rapids gun show. telling voters that isis uses shows like this one to arm their terrorists. " " nikki: o'malley was
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the cedar rapids gun show today. and while many people were excited to find the perfect gun, knife or accessory to add to their collections, the issue of gun control had many talking... local 5's brady smith spoke to them about it today. for bob ducharme, business has never been better. 54:55-:00 "usually in a month, i'll sell about 100 guns. as of the 8th, i was at 84 guns." he attributes at least some of that to president obama. he says the obama administration's control - especially recently - have driven more customers his on tuesday, the president detailed the so-called "gun show loophole," requiring anyone who sells guns for a living to register as a firearms dealer and to conduct background checks. but ducharme and many buyers here say that loophole doesn't exist. 58:42-:49 "as you can see right now, i've got somebody sat down doing paperwork. just because i'm at a gun show, doesn't mean i don't have to do paperwork." mike vrban has gone through the process.
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any one of these tables and try to buy a gun. you'll do a background check, so i don't think there is much truth to that." some vendors we spoke with say they do agree with background checks, but question how much of a difference they'll make in curbing mass shootings. show promoter daryl klein says he applauds the president's push for better access to mental health care. but he says none of the executive actions obama detailed this week are changing how he runs his shows. 8:00-:06 "it's exactly the same rules and regulations that we've been dealing with for the last 20 years." klein says he's been getting lots of questions about the issue lately, and that people are afraid. 9:31-:35 "they're apprehensive about the terrorist threats, they're apprehensive about the crime rate." klein and most of the vendors here say more gun control isn't the answer to solving the nation's gun violence. many told us more education and training for legal gun owners, and more armed security in public areas, would be a step in the right direction. nikki: gun control is a big debate among the presidental
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education.. here locally.. des moines public schools expects to hire more than 200 teachers for next year.. the fourth annual education fair took place today at vets auditorium.. around seven- hundred interviewees showed up.. hoping to get one of those jobs.. it's great for us because we get to tell them about des moines public schools and they get to tell us a little about their skills ablities and knowlege and what they can bring to serve our students at des moines public shcools nikki: around one hundred administrators and school board members were on hand.. des moines public schools has seen its graduation rate increase by nine percent in the last five years.. nikki: a new app is making paying for parking easier... . nikki: this fall, sioux city started using the "parkmobil" app. it allows you to plug the meter remotely to avoid getting a ticket. so far there are over 300 users taking advantage of the app. and so far the app has brought in more that 3 thousand dollars. "we're happy with it because of the convenience it's made for customers. like i
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that's going a little extra longer. people love it, it was time for us to get into this century so we're happy with the results." say parking & skywalk supervisor monette harbeck. nikki: there is a 35 cent convenience fee when you use the app to add more time to your meter. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 10... one of the world's most wanted men... is back in handcuffs.. nikki: then a heartbreak at hilton today for the cyclone men.. highlights and reaction later in sports.. nikki: but first.. multiple cars being stolen in sioux city.. find out how police are trying to put a stop to it.. james: and i'll have your forecast next.
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"now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts " james/wx wall weather adlib: put script here in green
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nikki: nobody likes to
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winter, but the habit of starting your car and going inside is leading to some criminal activity to our west. sioux city police says that since vehicles have been stolen. happening when they're left unattend while running... nikki: plus... coming up on local 5 news at 10.... drake and uni cross paths in a missouri valley contest.. jon has more in sports.. nikki: next.... out of prison is headed back..
10:13 pm " nikki: welcome back.. it's a twist worthy of a hollywood thriller.. notorious drug lord "el chapo" is back behind bars after months on the run. abc's matt gutman is in mexico city with more on the capture.. he wanted to spin his infamy - into celebrity. instead - "el chapo" - drug kingpin and one
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back in handcuffs. nats the drug lord paraded in front of cameras as authorities rushed him back to the same super max prison he tunneled his way out of last year. nats but after months on the run - special forces finally catching up with joaquin guzman?. and the attorney general says that's thanks to "el chapo" himself? and a healthy dose of vanity. apparently, after his escape last year, the infamous criminal wanted a biopic made about him - so his people reached out to local producers and actors. those communications helped track him down. nats the final showdown playing out in his home state - mexican marines raiding a house - killing five of el chapo's men and seizing these weapons - including 50-caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers. they finally caught up with guzman after he ran through sewer tunnels and hijacked a vehicle? you see him once he was caught in that filthy tank top. natsot - "mission compledo" mexican officials quickly declaring "mission accomplished."
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the u-s department of justice calling the arrest "..a victory for the citizens of both mexico and the united states?" he faces charges in multiple u-s districts? for murder and drugs - but so far, no word on extradition. matt gutman, abc news, los mochis, mexico. " nikki: the extradition process, once started, could take several months. "el chapo" is responsible for nearly a quarter of drugs trafficked across the u-s border. nikki: here's a story that "did" turn into a tv thriller.. netflix's "making a murderer" has viewers buzzing about a bizarre murder case in wisconsin.. the show centers around steven avery who was convicted of the murder of a female photographer..... after show came out on netflix... avery is getting a new lawyer.... chicago's kathleen zellner will represent avery who's 2005 conviction has been upheld on appeal.. thousands signed an online petition asking president obama to take action on the case... the white house had to announce the president cannot pardon state prisoners.. nikki:
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east have been arrested on terrorism charges. both of them are back in the u-s after both had planned on going to syria for weapons trading.. one of the men has been charged with attempting to provide material support to isis.. the other is facing charges of making false statements regarding international terrorism.. nikki: blue bell ice cream is facing another problem with listeria. the company says the bacteria was recently found in one of its production plants. but blue bell says no listeria has been found in any of its products. blue bell recalled its entire product line last year after listeria was found on ice cream containers. the c-d-c says older adults, pregnant women, newborns, and weakened immune most at risk... jon is here now-- night in the missouri valley jordan yeah nikki your hosting drake basketball coming up on uni didn't waste any time jumping on the bulldogs-- could drake find a
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jon: welcome back. it's safe to say boh drake and uni are under achieving this season. following the panthers upset of iowa state they're 2 and 4. drake meanwhile is still searching for their first mvc win. we head to the mcleod center in cedar falls. things get rolling with wes washpun driving the lane the reverse lay in falls in and uni up 7. c.j. rivers with into traffic and of the window but uni really in control all night matt bohannon here's one of his five threes on the night panthers up 11. at the other end the bulldogs' reed timmer the bucket off the iron and in-- bulldog in
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uni up 20 though in the first half-- wes washpun the steal and the one handed jam. more in the second half-- matt cook inside gets the bucket and one... and just like that uni is 2-2 in conference play, jon: uni rolls over drake 77 to 44 today in cedar falls. matt bohannon a game high 21 points. had 6 rebounds. the next game for the panthers-- they play at indiana state wednesday. drake goes to evanston on tuesday night. baylor the last team to beat iowa state inside of hilton... 1st half, cyclones off to a great start. monte morris to georges niang to deonte burton for the slam! then it's matt thomas continuing his hot shooting. nails the three, isu up 20-8 early. but baylor closes the gap, johnathan motley slams it home in transition. bears pull within 5. but isu would go on another run. niang with the alley, abdel
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clones back up 8. but baylor pulls closer, lester medford's three makes it 2 point game. but isu starts to knock down its threes. nader to thomas, good! then it's nader to niang. another three, he had 22 today. isu up 38-34 at the break. 2nd half, cyclones hot again out of the gates. monte morris to nader for another alley- oop! then it's morris to niang to jameel mckay for the slam! isu up 11 midway through. but baylor goes on an 11-0 run to tie it, then medford nails the three to give the bears their first lead of the game. isu takes it back as nader sinks the jumper and gets the foul he had 20 for the clones. but that was the last time, isu held the lead. in transition, motley with the putback slam. motley just tearing up the iowa state team inside the paint tonight. bears up 1. then it's medford 3 of his 16 on the day to go along with 11 assists. baylor goes 13-15 from the charity
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stretch. jon: the final 94 to 89 baylor wins over iowa state. georges niang a team high 22 points, he had 8 assists and 6 rebound. monte morris with 21 points and 4 steals. johnathan motley with 27 points and 13 rebounds for baylor. the cyclones will go to waco february 16th where they'll try to avoid back to back season sweeps by the baylor bears. the iowa state women also at home hosting kansas.. cyclones trailing for most of the first quarter.. but look at the acrobatic-scoop layup from jadda buckley.. the mason city- native finished with 12 clones up three after one.. second quarter bridgett carlton adding to the lead with a 3 iowa state up 8. still in the second lead now only 3 kidd blaskowsky with a triple from the corner finds the bottom of the bucket pushing isu back up 6. third quarter bri fernstrom posting up and finishing with the lefty lay in. she had 12 this afternoon. now deja vu fernstrom inside puts it up gets the friendly hilton roll and one she'd make it
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play. then in the fourth-- seanna johnson the offensive board after the miss by buckley-- she puts it back up and in... iowa state comes out with a win 65 to 49. jon: this season the des moines bucaneers have been good enough to sit right around 500. they're 14-14 and 2 coming into their showdown with sioux falls. the stampede sit in 2nd place in the west-- and the bucs would love to find a boost with a win tonight. former bucs coach scott owens back in town this time coaching the stampede against his former team. low scoring first period but the bucs break the silence david keefer sneaks one through on the door step one nothing des moines. second period just a minute and a half in the nifty give and go gets joey kubachka his first goal as a bucaneer 2-0 bucs lead. but back come the stampede on the power play west des moines native garrett cecere with the assist on the one timer goal from collin peters lead is cut in half. then short handed jack suter on the break away goes five hole for the equalizer-- we are tied at 2. just minutes later though-- the bucs playing a little tic-tac-
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zach jordan who buries the one timer short side-- beauty of a goal bucs go on to win tonight... 6 to 2 the final over in urbandale. over to milwaukee the wild taking on the admirals iowa's marc hagel good pressure behind the net, first period, creats an opportunity and ssi saros (you-see, sar- ohs) makes the save. 2 - goal by iowa's zack mitchell, off the turnover, mitchell scores his team leading 11th of the year, 1-0 wild after one period. 3 - iowa regains the lead, forward kurtis gabriel nets his fourgth goal of the year at 5:50 and it's 2-1 wild in the second. 4 - the wild made it 3-1 at 12:42 of the 2nd period, mitchell gets his second of the night and 12th of the year from grayson downing. 4 to 1 the final tonight the wild have now won 4 of their last 5 where was this earlier in the season. they'll play rockford tomorrow night at the well. jordan/2shot nikki: we'll be right back... you're watching local
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