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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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captioning provided by: caption associates, llc www.captionassociates.comcolumbia news at 12-30. i'm rochelle dean. and i'm eric wefe >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us at 12:30. i'm rochelle dean. >> and i'm eric weisfeld. we're live from main and gervais. we begin this afternoon with kind of the obvious. take a look behind us, the sun is shining. we always say this. >> looks are so deceiving, right? we have some cold temperatures and doesn't look like they're going anywhere any time soon. for more, let's turn things over to to. jonathan kennedy. good afternoon. >> we are warmer than we were at this time yesterday. we're warmer than what we saw for our highs yesterday. right now, 46 degrees in downtown columbia. 42 in lexington. 45 in wagner. still a cold day for us in the mid 40's.
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we should be kind of generally in kind of the low to mid 50's at this point with highs nearing 60 based on our averages so we're still below normal. we're going to end up below normal this afternoon. clear skies. also good news, it's also warmer but the winds are pretty much calm for us. that's something we haven't been able to say at all during the last couple of days. it's been extremely windy. wind gusts of 45 miles an hour both tuesday and wednesday. right around five to 10. mostly sunny skies. we'll add in a few more clouds tonight. that should keep us a little bit warmer but still a cold night. lows just above freezing for most of us here locally. several spots below freezing. it looks like more cold air on the way. >> it's a good thing that it's
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is conducting a prescribed burn. controlled burn started at 11:00 this morning for timber improvement and wildfire reduction. today's burnings are taking part at harvest and state forest and on the peachtree rock preserve in lexington. so if you see smoke in that area, you should not be alarmed. >> moving on now to vote 2016 on the heels of the new hampshire primary, the candidates have quickly moved on. i said here on south carolina. >> abc's lana zak has the latest. >> we may have to stage a phony protest. that's the only way to show the size of these crowds. this crowd is amazing. >> donald trump with even more spring in his step following his major win in new hampshire. forcing two more candidates chris christie and carly fiorina out of the race. and now, trump says he's ready to take on democratic challenger hillary clinton. >> we're going to beat her and honestly, women don't like her.
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lost female voters 44% to 50% and lost young people 16% to 83%. but nationally, clinton still has the advantage over bernie sanders and tells abc's cecilia vega he has work to do. >> do you think you could win south carolina and nevada if the election was tomorrow? >> no, fortunately for us, the campaign is not tomorrow. >> another candidate grateful for extra campaign time, jeb bush who confirms his brother will join him on the trail hitting trump hard yesterday after his fourth place finish in new hampshire. >> he is an entertaining person unless you are a woman. unless you're hispanic. unless you're a p.o.w. unless you're a disabled person. >> but second place winner john kasich says he's unlikely to go on the attack. >> so i'm not going to be a pin cushion or a marshmallow. but i'm also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. >> and back in kasich's home state of ohio, a controversial bill to defund planned parenthood including support for
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violence victims has passed the legislature. kasich says he will sign it. lana zak, abc news, washington. >> it's a matchup in milwaukee on the heels of the new hampshire primary. democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be taking part in a debate tonight at 9:00. this will air on pbs as well as cnn and it will be the last debate between the candidates before the first in the south primary right here in south carolina. each of the democratic candidates have announced major ern endorsements. >> within the hour we've heard the congressional black caucus endorsed hillary clinton for president. todd rutherford endorsed her as well. and not to be outdone, bernie sanders is pick up an endorsement of his own. williamsburg representative cezar mcknight is throwing his support behind the vermont senator. mcknight says he thinks sanders' message will catch on quickly
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according to the most recent cnn/orc poll, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in south carolina with 64% support among likely democratic voters. rubio will now move on to south carolina's coast. we're talking about marco rubio with the g.o.p. campaign. and he won't be alone. following his second place finish in new hampshire, john kasich will also be campaigning along the coast. meanwhile, ben carson and ted cruz will each be busy reaching out to voters in the upstate and jeb bush will be here in columbia. he'll be holding a rally tonight beginning at 6:30. >> reminder for you about the primary dates, the g.o.p. primary will take place next saturday, february 20th. the democratic primary will take place the following week. that's saturday, february 27th. we hope you'll stay with abc columbia news for complete coverage. on air as well as on line for all of your vote 2016. well, class is back in session. after an early morning evacuation yesterday, we told
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>> that's right, lexington district two officials said the fire started early yesterday morning in an air conditioning unit on the roof of the school's vocational wing. no injuries were reported. a camden man is in custody this afternoon accused of trafficking heroin. >> kershaw county sheriff jim matthews said last week, deputies arrested ronald boone with two ounces of heroin, marijuana and pills. heroin abuse has been on the rise across the country. his deputies are determined to not let it get out of control in kershaw county and columbia police's organized crime and narcotics unit has uncovered thousands of dollars worth of marijuana. this was inside a homemade grow house. that guy has been charged with manufacturing marijuana after officers say they found 45 marijuana plants inside a home in the 1400 block of carolina drive. officers say the plants have an estimated street value of more than $164,000. now, in addition to the plants, officers also discovered rooms
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grow those plants indoors. citizens with any information about narcotics activity, you are encouraged to call crimestoppers. >> the more than a month long stand-off at an oregonn wildlife refuge may soon be coming to an end. the final four activist inside the malheur national wildlife refuge say they will leave their weapons behind and surrender to authorities today. protesters say they took over the refuge to decry what they called government overreach of federal land. and changes may be in store for a lowcountry military college as well. state senator marlon kimpson is making a new push to remove the confederate flag from summerall chapter at the citadel. >> the call for the flag's removal was renewed late last year when photos of cadets wearing white pillowcases on their heads surfaced. an image many said was just like k.k.k. hoods. the flag currently protected by the heritage act, that's the law that gives sole power of
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state to state lawmakers. kimpson's bill would grant that authority to board directors at any public university. it is good news for one area college. the financial front for south carolina state university could finally be looking up. >> that's right. a bill to forgive a $12 million loan given to the school in 2004 is making its way through the statehouse. the house higher education subcommittee approved the measure that now heads to the full house committee. >> south carolina farmers looking to stay afloat following october's historic flooding may soon be getting the help they need. the house ways and means committee approved legislation allowing farmers in disaster declared counties to apply for grants of up to $100,000 each. last october's torrential rains wiped up $330 million worth of crops at harvest time and agriculture officials estimate farmers lost an additional $45 million because they couldn't get in the fields to plant those winter crops. another issue that's flooding the mind of some voters here in south carolina, talking about
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>> indeed it is. aarp released findings of a new survey of likely south carolina voters on their views of social security and their presidential preferences. >> a lot of people have different challenges and problems and issues facing them. of whether social security is going to exist as has been promised to them as they get older is one that they should not have to worry about. >> well, this event was all part of aarp's take a stand campaign to urge candidates to share their plan and position to update social security. >> have you heard the richland penny project is looking to spruce up the gills creek area. >> that's right. we're talking boardwalks, picnic areas and wilderness trails, a few of the proposed features for the greenaway along gills creek and you have a chance to have your voice heard about that project. the richland penny program will be holding an open house today.
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elementary school tonight from 6:30 until 8:00 to learn more about the greenway. and changes could also be in store along a stretch of road lined with empty buildings, overgrown lots and fumbling curves. we're talking about north main street and it's getting a make-over. at last night's open house, the city talked about residents and the improvements coming to north main street over the next three years. officials say the investment is worth the business the facelift will attract. >> we have seen where we've spent money into the streetscape projects where economic growth is amazing. >> and officials say they plan to nail down a contractor in early june and construction could start by this fall. >> richland one spent the morning celebrating 20 years of inspiring learning for area youth to challenge their love of learning. the richland challenger learning center has spent two decades of engaging students in the world of science. the center, the only kind, one
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carolina. >> celebrations may continue. that's right. gladiators stand up, it's back! >> a little bit. tonight starts at 8: with the start of a new season of gray's anatomy followed by "scandal" at 9:00. continues at 10:00 with "how to get away with murder." shonda ryans is hosting the evening's three dramas right here on abc columbia and i'm telling you in advance, we are going to forgive you for "good morning columbia" tomorrow. you'll be taking naps during the break. >> i'm going home to take a nap to get up a watch "scandal." there you go. >> next time you take to the friendly skies, it may be a little friendlier than you'd like.
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next. >> the zika virus continues making headlines as we learned another case. the latest area to confirm a case of the mosquito-borne virus. >> that's right, the centers for disease control says the unidentified patient has a mild case of zika. officials say they have not confirmed the amount of spreading more than a dozen u.s. states, however, and the district of columbia have confirmed zika cases. all were contracted outside of the united states. airlines putting the squeeze on passengers in order to fit in more seats on planes. but the idea is not sitting well with everyone.
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a new law to establish minimum standards limiting how small and how close together seats can actually be. cohen says it's not about comfort. it's about safety. and some say more seats on airplanes help lower fares. others argue it just means higher profits. >> seats are already pretty close. aren't they? >> pretty close as they are, yeah. >> temperatures outside despite that sunshine, pretty chilly. >> that's right. those temperatures dipping dangerously low.
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main and gervais. >> good thursday afternoon. lots of sunshine for us as we head into these early afternoon hours. now, unfortunately, there's not a lot of warmth to go with that. just 46 degrees right now but actually an improvement from what we were seeing just 24 hours ago. sunny skies and winds are calm. take a look at the clear skies as we overlook kind of the statehouse grounds towards the cap stone building and the university of south carolina obviously and it looks like a beautiful day but it looks like it doesn't necessarily feel like it for most of us here. look for temperatures to be warmer. we're five to 10 degrees warmer for most locations this afternoon. but that doesn't really do a whole lot for us because it was so cold yesterday. even though we're going to see about a 10 degree improvement, it'still rather cold outside.
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we're one of the warmer spots. now at 41. so they're making some improvement. like all of us, it's going to be a slow gradual warming process for most of the area today. a little bit of cloud cover here and there. but respecting dry conditions for us today. albeit cool is going to be a more pleasant day than it was yesterday. a lot of that due in part to the winds being much calmer. calm winds for us here. st. matthews at five out of the south. breezy spot thankfully around seven miles per hour. that's an improvement from the 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts we were seeing yesterday at this time. looking forward to satellite and radar to remain mostly quiet for us. we did see some clouds trickling in mid morning to those starting to wane as high pressure is starting to take more control over the situation at the moment and because of that, i think we'll see lots of sunshine. temperatures will top out in the upper 40's to up around 50 for most of us. and sunny skies are expected
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that's good news if you're out and about. wear some layers. it will be chilly. all and all,l,ice and dry for us. pressure over the ozarks towards arkansas. that's going to stay put. high pressure system to the south and high pressure to the north. that's going to get pinched in between those and become more of a stationary front and give us a chance to see some precipitation as we get into the day tomorrow. now, i don't think we see any here but that is not going to be the case for the coastal areas. notice how the system rides up the coast and you see even a rain/snow mix up towards the raleigh area. we haven't seen a whole lot of agreement within the models just yet. so there's still some uncertainty within this forecast over the next 12 to 24 hours. that's going to be cold tonight. that's something to watch especially as you get out towards the p.d., grand strand and towards the hills of north carolina. we can easily see some places not too far from home see that rain/snow mix. it looks like mainly a rain system for those coastal areas. 50 degrees for the high today.
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i think we'll be dry tomorrow but probably considerably more cloud cover for us. for the high today. or friday and saturday. and then for your valentine's day, only upper 30's but the good news is we have some sunshine and some warmer air coming. it's about a week away. >> we have to get there, i guess. open the windows and let the sunshine in. cold temperatures come in. >> no, let the temperatures stay out. still ahead, one nfl player is headed to town to help one school go gold. >> that's right. sports is next.
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gervais. >> gamecock basketball fans woke up in unfamiliar february territory this morning. first place we're talking in the sec. >> that's right. tim hill has more in the sports minute to win it. >> the colonial life arena continues to be the place to be for gamecocks this week. l.s.u. and ben simmons in town last night. simmons likely number one overall in the draft and a few months does not disappoint. 20 points, six rebounds and six assists on the game. this one tied at 60 midway through the second half and it's u.s.c.'s big time freshman. dozer, the pride of spring valley, coming up clutch. 12 points on the night for him. carolina pulls away. leading the way with a game high 24 points. 94-83 the final score. gamecocks are now 8-3 tied with
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here's what frank martin told his players. >> enjoy being tied for first place. enjoy it. you've earned it. it's not time to celebrate. it's not time to sit back and say you know what? we're good. no, it's time to reflect back to three years ago. and say i don't want to go ck there. so i've got to work even harder so i can keep getting better and that's the mindset that we have to keep. >> tim hill with that sports report. the sun is shining behind us but don't be fooled. it is cold. >> that's right. we have one last look at the
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main and gervais. >> abundant sunshine for your arch. still a little chilly for us. highs around 50. it gets colder as we head into the weekend. cloudy, 48 tomorrow. 48 and sunny on saturday and then only in the 30's for your valentine's day forecast. and thankfully a little warmer with some rain next week. >> all right. thanks, jonathan. thank you. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. >> glad we made us your choice
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