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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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low 20s, and that means the coldest spots will be down into the teens, if you arere in a wind shelter spot, think about protecting your pipes, late tomorrow early tomorrow morning, and here is the forecast for tomorrow, and we still don't quite get to 50, and nowhere near as windy tomorrow, and we will talk about colder air coming in this weekend. that's coming up in just a bit. >> all right. thank you so much. john, and i think everywhere you go, everybody is talking politics, and after a tough race in new hampshire, presidential hopeful marco rubio is back in south carolina hoping to sway voters. >> one of the cities he picked to appear here right here in columbia. hepoke with jennifer ready about what lies ahead for his campaign. >> ben and alicia last night's fifth place finish certainly was a hit to the rubio campaign but not stopping him from the south
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he tells south south carolinaians he's fit to be commander and chief. >> senator marco rubio back on the campaign trail in south carolina looking for a revival one day after earning a fifth place finish in the new hampshire primary. >> our team worked hard, but we feel great about it here. it's a strong conservative state, and it's right up our alley in terms of policies. >> rubio is highlighting his campaign agenda to south carolina voters, focusing on rebuilding the nation's military, higher education and national security. >> the bigad shaban intelligence agencies in the world are going to find the terrorists, the most powerful military in the world is going to destroy them, and if we capture any of these alive, they are not getting a lawyer or court hearing, we are sending them to guantanamo. >> he meets all the
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>> he's young, energetic, and the only candidate that has policy on the first day, ready to go, has got a good plan. >> and they want to see more specifics laid out about particular issues, including social security. >> none of them are giving us very much detail. time is running out on social security. >> as the number of republican party candidates begins to narrow, and rubio says his presence in the next 10 days will grow. >> and the senator's event was cut short because he had to get back to washington, d.c. to vote on north korea sanctions and will be back several times ahead of the first south primary. jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> rubio has a strong camamign team heren south carolina, and it will be interesting to see what happens. while some candidates are reeling from last night's results others are setting their sights here on south carolina.
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at what the results in new hampshire can mean for candidates in south carolina. >> bernie sanders and donald trump riding high off big victories in new hampshire. >> we are going now to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> now it's on to nevada, south carolina and beyond. >> but can that momentum carry the candidates through the first primary in the south? and >> much stronger, and the threat of victory, would have helped for a single digit loss not more than 20%. >> for the gop, bower says south carolina results will rely on if other candidates can challenge trump. >> if you add up the second, third, fourth, fifth place finishers, they would have
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person, but as long as they are still all in this, then trump has got a good separation from the rest of the pack. >> and bower predicts the democratic race will be decided by the african-american vote. >> a long history of the clinton family with african-american voters, and bernie sanders is saying things about universal healthcare, single pair and would appear to lower income, black or white. >> representatives of both say voters are listening for solutions to state problems. >> they have to talk about healthcare, and we have to talk about the crumbling schools and infrastructure that we have here in the state. our national security and economic security, people want our country to be kept safety but want opportunity, jobs for the families. >> these topics will be heavy on the minds of south carolina voters when they cost their ballots. the gop primary is set for
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democratic will follow a week later. >> there are two fewer candidates in the race for the republican nomination tonight. this afternoon carly fiorina and chris christie announced they are suspending their campaigns. they finished sixth and seventh in the new hampshire primary. >> on the other side of the aisle, democratic candidates announced major south carolina endorsements. rich manned county representative todd rutherford announced his support for hillary clinton. the poor showing >> we are demographically different than iowa and new hampshire. we will show hillary clinton's base is much broader than may have looked in iowa. she is going to win the nomination and win the election. >> representative rutherford endorsed barack obama over hillary clinton back in 2008. >> not to be outdone, bernie
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of his own at the statehouse. williamsburg representative seize ar mcknight threw his support behind him in the afternoon and he thinks the message will watch on quickly with voters here. >> and i tnk that once south carolinaians start to listen to the message that bernie sanders constantly and consistently gives about improving the lives of the middle class and poor people that they will come behind senator sanders and help him win. >> the most recent cnn poll shows hillary clinton lead being bernie sanders in south carolina with 64% support among likiky democratic voters. >> again, a reminder about the primary dates. gop primary will take place next saturday february 20th. democrat k primary will take place the following week on saturday february 27th. stay with abc columbia news for complete coverage online and also on air. >> there appears to be promising
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south carolina state university tonight. a bill to forgive a $12 million loan given to the school back in 2014 is making its way through the statehouse. the house higher education subcommittee approved the measure which heads to a full house committee. >> a group of protesters gathered in the statehouse to demand changes to the minimum wage. carly says it's $7.25 an hour. if adjusted to meet inflation, that wage would be $10.56 an hour. a big difference they want lawmakers to take notice of, some workers say they are not making enough money to make ends meet. >> at least if bewe get the minimum raise we will be in a better position. we could save some money in order to prepare for things like that, but right now you are living paycheck to pay they can, and they don't understand that. >> according to the south carolina progressive network,
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are low wage jobs. >> students and teachers were sent home early from airport high school this morning, and lexington leaders say a fire started in an air conditioning unit on the roof of airport high school's vocational wing. everyone is fine, no injuries reported. school will resume tomorrow as scheduled. >> second public official charged with failing to pay taxes admitted guilt today. he pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to file a tax return. washington's attorney says he has since paid all back taxes and fines, and last month former city councilman pleaded guilty to similar charges, and charges arose following an investigation to the county's tax program. attorneys for newman and washington say the charges are not directly related to the investigation. >> camden man is accused and charged with trafficking heroin.
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week the deputies arrested ronald thune with heroin, pot and prescription pills. heroin use has been on the rise. they are determined to not let it get out of country in kershaw county. >> why now is the time for job seekers. >> why many in the midlands are giving up their guilty pleasures, and we hope you stay with us for more abc columbia att 6:00. we are live from main and gervais. >> abc columbia is on the radio,
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updates on 101.3 the big dm. hundreds of american soldiers are welcome back to abc columbia news, soldiers will be heading to afghanistan.
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headed to afgan, and the new troops will assist afgan forces who try to push down afgan insurgents. soldiers will not take rolls. this will be the largest deployment of troops since 2014. >> here at home, the number of job openings in the united states is near a record high. the labor department says it's just shy of the all-time record set in july. here is the downside. many u.s. workers don't have the skills to fill those jobs. >> many christians around the world begin the services of lent. ash wednesday launches the 40 day lent period that lasts until midnight on easter sunday. they give up something such as the favorite food or activities and done in remembrance for
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wilderness. very cold out there tonight. in fact, your hands start to hurt a little bit if you don't have gloves on? you are gripping your skin because it's so cold.
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democrat primary will take place cold one out there today, and we had temperatures -- the actual temperature 41. factor in the wind, it was nowhere close to that. it can get a lot colder. check out the record,
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record for this date set in 1934, and tonight some of us will get down into the teens, and columbia not down into the teens, and we are sitting generally low to mid-30s or so, and now, throw in this, and we are focused on the flags across the street at the statehouse, and when you factor in the wind, and at times gusting to 30 plus, that's what it feels like as you step outside. 28 in columbia, and 25 in saluta. what's going to happen as we go overnight, the wind is going to die back, and it will allow temperatures to drop around 20. here in columbia, thinking low 20s. but the coldest spots will be in the upper teens. tomorrow, nowhere near as much wind, and the temperatures recover at least some. let's give you a look at what's going on, and certainly the culprit for all of this has been a big pocket of cold air that's come down from the middle of canada. we have the first shot of this,
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yesterday but today, and we are going to get another shot of this thing, come the weekend. for us it's going to be cold. parts of the northeast they won't get out of the teens all day long, and really cold, dangerously cold for them, and not quite as bad for us, but still chilly as we go later through the week. columbia, the warm spot at 22, and 18, 19, places like newberry, camden, going to be very cold out there tonight. tomorrow what will happen is the wind will be nowhere near as strong as it was today. only get up to around 10 or so, and temperatures will recover upper 40s and low 50s in the warm spots. friday, this is nothing big, maybe a shower or two, and i wouldn't change my plans on this one. a shower or two passing by in the afternoon. saturday, sunny, but sunday it's saturday night into sunday when the next shot of really cold canadian air gets in here. t will be 20 degrees by the
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during the day on sunday we probably don't make it out of the 30s, and last a little bit early next week, and storm system comes in monday night into tuesday, and things will be plenty warm, and we will be talking rain monday night and especially into tuesday morning. >> valentine's day, get out your cute cold outfits. >> we have so many of those, right? >> for the second time, this is so amazing. 18,000 gamecock fans will be nice and warm inside the the arena. live look at the festivities, and we have a live
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come back. nothing to it... oh, boy. we got an easy week. nothing to it, huh? >> biggest week yet after frank martin in year no. 4, ken condition on saturday, lsu and 7:00 at closelyian life arena.
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check in with mike gillespie. feel it in the air tonight. and sec on the line tonight when they host lsu, and currently leading the sec standings, and show that to you right now. tigers currently stand in first place, and they stay at 8-2. kentucky comes to columbia on saturday sits a half game back from the tigers and carolina in third. they have the tie breaker over a&m on saturday, and then followed by florida, georgia, and vanderbilt. the key to this game tonight with carolina starts with stopping the no. 1 overall pick, lsu forward. this is a guy that can play anywhere on the floor. averaging 20 points, and 12 rebounds per game.
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oklahoma city, and lsu's blake griffith. >> simmons has a little bit of all those guys, and people say he can't shoot. he does not miss that jump shot. lsu is going to be a handful, match-up nightmare for everybody, and their center power forward is a dynamic player. highly skilled, highly athletic, and that's why they are in first place. >> and lsu, the new no. 1 in the conference after they beat the sec team beating texas a&m on saturday. b.j. dozier with that ridiculous dump right there. carolina going for win no. 21 tonight here in this building, and that hasn't happened since the 2009, 2010 season. we will have a full recap coming up later tonight in sports. for now from closelyian life
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>> let's talk a little football. putting the gamecocks a few over the limit. we will see transfers, and chase moody announcing the plans to leave last month. the former high school stand out at quarterback red shirted his freshman year, and reinjured his knee last year, and the gamecock signed four wide receivers in this year's recruiting class. carolina panthers signing bird and 7 others to future contracts today. he will be going in the second year as a pro. carolina's seventh leading receiver as a gamecock in his senior season. john beason retiring today played three of the last seasons with the new york giants.
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news at 6:00. down to around 20 tonight, and not quite at cold the next few days, and 39 for a high on sunday. >> before we say good night, going to say go cocks. big game tonight. >> tigers. >> you have been watching abc columbia news at 6:00.
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choice for news. >> stay tuned for world news tonight, we will see you back
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