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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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three sections, officials say as part of that program, that money n only b used for that project. not other community fixes such as flood recovery. >> it can't be used for any other purpose other than what >> yes, sir. getting mixed emotions from the residents. >> many people are excited in general as a source of getting on the bicycle and walk and things like that. >> jennifer: but others worry about the potential dangers of more recreation running through their neighborhoods. >> we are just beginning to hear from neighbors who might be affected by it who are worried about change and worried about their neighborhood possibly being opened up to crime. >> jennifer: all concerns officials are open to working with to ultimately create a better community. tonight's meeting is the first penny program on this specific proposal. officials tell me they'll use it as an opportunity to hear input from the residents and adjust
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receive. in addition, they say there's no construction timetable set for e project to get started. from the newsroom, jennifer >> ben: it's more comfortable outside and you can thank the wind for that. >> alicia: or we're just getting used to it being cold outside. let's turn things over to chief meteorologist john farley. >> john: look at this. here are the flags on the statehouse, they're not doing much. yesterday they were barely hanging on things were blowing so hard. not the case tonight. the temperature is a lot warmer, we're in the mid 50s, compare that to 24 hours ago, check this out. right now in columbia, 18 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. gig changes and it feels better as you step outside. through the evening, temperatures dipping down to the 40s and 30s by tomorrow morning. what will happen is we'll get clouds in here, a that will
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dipping too far, so getting out in the morning commute around freezing, maybe a degree or two either side but nowhere near as cold as this morning. just a few clouds, going through the day, tomorrow, the clouds thicken especially in the middle part of the day. not out of the question, we could get a sprinkle or if you're lucky, maybe a flurry. but remember the other day, there were just a couple here and there and you had to look closely. do not change your plans except maybe have your phone handy in case you get a flurry. back to the weekend, back to the deep freeze, the specifics when that is arrives in just a few minutes r. >> alicia: thank you very much, john. south carolina farmers looking to stay afloat following october's historic flooding may soon get the help they need. the house ways and means committee approved legislation allowing farmers in disaster declared counties to apply for
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last october's torrential rains wiped out $330 million worth of crops at harvest time and additionally $45 million -- they couldn't get in the fields to plant winter crops. >> ben: well, the candidates are here and the first in the south presidential primary is well underway here in south carolina. >> speaker: sure is. abc columbia's beth rousseau joins us live from senate street where a rally for jeb bush is about to get under way. beth? >> beth: we're seeing bush supporters trickle in. i'm going to stem aside so you can look behind me. ready and willing to hear from the former florida governor. following his fourth place finish in new hampshire, bush has hit the ground hard campaigning in south carolina but he's not the only one. the palmetto state has seen an influx of candidates hoping to
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carolina voters. we want to mention that some of the upcoming events for these candidates, many of theop candidates will be in greenville tomorrow participating in the faith and family forum with attorney general allen wilson. carson, bush, rubio and cruz will be there. kasich won't be there, instead, he'll be making stops in orangeburg and hilton head. trump won't be making his way back to south carolina until saturday when all of the candidates face off for the debate, held at the peace center in greenville at 9:00 p.m. of it gop primary is set for february 20. you can count on abc columbia news for complete coverage on air and online and coming up at 11:00, we'll have continued campaign coverage as well as more from tonight's rally. reporting from senate street, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> speaker: thank you, beth. a big matchup in milwaukee for the democratic candidates on
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democratic presidential hopeful, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be taking part in a debate tonight at 9:00. it will air on pbs as well as cnn. this is the last democratic debate before the democratic primary here in south carolina, that date is february 27th. >> ben: if you have ask the officials at aarp, they'll tell you that the futute of social security is in question. the group met at the statehouse to release results from a new aarp poll. they say that it's important for the presidential candidates to lay out plans to make social security sound for future generations. >> a lot of people have different challenges and problems and issues facing them. and whether social security is going to exist has been promised to them as they get older is one that they should not have to worry about. >> ben: the aarp as a group is
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to ask candidates about their plans to secure social security. >> alicia: a federal judge has granted a delay in the tri for accused emanuel ame church shooter door. u.s. district judge richard gergel met with the attorneys today in charleston. attorneys for roof say he's prepared to plead guilty in capital punishment is offer the table. >> ben: heading to space without leaving the ground. up next on news at 6:00, we celebrate a mid lands learning center that's one of a kind. >> alicia: and we have a sneak peek at tonight's "scandal." only right here only abc
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welcome back to the news at six...richland one is celebrating 20 years of inspiring learning for >> ben: welcome back. richland one is celebrating 20 years refer inspiring learning for their students. >> alicia: the challenger learning center is celebrating 20 years right here in the midlands and it was started as a memorial to the heroes of the challenger cruelty the center has spent two decades of engaging students in the world
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>> i think what is exciting about 20 years later is not just getting the kids excited but for them to understand the career opportunities here in south carolina in the aerospace industry. >> alicia: the center is the only one of its kind here in south carolina. >> ben: forget tgif here at columbia news. it's "scandal" is back tonight. >> alicia: millions of viewers have followed everything on the plot in terms of what is going on with the drama and now we're getting you gladiators caught up. here's a sneak peek. >> don't tell you can can't doo this. >> i need to work. >> tonight the glad year-to-daters are back in business. and things are getting complicated. >> i was trying to save us! >> there is no "us." >> when we last saw them at
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impeachment trial. olivia's evil dad is back in the fold. >> i may be the bad guy, but the worst guys are out there. >> and for a brief moment it, looked like the white house may have a new first lady. but she found out even the best fairy tale tales don't always have happy endings. where will it end up? of course, we'd love to tell you bethen we'd have to handle you. >> alicia: all right. got to remember this, tgit. thank goodness it's thursday. the lineup is this. 8:00, starts off with a new season of grey's anatomy followed by "scandal" and then how to get away from murder. >> ben: shon rhimes is hosting the evening's three dramas. >> alicia: we'll be here.
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warmup. john farley has the forecast. >> alicia: and looks like it's a
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we'll be right back. >> john: hope you enjoyed the break from the bitter cold. not bad, 55 degrees with sun and not much wind compared to yesterday. this was downright bomb criticism not going to last too much longer.
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guess i should say less cold, but i'm going with warmer. maybe a sprinkle or two and this weekend, g we go back down, especially sunday. let's start with the warmer this evening. here you go. 40s and low 50s, no wind, no problems out there this evening. clear skies,oing fine. now let's talk about the clouds tomorrow as we go to the north and west what you see here is this pocket of energy extends from roughly the dakotas down to kansas city or so, and weather guys what would we do without the illustration, there's the egg of energy, the story is it's going to develop a storm off our coast but for us, the clouds go by and as they do, they may wring out a shower, nothing to guest excited about during the day tomorrow, especially morning into late morning and do it. then in thth weekend, it's the arctic blast again.
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down the east coast and we'll be in the 30s, but some place won't get out of the single digits and low teens. it's one of those count your blessings things. it will be cold but not as cold as in other pockets. clear skies tonight, and dipping down to 23, that will happen sometime in there, 6:00 in the morning. and through the day, we'll start to see the clouds thicken and maybe a shower and if it's early muscleness, maybe a flurry of but nothing, just a couple of light showers, temperatures in the mid 40s tomorrow afternoon. now, saturday it's sunny but it's getting colder all afternoon and into the evening. overnight, 20 dress saturday night sunday morning, cold on sunday, we don't climb out the 30s and monday, late in the day, we'll see rain start to pick up especially late in the day, overnight monday and into
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and what that will do is usher in noticeably warmer temperatures for wednesday and thursday where we'll be back in the low 60s. >> alicia: thanks, john. coming up, basketball trying to bounce back from the season at at colonial life arena tonight.
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sec standings, sports n is next. it's not time to celebrate. it's not time to sit back and say, you know what? we're good. no. >> translator: frank martin walking a fine line. hi, i'm tim hill. now tied at the top of the sec standings. spring valley all t.j. dozer, last night, 94-83 win against
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dozier scoring 12 points in the ballgame. the coach drew up the plays to get the callball in his hands. >> freshman ben simmons, confidence continues to flourish. >> he continues to get better and i trust him, obviously, this a game of this magnitude, this level, i'm putting the ball in his hands, we're going to run this stuff and it will could be ball to you and go. and he did. >> you know, when it comes down to the late game situation like that, we had the most confidence of anyone to take the shot. >> translator: an interesting start to last night's post-game press conference. martin venting frustration that neither south carolina for lsu ranked in the top 25 according to the associated press this week. despite 23-1 on the season,
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gamecocks are not getting more national respect. >> it is what it is, i can't complain about our publicity. we haven't been relevant for a hundred years, we have to earn that. you don't get that because you win a game in february. you have to earn it and earn it over a period of time. >> tim: and it's been a long time since gamecock fans have been this excited at this point of the basketball season and saturday that excitement will hilt a pinnacle, the sec standard and some say the standard around the country, kentucky cominin to foundation the wildcats coming off a blowout win against georgia seem to be playing their best basketball of the season. tied with carolina and 8-3, usc, kentucky and lsu all 8-3n conference play. usc and kentucky on saturday, starts at noon on espn. looking to bounce back tonight.
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colonial life arena and handing don staley their first loss of the season. uconn winning their 60th 60th straight ballgame. tonight, number 16 florida at the cla, according to staley, it won't be a big issue for the game would be ever could bees. >> i think the team understands, they don't take losing well but we put things in perspective and move on. >> tim: and aja wilson will be moving on as well. missing a large chunk of the uconn game after reinjuring her lower left leg, saying she's been dealing with shin splints for a while. i'm going to push through it, i mean, i have -- hey, it will be all good.
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wearing the big bulky ankle brace, and fond of wearing the pearls having fun with that, it will be interesting to see how they do tonight against florida, we'll have the highlights and post-game reaction coming up at 11:00. >> alicia: when this document, add a little bling. >> ben: up next, a look at the seven-day forecast. >> alicia: it includes a look at valentine'e' day. stay with us. , you're watching abc columbia
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gervais. >> john: tomorrow, cloudy in the 40s and maybe a sprinkle or two, nothing significant into the weekend. saturday is the warmest and it's 45. sunday, how about that? 39 degrees, cold and windy saturday night into sunday. next week rain, especially monday night into tuesday, but look at that. low 60s. low 60s, that's not bad. >> ben: yeah. i was sensing that yesterday. slowly but surely getting there. >> alicia: we're getting there. you've been watching abc columbia news at 6:00. we thong thank you for making us your choice for news. >> ben: stay state of the
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tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there. the deadly gas explosion and now the charges tonight. two people killed, three buildings leveled. and prosecutors this evening arguing, it was all because of greed. and we have breaking news involving bill cosby's wife. and gas prices dropping to


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