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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is a picture, actually in see session, that's a pocket of cold air and watch what happens it, continues to come to the ground and -- boom -- when it hit, it spreads out and there it is. first picture, second picture, third picture and again, that's where you get the damaging winds coming out the side of this thing. so that's what a microburst is and that's what we had yesterday. whenever we talk about the severe thunderstorms you can get bad winds and that's why we want to keep you updated. in terse of weather out there tonight, very little. no threat of any burst, maybe on. we have a little bit of green pushing up toward the coast. clear skies on the way, more on the forecast coming up. >> alicia: all right. >> ben: to echo, the national weather service confirms a microburst in lexington county during yesterday's severe storms.
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jennifer ready spoke with a local business cleaning up today after high winds left them with severe damage. >> yes, sir. it hit here in baitsburg leesville and the roof that used to cover a shed is just one sign of the damage. crews work to clean up the debris scattered across tracy's logging. the national weather service says that the microburst that hit the area packed 70 miles per hour winds. >> when i looked out, you could see the whole chicken house and debris started flying like it was coming across the field and when i saw the shed here of my uncles, i say it hit the ground. >> jennifer: jody sitz the microburst lasted about 30 seconds. >> i could heart tin and debris and stuff like t tt. >ennifer: left in the silence, a hay shed turned into
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across the roof once sat on top. and windows and dented from debris. >> i've spent my lifetime in this place and built buildings often realize how temporarily those things are, how quickly they can be gone. but at the same time, you ask yourself, what do you do. you pick up the pieces and go back again. >> jennifer: while they pick up the piece, owner tracy gunter is most thankful for one thing. the go good lord took care of everybody at we can put the building back but people are a little more precious than that. >> jennifer: they hope to have everything repaired in the next six to eight weeks. jennifer ready, stitch. >> alicia: the victims in this next story worked with children around took part in overseas charity work and was planning to propose to his girlfriend.
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in connection with his murder. this afternoon, columbia police chief skip holbrook announced ibin patterson is charged with the shooting death of timothy gentry. a second suspect is also arrested in the case. >> a 17-year-old arrested and accused of sexual assaulting two children tonight. kershaw county sheriff jim matthews says the victim's family members reformed the abuse to deputies. richard dewayne hendrix was arrested yesterday and according to deputies admitted to assaulting the children as well as two others. >> alicia: an iraq war veteran is being cheered for fighting 0 off a criminal. the military vet was working when police say the robber came in and demanded money. the vet throws the man around and punches him and the robber runs away.
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him and say that the weapon was determined to be a pet pellet gun. scary. >> b b: yeah. >> alicia: an investigation into the october incident between a student and school resource officer at spring valley high school continues. >> ben: this idea will allow students to voice their opinions and concerns to the board. columbia's renewcolumbia beth rousseau has more. >> beth: preventing incidents like this one, between a spring valley high school student and resource officer ben fields is a top priority for the richland school board. >> temperatures very, very difficult and emotionally trying and just unfortunate on many levels. >> beth: the vice-chairman of board says the video of the incident drew attention from parents locally and nationally and internationally.
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way is definitely bothersome as a parent about. >> but it wasn't just pairs and community members. >> some of the kid it's try to step forward later that day and some other stutunts who were supportive of the sro officer. there were differences of opinions there about. >> hearing those opinions directly from the students, that's the purpose of the newly proposed student advisory councilor there are so many decisions we make that impact the students, so it's great to hear what is important to them about. >> student representatives from each high school, middle school and elementary school in the district will make up the council which will meet with the school school board on a regular basis. >> we're all there, the school board, parents and teachers, everybody is there because of the students and i think it's great they're taking the opportunitit to listen to their voices and those students that aren't often heard from about.
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hoping to have the council approved and the application propos complete by the end of the school year so they can have the council in place by the start of the new year. reporting in the newsroom beth rousseau, abc columbia. >> speaker: thanks, beth. the irs is having trouble with their website. the technical difficulties hit the internal revenue service wednesday. thegency said it experienced a hashed ware failure that brought down some tax processing systems, including the ones that allows people to file electronically and the spokesperson said the system is likely to remain down until tomorrow. taxes aren't due until april 15th. >> ben: bernie sanders may be behind in the poll here is south carolina. but he has a prominent name in his corner. this afternoon, dick harpootlian former chair of the democratic party in the state announced he is endorsing the senator from
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sanders trails hillary clinton by 29 points, the democratic primary is february 27th. >> speaker: one celebrity and hoping that hillary clinton skates away with the nomination is olympic figure skater michelle kwan. kwan is a two-time olympic medalist and five-time world champion and says that hillary clinton is ready to build on the progress made by president barack obama. >> it's been fun being able to connect with young voters. they have real chance to make their voice heard. >> alicia: and prior to joining the clinton campaign, kwan served as a senior advisor for the public diplomacy with the u.s. state department. up next, the panthers and broncos are going up for the super bowl 50. and we'll take you inside a
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. morale of our fighting men >> grace: welcome back, thanks for staying with us tonight. boosting the month ralph our men and women, happy birthday uso.
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1941 by president franklin roosevelt.@we have about 8,000 service members and we give them a home away from home they can enjoy while traveling. >> alicia: we want to say happy birthday to the uso members, the columbia chapter, as she said, greet around 7,000 military service members and their families every month. >> ben: they've got a nice lounge at the airport. on super bowl sunday will you be paying more attention to the game or the commercialsls a journalism class at usc will be looking at the commercials with a keen eye. the super bowl of advertising class is gearing up for the big day and their chance to name the best commercial and hand out the cocky award. >> it's exciting the day we give
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and alumni actually were behind the scenes creating the commercial and they come to campus to get the award. >> alicia: wow. >> ben: yes, they do. they always come and get the award. the class will meet susur bowl sunday and vote on the choices and then invite the super bowl ad winner to usc to receive the award. most years i remember, they come to columbia and get it. it's a big deal. >> grace: the commercials are amazing, they're the top the town the next day. and who won, of course. >> ben: can't wait. >> ben: it's a cool and cloudy evening outside of the studios here in gervais. >> alicia: john farley will be up next to see if we've seen the last of the rain for a while.
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live from main and gervais. >> ben: welcome back, we had beautiful sunset out there tonight and looking out to the west, the sky, they're starting to clear. in fact, we have the same shot for you right here live. what you see is again, a little clearing out here and that's what we're heading for, not only tonight but tomorrow and many days to come. let's show you what is going on in terms of rain pushing off to the east quickly and light, maybe along 95 a few showers but that's going to do it. overnight, everything continues to push of the coast. in terms of the temperature, notice, we're in the 50s, guest used to this, these will be our high, you know, as warm
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really, right on through the seven-day forecast. no more 60s and 70s, it's cooling offer. in terms of clearing, notice to the west, there's a lot of clearing and it's going to get windy, expect the wind to pick up. gusting at time, 25, 25 miles per hour, and you'll notice it and tomorrow, we'll continue to have -- we'll call it breezy, it will be dropping off as the day goes on but moving in cooler air. windy and temperatures settling to about 36 as the skies continue to clear out. tomorrow, low 50s, the wind out of the north as opposed to the northwest, as high as around 15 as we work our way through the day. taking a look through the seven-day forecast, there's a lot of sunshine but cool especially into next week and first we'll start with the weekend. over the weekend, mid 50s,
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rain, next week, a good pocket of cool air, tuesday and wednesday, at which point in the 40s and overnight lows in the mid 20s, kind of a cool step forward as we go. but in terms of rain, we don't need the rain and good news, we're not going to see it for several days. that has basketball coaches like don staley and frank martin.
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sports. >> number one, they're winning and number two, they make me look like mother teresa on the sideline. >> tim: not sure we're buying into all of that. hi, i'm tim hill. muschamp known for sideline intensity, defense and recruiting and that last part on
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the 25th or best recruiting class in the country, according to the expert, not a bad start for a guy who took over the job less than two months ago. >> we have a lot of good players and i think we've made good inroads with future classes and i feel comfortable about where we are. >> skinny's ninth recruiting class as the head coach of clemson and says things have changed since the first recruiting class. the internet making recruiting a much different game these days. >> first of all, there's no long instance anymore. long distance, everybody can travel to every place without leaving their room. they can go and visit wherever they want to go. i'm just learning about it
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>> i want to italy the other day with someone, i don't know how i got there, but i walked down the streets of italy live. what a bizarre thing, i went to dubai. i didn't have to go anywhere. but it's changed everything. >> tim: maybe can get dabo out to san francisco for the super bowl via that periscope thing. the carolina panthers and denver broncos have been in san francisco for several days, becoming a bit of a drudgery. the same routine and a lot of media intention but one guy brightened things up. >> you heard it. >> tim: the rapper turned pop culture icon, flipped the switch a little bit for the media availability for the carolina panthers. the panthers' players more
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other way around. cam newton, changing almost instantly at a press conference whenning into dog stepped up to ask a question. >> talk to me. >> first of all, i want to say, oh, jam, jam, dance with me. there you go. >> can i get a 50% discount on papa john's pizza, when i'm in the state of colorado? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> tim: that's super bowl funnel right there. a little more than half an hour, the basketball tipping off against number 18 kentucky and carolina, amassing school records 22-0 start. the highlights at 11:00. and the reigning world champion, the golden state
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his analysis of the reigning mvp from last night's ballgame. >> to use slang, he was clowning. [laughter] jumping up and down. [laughter] settle down. >> tim: and that will do it tonight for sports.
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news. >> ben: if you're tired of the clouds and rain, they're gone and will be replacece by cool temperatures. employee 50s and windy, next he week, going goes down a little bit but in terms of rain, microbursts and tornadoes and the whole thing, we're done with that for a little while. >> alicia: the tax deadline is monday april 18th, not the 15th as we're used to. we want to thank a viewer for pointing that out. >> ben: thanks for making us your choice for local news,
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