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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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her friends say they knew she was being abused and this tragedy is a wakeup call to speak out before it's too late and you will hear directly from those who knew deanndra tonight at 11:00. grace joy joyal, abc columbia news. the emanuel nine were honored today. >> our jennifer ready is live in the newsroom with tonight's event. jennifer? >> june 17th is the day many of us will always remember. but for the survivors and family members of the victims, the day will always be the day that changed their lives forever. speaking with students at benedict college college. they explained how their faith continues to bring them through. >> a powerful ceremony honoring the emanuel nine at benedict
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>> survivors and family members of victims joined students and faculty to discuss the tragedy. >> the last thing she said i will call you before i leave church. >> denise quarles is the daughter of myra thompson killed inside the church. she said it's her faith that continues to be a healing grace after the shooting. >> what happened to my mom is beyond me. i'm almost a testimony that even though you can lose your mother, you can still carry on if you believe in god and trust him. >> during the panel discussion, several other family members echoed quarles. specifically sighting the bond hearing for dylann roof, where they relied on their faith to give them strength in facing the accused killer. >> being there, my father spoke about how he needed to, you know, repent for what he did because that's gonna be something that he's gonna have to account for when he faces god one day. >> immediately following the tragedy, the city of charleton
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of power of love and unity. that's now a message quarles hopes to relay to students at benedict college and children around the world. >> we can't forget what's happened. we have to take what happened and turn that around and be more positive. think about ways we can impact the community. >> earlier this week, mother emanual was nominated for the nobel peace prize and quarles believes it's very well deserved. not only for the comuch but -- for the church but for the entire community. the search continues for a person of interest in a reported sexual assault near the campus of usc. now, columbibi police would like to speak with the man seen in these images. take a close look. according to investigators and armed man sexual assaulted a woman on bonwell street after 3:00 a.m. on saturday. if you have any information that could help out authorities locate the men, call the columbia police department or crimestoppers at
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a judge has contoll dated two lawsuits -- consolidated two lawsuits after a clemson student was found dead a year ago. the judge says combining the wrongful death lawsuits against the university brought by the parents of tucker hipps would be more efficient and can be in for the courts. hipppp body was found in lake hartwell after an early-morning run with members of the sigma phi epsilon. folks, don't leave your car running unattended it could get stolen. according to the richland county sheriff avenue department, since january 15th, more than a dozen cars were stolen because of that. the sheriff says these type of car thefts tippingly take place during the winter when people want to warm up their cars when they are getting ready for work. physicians are on alert after the wold world health
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virus an international concern. >> beth rousseau has more on what doctors say you need to know. >> so far no reports cases in the united states but with the world health organization predicting 3 million infections worldwide in the coming year, medical experts say it's important to be aware. the woog world health organization calling virus a global concern. >> it's spreading rapidly. we don't know all of the ramifications. >> dr. nicole mcdonald said large impact appears to be on unborn babies. >> it's been linked to causing a small brain during pregnancy and calcifications or hardined spots inside the brain. >> symptoms of the virus seem to be less severe in adults but dr. rebecca widener says there's there is they are still
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>> you look out for fever, rash, pinkeye. >> cases have been reported in south america and mexico. as the virus makak its way to popular vacation places like the virgin islands and puerto rico, physicians are recommending postponing your travel plans. >> these mosquitoes like to be active during the day. it's very difficult to protect traveling. >> but if traveling to an already-infected location is a must, protection from the mosquitoes is essential. >> wearing long sleeves, wearing pants. if you are sleeping outside in a screened-in porch or a mosquito net, air kerning room. >> doctors are asking that anyone displaying potential symptoms limit contact with others and contact your physician immediately. beth rousseau, abc columbia news. another beautiful day across
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can tonally only mean one >> absolutely. conditions. >> no problems at all. a little cool in the northern midlands where we had a tough time shaking the clouds from camden to newberry. but to the south, it's warmer. there are a few showers in the southwest. a couple of these will sneak by especially west of columbia. nothing too significant. here is how the evening forecast will play out for you. ing into too -- nothing too bad. tomorrow things could get dicey. there is a line of storms from nashville to new orleans. this is touching off tornadoes this afternoon and this whole thing will march in our direction. so when it gets here tomorrow, it will be tomorrow afternoon, what do we expect? well, strong storms, possible blip somepossibly some of them severe. in terms of impact, it's not like lie we get a tornado -- likely we get a tornado.
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we'll keep you updated. in terms of the biggest impact, very likely strong winds coming out of the front side of the storms. very heavy rain likely causing street flooding. the big rivers, don't go over. but localized street needing, that kind of thing. more on this and when this whole thing clears out -- coming up. > let's talk politics tonight. the results of the iowa caucus. it's having an impact on the south carolina primary. one of our states super delegates may look outside of the party after martin o'malley's decision to drop out of the race. boyd brown said he can't back bernie sanders or hillary clinton. democratic super delegates can support at the convention regardless who is chosen. >> after his victory in iowa,
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the rally gets underway at the td convention center. from there, he will head to new hampshire. a south carolina senator is throwing his support behind last night's surprise in iowa. tim scott endorsed marco rubio for thehe republican nomination for president. in a statement, senator scott says "we have one shot in 2016 to beat hillary clinton and that shot is marco rubio and with him as our candidate, we win." special education is the focus at the state museum this afternoon. molly spearman was the featured speaker at the forum. thth forum focuses on helping teachers meet the needs of one in five children with learning dyslexia. >> working closely helps parents have better information, more information. it also helps us to understand better strategies, working with
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it helps policymakers make the right decisions. the more we can work together, students will be better served. [ applause ] >> the folks who organized today's forum say that more than 150,000 kindergarten through 12 student in the south carolina live with one of these types of disorders. up next -- our house in the middle of the street. remember that song? well, it -- i didn't say that well. >> our house in the middle of the street >> there. now you know the song. it rang true in lexington. >> it was. and where is bill murray when you need him? it's groundhog today. we'll tell you what the famous rodent had to say.
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news. traffic was re-routed in lexington today after a house fell off of a traffic was rerouted in lexington after a house fell off a trailer. these pictures were posted via social media on facebook this morning by the lexington police department. wow! the mishap caused corley street between north lake and harmon to be closed for several hours this morning. there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast! [ cheers ] >> well, this morning in pennsylvania, punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow and that means an early spring is on the way. but don't break out those shorts just yet, though. phil doesn't really have the
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since 1988, phil's been right 13 times and wrong 15, which isn't too bad. by the way, bo at the little river game ranch be, he saw his shadow as well or or did not. >> which one is it? >> he falls in line with punxsutawney phil, early spring. >> you are saying the -- they are right? >> oh, yeah. >> that means it will be an early spring? >> yes. >> i always get confused. >> it feels like an early spring. >> i count on john farley. >> he's up next.
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welcome back. let's get ready for a line of pretty strong storms coming through here tomorrow afternoon and some of them could be severe. the biggest threat out of them would be gusty winds, heavy downpours, lightning as the whole thing comes on through. let's show i what's going on with the satellite and radar. just a couple a couple of ---- just a couple of showers. these are light. we may get a couple of those. but the focus of the energy is back out to the west. there is a line of storms that extends from chicago to new orleans. but the most active part of it is right around, basically, from kentucky, tennessee, down to na tleens. neworleans. everything in yellow is a severe watch. these in red active tornadoes on the ground. this is a messy system. the good news is by the time it
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we are still gonna have to be on the lookout for strong, maybe severe thunderstorms, especially tomorrow afternoon. let's show you the latest on how this thing looks like it will play out. tomorrow morning a 8:00, a couple of showers for your commute. not too many. watch what happens, though. you see that main thread, that main line working its way from the upstate. it's in the upstate. watch as we get into the afternoon for us, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00,, that's when the main line will come through that's when we'll see the most active weather. we could see some strong, maybe severe storms. keep it right here. i will be tracking the storms all afternoon. i will keep you updated as needed and if we need to, we'll cut into programming. so you can keep in touch with what's going on. as we work into the evening watch things fizzle ut. we'll get maybe an inch, in some cases betterren that that. tonight, warm, a couple of showers.
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through and we could see some pretty strong storms in there. keep it here. temperatures will start off worm but they will cool off as the front goes by. ahead, maybe a lingering shower into thursday. but that would do it. after that, it quiets down a a lot and we go back to more typical february weather with temperatures in the 50s during the day and 30s overnight. okay. that's your forecast. coming up -- we get you set for a busy night of basketball with carolina and clemson on the road. and the road to the super bowl lead us to two quarterbacks that most football fans either love or hate.
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i know prior to me, been the laughingstock of the league. now we can set the tone for so many years of what what panther football is and it can start with a win on sunday.
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after struggling to make the team respectable, he's poised to take over the nfl. this afternoon, newton clarifying his earlier statement about being an african-american quarterback that scared people because they had no one to compare him to. today he he says i don't want to touch on that topic because i think this game is bigger than black, white green. we limit our seafs when ourselves when we label. >> a lot of things that peyton has done, is doing that i wish i could mimic. but i can't do it like peyton can. only he can do it. i try to translate -- one of the things i've learned from him or saw him do, but other quarterbacks in the league. >> he was the number one pick a uple of years teag. ago. had an outstanding career at auburn.
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his young nfl career and he's definitely earning that honor of being the number one pick by being player he is. another player will likely be looking for another team. the browns will reportedly cut johnny man man zell. today the team expressed dispicturement saying it could have no further comment until the football see soon began. with a win at georgia, the mecocks can become the first team in college basketball to win 20 games this season. michael carrera will try to keep his career going. the senior originally from venezuela, three straight games with 20 points or more, he grabbed 11 rebounds. last year, uscuping out to a big lead in athens and and then holding on to win.
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team competing with the women for the best team in town. >> for us to be able to kind of hold our own and win some games, you know, i -- i will say this -- i don't think anyone is gonna use the negative recruiting of they don't care about basketball in columbia anyanother against us. you are -- any more against us. you are putting 18,000 in the building. they can't use that one against us anymore. >> again, game time, 7:00 on the scc network. highlights for tu tonight on the -- for you tonight at 11:00. clemson basketball in action on the road in the acc. the tigers looking to pounce back to losing to florida state. tonight, the first game of the second half with the tigers, klemmston finishing up the first half. wake forest coming in 1-8 in
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8:00 p.m. tipoff in winston salem. highlights at 11:00. 6-2 in january. that's their best record in 19 years. that will do it for sports right now.
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news at 6:00.
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of storms goes through here, especially during the afternoon so watch out for that. beyond that, things quiet down a lot. >> all right. you've been watching abc columbia news at 6:00. >> "world news" is coming up next. hope to see you back here at 11:0:0
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