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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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ground. and breaking news. captured. three dangerous fugitives back behind bars. police catching the remaining two after more than a week on the run. also breaking, the deadly shooting. chaos erupting at a packed event. police rushing to the scene. and the zika virus on the rise. 36 cases discovered in a dozen states. dr. rich besser with the military going doooor r to dooin the heart of the outbreak. and, bringing down the house. the dream home on the hill, and the nightmare discovery forcing them to tear it down. >> announcer: from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight," reporting from iowa, cecil vega. good evening. thank you for joining us on on this saturday. as we come on the air tonight, the state capitol right here behind me and the countdown to the iowa caucuses is on. you can feel the energy all
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candidates are everywhere. take a look at this map. the presidential hopefuls making 57 different campaign stops today alone. and on the republican side, so much fire. dold tmp jetting in on his personal plane today, ted cruz on track to visit every county in the state. and now, marco rubio with the momentum. our team is right here covering it all and abc's tom llamas starts us off. >> reporter: donald trump and his private jet making a flash landing into iowa. the owd waiting, not his largest, but ready for their caucus-marching orders. >> so, this is now crunch time. this is it. this is what it's all about. so we have to get out there and caucus, and do all of the things that we have to do, or we've all wastedur time, folks. >> reporter: trump also making his push on social media, minding evangelical voters he owns a bible and loves it. >> and it's just very special to me. and, again, i want to thank the evangelicals.
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>> reporter: and ivanka trump a born and bred new yorker now out with an infomercial for iowans. >> hi, iowa, i'm ivanka trump and i am really excited to tell you how to caucus for my father. it's a secret ballot. you just write down e name "trump," and you are done. and that's it. >> reporter: trump also not letting up on his birther attack against senator ted cruz. can fadian born. >> now they're saying you just can't run, you can't run. >> reporter: cruz trying to laugh off those attackcks. >> i will say this, when donald trump insults you, it's amusing. >> reporter: but to donors cruz him. cruz writing in a fund-raising letter today, "the latest polling shows that donald's attackare swaying voters." and with just two days left, cruz going hardest not on trump but on senator marco rubio. >> when he got to washington he made the decision to lead the fight to pass amnesty.
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is now in panic mode. >> hs decided to run a very deceitful campaign. people see that. >> reporter: in a rare move, the rubio campaign is launching a 30-minute tv special profiling rubio, a similar move to what president barack obama did in his first run for presidency in the general election. tonighght, donaltrump rallies tonight with jerry falwell jr. who he hopes will help him with those evangelical voters. cecilia. >> tom covering this campaign thanks tom. for the democrats in this final sprint the two front-runners today, seeming to take the gloves off. hillary clinton's campaign turning into a family affair with husbandnd bill antoday, daughter c chelsea rht there, too. bernie sanders also speaking to packed halls. but tonight, the big question, what is hillary clinton saying about those top-secret e-mails. abc's jon karl. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned today in ames, iowa, with some of her most
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daughter chelsea and gabby giffords. >> speaking is hard for me. but come january, i want to say these two words. madame president. >> reporter: mrs. clinton needs all the help she can n get as s faces a tougher than expected race in iowa. as she rallied the crowd no mention of the story hanging over her campaign. the state department now says there was top-secret information and 22 of the e-mails sent from her private account. as of secretary state. >> why was there top-secret information on your e-mail? >> reporter: earlier, hillary clinton told cnn nothing had changed. >> i didn't send or receive any e-mails that were classified. >> reporr: bernie sanders had nothing to say about the e-mail issue as he made his final push. praising iowa democrats for what they did eight years ago when barack obama scored an upset win
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iowa. >> thank you, iowa, for leading the country in that direction. >> reporter: when we caught up with sanders, he echoed obama's 2008 slogan, yes we can. >> one of the problems we have had jonathan, people say, i like bernie and his ideas but he can't win. >> reporter: so, can you win? >> yes, we can. many polls out there suggest that we can beat people like donald trump and beat him pretetty dly. >> reporter: every campaign event is packed. here in ames, hillary clinton, they're up here in the upper deck cheap seats, anywhere they can go and still get a glimpse of the candidate. the final weekend means crunch time for the volunteers. you're not running out of stickers, i can see. >> we'll never run out of stickers. and jon joins us now here in iowa, jon, polls have shown that one of clinton's biggest challenges is trust. so, what are voters out there telling you about this latest
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her? >> well i'm not hearing democrats or clinton supporters saying they're notorried about the e-mail issue. itould cut into one of their cecentral arments. one of her arguments is she's most likely to win in november. >> not what she wants to be talking about right now. jon, thank you. the race is tight on both sides tonight. and turnout at the caucuses will make all the difference. it's sure what candidates say at every rally counts the most and so does their operation to get out t vote. abc's david wright with the >> reporter: crunch time here in iowa, so the volunteers are pounding the pavement. >> thank you. >> reporter: knocking on doors. leaving callg cards and sometimes striking out. >> caucus on monday? >> no, we won't be here. >> reporter: this husband and wife came here from dallas to help out.
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come all this way for them? >> it's time that we kind of fit >> reporter: people are coming from far and wide. that's how strongly they feel. have you ever done this before? >> no. >> reporter: where did you come from? >> phoenix. >> reporter: you drove from phoenix? >> starting yesterday morning. >> reporter: they said the democrats they're meeting seem pretty happy with their choices. >> kind of voting for bernie, but if it comes down to the other way, i'll vote for the other one. >> reporter: the republicans are passionate, too, but some nervous. at trump's rally in dubuque -- lot of trump voters out there today. some of them just intereststed in catching a glimpse of him. the crowd here in cedar rapids, getting ready for a bernie sanders rally about to start. state officials say th're preparing for an avalanche of
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there are some out there that haven't made up their minds. cecilia. >> the great undecided. david, thank you. a reminder tomorrow on "this week," a packed show, including donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. also, david muir joins us here in iowa tomorrow for another special edition of "world news tonight." but we do now move on to our top story, that breaking news from california. two more escaped prisoners caught. tonight, all three back behind bars, thanks to a lucky tip in san francisco. it ledo this stolen van, one inmate caught after the chas the other caught hiding right inside. also in that van, ammunition. abc's matt gutman with how this capture went down. >> reporter: tonight, that chaotic chase in downtown san fransco. a bystander spotting that white gmc van. >> officers approached the van, as hossein nayeri fled the area
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>> reporter: police in pursuit. it's hossein nayeri wanted for torture and kidnapping. >> he's running eastbound up towards stanyan now. >> reporter: then. but murder suspect jonathan tieu is still in the van. >> that van right toour 5:00, can you stand by? there might be another person in there. standby, take a look in that van. >> reporter: he's arrested without incident. found in the van at least three rounds of ammunition but no gun. the three escapees busted out of the orange county jail last weekend. nayeri had apparently enlisted the help of a jail english teacher. with whom he exchanged loving letters. >> we do know it was much closer, much more personal than it should have been. >> reporter: shortly after the jaileak, bac duong steals that van spotteted today. on friday he casually surrendered. investigators are now searching for a possible gun to go along
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and for possible accomplices. and get this, cecili after all this, those two felons caught today face only three additional years in prison for that jail break. another breaking story tonight, gunfire at a conference center in denver, at least one person dead, several others injured. the violence breaking out at a motorcycle expo. abc's ron claiborne on what we know at this hour. >> reporter: it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. at a gathering of motorcyclists. >> shots fired at the coliseum, at the motcycle rally. >> reporter: early details were sketchy but it appeared someone fired shots and stabbed a number of people in what police are calling a disturbance at the colorado motorcycle expo. the show attracts a large number of bikers. >> we have one deceased party and multiple victims that were
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>> reporter: officials say that at least seven people were being treated at the denver health medical center. an extremely heavy police presence outside. police say they're questioning one person, but at this hour, no one has been arrested. and what triggered this outbreak of violence still under investigation tonight. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. and next tonight, inside the desperate battle against the zikaka vus. here at home, reports of 36 people contracting the disease in a dozen states, four of them pregnant women. but tonight, the urgent fight to stop the epidemic at its source and this's where we find abc's chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser is >> reporter: door to door, they're desperate to what the explosive growth of zika. there's no vaccine, no treatmt. all we know is mosquitos carry it. so, soldiers are scouring neighborhoods. there's a government requirement that every house is in this area is visited at least once a month
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they're meticulous. looking for where the water drains out of the refrigerator. in these towns, residents store water in large tanks. often neglected. soldiers sanitize each tank. at this clinic, we see firsthand why the stakes are so high. >> this is scary. we're dealing with a disease that we have no information about. >> reporter: these babies have abnormally small heads and brains. there are hundreds of cases here. more than 4,000 in brazil. scientists suspect they're directly connected to a zika virus infection during pregnancy. but we don't know how. health officials are bracing for more. until zika virus is under contl in brazil and the other countries in which it's spreading, the cdc says it's far too dangerous for pregnant women to travelel to
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they should stay home. cecilia. >> a good warning, dr. besser. thank you to another health emergency now, major developments from flint, michigan, families there being told even filtering their water will not make it safe to drink, the lead levels way too high, and tonight, a bombshell e-mail. after the water troubles there began, city officials were given bottled water, but what about all those families? here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: embattled michigan governor rick snyder is facing harsh criticism tonight for the latest revelation in flint's ongoing water isis. e-mails exposed by progress michigan, reveal the state shshipped boled water to its workers in flint, over eight months before residents were officially told the drinking water was unsafe. governor snyder's reply. >> i had no knowledge of that taking place. >> reporter: the e-mails included a department memo, which said coolers will be provided as an option. quote, "as long as the public water does not meet treatment requirements."
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elderly residents of potentially harmful chemicals in the water, but reassured them it was otrwise safe to drink. the state defends their decision, saying they only provided bottled water to employees temporarily ununtil that particular chemical threat was over. dadangerous vels of lead were later found in flint water, and about 200 kids so far have test positive. >> knowing that someone did this to my kid,it's hard. i can't eep at night. >> reporter: and tonight, officials are now warning that the filters they handed out to residents may not be effective enough to keep their water safe. alex perez, abc news, flint, michigan. there's still much more ahead on this special edition of "world news tonight." the dream home suddenly a nightmare. the dangerous discovery that brought down this house. anand facebo is stepping into a hot debate, the new ban
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next tonight, the dream home sold a few months ago, torn wn. the house sliding down the hill threatening the neighborhood. here's abc's aditi roy on the mystery in san francisco. >> reporter: tonight, a dream destroyed. >> it's one of those devastating kind of pieces of news. >> reporter: ronald martell hadn't even moved into his san francisco home, when he discovered it sliding downhill, threatening the neighborhood belowow. his only choice, tear it down. it's not just this home that was in danger. five others were also on this slippery slope. and now, those homeowners are worried they could be next. >> you wake up one morning and the comment is, you may have to lose your home. that's pretty scary. >> reporter: tonight demolition is almost done, still no one
5:48 pm
but already, martell is hopeful he'll be able to rebuild. >> for californians we rebuild and move on. >> reporter: no other homes are being torn down just yet. but homeowners nearby are required to hire an engineering firm to prove their houses aren't at risk. or face the wrecking ball as well. cecilia. >> aditi, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" -- facebook, in one of the most contentious issues in america. what users can no longer do. and it's beyonce like we
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call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. straight now to the "index," facebook jumping into the gun control debate, banning private gun sales on its site and on instagram. the decision blocks person-to-person sales. which allowed people to avoid background checks. next, to a stunning loss on the court for defending champion serena williams. that defeat means a first major australian open win for germany's anlique kerber. kerber a admitted e had goose bumps facing off against the number one p player inhe world. and could this be a super bowl preview? ahead of their joint halftime show, coldplay and beyonce releasing this video of their new collaboratio that's queen b. right there herself, starring as a bollywood goddess. the e video is
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5:57 pm
so. many. pork chops. >> pork chop on a stick. >> reporter: it's enough to make a polilitician seam. but it a comes to a head at those caucuses. we came to drake university. hi, you're the caucus expert? to ask that burning question. what the heck is a caucus? it's complicated, so they gave us a demonstration. for the democrats, groups of iowans gather to choose delegates who then go on to choose their party nominee. one si tries to convince the other to join their team. or a break tie with food. or -- >> rock paper scissors. >> the republicans have it a lot easier, they write down a candidate's name on a slip of paper, and done. if it sounds like a bunch of song and dance. well, theris a caucus musical. iowa >> reporter: but just remember, iowa launched presidential runs for jimmy carter, two george
5:58 pm
and come monday, they may just launch the next leader of the free world. just two days a i way. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning.
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i'm cecilia, goodod night.james/wx wall weather adlib: put script here in green what a nice break from the deep chills of winter! des moines was at 49 this afternoon! clouds will continue overhead tonight with scattered light rain showers moving through the area, especially in northern iowa. the chance for rain showers continues sunday morning, but by tomorrow afternoon chances go down and the clouds will begin to decrease. temperatures tomorrow will be cooler than today, but the metro should still top out in the low 40s. not bad if you don't mind a breeze! sunday night will be dry and quiet with temps settling in the 20s. caucus monday should be dry and quiet during the daytime hours. temperatures will be mild as well in upper 30s. monday night after 10pm in southern iowa and closer to midnight in the metro, the winter snow storm should by knocking on our door. the snow will last through the day on tuesday, tuesday night, and wrap up wednesday morning. there will be strong
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