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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 2, 2016 1:07am-4:30am CST

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i guess i would be -- it would be unfair to you to say that i'm confident in that now. just because i feel like you've pulled back. and like, even little moments where, like, we're walking away, and like, i get my chance to see you. like, this is about you and i right now, and i just want to grab your hand, jubilee, and walk you upstairs, and you're like, "no, no, no." and like, you pulled away from me. that's not -- but, like, how is that supposed to make me feel when i try to grab your hand in front of a group, and like, it's pulled away? i [sighs] yeah, i get it. [ sighs ] but i just, you know, little things i pick up on, like, you know, just walking past the girls. and i think a t of it comes from, like, what a lot of people are saying, like the first time, you know, when we left for our one-on-one date, and that really got in my head, like, you know, it sucked, like, hearing that. you know? like, there's gonna be nine girls who hone in on every single movement, every single, you know, thing that i make.
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and i know how it feels, you know? so -- i don't know. ben: i'm just confused. jubilee is somebody that i have had a connection with. but i feel like she's pulling back. it worries me because i don't know if i'm gonna be able to fix that. so we might have to say goodbye. i just want it to be, like, you know, just me and you. i don't want you to feel like i'm pulling back 'cause i'm not. i don't want you to give up on . please don't. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but now, pantene is making my... practically unbreakable.
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[coughing] he pal. you gotta cough this winter? may i suggest... tough love, mentholyptus halls with big time cooling flavor. or soft love. milder flavored honey halls with real honey. tough love. soft l love. get the love you love. joelle: wait, what is happening right now? emily: they've been together for like 25 minutes. jubilee and ben have been gone for a while now. and no one really knows where they are. i will say, when she walked away with him, she wouldn't holdld his han emily: really? she's been having a hard time with this.s. joelle: jubilee has kind of closed off a little bit and she hasn't been ththe really outgoing, fun, bubbly jubilee that we all know.
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with jubilee and ben. every time iee you, i just -- like, i want nothing less than to hug you and stuff like that and you know, but i think, you know, sometimes i just kind of over-think everything and i don't mean to pull back, like, you know? when it's just me and you, like, i want to be able to just be whoever i -- you know? like, touch you and stuff like that. i don't want you to feel like i'm pulling back 'cause i'm not. [ sighs ] do you feel like, at this, like, point in time, there, like, could still be something between us? i think i just want you to tell me that you still see something. as hard as it is, in all of this, and i know it's not easy,
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it would be unfair to you right now to say that, like, with what's happened and just kind of how things have progressed with other relationships, it would be unfair of me to tell you that i thought that something could exist. so you don't. i do not. [ cries ] i think it's best thatat tonighti need to say goodbye. okay. can i walk you out?
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[ sighs ] jubilee: getting my heart broken was onone of my ggest fears. and now my heart hurts. i knew it was gonna happen. down this way. this is really hard. [ chuckles ] i know. jubilee: it just didn't wowork out, guess. it happens. i don't really know how to -- i don't -- thank you. no. thank you.
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[ cries ] [ sniffles ] bye, ben. bye, jubilee. [ sighs ] i feel like the unlovable person in the world right now.
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i wonder what he's doing right now. yeah. [ clears throat ] i'm very, very scared going into a rose ceremony without having time with him tonight. woman: i think you'll get your time. -hi, ben! -hey! -hi! joelle: so ben comes back in, and clearly something didn't go right. sit down. at the same time, i really have no clue what's going on in ben's head. [ sighs ] um... yeah, so -- geez, how do i even start this? um... i -- jubilee is somebody that, from the moment i met her, was incredibly intriguing.
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um... ben -- is it okay if i steal you for one second? -yeses. -i sorry. i just want to talk to you about everything. joelle: having jubilee go home tonight and kind of the way that it happened -- abruptly and in the middle of the cocktail party -- it does make us realize how serious ben is taking this process. i mean, i-i hate seeining ben upt. it's so rd. think about what ben goes through he's breaking someone's heart every time he lets someone go. i, like, looked over my shoulder after that whole jubilee thing happened, and you just looked really sad. 'cause i know it's hard to hurt people. yeah, i don't know. he's upset and he's shaken and he's sad, and i have so much respect for ben 'cause he handles itwiwith such grace. i just want him to know more than anything
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you handle situations like that with such respect and grace and like -- you don't need to feel like people are regretting being here because, if anything, this has been, i mean, for me, definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and i could -- i'm sure jubilee's saying the same thing, so just know that you're handling it so well. i'm done breaking up with people after this. you got 1010 more too. [ laughs ] ben: when i'm around jojo, i-i feel comfortable, i feel confident, i feel betr about myself. and it reminds that no matter how tough this week has been, i realalize at it's all worth it. and you know what, like, the relationships that i still have are ones i feel really confident in.
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-how's everybody doing? -good. -oh, nice. -yeah. um... saying goodbye to jubilee tonight definitely was not in the plans. i think we can all now agree, after five weeks, that this is a really hard situation. i'm giving this rose to somebody that i reconnected with, somemebody tha i think had struggled for a while, so with that, olivia -- oh! will you accept this rose? of course i wiwill. -thank you. -do i get a hug? -yes. -thank you. [ sighs ] joelle: there was a moment of silence after that rose was handed out. so thank you all for a really good day. i was shocked. i didn't see it coming. i feel like a lot of people have been blindsided at this point. good night. sleep tight.
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i can't even, like, look at her. woman: i'm starving. you don't even have to say "congrats." you don't have to say it. emily: she does not deserve to be here, and ben does not deserve to be with a girl like that. chris: coming up... ben: mexico city is known for its fashion. just decided you're gonna do the show. lauren h.: freaking out! soft elbows, mi amor. the only walking i do is like walking my kids out to recess. -don't look down. -i know. i'm completely out of my comfort zone. i'm not gonna rub it in your face, but he's mine. i'm not going anywhere. i feel like it's an episodee of "en mom." emily: that isis the mos offensive thing in the world. i felt like i was being targeted by her. -who? -olivia. i can't even begin to tell you how [bleep] pissed i was. mmm. ben. hi mom! hi! every mom is a coach...
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how you doing? oh, my god. good to seyou. lauren h today is my first one-on-one date with ben in mexico city. and i am e ecstatic. i've been looking forward to this day since i got here. i have a really, r rlly great date planned. -oh, good. -it's goa be a ton of fun. -okay. -so come with me, -and i'll show you. -okay. but i am really nervous. the fact that ben sent jubilee home last night does up the pressure because hopefully that doesn't happen to me. i am excited to hang o out wi you. for the ole day! but at the same time, i understand that it's got to be just as hard for him, too. and i just want to be there for him, as well. so, today could be a game-changer. it could be the day that i see myself falling in love with ben. it's exciting. oh, my gosh. okay, where are we going? wh most people don't know about mexico city is that it is known for its fashion. where are we?
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oh, this is definitely you, ben. a high-end fashion house, and we are gonna fully engross ourselves into fashion. [ laughs ] what do you think? oh, my god. is this working for ? itit is. itatches your outfit. ben: when lauren h. stepped out of the limo, she was somebody that was obviously, like, very beautiful. but once she opened up to me, she's not only very caring and sweet, but she has a sense of humor, this goofiness to her. it's just nice to be around her. this is really cool, ben. -hello. -hey, how are you? -hi! i'm ricardo covalin, one of the designers. welcome to our store. we love it, and we're loving trying everything on. ricardo: all of our designs are inspired by mexican nature, by mexican art. ben: okay. we have our design studio right here. can we check it out? yes, let's go upstairs. i am so excited. oh, this is incredible. these clothes are beautiful. this here is our latest collection. most of our products are made in silk. okay. lauren h.: so cool.
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do y you wantto come as my guest? -yes! -[ laughs ] well, rehearsal is like, in one hour. fashion week in mexico city, and we get to be there. it is completely every girl's dream. i've never been to a fashion show, let alone like with ben behind the scenes to see what happens. it's the best date ever. -all right, let's go. -all right. i can't wait. lauren h. is on a date, but i'm not threatened anyone that goes on a one-on-one with ben. i i just hadn amazing day with ben. i have a rose. i'm not gonna rub it in your face, but i'm back. [ laughs ] i am just so shocked at, like, what happened last night. were you expecting olivia to get the rose? -absolutely not. -i wasn't either. it's more than like shock for me. it's just like kind of like a little bit of anger, too. olivia should have gone home ththis week. she's just so fake. i'm just disappointed that she's still here. what i don't get is that, like,
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then like, am i, like, the right person? i think he deserves to know that olivia is making me feel uncomfortable and i'm sick of her negative energy in the house. it needso be gone. [ spanish guitar plays ] -oh, my god. -how cool is this? i cannot even believe we're here. lauren h.: ben and i a are guest at fashion week mexico. i wish i couould walk heels like that. they're really good. have you ever modeled? no, i can't keep a straight face, like -- try it. [ laughs ] lauren h.: these girls, they have like stone face, though. like, they're like -- like with their, like, high cheek bones, like -- i'm like, "okay, i cannot do that." this is [speaks indistinctly] she's e director from the fashion week. hi, ben. how are you guys? -great to meet you. -this is unbelievable. thank you for letting us come here. is this your first time in fashion week? yes! maman: make a little more interesting.
1:30 am
ben: no way! woman: if f you do a very good rehearsal. [ laughs ] lauren h.: oh, my god. i cannot believe what's about to happen. freaking out! lauren, you walk first. -move them? -don't look down. i know. i did it. i don't know what i'm doing. i am a teacher. i'm not a model. i've never modeled in my life. soft elbows, mi amor. i'm like, "oh, god." the only walking i do is like walking my kids out to recess, not with models behind me. [ camera shutters clicking ] ] this is crazy, and i'm so nervous. i'm completely out of my comfort zone. i'm noonly on a first date with ben, which is ner-racking, but i don't want to mess it up. how long have you all been moling for? -three years. -threeears? -fr r years. -six years. wow. okay. one day. lauren h.: this is a big deal. i'm surrounded by all these perfect models. it does make you feel insecure.
1:31 am
nexto, like, all these stunning women? oh, my god! like, it's really scary. i don't know if i can do it. ben: lauren, you look great. how you feeling? you good? i'm freaking out. there's very few times in life that you get to do something you've ner done before. that's true. okay. there's nobody here that looks as beautiful as you. there's nobody here that should be as confident as you. all rit? [ cheers and applause ] i'll see you on the other side. [ singing in spanish ] holy shoot. it's about to happen right n. lauren h.: there's like three girls ahead of me, and then two, and then one... ben: we're close. and -go ahead. -okay. walking down that runway, everyone's probably looking at me like, "who t hell is this chick?" but i'm just focusing on just not falling and not vomiting.
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ben: lauren's walk looked great. so proud of lauren. she just totally conquered any fear, any nerves. i think we rocked the fashion show runway. ahh! [ laughs ] lauren h.: to go out onstage and walk the runway in a designer outfit with ben has been the best day of my entire lifife.e. i cannot believe we just did that. oh, my gosh. that was even better than i expected. thank you for having a blast with me today. ben: what an awesome date. but going into tonight, i want to take the opportunity to get to ow lauren and to see if our relationship can be something that can last. 're searching the country for eligible men to date our next bachelorette, for more information, go to love playing with your hair? coloring? curling? straightening? damamaging? fructis reloads hair with strength. fructis damage eraser system
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for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno . naturally beautiful results [ spanish guitar plays ] i'm sure that they're having a great time, and lauren's very grounded, and she's here for the right reasons. the only reason i'm not like, "oh, yeah, definitel is just because now, at this point in the process -- he s seems to getting more serious. he has relationships that are already built, and he's gonna compare it to that. lauren b.: today lauren h. is on a one-on-onene date wi ben. i think there is more prsure when you get to this point in the process because ben's not gonna keep anyone around who he doesn't see beg his wife, and he made that clear last night with jubilee. it's not like, "oh,
1:36 am
i want to have a couple more fun weeks with them." it's like, "do i have a romantntic conneion with them and could i see them as my wife?" -mm-hmm. -at this point, if there's no romantic connection, itit's a verreal possibility that she might not get the rose tonight. i guess we'll see. [ spanish guitar play ] welcome to mexico city. thank you for having me. ben: today was incredible with lauren, walking the runway in mexi city for fashion week. but it's been a slow burn with lauren h., and there are some other women here that i do have chemistry with that i am progressing forward with. oh! this is beautiful. beautiful. and so tonight, i need to see if there is something more to us than just friends. if she holds back, i think it's gonna be harder to, like, be that confident giving her the rose because things are getting more serious. days like today are really things that i will never forget, but the thing i appreciated the most today was just being with you because you did make me smile. you did make me laugh. i'm excited to get to talk to you tonight,
1:37 am
so cheers to you. thank you, ben. that was really good. the trick is you really say what's in your heart. well, i'm glad that your heart sounds so good. [ both laugh ] how does your heart know to say t that? well, it's easy when i spend the whole day with you. thank you. you know, i heard, like, a little bit abo last night. how jubilee had to go home and all those things, but i feel like it was admirable of you that you were able to be real and have those tough conversations. i think it's really encouraging for me for you to say that because it encourages me to continue and, like, be just myself. when it's right, it's so right. when it's wrong, i know it's wrong. right. and i think, to you, you've been open, you have a laugh, you've been nervous in front of me. and like, that's what i want because this is about us trying to figure something out. right. well, i'm glad that you see those things in me, because it's hard to know, like, you know, how much you do kind of ck up on.
1:38 am
and so for me, it means a lot that you do get that i am being sincere and 100% myself. lauren h.: at this point, almost every girl here has a good connection with ben. i mean, i actually don't think there are any girls that feel like their connection isn't strong. so it's hard. like, i don't want to a. -- be put in the frnd zone, and b. -- dodon't want to be sent home without him even knowing who i am. you know, i am goofy and carefree and funny, but i am, like, serious, too. like, i hope that that comes across so he does know what makes me, me. you know, like, this whole situation -- i kind of went into it, like, okay, i know who i i am d who i am i'm proud of, but you know, it hasn't alwaways en an easy road. i...i was in a very serious relationship for over four years. he was my first real love. we livedogether, i moved ross the country to be with him, and suddenly, out of the blue,e, he bro up with me.
1:39 am
why he would do something like that, and it ended up that he had been cheating on me with, like, three different girls. one of the girls was my friend. like, it was a disaster. and it was really painful. yeah. so, you know, i didn't date anybody for a long time 'cause i was afraid and i wanted to know who i was. the year after we broke up, and it was my birthday, and i remember waking up in the morning, and being like, "okay, i can either choose to be sad and choose to be the victim, or i can choose to be happy." and you know, everyone's always like, "oh, you're so happy" and stuff. i do take that as a compliment because it couldld be easy to be guarded, not as open and vulnerable, but i'm prououd of mysf. i feel like i've kind of come back from this whole situatn a better person. i'm ready to just let everything go and just really open up and let someone .
1:40 am
that, to me, is incredible, knowing that you've came from that, you've learned from that. -good. -it makes me more confident in you as a person, too, like, this girl is so comfortable, she's so confident. -yeah. -she's so cute. like, i see the teacher, i see, like, the really sweet person, and you've made the most of the time that we've had. and i think because of that, like, today was a really exciting day for me. oh, my god. like, you don't know how long i've been waiting to hear that. thank you for telling me that. it means a lot to me. ben: i saw this new side of lauren h. somebody that's so honest and open and vulrable, and the more and more i learn about her, the more and more attracted i am to her. that's important. lauren h.: it was just like a special moment, to have someone really get me because i don't know if anyone really ever has.
1:41 am
[ laughs ] [ voice breaking ] i'm like actually crying, but yeah, it's just really good. this guy's been hanging out all night. [ laughs ] today was a date that i will remember forever, and tonight was a night that, li, really, i think set a foundation of hononest and enness. i thinitit allows me to know you. i don't want that to stop. i want to continue to know, like, what's made you this incredible woman, one that i'm very lucky to be with today. with that, lauren, will accept this rose? i would love to. lauren h.: tonight has definitely been a turning point. i definitely am falling in love with b. i haven't felt this way in a really long time, and i'm just excited to know that it's possible, that i can fall in love with somebody again. -oh, how cool is this? -[ chuckles ] lauren h.: this is hands-down one of the best dates i've ever had because e this onene-one
1:42 am
i just feel so lucky and just happy. and i just need to remember this moment and just soak it in. ben: there's no doubt lauren h. is a beautiful, fun, and intelligent, genuine and caring person. that's a woman i could spend life with. it is a huge night for lauren and i. chris: coming up... olivia: screw being, like, insece. i'm not going anywhere. i didn't want to talk about this, but it's important. olivia: people are talking about me, and that makes me [bleep] pissed. i felt like i was being targeted by her. -who? -olivia. ben:y mind's in circles right now. am i seeing the whole picture of olivia? olivia, can i talk to you? yeah. woman: honestly, i think he could te her rose away. james drove his rav4 hybrid into the frozen wilderness. the scent of his jerky attracted a hungry wolfpack behind him. to survive, he had to remain fearless.
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[ spanish guitar plays ] [ indistinct talking ] -oh. -wow.
1:46 am
-so pretty. -oh, my gosh. leah: heading into the rose ceremony, the environment is just so beautiful. i feel like i'm in a castl right now. it'sust incredible. there's sunflowers everywhere. it's so romantic. there's candles. i have chills right now. i would get married to ben here. this week started out really, really amazing, but, youou know, tight, i feel really stressed out. it's scary. joelle: having jubilee go home, it does make us realize how there's no rules when it comes to this thing, and at any moment, anything can happen. it's hard to imagine one of us leaving tonight. -i know. -after just -- i really can't. it's just -- it's overwhelming. olivia: screw being, like, insecure. i'm not going anywhere. i got the group date rose. it smells really -- really fresh. really fresh. mmm! reporting live from mexico city, i am falling for ben. [ laughs that's me. i love candles.
1:47 am
i think, kind of threw all of us off, and a lot of girls are really upset about it. i don't know why he doesn't see what we see. that's what so confusing. ben: this has been an incredible week in mexico city, but it hasn't been without its bumps. one of those is saying goodbye to jubilee. that discouraged me because she was somebody at the beginning i really thought i could see things working with. -hi, ben. -hey, guys. woman: hi. i just need to know if these women are being real. i would take it very personally if i feel for somebody that, like, wasn't the person i expected. you guys all doing well? -yes. -yeah. what a -- what a crazy week. there was a lot of incredible moments, but obviously it wasn't a lack of, like, ups and downs. i think we all know now that, like, time is limited here. and tonight, i look forward to finding out more about each one of you. so cheers to tonight. -cheers. -cheers. -cheers. -cheers, y'all. -cheers. joelle: i've only known ben for a few weeks now, and i think i'm more shocked by how quickly my feelings have developed
1:48 am
i'm realizing, like, how i actually feel, and it's scary 'cause i really like this guy. it got really real for me really quickly, and i can only say that i care about you and i ke you very much, and like, i love hanging out with you. so...i just -- i want to be kept in the loop. like, if anything ever happens, talk to me. and that's what i want. i don't want to feel blindsided ever. that's what i'm terrified of. i can promise you that you will not be blindsided. okay. i promise you you won't be blindsided. stop! that was so bad. joelle: i struggle with protecting myself and also putting myself out there. it's hard for me to, you know, find that good balance to do that. but i do feel safe talking to ben, and when i'm with him, he makes me feel goo and comfortable and protected. i just -- i forget about other relationships developing.
1:49 am
but i just feel like, even, like, the two seconds that you and i are around eacach other, pepeople canlike, tell that i just really, like, like you. mm-hmm. and i could see, like... a life with you. like, not just like getting married, like, initially. i coulsesee, like, a life with you. which is, like, terrifying. you're terrified that you like -- like, a life -- like, a life, life. [ laughs ] ben: i feel a lot more confident now than when i showed up tonight. just because i think a lot o of the women really do care. i know they're real and they're authentic and they actually are coming from a place of love. i think there's nothing to worry about. amanda: i've just been really anxious today. i think, like, it's multiple -- i told you yesterday how i just had like a weird dream about my kids, and like -- -that dream. -oh, thas right. is your ex having them every other week or something, or has italways been mom? he's supposed to. my mom said, like, this weekend, he'll just pick them up friday after work
1:50 am
i feel like it's an episode of "teen mom" that i watch. -it freaks me out. -what was that? i feel like it's an episode of "teen mom", l like -- [ laughs ] well, you know that show. like -- first of all, i was 22 when i had my first, and i was 24 when i had my second. i'm an adult. i have my [bleep] together. like, that was not a very nice thing to say to somebody. i'm just a little confused. like, i don't really understand you. -like, i literally -- -but i just feel like it's -- -no, i know. -no, i was never -- it's almost common sense not to, like, tell somebody that you remind them of, like, a "teen mom" episode. god, that is the most offensive thing in the world. and the e fact thaolivia said something like that just made my jaw drop to theloor. it's like, "you u remind m of, like, snooki that was on "jersey shore", and she was like a hot mess all the time." i'm learning a lot about myself, and i -- i'm really, really sorry.
1:51 am
[ voice breaking ] i want youuys to know that, um, i'm really -- like, i'm gonna try harder from here on out. emily: i almost just want to laugh, but what's going through my head is just a lot of eye rolling. i'm trying. olivia's tears are not authentic at all. they're fake as [bleep] that really made my blood boil, and i think she's rude. i think she's selfish. and i think it's important to express those feelings to ben. -does anybody have to pee? -no. emily: 'cause that could also make us stronger as, like, a couple. i'm gonna say how i feel, and if it offends ben, then it offends him, and d then i'must not the girl for him, so tonight is kind of like a risky night for me. usually, when i try to talk, everything sounds good in my head, but it doesn't typically come out right. [ sighs ] [ voice breaking ] i didn't thini'd be emotional, but -- i don't -- i didn't want to talk about this, but i feel like it's iortant
1:52 am
olivia h just been disrespectful, and i know i'm not the only one feeling it, but -- by you giving her the rose on the group date the otr night just made me think, like, am i, like, the right person for you? [ sniffles ] woman: i i... think it awesome. olivia: i've always had the vibe that people are talking about me all the time, and that makes me [bleep] pissed. [ crying ] it's hard because i don't want someone to affect me this much in this process, but it just does. your opinion matters to me, and like, the one thing i don't want is for anybody to feel disrespected, so please let me know how that's happening. oh, olivia's going right now. -stop it. -yeah. stop. olivia: either i'm gonna sit here and let her talk about, like, "eff olivia, or eff this," or i can try to squash this, which i'm always gonna want to do. she's just being fake to me,
1:53 am
mmm. ben. i don't want to say mean things about people. that's not who i am. you're not saying -- okay. bye. ben: it's incredible excruciating to see emily in tears. emily: thank you. because she's not somebody to just say something just to say it. -sorry. -no, don't be sorry. ben: i seem to know one olivia, but the gis seems to know a different olivia. i have to figure out what's going on. there's no one else in the world like you... so i wanted you to have thring to match. at jared, we only sell one piece of jewelry... the engagement ring you had designed just for her. and it's waing for you... jared. this weekend at jared, create your own, one-of-a-kind ring... and receive get set in diamonds rewards. up to a $1000 toward a beautiful setting when you buy you diamond at jared. the one ring that's unlike any other is waiting for you...
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tt0w!tw((i! %4@-2&t tt0w!tw((i! el@-8!8 tt0w!tw((i! ed@->#\ tt0w!tw((i% )8h-^] tt0w!tw((i% kzh-c2\ tt0w!tw((i% n-h-6[p tt0w!tw((i% 0ph-(
1:57 am
i don't think anybody should let themselves be bullied, and she bulls all of us girls and manipulates all of us. i'm so worried that she's gonna manipulate him. i'm terrified. how's everything going since the date? -oh, amazing. -yeah? i have something for you. okay. what's this? it's kind of goofy, okay? -mnh-mnh. -all rht. -okay, so you give me these, right? -mm-hmm. and i'm really appreciative of it. and i have this little guy. -what is this? -it's a little ring. oh. [ laughing oh. [ line rings ] haley: hello? haley!y! [ sobs can you hear me? i can hear you. will you accept this ring? haley, olivia is being so rude, you know? like, shocker, right? yeah. olivia's just being a bitch, and he gave her a rose on the group date. yeah. oh, no, he didn't. yeah, he did. so we went on a group date. he gave her a rose, and i can't even begin to tell you how [bleep] pissed i was. i know, like, you go on dates sometimes,
1:58 am
and you're like on a high. -yeah. like, going back in the house, it can just feel -- no, i -- trust me. [ chucklining ] have been like -- you've been on a high since? i -- you can't stop me at this point. well, if this bad boy has me -- you can't -- you literally can't stop me. you don't have to worry abt me at all. emily: okay, i got to go. haley: okay. bye. [ cries ] i'm sad! [ laughs ] it's jusust emotiol as [bleep] this thing is emotional.l. [ lahs ] it really makes you dig down deep and figure out who the [bleep] you are. in a good way. feelel so goodight now. -yeah? really? -i'm like -- how's it been, like, back in the house since, like, the date? just, like, has it been like -- have youou just stssed? -no. -like, relaxed? did everybody, like, in the house, like, you know, congratulate you and all that's good? yeah. yeah. it's -- it's good. i was so confident in the connection that olivia and i had from the day that she stepped out of the limo. but now it just sounds like
1:59 am
and if somebody's causing emily pain, it's not the woman for me. you know, i'm just gonna have to go with my gut. i have to get to the bottom of this. how are things going in the house? like, please, tell me. [ giggles ] um... the very first week that i i was her i kind of felt like i was being... like -- like, targeted by her. like, who? olivia. ben: there's definitely things that stand out to me about olivia tonight. some red flags that i need to be careful about. and it's nerve-racking thinking i might be falling for somebody that could turn out toto be sobody i didn't expect. there are some people -- i'm sure you know who i'm talking about -- that just doesn't really click with anyone, and when you come around, it seems like she tries to make an effort to make it seem like she's clicking, and that just really -- that bothers me. mm-hmm. you know, you're clearly forming a strong connection with her, and then you start questioning,
2:00 am
like, i'm just -- it's confusing. my mind's in cires right now. like, wh i'm around olivia, it's great. but when i hear these women talk to me, it just seems like a different person. it's really made me question my feelings for her. [ glass clinki ] -oh. -stop. chris: ladies. seor. ben: but now, after some of these conversations with some of these women, i'm really starting to question, like, am i seeing the whole picture of olivia? thank you for a great night. but it has been illuminating in a lot of ways. d, uh, chris, i'm sorry. but olivia, can i talk with you? yeah. re. yeah. -sorry. -sorry. jennifer: i was not expecting that. joelle: did he ask any of you guys about her? woman: yes. i mean, honestly, i ink there's a chance that he could take her rose away. i don't fe like there's ever been a rose
2:01 am
i've never seen that happen, but i don't think he's really following any rules. i mean, if he has that strong a feeling, he can do whatever he -- he can do whatever he wants. and she did it to herself. olivia's selfishsh. th's what she is. i think she's going home. i do. emily: she's done for. she just doesn't know it yet. no more olivia chris: coming up next week on "the bachelor"... [ cries ] leah: i look like a fool. i lookok like a tal fool. emily: pissed. i'm angry. i'm confused. amanda: i don't feel good about our relationship. i don't think anybody does. lauren h.: now i'm questioning everything. [ cries ] no. i can't do this anymore. [ sniffl ] woman: this two-on-one, i think it's [bleep] woman #2: it's just so frustrating.
2:02 am
emily: how could you possibly be falling for this act that she's putting on? i don't know why i'm here. woman #3: he's making the biggest mistake of his life. [ thunder rumbles ] ben: i have no clue what just happened. like, i don't know what i did. what if all this is for nothing? chris: it's all coming up next week on "the bachelor". omotional consideration furnished by visit mexico. last rose ceremony, i was a little stressed, so i took a tequila shot. oh, my god! okay, so, you take the shot, and then you bite the lime, and it takes it all away. promise -- that's why you have the lime. i feel sick. don't keep -- stop smelling it. let's do this. to your first tequila shot, but also, i'm so happy that you're here right now oh, thank you. do i do it quick? yep. ohh. okay, bite the lime.e.
2:03 am
no. mnh-mnh. te the lime! mnh-mnh. okay, bite the lime. never happening g again. you guys [laughs] are crazy. ew! never again! okay! [bleep] tequa. -- captions by vitac -- it's week five on "the bachelor." we just watched jubilee's heartbreaking departure. ben finding out howhe other women really feel aut oliv. and that shocking cliffhanger. we're here to talk about it. we have celebrity fans, deleted scenes, and ben is here.
2:04 am
this is "bachelor live." >> hey, everybody. welcome to the final "bachelor live" of the season. i know, it's sad. terrible acting. we have a great show for you tonight, including deleted scenes and some of the craziest, most unexpected moments from our 20 seasons of "the bachor." we want you to share your thoughts and opinions withh us tonight. call us 1-844-rose talk and you can talk to us live on the show or tweet us. questions on the air. go to to do ben is here. but joining us now, our very own bachelor caucus. actress, guest star on "teachers," lacy chabert. >> hi. >> currently on his tour, life off my years, this is great for a red neck, and that's not apple
2:05 am
she is our returning champion. also co-host of "the view," michelle collins. comedian, actor and you can hear him every morning on the world famous krock, ralph garmin. >> thank you, hello. >> and our live studio audience. lacy, what just happened with the cliffhanger? >> this is one of the most exciting episodes and it -- >> dare we say the most dramatic? >> one of the most dramatic and next week will be one of the best episodes ever. i'mer in vouls when the girls spend their time with the guy talking about someone else. but i'm glad that she kind of tipped him off that maybe there's a dififferentide he should look into before he makes -- >> that was respectablble. that was, like, i respected her foroing atat. >> michelle, what is your take on, to be continued tv? >> um -- you know, i'm curious, as i often am. because i spent two hours with my hard-earned time to get an end. i want to see a rose given out. i'm a little upset, because i
2:06 am
here, and i love you, lacey, but lacey chabert? i was so angry. again. but tt was a great episode. >> ralph, you were very much pro-olivia to start this season. not what? >> much like ben, olivia got my first impression rose in my heart. and now i'm terrified of her. [ laughter ] she's like the terminator now. give me a rose if you want to live! she's terrifying. >> lee. i want to go back to the teen mom comment that olivia made. >> oh, man. >> i know you're an amanda fan. >> i am. i'm a fan of -- my wife, you know, we got kids, she's home alot, you know, without me, so, a single mom, that's a big deal. it's hard to be a mom. amanda has a tough job. and so that comment, whether it was meant to be, you know, offensive or not, it really -- >> what was better, though, the comment or her trying to fix it? >> that was --
2:07 am
an extended silence. i got too say -- >> the show of "teen mom." >> i got where she was coming from. because teen moms also work really hard. they get minimum wage, they have 14 kids. give her some credit. >> all right, bachelor nation. it's time to hear from you. we have our first poll of the night. should ben take olivia's rose back? yay or nay? so, after all o of this, lt with the cliff hanger. we don't know what happens. what do you think, lacey? >> i think he has to trust his fit instincts, which were to give her the rose andnd keep it. you should judge someone by the impression, the experience that you have with them personly. but i feel like one more than one person is saying something about someone, it's valid, it needs to be taken into consideration. i don't think he should take it back but -- >> does anyone here think he should take it back? >> that he shou? >> yeah. >> oh. >> i kind of do. >> i think he should, and then fire her out of a cannon to
2:08 am
straight into international waters. >> if he takes the rose back, e show loses all meaning. giving the rose is a sacred thing. >> it's almost unanimous. 96% of bachelor nation sail yes. [ applause ] >> ben won't, because he's not that guy, you know. he is a very nice guy and this is all new information for him. this has to be a fact-finding thing. >> like "making a murderer." yohave to get your facts straight. >> you guys know that tonight, obviously big news night in politics. so, i do want to take a sond to see what's going on in iowa. i'm not sure -- we're going to check in with abc news, i don't know if we have david muir or george stephanopoulos. see who we have tonight on skype to -- oh never mind, we have farmer chris sleles. [ applause ] >> chris, live at the iowa caucus. what say you, my friend? >> yeah, you know, i've been --
2:09 am
at my precinct -- >> are you sore? are you -- >> my mindd is little soree after going through all that. that was my first caucus, it was pretty crazy. >> so, where did we land? what's going on? >> well, you know, i did my own caucuses for "the bachor." >> sometimes we all have to do our own, right? >> it's been awhile. >> let's see. we have a pie chart. >> yes, this is a pie part. >> jojo, 75%, lauren b., 25%. usually on abc news, the pie charts don't move. and then leah is getting a little bit of the vote. >> okay, so -- >> leah is our jeb bush. >> you know, leah -- i think it's more personal for me, because she's hot. >> right. so, chris, be honest, you've
2:10 am
do it again or are you done? >> no, this is -- yeah, this is number two for me. >> oh, wow. hey,on't act like you're not impressewith that. chris soules, thanks, buddy, for keeping us up to date. ththis was much better than anythingavid muir or george brought us. that was sol. [ applause ] just single handedly brought down abc news. you're welcome. we have ashley from orlando, florida, on the line. ashley, what's on your mind tonight? >> hey, chris, this is ashley with bachelor bird book. my question is for lacey. i'm a huge fan of "mean girls," obviously, you are so fetch. my question is, did olivia's teen mom comment give you "mean girls" flashsh backs? that was totally a regeeina george moment. >> yeah, ty would have put that in the burn book. she's trying to be funny and
2:11 am
>> she really was -- she was trying t relate. and be nice. >> she did seem remorseful. >> she's like, you know, serial killer. it's -- >> you have to learn your lesson. >> learn manners and boundaries. >> the question, what's ben thinking? well, he is here. just a few minutes, michelle, calm down. he's coming out to answer your questions. we'll be right back. [richard] america, would you like an extra 1000 washingtons with your refund. a thousand people win a thousand dollars every single day for a month. i will not lose. it's refund season.
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2:16 am
[ applause ] >> all right, brother, get in here. it's live. weon't have all night for you to sit down. let's go. hey. the cliff hanger, this was your fault. >> yeah. it's all my fault. >> seriously, the come pailcktail party. what happened? when did you start catching wind of the olivia situation? >> definitely. throughout the night, i kept hering over and over again, the women would come to me, say, man,his is unlike any cocktail party we've ever had. finally, i statarted to ask around. what exactly is happening. finally, amanda spoke up, said, olivia had confronted me on an issue that's dear to her heart and i was not okay with it. when she brought up olivia's name, i asked the other women, did you agree, and they did, that olivia was saying things or doing things that maybe the women weren't proud of. >> was your situation similar t this on "the bachelorette," anything you can link it to?
2:17 am
like, nick was always brought up in the house and to kaitlyn over and over again. nick's not the man he shows you, or, who he says he is. but i always found -- i always liked nick. so, i kind of disagreed with the house. i think that's kind of how i looked at thiss situation for most of the season. >> i know if i'm beingng, you know, hounded by this, i can't imagine the feedback you are getting of, how have you n let olivia go, how have you not realized this? so, when did you, actually, start to catch on d, you know, how cognizant of this were you? >> i mean, you're seeing it. i think, tonight. >> and you are kind of seeing it for the first time, too. >> i am. and i've said it over and over aiain and, yes, i get asked all the time about olivia. i talk about her all the time. >> i try to explain to people, you don't know everything. yore not seeing all that we're seeing at fans. >> exactly. now we watch this and we see everything play out. we see the whole story unfold. but when i'm in it, my story i trying to figure out the story
2:18 am
and date these women and focus on our relationships. and until really mexico city, i had no clue what was going onn with olivia. >> well, batch nor nation is in an uproar over olivia. and there's -- >> and my decision-making. >> the's a good friend of mine, who has been on the show several times, i've done a lot of work with her, she was so fired up shesked me if she could skype in toght, so, i'm going to bring her on. >> he chris. >> hey, miss piggy. >> she looks mad. >> she is. >> miss piggy was on emily maynard's season. shshe's bee part of the show for awhile. miss piggy, the floor is yours. fire away. >> i am such a huge fan of "the bachelor" and especially ben! ben, hello. >> hey. >> you are so adorable. >> thank you. >> you are the -- >> so are you. >> you are the kind of man that i wouldld go out with, you know that, yoare. but -- here's a little
2:19 am
i have a cold. if you couldn't tell. drop all those other girls and let's get sick together. >> i'm in >> miss piggy, any thoughts on olivia? >> none whatsoever. forget about her. forget about the rest of them. okay? i'm the only woman for you. >> beautiful eyes, though. great eyes. >> well, miss piggy, thank you show. it is always good to work with you. [ applplause ] and -- not a shameless plug, at all. did you hear "the muppets" are going to return tomorrow, february 2nd? 8:30 right here on abc. >> wow. >> while we're at it, i do love the skype game. so, we're going to pop around the country, go into viewing parties and see who we can surprise tonight. they don't know we're coming.
2:20 am
boston? they're all smarter than you'll ever be. >> we're on. >> houston, texa hey, houston, texas, what's going on? >> i like the roses. all right. let's keep rolling through the country. >> hi! >> wait. jamie from "spsportscent." [ applause ] you are part of bachelor nation? >> i am. and i'm hoping this is the most dramatic skype call ever. >> it is now. >> ben, i have two things for you. first of all, myy cat is trying to be in the -- okay. no, ben, i -- i drafted you in a celebrity draft in the trdrd round -- >> okay. >> so, i'm really counting on you. i expect lots of magazine covers. and my second thing for you is, i'm really curious if olivia has really bad breath, like everybody says she does. >> all right, thank you very much.
2:21 am
part of bachelor nation. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming. >> would you like to answer or go to commercial break? >> i heard we have commercicials coming up soon. muppets on, what time? [ laughter ] >> hey. this valentine's day, you're invited to watch "the bachelor: a 20th celebration of live." it's right here on abc. to celebrate, we're counting down the top 20 most amazing moments in bachelor history. to watch them, follow the bachelor on twitter. and use #bachelor20 to weigh in.
2:22 am
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2:25 am
this is the an abc news special report. the iowa caucuses. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> and we are coming on the air right now because we can now project that senator ted cruz, abc news can now project that senator ted cruz will win the iowa caucuses on the republican side. he is leading donald trump and marco ruo. that's the actual vote coming in right now. got 86 of the precincts reporting right now in iowa. we can project that ted cruz will win the iowa caucuses. going to go straight to jon karl at ted cruz headquararters in iowa right now. you saw that ted cruz targeted that evangelical vote, so critical in iowa. message.
2:26 am
>> george, this is a triumph of organization, a trim yum of of a single-minded focus on those voters and iowa. and now he is the first republican who got along with donald trump and was able to co out and win. >> donald trump went hard at him in the last couple of weeks. want to go to tom llamas who has covered donald trump from the start. the bigig questio now, how is donald trump going to handle a loss? >> we'rere wting to hear from him at any moment, george. this is a devastating blow to donald trump. a mar blow to his three major arguments f being president. that he's a winner, he's the strongest and he makes the best deals. a majority of iowa pns not thinking so. >> all right, tom llamas. i'm here with mathieu dowdthew dowd and this could be a long fight.
2:27 am
is going to go into march and april at this point. new hampshire becomes a must-win state for donald trump. he's now a state he did not expect. he has to win new hampshire. >> once again, senator ted cruz has won the republican caucuses,
2:28 am
that's what we can proje one-on-one, i could tell she was pulling back and even in vegas, i asked her, is everything all right? you look frightened. >> uphill climb all the time. >> it did. and continue to try to get something out of it and i couldn and when we were siing on this date, i was talking toto her and realized that was the moment, this wasn't going to work. she asked me, do you see a future, and i didn't. i want to get back to the phone lines. sara from brunswic georgia. hey, sara. >> hi, chris harrison, you're my
2:29 am
but tonight, ben, i -- >> you can do better. >> i want to know why jubilee could not open up to you. >> i'm sorry -- >> why couldn't jubilee open up to you? that's a good quesestion. >> well, i think part of it is kikind of what's going on in the show. i've always said, it's a really crazy environment. it's -- sometimes it feels unnatura but, you know what you signed up for, and until y're in it, untiyou are livg it and realize how real it is really is -- >> some people, it's not a good fit. it just wasn't a good fit for her. you ow what is a good fit? country music star lee brice. >> smooth. that was smooth. >> who wrote -- look. i mean, this show lends itself to country music. i mean, the only thing we don't have is a dog. we have heartbreak, we have tears, drama. i understand you prepared a little farewell song to jubilee. >> i did. i did. because you're right. country music is all about that. and that's why this was, like,
2:30 am
because i do this a lot, okay? and i really felt this. jubilee. this is for you. hh jubilee jubililee so sad to see you leave i wish you couldld stay he th me oh and by the way you're the farthest thing but -- from unlovable to me jubilee jubilee yeah >> sad. [ applause ] >> michelle's crying. >> yeah. >> you'r crying? >> it was so beautiful. >> give her a h hug!
2:31 am
>> i want t to go back -- this is off the rails. let's go back to the phones, claire from michigan. hey, claire. what's on your mind? >> ben, what was the breaking point for you with jubilee? >> you know, i think -- >> she wouldn't take your damn hand. >> she wouldn't hold my hand. that's how it was shown. it was really everything kind of leading up to that moment. it just felt like there was something going on in jubilee -- in this situation where she wasn't comfortable. when she sat down, said, do you see a fututure with us, i knew th i didn't. other relationships had moved farther. and that was kind of when i needed to be honest and tell her, this wasn't going to work. and that was kind of it. i think in this environment, it's best just to be as straightforward as possible. >> well, jubilee, i'm just told now, number one on itunes chart. >> congratulations. >> hey, lee, give me a little something to take us to break. give me a little something.
2:32 am
seriousness, lar, lee brice, going to drop some new music, right here on "bachelor live." jubilee jubilee wish you could stay with me jubilee i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are ner havinanother kid. i'm pregnant. i i am neveretting go.
2:33 am
2:34 am
do you remember where you are? [ crying ] >> i have to talk to chris. >> kely would like to talk to chris. >> she needs a little time. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm going to get a rose tonight for sure. >> boo! >> i am -- i have mad respect for her. she figured this game out so fast. >> lacey. with those acting skills -- >> oh. she's going to take my job for sure. for sure. i'm scared. >> if anyoneadad seen it, she had won a s.a.g. award. what do you think, michelle? >> well, she's a hero to me. you know that i love all the bachelor crazies. i think they make the wor a better place. you bring an oxygen mask out, and i'm like that's like leo's oscar. >> that trumps "the revenant" all day. >> ben and courtney got more
2:35 am
ocean. >> i am in the ocean, just enjoying it, digging it. m scared that the girls, when they find out, will hate me forever and ever and ever.
2:36 am
for. > you know what? i was. in the moment, i didn't realize it would be such a big deal. all i knew is that everything was going tbe censored and i wanted to have fun, you know? i was like, on a moon lit beach in puerto rico, i was like, hey, why not? wasn't the last time i went skinny dipping, let me tell you. >> whoa. >> brag. >> told you. just gave the whole book away. >> courtney, not to steal the love, but we're going to see you tomorrow on an all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." you're going to be with me,
2:37 am
>> yeah, i'm with you. i have to say, chris, you have got a great poker face. i was looking to you for some, you know, i was like, hey, you're my friend. i was looking for clues, but -- >> i'm just that mb. i didn't know the answers. but i'll see you tomorrow o millionaire. it's bachelor fan favorites all week. check your local listings and find us. >> thank you for having me. >> ben. you said on more than one occasion, you feel unlovable, but bachelor nation, they disagree. they think you are lovable, my friend. in an effort to embrace your lovableness and embarrass you, we have some sweet tweets from the fans. lacey, kick it off. >> oh, ben's grace and gentleness and patience and humili and sincerity is going to kill me. wow.
2:38 am
with many os. >> do we have to do this? >> yes. >> it seems pretty easy coming from a girl, but -- i have to now become -- this is from a. sanders. tweeted, when ben wears blue, we all win. when ben wears a suit, we all win. en ben wears anything or not a lot of anything, we win. >> it's true. >> michelle agrees, by the way. >> you know how i feel. >> awkward. >> so beautiful, jubilee rice,brice, which is your new name. ben, let me have this. thank you so much. >> thi is worse than the shower scene. >> that's so rude. oh, just wade. >> oh, no -- >> no, i want -- >> we're going to love you. honest
2:39 am
and, like, dot, dot, dot, passionate and i'd bang him, but also marry him. >> wow! >> that's my twitter account, by the way. that's my twitter account. >> i needou to top that. >> that's not easy. top that. >> this is a little awkward. >> i'm going to do this as christopher walken, okay? this is make me feel better. this is from mads 33, and they tweeted, i just want too squeeze ben h.'s cheeks. slap his butt. and kiss him forever. >> yes! >> right? >> cheers. >> well, ben, you might want to grab the whiskey again. when we come back, we're going to show you something that has never happened, ever, in the historof this show. and honestly i don't know if anyone actually asked for this, but i love to embarrass you so much.
2:40 am
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2:44 am
speech. i'm just saying. lee? >> okay, so, i am an amanda guy. she reminds me of the fact that mywife, i understand -- anda's a stable woman.n. she's got kids, that's what, you know, stability in a woman is a very important thing, and so, it's going to be hard to find that out for sure from anybody on the show, and, really, even amanda, but at leastou knknow, she's got priorities. i've talked about that before. so, you know, if that's something you're looking for, then, you know where she stands, at least. so, i feel like she's a good match. >> huh. lee. lee taking it serious. all right, michelle? >> almost too serious. >> well. >> okay, they've lied to you because i'm going to tell you who are after your heart. it's obviously the one and only olivia. let's go for it. let's start out by sayin this girl so crazy, y'all.
2:45 am
she keeps you on your toes. you want a woman like that, trust me end don't look at me. what are yo like, 65'5"? she's got a big old mouth, she can unhinge that jaw. i'm just saying. >> so she can talk. >> i'm sure she has a beautiful voice. and, you know, she love u. you know she love you. so, olivia is my pick, america, please, vote for olivia. [ applause ] >> all of a sudden, i'm hoping george stephanopoulos will cut in. ralph? >> hello, , america. i'm endorsing jojo for the president of ben's heart. why? because, in ben's darkest hour, when she had to let jubilee go, only jojo was kind enough to go to his side and ask him how he was feeling. don't you want a woman in ben'n's heart who wants only the best
2:46 am
plus, she has a delicious taco. [ applause ] and -- and who among us doesn't love a delicious taco? right fellas? so you know. >> okay. i want to check in -- what in the world? i want to check in with skype country. >> i don't know what we've done. >> oh, this show. hey, lads! jacksonville, florida. let's just see -- let's see how long they'll keep going. ladies, thank you so much for watching. little bachelor and bubbly party. hey! columbus, ohio.
2:47 am
>> hot for ben. [ applause ] >> didn't expect that. that's good. >> areou paying for this by the minute? >> even ben wine. i love it. all right, ladies, thank you very much. you get a buckeye for that one. say hello to rhode island. >> all of us. the four of us have birthdays today. >> oh, happy birthday. >> well, i got you ben. [ laughter ] >> w wait -- who is this? >> oh, my gosh. it's the cast of "teachers," lacey. lacey, who do we havehere? >> you have the entire cast of "teachers." these ladadies areo funny. i was so lucky to play with them for an episode. the show is so funny. you have to check it out. they're the best. >> i like the dresses.
2:48 am
the women on the show, we're prepared to be sister wives. >> we'll talk about it. >> what do you have to say to ben tonight? >> ben, i mean -- this was a pretty dramatic episode. we're really proud of you for getting through it and handling things withh as gentlemanly as yodid. >> we have a question for ben. >> yes. >> we want to know if you still think a woman is ready for marriage if she kws how to cook, because we fee like there are a lot of women with microwave meals out there that might be really mad. >> i thought that was a very aggressive statementyy the chefs in mexico city to say that. i love too cook. i don't think it just has to be a woman' ready for marriage if she knows how to cook. it's fun to do together. maybe that was their point. it was a pretty aggressive statement, one that i don't know if i'd jump on board with. >> everybody else can stop grily eating their stouffer's now? >> yes. >> ladies, thank you for joining us.
2:49 am
paintings off your wall behind you -- >> oh, my gosh. >> bye, guys, thank you so much. >> bye, you guys! [ applause ] >> all right. bachelor nation. last week, we told you that we are trying to track down the very first bachelor ever, there heis, alex. many of you contacted us to pass along rumors that, well, he was spotted in new york. then, we heard a little something about london. most recently, san n francisc maybe headed to the super bowl. if anyone at home has any information, please callls or tweet us and, alex, again, my friend, come home. hopefully you will see him at the biggest gathering of bachelor alums in history right here on abc, valentine's day special. you're apart of it. it's going to be awesome. hey, when we come back, something you've never seen before in 20 seasons of the bachelor.
2:50 am
[ applause ] >> do you know alex michelle? >> what? >> alex michelle? el bachelor? no. do you happen to know alex michelle? >> who is that? >> that's him. pretty good looking, right? >> i never seen him. >> that's the girl he ended up wi. amanda. it didn't work out. he's disappeared. i thought maybe, just possibly, 's hiding here in mexico city. wait. is that alex? is that -- alex? alex michelle? >> no. that's not him. >> good luck. we like young people getting a chance, even if they are rich
2:51 am
>> they get enough chances. >> we've got new details of the music rivalry cocoming to o ght. stories how michael jackson loved to watch prince mess up. >> not his son prince but ""purple rain"" prince, that guy. >> roid says while at neverland ranch, he watched videos of during concert performances in the early '80s to mj's delight. that wasn't all. jackson then hopped in prince's movie "und the cherry moon to spoke more fun at his rival. prince was such a big deal. maybe sometimes you like to see your competitors. maybe that was what that was about. >> that was movie was kind of lalaughable. i can kind of understand it. >> okay. >> it got 25% on rotten tomatoes. it's not my opinion. it's your people, ""purple
2:52 am
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i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan with some of the top stories we're following this morning on "world >>upset in iowa. donald trump loses to ted cruz in this year's iowcaucus with presumptive shoo-in hillary clinton in a deadlock with bernie sanders. a race still too close to call. up. and now on to new hampshire where they will hold a primary next tuesday night. >> ohio governor john kasich and new jersey governor chris christie already there after earning 2 percenge of the vote in iowa. >> bill cosby is expected in court today in pennsylvavania for a hearin at issue is whether an agreement with a district attorney's office more than a decade ago promised no prosecution on sexual harassment charges.
2:54 am
if punxsutawney phil sees his shadow, it's supposed to mean six more weeks owinter. if not, it's an early spring. those are some of our top stories on this tuesday, february 2nd. >> announcer: frfrom abc ns, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we begin with the first test of e presidential candidates handing no one a grand slam victory. >> yes, but there were plenty of people claiming victory last night. iowa caucuses and their voters showed just how divided they are in the democratic race witthe once inevitable hillary clinton deadlocked in a race still too close to call with verermont senator bernie sanders, once written off as a fringe candidate. >> and on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz edged out a victory against donald trump with florida senator marco rubio finishing in a surprisingly strong third place. abc's brandi hitt is live in des moines, iowa with the latest. hey, brandi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena.
2:55 am
ted cruz and his campaign are celebrating big-time this morning. the republican race was pretty darn close. it's still too close to call for the democrats. and you could tell this election here in iowa really mattered to the voters because the iowa gop said that they had record-breaking turnout overnight. high turnout making for high drama in iowa. a huge win for ted cruz. >> tonightht is a viory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across this great nation. front-runner donald trump. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the >> reporter: and marco rubio runnnning stro. >>onight we have taken an step towards winning this election. >> reporter: on the dedemocratic side, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call. >> i am excited about really
2:56 am
senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america! >> the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> reporter: the presidential hopefuls gave one final pitch at caucus sites before the votes were cast. as many as 400,000 iowans expected to show up at some 2,000 locations. >> this year is really important. a lots changed in the past eight years. >> reporter: for the republicans, even a third-place finish here is key, giving that candidate momentum moving into new hampshire. and you should see jusust how quickly this whole entire area has cleared overnight. all political eyes are quickly shifting over to new hampshire where the first primary is scheduled to take place next weekek. fact, chris christie and jeb bush weren't even here in iowa yesterday waiting to see the results. they hopped on a plane and are ready to campaign in new hampshire. bright and early tomorrow morning. or this morning i should say, excuse me. >> and brandi, it was quite a
2:57 am
trump. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: you know, if you watched his acceptance speech or you know, concession spepeech i should say, for coming in second, he appeared very humble. this is a man who is notorious for disliking losers and he came in sond. he's always been very aggressive with his language. here he said he was happy with second place because he said that everyone discouraged him from even coming to iowa to campai, that he would never even place in the top ten. so he says second is good enough. and his numbers are really, really good in new hampshire right now. a lot of the polls show him with double digit leads. i have a feeling he's going to do pretty well there next week, reena and kendis. >> brandi, congratulations. >> i think you're the first reporter to use humble and donald trump in the same sentence together. we hope you get out. >> very true. i don't know if it will happen again. >> abc's brandi hitt live in des moines, iowa. thank you so much. they have a snowstorm coming. i'm not sure if she can get her plane or not.
2:58 am
that has so far been turbulent and unpredictable and now even more t turbulentnd unpredictable >> and with no landslide ctories in iowa, really the big question is what's next. it's your voice, your vote with abc's political director rick klein. hey, rick, morning to you. >> reena and kendis, a vastly different republican race for president than we had just 24 hours ago. donald trump the candidate who famously hates loser is has lost the iowa caucuses. he is going to be regrouping and figuring out his campaign's next steps. now there are two viable alternatives that have emerged. one in ted cruz, the comeback winner taking on the conservative path and marco rubio another 40 something cuban-american senator finishing a close third place offering an optimistic vision, to establishment republicans a sigh of lief. to donald trump republicans, a question of regrouping. are his supporters for real. now that next contest in new hampshire just a week away becomeeven more important.
2:59 am
show that his initial surge in the polls was for real. now that voters are weighing in a big-time curveball here in iowa. reap na and kendis. >> our thanks to rick klein in des moines. our coverage of the iowa caucuses does not end there. we're live in iowa and new hampshire throughout the morning on "america this morning" and "good morning america." in north carolina, terror sususpect isow also accused of robbery and murder of f a ighbor. >> justin sullivan has been in jail since last june on charges he planned to aid isis. now he's chaharged witkilling his neighbor to help finance his plans. he allegedly tried to use the nearly $700 he stole to purchase hollow point bullets. >> i'm 100% convinced that if we hadd not intervened when we did, this plan would have ever been carried out. >> the indictment says sullivan planned to carry out his attack at a concert bar or a club where he could kill as many people as 1,000. he also allegedly trieied to hir a hit man to kill his parents
3:00 am
interfere withis plans. a tampa man is also in custody after authorities found eight pipe bombs in his home. atf f says theuspect expressed anti-government sentiment. and besidea, the bombs they also found an ak-47, a pistol and large amounts of ammunition. after his arrest, michael ramos reportedly told investigators he belongs to a militia group. >> the three southern califora inmates who spent more than a week on the run appeared in court yesterday and ce a long list of new charges and as we learned new details about how the inmates escaped the orange county sheriff admits being terribly embarrassed and frustrated by the escape. she says changes have already been made in jail security following the incident. >> another court appearance, a virginia tech student charged with the murder and kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl went before a judge. david eisenhauer's hearing happened ahead of schedule and
3:01 am
police say that he knew the victim but they have not released any other details. his alleged accomplice natalie keepers also appeared bere the judge. >> the ntsb released new images aboard the amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia last may. you can see the train before it goes off the track. the engineer testified that he pushed the throttle up for speed and thehen an supplypplied the brakes when he realized that he was going too fast into the curve. crash. a derailment and fire near residents from their homes. investigators in the village of brewster say two cars left the tracks. they think tanker full of butane may have sparked the fire. those living nearby were told to go to the local high school until area was safe. the presidential hopefuls iowa behind them. mentioned. the midwest including strong winds and travel may be difficult. with more, here's abc's clayton sandell.
3:02 am
taking aim at iowa, already leaving a trail of weather woes. in colorado, another day of icy roads, spinouts and crhes. airlines canceled more than 500 flights through denver. near truckee, california, interstate 80 shut down. in southern california, powerful winds are bringing down huge trees. a giant oak killing that woman in san diego >> and i saw their cars underneath and i -- just, yeah. my stomach just dropped. >> reporter: and a tv news crew from our san diego abc affiliate, kgtv, was seriously injured when a tree pinned them down. >> it snowed all day but some parts of colorado near the new mexico border have already seen more than two feet of snow in just the last 48 hours. clayn sandell, abc news, denver. >> dozens of flights have been canced but so far just a handful from des moines.
3:03 am
forecast right now from accuweather's paul williams. >> thank you. we are tracking a very dangerous storm that's sliding throughout the midwest. we're expecting it to moveve from the denver area right into let'say nebraska and kansas into iowa and right up towards wisconsin. we're talking about problems with whiteouts, significant road closures as a result of this blowing and drifting snow. now, that's the cold side ofof this system. the warmer side we he a serious threat of severe weather covering the deep south, the entire lower mississippi valley region which includes mississippi, alabama, as well as up towards missouri, arkansas and louisiana. right here where we see the greatest risk particularly along the mississippi river that's where we're seeing a targeted area of possible tornadoes and to the north on tuesday, travel delays up towards minnesota. kendis, rereena. >> okay.y. thank you, paul. so the next winter olympics are in two years. but they're probably a little too soon for this young snow boarder. >> she's sloan henderson and
3:04 am
her mom and dad got her up and balancing on the snow board just a few weeks ago after she learned to walk. >> sloan's first rides were at home on the carpet. and then she was pulled around by her dad in the backyard. snow and now she's used to a small slope at the park city now and now she's used to a small slope at the park city mountain resort. looking pretty good. >> that's incredible. >> that's better than i coul do. >> absolutely. i would agree with you. for me, too. >> yep. coming up, we're returning to our top story. more reaction from the i iowa caucuses. >> including an update frothe bernie sanders campaign in a dead heat with hillary clinton. what he's telling supporters overnight. >> and later, the avocado business is in for a boost with the super bowl around the corner. the commercial taking aim at guacamole e lovers. you're watching "world news now." your heart loves omega-3s.
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3:08 am
updating our top story, upset in iowa. texas senator ted cruz edging out a victory ahead of donald trump. with florida senator marco rubio in a strong third place. and there's no clear winner yet on the democratic side with the once presumpve hillary clinton deadlocked in a race still too close to call with bernie sanders who not t too long ago was dismissed as a fringe candidate. >> we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. >> the candidates faced an electorate in iowa deeply divided and frustrated with washington. while the economy has improved under president obama, the recovery has eluded most of the middle and working classes. new terror threats at home and abroad have increased national
3:09 am
victory suggests religious rights still remains a formidable voting bloc. >> we'll turn now to our abc news political team and our reporter mary alice parks who has been following the sanders campaign. >> she asked his staff if his address was a victory speech and they said yes. and abc's mary alice parks checks in from iowa with your voice, your vote. >> thanks, reena, kendis. from day one, the bernie sanders campaign focused an incredible amount of attention here in iowa. the thinking was always that a vivictory he could show the rest of the country that bernie sanderss cou be taken seriously and that hillary cnton was vulnerable. a few reporters were allowed upstairs to see bernie sanders watching the results come in. it was a personal intimate moment in his hotel room just upstairs here. he was with his wife and his children. and i have to say the senator was somber. he was concerned.
3:10 am
on the ground, we have seen this incredible energy, the 74-year-old socialisist from vermont has inspired young people and millennials. we've seen these crowds where progressives have really come together to celebrate with ke-minded people. but the question has always been, could the campaign transfer that energy and enthusiasm into votes. reena, kendis? >> all right. our thanks to maryalice there. coming up, a full breakdown of both sides of the race. >> and political analyst matthew dowd looks at what went wrong and what went right for the campaigns. you're watching "world news now."gns. you're watching "world news now." as an american, it's hard to hear that we have a serious hunger issue in our country. and as a parent, it's even harder to hear that one in 5 of our kids struggles with hunger, especially when billions of pounds of good food are wasted eve year.
3:11 am
that helps provide billions of meals to families in need right in your community. visit to support feeding america and your lococal foodank.
3:12 am
ever since all the presidential candidates threw their hats in the ring, the buildup has been to last night's iowa caucuses. >> now after iowa, it's time to break it all down. abc's political analyst matt dowd has winners and losers
3:13 am
to the white house. >> iowa's caucus has a larger percentage of evangelical voters than a other state that he's going to be faced with in the rest of the process. and he doesn't have a state right now where he can put togetherer the samcoalition. so he's got to figure out where he can win next and do the same thing he did in iowa.
3:14 am
the democratic party or the e she can win is south carolina. so that race is now which could have ever been shortened if she had won tonight overwhelmgly is now going to be a much longer race and go into march for sure. >> and apparently, hillary clinton's press secretary brian fallon tweeting out based on the correct numbers, hillary clinton will emerge tonight with two more delegates than bernie sanders. apparently three places in iowa did a coin toss to determine who won there. coming up, from presidential campaign to the ad campaign behind the scenes of one of the most highly anticipated super bowl commercials.
3:15 am
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3:18 am
turn back time >> 21 pilo topping the chart with that song from last year. even more heated than the music charts battle right now is a battle forming behind your televisision scree not literally. we're talking abouthe super bowl commercials. >> so which ones will win big on sunday? a favorite of last year is hoping for a repeat championship here's "good morning america's" jesse palmer. >> with the next pick in the first draft ever, australia selects the kangaroo. >> yeah, i like that pick. >> it was one of the most talked about ads run in last year's
3:19 am
but they weren't selling beer. they were selling, would you believe, avocados. >> and mexico selects the avocado. >> great pick. >> well, they're back this year again and avocados from mexico and their ad agency invited us behind the scenes for a sneak peek at one of the mos anticipated ads of super bowl 50. >> this is essentially a futuristic museum of culture in america. if aliens were to catch culture today, this is what they would see and theirir misinrpretations of some of those things. >> this is the white and gold dress that caused a civil war. this is scott baio. >> in this year's ad, scott baio of happy days" fame makes an aparance. >> i got a call from my agent saying avocados from mexico want to do a commercial with me in it. and d i saidell, i eat them. so okay, what's the spot? >> while scott may eat avocados. >> my wife tells me they're a good fat.
3:20 am
>> at up to $4.5 million for an ad on the super bowl, well, that's a lot of avocados. actually, if you took the number of avocados that will be sold the week leading up to the super bowl, and turned them into a bowl of gawk colby, they would reach 53 feet high. if you think there's pressure on the guys playing in the supe bowl, y being an advertising executive. >> it's weird sitting there. you watch the super bowl spot and you just look down and wait for ten seconds to see what twitter says. we're good. baio? it's included in the price of >> can i have a chip? >> that looks s pretty gd. >> apparently he didn't tell his friends he had done that commercial because he wants them to see it. >> ande surprised? >> exactly. >> he looked good. looking. that's the news for this half > remember to follow us on
3:21 am
facebook, i believe, i believe believe we're still worth the fight you'll see there's hope for this world tonight i believe, i believe yeah
3:22 am
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3:23 am
>> . this morning on "world news now" -- political drama. >> donald trump upset at the iowa caucuses, what it means for the republicans and the two remaining democrats in a dead heat. extensive political coverag ahead from des moines. >> sarah palin's surprising comments about political poll. the political boost from marco rubio in the race. >> campaign challenges. the spouses of the candidates revealing one-on-one interviews with the batter halves of the presidential -- better halves of the presidential hopefuls. from abc newews, this is "world news now." >> we say good morning on this busy post-caucus tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan.
3:24 am
>> very brief in his conciliatory speech and yeah. >> we talked about this. i feel that iowa kind of into. >> it does. >> or maybe just new york and doesn't necessarily work out that way. >> it is a nightmare for the pollsters. >> let's start with that. >> we begin withh t surprise with one upset and one side, the other too close to call. hillary clinton was once considered to be a shoo-in ended up in a deadlock with vermont senator bernie sanders. >> and despite his wide and steady lead in the polls, donald trump ended up f finishing in second place behind texas senator ted cruz by 4 percentage poinints. mean time, florida, senator marco rubio casting a stronger than expected finish in a close third place as a victor. >> let's get our coverage started with abc's brandi hicks in des moines at the early morning hour. good morning. >> good morning. oh, what an evening here in iowa, right.
3:25 am
projecting ted cruz will win the republican caucuses. one of the reasons, the iowa gop is reporting record-breaking voter turnout. high turnout making for high ama in iowa. huge win for ted cruz. >> tonight, is a vick dpri for couragus conservatives across iowa. upsetting gop frontrunner donald trump. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> and marco rubio running strong >> tonight we have taken the first step, b anmportant step, towards winning this election. >> reporter: on the democratic side the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders too clos to call. >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to figight for uand america.
3:26 am
very profound to the political establishment. >> reporter: the presidential l hopefuls gave one final pitch at caucus sites before the votes were cast. as many as 400,000 iowans expected to show up at some 2,000 locations. >> this year is really important. a lot has changed in the past eight years. >> for the republicans even a third-place finish here is key, giving thacandidate momentum moving into new hampshire. now overnight, martin o'malley and mike huckabee did suspend their campaigns with all politicalyes quickly shifting to new hampshire already. primary. reporting live here in des moines, abc news, reena and kendis, back to you. >> before you go, i was surprised, everyone kind of said going into this that if there was oveverwhelmin turnout, that donald trump would fair better. what can you tell us about the turnout last night? >> that's what everybody has been talking about. they had record-breaking turnout
3:27 am
all of the poll numbers comee in and the very conservative voters ended up going straight to ted cruz. fewewer turnout, lower rnout for the democrat and while bernie sanders did get the young voters, hillary clinton polled more of the voters who said they want to continue the same policies that barack obama has been implementing overr the last eight years, reena and kendndis. >> quite a nail biter right there in d des moin. brandy brandy, thank you. let's dig deepeper intohat the results mean going forward. we're talking about the new hampshire primary, now one week away. >> abc's deputy political director, shoshana walsh is in des moines. start with the republicans because surprise, deeply divided party now has two strong alternatives for donald trump. how big is that? >> it is quite significant. really, just until recently, many in the party had resigned themselves to possibly a donald trump nominee. now there's two possible alrnatives.
3:28 am
second but barely because marco rubio had that strong, came in a strong third. of course, this is from the candidate who talks all the time about winning. >> possible could trp lose new hampshire too? >> well, reena, he's always been leading in the polls in new hampshire by a wider margin than the difference here in iowa. but it's definitely possible. why? because all of the stories and the coverage out of iowa where a lot of voters are going to be paying attention to will be that he did not win here. that essentially it's a loss. that's because a lot of -- with the early states, it's a lot about the perception gained. and because donald trump talks about winning every single day on the campaign trail, this is a loss. and new hampshire voters, well, they may be paying attention to it. >> as far as the democratic side is concerned, there was a strong showing om sanders last night. moving forward, what does this mean?
3:29 am
the momentum. now, of course, the race we have not called a w winner yeye there arstill prprecincts t and votes out yet to be counted. but it's -- you have to remember that just recently, bernie sanders was trailing badly to hillary clinton and she was seen as the inevitable candidate. does that sound familiar? yes, because that's what happened in 2008. and again, it's a bad night for hillary clinton here in iowa. >> fascinating. it makes politics exciting i have to say. >> really exciting night. >> abc's deputy political director shush walsh. thanks so much for joining us. donald trump lost but even though sarah palin campaigned for him, the fmer republican vice presidential candidate said america needs trump because he's "going rogue all the time." she said he speaks out what's on people's hearst and minds and even the polls from the mainstream media reflect that. >> you know, i think for the
3:30 am
can believe the polls. usually i say poles are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers but this time i think the polls are right. >> staying classy there. sarah palin. those polls turned out to be wrong or a lot of undecided voters decided against trump in the end. palin says she will support the nominee whoever it is. i'm curiouif the fact he dropped out of the fox news debate had an impact. >> yeah. >> people were turned off by that. our coverage of the iowa caucuses does not end here. we'll be checking in with marco rubio's campaign later this next half hour. >> strippers and skiers, good to know. >> we won't be checking in with rippers or skiers. making news this morning, a news team from our san diego affiliate was injured while covering a story while reporting on fallen trees from severe weather, another tree fell on the reporter and photographer. they were about to go live when the free fell. news photographer mike gold suffered a compound fracture off his leg but was able to call 911
3:31 am
has more extensive injuries. in the meantime people in the plain states snowstorm. supermarkets called in extra shoppers got ready for the storm. most say they'y're not wried at least not too much and are looking forward to the day off as long as they have the right munchies. accuweather's paul williams shows the storm and its impact from denver to green bay. good morning. >> thanks, reena, kendis. that's going to cause problems with road closures, blizzarard conditions whiteouts and blowing and drifting snow. it's going to affect the folks in the denver area, sliding throughout central portions of nebraska, going into kansas, just about all of iowa and then finally y culminatg and crescendoing more so throughout wisconsin. not only there in the deep south, particularly along i-55, greatest risk for severe weather
3:32 am
>> thank you. if you prefer to get your forecast from a rodent, punxsutawney phil does his thing later in pennsylvania today. if the famed groundhog sees his shadow, legend says we'll have six more weeks of winter. if he doesn't, we can expect warmer temperatures. what's it going to be, kendis gibson? >> we haven't had six weeks of winter yet. >> you think we're going to have six weeks. >> one storm, but we'll see. >> you think hs going to see his shadow. >> i get my forecast from him and the farmers almanac every year. >> we've all seen military or police dogs chasing down g guys in their protective suits as part of their training. here's sething like that. >> let's say kind of, right. >> let's say t the problem is a rogue drone flying where it shouldn't be. here's a solution. eagles, they're training them to take down the drones in the netherlands. look at that. >> wait for it. i missed the capture. dutch h police s the eagles see a dronas prey and catch it and taket to a safe place. testing them will continue for a
3:33 am
decisions on implementing them are made. >> wow. it's a good thought. >> yeah. >> you know, we had those eagles flying around the sporting arenas before those big games like the super bowl and in case somebody decides they're going to put a drone out there, you can do that. >> hope the eagle comes back with the drone. >> instead of flying off? >> yes. >> that poor drone. coming up in the mix, the shirtless star who's causing people to pass out from his hotness. >> this isn't about you, kendis. but one of the hot candidates politically speaking coming out of iowa, marco rubio, sounding place finish. >> what spouses are saying about this race thatould end with them in the white house. also, make sure to check out our behind the scenes picks on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news
3:34 am
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updating our top story, there's no clear winner yet in the democrat race at this year's iowa caucuses. vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton deadlocked at 50/50. and an upset on the republican side. donald trump who had been enjoying a clear and steady lead in the polls recently finished second by just 4 percentage ints behind senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio
3:38 am
place just 1 point behind trump. >> in someays marco rubio is the big republican winner this morning. he did better than the polls predicted while evading donald trump's scorched earth criticism. >> that put some wind under his wings in new hampshire. ines de la cuetara covering the rubio campaign. joins us with more. good morning, ines. >> hey, that's right, guys. so big, big night for marco rubio tonight. he came in third. we suspected he would come in third but this was such a close race, he basically tied donald trump. the latest polls had h him at a distant ird. this did come as a bit i've -- of a surprise. i'll let you listen to what the caaign was billing as marco rubio's speech. >> so this is the moment they said would never happen. for months, for months they told us we had no chance. for months, they told us because we offered too much optitimism in a time of anger we had no chance. they told me that we have no chance because my hairasn't
3:39 am
too high. >> reporter: rubio alsoo congratulated ted cruz who won iowa and rubio thanked his iowa supporters. >> i am grateful to you, iowa. you believed in me when others didn't think this night would be possible. >> reporter: and what the campaign really wanted out of iowa was momentum, not necessarily a first-place finish but momentum or marcomentum as they're calling it and tonight's close third-place finish will certainly help with that. reena,endis.s. >> ines, thank you. thank you to so many of our campaign embeds who have done such a great job. but i wondered, has anybody lost new hampshire and iowa and still gone on to >> new hampshire and iowa. >> apparently in 1972, mcgovern lost both new hampshire and iowa andidn't win until april in went on to win the party's nomination. >> so you're saying this morning
3:40 am
who lost last night. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> hope springs eternal for a lot of people. >> too critical of campaigns. be clear to see what happens for new hampshire next week and south carolina followingng ickly. >> nevada. coming up in our next half hour, more coverage of the iowa caucuses, e neck and neck race between hillary clinton and bernie sands. the democratic contenders' tough fight in the battlround states and their strategy as all eyes now turn to new hampshire. >> first the running mates, the candidates' spouses and the critical roles that they play in the campaign race, opening up about the people they fell in
3:41 am
now." i believe, i believe believe we're still worth the fight you'll see there's hope for this world tonight i believe, i believe yeah rock guitar
3:42 am
world you love him he's given all the love he can >> good one. >> yep. you know you've heard them in the debates and sound bites and campaign ads, but to really get to know the presidential
3:43 am
halves. 11 operations. chemo. radiation. but when lauri died, you know it, makes everything else in life pale in comparison. >> reporter: people seem to either love or hate ted cruz. why do you think that he's so polarizing. > if you are not in there trying to fix the problem, you don't like the problem fixer. just see chris christie and want to say he's a name caller, he's brash, he lacks self-control how would you help them to see
3:44 am
presidential? >> the handful of name calling that has been caught on video sometimes, there was always a purpose to that. >> you have a big saying who the nominee is. >> he's not a great cocktail party conservationist. sometimes in politics that can come off as being prickly or aloof. he would much rather sit down and have more one-on-one or substantive conversation. >> reporter: soo while the candidates now rule america, their spouses fondly remember their own courtships and share their partner's greatest assets. his steadfastness. >> patience. >> sincerity. >> her brain and her eightics. >> his optimism. >> his smile. >> his greatest asset. >> me. >> lynn day davis, abc news, new york. >> i love that. we learned so much including that mrs. paul is responsible for rand being known as rand. >> that's right. we do. #
3:45 am
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3:48 am
k-y touch. all right, folks. time now for "the mix." you know it's a dead heat in the iowa with the hillary clinton and bernie sanders. did you know she won one of the little areas based on a coin toss. >> what? >> yeah. apparently down there in precinct 70, they were trying to break a 61-61 split at the caucus and univision reporting that they did a coin toss. apparently caus rules allow decide the vote in case of a tie like this. so the coin landed heads down. that means it was in favor of this took place at the weeks middle school gymnasium. >> this is 2016 in america. how we're defining elections. >> it could have been worse, it could have been a shoot-out. >> that's true. back 100 yearsrs ago. no dbt. so take a look at this. speaking of politics, there's
3:49 am
trying to take selfies with all the candidates. awkward one with marco rubio there. here he is with jeb bush. so his gl he said was to try to take selfies with everybody. his one holdout was ted cruz. here is what he did. he pretended to be proposing to his friend. he had a t-shirt and he had his female companion. he got down on one knee and proposed and then he scored the selfie with ted cruz. >> that was the selfie after the proposal. there's marco rubio. it was with ted cruz. >> with him and his friend and ted cruz. >> now was ted cruz upset that he came over and got the selfie? >> ted didn't know. >> okay. okay. got to do what you got to do to get those. the collection. >> exactly. we do love our broadway here in new york, don't we? >> some do, yes. >> an unusual scene took place at the broadway, a view from the bridge. apparently they have seating on stage where the actors are and one man saw actor russell toby, there you see him there.
3:50 am
did you know he had gorgeous abs. takes off his shirt in one of the scenes and the guy on stage, the audience member passes out after seeing this image. they had to call for a doctor. they aed is anyone in the house a doctor. three people tried to help the guy. apparently this audience member apogized in a tweet on sunday to toby saying i'm sorry if i disrupted the performance. >> the only prproblem ishey tried to give russell toby mouth to mouth resuscitation. he was fine. it was the other guy. >> take a look at this porcupine that was just so cool. thinks he's a dog. star of the facebook page. two of his best friends are some bulldogs there and many of his owners say that he kind of walks around and thinks he's dog. >> my gosh. >> never had any trouble with canine friends before. >> i guess they don't try to hug him because that would hurt. >> that would hurt. >> very cute.
3:51 am
>> very cute. >> very cute. as an american, it's hard to hear that we have a serious hunger issue in our country. and as a parent, it's even harder to hear that one in 5 of our kids struggles with hunger, especially when billions of pounds of good food are wasted every year. feeding america is a nationwide network of food banks that helps provide billions of meals to families in need right in your community. to support feeding america and your local food bank.
3:52 am
this morning, "your voice, your vote," the iowa caucuses, surprises, upsets. >> i love you people. >> and a humble donald trump. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> the candidate who says he hates losers losing the first presidential contest. ted cruz pulling off the upset. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> for the democrats, a dead heat. >> we will transform this country. thank you all very much. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton locked in a virtual tie. >> join me, let's go win the nomination.
3:53 am
we're live in iowa with all anglesovered and complete analysis. and we do say good tuesday morning, everyone. we're going to start with the upset in iowa. >> despite enjoying a wide and steady lead in the polls, donald trump has been handed a stunning defeat by texas senator ted cruz in yesterday's iowa republican caucus. the fiery conservative wildly unpopular his own party's leaders edged out a four-point victory over trump after wooing conservative and evangelical leaders. >> okay, so here's how the race numbers. cruz beating trump by 4 percentage points and a surprisingly strong showing by florida senator marco rubio finishing in a very close third place. >> and on the democratic side, hiary clinton defeating -- declaring victory overnight, but
3:54 am
race with bernie sanders still too close to call. >> and the projected numbers do bear that out. a race split 50/50. >> in the fifirst realest of this year's presidential candidates, there was no grand slam winner showing just how divided voters really are in iowa. >> it could be an indication of the broader challenge the candidates are now facing as they move ahead. abc's lana zak is live in des moines, iowa, for us this morning with the very latest. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, the votes are still being coted here in iowa, but one thing is certain, those once presumed front-runners are watching their backs nowow as anything can happen here in iowa. the iowa democratic chair says this was the closest caucus in history. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> reporter: a razor thin margin separates beie sanders and hillary clclinton inowa, a race too close to call. in some precincts a coin toss broke the delegate tie. >> tails. >> tails.
3:55 am
campaign saying this morning they believe they won, but clinton didn't officially declare victory in her speech, instead she took on the republicans. >> i will not let their divisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we've made be succsful. so, as i stand h here tonit breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: by contrast it was a decisive win for ted cruz. america and the world morning is coming. >> reporter: and trumpmp was gracious in his second place finish. >> iowa, we love you. we thank you. i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay. >> reporter: and just one point behind trump, marco rubio riding a wave of support. >> for months they told us because we offered too much optimism in a time of anger, we
3:56 am
>> reporter: and already we're seeing signs that the field is winnowing.g. martin o'malley and mike huckabee announcing that they will be spending their campaigns with potentially more to come as we head now into new hampshire. reena, kendis. >> all right, new hampshire just one week away. lana zak in des moines for us this morning, thank you. as you just heard there in the wordof bernie sanders, he and hillary clinton are locked in a, quote, virtrtual tie. >> the clinton campaign however declared victory overnight after this upbeat rally that lana alluded to and avoided the worst, a loss like the one she suffered in 2008. abc's political analyst matthew dowd explains what's next for the clinton campaign. >> like donald trump she had an opportunity to basically start to put this race away with a clear victory tonight. she didn't get that,o now she faces a likely loss in new hampshire, so the nenext placehe can win is south carololina, so that race is now, which could haha been shortened if she had won tonight overwhelmingly, is now going to be a much longer race and go into march for sure. >> well, iowa voters delivered a split decision for the
3:57 am
cruz took the lead away from donald trump to win. >> trump barely ahead of marco rubio whose strong performance night, wouldn't you say? abc's political director rick klein on the state of that race. >> now there are two viable alternatives to trump that have emerged, one in ted cruz, the surprise even comeback winner taking on the conservative path and then marco rubio, another 40-something cuban-american senator finishing a close third place offering an optimistic vision to establishment republicans, a sigh of relief. to donald trump republicans, a question of regrouping. are his supporters for real and now that next contest in new hampshire just a week away becomes even more important. trump now trying to bounce back, show that his initial surge in ththe polllls s for al now that voters are weighing in, a big-time curveball here in iowa. reena and kendis. >> all right. our thanks to rick klein there in des moines. no overnight the candidates are taking to social media. >> well, a usual vocal donald trump staying off twitter so
3:58 am
no time tweeting, "so grateful to everyone who gives your all to support this campaign. you made this possible." >> ted cruz already lookg forwrward to bng on stage with clinton tweeting last night, "i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton. we will win by speaking the truth." >> and marco rubio asking for support after a big night saying, "thank you for a great night, iowa. donate now to help us continue the momentum." of course, a good time to ask. the iowa results shook up the republican field and now the candidates are battling for new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich held three town hall meetings yesterday, and new jersey governor chris christie also in the granite state. the new hampshire primary one week from tonight. >> and our political team will be heading to new hampshire. the next republican debate right here on abc, it is this saturday moderated by "world news tonight" anchor david muir and "this week" co-anchor martha raddatz. >> and we want to remind you to stay with abc news for the latest on the iowa caucuses
3:59 am
in "the pulse" more on that coin flip giving clinton a precinct win and live team coverage also later on "good morning america." still ahead, the other big story coming out of iowa this morning, tracking the massive blizzard that is taking shape. and global emergency because of the za virus, the cdc adding more countries to its travel alert. plus, a train derails and catches fire forcing people to evacuate their homes. some new details in overnight. there's no one i'd rather... share with. no one i'd rather have dinner and aovie with. no one i'd rather lean on. being in love is an amazingng thing. being in love with your best friend... everything. introducing the ever us two-stone ring. one diamond for yo best friend ... one for your true love. for the one woman in your life who's both. new this valentine's day at
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4:02 am
well, it keeps heading east. >> as you can see earlier that radar map reaches the plains states today right there. heavy snow to the north, severe thunderstorm in the southern plains. >> let's get the complete forecast from accuweather's s paul williams. paul, good morning. >> thank you, kendis, reena, we areraracking very dangerous storm that is sliding throughout the midwest. now we're expecting it to move from denver r right into nebraska and kansas into iowa and right up towards wisconsin. talking about problems with whiteouts, significant road closures as a result of this, blowing and drifting snow. now, that's the cold side of this system. the w warmer side, we have a serious threat of severe weather covering the deep south entire lower mississippi valley region which includes mississippi, alabama, as well as up towards missouri, arkansas and louisiana, but right here where we see the gatest risk along the mississippi river a targeted
4:03 am
tuesday, travel d delaysp towards minnesota. a business headline. google's parent company holes the top spot on the list of world's most valuable companies. when the market opens this morning, alphabet will be worth about $544 billion. that's about 6 billion more than apple. the iphone maker had been the momost valuable public company since 2011. free snacks are coming back to american airlines,s nation's biggest carrier says they will available on some cross country flights this month. coach and allomestic flights willnjoy them by april. the announcement came just as united airlines began offering the freebies, as well. >> if they can add one free bag check-in, that would be good. the latest from iowa. tight races for both pears especially for the democrats. we'll have an update. and injured on the job, a reporter and photographer
4:04 am
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that's why i choose nicoderm cq. caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. the worls first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. on this groundhog day they're gathering in rural pennsylvania this morning as they have since 1886 to see what punxsutawney phil predicts about the winter. of course, phil is one of many forecasting rodents like general beauregard lee and staten island chuck in new york.
4:07 am
the rest of western pennsylvania area, as well as the ohio valley will be wet but further south, the roads may be flooded. drivers should watch out for whiteout conditions from the rockies over to the upper midwest and roads will be white along most of the west coast. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in memphis, new orleans, minneapolis, chicago and detroit. let's return to our top story y right no the race for the white house and the one big loser in yesterday's iowa caucuses, the predictable. >> bernie sanders battling hillary clinton to a tie without a cent of superpac money pulling even on a tide of enthusiasm for first time voters. clinton, the one time inevitable winner, delivered an upbeat speech that claimed neither victory r defeat then just a short time ago her campaign calling her the winner. >> on the republican side ted cruz pulled out a victory over donald trump by trash talking the washinon elites atvery campaigntop. billionaire donald trump who trash talked pretty much everybody barely hung on to second place. marco rubio with a song third
4:08 am
alternative but it was ted cruz who really put donald trump to the test, and abc's jon karl was at cruz's headquarters last night. >> reporter: ted cruz is the first republican to get into a brawl with donald trump and to beat him. is was a triumphant organization. he did it with a single-minded focus on iowa and the evangelical voters that dominate here. as for donald trump, he has a new title, loser after dominating the polls for months, he has now lost the first contest, in fact, marco rubio had such a strong showing here, 23%, that he almost beat trump out for second place. well, let me tell you, this is just the beginning. donald trump is now on his way to new hampshire, a state e where he has a huge lead, far bigger than he ever had in iowa, so stay tuned. we've got a long way to go. >> and something else we're just noticing, someone appears to be having fun witdonald trump. if you go to, it actually redirects you to
4:09 am
"good morning america" will have a complete wp-up including a live interview with senator marco rubio later this morning. now to the other story we're following, the zika virus outbreak is a global health emergency. world health officials meeting in geneva made the declaration yesterday in response to the rapid spread of the virus, zika has beeninked to thousands of causes of birth defects in babies, mostly in south america. the cdc has added four more countries to its travel alert because of the virus, american samoa, costa rica, nicaragua and curacao. the virginia tech community is reeling from the arrest of two students in the murder and kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl. both suspecthave now been arraigned. david eisenhower, his hearing happened again ahead of schedule and outside of reporters, police say he knew the victim but have not released any other details. he and his alleged accccomplice
4:10 am
a north carolina terror suspect is now also accused of robbery anmurder of a neighbor. justin sullivan has been in jail since last june on charges he planned to aid isis. now he's charged with killing his neighbor to help finance his plans. he also allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill his parents because he feared they would interfere with his plans. well, hundreds of residents near cleveland were forced to leave their homes after a train derailed and caught fire. officials in the village of brewster say a butane tanker may have sparked the fire. two cars on the train left the tracks because of the fumes anand the threat of an explosion. people were sent to the local high school. okay, so quite a scene in san diego. a news team there from our affiliate was injured while covering a story. while reporting on the falling trees from severe weather anotr tree fell on the kgtv reporter and photographer. they were about to go live when it fell. the news photographer mike gold suffered a compound fracture of his leg but was able to call 911, the reporter marie
4:11 am
injuries. >> so difficult. you never know when something like this can happen and the dangers a lot of crews face especially during inclement weather. good to know they'll be okay for the most part. and one sports note, super bowl media day has morphed into what the nfl calls super bowl opening night. it was last night in san jose. the broncos and panthers were introduced while on a four-story-high catwalk. >> slightly disappointed. we're just here so i don't get fined. well, calina quarterback cam newton answered questions with a towel tied around his head, and denver's peyton manning id that he hasn't made up his mind about retiring. the broncos and panthers play super bowl 50 on sunday. we're just here so we don't get fined. >> aren't we? >> i love that line. i thought it was funny. >> it was good. up next in "the pulse," a guard from above, police training eagles to battle a very modern day crime. and going viral, the
4:12 am
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time now to check "the pulse" starting with a lucky break for hillary clintoton. when they counted the votes at one iowa caucus precinct, she and bernie sanders were tied, so they settled it with a coin toss. >> yeah. well, that's what the rules say and when the results were announced, clinton supporters celebrated with a cheer, and apparently this wasn't the only precinct to resort to a coin
4:15 am
reportedly in every one clinton won them, proving that it seems that lady luck was in her camp. who knew a coin toss. >> in this day and age would decide an election. >> and the fact that the polls are just so clothe for both of them, that three of them possibly could have gone to hillary over a coin toss. >> exactly. she's very lucky. i'm sure some nfl teams would be happy to have her. well, up next, a new idea about how to deal with unwanted eye in the sky. >> yeah, take this drone, for example, let'say it was flying where it shouldn't be. the solution, eagles. they are training them to take down drones. this is in the netherlands. >> dutch police say the eagles are taught to see a drone as prey. then they catch it and they take it to a safe place. testing them will continue for a few more months before a final decision on implementing them is made. what do you think about ththis? >> it's kind of a neat concept. i mean, drones are sort of a predator for many of us at these
4:16 am
>> i hope that -- it's interesting to see them bring the drone back. >> although the drone looks pretty messed up. when it gets through with this eagle. okay, so an early heads-up about a potential winter olympic star of the future. >> you got to check this one out. she's so adorable. her name is sloan henderson, she's just 14 months old. her mom and dad, they got her up and balancing on the snowboard. it's just a few weeks after she learned how to walk. >> wow. and sloan's firstst res were at home on the carpet, and then she was pulled around by her dad in the backyard -- in n the backyard snow, that is, and now she'fine heading down a small slope at the park city mountain resort. with that type of success, the sky's the limit. >> yeah, skis probably next week, i bet. >> the next olympics, you know, two years from this month. we might see her there. >> she's on the olympic team. very close to making it, i think. >> cutest there.
4:17 am
more news, folks, after this. soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories o or less. at panera. food as it should be. adventures from $599, plus up to $300 to spend atea. come seek the royal caribbean.
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4:19 am
checking our top stories, no grand slam winner in this year's iowa caucuses. ted cruz edged out donald trump by four r percenta points with marco rubio a close third and the race is still too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, though, the clinton campaign did declare victory overnight. bill cosby's attorney says the pennsylvania sexual harassment charges should be thrown out. he had a deal with the district attorney's office that promised no prosecution. a judge will hear arguments today. scenes like this will be coming today in the northern plains where a blizzard is expected for the south. it'll be severe thunderstorms. today's weather, that blizzard heading to the northern plains, but chicago and denver will be too warm for much snow. severe storms for the southern plains and deep south. finally, it waone of the greatest cons in history.
4:20 am
from his clients in a sophisticated ponzi scheme for which he will never get out of prison. >> a two-part miniseries that debuts tomorrow night that takes us inside his madness and elizabeth hur has a preview. >> you want to know how to get people to trust you with their money. >> reporr: "madoff," a true crime saga turned miniseries tells the story of the ponzi scheme king. >> people give me their money and i make them rier than god. >> reporter: who became the face of financial corruption. >> and there was a bombshell today in the bernard madoff se. >> reporter: making headlines worldwide and now serving 150 years in prison for bilking investors s out of blions of dollars. >> it's an extraordinary and complex role. >> reporter: for academy award winning actor richard dreyfuss. >> i lived in bayside. he lived in bayside. that meant that i really did have a certain understanding. >> reporter: poraying bernie madoff was personal.
4:21 am
bernie, that's the only way he could have succeeded, so that's the way i played him. > reporte playing madoff's wife ruth. >> and everyone that i spoke with that knew him said he was just the loveliest guy. >> reporter: actress blythe danner found playing the role of mrs. madoff fascinating and eye opening. >> as i went into the project i was on the fence, you know, could she -- how could this person, this woman who had known this man so well for so long not know? but it gave me insight to what a real sociopath is like. >> reporter: from family tragedies to financial scams, producers say "madoff" is a must watch new york epic. >> madoff securities. >> just when you think you understand the madoff story -- >> i'm t vice prpresident d all i do is hire the decorators. >> there's a lot that you'll find in the miniseries t that you didn't know. >> "madoff." >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc
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