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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> we will win tonight, if the voter turnout is high. >> we're with the crowds as they head to caucus. many still undecided. and many watching the major storm now bearing down from the west, hitting iowa tonight. before heading east. the voters hoping to beat it, and the candidates hoping to beat each other. "world news tonight" begins now. and good evening tonight from des moines. every four year, this country finds itself laser focused on iowa, where the first votes are cast. the election of the next president begins tonight. and the polls on both sides are very close. who will emerge the winner and who will be forced to dust off and quickly move onto new hampshire next? the polls showing the three top republicans heading into tonight. donald trump, senators ted cruz, marco rubio. even trump, known for his bravado, admitting he's a little bit nervous. on the democratic side tonight, hillary clip on the and bernie
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trading places atop the iowa polls in recent days. we've seen long lines and huge turnovers for campaign rallies. the test tonight, which candidates will have the best ground games? it's your voice, your vote, and abc's powerhouse political team on it all. abc's tom llamas leading us off on the republican side, donald trump and his wife melania and their final push. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump telling his supporters, it's now or never. accepting no excuses. >> if you're in bed, if you're sick, if you can't walk, if the doctor says you cannot leave -- i don't care. get out of bed and caucus. you got to do it. >> reporter: his prediction? a huge win. >> make sure you all caucus tonight. we're going to have a tremendous victory. we love you. thank you very much. >> reporter: trump's final iowa strategy -- run just like his company. a family affair. wife melania by his side in republican red. >> the man who will work for
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who is that man? >> trump! >> i agree. he is the man. >> reporter: daughter ivanka stars in a how-to caucus video. >> just write down the name thump, and you are done. that's it. very exciting. >> reporter: and tonight, she'll attend a caucus, to speak for the campaign. no pressure from her dad. >> if she doesn't do a good job, i'll say, ivanka, you're fired. >> reporter: even trump's sons in on the action. sounding a bit more cautious than dad. >> the love we felt is incredible. listen, people have to get out the vote, right? >> reporter: joining the family for this final push? trump's star endorser sarah palin. >> so iowa, are you ready to fix the problem? >> reporter: palin telling me, she's confident. so governor palin, any predictions for today? >> you know, i think for the first time i'm going to say, we can believe the polls. usually, i say that polls are only good for strippers and cross country skiers, but this time, i think the polls are right. >> reporter: trump's toughest
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campaigning in all of iowa's 99 counties. cruz has made more than 120 stops in iowa, compared to trump's 39. >> and i got to tell you right now, this race right now is neck and neck. it's all about turnout. >> reporter: cruz saying trump doesn't deserve to win. >> he already bellowed, how stupid are the people of iowa? just yesterday he says if he doesn't win iowa, then everything here was a big, fat and very expense i waste of time. >> reporter: senator marco rubio hoping for a strong third place finish. spending the final hours with family, too. even shopping for toys with his children. >> now you're undecided. he's like a caucus goer. he can't make up his mind. >> reporter: palin tells me she'd be comfortable supporting either senator in november. >> in a heartbeat, i would support whichever gop candidate rises to the top. you just got to do your basic abc's on this abc. anybody but clinton. >> and tom is with us live here in iowa tonight. tom, donald trump with his
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many say ted cruz needs a first place finish tonight, but what about marco rubio? a lot of talk this evening of some late momentum? >> reporter: that's right, david. there could be a surprise tonight. the rubio crowds have been getting bigger. but beyond that, sources within the rubio campaign but also the cruz campaign tell us, they're polling shows this is not a two-man race. this is actually a three-way race, a dead heat between trump, cruz and rubio. there could be a very big surprise. now, rubio putting the pressure on cruz, saying he has so many resources here, this is a must-win state for him. david? >> tom llamas leading us off tonight. tom, we'll see you a bit later. meantime, on the democratic side, the stakes are enormous, as well. hillary clinton does not want a repeat of iowa eight years ago. and bernie sanders needs a win to keep momentum going. secretary clinton with a very slim lead in the final des moines register poll before tonight. but there is also a major challenge for sanders tonight. can he turn all of that
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those first-time caucus goers. abc's cecilia vega takes us inside the ground game on both sides tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton's final push, energizing volunteers first thing this morning. donuts in hand. >> i'm so excited! thank you for everything you're doing. >> reporter: hoping to avoid another upset. the words she wants to hear? >> we're going to win! >> reporter: bernie sanders on the same mission. >> we will win tonight, if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: telling his supporters what they need to pull off a win. thank you. >> reporter: for the candidates there is nothing left to do. now, it's all up to their armies of volunteers. this is how close this race is. two campaigns, one building. campaigns. knock, knock. >> hi, welcome. >> reporter: hi. i guess this is the hillary office.
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caucus. >> can we count on your support for hillary? fantastic. that's great to hear. >> for a lot of us, this is the big moment. >> reporter: are you nervous at all? >> no. i'm just really excited. >> reporter: just down the hall, bernie sanders' campaign. welcome to the revolution. almost empty. everyone out, knocking on doors, trying to convince people to do this tonight. >> is he going to do this? >> it's in the bag. it's done. >> reporter: confidence. clinton confident, too. her whole family right there for her final rally. >> hello des moines! >> reporter: they remember her devastating iowa loss in 2008. >> i congratulate senator obama and senator edwards. >> reporter: this time, clinton says, she's learned her lesson. >> i think that i have a much better organization, to just be really clear about it. i think i'm a better candidate. >> and cecilia, you vointpointed out,
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the hall from each other. imagine the awkward conversations in the hallway. but this really does come down to who has the better ground game tonight. >> reporter: that's right, david. all those door knocks and phone calls we saw today lead to turnout and whoever wins the turnout battle wins tonight. the polls here have been pluck waiting for weeks. the latest one shows hillary clinton on top, david, just barely. >> all right, cecilia, we'll see you later, as well. the candidates delivers their closing arguments. every minute is planned. except for the ones when they try to take a break and grab a bite for themselves. but then, our jon karl just happens to be sitting a table away. >> reporter: go out for coffee in des moines on caucus day and there's a good shot you'll run into somebody running for president. how's it going? >> great. taking a little break. getting refueled. >> reporter: you're like a regular here. >> i am, actually. love this place. >> reporter: outside, you might find somebody who already was president. go out for a walk here in des moines and you run into bill clinton.
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is she going to pull it off? >> great. >> reporter: some candidates in the back of the pack are already pulling up the stakes. you're going to be at a town hall meeting in new hampshire by the time this is going on. >> this is going on, i'll be in my second town hall meeting in new hampshire. >> reporter: 400,000 iowans are expected to show up. they'll pile into schools, senior centers. in malcom, iowa -- population 277 -- the caucus is in a grain elevator. in hayesville, republicans will caucus in a gun shop. and off a dirt road in boone county, the democratic caucus -- rural precinct number 3 -- is in the living room of mary and gary weaver. >> we're so rural. we're really doing it almost as a convenience for ourselves and our neighbors. >> reporter: so, tonight, mary bakes for her caucus guests, treating them, she says, to some iowa nice. >> the weavers living room, the place to be tonight. jon, that's what we love about iowa, the living rooms, the schools. so many diving into this tonight. >> reporter: yeah, and by some
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that vote on the republican side will be people who are never been to a caucus before. david, those are exactly the people that donald trump needs to turn out big-time if he's to pull off a win here in iowa. >> all right, jon karl, part of the political team on the ground here in iowa tonight. jon, thank you. and though caucusgoers are finally gathering tonight, the debate within families, among neighbors here began long before. so many telling me today, they take their first in the nation role very seriously here. as the iowa caucuses are held tonight, it's likely some of the debate started here. see the tractors out front, the machine shed is part of the iowa caucus tradition. the machine shed restaurant in des moines, among the many morning stops on the big day. so, every four years, iowa is the focus of the country. what do you think of that? >> it's good and bad. >> reporter: their phone hasn't stopped ringing. but it doesn't stop them. >> it puts iowa on the map. a lot of times, they'll say, oh, idaho.
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>> the potato people, right? >> reporter: melinda is ready for tonight. her daughter izzy by her side. do you know what today is? >> today's the caucus. >> reporter: what's today? >> the caucus. >> reporter: the caucus day. thanks, mom. melinda has an official role organizing tonight. every four years, the country is studying the hawkeye state. >> right. >> reporter: how important is that to you guys? >> it's very important to us, yeah. we love our first in the nation status. >> reporter: how are you doing over here? and meredith with her family, helping to her run her precinct tonight. >> they get really passionate and stress about making the decision, like my friends who are undecided -- >> reporter: still? >> i do have friends that are undecided. >> reporter: the order here tomorrow morning, easy to predict. the famous cinnamon roll. made in america, at the machine shed since 1978. what is special about these?
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rolls ever. >> reporter: no campaigning needed. >> already been decided. >> the cinnamon rolls really the only thing we can predict with any certainty, at least for now. let's get to george stephanopoulos, who will lead the team tonight, as these results come in. and george, no candidate wants to lose iowa, of course, but for bernie sanders on the democratic side and ted cruz on the republican side, is iowa a must-win? >> i think that is true for bernie sanders. if he wins, it is going to be a very big deal. but he'll still have a hard road to the nomination. secretary clinton is better organized in the big states. she's got a lot of support from minority voters and the support of the political establishment and if she wins in iowa tonight, they're going to close ranks behind her big-time. as for ted cruz, i think he can survive a close second to donald trump in iowa. but if trump opens up a big lead over cruz, or even worse, his nightmare scenario is that marco rubio slips by him, then it's going to be very hard to imagine how he recovers from that.
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money, he's well organized in the southern states, got support there, he can survive. >> all right, george, looking forward to joining you later tonight. george and the entire powerhouse political team standing by. we have continuing coverage throughout the night and we will break in live with results. and then, we are onto new hampshire and the next big debate after iowa, and right before the new hampshire primary. join martha raddatz and me and we moderate the republican debate next saturday night, right here on abc. and from the political storm hitting tonight, to the other one. a major winter storm set to hit right here in iowa overnight, and then move east. in fact, alerts from california to michigan tonight, already powerful storm winds knocking over this massive tree in san diego. the driver of that car did not survive. snow and ice causing a 25-vehicle pileup, shutting down i-80 near lake tahoe. snow falling across 1,600 miles, and here's abc's clayton sandell now. ->> reporter: that storm now
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leaving a trail of weather woes. in colorado, another day of icy roads. spinouts and crashes. airlines cancelled more than 500 flights through denver. near truckee, california, interstate 80 shut down. in southern california, powerful winds are bringing down huge trees. a giant oak killing that woman in san diego. >> i saw the cars underneath and just, yeah, my stomach just dropped. >> reporter: and a tv news crew from our abc san diego affiliate, kgtv, was seriously injured when a tree pinned them down. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> clayton, thank you. rob marciano standing by tonight with the storm track for us. rob? >> reporter: good evening, david. tremendous snowfall totals in the mountains, now blizzard warnings. the snow won't begin there in earnest until after midnight. here we are by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. thunderstorms in chicago, but
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be impressive in the plains, too. minneapolis, just to the south, and even more across nebraska. severe weather component to this, you bet. mid-south, memphis to jackson, up to louisville. strong tornadoes a possibility. if this storm, or the caucus was a day later, say tomorrow, we'd have some real problems on our hands. >> rob, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. much more from iowa, and also tonight, the 13-year-old virginia. and now, we're learning nor details about the star student now charged in the case. his college friend chaurjrged, as well. the new headline breaking tonight about chipotle and the outbreak that sickened customers across the country. and then this. >> thank you, all. starting in my heart >> why adele is suddenly weighing in on donald trump, or, at least his choice in music what she now says about trump using her songs to begin his rallies. thousands of people came out today
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tonight, the college students at the center of a murder investigation. the victim, a 13-year-old girl. and this evening, we're learning more about one of the college students charged. he was a star athlete in high school. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, two virginia tech students behind bars, held without bond in connection to the death of a 13-year-old girl from blacksburg, virginia. thousands had been searching for her. nicole lovell was last seen on tuesday night. her parents say she pushed a dresser up against her bedroom door before climbing out of her window. saturday, police discovered her body about 80 miles away in north carolina. in court today, charges that the two students dumped the child's body here on wednesday, the day she went missing. 18-year-old engineering student david eisenhauer was charged with kidnapping and premeditated murder. police say he knew the victim. >> eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. >> reporter: eisenhauer was a track star. well liked, goal driven.
6:48 pm
students here for sure. >> reporter: tonight, authorities continue to search for clues in this pond on the virginia tech campus. the student second, natalie keepers, charged as an accessory, accused of helping eisenhauer get rid of the girl's body. david, neither was charged with using a gun and neither has entered a plea. but iceeisenhauer saying, quote, i believe the truth will set me free. david? >> eva pilgrim tonight. eva, thank you. when we come back, the new warning about the zika virus at this hour. health experts tonight now declaring a global emergency. and chipotle back in the headlines tonight. news about the outbreak that sickened dozens and forced stores to close. we'll be right back. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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stronger international response. while the zika virus appears to be linked to birth defects, organization saying the connection is not scientifically proven. new developments tonight in that jailbreak story we've been reporting on from california. three recaptured criminals is making their first court appearance. police now say the men kidnapped a taxi driver while on the run last week. and a twist of events, the teacher accused of helping them escape was released. another man now arrested for allegedly sneaking in the tools that helped them break out. now, to chipotle, getting a clean bill of health tonight. the cdc now announcing that the e. coli outbreak that sickened 53 customers is officially over. but they still do not know the exact stours of the contamination. now to adele, and apparently donald trump can't resist her music. there's a fire starting in my heart >> adele's "rolling in the deep" blaring tonight and trump rallies.
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6:57 pm
people who know them best. their spouses. >> we got married in 1988. i had three teenage children. not once did he question having to send them all to college. >> reporter: for the people who just see chris christie and want to say, he's a name-caller, he's brash, he lacks self-control -- >> you know, the handful of name-calling that has been caught on video sometimes, there was always a purpose to that. >> we fight all the time. i've taught her to debate. >> reporter: for those who say your husband was a phenomenal surgeon, but that doesn't president. >> what we need is people who problems. >> reporter: and their partners' greatst asset. >> his steadfastness. >> patient. >> sincerity. >> reporter: his greatest asset? >> me! >> thank you for watching tonight. we'll break in live with results from the iowa caucuses i'm david muir. i'll be joining george a little later here.
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