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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the deadly blizzard of 2016 leading to major problems on road, rooftops and homes as firefighters struggle to get through unplowed streets. the federal government shut down for a second day while out west el nino is causing problems leaving apartments teetering on the edge. a state of emergency this morning. caught on camera. police open fire and a traffic stop escalates becoming a blitz of gunfire. now body cam footage reveals what happened the moment before those shots were fired. a young skier tumbling more than a thousand feet down a mountain, now an exclusive never before seen look from her point of view. she's joining us live with how she managed to survive an impossible plunge. i'm alive good morning shgs, america. angel collinson, you just saw her, not a scratch on her after
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she says i'm okay. >> her name is angel and an angel was on her side. >> she's going to be here live in just a bit. crunch time in the presidential race. those first votes closing in. >> just six days until iowa. democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, facing off last night in a town hall. everything from taxes to health care on the table. abc's cecilia vega is on the campaign trail there in des moines, iowa. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: the windy campaign trail this morning, robin. good morning to you. a tough night, indeed and a very tough day ahead with all of these stops that these candidates have. this is it. they are running out of time now to make their cases. overnight, the closing arguments. >> it's a tough campaign and it should be because it's the hardest job in the world. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders in their final face-off before the iowa caucuses. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing.
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kids and women and the people who are left out a a left behind the chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> reporter: taking on the issues like how to pay for universal health care. >> you are going to raise taxes to do this. >> yes, we will raise -- we will raise the -- we will raise taxes. >> reporter: and taking on each other. >> i led the effort against wall street, deregulation, see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> reporter: on the republican side, the feud between donald trump and ted cruz in overdrive. >> my new battle is with a gentleman named ted cruz because you got to speak the truth. you got to speak the truth. the canadian, the man from canada. >> reporter: cruz hurling an attack right back. >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> reporter: and on the campaign trail. >> mr. trump has had a lot to say about me lately. i got to say each morning is interesting.
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myself from donald every day. >> reporter: the fight that won't end. now, donald trump says he may consider skipping this week's republican debate. the host of fox news, megyn kelly, you'll remember they had that fight. x is fighting back saying that we're very surprised he's willing to show that much fear, george, about being questioned by megyn kelly. >> thanks, cecilia. donald trump joins us now by phone. thank you for joining us, mr. trump. i want to pick up where cecilia just left off. it seeee like fox news might be taunting you a little bit saying -- suggesting you're showing fear about being questioned by megyn kelly in that debate. >> no, i have no fear. i don't think she's a good professional. i don't think she's professional at all. she's very biased against me. i've done six debates now including one with her. i've won every one of them according to every online poll if you look at drudge -- >> so you will be there thursday? >> excuse me? >> you will be there thursday. >> i'm making a decision.
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i don't think she's a very talented person. i don't think she's a good reporter. i think they can do a lot better than that i love doing the debates. i do think they should get competent reporters, shouldn't use somebody like her. she's not very good att what she does, i will tell you. >> we should assume you'll be there thursday night. >> well, you can probably make that assumption, but i'm thinking about it. >> you talked about our latest poll. it shows 64% of republicans now expect you to be the nominee. which part of the job of president gives you the most pause? >> well, that's a very daunting task and we're in deep trouble, the country is a mess. you look at the iran deal which is so sad. now they're taking that money and spending it with everybody else including terrorists, by the way. you saw that with secretary kerry the other day which was disgusting when he expects it to be given to terror. what's he making the deal for if they give it to terror? you look at so many different aspects. our economy, look at the stock
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opening in its history we've gone down so much. we're in a bubble and, you know, frankly if there's going to be a bubble popping i hope they pop before i become president because i don't want to inherit all this stuff. i'd rather have it the day before rather than the day after, i will tell you that. >> ted cruz is coming at you hard in iowa launching a n n ad today in iowa. here's a part of it. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortion. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> and what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> he's backing that up on the stump saying a candidate who for 60 years supported partial birth abortion, we should not be surprised if as president he does not defend the right to life. >> george, i'm pro-life. 100%. he knows it. everybody knows it. and as far as the iowa, i was talking about they were backing somebody and i didn't say just iowa, i said the people of iowa, i said the people of the united states, it's just like his last ad which he had to take down because he said i ripped down a
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because of eminent domain. eminent domain you wouldn't have roads, you wouldn't have highways, you wouldn't have hospitals without eminent domain or the keystone pipeline ever gets built so he really does lie. he's so nervous -- i saw him the other day. he is so nervous, he is such a mess his polls have gone down like i've never seen polls gone down. people realize he probably can't even run for president. he was born in canada and now all offof -- >> where is the line in that add. you used to be strongly pro-choice, now strongly pro-life. what caused the conversion? >> i'm saying i'm pro-life and he's not making it that way. yesterday he said that i ripped down a woman's house for an economic development job. i never ripped down the house. i never -- i decided i wouldn't do that. i mean he's just saying lie after lie. it's so -- it's not becoming and he's got a problem. he's got a very much bigger problem. there's a lot of people think he can't run for president.
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there are many constitutional scholars including laurence tribe, including many others, i mean, i'm not even talking about laurence tribe of harvard anymore. we have so many others thatt say flatly he is unable to run, illinois has a problem. they might not be able to certify him because of it so he's got to get that straightened out otherwise he can't even run for office. >> you have a lot of top republicans nervous including haley barber saying the establishment should rally behind anyone not namam cruz or trump after iowa and new hampshire. how do you respond? >> well, look, he's an old-time politician, up in my office looking for money for many times and he's an old-time politician who's losing his grip and, frankly, i haven't heard the name haley barber mentioned in a year and a a half and i guess people don't like to get out. the fact is whether they like it or not i'm in first place by a lot. cruz is in second place. and a lot of that is because people are fed up with the old-time politicians like haley barber that haven't done
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barack obama for the last eight years because of people like haley barbour that don't know what they're doing. they're only good for them 168s not for the people. >> thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you very much. our poll on trump shows an incredible conversion, six month p months ago two-thirds said they wouldn't support him. two two-thirds say he'll be the nominee and say they can support him. >> big change. you know who was saying it all along. matthew dowd and will join us from home in austin, texas. you heard donald trump with george sounding very confident yet again. the poll numbers as george was alluding to and i believe back in august, you were saying this was his nomination to lose. >> yeah, he's got double-digit leads nationally and in all of the key states coming up and i think donald trump has an opportunity to do something no gop candidate for president who was an incumbent has ever done which is win iowa and new hampshire. no gop candidate has ever done that who wasn't an incumbent president.
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and i think the dominos start to fall. >> let's look ahead to november, matt. and are we going to see and hear the same donald trump that we're seeing and hearing today or does he have to change his message a little bit foror november? >> well, i think donald trump's smart enough to know and brilliant on his own brand knows as dominant a position he is in the gop race right now he's as weak in a general election among the broad population and he'll have to do some shifts as soon as he clinches the nomination and move forward and towards the center. i think you'll see him do that because he understands his brand and he understands the voters are different in the fall than right now in on the other side of the aisle how do you see the democratic states right now? >> i think if bernie sanders wins iowa, he wins new hampshire and the race gets reset in the course of that. bernie sanders right now, he needs to get knocked down in the backfield by hillary clinton, otherwise he's got open field running and no telling where that goes.
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was going to just wait until you gave that to us, matt. thanks so much. as always. >> for his voters on monday. the massive cleanup from this weekend's deadly blizzard. it's warming up a bit in the east but baltimore and washington still digging out this morning. the federal government closed for a second day and here you see rfk stadium, those are the streets of d.c. but that's rfk stadium. their actually dumping the snow from the streets into the parking lot and abc's david kerley is live in alexandria, virginia, with the latest. good morning, david. george. three days now and there are neighborhoods like this one in alexandria that have not seen a plow. these neighbor, these residents are stranded. now i'm going to give you a sense standing in the middle of the road. take a look. know is crusty. i don't know if i'll break through it or not. this is what the plows have to get through and these residents are being told they may not see a plow maybe until tomorrow so a lot of them dug out their driveways which is good news but 16 of the 42 deaths so far
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from shoveling. overnight, firefighters struggling through unplowed streres to reach some borrow houses going up in flames. fortunately no one injured. it's now more than 55 hours since the blizzard ended and the washington, d.c. area still partially crippled. much of the trouble in the surround suburbs. some homeowners trapped on the streets untouched since friday being told they may not see a plow until tomorrow. >> plowing went down the drain and they did not have plan b. >> reporter: the weight of all that standing snow has claimed its share of roofs. in silver spring, maryland, it was a church that was a victim. for a second day in a row the federal government has shut down. employees again told to stay home while crews work plowing 4400 miles of roadway. the national park service has another 300 miles and 155 bridges to make sure are clear. with the help of this special rail yard plow, metro lines are
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but many city buses still snowed in with limited service. schools too closed for a second day. >> it's getting old real quick. >> reporter: new york city was generally up and running monday but much of queens remains unplowed. >> the people don't clear their sidewalks we're going to start now the process of applying fines. >> reporter: on long island this jet engine brought in to clear snow from train tracks there. this drone showing philadelphia from above and this morning government schools, transit there open for business. so the digout continues here hoping the plows get here. the good news, the weather is better. might even rain here tonight, guys. that's good news to get rid of some of the snow. >> that would be. david, thank you. now to the latest on that mosquito-borne zika virus that's linked to brain damage in babies and paralysis in adults. the world health organization warning it could hit the united states, cases have already been reported in 22 countries and territories. some countries even urging women
7:13 am
two years or until the outbreak can be controlled. dr. richard besser joins us from los angeles with the latest and, boy, a lot of people are shaking their heads. what's going on with this outbreak, rich? >> the pan-american health organization is saying any country that has the right mosquito is going to see outbreaks of zika virus. now, take a look at this map. that mosquito is found in every country in the western hemisphere except for canada and chile. >> so what about the united states? people want to know what is the possibility of a big outbreak here in the u.s.? >> yeah, well, we have that mosquito in parts of the south and i asked the cdc about this. they say we're going to see small outbreaks due to people coming back from countries who are infected. they g bit by a mosquito and spread it to others but they don't think we'll see big outbreaks. we haven't seen that with other infections spread by the same mosquito like dengue. >> what should people do if they're thinking about traveling to these areas of the world. >> you know, if you're pregnant the cdc says don't go.
7:14 am
repellant to reduce the chances you'll get bit and when you come back, if you have fever, joint pain, red eyes or rash, see your doctor so you can be tested, monitored so you don't spread it to other people. >> a lot of people have questions, rich. thank you and you'll be taking their questions throughout the morning. you can tweet him @drrichardbesser. good morning, amy. >> good morning. a grand jury in texas has now cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing following those undercover videos. it claims to show them selling fetal tissue. the grand jury unexpected indicted two anti-abortion act ifs who shot that video. they're charged with tampering with government records which is a felony. well, a major change for juveniles serving time in federal prison. president obama has banned the use of solitary confinement for them. he cited research that shows the practice has lasting psychological consequences. police in orlando have released video showing an
7:15 am
17-year-old in a stolen car. the officer says he was trying to stop the driver for not wearing a seat belt when the car then moved toward him. he fired four shots and is now on leave pepping an investigation. the teen who was not seriously injured facing several charges. well, an apparent case of road rage in austin, texas, turned into this duel. look at this. one man carrying a bat. other grabbed a wooden pole from his struck and fought for 15 seconds before thankfully cooler heads prevailed. yikes. did you hear about the unexpected runner who joined a half marathon in alabama. her name is ludivine and she is a hound dog. when she saw all the runners she decided to join them and she never stopped. she ran all 13.1 miles. she actually finished seventh. good enough to win a medal and so they promptly placed one around her neck. her owner says she went out to do her business and never saw
7:16 am
completely shocked she ran for all offof 13.1 miles. >> is there any truth that she qualified for the new york city marathon. >> now she'll sleep for about 13 days. >> exactly. what's going on. >> a lot of terrible weather here on the east coast but out in california, the west coast been hit by el nino storms which has caused a state of emergency and we have drone video. check this out. the apartment buildings are teetering on the verge of disaster and abc's neal karlinsky is out in pacifica with the latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: michael, good morning. up on top of that bluff. this is as close as we can get and stay safe. here's why, look at the edge, the pavement just crumbled away. another 20 feet used to go out all of it falling over the edge over just the last two weeks. this morning, el nino's fury caught on camera. drone footage shows a chunk of this bluff in the city of pacifica shearing off leaving an
7:17 am
residents told to leave immediately. their balconiesight over the crumbling cliffs. take a look at this. you can see where it's cracking away right outside. i don't even feel comfortable standing here to be honest. the city in a state of emergency up and down the coastline pounding waves and powerful rains wreaking havoc damaging a pier and opening this sinkhole. engineers scrambling to fortify the sandstone bluffs with boulders, rods and concrete from the beach below. too late for this home. the ground of the patio crumbled away. pictures from before this season's storms show just how much erosion there's been. >> it's going really fast, really fast. >> reporter: even so, many of the people evacuating this apartment building this morning say they don't want to go. >> guys have to physically drag me out. i'm not leaving. my maybes aren't leaving either. >> reporter: as much as they're doing to shore things up here
7:18 am
mother nature now, george and robin. >> boy, i don't know how you could not move away from that. >> i hope she's okay. to rob in central park. >> hey, george, want to start out west where it'll be dry for the next couple of days in california but more storms coming in later in the week. the february outlook calls for more in the way of el nino storm storms for northern and southern california. warm and wet across parts of the northeast. mild right now, slick spots out there so take it easy on the way out the door. all right.
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just look at that video right there. angel collinson, that's what she was seeing as she fell a thousand feet down the mountain, hit bottom and said, i am okay and angel collinson is going to join us live this morning to tell us about that incredible fall. there she is right there. >> amazing. only jammed two fingers in all that. we'll talk to her. also right now, just six days as you know until iowa and the candidates are making their final pitches. as the deadline approach, gop
7:25 am
with us moments ago talking to george saying he may be part of thursday's debate not committing fully yet. also, "variety" magazine taking on diversity at the oscars. look at this brand-new cover, the oscar statuette is white with the caption, "shame on us." that's going to get a lot of reaction. >> also counting down super bowl 50 and, boy, cam newton, carolina panthers superstar quarterback. you see him right there. what a season he is having. >> he's had a great season. this is a comeback. last year he had a serious car accident and he's come back in that to beat the odds and become the odds-on favorite for the mvp of the nfl. incredible story. we have more on that coming up. >> would you have liked the chance to take him down. >> bigger than me, robin. i don't know about that. of course, i would take newton down. i can say that now because i don't have to do it. >> the michael i know. the massive manhunt ramping up this morning for those three
7:26 am
of a maximum security jail. authorities now warning they could be anywhere in the u.s. or even outside the country. abc's kayna whitworth has the latest from santa ana, california, good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, robin, good morning. so authorities say when these thee men rappelled down the wall they ended up here in the civic center surrounded by government buildings and neighborhoods so the first thing authorities had to do was warn everyone including the past victims of these three men. this morning, three allegedly violent criminals on the run for a fifth day after breaking out of this maximum security jail. how concerned are you? >> my concern is the fact that they have probably gotten out of the immediate circle near the jail and probably outside of the los angeles area. >> reporter: former fbi special agent in charge steve gomez says if the three men traveled 600 to 800 miles by car each day they could potentially be anywhere in the u.s., mexico or canada.
7:27 am
escaped after a 5 a.m. check but they weren't reported missing until almost 9 p.m. the rope made from bed sheets authorities say they used to rappel down nearly six stories can still be seen hanging from this metal grate. >> they could be almost anywhere. >> absolutely. >> reporter: two of the men associated with a vietnamese gang. overnight authorities making a plea to that community for information. >> we understand that you may be fearful about coming forward but we need the information to help us find these people. >> reporter: investigators now trying to figure out when an alliance was formed between tieu nayeri and duong. overnight the district attorney bringing felony escape charges against the three men. robin. >> all right, kayna, thank you. we move on to a new murder trial in georgia where a father of two charged with killing his wife pretending she disappeared buness his teenage daughters are firmly in his corner
7:28 am
steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: this morning as a jury is seated at matt leili's murder trial a family is flit in two. >> we just want our dad home. >> reporter: his teenage daughters are saying that their father could never have killed their mother dominique. >> my parents, they were married 13 years, my dad loved my mom. he still does. >> reporter: here they are on youtube, amanda and rebecca defending their dad after he was arrested last year nearly four years after their mother's nude body was found covered in leaves in a wooded area near their suburban atlanta home. police say that matt leili waited two days to report his wife missing in july of 2011 and then filed for divorce two days later. from the start dominique's family blamed her husband for the murder saying that the couple fought bitterly before she disappeared. >> it's a thing i've pictured in my mind for awhile but had doubts as to whether i would see it. >> reporter: matt leili was arrested in march of last year
7:29 am
at a computer seized from the home that contained files from the family's surveillance system. >> you have been charged with murder. >> reporter: but even authorities say they have no magic bullet. the medical examiner ruled the cause of death inconclusive only saying it was possible she died by strangulation or asphyxiation. he is pleading not guilty. steve osunsami, abc news. >> let's talk to dan abrams about this. that youtube video such an emotional pull. what difference does it make to the legal case. >> the daughters of the victim and the person on trial dececing we need to put this out on youtube. we need to make sure people realize that my dad didn't do it. now, the youtube video itself won't be the issue but they're going to testify and they're not just going to testify about, oh, we loved our dad. we don't think he did it. they're going to offer substantive testimony in particular 911 call which the prosecutors are going to introduce to say she called 911. this is evidence of problems in
7:30 am
the girls are going to say, mom called but there was nothing wrong. we were there. she was off her rocker at that time. that's incredibly valuable testimony for the defense. >> as steve pointed out this is not a rock solid case and it did take authorities four years to bring it. >> you have even the police spokesperson saying we don't have a magic bullet. this just tipped the scales for us. boy, that sure makes it sound like they don't have a rock solid case at all here. in conjunction with the fact that his daughters are going to testify on his behalf this is not going to be an easy case. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. woo ale keep an eye on it. coming up an abc news exclusive. that skier caught on camera tumbling down the side of a mountain. no major injuries. angel collinson is going to join us live next on "gma." come on back. they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea
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or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. hang on, everybody. we are back now with that terrifying tumble down an alaskan mountain. take a look at this.
7:35 am
world's top big mountain skiers, she's filming scenes for a ski documentary. >> oh. >> when she falls more than a thousand feet. this is her point of view. this is her helmet cam. her body is like a rag doll. you hear at the bottom say -- >> i'm ay. i'm okay. >> she's okay. walk as way without any major injuries and angel joins us exclusively now from salt lake city. so good to see you. this happened last spring. you're okay. you were shooting that documentary. but what happened, angel? >> well, yeah, i was filming with teton gaffety research for "paradise waits" and i was skiing down pretty fast but totally reasonable speed for what i normally do and i hit
7:36 am
of bounced my ski around and this happens to us a lot but in this case it kind of bumped my ski up above me to my left and my body kept going down to my right and then that's when i started falling. >> you thought you were tomahawking down and you thought at one point you were going to top but you kept on going and amy and i both remarked you didn't say anything. you didn't scream or anything. >> yeah. >> you had a mike on you. >> i know, i was miked up, yeah. >> what was going through your mind as you were tumbling down like that? >> well, at first i was trying to slow myself down with my arms, but then once i started picking up speed i realized that i was going to be falling for awhile and the snow is icy and there was big icy snowballs so as i was tumbling i covered my face and protected my head with my arms and i kind of just held on until i stopped. >> so you were protecting your head like that and the only
7:37 am
>> two jammed fingers and some bruises, but totally unscathed other than that. >> angel, are you fearless? because you seem like this was just another day at the office. >> no, i definitely always have a bit of fear before i do stuff and it's -- i feel like professional skiing and a lot of sports is knowing the difference between the fear in your gut when you shouldn't do something or just the little bit of nervous fear that we always have, i'm always scared on top. >> that's good to have healthy fear. this is now being used for a safety video? can you explain that? >> yeah, so teton gravity research is doing a safety week right now and they brought a bunch of professional skiers together where we talked about some of the lines that we've skied where maybe we made good calls or calls we wish we made differently and talk about them so we can learn from them so they showed my -- the footage of my fall and we all kind of
7:38 am
using it just so people can, yeah, learn from it. >> and you said get back on that horse. i think that's how you phrased it. don't be afraid when something like that happens, get back out there and that's what you have done. angel, thank you. you have the perfect name. the perfect name. we wish you all the best. glass you're okay. you take care. >> thank you, you too. coming up, the panthers' cam newton showing he's a real-life superman jumping over defenders even coming back from an accident to rule the field. how did he do it? t.j. will tell us next. yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]...
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7:42 am
all right, welcome back to "gma," everybody. we are counting down to super bowl 50. >> yeah, we are. >> yes, we are. the broncos are getting ready to take on the panthers and the panthers dynamic quarterback cam newton iss looking like a real-life superhero and our real-life superhero t.j. holmes, he's here with that. what you got, t.j.? >> stra, you'll remember for sure but there were detractors of cam newton just a few years ago and doubted he could play the position but fast forward a few years he's flashing that smile around, superhuman ability on the field handing little kids footballs and next thing you know you're dabbing too.
7:43 am
defenders. >> quarterback draw, diving in the end zone. >> reporter: leaping big linemen in a single bound. carolina panthers quarterback likened to a superhero. >> he was superman on that play. >> reporter: the nfl's superman is flying high. >> the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> reporter: his next stop super bowl 50. a feat many thought impossible just over a year ago when he suffered two spinal fractures after his truck flipped in an accident. he told reporters at the time somebody is supposed to be dead. but he came back stronger than ever. the 6'5", 250-pound quarterback has a 35-inch vertical leap and can run a 40-yard dash in 4.59 seconds, the second fattest time among quarterbacks drafted since 2010. with his dazzling play and mega megawatt smile he's soaring over madison avenue. >> exclamation point, peanut butter, jelly. >> reporter: selling everything
7:44 am
>> you hold this? thank you. >> reporter: to gatorade, even yogurt. >> my go to protein snack. >> reporter: and in the end zone it's all about the dab. now he's got the whole team, the whole country, even the coach in on the craze. [ cheers and applause ] stopping him might actually take kryptonite. >> ooh. >> all right. everybody -- i got to give some perspective how great he is and i'll use strahan. tan up for me. >> strahan is a hall of fame defensive lineman. cam newton is a quarterback and is bigger than this dude right here. >> yes, yeah. he is bigger he's built like an action figure. i am a little too. but cam, cam is very impressive.
7:45 am
everybody loves him. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. (becky) i started smoking when i was 16. now i have end stage copd. my tip is; if you keep smoking, your "freedom" may only go as far as your oxygen tube. (announcer)you can quit.
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i am in central park where there's till plenty of snow to play in. temperatures above the freezing mark. still a lot of slick spots out there so be careful if you're walking or driving especially in the suburbs where there are some frozen spots. we'll have thaw during the day and freeze at night.
7:49 am
cold air will be coming good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. craigslist nightmare. police race to find a suspect on the run after two home invaders target a seller on the site tying him up and robbing him in his own home. health alert this morning. the american heart association issuing a powerful new statement about heart attacks. why women often don't know they're having one. the symptoms so difficult to detect. dr. ashton explains live.
7:50 am
one twin sister up against each other for a date. the sister sent home speaking to our cameras. >> olivia seems to be popping out of a cake into the other's' nightmares. the playoffs are set. the countdown is on. amy shooeder and seth rogen against big names and brands. >> greatest super bowl commercial of all time. do you understand? >> who is headed for the big win when it comes to the super bowl commercials? it's all ahead as we say -- >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. boy, we just saw barbara corcoran from "shark tank" there. this is the finale this morning of our supersaver showdown. that is coming up. looking forward to that robin headed out on assignment. jesse is here with us.
7:51 am
some secrets to keeping new year's resolutions going. >> if you're on the verge of quitting, don't do it. our fitness guru dr. ian smith is here helping us hit the reset button on our diets with drinks like his purple powered detox. >> this tastes great. >> delicious. >> i can't talk while sipping. also this morning, guys, when a billionaire pops for an engagement ring how big should it with? mariah carey knows laying out 10 million ozzen the sparkler. the romance and what her e.x. nick cannon has to say. >> taking note. >> out of my league. out of everyone's league. we have a lot coming up. amy has the morning rundown. >> the big story this morning, crunch time in iowa. donald trump appears to be backing off his threat to boycott the next debate on fox news. he told george just a short while ago he will probably attend the debate but has not decided. he's protesting the moderator
7:52 am
biased against him. trump is also attacking senator ted cruz for telling, quote, lie after lie. cruz says he learned something new about himself every day from trump's attacks. the democrats answered questions from iowa voters last night. bernie sanders acknowledged his health care plan would raise taxes but would also eliminate premiums. hillary clinton admitted it's been a tough campaign but she says she can take it. >ederal offices in washington are closed again today in the aftermath of the blizzard. schools in d.c., baltimore and philly are also all closed again. there is growing outrage here in new york with some streets still not plowed days later and in baltimore snow made it impossible for fire trucks to reach this fire. crew has to drag equipment down the street. well, police in the caribbean reportedly have a suspect in custody in the murder of an american tourist. jessica colker of atlanta was vacationing with her husband in grenada. they were walking on the beach when they were attacked by a man
7:53 am
her husband escaped. no word on a motive for the attack. and a warning for anyone posting items for sale online. a man in colorado posted an ad on craigslist and when he met with the potential buyers, he says they tied him up and tried to rob him but he was ready. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, police are desperately searching for a suspect on the run after an apparent craigslist exchange turned deadly. >> we've never had any problems and it's like what just happened out herere >> reporter: police say two men came to this house in littleton, colorado, sunday after seeing the home owner listed several items for sale on line. but the homeowner tells police instead of purchasing the items one of the men took out a gun, tied him up and robbed him. >> they wanted the keys to his car. >> reporter: that's when the home owner managed to free himself grabbing a handgun and shooting at them as they drove away in separate vehicles fatally wounding the driver who stole his car.
7:54 am
last january, georgia grandparents bud and june runion were murdered after attempting to buy their dream car from someone they met on the site and last year a college student was shot to death a aer answering ang ad for an iphone 6. abc news reached out to craigslist for comment. they have yet to respond. back in littleton, the d.a. has yet to decide if the home many owner will face charges. >> it is much too early for us to guess the direction of this case. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. all right, linsey, thanks so much. finally resourcefulness in the face of adversity. one guy from brooklyn so discouraged of having to dig it out he decided to sell it for 100 bucks. he claims it's a prius with 45,000 miles on it and the buyer just has to shovel it out. another guy in brooklyn built an igloo in the snow but then he tried to post it on airbnb for $200 a night.
7:55 am
standards but it did add to the igloo owner he's glad he was able to stay busy during snowmageddon. he said he had five people call him to take him up on the offer. see if it pans out. >> i'll pay $100 for a prius. thank you, amy. we got a health alert from the american heart association about the fact that heart attacks may be harder to detect in women than men. our chief women's health correspondent jen ashton with the details. good to have you here. we heard about heart disease in women before. what's different? >> this is the first statement that addresses the question, does sex matter when it comes to heart attacks and the answer, men versus women, an overwhelming yes. those differences are outlined in the statement, differences in survival. women are more likely to die after a heart attack than men are. difference in the mechanism we think, why it happens. more likely to involve the small blood vessels in the heart and plaques that clog those arteries may behave differently in women and symptoms, very, very different in women >> that's what i wanted to ask about. they're more subtle.
7:56 am
heart attack, clutching your chest. chest pain is still the most common in men and in women, but in women there are a range of symptoms, they much more vague, much more subtle. some of the big ones unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, even flu-like symptoms, nausea in addition to the classic ones like chest pain radiating to the oulder, jaw or arm. >> really are differences between men and women. what's the most important thing women to need to know? >> really now it's about awareness and action. the awareness part, one in three women die of disease. everyone thinks that's someone else. the good news is 80% of heart disease is preventible if we reduce those risk facts like obesity and smoking, even some ob/gyn like pre-eclampsia or polycystic ovarian syndrome and now the american heart association go red for women action campaign encouraging women schedule that well woman
7:57 am
provider. your doctor, today so you can understand your risk and how to reduce it. >> at the first sign of simms. >> call 911. do not deny it. do not dismiss it. do not feel guilty. get yourself to the emergency room and use the words i think i'm having a heart attack. >> jen ashton, thanks very much. you'll take questions throughout the morning. tweet her @drjashton. now to michael. >> what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." mariah carey's engaged and everyone is talking about that ring. how big is it? bigger than beyonce and kim kardashian's. and modern romance at work. when is it really okay to date your co-worker? expert advice on that this morning. plus the stars stealing the super bowl and an inside look at the best new commercials and we're saving money and we're also saving your waistline with barbara corcoran and dr. ian smith coming up live on "gma."
7:58 am
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8:02 am
come back a little mariah carey right there. smash hit "we belong together." she has something to celebrate. look at the ring. everyone is talking about it. one of the biggest diamonds in the world, jesse has all the details. >> hey, george, get your sunglasses ready. you'll need them to look at this thing. it is huge. $10 million. 35 carats, this is not your typical family heirloom. i came to have a party >> reporter: talk about a ring with some serious bling. 35 carats, the reported size of
8:03 am
from billionaire fiance james packer. the ring is so big, it's larger than elizabeth taylor's rock. so big, it's larger than beyonce and kim kardashian's engagement rings combined. >> wilfredo rosado does a lot of celebrity yulery and said it was one of the most challenging pieces that he worked on in part because he's really good friends with mariah. >> reporter: who is the groom-to-be? james packer is an australian businessman. he's a casino tycoon married twice before reportedly worth about $3.5 billion. "baby oh! baby" >> such an exciting time. she has sidenceny in las vegas. just got her star on the hollywood walk of fame and now she's engaged. >> reporter: the engagement comes less than a year after car carey said as a single mom it's
8:04 am
>> it's not like i'm going out night. occasionally i will but it's much more about watching movies with the kids and having fun and reading them stories. >> reporter: showing his support her ex and father of her 4-year-old twins nick cannon who sent out a warm message. congrats to mariah and james. great future, great couple. if the ring is any indication, it's likely to be a big wedding. we belong together >> getting back to that amazing 35 carat ring, here's something crazy to think about the. legendary hope diamond is a 45-karat diamond. estimated somewhere between a cool $200 million to 250 misdemeanors. >> does she need a security team? i would be so afraid to have that much on your hand, my god. >> you probably get another one
8:05 am
>> very nice. >> oh. >> he's had advice for former girlfriends what to do. >> no. i don't have enough money for that. >> saves a little money on the insurance doing that. to anothereadline on love. we're counting down to valentine's day answering your modern romance questions and this morning should you date your co-worker? one couple's story of meeting at the office then marrying is trending big right now and abc's rebecca jarvis has their story. >> that was nice to meet you, ben. >> reporter: office romance, even the interns can't escape it. >> see you later. >> love to. >> but not all is fair in love and work. these days many companies have policies that frown upon it so what happens when the one is the one you sit nextto every day. >> you work together for just over a year and i never told a single soul. >> reporter: 27-year-old jaclyn smith and now husband tyler
8:06 am
years when tyler took a job at jacqueline's company where she no longer works finding his desk right next to his girlfriend's. >> you know, eight floors of a building you didn't expect to be sitting 15 feet away from her. >> reporter: the couple choosing to keep it private from their co-workers. >> we were worried about our reputation and what people might think or say. >> reporter: the business insider editor says there were several steps they took to k kp eir w wk and personal lives separate. >> you should always check the company policy before you start an office romance. >> we weren't showing up and leaving at the same time. and to be frank, we rarely talked to each other. >> reporter: the couple also kept their lovey-dovey messages off business e-mails and cell phones. another important consideration, keeping their love quarterlies out of the office. now happily married for four months jacqueline and tyler say their relationship is a testament to making an office relationship work. >> i ended up leaving the
8:07 am
somewhere else and we stayed together and a few years later i proposed. yeah, the rest is history. >> all right and rebecca joins us now along with life coach demetria lucas, author of "don't waste your pretty." thanks for being with us. rebecca, you actually have a little personal tale to tell. you met your husband at a very convenient time at work. >> yes, we met working back-to-back. we worked in a cubicle for almost two years, i worked at a bank and for almost two years, he came to me and told me he was quitting and i told him i liked him. >> timing is everything. >> very interesting conversation, but for me, you know, i had always been taught you don't dateeople at work. it's a really bad idea. >> had you wanted -- >> you know, you can ask my friends. i tried to set up a lot of my friends with my husband before we ended updating because i thought he was such a good person and i don't think i even allowed myself to think of him that way until i knew we
8:08 am
he wasn't my boss. i didn't report to him. >> that makes a big difference. >> it does. it really does. i think in my case it did. in my mind i didn't want it to hinder him at work. i didn't want it to hinder me at work. there were a couple of weeks we did date and still worked in that same cubicle together but -- >> don't look behind me. do not look behind me. >> do you h he to be in rebebea's situation to start that romance. >> you did it the exact right way and took things slow. i don't know if two years is necessary. good job. that worked out but take things slow. investigate who you're dating because you're taking a really big risk. so do a little search. find out about his office history. are you the first person he's dated. has he hit on everyone? these are thinks you want to know. >> don't leave a digital trail. get off the company e-mail. >> never ever on the company e-mail. at the beginning at the end, nothing, everything is on your personal account. if you can't keep it that way you talk in person. >> should you keep your
8:09 am
you're dating in the office? >> absolutely, the people in the office do not need to know anything. >> don't they always know, though? >> they do. >> i feel like they always know in they knew before we did that there was something there. >> is it fun to pretend you're not dating like keep it on the down low? >> there is that element of excitement initially but demetria touched on it, in the early stages, you don't know. you can't possibly know how serious this is going to be so you want to take it slow and then give yourself that time. >> you're realistic and saying it's going to happen so do it right. >> exactly. i don't think it's the best idea but if you're going to do it i think you did it the right way. >> thank you. congratulations on a happy marriage. >> that's great. >> we're counting down to the super bowl now. super bowl 50. peyton manning and the broncos up against cam newton's panthers. that's not the only matchup. look at amy schumer and seth rogen for bud light. >> more about the ad lineup.
8:10 am
and websites to bud lights. >> will you get the middle of my back. >> there is no mimiddle. >> reporter: fancy cars plus movie stars with pikachu and tyler too. the ads slated for super bowl 50 shape up to be another elite group and better be with 30-second spots on the telecast said to be going as much as $5 million, major impact is a must have. >> there are very few places advertisers can go to get a lot of people in one shot and the super bowl is it. last year the super bowl had a record 114 million viewers. that sort of opportunity simply doesn't exist in this day and age. >> reporter: steven tyler walking this way for skittles. squarespace nabbing comic duo key and peele. >> starring liam neeson. >> reporter: and liam nissen for lg electronics.
8:11 am
cooper's praises and christopher walk enand amy schumer and seth rogen are beer bottle buddies. >> it's going to be the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. do you understand? >> reporter: while three different shot by amateur clips are competing for doritos' 30-second slots. all of these men i epics eager to get your attention the way the lost puppy did at super bowl xlix last year so don't go away. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, that was definitely the best commercial last year. >> so great. looks like they might try to top it. >> it gets better and better every year. one thing you can always look forward to every super bowl. >> 0 question about it. rob. >> super bowl 50 in san francisco or santa clara. fantastic. the crew survived the snowstorm. milder today. in minneapolis, in other spots in minnesota they got 2 to 4 inches of snow yesterday so that is slowing traffic down.
8:12 am
aa little moistureeading over thisisold air in the western valleys of pennsylvania and new york so slick spots out there. two fronts coming through, maybe lake-effect snow and cooler shot on thursday morning. >> you are from where? >> cedar rapids, iowa. >> iowa. it's cold out there. who are you voting for? no, don't answer that question. michael, back over to you. >> all right, thanks, rob. now it's time, everybody, for "pop news." and w ware talking about thehe
8:13 am
"the revenant" and don't worry we're not going to spoil anything for anybody. but in the movie there's a very realistic bear attack scene featured in some of the trailers so it's not a spoiler. leonardo dicaprio gets tossed around the woods screaming, crawling. it was actually -- look at that. oh, my goodness. it was actually this guy. doesn't look at scary, does it. stunt man glen ennis wearing a blue seat in a bear head and told "the global news" there was no real bear on set. >> it's a person. >> they painted the virtual bear in later. it's unbelievable. now, the director was add perhaps it had to move like a real bear even though he was a big smurf bear. still had to be as authentic as possible. i'm sure we have seen it here. it is very realistic and leo was not wrestling ararnd. it was a 51-year-old stunt man. >> how did he not tart laughing? really hard.
8:14 am
actor. that's why he got nominated for an oscar. >> any of those wanted a real-actor in any parts, he's got it. >> i can do that part. finally on jimmy kimmel last night -- on "jimmy kimmel live" chris pine sang a sweet tune for the children on the east coast who could stay in their pajamas and go sledding for another day. check it out jerome dunn academy, st. hubert, st. dom, st. joe, schools are closed schools are closed play xbox and eat cheetos oh you're i i luck learning sucks go home, schools are closed >> what can't the guy do? what can't the guy do? that was great. chris is going to be on the show. maybe he can sing us a diddy. >> he has a voice.
8:15 am
>> i like that. >> he made a lot of kids happy. >> yes, he did, george. coming up on "gma," health guru dr. ian smith with secrets to keep your new year's diet revolutions. barbara corcoran is here
8:16 am
experts. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma" in our supersaver showdown. some very fresh fans here too. >> they're excited to be here as are our three saving experts competing against each other to get the ultimate bargains on clothing. everyone is a winner with all these tips but first to michael. >> all right, thank you, guys.
8:17 am
best-selling author dr. ian smith who has secrets to keeping your new year's resolutions going which is hard for all of us with his new book "the shred power cleanse," which features a powerful detox program to help you lose weight and get back on track. welcome. >> thanks, man. >> i was in the gym yesterday. the gym was crowded and trainer looked at me and said, michael, don't worry, come a few weeks nobody will be here, one-third of all the people have already quit with their resolutions that they already had but your diet you say is a way to jump-start and give somebody a good start and restart on their diet plan. >> the "the shred power cleanse" is a two-week cleanse. the average weight loss in two weeks was eight pounds, not just weight loss but also lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol level, a huge group of people, 30,000 doing the challenge at every monday we start a shred purple smooth economy challenge.
8:18 am
what are they? >> youou get four meals a day and two snacks, these are some of the power ingredients, okay. these are things that you can add to your soups, shakes, smoothies and you can tully get a lot of nutritional value for a small amount of cost so these are all in the book. can you add them easily with all your meals and snacks and people love them because you get to eat solid food. the key is not just liquid. you get to eat solid food. >> really eat food. so there are four dishes made. i'm supposed to sample each dish and tell you what special ingredient is in that dish, right? >> we'll see if you can do it. >> here we go. >> this is the signature drink. all about the purple smoothie. the purple powder d dox smt think. more than 50 recipes. you try it. >> i want to. >> no, no, you got a lot to try. >> this is like blueberries. >> it's good, right? okay. so there are blueberries and strawberries but what is the special idea. >> ginger. >> ginger. >> voila.
8:19 am
you're wrong. bee pollen. >> i'm buzzing. >> bee pollen is one of the complete foods, 40% protein. can't even drink it. >> i had no idea. >> here's number two, are you ready for this? this is our luscious strawberry shake. >> secret ingredient, strawberries. let me try this. i have no idea. just lift the cover. >> there you go, flaxseed. >> flaxseed. >> i could taste it. >> brown flaxseed. omega three fatty acids. great for your drink. last thing, try this uncle johnny's black-eyed peas salad. >> just take the top off. >> chia seeds. chia seeds. two ounces has five -- right here. >> i don't see them in here. >> they hide in there, five grams of fiber, ten grams of
8:20 am
lastly is this moreoccan spicy lentil soup. >> ginger. >> there you go, ginger. studies show people who ate ginger were fuller and ate less. >> i'm all over that ginger then, doc. "the shred power cleanse" is available now. make sure you go out and pick it up. you can find these recipes on our website, on yahoo! thank you, doc. over to you, amy. >> all right, michael now to a dramatic night on "the bachelor." ben saying good-bye to two ladies and one of the twins in las vegas. hahay is speaking out a aut leaving her sister and ben behind. abc's abbie boudreau has the very latest. >> reporter: whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> let us begin. >> reporter: last night, three contestants were left behind after the bachelor rejected roses for amber, rachel and emily's twin sister haley. >> it's really hard to watch. >> reporter: the twins were stunned when ben higgins dated them together and visited their
8:21 am
asking their mom for advice. >> emily has always been the more dominant twin. she's more outgoing but haley, once she can just let her guard down she is a thousand percent more. >> i could see how people would think she was leading ben toward my sister but i don't think that was the case at all. i think she was describing our true personalities. >> i'm going to have to say good-bye to haley. >> i really respect ben's division. before any deeper feelings started to develop and it got awkward between my sister and i -- like. >> reporter: an emotional roller coaster as the usually meltdown. what happened. >> reporter: while she flopped in a it will lent show that did not stop her notorious drive to spend more time with ben by interrupting his conversations with other contestants. olivia survives and so does haley's twin sister.
8:22 am
>> i'm so happy for her. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and "the bachelor" airs monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. >> i'm here with john quinones back with a brand-new season of "what would you do?." a little winter season. >> a little winter season. we're very happy to be back and what's on the show tonight," what would you do?" it's a very simple question. what would you do if you are at a restaurant and you overhear some teenage girls having a conversation. two of those girls pushing hard to persuade a third girl the best way to lose weight and get a boyfriend is by taking diet pills. >> ooh. >> yeah, if we get a pizza, you should take these. they've been helping like -- i literally lost 15 pounds. >> you should definitely use them. >> isn't there a better way to lose weight. >> what, exercise? seriously like -- >> you're not going to go to a gym.
8:23 am
ignorance of these teens. >> everyone in school is taking them. >> it's normal. it's not -- >> why do i have to take them. >> don't you notice everybody else is thinning out? we wouldn't do something that was going to hurt u. i mean, don't you want to look -- >> girls. what are you doing? >> trying to help her. >> how is that helping hehe so you're raising your blood pressure. and how do you know she's not going to have a strtke and you gave her that. >> we're fine so she'd be fine. >> but she's not you and you're not her and you don't know. >> we ask our bullies to step away. that's when we learn that she knows exactly what she's talking about. >> i'm a psychotherapist and worked in hospitals and i've seen people take things like this and have heart problems. what kind of person do you want, you want a guy that's gonna like you just for the way you look. >> beautiful. this is azing. >> develop yourself in education and become something and you're
8:24 am
want you because you're real smart not because you are stew pi and take pills that you don't want. >> wise words from a psychotherapist. another person who intervened told our actors he had a friend that died from taking diet pills. you just never know who is going to walk into o "what would you do?" -- >> i'm so glad they jumped in. >> you don't know who is going to walk in. she happens toe a psychotherapist and the other person knew someone who took them and died. over the counter diet pills that too many young people -- >> she gave good advice. what else is happening on the show. >> what if you're on the side of the road and see a woman with a flat tire on the side of the road. she is attractive. men will be falling over each other to help her. what if we change her appearance and what if that same woman is dressed more conservatively and happens to be wearing a head scarf, a hijab. she's muslim. what will people do then? >> ooh. cannot wait to see that.
8:25 am
john quinones, it always is. the new season of "what would you do?" premieres at 10:00 eastern right here on abc and airs the following three tuesday nights in february. thanks for coming in. let's go to rob. >> your mother always told you it's impolite to point but there's our -- you guys are having a great time from south carolina. >> that's right. >> you're supersavers, right. you're excited. >> oh, yes. >> what's in the bag? was that cleared by security? >> uh-huh. >> you're good. >> good to have you. we got a good crew over here too. [ cheers and applause ] like to save money, don't you? you like saving money. >> yeah. >> who doesn't, all right. listen, not bad shopping weather in southern california for the outdoor malls there. santa ana winds blowing. temperatures will be rising. the jet stream is moving to the north so the pacific northwest getting the bulk of this action. look at those temperatures into the 70s before the cool trough comes through. rain moving into the southeast from new orleans up through atlanta and some heavy storms potentially across parts of southern florida. milder across the northeast in the snow zone, enjoy some of
8:26 am
a quick check on >> all right, this weather report is brought to you weight watchers. we got a lot of number ones. we'll see who will win. >> t t big finale of our supersaver takeover and barbara
8:27 am
tips yet. tonight -- >> this is "what would you do?" >> it's back all new and what people do when they see two mean girls pressure their friends. >> if you want a guy to like you need to lose weight by taking the diet pills. >> my friend -- >> why don't you mind your own business. >> can't, can't. >> what happens when this dad refuses to buy ice cream for his
8:28 am
>> ice cream is for winners and you're a loser. >> will blow you away. >> please, buy him an ice cream. i'll even pay for it. >> "what would you do?" >> tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. what if you had a thousand dollars hiding in your closet. the new apps people like you are using to uncover big money they never imagined they had. hanging right now in your closet. cash in tomorrow with abc's "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] all right. we are back now in our saving stadium. i love the sound of that for the finale of our showdown. biggest names in bargains going head-to-head and we have "shark tank's" barbara corcoran here with us to help. >> thank you. thank you. >> barbara, when it comes to amassing wealth a lot think it's about what you earn but you say a lot of it is what you save. >> it has nothing to do with what you earn because the
8:29 am
so the key is saving a portion of what you earn and today we're going to get the best tip, my ears are open. i want to learn how to save money. >> all right. and so that's right. our supersaving stars are all here with us again today. the crazy coupon lady joanie demer. consumer reporter and author of "bargain fever" mark ellworth. and the money coach, personal finance expert lynette khalfani-cox. after our first day of competition joanie is in the lead with an average savings 49% lynette has 42% and mark has 40%. look at that smile. it's everybody's game. here's how it works. we'll spin the wheel once again and all-stars will give us their best tip saving in that category. let's spin the wheel. and let's see where it lands, on
8:30 am
all right. so, joanie, let's start with you. your best deal. >> all right, you heard me talk about scking coupons at the grocery store but what you don't know is that you can also stack coupons online. many retailers allow multiple coupons and kolh's and gap allow four or five coupons per order so keep in mind not every code will stack. your best back look for different codes. a 15% off code plus a free shipping code or a $10 off your purchase plus a 25% off sale. so i bought two women's workout tees, the retail price, $54 but after i stacked two coupon codes at i paid only $23. >> a savings of. >> which is a savings of 57%. >> wow. >> two coupon codes. i did not know that. mark, i'm giving you 50 bucks for those two t shirts right now. >> i'll take it. >> if you want a sweet deal
8:31 am
have a secret discount ray gun that costs you absolutely nothing. in store honey in your browser. checkout page hit that page and it will scrape the internet for any coupons. we found a gap trench coat at 138 bucks, honey found a 40 buck discount for us. >> wow. >> which is a savings of 29%. >> very nice. nicely done. all right, lynette, your secret for saving? >> well, i think that you should buy clothes for children online at a daily deal site called every day they put one fantastic item on sale at a crazy discount and keep it on sale until that item runs out. now, i was able to recently get for my 10-year-old daughter alexis, hi, alexis if you're watch, i was able to get her four different winter weather clothing items recently including a very nice coat.
8:32 am
four items would have been $105 but i paid only $42. >> wow. >> thank you very much. >> which is a savings of. >> big old 60% savings. >> great. right. >> there you go. >> so lynette takes this round. >> we'll tabulate the two-day results. while you're doing that why don't you give us your supersaving secret. >> i'm out to compete with these people. you know, you think that you need thousands of dollars to invest in the stock markets for the rich folks out there. not the case anymore. because there's a brand-new app called acorns and this is how it works. every time you use your credit card or your debit card to make an acquisition of any item or group of items they will round up that charge amount to the nearest dollar and invest that difference automatically in a mutual fund, painless. it's like dropping your change into a bowl on your table like we all do every day. >> except the bowl is charging interest.
8:33 am
lot of money she's right but the charge is only $1 a month. if you're a student or under 21 no charge at all. >> that is sweet. >> i like that. >> barbara is not competitive at all. >> i am. >> that's why you've done it right. thank you. now time to reveal our winner after three rounds of competition in our supersaver showdown "gma's" ultimate supersaver is joanie demer. [ cheers and applause ] all right. we can give you the trophy. congratulations to joanie and everyone in our savings stadium. you guys want to look into this. everyone in the stadium gets a $25 american express gift card as a big thank you. [ cheers and applause ] so you can save.
8:34 am
coming up we have "the finest
8:35 am
about his r "the finest hours" is an action thriller that tells us the story of one of the most daring rescues in coast guard history starring casey affleck and he talked about the grueling shoot and his brother ben with abc's nick watt. >> reporter: "the finest hours" is a film that can finally be made. >> i want you to go up on deck and have a look. technology can now make this look real. >> it's a real story. >> mayday, mayday. do you copy. >> two gigantic oil tankers splitting in half. both of them at the same time and this huge storm. >> every fella here wants to live and the only way that happens
8:36 am
>> reporter: chris pine sent to rescue them against unbelievable apparently insurmountable odds. >> you got about five seconds, boys. >> some guys, you know, i won't mention who, chris pine, ben foster, they wore wet suits and dry suits and complained all thehe time. never did any of that. >> reporter: affleck is baby brother to ben. >> who's that? >> that is bruce wayne. >> when i said i didn't want to do batman there was a little bit of tension, but i'm glad that he got the job after all. >> reporter: i mean if they can't get casey, they take ben. casey is bffs with joaquin phoenix and met on "to die for." now casey is married to his sister summer. >> matt was up for the joaquin phoenix part. >> if he had you may have never married your wife. >> reporter: director, producer,
8:37 am
>> i was drawn to this because of the old-fashioned heroics of it. >> i'm spried. very few have even heard of that. >> it's incredible. i never heard of it. i grew up in massachusetts and never heard of it. someone finds it and think, my god, this is incredible. let's call casey. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news,
8:38 am
>> there was something missing and i want to tell you that something missing is jesus. it was the beginning of a road of redemption for me. there is forgiveness, a new life, everything in trusting god. take that one step. that is all it takes. i felt like a new person, a brand new creation.
8:39 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by mazda. driving matters. fun tuesday. how about a little "gma" rewind. chris pine singing on "jimmy kimmel live." academy >> those schools are really closed. schools are closed >> for sure, in d.c. >> chris pine live here tomorrow. >> i hope he brings cheetos. thanks for watching.
8:40 am
>> cheers. >> gordon: well, welcome to "the 700 club." a texas grand jury investigating planned parenthood has delivered a surprising decision. >> terry: it is indicted two of the people behind those undercover videos last year. heather sells has the story on this unexpected turn of events. >> heather: the horrific undercover footage shows
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