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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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women of iowa. >> the race closer than ever. donald trump taking the lead back from ted cruz. the billionaire and his family trying to close their biggest deal of all. >> i hope we're going to have a good result. >> cnton with a slight edge over b bernie saers. the senator calling it a toss-up. the big date finally here. >> you have 104 teerature, get out of bed and caucus! >>ho will be on top at the end of the night? >> we're going to win. >> we're with the candidates for their final push. >> people want our government represent all of us and not a handful of billionaires. >> hillary clinton and donald trump join us live. the road to the white house starts in iowa on this special edition of "good morning america."
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morning, america, we're live in iowa. we're inside the state capitol in des moines and as you said, here we go. >> here we go. lot of history has been made in this room. outside the candidates in these final hours, take a live look right now at eight of their campaigns. everybody is gearing up for a hard, last push in iowa. we have hillary clinton standing by live. she's one of five candidates joining us right here this morning. also talking to donald trump, bernie sanders, rco rubio and chris christie. >> every vote here counts. the race is so close. you can see the poll numbers as we put them up for you. donald trump opening up a five-point lead now on ted cruz in the final poll and hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders smaller. virtually a dead heat. >> it is so close. jon karl starts us off with voters at the machine shed diner in urbandale. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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we're finally here, we're with iowans of all political stripes. are you guys ready? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hey, and i got to tell you, george, we have got quite a race here. in fact, if you look at the democratic and republican races combined, we have never seen an iowa caucus so close. it's finally here. >> i don't care if you're feeling horribly, 104 temperature, get out of bed and ucus. >> let's start a movement. towardhe future that we want to make together! >> reporter: a mad dash to the finish in iowa. we caught up with ted cruz. you said if conservatives turn out you're going win. >> i believe we'll win. >> reporter: across the state, front-runner donald trump and >> i think we're going to have a good result. i hope we're going to have a gogood resu. io is a very special place.
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pulling out the stops. trump campaign even deployed daughter ivanka to teach people how to caucus. >> it's a secret ballot, write down trump and you're done. >> she joins step mom, ting selfies and signing autographs. crisscrossing the iowa skies trump force one. over at camp cruz. >> we're here to pull him over the finish line. >> reporter: volunteers have been calling out for ted. the democratic race has become a battle for bodies. >> if they need a ride, they come here. >> reporteter: bernisanders has a volunteer army of his own, 15,000 supporters, cruising the streetand knocking on doors. re than 76,000 touched this weekend alone. the clinton campaign says it's knocked on more than 125,000. >> setimes you'll show up on their do, they're a hillary supporter or a bernie supporter
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and i think -- >> reporter: and the air war. clinton and bush two names from the past. 60,000 campaign ads so far in iowa. 17,000 this month alone. after all that, some iowans are still undecided. you'll definitely caucus? >> we'll be there. >> we'll be there. >> reporter: you'll be there? when are you going to make that decision? >> maybe 7:00 tomorrow. i don't know. >> reporter: 7:00 tomorrow? and george, in that last poll you mentioned at the top of the show, nearly half of republican voters said they could still change their minds. we'll be talking more to these folks. it's incredible how many are still undecided. of course they only have a few hours left to make up their minds. >> iowa always has a lot of last-minute surprises. jon, we'll check back in with you all morning long. >> we'll be checking in on the cauces all day long as well. we'll talk about that. you're looking at a middle school, one of the biggest
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tonight. it's empty now. okay, but more than 1,000 people will be packing that place this evening to cast their votes and the candidates are making a big push right now, tom llamas has been covering the republicans since the beginning. you caught up with donald trump last night. ? no surprise. he told you he's feeling good. what is the strategy in these final hours? >> reporter: robin, good morning. the strategy is star power. the entire trump family is here. they're splitting up to cover more ground and sarah palin back here in iowa, campaigning with donald trump. the man who wants to take iowa from trump is ted cruz. he's been living on this bus for this month. this afternoon, he hits his magic number -- visititing all 9 counties in iowa. for them, it's all about the ground games. 12,000 volunteers. the volunteers try to make 20,000 calls a day. this state is so important for him. as for senator marco rubio he'e's hoping for one of those three
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he's putting the pressuren cruz out yesterday and today telling everyone he can this is a must-win state for ted cruz. robin and george. >> let's go to cecilia right now. covering the democrats from the start. she's in des moines right now. se is sill ya, the clinton family out in force all weekend long. and they'rplanning what they call a victory party tonht. >> reporter: they are. this is the invitation. that shows a confidence heading into today. hillary clinton packing in the crowds. i'm telling you, i have never seen her on this campaign trail over the last couple of days sounding more confident and more energized. take a look at this. just last night, 2600 peop paing into a high school gym for her, a raucous crowd but her campaign is telling me privately, they're approaching today with caution, this race that seemed to be hers for her lose. bernie sanders overnight telling his crowds he's in it for the long haul. bernie sanders wants to stay
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the convention. this summer. >> all right, cecilia, thank you very much. let's talk to hillary clinton, good enough to join us on a very important and busy day. thank you so much for doing this. do you have the victory party all set for tonight? >> well, this is a very tigh race, robin. it's really going down to the wire. but we feel very good. we worked so hard. i had a great operation here. so m many younpeople organizers who fanned out across the state. the thousands of volunteers, we did knock on 125,000 doors this past weekend. so, we're very committed, very energized, very enthusiastic. it all depends on who shows up tonight. who comes out to caucus in iowa. i'm urging anyone who interested in caucusing for me, please be
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i'll be there in spirit. because if you stand up for me, i will stand up for you during this campaign and into the white house. >> there are so many similalarities bween what's going on right now and eight years ago, you, again, are unexpected challenge that you are facing, what arehe differences and similarities between what you're experiencing now and what happened eight years ago here in iowa? >> well, i think that i have much better organization to be just really clear about it. i think that we built an organization, using a lot of the lessons learned and we recruited some of the best people that you could find, anywhere in the country, wking in democratic politics, i think i'm a better candidate. i think that, in addition to just knowing more about the caucus processss and whawe needed to do to build toward
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secretary of state, really deepened and intensified my understanding about what the next president will have to face. so, all and all, i feel like it's a different, energized effort that is really bringing in people from across the state and indeed across the country whknows what's at stake in this election, understanhow really dramatic d drastic it would be if the republicans were to take back the white house, they would rip out the progress. we wouldn't be able get the economy going for everybody, get income rising, get affordable college, everything i'm talking about, which is really in response to t the conces and the worries that i hear from people as i crisscross this state. >> all 99 counties you have crisscrossed and we have seen you and your husband and we have
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>> i haven't gotten all 99. i don't want anybody to think my silence is affirmation, but i covered a lot of ground and i have met many thousands of people. and really have learned so much. that's the best part of this. it's obviously exhausting, it takes a lot of concentration, but what keeps me going are the stories they tell me. it's something so intimidate, at least in my experience. i try to listen to people and hear what's on their minds. when people tell you about the open heart surgery their granddaughter had and they couldn't afford it without affordable health care. or when a young woman as she's drowning in stude debt and needs a way out. it sticks with me. the months i spent here listening to iowans has really made a better candidate and i think it will make me a better president. >> well speaking of listening to iowans, we have jon karl, he's out and about.
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a third of voters here are undecided and let's hear what one votehas to ask you, jon. >> reporter: hello, robin. hello, secretary clinton. we're with rob from denison. you're u undecidedetween hillary clinton and john kasich. what is your question. >> good morning, secretary clinton. as a liberal republican seems to be a dying breed, are you going to work bipartisanly with a partisan congress. >> that's a really good question. thanks for asking it because i get asked that a lot. i have a record of working with republicans, when i'm actually in a position to do so when, you know, there's a campaign it's a little bit different. when i was first lady, i worked to achieve the children's healthth inrance program, working across the aisle with both democrats and republicans. even reformed our foster care
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partisan republican in the house. in the senate, i worked hard to get health care for the national guard and reserves. i worked with senator lindsey graham in that case, i don't knowow if therwas a single republican who didn't co-sponsor one of the bills that i worked on. as secretary of state, i had milar efforts to reaeach commo ground to prove successful. i know in a campaign the distinctions have to be drawn. because we have to givvoters a real sense of what each of us wants to do and to hold us accountable for the agenda we put forth. but m confident that i'm going to work really hard to find that common ground across the aisle and we will make progress together. >> secretary clinton, thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us on this very busy and important day. thank you. >> thanks so much. great to talk to you. >> you as always. >> hillary clinton on top of the democrats right now. donald trump on top for the
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he joins us now by phone. good morning, mr. trump. good to have you again with us this morning. you know, you have never actually faced voters before, are you nervous? >> well, you have to be a little bit nervous. you know i like to win. i want to win for the country. not for myself. this is actually my first election night. i've gone through many election nights but always for someone else, george.. this is a little bit different for me. >> i'm sure it is. what worries you most? >> well, just hope everybody is going to be able to get out and vote. skirting the weather the weather will be okay. it won't start snowing until everything is over. we just made it. that was a biggie. i hope everybody gets out and votes. we have had the biggest crowds of anybody, including sanders who's second. i will say that. we have the most enthusiasm.
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i believe they're going to go out and vote. the theme is, make america great again. this is the chance. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm the only one doing that,t, george. i'm putting up my money. nobodydy else isoing that. i think that's a big difference. lot of people like that. t there's great enthusiasm in those rooms and all over the state and all over every state. you know, when you look at new hampshire, you saw the polls where there'e's i guesa 25-point lead. in iowa, i think we're going to do really well and we're going to find out soon. >> your staying power has surprid so many people so far, i was wondering what your response is to chris christie e
7:15 am
himself down over time. i think we mht have lost mr. trump. >> yes, i ha you. did you get that? >> i hear your fine. >> what is your response to chris christie who said you're ing to take yourself down over time. well, people said i wasn't gog to run. then, they said, if i ran, he would have fun and leave. now i'm in first place. chris took his down with the bridg new jersey is the 50th worse state. meaning it's the last. he shouldn't be talking like that. i'm surprised he would talk like that. because i know him. i guess he used to be a friend until this all happened. no, i think it's been just the e opposite. i would be very surprised. he's got enough problems and he's doing very poorly in the polls. i'm surprised that he would have said that. my life has been a life of success, it's been a life of nning, it's been a life of making great deals. it's been a life -- i have
7:16 am
many didifferent ys. for somebody to say that, obviously, isn't doing really well right now is pretty unual, ihink. you'll be facing the voters for the first time tonight. we'll be talking to your sons in the next half-hour. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be talking to you later as well. >> thank you very much. donna brazile. and matthew dowd and when we see what's going on here, it's like an electric-type atmosphere. and it's something that we haven't witnessed in quite some time -- such uncertainty. >> it's fascinating. the campaigns. they're friends and family. donald trump talked about it. the voters are now in charge as of today. and it brings tremendous anxiety because everything you thought was going to happen may not happen. we'll look at tonight i think and we're going to be surprised in the course of this. there's an expectation there
7:17 am
happens on the rublican or the democratic side. right now the voterhave taken control. both sides, donald trump on the bernie sanders on the democratic side. power up against the organizations of hillary clinton and ted cruz. >> the bighallenge tonight, george is to take all of that passion the campaign trail and translate the good thing about the hawkeye state, voters can turn up night and register to vote. this is a same-day registration. it brings a lot of uncertainty to the race and it may be an advantage to mr. trump and mr. sanders. let's go to rob for the weather. >> hey, george, we're watching this massive storm traverse its way across the country. it wilill impact wa but not until midnight tonight.
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brought to you by carmax. lot of other news. inincluding e biggest headlines. including that tragic murder in virginia. two college students in custody accused of killing a young girl. we're live in iowa on this caucus day. the candidates and their families opening up on "good morning america". including bernie sanders and his wife jane. come on back. bernie sanders and his wife jane. come on back. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as
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elias: presidential hopefuls spent the weekend in a final frenzy to gain support for tonights caucuses...and organizers are expecting a record turnout from voters. party leaders say if you're looking to get a spot, you should go to the republican or democratic party websites to find out where to go caucus... elias: the latest des moines register - bloomberg poll show some close numbers leading into the caucuses... for republicans, donald trump remains at the top, but just five-percent above ted cruz... and marco rubio isn't far behind, with 15-percent. elias: the weekend poll shows a similar story for democrats....righ t now only three-percent separates hillary clinton from her top rival bernie sanders. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina:
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we welcome you back to "good morning america." and this is a live shot of a group called nurses for bernie and they are ready to rock the vote for bernie sanders here in iowa. and we also have republican candidate ben carson's headquarters this morning. yep, they're already in full swing in urbandale. and those are voters at the machine shed diner. they're excited for jon karl and they're excited for tonight's caucus. >> lot of motivavation the and all across the state right now. we're covering every angle of
7:24 am
this morning, here from the atehouse. a lot of other news headlines this morning. we'll get to that. but first, robin, you had a chance to sit down with bernie and jane sanders. >> yes, he's making headlines overght, he said he's not stopping here in iowa, he's going all the way to the convention. early on in the campaign, not many expected that hillary clinton would have such serious competition and she has and it is from a senator from vermont. he's drawing younger crowds at his stops. i had a chance to talk to him and his wife. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> reporter: he's the democratic hopeful behind that revolution, taking on income and wealth inequality. i caught up with bernie sanders
7:25 am
rally in des moines. i think you said that today, no matter what happens with the caucus you're in it for the long haul. >> absolutely. i think our message is resonating throughout the country. people want our government to represent us all and not a handful of billionaires. i got to tell you, robin, all over the country, when i talk about that, people say absolutely. >> reporter: people will finally be able to speak. what are your thoughts? >> i think we will win if there's a large voter turnout. younger people, lower-income pepeople, ifhey come out in big numbers we'll win. if they don't we won't. >> we want to see an enlivenining of the democracy, here in new hampshire, everywhere else, we wawant to sepeople vote. no mattewith who they're voting for. we want to see them caucus and vote. >> hillary clinton's chief strategist said you have run the most negative campaign in a
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:26 am
>> my god, going back 500 years. i have tried my best, never making personal attacks against hillary clinton, debating the issues. when we talk about me running a negative campaign, that's absurd. i've nev run in my entire political life a negative ad. not too many people can say that. >> i heard that you went to the white house and there are only two people who were not wearing a tux you and nelson mandela, was that true? >> yes. >> if there's an inaugural ball will you then finally? >> i don't think so. mimill wife sagrees. you know, a tux is kind of symbol of class privilege. that says i'm really important and i'm fancy and you're something else. >> senator sanders joins me now. >> you told my colleague recently, martha raddatz, tongue in cheek, you got a big ego like
7:27 am
stay grounded? >> it's a humbling and scary experience because people are putting so much faith into you. it's divot. you know, you don't want to let people down. in fact, one of the hesitancies that i had about running in the first place that i didn't want to let people down. >> mrs. sanders, you said that's one of the reasons you fell in love. his ideas. >> is that why you fell in love or my good looks? >> his wife jane of more than 25 years who he proposed at a friendly's parking lot after being on break. >> enough, enough. it's national television. >> he wanted to go out again and i said, no, i want to get married. so, and i love you and we're best friends now. let's nomess it up. he had to ask me a couple of times. he said, no, will you marry me? i said, fine. >> reporter: saw the big hug that you gave a veteran on the way out and i know mrs. sanders you said a veteran stopped you all, when you were on the fence on whether or not your husband
tv-commercial tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:28 am
you. >> yes. people were counting on him. when people are counting on you have to deliver. >> reporter: you're not used t to this underdog-type position. >> they always say, he can't wi he can't be a senator. he can't be a congressman. each time he's proven them wrong. >> i'll take you out to dinner. >> okay. >> last night was his 100th stop here in the state of iowa. and as you can see, his wife brings out another side of t the candidate. >> she taps into his core strength, persistence. i remember, i was working in congress 25 years ago when he first got to congress. onone of theost striking thing ababout bernie sanders, his message has been consistent all
7:29 am
>> when he ran for mayor, he won by ten votes. he has that tenacity, you're right, he stays on messagege and he believes in what he believes in and he's been consistent throughout. >> we'll see what happens tonight, no question. david muir and "world news" will be here tonight. also, you're going to be here as well or latest as it happens. don't forget next saturday the big republican debate live from new hampshire at 8:00 p.m. eastern. right here on abc. we'll have complete wrap-up coverage tonight. >> as the results come in. that's exactly right. lot more coming up from iowa this morning and we're covering the other big headlines and amy has that. big news this hour, two studentst virginia tech have been arrested and will now face a judge today as police investigate the murder of a 13-year-old who lived near caus. abc's eva pilgrim reports many, many questions surund this case. including the motive. >> reporter: this morning, two virginia tech students facing
7:30 am
death of a 13-year-old blacksburg girl. >> to know this could have been one of my children it really hits home. >> reporter: nicole lovell's parents said she vanished wednesday between midnight, pushing a dresser against her bedroom drawer and climbing out of her window. by friday more than a thousand volunteers searching to find her. family and friends worried that lovell a liver transplant recipient, needed medication daily. the investigation led us to 18-yr-old david eisenhower, a virginia tech student. saturday morning, police arrested a freshman engineering knew lovell and used that to his advantage. around 4:00 that afternoon they found her body. sunday a second student natalie keepers charged as an accessory, accuse ohelping eisenhauer dispose ofhe girl's body. both being held without bail expected in court later today. for "good morning america," eva
7:31 am
virginia. the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on the months e quito-born zika virus. whether to declare it a global health emergency. indonesia has reported its first case. horrifying attttack by t radical islamic group boko haram, gunmen set homes on fire, killing 86 people including children. one survivoror eaped by hiding in a tree. back here at home, an amtrak train traveling through philadelphia wasit by an the window. police are not sure what it was. and he a surfer is speaking out about his wild wipeout. this wave, it launches him into a 44-foot free fall while he was still
7:32 am
he says it felt like jumping off a cliff, but he walked away with just a stiff neck. in fact, pretty remarkably, he was back hitting the waves the next day. >> no, i'd be hitting the bottle. >> get back on that horse wow. >> that will wake you up. >> we want the send it back to george and robin. jesse and lara and me and rob, we're all holding down the fort for you. >> doing a great job out there. >> yeah, hitting the bottle it sounds like. >> coffee. >> coming up, it is a family affair here in iowa. we got donald trump's two oldest sons, donald jr. and eric. they're standing by live. we'll talk to them in just a little bit.ever getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs.
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stuffy or runny nose, sore throatand headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. there it is only three candidates have gone on to win iowa and then go on the white
7:37 am
will it be donald trump? ahead in the polls right now. but who knows what will happen tonight. we'll talk to two people who know him best, eric and donald trump jr. thank yoyou for joing us. let me start by asking you the question, how worried are you? how nervous are you this morning? >> we have been going around the state, the energy is amazing. the love we felt is incredible. people have to get out to vote. there's a tremendous amount of support. we're incredibly proud of our father and he's ing a great job. >> new territory for your father and we were talking a little bit before, you said this is new for you guys, too. >> it has been. the people have embraced as so well. we want to thank them with all the incredible words. it means so mumuch when u see that kind of enthusiasm for what he's trying to do, change ththe me. being a nonpolitician coming into this world and doing so well with this. i want tohank them for all
7:38 am
>> lot of positive messages. lot of enthusiasm. ahead in most of the big states w. lolot of crism as well. how do you guys take that? >> it's hardest as kids. you want to defend your father. he's our best friend. we love him to death and worked with him every day for the last ten years. if you're running for commander in chief, you better have thick skin. you're going to get hit while you're in e white house and the oval office. we're proud of him again. you have to get used to that. that's the nature of politics. we're proud of him. again, you have to have that thick coat, otherwise you won't do well l in this ocess. >> running for commandnder in chief, it seems like since the '80s about your father possibly running for the president of the united states. you were a little bit younger back then. but what is the earliest memory that you had that your father was possibly going to run for president. >> i think we have seen it throughout our lives. in 2012 was the first time we thought he's going to do it. he's employed d tens of ousands of people and created thousands of businesses. we were very young in the organization, he wouldn't jeopardize their careers,
7:39 am
didn't think the company had good stewards. that's a great testament to myself, my brother, my sister that he believes these guys can probably do it. he's way too loyal of a guy to jeopardize all that they have given him over the years. it means too much to him. now he's ready and doing it and doing it well. >> reality check time, your dad wrote in the book, if you want to know when i'm wrong ask my kids. give us something real. >> oh, no. i would say never, george. actually -- i don't even know what you're talking out. we don't understand that word. i think over the years, he knows. he'll do that. he's given us great autonomy to do what we need in the business. if he gives advice and we go a different way we'll get to hear about it for the rest of our lives. understateme of the century. it's a lot of fun. he's tough but he's fair. that's the way he'll always be. >> we got to go.
7:40 am
we'll be right back.ack. alright.. big smile! hey, honey! how'd it go? thanks, dad!
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we're live in iowa all morning long. talking to the candidates and
7:44 am
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7:48 am
eelias: a quick check of morning... this is i-235 at [current conditions] elias: good morning i'm elias johnson... it's 7:56. elias: today iowans get the first shot at choosing who should get the republican nominations for president. elias: in some parts of the state, the happen in some unexpected places. mary and gary hosting their rippey iowa.... out of their living room. out of 1600 caucus locations across the state... the couple is one of only five private a caucus. it because they feel it's their neighbors have a close and accessible place to make thier opinions known.
7:49 am
different opinions shared in their living room while people caucus... people seem to get along. "mary weaver - caucus host you know each other, may be neighbors may see each other in the grocery store, so its very civil. we're all iowa nice. " elias: right now there are about 120 voters registered in rural district number three... the weavers are expecting about 80 people come caucus night sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
7:50 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the final push. we are l live in ia. just before the first votes are cast in the race for president. >> we're going to have victory. this is a movement that's happening. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> all the major candidates talk to us this morning. >> candidates on both sides bringing out their secret weapons. the running mates who have been there every step of the way. what they really want you to know about their spouses. >> his greatest asset? >> me. the latest on the zika virus epidemic. an international emergency meeting this morning as the
7:51 am
besser reporting from the front lines as soldiers and public health teams try to combat the virus. and we're going behind the scenes of the biggest ads before they're revealed on super bowl sunday. ryan reynolds like you have never seen before, stopping traffic. why is scott baio showing up in the future? all that and we're live in iowa as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! >> announcer: live from times square and des moines, iowa, this is a special edition of "good morning america." "your voice, your vote." the iowa cauaucuses. and we wish you a good morning, america, from the hawkeye state. we're live in iowa. you see jon karl there at the diner in urbandale. voters getting ready to make their big decisions tonight. also right now, senator marco rubio is standing by live here in our green room right now. wel talk to him in just a few nutes.
7:52 am
little breakfast. one of the rules on the campaign trail. >> is that really our green room we got to up our game. that's pretty bad. >> we had good food. he decided to take advantage of that. how about the bush volunteers? they're hard at work this morning, getting out the vote for their candidate jeb bush. we're going to be following this all morning long. but back to amy in times square. >> that's right, we're hard at work. we do have a very big headline we have had some interesting conversation. >> reporter: well, those aren't for sharing. >> we do have a very big headline overnight, about vanessa hudgens. >> the actress with a jaw-dropping performance last night. in "grease live." just hours after her father passed away. a battle she shared with her we'll tell you how they rallied around the star when she need it the most. but right now, back to iowa and george. >> thank you, guys. let's go back to jon karl, surrounded by those voters out
7:53 am
hey, john. >> reporter: hey, george, we got supporters here at the machine shed restaurant of all the candidates. what blows me away about this crowd here is how many still are undecided. so, in this room, how many still haven't made up your minds? look at it. you got people here still hours away that still haven't madede up their minds. george, what we love about this race, it's still too close to call on both sides. after weeks of pounding the pavement, more than 1500 rallies and over 60,000 television ads, costing $33 million combined, it's finly caucus day in iowa. this morning, hillary clinton telling robin -- >> i tnk that the months i iowans has really made me a better candidate and i think it will makme a better president. >> reporter: and it's a a tight race for the front-runners. donald trump speaking with george earlier.
7:54 am
country, not for myself. >> reporter: overnight, we caught up p with theed cruz. are you going to win? >> listen, that's up to the people of iowa. >> reporter:onald trump and hillary clinton makingg the final pushes for both a family affair. >> everything she ever touched she made better. >> he will be unbelievable. >> reporter: ivanka trump giving tutorials on how to caucus. >> it's a secret ballot and you just write down the name trump. and you are done. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> reporter: bernie sanders has an army of his own, 15,000 supporters on the streets and knocking on the doors. more than 76,000 touched this weekend alone. the clinton campaign said it's knocked on more than 125,000. senator marco rubio is casting senator ted cruz as the front-runner. >> reporter: all that's left is getting their supporters to the caucuses. >> i don't care if you're feelinhorrly, a 104
7:55 am
>> reporter: so, now, the big question is, how many of these people actually get out to caucus? so, let's do a quick surve here -- how many of you are going tonight at 7:00? [ cheers and applause ] >> and george, as you know, that's the name of the game right now. bernie sanders said that he wants his people to beg, borrow, or if necessary, kidnap, to get people to go to the caucus tonight. so, we'll see what happens. hopefully no felonies here tonight. >> a little poetic license right there. >> that sounds like him. we'll bring our roundtable back. the candidates went a little longer in the first half. they can talk and talk and talk. we're back with matthew dowd and donna brazile. so close between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, should she lose, what kind of impact would that have on her cpaign? >> well, first of all, you gain a lot of momentum. there are three tickets out of iowa.
7:56 am
candidates. they'll all get to leave the state tonight. momentum is very important. when she lost back eight years ago, she was down 13 points, she made it up in new hampshire. if she loses tonight, then she'll have to rebound like she did in 2008 and hopefully, this time, she'll have a little more momentum going into what i call the big super tuesday states on march 1st. >> matt d dowd, on e other side, ted cruz is now saying that donald trump will be unstoppable if he wins here in iowa. he's way ahead in new hampshire right now. >> no nonincumbent republican has ever won the first two. i think that if donald trump were to pull it out tonight, he'll win overwhelming in new hampshire. he'll win south carolina. it's very difficult to stop. it is not impossible to stop. it will be very difficult to
7:57 am
the other thing is how close if he wins, donald trump, how close is second and third. consolidate a big part of the establishment. >> what have you both learned in the last six months? >> this is an unpredictable year. also a year where the establishment has come under attacks in both political parties. i'excited about the prospects of new people especially tonight. will they show up? will young people make a difference? >> yeah, i think two things -- two things that i have really learned. one, the estabablishments fractured on both sides. we know now that for sure. it's been coming. the other thing, the rules have changed. everyboddid the high jump one way and it's now being done another way. based on this year. >> my sports analogy. you gave it.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:58 am
>> i went to track and field. >> a better metaphor is boxing this year. we begin with a developing winter storm as many as 15 inches of snow falling in the southwest as that storm moves into the central rockies and plains today. the heaviest snow won't hit iowa until after midnight. in southn california heavy rains flooded highways. well, the justice department will now investigate san francisco's police department after the shooting death of a man which has inflamed racial tensions there. police responding to a report of a stabbingng back inecember, saying woods refused to drop the knife he was holding. he was killed in a barrage of police gun fire. well, there are new concerns about the spread of the zika virus as the w.h.o. holds an emergency meeting. the mosquito-based virus has been linked to birth defes. dr. richard besser with that
7:59 am
>> reporter: right now geneva, a very special meeting is taking place at the world health organization, and they're going to determine whether to call the zika epidemic spreading around the globe a public healthth emergency of concern. it's important. in 2014, they were slow to respond to the ebola virus. while they're meeting, the virus continues to spread around the globe. indonesia has reported its first case. colombia has reported more than 2,000 pregnant women infected with the virus. in the united states four pregnant women with zika are being monitored. here in brazil, they're not waiting for the results of that meeting. they're sending soldiers and public health workers door to door looking to wipeut any place the virus can be breeding. sflrt, rich besser with the latest from brazil, thank you. a new study suggesting that a high-fiber diet may help lower the risk for breast cancer. researchers found that teenagers who ate foods high in fiber had a 24% lower risk of developing breast cancer before menopause.
8:00 am
as much fiber as teens. and finally the players have arrivein style for sundaday's super bowl. some more stylish than others. take, for exame, quarterback cam newton, whose $850 versace yellow zebra pants were turning heads. ththey were parently very comfortrtable for that cross-country flight to california. lara, next trip to l.a., what do you think? >> absolutely. just a thought. > anyway, here's what's coming up -- lot more from robin and george, of course, live in iowa. we'll take a closer look at the candidates from their longtime running mates, their spouse's perspective. and then, senator marco rubio and governor chris christie both will be live with us. from right here in times square and in iowa. "good morning america's morning menu" is brought to you by advil.
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yep.p... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relf with an easy open cap. >>and welcome back to "good morning america." that is the back of senator marco rubio. he's here. we're about to talk to him in just a minute as we count down to the caucuses and he's standing by right no there he is. >> there he is. he said let meme out of at green room. i'm going to go back and help decorate it a little bit. now to the running mates who have supported the candidates from the beginning. their spouses, you saw earlier this morning i had a chance to talk with bernie sanders' wife jane last night. linsey davis talked to so many more of the spouses. let's go back to times square.
8:06 am
abc's linsey davis is here to introduce us to some of us. >> reporter: it made sense to talk to them. forget campaign ads or debate sound bites to get a sense of the ople running for president. we went straight to the e source. people who know their secrets, dreams and what makes them tick. take a look at the candidates through the eyes of their spouses. their lifelong running mates. it's been said you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. >> clearly smart. also a guy who likes to have fun. >> so impressed with her work ethic, with her tenacity. >> reporter: perhaps the best way to get a sense of who the presidential candidates are. >> he's so compassionatete and lots of fun. and passionate. >> reporter: is to talk to the people who likely know them best -- spouse. or collectively thspice. >> don't worry, you got my vote. that was my first words i spoke to bernie. >> i remember meeting him and him saying he was randy paul. i think it was probably our
8:07 am
calling him rand and he liked it. >> i called my mother and i said, mom, this congressman just asked meut to lunch. she said, oh, my goodness. you don't kn a thing about current affairs. you ne to go get "newsweek" magazine rig away. >> reporter: running mates. the concept for the christies started way backck in studt government. >> i was his running mate and he won and the following year i ran for president and i won. >> reporter: what made you fall inove with chris? > he had eat storie he still has great stories. and he was cute. he was cute. >> reporter: they have seen them at their best. >> the first time when he opererated on baby in e womb that was incredible. >> reporter: and stood by them in their deepest despair. for cay and frank fiorina that meant losing a 34-year-old daughter to drug addiction addiction.
8:08 am
when lori died, it makes everything else in life pale in comparison. >> reporter: people seem to love or hate ted cruz, why do you think he's so polarizing? >> if you're not in there trying to fix the problem, you don't like the problem fixer. >> reporter: for people who just sechris christie, and what to say he's a name-caller he lacks self-control, how would you help people see your husband as more "presidential"? >> the name-calling caught on video sometimes, there was always a purpose to that. >> the people who know carly and i would tellou we fight all the time. i taught her to debate. >> reporter: for those you say, your husband was a phenomenal surgeon but that doesn't prepare
8:09 am
you say to those critics? >> then they haven't looked at what accomplishment really is. we need people who know how to really solve problems. >> he's not a great cocktail party conversationalist. sometimes in politics that ce off as being aloof. it's more just he would much rather sit down and have more one-on-one or substantive conversations. >> reporter: so, while the candides now woo america, their spouses fondly rememember their own courtship and share their partner's greatest asset. >> his steadfastness. >> patience. >> his sincerity. >> her brain and her ethics. >> his optimism. >> his smile. >> his greatest asset. >> me. >> and this is just a small sampling of the interviews we have online, where you'll find an intimate look at seven of their candidates and their spouses. you'll be surprised and moved by
8:10 am
this is so great, linsey. >> a way to getet some insight like you haven't seen of the candidates. >> you really y see the otion. you see how taxing this journey is, not only for the candidates but t for theisignificant others, also. >> to watch the full episodes of our abc news d digital sies, running mates with linsey davis, you can go to our website. goodmorningamerica.c on yaho let's head back now to george in iowa. i'm here with florida nator marco rubio joining us right now. your whole family is here. >> they are. they got here last nht. they'll be with through new hampshire primary. we're excited about having them. >> for the first time you're going to face voters as you run for president tonight, what is the thinon your mind that you want them to know the most in these final seconds? >> well, if they nominate me to be the republican nominee, i'll unite the republican party and the conservative movement and
8:11 am
i believe we'll grow the conservative movement. i know i'll win. i believe hillary clinton and bernie sanders know that i'll win. so, i hope that's why people tonight, when they go to their caucus site, they will consider caucusing for me because we can win. >> you want that last-minute switch? >> sure. someone going to a caucus tonight, t there's aandidate that you have been with, you don't think they're going to make it to the finish line, caucus for me, because we can win not only the primary but the general election. >> tomorrow, y you said,ou can't go in there to make a point you must vote for someone who can win. are you talking about donald trump? >> i'm talking in general that i give the republican party the best chance to win and grow the conservative movement. we have to be united. the republican party has to come together. but that's not enough. we've got to take our message to young americans who are struggling under student loan
8:12 am
who are living paycheck to paycheck. to blue-collar workers who have seenheir jobs disappear and sent overseas. i have lived paycheck to paycheck. three years ago i still had a student loan. i honestly believe thatt i can take our message and convince them that conservatism is the best approach for them. >> jon karl is out with some voters at in urbandale. jon, you have a voter that has a question? >> reporter: we sure do, george. but first, you mind with if we eat our homemade cinnamon roll. >> oh, my goodness. >> send that over here. what are we doing here? >> come on over, senator, come on over. >> reporter: i got jill from johnst, iowa. ththis is thvoter you want right now. she's deciding between marco rubio and ted cruz. >> good morning.
8:13 am
>> i have seen the top four candidates speak and i'm undecided between you and ted cruz. what can you say to me to swing my vote for you tonight? >> well, thank you for having me as one o of your falists. let me say two things, i like ted, he's a friend of mine. we have a big difference when it comes to national security. ted voted for rand paul's budget that brags abobout cutti defense security. when i'm president, we're going to rebui the military. i believe the world is a safer place when america the strongest. here the other, we have to win this election. bernie sanders and hillary clinton, neither one of them can be president, we must n. if i'm our nominee i know we'll win. so do the democrats. i hope you'll take that into account tonight. because this election, if we get it wrong, there may be no turning around for america.
8:14 am
a chance to directly address precisely the voter you're looking for. >> yeah. plus, we're going to give away sweet rolls in our presidency. >> senator, have a good day today. good luck. back to new york. rob's got the weather. >> george, look at how sweet these kids are from virginia beach, virginia. emma celebrating a birthday. how old are you? >> 8. look, some severe weather we want to talk across the midsection of the country. in the deep south, strong winds,
8:15 am
memphis, nashv >> it's mild and springlike out there. lara, back to you. >> thank you so much, rob. "pop news" time. we'll begin with some sad, but heartwarming in the way. the iconic musical "grease" come to life on fox. last night. for one of the stars, it had to be incredibly difficult to perform. vanessa hudgens took the stage just hours passed away from stage 4 cancer less than 24 hours earlier. take a listen. and i don't mind but i can feel and i can cry >> wow, there she's singing "the worst things i could do." itad to be tough. revealing she performed the show in honor of her dad.
8:16 am
social media agreed. she nailed the part. no word on how many millions tuned into the broadcast. but #greaselive was the number one trend on twitter. taylor swift posted this on snapchat. singing along witith the show. the question is, did they do the nd jive? covered in the live show by joe jonas, who dated both of those gals. so impmpressive d so inspirational. >> the performance was so good, still, you think how emotional that must have been for her. >> what a tribute to her dad. vanessa we're all thinking about you, and we'll be right back. "gma's running mate" connected by blackberry priv.
8:17 am
by black eberry priv. (.yd tt0w!tw((i! ed (([ tt0w!tw((i% )8x-_d4 tt0w!tw((i% kzx-b+h tt0w!tw((i% n-x-7bd "show open " elias: good morning i'm elias johnson... it's 8:27 ... elias: presidential hopefuls spent the weekend in a final frenzy to gain support for tonights caucuses...and organizers are expecting a record turnout from voters. party leaders say if you're looking to get a spot, you should go to the republican or democratic party websites to find out where to go caucus... elias: the latest des moines register - bloomberg poll show some close numbers leading into the caucuses... for republicans, donald trump remains at the top, but just five-percent above ted cruz... and marco rubio isn't far behind, with 15-percent. elias: the weekend
8:18 am
similar story for democrats....righ t now only three-percent separates hillary clinton from her top rival bernie sanders. sabrina: elias: well let's get a with meterologist sam schreier. sam/
8:19 am
good morning i'm
8:20 am
go big or go home >> we're live in iowa. welcome back to "good morning america." right now at the nurses for bernie rallying this morning. george and robin are in iowa all morning long. hours aw from the caucuses and wewe're gointo go back to them in just a moment. also this mornrning, we ve a sneak peek at some of the hottest new super bowl ads including one with ryan reynolds, like you have never seen him before. we'll explain. >> okay, and then we're closing in on a huge milestone here at "good morning america." nearly 5 million likes on facebook. but we need your help.
8:21 am
latest from iowa. we are there live and our website, all day, ahead of tonight's big votes. but first, we do want to get to robin and georgrge in iow >> all right, guys, thank yo very much. we are holding down the fort here. they are there. you have seen the candidates firsthand this morning. but now, we're giving you an inside look at their campaigns with our young abc reporters who are following them 24/7, every step of the way. we call them our road warriors and you're about to see why. >> wherever hillary clinton is, i wille. >> iowa is everything to bernie sanders. >> reporter: these are the faces of the 2016 presidential campaign you seldom see. >> i'm actually here at a town hall for carly fiorina. >> we're in burlington, vermont, tonight, waiting for donald trump. >> reporter: they are team of repoers spending day and night following the candidates' every move. >> i'm here on the hillary clinton press corps bus. i actually don't know wheri am.
8:22 am
hoe-drawn carriage. >> reporter: crisscrossinghe country, collectively visiting 40 states on the campaign trail on the road 24/7. >> this job requires exceptional packing skills. >> it's grueling but it's amazing. we're witnessing history every single day. >> this job requires coffee and by coffee i mean a lot of coffee. >> reporter: they're meeting the cacandidatesbiggest supporters. >> swing some serious bernie dedication. >> i met a woman in dadallas, sh made a donald trump dress. >> reporter: and taking us behind the scenes every step of the way. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> play pool with dr. carson, probably one of the most exciting moments on the campaign trail. i realized i had to brush up on my arcades game. >> one time he was cracking to a crowd of mostly irish descent. me made a joke, he said he was basically irish, he said his name was marco'rubio.
8:23 am
might not know about ted cruz he has a great sense ofumor. >> bernie sanders literally has to shout his passion there. >> rorter: learning new things every day.y. about our potential president. and now you see why we call them our road warriors. abc's john santucci and liz kreutz join us now. normally wear this on the campaign trail, righ >> yes. >> so, you are with donald trump. can only imagine unscripted what he's like. >> when i first got this assignment, i said, gee, who did i make mad at gma? >> oh, come on. >> but it's been a great adventure and on the trail with trump covering him, you know, we're behind the scenes, we're always thereith the cameras. someone once saito me, ifif donald ump likes you he's going to hit you. i really didn't know what that
8:24 am
i'm filming him one day and he comes up and he hits me, punches me in the arm, and then, a few days later, we're filming a barbara walters special, i said hello to him. all of a sudden, he comes up, he says john, he knocks me again. for a while i had a permanent black and blue -- but it's every experience interviewing him. the first time onboard his 757. you guys know this, you're getting ready, questions together, had something ready. it was right when ted cruz w taking him over in the polls, in the zone, all of a sudden, he said, john, he said, you're ing to get a big raise for this interview. i mean, who says that except donald trump? >> donald trump. >> making the deal. liz, you're with hillary clinton and you said it's a little bit dierent. >> yeah, i don't think i going to get punched by hillary clinton. i don't ink that's happening. she's a much more traditional
8:25 am
her. you know, i spend most of my ys yelling questions on the rope lines and hopes she responds. she spends most of her time on the rope line interacting with voters. those are the times when i have seen the intimate,andid, fun moments. >> didn'you see her dance? >> yes, she broke down to j-lo and every single day, she's taking so many selfies at it. she's become superskilled at it. nicece little m movement. >> we got to get to chris christie. but real quickly, be road food? >> oh, my god. the barbecue if south carolina. >>ot to go with the burger. always the burger. >> thank you guys, very much. governor chris christie is over at the machchine shac where jon karl has been with those voters this morning. governor christie, thank you f for ining us again this morning. you know, the latest poll in iowa has you at 3%. how are you going to improve
8:26 am
it over the course of time. it's going to continue tonight. the fact is, what i have wanted all along is come out of iowa as the number one governor. i think we'll overperform what the poll's done. but when you look at how much jeb bush has spent in this state and how much time and money we're polling g ahead ofim here on the last day is a good sign of our camampaign. >> there are only three tickets out of iowa, do you think that's wrong this year? >> of course, it's wrong. ere's never been this many candidates who got to the starting line. i don't think that's it. i think iowa and new hampshire will be seen as an exacta. ththey'll beead together. that will help to cull the fieield down. probably four, five when we leave w hampshire next tuesday. >> you said last night donalald ump is going to bring himself down. i asked mr. trump about that
8:27 am
it seemed to hurt his feelings. he said you guguys used be friends. >> we are friends. but we are running against each other. if i'm asked a question about m i'm going to give an honest question. i know donald trump for a long time. his feelings don't get hurt that easily. >> how do you explain though what has been happening all year long, at least in the polls, no one has voted yet, you talked about the governors, you had a lot of expernced governors here in this republican's race, but it's the outsiders that seem to be outpacing you? >> well, first off, george, i'm a little offended calling ted cruz an outsider, he went to princeton, harvard, he worked at the united states supreme court. heorked for the federal government and then had a federal job in texas. hardly an outsider. let's stop calling ted cruz an outsiders. and donald trump --
8:28 am
let's see what happens when people vote. anybody who's been in this business for any perioof time will be fascinated to see what happens. so, let's wait and not draw conclusions based off polling. i rememb back in 2004, everybody was getting ready to crown howard dean the next president of the united states and i don't think that happened, either. >> sounds like you're expecting a surprise tonight? >> not that i'm expecting a surprise but i just don't think, you know, looking at these polls all yearnd the fact hohow obsessed everybody gets about polls, it matters when people actually start to vote. now within 12 hours of people voting, yeah, i'll w wait for e vote before i start reacting. >> governor, good luck today, good luck tonight. we'll see out out on the trail. >> george, look forwrward to seeing you in new hampshire. thanks for being i in iowa t tay. thanks for having me on. >> okay, take care. let's go back to rob in new w yo.
8:29 am
muppets. kerr minmit the frog joining me. >> thank you. >> good morning to you, sir. >> talking about the blizzard. the severe weather across the south. help me out with the weather a little bit. >> i understand we're going to have a rainy period over the mississippi valley. >> that's how you stay looking young, the moisture of the rainfall? >> that and being frozen. >> it is chilly out here. some of that rainfall is going to head up towarard the sn zone. they're worried about melting snow across the virginias and in through washington, d.c. >> the big melt is on, ladies and gentlemen. spring temperatures continue across the northeast. that's a quick check on your
8:30 am
we have this exciting guest this morning. a pretty good weather expert. you're me of an expert on rainbows. kermit the frog, he's the executive producer of up late with miss piggy. revamped the mupupts. phenomenal show. what can we look forward with the new time slot? >> the same old stuff. by the way, it's exactly -- it's exactly 35 hours and 15 minutes before the show comes on, if you don't change the channel you'll already be tuned in. >> perfect. our executives love that. now, are we going to be seeing more of our favorite frog on stage? will be is ijing? >> i will be singing and doing the things that i normally do. we have 150% more laughs and we're 100%luten-free. although our show is manufactured in a facility filled with nuts. >> we're safe for this new day.
8:31 am
the ppets, new time, tuesday at 8:00 p.m. >>thank you so much. coming up, w're counting down to the super bowl, the biggest new ads and a sneak peek with ryan reynolds.
8:32 am
with ryan can you give me a warning? yeah what a man what a man what a man
8:33 am
>> oh,h, in my fe. >> oh, suffice it to say, that was ryan reynolds. >> and yes, lara likes that commercial a lot. >> yeah. "what a man" was the song playing. that's one of the new super bowl ads for hyundai starring ryan. we're counting down to the big game. one of the most anticipated commercialsor jesse, that people wouldn't guess. >> it's about avocados. and why? guacamole is one of the most popular super bowl snacks all year. a record 278 million avocados are going to be eaten this super bowl sunday. that's a good thing. they'll be able to easily pay the millions of dollars they need for the ad and then some.
8:34 am
australia selects the kangaroo. >> yes. i like that pick. >> reporter: it was one of the most talked about ads run in last year's super bowl. they weren't selling beer. they were selling, would you believe -- avocados. >> and mexico selects the avocado. >> great pick. >> reporter: well, they're back this year again. avocados from mexico and its ad agency invited "good morning america" behind the scenes for a sneak peek for one of the most anticipated ads of super bowl 50. >> this is a futuristic museum of culture in america. >> and this is the white and gold dress that caused the civil war. this is scott baio. >> reporter: in this year's ad, scot baio makes an appearance. >> i got a call from my agent. avocados from mexico wanted to do a commercial with me.
8:35 am
so, what's the spot? >> reporter: while scott eats avocados. >> my wife tells me they're a good fat. which i like. >> reporter: add up to $ $4.5 million ad on the super bowl. that's a lot of avocados. the amount sold in the week leading up to the super bowl and rned it into guacamole higher than a goalpost. pressure being a advertising executive. >> we're weird sitting there. you watch the super bowl spot and you look down and you wait for ten seconds and see what twitter says. you're like, oh, gosh, we're good. >> anybody want to feed scott baio, it's included in the price of admission. no? >> funny. >> scott baio told us he's not told anyone of his friends that he shot an ad for the super bowl. so, hopefully, they're not watching "good morning america" this morning or otherwise, surprise. we got another big
8:36 am
cooper ad. loof big stars in it. serena williams and abby wambach just to name a few. >> very cool. i love the commercials. >> if you w watch the super bowl, you know every year, the game is always awesome. buthe commercials. >> even you as a former player, are you into the commercials -- >> you know, i go to the game every year and watch as a fan. the only thing that's not great about being at the game you don't get too see the commercials. >> that's true. i was there last night, i didn't get to see one commercial. >> that's not cool. >> we're going to console jesse over missing the commercials. we'll give you some commercials right now but when we come back, can you cook yourself to a younger you? tuturn bac the clock with the way you eat. really. coming up next on "good morning america." "good morning america's" road to the big game brought to
8:37 am
now to the woman who is famous for saying eat yourself young. iz beth peyton-young is here for her first american interview. she'll show us how you can turn back the clock. >> thank you. >> what inspired you to write this book? >> well, you know, food is very powerful. you know, it can make you feel ill or it can really rejuvenate you and make you look amazing. after 20 years of being a practitioner, i realized that, when i was changing people's diet, they were looking younger. as their ailments were disappearing. >> lot of people think, if i eat healthy it's so much more expensive. you have an affordable option. if you're trying to eat better, what's one of your go-tos? >> so, for breakfast, this is quinoa is very, very affordable.
8:38 am
cinnamon dish here. i swapped the oats for the quinoa. so, it's no gluten. it's a versus tanable meal. the quinoa you can use it in lunch afterwards. it's very versatile. very inexpensive. >> we were just talking about the super bowl. so, a lot of people like to eat during the super bowl. chips are one of the go-tos, a big bag of salty chips. you have a healthy alternative. >> i do. so, if you want to be cheering on your team, you don't want to eat this stuff. because you'll be slow and sluggish. if you want to be vie rant and high, take the butternut squash chip, which is filled of -- >> that is so good. it so favorable. >> it's filled with antioxidants. you can eat it and get younger. >> how did you make it? >> dehydrated in the oven and put coconut butter on top of it. >> all right, this is, you know, almost like velveeta and lot of chips, not healthy at all.
8:39 am
special guacamole. this is a fantastic avocado dish. >> don't mind me. >> very high in omega -- high in vitamin e. fill of omegas. it's very good for your skin. it will get t your metolis going. >> all right, this is also ordering pizza. slice of pizza. people have said, they called in, what's your favorite thing to eat? almost everyone said pizza during the super bowl. you have a healthy version. >> i do. this healthy version is made with spelt flourur. and rosemary. the spelt flour is an ancient flour. you metabolize it better than
8:40 am
rosemary is great for the brain. so, you'll remember who's winning. and the scallions are very good for your immune systemem. perfect, perfect hit. you can share it with the family. >> these are all -- you're not missing t. you're getting to eat the foods you love. thank you so much fojoining us. >> thank you. >> cook yourself young is available now.
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8:41 am
we'll be right back. see you guys in new york. >> bye, guys. get back here, please. >> bye, you can get the latest on the iowa caucuses on "world news tonight" with david muiuir, live in iowa. and thenen george ll anchor the results live tonight right here on abc. >> and then we're live all day from iowa. on our website. on facebook. like the "good morning ameca" page to get updates as they unfold. >> have a great day monday. great day monday.good morning i'm
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8:42 am
elias: today iowans get choosing who should get the republican nominations for president. elias: first decisions happen in some pretty unexpected places. mary and gary weaver are hosting their fourth caucus in out of their out of 1600 caucus across the state... the couple is one of only five private homes that hold a caucus. they say they do it because they feel it's their civic duty to help their neighbors have a close and accessible place to make thier opinions known. they add that although there are a lot of different opinions shared in their living room while people caucus... people seem to get along. "mary weaver - caucus host you know each other, may be neighbors may see each other in the grocery store, so its very civil. we're all iowa nice. " elias: right now there are about 120 voters registered in rural district number three... the weavers are expecting about 80 people come
8:43 am
sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
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