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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-7:59am CST

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>> we havehe latest polls breaking overnight as we count down to caucus. captured. the two remaining violent fugitiveves from tt jail in california now back behind bars. the moment it all went down. >> code 4, code 4, we got 'em down. >> authorities breathing a sigh of relief. i think i did a big whoop in the air. >> plus, this morning, t new details on how they escaped. did they get help on the outside? bikers and bullets. gunfire erupting at a popular motorcycle show. >> at the national western complex. shots fired. >> one person killed. more wounded. people sent running for cover. >> people ducking down. people running towar it. people running away from it. >> rival gangs being blamed. the investigation into how it all started this morning. and spotlight on the s.a.g. awards. >> the cast of "spotlight." >> the big winners overnight.
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>> actors honoring their own and taking a few jabs at oscar. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> the biggest moments of the night. and the behind-the-scenes sitdowns with the winners. what you didn't see on stage. hey, good morning. t-minus one day until the iowa caucuses. there's the countdown clock. this could be a huge moment. in what has been a wild and unpredictable campaign. >> this morning, a new poll, from "the des moines register" and bloomberg politics. look at this. donald trump in the lead in iowa. followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. >> and on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by three points, which is within the margin of error. this is a close one. >> oh, so close. overnight, the clinton family. out in full force. look at this. tweeting a selfie if back sage.. there was donald trump with his ple in the background, touting his new poll numbers amongst the huge crowd. >> a huge crowd as always.
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morning with chief anchor george stephanopoulos standing by. we we're going to start with abc's tom llamas who is on the ground in des moines. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. historically, the last "des moines register" poll a good indicator of what will happen here in iowa. we could be as early as 36 hours away from figuring out who really is the e gop fronrunner. this morning, donald trump back on top in iowa. the lastoll before the caucuses showing it's trump's race to lose. usually candidates lower expectations. not trump. >> we're leading in the polls, there's a theory we could do every better. >> reporter: trump, landing in iowa on saturday hoping to leave with victory on monday. to do that, he's still pushing his birther attack on the canadian-born senator ted cruz. >> now they're saying, you just can't run. and he really can't run. >> reporter: and ivanka trump. a native new yorker.
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infomercial for iowans. >> it's a secret ballot. you just write down the name trump, and you're done. that's it. >> reporter: but cruz, who slipped into second in the last poll, also out with his own video. >> hillary clinton, i think, is a rrific woman. >> reporter: and overnight, calling trump out for ducking the debate. by using a duck expert. >> let's call old donald duck and try to get him to do the debate. >> reporter: and with just one day left, cruz also hitting senator marco rubio in third place. >> if we nominate a candidate whose position on amnesty is exactly the same as hillary clinton's, we'll lose the general election. >> reporter: rubio describing cruz as desperate as time runs out in iowa. >> it sounds like he's under a lot of pressure and maybe not reacting well to it. which is problematic because presidents are under pressure ery day. >> reporter: rubio hitting the airwaves in iowa. with a 30-minute tv special. running if the state's biggest markets. a media strategy president obama
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>> i will never embarrass you. you'll never cringe and say, i can't believe i voted for him. >> reporter: now, mike huckabee and rick santorum both still in this race. and respectively, each won here in iowa but were never the gop minee. donald trump feeling confident saying he's going to break that condition. as for the weather, candidates worry about rain and snow sometimes. the abc weather department says monday. paula, back to you. >> thank you, tom. on the democratic side, a nail biter. bernie sanders sounding convinced of a win as hillary clinton called in her big names, bill and chelsea, to help gather the vote. and abc's jon karl has the story from des moines, iowa, this morning. hi, jon. >> reporter: good morning, paula. bernie sanders had his largest iowa crowd yet last night. he'll need them to turn out in force to have a chance to get an upset win over hillary clinton. this land is your land >> reporter: countdown to the caucus.
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>> reporter: and a concert overnight for bernie sanders. thouousands tuing out to hear the band vampire weekend and feel the burn. >> how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night? >> rorteter: sande supporters hope bernie can score an upset win over hillary clinton in iowa. >> w we are gng to make american history on monday night. [ cheers and applause e ] >> reporter: but it's history hillary clinton wants to make as the democrats' first woman nominee. >> i hope to persuade some more of you because we've got to keep the progress going. >> reporter: at her rally in ames, gabby giffords and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, joined the push. and daughter chelsea was there, too, posting these instagram pictures on her mom's account. former president bill clinton worked the crowds in overdrive. >> she is, in my opinion, the best person i ha ever had a chance to vote for for president. >> rorter: the last major iowa poll before the caucus shows the
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>> there's going to be more people caucuses this year probably than any other year. >> reporter: you're convinced of that? >> i know it for a fact. >> reporter: new revelations about her private e-mails. the state department says 22 of them contained top-secret information. madame secretary, why was there top-secret information on your e-mail? clinton insists she did nothing wrong. bill and hillary clinton will divide and conquer today. they've got events separately all around the state before coming back for a big rally here in des moines together. bernie sanders is urging supporters to do whatever they need to do, joking, beg, borrow, even kidnap in necessary to get people to the caucuses tomorrow night, dan?n? >> subborning a felony. great way to g get the votes.
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want to talk to you. is there something going on there, jon? >> i'm going to keep trying. >> let's bring in george stephanopoulos. good morning, how are you? let's go back to the poll numbers. hillary clinton with a slight lead over bernie sanders. within the margin of error. if sandersrs pulls o a victory, what does that do to this race? >> it means the race goes on for a long time. he has a big lead in new hampshire, as well. if he's able to win tomorrow night, hillary clinton still in the lead, according to this "des moines register" poll. he'll likely have the first two big wins. the clinton campaign is prepared for the long haul. they're trying to build a fire wall in the state of south carolina where she has the lead. they believe and most democrats believe she would be the favorite to get the nomination. but we're in unchartered territory. >> we are. in many ways. let's talk about unchartered territory on the republican side. donald trump, as we showed earlier, has a pretty significant lead.
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night? >>e's got the momentum. he's been driving hard in the last few days. and it seems, according to that la poll as well, that skipping the debate on thursday didn't hurt him too much at all. here's what he has to watch. he's counting heavily on people who have not been at caucuses before. and most observers believe that ted cruz has a stronger organization right now in iowa. really targeting the voters who need to get to the caucuses. a lot will depend on the ground game. >> so momentum versus the ground game. thank you very much, george. i want to remind everybody, george has a must-see show this morning. he'll go one on one with donald trump, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders.. lar this morning on "this week." right here on abc. gege, thanks again. >> thank you. >> and a reminder that abc news is the place to be for complete coverage of the caucuses. george and robin report live from iowa first thing tomorrow morning. david muir anchors "world news tonit" from iowa. dan will stand by with coverage on "nightline."
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night. george, the whole team will be standing by to bring you the latest news the instant that it happens. >> i appreciate the "nightline" " pl. and don't forget. we have the next big republican debate next saturday night at 8:00 eastern. and turning from polititics t to a very wild scene. shooting and stabbing at a colorado motorcycle show. this morning, at least one person is dead. another half dozen are wounded. police believe that a fight between rival biker gangs triggered this violence. and abc's clayton sandell is on the scene in denver. >> reporter: the denver expo that brought out more than 10,000 hard-core motorcycle fans turned violent just before 1:00 p.m. >> at the national western complex, shots fired. >> reporter: sources tell abc news it began when rival motorcycle gangs started fighting, then shooting. >> we're responding to a gunshot wound in the stairs. >> reporter: when it was over, one person was stabbed. but four hit by gunfire. one man died. >> people ducking down. people running towards it. peopople runni away from it.
7:10 am
a lot of blood on the floor. >> reporter: as casualties rolled in, the local emergency room was locked down. heavily armed police standing guard. officers escorted some people to ambulances in handcuffs. >> most of them are members of a motorcycle club. whetr they are local or out of town, that we do not know at this time. >> reporter: this is the second recent gathering of bikers to turn violent. last may, a deadly shootout between the cossacks and the bandinos broke out. at a motorcycle summit at a texas restaurant. the colorado motorcycle expo is in its 38th year. drawing in fans with a swap meetconcerts, and a signature wet t-shirt contest. the crowd is not screene with metal detectors. city officials say the show may no longer be welcomed in denver. >> we're going to have to really asss how this event, if at all, will be held again in our city. >> reporter: now the promoters of the event have not returned our calls or e-mails.
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a person of interest. but have not made any arrests. today's event, dan, has been canceled. >> wild story, clayton, thank you. meanwhile this morning, a riveting play by play from the pture of three extremely violent criminals. these m broke out of a jail in california. theyey were othe l loose for week. the final two funl actives were rolled up yesterday. matt gutman is on the story. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. now that the three are back behind bars here, investigators tell us they're focusing on the multiple accomplices they say helped them escape. they're fugitives no more. 400 miles from the jail they busted out of last week, the last two fugitives nabbed in a final sprint in the heart of san francisco on saturday. >> he's running eastbound up stward towards stanyan now. still running. >> reporter: police in pursuit. it's hossein nayeri. wanted for torture and
7:12 am
the race to catch him hearon scanners. a bystander spotting the the white gmc van. >> back toward waller. >> repororter: thecornered him. >> code 4, code 4, we got him down. >> reporter: code 4. the all-clear. they got him. but where was murder spect jonathan tieu? >> that van right to your 5:00. stand by with that van. there. without incident. >> i think i did a big whoop in the air. >> reporter: nayeri, tieu, and bak yung broke out of the jail last saturday, hacking through bars and pipes and rappelling down the jail's facade on ropes fashioned out of sheets. they scoured southerern califoia executing 60 search warrants. this morning, we're learned more about the suspected master mind, nayeri. he's been described as a psychopath. is that something you say is a fitting description? >> i think it is. >> reporter: one that lured his
7:13 am
could you say that the relayingship was romanic? >> i think we're approaching that. >> reporter: and abc news has learned exclusively the men may have enlisted others beyond children's book author rawagi. >> we're actively investigating other suspects. >> reporter: now the love notes included a mash of mushy pillow talk and worry about getting caught for the jailbreak. now, rowagi, the teacher, has never before been in trouble. she has her first court appearance tomorrow. >> you can really sense the palpable relief from officials there. matt gutman, thank you for your reporting this morning. >> let's hand the mike over to ron this morning. tracking some of the other headlines. including an air scare. good morning, paula and dan. sara, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin with frightening moments on a british airways flight. it was headed from london to chicago. ththe landincaptured in london on cell phone video. the pilot had to make a u-turn over the atlantic.
7:14 am
london's heathrow airpo after releasing excess fuel. a passenger aboard the flight announced only 3 of the 5 landing gears had lowered correctly. the plane landed safely despite the issues. and former cia chief and retired army general david petraeus will get to keep all of his military stars despite being convicted of sharing classified information with his mistress. he pleaded guilty last year. to a sdemeanor charge of mishandling top-secret information while cia director. the pentagon had been considering downgrading him from four-star to three-star. which would reduce his retirement salary. and star track athlete at virginia tech university has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing a young girl missing for days. police found the body of 13-year-old nichole lovell saturday morning. in north carolina. heher familycovered she was missing from her home without her daily medication she need because of a recent liver transplant. 18-year-old david eisenhower is
7:15 am
no word yet for a motive for that alleged slaying. and time-lapsed video coming out of mexico of the colima volcano. the eruption cping off a week of activity. huge plumes of smoke pouring into the sky. residents reporting explosions nearly every four hours. sounds frigightening. the colima volcano is one of the most active in central america. and to sports. a spoiler alert for tennis fans. ose your years. close your eyes. don't look if you want to know what happened at the australian open. i don't want to get in trouble because i have before for giving it away. okay. you ready? >> yes. >> really no surprise here. a big win for top-ranked novak djokovic, beating andy murray of scotland if straight sets. this is djokovic's 11th grand slam title. >> can we open our eyes now? >> you can. for this one. you're going to like this one. finally, a florida motorist getting a lot of attention this
7:16 am
on a miami police officer. turning himim in for speeding. following the ofcer, check this out. following the officer for miles. saying that he was going too fast. clocking speeds of nearly 100 miles an hour. until she finally caught up with him. >> i pushed 80 to try to catch up with you. and you were still -- i was still, eating your dust. >> i don't know how fast i was going. but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work right now. >> mm-hmm. >> i don't believe i was speeding. i apologize. i'll be sure to slow down then. >> leaders of the community set by example. >> she admitted going -- listen to this, 80 miles an hour to try to catch up with him. to pull him over. and this guy agreed with her. >> how did she -- >> and let her go. went on his way. this one earns a place in our florida file of the weird. >> all that guy had to say was he was answering a radio call or an emergency. >> i'm on my way to work. >> i was on my way to work. >> can you imagine? >> come on. come up with something better.
7:17 am
>> that is weird. >> it's weird. i have never lied before. >> gutsy on her part. >> she made a great point. that leaders do set by example. >> this is true. >> speaking of leadership. >> reason number 7,000 to love the state of florida. ron, thank you. we want to say, we're heading toward a milestone here. 5 million likes on facebook. lp us reach our goal by liking yourself. >> i think you should love us. but there's not a button t to love us. so send us over the top this weekend. we want to say thank you to our viewers. for watching and pitching in. really appreciate it. >> dan, ask like you mean it. >> i'm begging here. i'm begging here. >> thank you. people just clicked on the like. i just clicked on the like. >> i feel the enthusiasm. >> i'm begging. >> i don't know what took more guts. that or the woman who pulled over the cop. >> both. let's get to the weather. meteorologist indra petersons is in for rob.
7:18 am
we would have contests for forecasting. the city that we would use for a tie breaker was denver, colorado. for this reason. yesterday they saw highs in the 60s. by nighttime, snow. a quick switch in the wind direction right over the rockies. everything completely changes. we were so cool in school. we had a lot going on. a lot of snow expected to move in through the area. as early as tonight. really in through tomorrow. look a at the adsories. let's track it. we're watching this low. it will bring showers through southern california today. notice, around vegas, dust storms. very strong winds. then it moves in through denver. here we go. you're going to be talking about possibly over eight inches of snow. if they get that. we'll talkbout the most they've seen all year.
7:19 am
that's the big story. >> we're getting a lot of questions.yes, to clarify. i was in the women in science and engineering dorms. really cool, guys. >> you drink beer and forecast weather? >> yeah, maybe. >> i have more respect for you. >> take some jell-o shots. >> isn't that the coolest thing you couldldo if school? >> i think it's awesome. >> thank you, paula. >> to each his own or her own. don't make fun of her. >> keg stands are a great way to imitate barometer. now to the excitement at the screen actors guilds awards overnight. the big wier was diversity. sara is here with more. >> yes, i was watching. as were my colleagues. hollywood's top talents took center stage. a celebration of the year's best acting in the movies and on tv.
7:20 am
diversity was evident among the e wiers. "orange is the new black" winning outstanding comedy series. and uzo aduba winning for outstanding female actor. here are some of the powerful acceptance speeches. >> it's really, really truly touching. i would like to say thank you to jenji kohan for creating a show like ts and putting it on television andaking a a show that reflects and represents so many people. no matter if anybody tells you to get out of that line that you're waiting in, stay in line. you have the chance. it is yours. thank you so much. >> to have a union that has our backs and takekes care ous is amazing. and that our fellow actors like our work is really -- >> now, another one, we have a tweet here from idris elba. who i am a huge fan of. he tweeted, you wait for one bus and two come along at the same time. life in it. sag awards.
7:21 am
clearly, he's feelining the lo. this was great on the heels of so much talk of the oscars not having diversity. the nominations came out in december, so it wasn't a reaction. >> much more on ths.a.g. awards coming up in the second half hour. >> yes, we will. >> thank you, sara. could there be new evidence in the making a murderer case? the technology his new lawyer hopes will set the convied killer free.
7:22 am
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all right.
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we're recognizing our jackson, mississippi, affiliate. wapt news in jackson, mississippi. channel 16. >> i thought you were going to say jackson, michigan. >> jackson, florida. >> jackson, miissippi, is known as the city with soul and is on the destination trail. are you ready? >> yes. >> let me finish, okay? this media mogul actress and former talk show host was born in the nearby kosciusko and was nominated for an oscar for her role in "the color purple." >> oscar. >> oprah. >> i think that's a tie. the battle of big spur was a key turning point in the civil war. the general who led the union troops to victy went on to be elected the president of the united states. he's buried in -- >> ulylysses s. ant. >> yes. >> it was grant?
7:28 am
>> you t fe what all right. welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, the final sprint in iowa. donald trump reclaiming the lead on the republican side. among the democrats, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by three points. that is, however, within the margin of error. >> you're so good at math. also right now, a huge push to contain the zika virus here in the u.s. new york senator chuck schumer is urging the cdc to start a crash program to
7:29 am
our dr. rich besser went out with the military trying to kill the mosquitos that carry that virus which causes serious birth defects. more questions for american airlines after a second international flight makes an emergency landing in brazil after passengers and crew members complain of dizziness. last week, an american airlines flight headed to l.a. u-turned back to ndon for the same reason. some concerns about that. especially the dizziness. >> yes, absolutely. i would be concerned myself. also coming up, the best moments, as we mentioned earlier, from the screen actors guild awards. we go behind the scenes with the winners. kres connelly has that coming up. first, the new developments in the case that has transfixed so many americans, including the people sitting here at this desk. >> we're talking about steven averery, the cracter at the center of the netflix doc series "making a mumurderer."
7:30 am
that's never been tested. and tech knowledge to -- technology to clear his name. eva pilgrim joins us in the studio. >> reporter: it's a murder mystery that has much of the entire country wondering who really did it. now a new attorney has taken steven a avery's ce and thinks avery should be a free man. >> i want people to know that i didn't do it. i'm innocent. >> reporter: reaching out from jail, his new attorney tweeting this hand-written note. i want every forensics test possible done because i am innocent. zellner, a high-power attorney known for overturning wrongful convictions wasted no time in criticizing the former prosecutor, ken kratz, even taking to twitter, defending her client. >> we'll do everything necessary that's forensically available. >> reporter: cleared in 2003 for a rape he didn't commit, only to be charged again two years later
7:31 am
teresa halbach. and convicted. >> it's hard enough to go to prison for something you didn't do. but then you have to do it all over again? >> reporter: but now, zellner telling abc news she noticed something strange saturday. seven of her tweets mysteriously deleted. zellner says she didn't delete them. and she doesn't believe twitter did either. tweetingso if the truth hurts, just delete it. launching an independent investigation, focusing on the dna evidence found on halbach's rav 4. the attorney purchasing the same car model. >> i want to examine what wa not tested that should have been. since 2007, there have been significant advances in forensic testing. >> reporter: and even hinting that possibly someone else killed teres halbach. >> clearly, there are other people we're looking at.
7:32 am
>> reporter: and zellner is the appeals process in the next 30 days. this case keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. >> absolutely. steven avery has a powerful new ally. ank you. >> great to have you in studio. and it's great to have indra petersons in for rob. you've been talking about this big storm headed our way. at least for those in the middle of the country. >> absolutely. a lot of times, we watch what is going on in the west. the storm out of california will produce severe weather over the next several days. an enhanced risk out there. especially watching places like memphis. looking fothe threat of tornadoes. damaging wind and hail. as the system exits out of the rockies and moves right into the plains in the middle of the country. now, again, there you go. this low out of california producinheavy rain for them today. denver will see snow. watch it cruise across the country. if you're in the eastern half of the country, you're saying, we like this. 50s over the next several days
7:33 am
it is expected to melt. we could see maybe an inch left after l this is done. that will be ugly slush. otherwise, there's the c >> that weather was brought to you by panera bread. i'm still sporting my sign. >> it says n nerd aler my daughter has a t-shirt like that. >> you wear it well. thank you, indra. coming up here on "gma," what happens when actors get to vote on who put in the best performances of the year? and the on-stage jabs at oscar. we're behind the scenes.
7:34 am
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grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush'saked beans.
7:36 am
movie fans getting another big round of clus last night on who will take home the oscars.
7:37 am
"titanic" reunion. "gma" was hind the scenes to show you what you didn't see behind the scenes. it was all about diversity. >> reporter: oscars so white? perhaps? >> uzo aduba. >> queen latifah. >> reporter: the s.a.g. awards, not so much. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> reporter: not even ninated for an oscar, idris elbainning for "beasts of no natition." emblematic of the way s.a.g.'s actors only voters flip the script to reflect a wide spectrum of work. >> you build your own boxes. not people. so, knock that thing away and do you! >> reporter: from queen latih, honored for hbos "bessie." >> this is what we talk about when we talk about diversity. >> reporter: to "orange is the new plaque" winner of two awards. >>et up here, dad. >> reporter: jason bateman offering the award to the man who played his father on "arrested development." jeffrey tambor. >>'m going to stop shakingng.
7:38 am
female actor, alicia vikander. awarded for "the danish girl" winning meant hitting the road. >> i want to go out and celebrate. i'm going to sit on a plane and get real drunk by myself and ask everyone in the cabin to dance with me. >> the cast of "spotlight." >> reporter: game on. with win for outstanding motion picture cast, "spotlight" climbed back into the oscars best picture race. did you know this was something special you were doing? >> from the minute i read it, i felt in my heart that it was just a special, special thing that had to be shown and told. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio recalled his childhood. >> to my parents, thank you for listening to an overly ambitious and slightly annoying 13-year-old kid. >> reporter: and brie larson. her best female actor win for "room," a culmination. why sit right to come nown your life? >> i'm really grateful to have had so much life so many trials and tribululations. >> reporter: breadth of experience, the key to success for any actor. just ask "how to get away with
7:39 am
now, a four-time s.a.g. award winner. you just deliver these powerful emotional moments. from where do you derive that kind o of power? >> i think when you observe life, you see so many things that you would not even expect. i'm always watching people. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america,chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> great night. so great to see. >> so many great performances and a really, really good evening up there. and i have to say. idris elba, a huge fan. >> i have to see the movie, too. i haven't seen it yet. >> i have to s see it as well. >> you can see, "luther." it's creepy. >> great show. >> sheays creepy with a big smile on her face. >> in a good way. >> thank you, sara. coming up, steps you can take to cure the monday blues coming up in our "weekd download.' and your sneak peek at a super bowl ad guaranteed to get people talking. it's straight ahead in "pop news." that's what sara does. she gets people talking. >> i sure do. that's what sara does.
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hey, welcome back. just the thought of monday morning can bring the blues. scientists have found people show biological signs of stress when anticipating the coming work week. help is here. tory johnson joins us. with simple steps to take to fight the monday blues. whwhat's theirst step? >> starting today. starting to plan ahead right now. thinking about your schedule tomorrow morning. how will you prioritize your time so there are no surprises? picking out your best outfit. when you look your best, you feel your best. getting a good night's sleep tonight. all of that is designed to give monday every possible advante. when you walk in tomorrow morning, you're going to show monday who's boss. you're going to decide your
7:43 am
to not get botheredn other people's gripes and problems. maybe do something nice for a colleague. spread the joy. sometimes we're happiest on the weekend because we're doing what we love. choose a midweek movie, bowling night, book club, dinner. whatever it is duringg the week to spread the fun. >> these are good tips. yore making me think about how i organize my week. what if none of these work? >> pinpoint the source of the blues. what sit that's troubling you so much? does it require a new change, like a new career, fixing a relationship, or simple like rerouting your commute? focus on finding the problem so you can then take action steps towards a solution instead of complaining. >> tory, you're fantastic. thank you very much. really appreciate it. keep it here. for much more "gma," including "pop news" with sara hainenes. >> we is fun stuff coming up. i promise i always bring food. we have a little food.
7:44 am
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well, i guess we have no choice. we'll do "pop news" with sara haines. >> yeah, i like what we've all been building up to. my favorite part of the show. >> everything is a preamble. >> don't eat up my time, thank you. one ek to go before the super bowl, we're learning more about the night's most important moments. commercials. in my book, any way. the male grooming company, axe, will be airing this ad sharing its new point of view on masculinity. >> come on. a six pack? who needs a six pack? when you got the nose. or a nose, when you got the suit. now you don't need a suit when you got the fire.
7:49 am
>> the company says there's no one-size-fits-all idea of what a guy should be. right, dan? ? there's a guy there with -- absolutely. >> unless you're dan harris. the full package >> what is everybody trying to say here? >> beauty is on the inside. >> wow. ever wonder if you're the only person at your office hard at work? i wonder all the time. a new study says americans spend 34 to 50 minutes goofing off, like watching that irresistible cavideo on youtube. which dan is definitely doing. snacking. a favorite of mine. or gossiping. now interestingly, if you're on the job past43 hours, you're prprobably a big deal and slacking less in a more demandingng job. there's just no time to sit around. people that are actually doing things and working longer hours slack off less. it's those of us that don't work much. >> can you believe that we're all getting paid right now, for example? >> hard news. >> you're getting paid? >> you're not?
7:50 am
>> you need a new agent. >> i was told i could just sit at the cool table. there's no payment involved. >> you're working. >> is this work? i'm pretty lucky, yeah. facebook is another distraction at work. are those friends you're checng on really your friends? average participants in a new study had abouou150 fabook friends but when asked who they could depend on in a crisis, they only named four. a real friendship rate of 2.5%. while we're on the subject of friends and facebook, we want to remind you, very subtly, that you canan definitely depend on us for news and weather and more. when your life is in crisis. soelp us reach our goal and like us on facebook. we're going for 5 million likes. come on, people, the it's main "good morning america" page. we're going to take full credit on this weekend show if you hit it this weekend, which is why we're begging. >> we'll start getting paid if you do it the. >> and we'll be your real friends. >> someone more than dan will t paid on this show. and guys, i promised food.
7:51 am
attention when i bring treats. chow down on big macs. >> i love big macs. >> while i ask, would you wonr if special sauce would taste as special if it wasn't served on a burger? the fast food giant released 4,000 bottles of special sauce fodown under customers. their loven it, not just for the taste. some enterprising aussies are making a profit selling online for up to $100 a bottle. that better be special special sauce. >> what's in it? > don't er ask that. >> it's extra special sauce. >> no, i'm good. i don't eat fast food burgers? >> after you just gave this to us? >> the special sauce, i'm going to put somewhere else. i'm like -- no, i mean -- >> okay. >> i meant like a -- >> we're all turning around. >> it was a good broadcast until now. thank you, sara haines. we appciate it. whwhere are u going? the chair's down. that means she's embarrassed. we'll see if she's here next weekend. sara, we appreciate this. thank you.
7:52 am
this week, right? no chance. >> you're so closethough. >> s sara, youe our special sauce. we love you. >> thank you, sara. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here for rob. appreciate it. keep it here for george stephanopoulos. coming up soon.. bybye. here for george stephanopoulos. good morning, america. max and the coach here with you. busy saturday in the world of basketball.
7:53 am
month. cavs, lebron james, the new high-powered offense taking on kawhi leonard and the spurs. both teams have 30-point losses to the gololden statwarriors. kevin n love waseally good in the first half. he had 18 of his 21 before half time. lebron james, 16 of his 9 in the third quarter. and then more from lebron james. >> lebron n james. >> the cavs averaging 115. the last four games, all wins. steph curry and the warriors. in philadelphia, where the warriors started from. they were up by 24 at some poi in the second half. was the sixers come roaring back. ish smith slams it home. tied at 105-105-but with 0.2.
7:54 am
here. and this is one.e. nfl pro bowl. tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. having some fun. you get access to the players unlike you have ever seen before. mike tirico, jon gruden on the call. that's going to do it for us. enjoy your sunday. the official super bowl countdown, oh, it's on.
7:55 am
day. >> announcer: starting right now on a special edition of "this sthanopoulos. it's on. with just one day to iowa, the gop contendersre in a fight to the finish. front-runner donald trump making his fiercest attacks yet. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> and as they chase trump, ted cruz and marco rubio trade fire. >> a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. >> he's decided to run a very
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