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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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>> that's what's good morning, america. the first votes being cast in the nation's first primary right now. donald trump riling up the crowds taking on his opponents. >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. >> candidates battling, even begging for every vote. >> i want this j job becau i love this country. >> hillary clinton behind here hoping for a comeback. >> i don't think a little snow is going to stop anybody, do you? >> as bernie sanders holds on to his leady coming to the rescue of supporter. >> the voters still undecided. our whole team on the trail. marco rubio and john kasich join us this morning. the nation's first primary up for grabs. the double punch of winter weather socking the northeast as snow causes major problems on the roads. a bus full of passengers overturned.
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crosshairs this morning. that massive cruise ship close to disaster. hurricane-force winds and massive swells thousands onboard. how terrifying was it and calls for the government to investigate. an abc news exclusive. teresa guidice speaks out for the first time since her release from federal prison. >> it was nothing like being on "the real housewives of new jersey," let me tell you. >> what she's revealing about life as an inmate. her toughest moments behind bars. teresa guidice one-on-one with amy. she's here live this morning. and we do say good morning, america. and what a big day it is. we are live all across the state of new hampshire and this is a polling station there in new hampshire. and george is in manchester for all the test in the race for the white house. good morning to you, george. >> right here on the scene.
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a little snow out here. just some flurries but that's not going to stop the voters and they're expecting a record turnout here in new hampshire today and they've already started voting in new hampshire.e. th started at midnight, dixville notch, the first town to vote at midnight. you see it there. three towns have voted already. already counted the votes and we have some results right now. on the democratic side, bernrnie sanders leading hillary clinton, 17-9, among the first votes actually counted and on the repuican side a three-way tie, you got donald trump, john kasich and ted cruz all with nine votes each actually counted votes right now. so we got a long dayo go. >> yeah,h, very, vy early there, we have team coverage and take a look at this. we are live all across the state with the campaigns as we count down to tonight, george. >> john kasich and marco rubio are going to join us in just a moment but we begin with tom llamas who's in londonderry, new
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good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. as you mentioned they're expecting record turnout here in new hampshire. at this location, up to 12,000 voters andnd hope ju 12,000 because that's how many ballots they have. moments ago they opened this polling station. it was like the running of the bulls. all these voters coming out grabbing ballolots goingo those ballot boxes and filling them out. right there as we speak, the votes are being counted right now. for some it's a decision that only tes ten seconds but will have a lasng impact. >> she just said a terrible thing. >> reporter: overnight, donald trump giving an "r" rated campaign speech repeating a vulgar that an audience member at a rally used to describe ted cruz. >> she said 's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible, terrible. >> reporter: trump's comments
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new hampshire poll, hoping voters here give him sething iowa could not, victory. >> i'm not asking for your money, i'm asking for your vote. >> reporter: and trump going on a caaign blitz. >> a total stiff, jeb sh. i don't think jeb has a chance. >> reporter: trump, furious after bush and his 90-ye-old mother barbaraook shots at him. jeb even tweeting donald trump, you aren't just a loser, you are a liar and a whiner. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people. >> reporter: but jeb's real fight may be between the other governors running. polls show ohio's john kasich catching fire while new jersey's chris christie showing he'll do anything to win in new hampshire, even getting down on one knee. but christie's biggest legacy in the granite state may be he sacked senator marco rubio's chances with that devastating blow during abc's debate where he called rubio ouout for repeating the same line. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not --
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25-second speech. >> reporter: overnight, rubio seeming to repepeat anotr phra quite a bit. e 21st century and we know how hard it's become to instill our values in our kids instead of the values to try to ram down our throats. in the 21st century it's become harder than ever to instill in your children the values they instead of the values they try to ram our throats and movies and music and -- >> reporter: now, the voting fast and furious here in londonderry. as for senator ted cruz he won the iowa caucuses, he's been polling somewhere in that four-way tie for second place but lowering expectations saying none of the first four states in the primary cycle this time around are must-win states. we'll see what happens, george. >> thankou, tom. i'm joined now by governor john kasich. he's here with us in manchester right now. so, you won the vote in dixville notch, 2-1. nine voters total.
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>> is it true you called every single voter in that town? >> i did. >> 2-1 you won. >> it was great. >> a lot of the polls showing you got some momentum in these fil days. drawing the attention of governor jeb bush. putting out a web video ad right now, calling it no comparison hitting your record for supporting obamacare, budget issues. how do you respond? >> i don't respond to that. i think, unfortunately, i hate to say it but jeb has taken the very low road to the highest office in the e land andgeorge, i've been positive. we've had 106 town hall meetings, people come, they laugh, they cry. they talk about the things that matter to them. we've been positive, our ground game, gordon humphrey, the foer senator says it's the best ground game he's seen in 40 years. last night we were out there in a driving snowstorm, probably 300, 400 people standing out ere cheering. it was like a movie set. i wish i could take it -- i could make a movie out of this, george.
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>> you could be the star. you could play me. >> where are you going to finish? >> we're going to finish very strong. i'm not like muhammad ali, i can't predict exactly what round or whatever but, look, i sent my bus, the magic bus down to south carolina last night. and we're heading there. >> that's my question. even if you do very well here your opponents, rivals say you're out of money, not organized in other states. >> i love when my rivals say stuff like that, george. as you know, people have counted me all of my career and sd i wouldn't get in the race, i couldn't raise the money, wouldn'tet to new hampshire, wouldn't make the debate stage. i hope they keep underestimating me. there was another guy they underestimated all the time, his name was reagan. our message is, leave no one behind, grow the economy where americans were before and republicans and democrats and people respond to that. >> getting attention from democrats. a lot of independedents heren new hampshire can vote in either primary. jon karl is in derry, new hampshire, with a couple that are choosing between you and hillary clinton. jon.
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incredible with the folks here maryann's, how many people still now planning to vote after breakfast are not quite sure who they're going to vote for. right here fd daniels from nashua and as george jt said, you are actually trying to decide between john kasich and hillary clinton but what's youour question, you have a chance now, want to know? >> governor kasich, i really appreciate you talking to us right now and i ve had a chance to actually see you live. the question i have for you and all the candndidates i how are you going to get congress to listen to you and to understand what you want to accomplish? it's so divisive. it's so dysfunctional. how are you going to get these people together to make your things happen? >> you know, i've done it all my career. in fact, as chairman of the budget committee i actually work with people like george stephanoulos to get the budget balanced because we brought
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didn't worry about the ideology so much or the party. i mean, it was a conservative program that got us the balance. we did it by working together and i've done it in ohio. you know what you do, you just -- you're fair with people. you u don't ha to caven on your principles. sir, if there's anything i can do it's the ability to get people to work together and realize that our legacy will be determined by what we achieve. not the political positions that we take. that. i've always said, sir, one of the things i'll do is get the birthdays of all the mothers and fathers of the members of congress and call them on their birthdays so they'll call ththeir sons and daughters and say don't mess with the president. he really a good guy. we want your votes, sir. please. >> thanks for coming in. good luck to you. >> robin. >> that was refreshing. all right, george, now to the democratic candidates. we got to take a look hillary clinton at a polling station.
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there in new hampshire. she's taking aim at bernie sanders in new hampshire where the latest poll shows he still has a solid lead. abc's cecilia vega is tracking it all live in manchester for us, good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. as you said hillary clinton just showed up to this pollg station here, she was right outside greeting supporters. she said she plans to work today until evevery lastote is cast. overnight, bernie sanders before a massive crowd making his final pitch. >> it is imperative that you and your friends do get involved in the political process. >> reporter: now just hours to go before the ballots are counted, the candidates rushing between stops and sanders rushining to helone supporter who fainted at one of his final rallies. >> oh. >> oh, god. >> can we have se water? >> she walked away. i think she's okay. >> reporter: hillary clinton overnight in the fight of her life and still making her case. >> you don't want to
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the last thing we need is promises that can't be met. >> reporter: hoping big names help bring big numbers to the polls. her husband going on that pid-fire attack accusing some sanders supporters of making offensive comments to hillary backers. >> to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often not to mention sexist to repeat. >> reporter: i asked about thohose arges. do you think the sanders campaign is playing dirty? after a long pause finally an answer. >> no, i believe we ought to have the same rules for everybody. >> reporter: and the voting is already under way here at this polling station but now potential new threat to this race. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg giving his first comments about jumping in. he is still considerering it a
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this race an outrage and insult to voter george. >> thanks cecilia. i'm joined by senator marco rubio. election day right now and, boy, since that debate on saturday night, all your opponents are piling on. you got jeb bush piling on, chris christie, john kasich, donald trump, all questionin whether you're ready to be president. they smell blood. >> yeah, but that's what campaigns dodo. it's great to be targeted. that means you're doing something right. people don't waste time or money on people who aren't d doing wel today is election day here in new hampshire and we f feel good about our team and i think voters realize i give the republican party the best chance to win. i'm as conservative as anyone in this field and so today's the day and i'm excited. >> have they gotten in your head even that glitch last night repeating yourself again. >> no, i'm doing it -- i'm not going to stop saying what i'm saying. i mean, we believe -- my whole
7:13 am
that the country's headed in the wrong direction as a result of a deliberate effort on the part of this president to put in place policies that change the relationship of government to our economy and america's role in the world so i'm going -- that is the core of our campaign. we look forward to continuing to say that. >> can you still come in second here? >> i don't know where we'll finish in terms of second, third our fourth. i know trump is a clear front-runner. i mean, he's been in first place since june. and some people haven't campaigned anywhere else but here so it's a pretty unusual setup today but we feel really good andooking to finish strong today and head on to south carolina. >> if thathappens, how do you recover? >> that campaign really begins a 13-day sprint that begins wednesday but we'll finish strong here. we feel great about it. we have a great team here and obviously everyone needs to vote today. >> you got one in five voters make up their mind on the last day. >> right. >> for those watching. if the debate gave them pause,
7:14 am
>> look, first of all, i don't think it gave very many people pause. if you look at a biometric we looked at from fund-raising to interest on the web to google searches, we had a very strong debate. the media is fixated on the first ten minutes, but the voters are looking at the totality of . especially in a place like new hampshire. i have more national security experience and foreign policy experience than anyone else on the republican side, by far. and beyond that i would say i give our party the best chance to do three things -- to unify, to grow and to win. just yesterday, a poll comes out and says if i'm the nominee i i think voters understand i'm as qualified and as conservative as us the best chance -- >> you'll campaiaign till osing time. >> we're going to go to polling places starting right now and look forward to flipping a few last-minute votes which could mean the difference. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks, i appreciate it. and you're looking live now
7:15 am
hampshire. all the campaigns will be working all through this day. the polls close -- most close at 7:00 p.m. some open until 8:00. we'l be on the scene all day long as well. to amy for the rest of the headlines. >> hey, george, good morning. at least eight people have been killed and 150 others injured after two passenger trains collidedead-on today in a rural area of southern germany rescue helicopters had to lift people on a rope across the river to ambulances on the other side. the cause of this crash is under ininvestigatn. and there are new steps this morning to curb the spread of the zika virus. the cdc has elevated its emergency operatio center to the highest alert level with stafworking around the clock. president obama asking congress for nearly2 billion to battle the virus and the state of emerncy in florida has been expanded now to seven counties. well, an army deserter from washington state who once called osama bin laden a beautiful man
7:16 am
daniel freeney faces various gun charges. agents say he supported isis calling for the killing of u.s. troops. and in los angeles, the wind may have played a role in this gas station canopy crashing do on to cars. two woers were on the canopy when it gave way. one was injured and e drivers of those car, thankfully, are okay. and some wild video from south florida. a man attacking people in a store with a three-foot sword as customers were screaming. remarkably nobody was seriously injured. the suspect is now in custody. police say he was under the influence of drugs. and finally, one man didn't just lend a hand to police, he lent a foot. tch as officers in england chase a drug suspect. the guy on the sidewalk there, boink, trips him. police are trying to track him down now to thank him for doing all the legwork. >> nice. >> ah! >> we look forward to that every morning.
7:17 am
>> thank you. >> thank you there, amy. people sti talking about the super bowl and some things that happened after the game. >> well, the super bowl is over but thpostgame controversy, that seems to be far from over. because people are calling carolina quarterback cam newton a sore loser over this moment when he walked out of a media session after three minutes but now we may know why. take a a look anlisten. >> loaded the box, force y'all to throw the ball. can you throw the football? that was the game plan. >> tt voice in the background is denver cornerback chris harris jr. talking about the broncos strategy and people say cam overheard those comments and it could have pushed him over the edge. here's what harris junior >> i would have been mad too if i was cam being able to just -- to be able to hear your opponent right behind you talking. >> and i understanit, i get it. you're upset and emotional but you're the mvp of the league and
7:18 am
saying what the game plan was. he's not saying anything about you, it't's not peonal. >> he wasn't trash talking. >> it was about strategy. >> it's salt in the wound but you have to take it. you have to take it. >> sportsmanship. >> we've all had to do it. >> you got to take the bad with the good. >> all right. thank you there, michael. how about the snow, rob. >> causing a lot of problems on the roadways. want to show you this video out of madison, connecticut, really horrifying accident on i-95. a bus flipping over. three critically injured. shot up the ad on i-95. jackknifed tractor trailer there. a lot of snow yesterday, about 9, 10 inches in spots and more coming in. mo know -- more snow coming in to the easte third of the country.
7:19 am
incheses. ming up here on "gma," we have a lot more from new hampshire, plus an abc news exclive. amy goes one-on-one with the real housewife, teresa guidice, in her first tv interview since leaving prison.
7:20 am
you feared for your life or you thought it's not safe for me to be here? >> she is s standingy now and she will reveal what life was really like behind bars and how her family is doing now. that and a whole lot more on "gma." come on back."gma." come on back. woman: i'll never remember all the e projects presentations, or meetings i gave up my nights for. (music's drums intensify) but days like this, i'll never forget. get out there, in the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. this is my fight song take back my life song
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forced the iowa department of transportation and state patrol to close down interstate 35 between ames and clear lake.... high winds and snowy weather left visibility poor, leading to car accidents. the roadway closure left some stranded in ames, and officials have also warned against using sections of highway 69, which runs parallel to the interstate. sabrina: the second major contest in the presidential race kicks off in new hampshire today...with three small precincts taking part in midnight voting... dixville notch the first among them to open their polls...after all three reported it was bernie sanders for the democrats and a three way tie on the g-o-p side... donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich splitting the early morning voting. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
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good morning, america. i voted for donald trump. >> good morning, america. and i voted for john kasich. >> good morning, america, i voted for bernie sanders. >> those are just some of the voters here in new hampshire voting in the nation's first primary. you see the polling place right now. the voting has alreadybegun in new hampshire. it begins at midnight for the new hampshire primaries. they'll be voting all through the day here. some voters still making up their minds. jon karl is with some of them. goodorning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you know, independent voters just dominated here in new hampshire and they're famous for deciding late and changing their mind. we had a poll just yesterday,
7:27 am
likely republican voters in this state saying they still haven't made up their minds going into today. one of them right her jonathan, you voted for barack obama in '08 and i 2012, and now, you're undecided between whom? >> kasich and christie. >> so, you went from obama to kasich or christie? >> correct. >> reporter: and thas one of the amazing things. lot of undecides and independents here at this diner. gege, they can vote, independents in either the democraticr republican primary. they still haven't firmly made up their minds. >> they love their independence here in new hampshire. the mott of the state is live free or die. back up to robibin. bunch of people behind here, too, long lines everywhere. the latest on the white house all morning long. but, right now n this
7:28 am
young teen murdered in virginia is now speaking out, saying his and his wife tried to everything daughter. abc's eva pilgrim is here with that story. >> reporter: this case sounding alarm bells on social media. father. this morning, the father of 13-year-old nicole lovell speeging out for the first time. >> i bet she fought like a wildcat. i mean, she's my kid. > reporte two virginia tech students,re behind bars accused of aegedly plotting to murder the 13-year-old for weeks. authorities say, eisenhauer had an inappropriate e relationship with her. lovell's father telling dr. phil the family tried to s step in. >> my daughter in ohio had dug
7:29 am
accounts and she screen shotted me a few of those. >> reporter: abc news finding this screen shot of her kik account. she was chatting with a guy named david. >> they had some vigorous and on-point discussions about her social media activity in november and dember. leading up to this. they had taken her phone away from her because they felt like she was having some inappropriate conversatitions. >> reporter: one of her friends telling abc news she referred to eisenhauer as her boyfriend. authorities say david saw her the night before. four days later, police finding the girl's body about two miles from eisenhauer's grandparents' home.
7:30 am
>> reporter: both students are behind bars. both expected back in school. this has shakenhe virginia tech campus. students are still in shock at these charges. >> you realize there are still children that they're doing this. they're going to social media. >> they're still on social media. sometimes they don't realize the reppercussions of what they post. >> these stories are critical to keep talking about. all right, changing gears now to the latest on that royal caribbean cruise heading back to new jersey this morning. we got a map now showing its last known position. abc's linsey davis is in new jersey with the very latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, lara. that ship is expected to return here tomorrow morning so they wouldn't have endure yet another storm.
7:31 am
passengers are qui terrifying. among them onboard was the editor of the detroit free press. he told his wife that he was scared and loved her. take a look at this new video. rough seas ultimately causing the royal caribbean cruise ship to turn around. this morning the ship is on its way back to new jersey after hurricane-force winds and waves prevented it from making it t its final destination of the bahamas. >> the ship was rocking back and forth. >> reporter: passengers used cell phones to capture scenes that looked like they were right out of the titanic. massive waves pounded the anthem of the seas as it moved into a coast. the captain ordering the 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members to stay in their rooms for
7:32 am
>> the amount that things were shifting around our room was a little frightening. >> reporter: four passengers suffered minor injuries. now some onboboardlamed the captain. >> i'm concerned about the captain's judgment in this situation. i resent that he put 6,000 people's lives into the storm. >> reporter: royal caribbean apologized to the passengers. the cruise liner is promising a full refd to all passengers and a 50% discount for future cruise. one senator is calling for an ntsb investigation on why it left the port in the first place. >> that's a very good question. coming up on "good morning america" -- an abc newses exclusive. amy going one-on-one with teresa
7:33 am
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we're back now with an abc news exclusive. reality star teresa giudice opening up about her life in prison. we sat down with her just a few weeks after her release. the giudice family still has a tremendous amount of challenges ahead. >> f for what? what am i apologizing for? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: with her no-nonsense and tuesday. >> we're here to discuss not play games. >> reporter: and explosive personality. she shot to stardom as a real housewife of new jersey. beneath it all, authorities said there was a different reality. a federal investigation into the giudice ss concluded their opulent
7:38 am
ill-gotten gains. a 39-count indictment. >> over the better part of a decade, they were engaged in a scheme to defraud financial institutions and the irs. >> reporter: they pled guilty to multiple crimes. did you know you were breaking thelaw? did you know you were committing a crime? >> definitely not. i didn't know i was committing a crime. the government saw it differently. i got sentenced. i got served time. >> reporter: and s began that sentence on january 5th last year, turning herself into a federal prison into danbury, connecticut. you went from the reality star, wife, mother, to a inmate number, how did that feel? >> it broke my heart because,
7:39 am
up the "good girl," always did evererything right. >> do you remember your inmate number. >> yes. >> reporter: and her life as an inmate was a far cry fromhe one we see on tv. your life was stripped down to the bare minimum. no makeup, no purses. no fancy clothes. what was left when you were there in prison with all of that removed? >> it was teresa giudice. you know, the person that i am. everything that you just said, i don't need any of it. i was fine just being who i am. >> reporter: some people would say, you had it ea, you went to danbury, it's like being send to the country club of james. >> there was no country club, trust me, at all. i mean, there was mold in the bathrooms. there was not running water constantly. the showers were freezing cold.
7:40 am
it was like, you know, it was definitely living in hell. >> what was the worst part about the experience? >> just being away from my daughters and joe. that's the worst part. >> reporter: and to get thrgh the days she said sticking to a routine helped. >> had a job in the kitchen. i wiped tables three days a week, wednesday, thursday and friday. i got paid 12 cents an hour. my first paycheck was $1.60. they only give you toilet paper and maxi pads. i brought my essentials. . the girls were amazing there. any time anybody new comes we helpedach other. >> was there aftermoment where you feared for yourr life? >> i wasn't scared. it wasn't like i was terrified. but, you know, i could hold my own. but there were fights that went on.
7:41 am
but i just walked away. >> you're used to drama. >> yeah, it was nothing like being on"the real housewives of new jersey." let me tell you. when you go to prison it's a whole different -- there's a lot of drama. >> reporter: now she's taking all that she's learned from her incars nation about turning the tables. . you write about some of the bad experiences with the paparazzi, with the media, being unfafairly targeted. but then, why continue with the real housewives series, why write a book, why stay in the >> good question. it's my life now. it's what i know. i live in new jersey. i don't live in hollywood. the paparazzi i is not always stacked out at house. during this legal situation, around. . >>eporter: your husband is now faci time in prison. also the possibility that he
7:42 am
would you move to italy with the girls? >> we're just taking one day at a time. i'm just hapappy to be home. we're just enjoying every moment. living in the moment. we really are. >> you can see more of my interview tomorrow night on "nightline." and in our next hour, we'll talk to teresa live. slow she's there in studio. coming up on "good morning america" -- the college gymnast setting the internet on fire. ooh. go-girl. >> she is so good. medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plalans. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start.
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all right, we're back now. let's get right to it. that gymnast, she had a floor routine the other day at ucla. look at the young lady, the tumbling pass, she stuck the landing. here she is again. check this out. oh, final pass, triple flip. did the split. she worked with a choreographer got her dancing down. the judges gave her 9.25. we got our cards, what do we give her? >> you rock. 12k3w4r great job, young lady. coming up -- gma's real
7:47 am
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7:51 am
into the "good morning america" is
7:52 am
california, dream big.elias: a quick check of traffic this morning... this is i-35 near ames... [current conditions] sabrina: good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 7:56 ... elias: the iowa utilities board continues deliberating over whether or not to approve the bakken oil pipeline... during monday's hearing, the board considered environmental and economic issues with the project. they will continue to meet over the next three days...the hearings are open to the public. sabrina: over to the statehouse, where some iowa senators are fighting the medicaid privatization plan sabrina: the state is less than a month away from the planned change over...with the lawmakers working to repeal the plan. this, as govenor branstad lashes out at
7:53 am
healthcare all about politics. but the thing is, republican privatized that senator says he wants to that this isn't political sides. plan is supposed to save 51 point the first six privatizing medicaid.... the senate bill repealing the of committe... though it is not expected to make it through the house, and if vetoed by the governor. meterologist keeping a close watch on the current hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the race for new hampshire is on. candidates barnstorng the state for final votes. >> i would be happyo win by one vote. i just want to win. >> donald trump trying to hold his lead. hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting to the finish. all the candidates making their stand. george is there in new hampshire. abc news exclusive, teresa guidice speaks out for the first time since leaving federal prison here this hour for her first live tv interview answering your questions about life and lockup. her husband heading to prison next month andnd what's ahead for the real housewife. zika virus alert. "consumer reports" is out with its exclusive list of the best mosquito repellents to keep you safe. the threee product that work best. we're shong you live the mt
7:55 am
and keep mosquitoes away. and we're on the road to oscar sunday. behind the scene with the nominees together in one roo for the first time before the biggest night i in hollywood. sam smith revealing his secret plan for singing on oscar ninight. >> all that and our $5 dinner challenge heating up with marcus samusson as we say -- >> good morning, america. we do say good morning, america. on this fat tuesday. hey, george, you're missing it. we're celebrating mardi gras here in the studio. we've got beads, we've got moon pies and stuff. i know you were concerned about the race for the white house. let the good times roll. is that what your:30 says. >> they always do, baby.
7:56 am
a festive and safe fat tuesday. happy mardi gras to everyone. amy, you had a chance to sit down with teresa guidice at her home but she'll be here live. >> she's here for her first live interview on "good morning america" and will talk about what's next for her daughters as her husband joe gets ready to serve his own sentence. she'll answer your questions. a lot to talk about. geoe is in new hampshire where those first votes i the primary are being cast. george. >> that's right, robin. look at donna brazile. we'll talk to her. she's ready for mardi gras, as well. but the votes are beginning already here in new hampshire. first votes at midnight will go through the whole day here and i want to go straight to new hampshire and meara nnn's restaurant. >> just how high the stakes
7:57 am
to win the republican primary without coming in first or second in new hampshire oveverthe past 64 years. >> tha you. >> reporter: after his loss in iowa this morning, front-runner donald trump has something to prove. then you'll win herere i new hampshire. >> if we don't win here and elsewhere then we're not going to win as a country. >> reporter: he holes a double digit lead headed into the first primary of 2016. >> this is sort of our final love fest, all right. >> reporter: but new hampshire voters are famously fickle. >> don't underestimate new hampshire independent voters. >> reporter: so many undecided at the 11th hour candidates are putting on the hard sell. >> i think voters realize i give the republican party the best chance to win.n. i'm as conservative as anyone in this field. >> if there's anything that i can do is the ability to get people to work together. >> 4 hours to go. >> i know, i know. i hate election days. >> reporter: how does it feel? >> i think we're going to do really will. >> reporter: on the democratic side it's bernie sanders with a
7:58 am
>> the people of new hampshire will have the opportunity to say that enoughh is enough. >> reporter: hillary clinton is fighting hard for new hampshire votes right to the end. >> you don't want to overpromise. the last thing we need is promises that can't be met. >> reporter: and, george, here at maryann's diner in nenew hampshire. we have still have a lot who are about to vo. who either hasn't made up their mind or could change their mind? weot -- that's about 40% of the audience here which is where it stands in new hampshire. these people stillll on their way to their polls could still change the mind -- their minds. >>ing o. i'm getting a little skeptical with that, jon, but thanks very much. it is getting late. i'm here with donna brazile and matthew dowd. a lot going on matthew. the republican side, you know, you would have thought a week ago after new hampshire it would be a threperson race.
7:59 am
rubio. but now a real scramble. you could have five or six come out of he. >> three have a rest surveying on the ship coming out. but there's one or two more that will book one. john kasich looks like he'll go on to south carolina and then somebody else. i think you'll have some that will stay in the race but this now looks like it'll go into south carolina a five-person race instead of a four or three-person race. >> it could go on for months. >> into april and may for sure. >> same thing on the democratic side. hillary clinton coming into the vote today well behind bernie sanders. she was behind barack obama i think by about eight points eight years ago. managed to win. that's unlikely this time. >> last time around, george, she was able to make up the difference with unmarried women in the closing days of the campaign. this time her campaign is really focused on making sure that she can reconnect with those women gap.
8:00 am
end up losing but gracefully. >> meantime, there is some talk about a campaign shake-up on the clinton side. >> i talked to a lot of people last night. le me tell you, george, it's very demoralizing to put that statement out before the big day but john podesta pushed back and said there's no changes but you always -- when you lose something you have to recalibrate. they'll probably recalibrate before super tuesday. >> donna brazile, matthew dowd, thank you very much. we'll be on th all day long. "world news" will b be live from manchester tonight and i'll be standing by with our whole team to bring you results as they come in. back to new york. >> time for some news this morning. we begin with the high fire risk in the west today. record heat in los angeles is combining with high winds wrappi up the fire danger in the plains, heat and wind gusts are up to 50 miles and they are fueling wildfires in oklahoma that blinded drivers and force police to close an interstate. more in rob's forececast coming up.
8:01 am
two passenger trains collided head on in this rural area killing at least nine people. 150 others injured and no word yeyet on why those trains were on the same track. well, the developer who built an apartment building toppled during saturday's earthquake in taiwan now arrested. he couould be charged with negligent homicide for using materials like tin cans bill the high-rise. about 100 are still believed to be buried in that rubble. new research on the dangers of concussions. a new study finding suffering just one concussion could triple your long-term risk of committing suicide. doctors say the research shows the lasting effects that even a mild head injury can have on mood and behavior. and in florida, an army skydiver got his parachute tangled up in power lines when his training exercise went off course. firefighters brought in their ladders to get him down. he is thankfully okay this moing. and finly if your significant other hogs the bed, well, there is a solution from
8:02 am
industry. he posted these pictures. take a look. he wanted to end the debate over how w much ofis bed his wife takes up each night so he measured the bed and then mounted a remote controlled laser on the wall to draw a line down the middle and get some real data on how many tim she crosses the line. not exactly romantic but he says it's only meant to be a fun experiment. one commenter posted this. this man must be a newlywed because no man who's been married f for a length of time to be fooled to think hard facts would -- >> i love that. >> maybe she's trying to get closer to him. >> maybe she wants to spoon. maybe it's not crossing the line. >> i'm staying out of it. over to michael with the ruown in thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." teresa guidice is here live opening up about her life in prison and what's next for her and her family.
8:03 am
zika virus grow, we'e've got "consumer reports" best mosquito repellent. an what to looook for when you buy them. all that and more coming up live on "gma" here in times square, miss louisiana, mardi gras, it is mardi gras, everybody. get out and party. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. fast, powerful and proven relief th makes pain a distant memory.dvil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longe than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain? advil. is your high-performance laptop your office bff? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all pcs and printers are on sale!
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8:08 am
since leaving prison. amy. >> all right, thank you, guys. well, teresa yooud is one of the stars of "the real housewives of new jersey" but for the past year she was also known as inmate 6565703050. guidice spent 11 1/2 months in prison f tax fraud and writes about it all in her memo, "turng the tables" and in our last hour we showed you our conversation back at home in new jersey, now teresa is here for her first live tv interview since her release, welcome. >> thank you. >> it's a big deal today because you get to leave your hohome. you were under house arrest even though you returned back in december. this is the first time you're getting out. how does it feel getting out. >> it feels great to be home wi my daughters, with my husband. and i mean, even though i was on house arrest, i was able to do things but i just had to, you know, i had to let my probation officer where -- what i was doing. >> now you can go anywhere you want. >> now i don't -- there's no questioned. i could take my kids to all their activities because that
8:09 am
wanted to drive them to all their activities. >> you want to be back to being full time mom. >> last night i didn't get homome till past 8:00 driving them all over. call me miss taxi. >> part of your sentence was to pay back the more than $400,000 u owed in restitution. in addition your house was i foreclosure. what's your financial sittion right now. >> restitution is paid off. my house is not in foreclosure anymore, tha god and everything is good. >> in your book you write about how difcult it was to leave your four daughters a at home. we asked our viewers to send us questions for you and ngataatalie asked what lesson will you teach them about your experience? >> before you sign something, make sure you completely understand it and read everything. >> i know that before you left for danbury, you told your younger girls you were going away to write a book. you didn't explain to them you were going to prison. what will you tell them about
8:10 am
to spend the next 3 1/2 years behind bars. he leaves next month. will you tell them that their father is going to jail? >> no, we said, you know, mommy is going to go to work first and i told them mommy was going to write a book and i had to live at camp, which i call prison. you know, which i prison, obviously and had to go through the experience and that's what mommy was writing about then we say when mommy comes home daddy will go to work. >> joe is your childhood sweetheart. how did this experience impact your marriage. you said don't sign anything you don't read fit. do you in any way blame joe for what happened to you? >> no, i don't. no, there was -- you know, there was legal people around us also which signed those papers and, you know, something that happened and i'm not going to look back. i'm just going to move forward and look at the future. >> what impact has this all had
8:11 am
>> if anything -- i mean really it made it stronger. it really has. i mean, you know, and we've been married 16 years and it's going strong. >> so you've been home for a little over a month now. after you got home and hugged your family and did what was important, i want to know what was the fst luxury you treated yourself to that you had been denied when you were in prison? >> just spending time with my daughters. that's it. that's all i wanted to do and spend time with joe. >> that makes a lot of sense. what were the things that you other than your daughters dreaded most about prison, whahat you would have to live without? >> being there? >> yeah. >> just my daughters and joe. i didn't care about the food. i didn't care about anything. i didn't care. i d didn't care about clothes. you know, i was fine. not wearing makeup every day, i just missed my daughters. they're my life. i mean, i live for them. you know, it's like amazing. after you give birth like it'ss like, you know, you can't live
8:12 am
>> and yet you had to f 11 1/2 months. how did you pass the time? we heard in our piece when we sat dow you talkedbout you hahad a j in the kitchen but you also h had a lot of other free time on your hand. what did you do? >> i worked out three types a day. i did yoga. yoga cnged my life. i'm going to get certified in yoga. i just went to my first class. i did a lot of pilates, did a lot of running. so we had a g great track, thank god for that. you know, we were able to go outside. >> and you actually -- a lot of this will be detailed in the seventh season of "real housewives" so what will we see in terms of the impact it had on you? how much wil you show the cameras about your experience the last 11 months. >> i'm an open book. so, i'i'm goi to -- i'm going to she my whole life and when you read my book you'll see that i -- you know, everyone will g to know me from my upbringing to -- in my 20s to when i got
8:13 am
how it was when i was away, and being on "the real housewives of nejersey." >> i know something you can clear up right now. a lot of controversy about how to pronounce your last name so we're all supposed to call you teresa guidice, not guidice. >> that's the italian y. you know how to say it but you know what, joe and i are fine with saying guidice. >> yes. >> "turning the tables" is available now and let's go outside to rob. >>ey, amy, out with mardi gras people. joe from baton rouge. we're celebrating mardi gras all over the country. some of the cities where they do it best, new orleans, 52. mobile, 52. gulfport, miissippi, 52. chilily with a windchill in the
8:14 am
parts across florida. >> laissez bon temp roulet. >> thank you, rob. now to the growing concern about the zika virus. with at lst 50 confirmed cases in the united states, the white house has announced it's asking congress for nearly $2 billion to combat its spread. how can you protect yourself? "consumer reports" is reissuing its exclusive list of the most effective mosquito repellents and linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: this morning, concerns surrounding the zika
8:15 am
the cdc raising their zika response to the highest level of activation, assigning staff to work 24/7 on the response. anand while the world continues to spray pescides to try to kill off the mosquitoes, what can you do to keep from being bitten? >> deet is safe and effective. >> reporter: "consumer reports" re-releasing ratings from mosquito repellents, high highlighting their results regarding the '80s eemosquito. these three the mt eeffective. picaridin, natrapel and deep woods. >> the z zika viru was the one that contained neither 25% deet or 20% picaridin. both protected for about eight hours. >> reporter: those infected with zika can get fever, rash, joint
8:16 am
pregnant women become infected, it's been linked to a severe birth defect called microcephaly. while the cdc says it's safe to use insect repellent while pregnant or nursing they say pay close attention to the directions on the label. for good mororning goomorning,g, linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> all right, thank you. joining us now from his lab at the university of maryland and college part, an expert in mosquitoes and professor of entity molg is michael ross. good to see you again. we heard in "consumer reports" -- the specific rules on how to apply it. >> number one, these products go on exposed skin and clothing, never underneath clothing. the other thing is you hold these about a foot away. you don't have to slather them on. just a couple little squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt. and if you're going to do your face and your neck and you
8:17 am
first, rub it on your hands then gently put it on your face, not in the eyes, around the nose, around the neck and same thing goes for your kids. don't let kids put these on by yourself. >> you have a a demo for us right w to show us? >> i sure do. in this cage this is the cage of fear. i've got 350 blood thirsty mosquitoeses. tested them out earlier. they were hungry, was really getting bitten. let's see how well our pi care/-picardin works. we're going in, robin. you don't have -- you don't have to worry. these ones do not have zika. all right, these have been raised in isolation. look at this. nobody is biting. this i is where the protection comes in. this is going to help us be safe from zika and especially
8:18 am
plan to get pregnant, they need to put on this protection before ththey go t the caribbean, south america, central america, so do this, you'll be safe. >> so no bites? they were just landing but no bites. >> just landing, no biting. these things really, really work well. i've used them in the rain forest really well and these are the products i use when going into theain forest. >> michael raupp, good to know. ooh. i thought he was going to get bit. lara. >> thank you, robin. let's begin "pop news" with a little amy schumer news. her girl squad keeps gettering better. goldie hawn is in talks to play her on-screen mom. the as yet untitle movie is said to be a comedy about a family vacation gone write by the writer of "the heat" and also "the ghostbusters" reboot. th first movie goldie has been in since 2002.
8:19 am
banger sisters" in a film. a new movie with the rgning queen of comedy would be a welcomee rern. bring it on. this is a hollywood match made in heaven. >> one of my all-time favorites. >> so excited for that. also in "pop news" this morning, when beyonce comes to town she better have lodgings fit for a queen, right? where did the super bowl superstar stay this past weekend? how about an airbn. b. it was a $10,000 airbnb but gives major cache to the brand. it was in lost altos and hasas five bedrooms. 8 half baths. infinity pool and pictures she shared. she pted this on facebook and said, it was a super weekend, airbnb. this is a couple weeks after gwyneth paltrow shared pictures
8:20 am
rented by airbnb. with their furniture you can get deals on. >> we were out -- we didn't stay in those -- >> i didn't have that view out my window. >> no infinity pool. >> but wouldn't you think they might stay in a very high-end hotel. this is sort of a trend and you can get -- >> staying in a high-end home. >> beyonce is probably scrolling through the internet deciding which to pick. >> beyonce slept here. >> which mak it better for next time. >> i'm just going to have to save the third one for you. we'll have t to wait till tomorrow because we ran out of time. >> is it a walrus? >> it's part of it. you re that, didn't you?
8:21 am
>> we'll be right back. sabrina: the winter weather hitting north and central iowa forced the iowa department of transportation and state patrol to close down interstate 35 between ames and clear lake.... high winds and snowy weather left visibility poor, leading to car accidents. the roadway closure left some stranded in ames, and officials have also warned against using sections of highway 69, which runs parallel to the interstate. sabrina: the second major contest in the presidential race kicks off in new hampshire today...with three small precincts taking part in midnight voting... dixville notch the first among them to open their polls...after all three reported it was bernie sanders for the democrats and a three way tie on the g-o-p side... donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich splitting the
8:22 am
sabrina: elias: well let's get a quick check of the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/ weather adlib:
8:23 am
i love this tu. when you wish upon a star, jesse, you might just win the super bowl and a trip to the happiest plalace o earth, there's super bowl champ peyton manning celebrating at disneyland with all the stars. his adorable twins. >> he didn't waste any time. >> not at all and the parade in denver is today. that's full on. sea of orange. congratulations, peyton. >> also, take a look at this photo. here is your oscars class of 2016. every nominee all together. we're taking you behind t the scenes with them all ahead on the biggest night in hollywood airing where, right here on abc. >> all right, then we have chef marcus samuelsson. he is teaming up with robin, taking on our $5 dinner challenge.
8:24 am
i think he can. >> i love -- >> smells delicious. >> he is so good. >> uptown chicken on the cheek. >> i like that. >> bruno. >> singing that. >> uptown chicken on the cheap. less than three weeks to go till oscar sunday. who has their dress? >> not yet. >> i got mine. >> rob does. rob raised his nds. >> all sequinned up. all the nominees are celebrating together gathering for the exclusive nominees luncheon in beverly hills. chris connelly was also there. check it out. >> i need to hold my husband. >> reporter: in "the danish girl" swedish born alicia vikander's character brims with tenderness and understanding. >> you know what i got to say. >> reporter: in "the hateful eight." jennifer jason lee i is no gentle flower as she hopes to avoid a hanging. each nominated for the first timeme as supporting actor and at
8:25 am
each shared how the academy awards' lure has been part of their lives since childhood. >> i used to watch the oscars but tt was like watching cinderella on tv. it was very, very distant,t, a dreamfar, far away. >> all the pageantry and beautiful clothes and acceptance speeches and tears and all of that, you get so swept up in it as akid, so t even be doing this interview is kind of surreal for me. >> brie larsonen. >> reporter: for brie larson from "room" acclaim coming after 20 years of showbiz struggle that begegann youth full determination. >> i had a dream last night that was hanging out with my 7-year-old self and i said it's going to take 20 years before you get any sort of recognition for it and i saw my 7-year-old self go. >> r reporter:ominated for "spotlight." mark ruffalo hailing the omni set of ensemble acting set by tom mccarthy.
8:26 am
of sub blip mate their own egos to serve, it's super rare. i think that's part of why i think the movie is exciting to see this group of people playing at that levelelut in a way that is just purely toerve the storytelling. >> reporter: and while no one knows if leonardo dicaprio will win best actor for "the rerevenant"e has a guaranteed treat in store, tt according to nominee sam smith. i've been near >> reporter: will sing live his song from "spectre" "writing's on the wall." >> looking at ten rows of the best-known actors -- >> i'm going to sing directly to lee joe. only leo and before i'm doing this for you, babe. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> it's going to be a good one and academy awards airs february 28th right here on abc and we do have your post awards after-party on "gma."
8:27 am
the night to us. jesse. >> i love after parties. time to checkn on our "10 dates in 10 states" adventure. abc producer erica scott is in the home stretch. two-stepping her way across the country and learning about love and the chemistry behind it. take a look. >> i'm now more than halfway through thisncredible coast-to-coast journey and had my sevth date in the lonee star state of texas. hi, nice to meet you. >> i'm good. hoare you? >> i stopped in austin and met up with amirnd we went two-stepping at the iconic white horse. >> i haven't two-stepped since middle school. just follow me. all right. >> that i can do. >> so far i've had all these dates setet up online or by a friend or colleague. this was different because actually the ceo of fumbleet me up. their headquarters in austin so
8:28 am
idea of what makes their app so different. how is bumble changing the dating game. >> only women make the first move. oftentimes women won't make the first move because they're concerned about the perception on the other end. >> how can you know if you have chemistry by s spendingive seconds looking at their profile. this doctor shays a woman is looking to are a couple things. >> biologically she's looking for the healthy specimen saying this is good genetic material. it's going to last. >> all dates have been fun but made me think abobouthemistry and what's going on chemically in your brain when you're on the dates. >> you have an increase of dopamine, the hormone of reward so you're psyched and addicted like gambling. you have the hormone of oxytocin which is bonding so you feel knuckly and cuddly and have a decrease in the hormone of serotonin which makes you obsessional. you can't stop thinking about that other person. >> i'm still trying to figure out what exactlyt is i'm
8:29 am
lot of fun along the way. >> and joining us live from austin, texas, abc producer erica scott and, erica, i hope you're holding up oy out there. it's been a whirlwind tour and heard you say when you fall in love that can b like an addiction. so when you have a eakup, a bad breakup can that be like a withdrawal? >> yes, so, according to our experts you actually can become chemically dependent on your partner so when youo through a breakup you experience the same loss of dopamine like you would like withdrawal from a drug so the same brain areas that process body pain light up when you experience a b social rejection. so personally i think it's totally justified to finish a pint of ice cream when going through a breakup. >> what about chemistry. people are looking for that right off the bat. if you don't have it right away is it something you can develop over time. >> yeah, so chemistry develops
8:30 am
by sharing inter matmate secrets, any kind of time spent with somebody so maybe share that ice cream. >> we all need to know, erica, how do you pack for tenates in ten different states? >> so, norm amelie i'm really a light packer. but actually obviously i had to be very well equipped. i have everything from my ski parka to the wet shirt from hawaii and a ton of equipment. all my shoes obviously, but camera stuff and i had to get a few postcards which i've not had any time to mail yet. sorry, mom and dadnd my diary because i got to keep it all to myself sometimes. well, obviously, erica, you're doing such a great job. >> i'm sensing some chemistry between erica and jesse. >> i was just going to say that. >> guys, my dopamine levels are rising through the roof right now. >> i was - robin, i was just thinking that.
8:31 am
>> save room in that -- in your suitcase there, erica. thank you very much for joining us wish you the best of luck -- >> blushing. >> i got to go to the tag. you can follow her on our website, on yahoo! #teninten. we got to go outside to rob. >> you're so red. >> speaking of states, one from texas. this young lady has been watching us for 35 years, miss virginia harper. ere are you from in texas? >> dallas. >> why did it take so long to visit us. >> i've been working a lot. i'm here now. >> are you retired now? >> yes. >> congratulations. we're so happy you came to see us on this chilly day. look at this in scituate, massachusetts. gusting over 45 miles an hour. 65 in nantucket. windchills dropping not only across the great lakes but down
8:32 am
morning in raleigh. >> this weathercast is brought to you by liberty mutual. what's in that coffee cup? you're hiding it. >> chai tea. >> something that couples rarely talk about, merging their finances. we spoke t a financial expert to get her take on how you can plan your financial future together and abc's rebecca jarvis has that story. >> brian friedman and kayla baez met 2 and a half years ago. >> somebody who loves dogs, how can you not falall in love with.
8:33 am
talking about merging finances has been a challenge. >> for me talking about money is very uncomfortable. >> reporter: according to a "newsweek" poll, 40% of couples say they did not talkabout financial issues prior to getting married. >> you're not just talking about money. you're talking about choices. >> reporter: so we brought in this woman, author of "financial intimacy" to help this couple plan their financial future together. >> please come in. welcome. >> repororter: herumber one tip. >> sit down and map out what are your goals, what are my goals and what are our goals? >> h advice, be open about finances. list each person's assets, debts and expenses. have a transition plan. decide if you want to merge bank accounts, who will py what financial roles like paying bills and managing investments. and keep the conversation going after you're married. >> you are intentionally having what i call money dates.s. >> she says planning your
8:34 am
>> that's a perfect entree into some of the more awkward pieces of the conversation about money. >> reporr: beginning a life together on the right financial footing. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> hey, one way to save money is have a $5 dinner so coming up we have our $5 dinner challenge. chef marcus samuelsson is teaming up with robin and revealing his dish all coming up next. "gma's" real money brought to you by voya financial.
8:35 am
retirent. the chef was terrific yesterday and back with our $5 dinner challenge giving celebrity che a $5 budget to create a well-balanced meal for two using just that and whatever is in the pantry. this morning, we e have food networ star and owner of red rooster in harlem. here is celebrity chef marcus comen out. hello, marcus. whoo! >> how are you? $5. that's it. what's in the bag? >> we got this. i don't know what ming did yestererday. he was at $4 something -- listen, this is -- we got drumsticks for $2.20. >> drumsticks for 2.20$20.
8:36 am
>> on a budget drumsticks are grea and it'll g get you there. you know, if you want -- would like to get a whole bird, yeah, you can do that but it'll cost you more. >> $2.19 for these. >> what else you ve. >> couscous. this could be a great supplement >>hat's it. so that's -- >> we can be healthy and trendy and good at the same time. >> kale. >> it's kale. you know what, 64 cents. this is going to bee just $3.60. kale. it spoils before i can use it all. any suggestions. >> i i'm having a little pickleing juice in and keep longer, as well. >> wonderful. i got to try that. these are the three. what is the total? >> 3.62. i don't know what gayle is going to do tomorrow. mario -- >> now you got to put it together. >> i'll go to the pantry. we can use items out of here. it's not cheating.
8:37 am
>> affordable doesn't mean it's not going to taste wderful. cayenne. affordable doesn't mean it's not going to taste good so i got -- actually made a marinade. a little soy and ginger. >> can never go wrong with ginger. >> healthy and a little bit of this spice rub, paprika and cayenne. marinate it for two hours then we put in a little b bit of flour in can you smell it already? >> right, we're just going to put that in there. all right, we're going to move straight in and put it in the pan. boom. >> right in the pan. >> you like like a little bird. >> i love. >> and to make the kale taste good i got peanuts and garlic. i love kale. welcome, guys. >> smelling so good. >> saute that. >> thank you. you know, they were messing with you. >> i know. i knew some chicken would help out. getting bullied on natioional television.
8:38 am
>> are we -- >> when does the couscous come in? >> right here. >> ah. >> taste that. come on, robin, taste that. >> i would love to. >> take that little bit of couscous. we got a whole plate for you there. cooking for $5 does not mean it's not going to taste good. we did not have to compromise. we have 3.60. gives you $1.40 to spend. what do you want to spend it on? >> dessert. >> exactly. >> a lot think if you want to eat healthy or well you have t to spend a lot of money and that's not the case. >> just learn how to cook. you will take care of leftovers and cook on audget and you can taste delicious. even lara is eating this. are you eatating this? are you eoying it. >> the kale is fantastic. >> i love the gospel brunch. i used to love to go to that. where are you on the tally board, $3.62. look at that. >> wow. >> see what ming did.
8:39 am
>> by a lot. >> all i know is we're going to eat well this week. >> with mario coming, gayle is coming. >> all of them. marcus, as always, you can get all these recipes at on yahoo!
8:40 am
i hope you hen't now behind-the-scenes look at abc's hit comedy "fresh off the boat." the show is in its second season and giving fans a new perspective on family life while getting a lot of laughs. chris connelly sat down with the stars. >> reporter: hudson yang may justin 12 but few tv characters represent for old school music quite like his eddie huang on "freshsh off theoat." >> represent like -- >> he with forest wheeler as emory and ianhen 9 got up to speed on the culture of the 1990s when it's set.
8:41 am
i didn't know about a lot of stuff. >> yeah, yeah. >> i probably had to learn like a lot too like about the rap music, about the culture. >> reporter: lessons learned as a trip to the wardrobe trailer proves. >>his is as ais a boyz iien outfit from "end of the road." >> we re-enacted the actual video. end of the road >> reporter: along with the laughs, "fresh off the boat" looks to put aoss the rhythms and realities within the home of an asian-american family. >> yeah, that's incredibly rewarding and very meaningful to me. >> reporter: its significancee is no secret to stars randall park and constance wu. >> with our chinese new year's episode i don't know if that topicas ever been explored in a family sitcom. >> having a chinese's new yeaear's party but nobody cares enough to ge it right. y'all readydy for this who's ready for a dragon dance. >> reporter: a valentine's day
8:42 am
between these-high achieveing chasing the dream parents and their sons. >> our versionon of romance is doing taxes together. >> a quiet night alone gives us a chance to focus and not miss any crucial deductions. it's completely natural. >> reporter: for the wangs itt works out in the end. sweet moves. >> you know wha i shoululddo, the body rope. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chrisis connell abc news, los angeles. >> it is a funny show.
8:43 am
8:00, 7:00 central rig thanks for being with us. don't forget we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. "world news tonight" with david muir is live in new hampshire, andd we willave resultsive as they come in all night long rightt here on abc. >> big night. meanti, have a great tuesday,
8:44 am
>> see you guys. elias: the iowa utilities board continues deliberating over whether or not to approve the bakken oil pipeline... during monday's hearing, the board considered environmental and economic issues with the
8:45 am
continue to meet over the next three days...the hearings are open to the public. sabrina: over to the statehouse, where some iowa senators are fighting the medicaid privatization plan sabrina: the state is less than a month away from the planned change over...with the lawmakers working to repeal the plan. this, as govenor branstad lashes out at democrats...clai ming they are trying to make healthcare all about politics. but the thing is, there's also a republican voting to repeal privatized medicaid... that senator says he wants to make it clear that this isn't about taking political sides. the govenors plan is supposed to save 51 point three million in the first six months of privatizing medicaid.... the senate bill repealing the plan passed out of committe... though it is not expected to make it through the house, and if it did, would be vetoed by the governor. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
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