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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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after severe storms today including the tornado, things are quieting down. but what's next? today, severe lines of storms stirring up serious damage across the area and in other parts of the country. >> from downed trees and overturned cars, we'll bring it to you live. a former president comes to the palmetto state to make the argument his wife should be our next president. abc columbia news start, right now. i'm ben hoover. >> i'm alicia barnes. parts of the midlands were thrown for a loop when a severe line of storms moved through. we have team coverage. grace joyal is live near the farmers market where an ef--0 tornado touched down.
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farley in -- john farley. you were tracking this thing before it even touched the ground. >> yeah. as we went to the afternoon, jonathan and i were looking at this. the way the radar works, it shoots up in the clouds. it sees the rotation. we could see this thing developing and yes, it did touch down. behind me is the map that the weather service put out. let's go to that. i will show you where it touched down and what the story was on this tornado. it was an ef--0, it had winds of 85 miles an hour and it touched down right near charleston and dixiana road, just north of the farmers market. it was on the ground for about half a mile. they say .6 miles. the width between 50, 75 yard and then grace will be talking about some of the damage that came through and it touched down at 2:28. 2:28 this afternoon. let's talk about what's happening with the radar. as you can see, there is a lot of green. but this is light to moderate
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no more severe threat going out there. that said, what we do have is all of this moisture left over and temperatures are just not gonna drop that far. we are nato mid-60s in -- we're in the mid-60s. we'll probably be in the low 60s. but with all of the moisture in the morning, plan on at least some fog and some showers. so you probably want to give yourself extra time for tomorrow's commute. what happens as we go through the day, this will be one of those interesting days where the high actually for the day will be like in the next hour and then it will be dropping. we get in the morning. we're 61. down to the mid-50s. we'll probably see a few breaks and a few showers by tomorrow evening before things finally clear out and we can stick a fork in this thing. more on the forecast -- coming up. >> all right. thank you, john. our grace joyal continues our coverage. >> grace, we were reporting there was some drowned trees. the winds kind of sliced through them. i don't know.
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i don't know how much you can show our viewers tonight. >> reporter: ben, and april leash shaw, it -- alicia, it was a small tornado but it snapped this tree at the base and created quite a mess on the road on dixiana. debris. be careful down the road. tree. they have cut up part of it and moved stuff around to make it safer. the national weather service reports there were several cars in this area that were damaged. we saw some photos of that damage on twitter and officials were not able to find any structural damage. i want you to take a look at this video sent to us of the tornado from an viewer, mark creighton. creighton tells us he was not looking for a tornado. he saw rain headed toward him thought it looked strainge -- strange. so he started to record.
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i didn't know, was that a tornado or a small thing. i was in shock. i came running in here and i showed everybody the video and i said, what does this look like to you? they said it looks like a tornado. so i started to send it out and let everybody see it. >> reporter: now, creighton says he's a weather fanatic, obsessed with the weather. he's never seen a tornado in real life. in this case, it just goes to show you, how dangerous it can be being out in the thunderstorm. when we tell ulto stay at home for your safety, we mean it. grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> thank you, grace. and what grace just touched on, we'll look at the damage. take a look at this. look at the damaged cars off highway 321 in west columbia at the auto sales distributor. you can see from this video, the powerful storm broke several vehicle windows and even flipped over some cars. >> so many of you were our
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video and pictures of what you were seeing, being the eyes and ears for us. we received this video from nick johnson. take a look. he had just gotten off work in the dixiana air you aia a -- area and walked out to the parking lot to see this, trees knocked down by the winds. he pulled out his cell phone and took the video. there's a car overturned and limbs. in fact, i believe there's trees down. the lexington county sheriff avenue department says that-- he sheriff's department said there's scattered damage and damage to structures in southern lexington county. >> wow. >> yeah. a lot of damage in lexington county, happened in dixiana and charleston highway. >> that's where the crews were and they shot this video of downed trees. lekslexington officials say there are no reports of widespread damage and there were no reports of any injuries.
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newsroom, these twitter pictures from misty dyer near the north edisto road. it looks like some stadium seating was damaged there as well as maybe a shed, at least from what we can tell. these just coming in. shed completely collapsed there. hard to tell what was -- you know, what was up and what was down before the storm. if you see weather or news happening, make sure you share your video with us. we may use it on air or online. you can find us on facebook or you can tweet us. the wild weather we saw today caused damage in other parts of the country. when you take aca look at thea -- when you take a look at this video from alabama, it's amazing no one died. this left behind severe damage in towns like aliceville. homes, power lines and trees were all destroyed.
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>> many midland students were under a delayed dismissal as a safety precaution once the warnings started to roll in. >> that's right. the districts were all impacted. there are no weather delays or school closings expected to happen for tomorrow. again, this was just -- they didn't want any buses on the roads and they kept kids inside. if you were picking them up, until about 3:30, just as a precaution. you can get school updates 24/7 at >> and you can watch any of the stories tonight at and ben mentioned, we are all over social media. coming up -- the battle is over. an adult super store that's been in and a dispute is shutting down. and bill clinton comes to rally for his wife in the
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good evening to you. it was a close race. we are afinding out if tonight's town hall will give the candidates the boost they need heading into new hampshire.
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morning columbia." welcome back. thanks for staying with us. one store may not be as taboo as it was. a representative from taboo on devine street says the city's zoning department served the store with an ordinance. it requires that they stop selling adult mpedz by february 5th or face a $500 a day fine. the battle between taboo and the city has been going on for several years. the officials argue this would discourage other businesses from coming to the area. in a hearing last year, taboo argued that the city violated their first amendment rights when they asked the store to move. a judge ruled in favor of the city. a person of interest in a reported sexual assault near usc's campus turned himself into police this morning. 21-year-old carlos hernandez is charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree and kidnapping. the alleged assault happened january 30th. according to investigators, the
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an an armed man forced her to go to barnwell street where he sexually assaultedder had. a federal judge has granted a delay in the trial for joey meek, the friend of dylann roof, charged in the charleston church shootings. meek's attorney asked the trial to be delayed until may so the defense would have more time to review evidence in the case. the criminal says against bill cosby in pennsylvania will did forward. a montgomery county judge denied the motion to dismiss today. the comedian faces section assault charges brought on by andrea is under new leadership. prosecutors say there's new evidence to pursue criminal sexual assault charges prosecutors say there's no evidence to pursue criminal charges against cosby.
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in iowa on monday, hillary clinton is trailing badly behind senator bernie sanders ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> yeah, but tonight her husband, bill clinton hit the campaign trail, to get african-american voters excited. our grace joyal was there. >> reporter: some say they know for sure. >> it's time for a woman president. >> i think she would do an excellent jb. >> job. >> she has a clear position on gun violence. >> she has a lot of experience. i mean, a lot, a lot of experience. >> reporter: others like the iowa caucus are torn. >> i think she knows how to get things done. i think she knows how to work with people. bernie i think is more genuine. >> reporter: for many students packed into the gym on wednesday, this is the first election they are paying attention to. >> i've never never been
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getting older, i understand what it means. >> hillary thud be -- should be president, i think [ cheers ] >> because she's the best change maker i've ever known. >> reporter: our 42nd president. a washington post abc poll shows clinton sanders. the african-american vote is crucial to the success of the candidates' campaign here where black voters make up half of the electorate. >> i'm sick of seeing young african-americans shot down by police officers. >> reporter: inclusiveness as he described it, in economic, social politics and the clinton campaign announced over the next month, more than 170 black women from grassroots activists to elected officials and movie stars with stump for the
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the greater south. >> if you believe that we can repeat the miracle that happened after the tragedy in charleston on a daily basis, if you have somebody tough enough to stand her ground and wise enough, she's clearly the best qualified person to be president i have ever had a chance to vote for. >> reporter: south carolina's first in primary is saturday, february 27th. at allan university, grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> thank you. democrats have finealize the an agreement to hold a presidential debate tomorrow night in new hampshire. three more debates will follow in the spring. clinton and sanders face off tomorrow at the university of new hampshire just days before tuesday's first in the nation primary. well, if anybody unders the
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you might remember the gracious peach he made when he lost in iowa. that was then. this is now. donald trump is apparently not holding back. he tweeted today, accusing ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucus. cruz came in first. polls show he had a sizable lead going into the iowa kus. trump tweeted that cruz committed fraud in iowa. he called for a new election or says cruz's results should be nullified. cruz dismissed that. let's talk weather. the rain is slowing tonight. the big question is has the severe weather actually passed? >> sounds like it has. john farley has details in the
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keep it right here. welcome back. we talked earlier in the program that we had one confirmed tornado in west columbia tonight from the national weather service, and this damage that you are seeing right here is possibly another one. this is -- these are pictures taken by misty dyer showing the damage there. what's gonna happen, the national weather service will send a team oint tomorrow -- send a team and do an assess meant andment and decide if that was another tornado. out of the front, comes strong winds and they can do a lot of damage as well. we'll no more tomorrow and i will update you tomorrow. let's talk about our weather here. foggy in the morning. the severe weather threat is done. no more severe weather for the foreseeable future. showers tomorrow.
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on friday. let's give you a lack at look at what's going on. no yellow, reds oranges, this is just run of the mill rain. we're getting it. some places tonight, adding up fast, manning 3. 1/2, 4 inches of rain. about. look how warm it is. temperatures in the 60s. the air. so the humidity is very high. going out tomorrow morning, plan on some fog. on the roads and some showers as well. we'll talk about the specifics on where the showers continue to come from here. we'll take a look. see this front? this thing is in no hurry to go out to the atlantic. i mean, look at it. it's ever so slowly drifting to the east. that means that the back edge of this will be on us for at least part of the day tomorrow and then finally we'll clear out as we go to tomorrow night.
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tomorrow morning the commute, from columbia to the coast, that's where i expect the -- middle -- where i expect most of the showers to be. it will be a wet commute. then in the middle part of the day you will see that things are generally showing down but there's still plenty of clouds in play. as we go to the afternoon commute, look at this. a few more showers kick up, especially east of columbia and then finally, we see the clearing coming in by about 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow night. that will clear out and stay that way for several days to come. for tonight, more showers, with temperatures falling through the night and again, i want to point this out. this is one of those unusual situations where the warm temperature for the day will be reached in about 45 minutes. just after midnight and then the temperatures will be going down all night and during the day tomorrow. here is a look at the forecast. what i'm giving you here are the temperatures temperature afternoon. not the highs. roughly upper 50s with the
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couple of more in the afternoon. now, here is look ahead. it's clear for the most part. but next week, it looks like it will get pretty cold. tuesday we're down in the 20s. and highs only in the 40s. between now and then, it will be more typical of february where you see temperatures in the 50s. plan on a cold spell early next week. over to you, tim. all right. coming up -- thousands of high school players made their dreams come true day. >> national signing day hoping
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this group, i think, is gonna be special.
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in two, three years. being honest with you. >> two different take aways for two programs. not much time for will muschamp to get his first class together after taking over stor sphurrier. muschamp coming up with the top class of recruits. the top name already enrolled brandon mcilwain and five others signing for today. the pennsylvania quarterback's grandmother certainly enjoying that moment. after a 3-9, muschamp needed his first class to produce quickly to get carolina football competing in the scc again. >> i'm very pleased with where we are. never satisfied. that's the way i look at things. i just think this is a two, three-year process that you will reflect back, that was a little good class. it's about two, three years down
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how much they contributed and how productive were they? >> a lot of eyes immediately on mr. mcilwain. instead of finishing out his senior season he will try to play for carolina baseball. according to muschamp, it won't be a complicated situation. >> he's on football scholarship. so we've talked a lot about it. we're all really good ground with what we need to do there. when he's not involved in football, he will be playing baseball. >> you will expect him at every spring practice. >> absolutely. >> one of mcilwain's new targets, dreak davis choosing the gamecocks over miami. davis, originally committed to georgia before mark richt was fired. he actually has the georgia logo tattooed on his left arm. he says georgia is a great school.
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tattoo removed. yafari shy werts not one of the new gamecocks. he was hoping to get an offer in the last few days but signed today with georgia southern, the school he had been verbally committed for a long time. carolina's class has been rafnled number 27 by espn. gillespie has more from the tiger press conference. >> reporter: building on a championship season coming into this 2016 national signing today, today the takers tigers signed 23. >> we got better today. that's what we're always trying to do, continue to improve and get better. i thought we did that today. >> reporter: his main message to build hon a championship season on a championship season, you have to bring in more than just players.
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you know, that need to be the focus. and i think that this group, you know, with this group we've done that. i think this is a group that, from top to would bottom films bottom fills our needs and this >> reporter: when asked this afternoon who stuck out in particular in this 2016 class, he said steaster. he said this afternoon that this is the closest he's seen to a guy looking like cj spiller. mike gillespie, back to you. >> thank you. others headed, heathwood hall, brandon hill signed with duke today. plans on playing linebacker for the blue devils. mark rule headed as well. logan bailey, we heard his name a whole lot.
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mr. football in the state of south carolina signed for the citadel. nick gray headed to charleston southern. they had quite the season last year. wide receiver from lexington, the wildcats tyler heading to be a bulldog. he will play for sc state. one of the most highly recruited players decided not to make a decision, steve stephen davis. no word on his decision yet. today the first day to sign. players have until april 1st to make their decision in this signing period. davis, senior starring as the carolina running back in their first super bowl appearance.
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he was limited in practice. he sprabbed his knee in the afc championship game. toms davis broke his forearm in the nfc. he was full go at practice. ron rivera said his team is bringing people together. >> you got unc and duke and nc state and south carolina and clemson down the road. there's so many great college programs that, you know, tosh able to bring, to be abl to bring them together, it's been kind of neat. >> super bowl championship would bring even more fans together. that will do it for sports now.
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news at 11:00. severe weather is over. tomorrow, just some showers. it clears out for your friday and into the weekend. but it also cools off.
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that was a hard day.
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