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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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spring valley high volunteer coach and former gamecock harold greene learns his fate on charges he inappropriately touched teenaged girls. not quite as cold as there tonight, but believe me, do not get used to it. a blast of cold air is headed our way. we'll talk about when it arrives. abc news columbia news at 11 starts now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. >> thank you for joining us tonight at 11. i've alicia barnes. >> ben: i'm ben hoover. a public meeting turned into damage control tonight after rumors and misinformation had spread on social media about a multi-million dollar greenway planned for an area still reeling from october's flood. homeowners who live along gills
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richland county and the gills creek watershed association explain details like the cost of the project, where the money is coming from and how it would impact their property lines. >> the greenway would start where kill born road intersects with shady lane and follows gills creek south to bluff road. here's the concern. some say the community would benefit from the trails and picnic areas while others say they don't like the idea. considering the flood damaged area has a long road to recovery >> after the october floods, think people should have a different perspective on what mother nature can do and this natural wetland should probably be left alone. i think it will give destruct to the harmony and peace in this neighborhood. >> a lot of the other cities have a lot of greenway that have
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improved property values in the area and drawn folks from other communities. >> now, the multi-million dollar project would funded by the richland county transportation penny tax. that was another concern addressed tonight. richland county leaders say the penny tax money cannot be used for flood recovery. >> ben: i spoke with richland county council member greg pierce tonight. he says this is just the beginning of the public vetting process. any plans would need to be well received by the public and be approved by richland county council. so this is still very early on in this process. the public is encouraged to reach out to their county council members with questions and concerns. tonight a lot of people thought they would be able to ask questions. they had to do a lot of damage control first. they might have another public hearing later on to hear directly from homeowners. >> hopefully this clears up the situation, but from what i understand, this is the initial brainstorming idea, right? >> ben: here's the idea.
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>> alicia: the city of columbia is continuing to get its parks into working order. >> ben: 11 of the city parar sustained severe damage during october's rain. with an update on repair progress, here is abc columbia's beth rousseau. >> ben and oo lish, a the -- alicia, the city had made helpedway on the parks recovery. the parks hit hardest by flooding, they're far from finished. the rain is long gone, but the damage left in its wake remains, impacting residents in more ways than one. >> you get, you know, calls every day, you know, wondering the status of the repair. >> october's flood left several of the city's more than 60 parks in shambles. >> the tree limbs falling, significant repairs off times need to be done, from mold repair to erosion. >> according to randy davis, interim director of parks and recreation, the flooding created
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>> put all hands on deck with dispatching the staff, bringing back the reports, getting the assessments and even contracting work, too, that needed to be done that we couldn't handle internally. >> while there has been steady progress, davis says factors beyond their control have slowedthe process significantly. >> we've continued to have significant amount of rain, and we haven't had much sun to dry things out. >> the price tag for these repairs, anywhere between 300,000 and half a million dollars. as for a timeline, davis explains that there isn't one. so he's asking for the public's patience. >> i know that the city is working diligently to insure that things are up and running as quickly as possible. >> as for that timeline, davis says they're about 40% of the way through repairs at this point. he reminds that the martin luther king king green space and
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street to the north end will remain closed until further tice. reporting in the newsroom, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> ben: we caught a little break today from the blustery temperatures, but how long will that last? >> alicia: the wind, not a factor today. chief meteorologist john farley joins us live from the weather center with a current look at our situation. john. >> the situation, no wind out there tonight. so it's a lot more comfortable. factor in the fact that the temperatures here are warmer. we're still at 41 in columbia. so it's not so bad out there tonight. and what happens as we go forward? look at this. we're still, as you see, 10 degrees or so warmer tonight than we were last night here in columbia. so overnight, temperatures will fall back. then in the morning commute, it will be quiet, maybe a few clouds here and there, no problems. temperatures right around the freezing mark or so. that will take care of business for you. now, as we go through the day tomorrow, it will get good andcloudy. the middle are the pa of the day
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could get a sprinkle in there. a little something the middle part of the day, and then it will clear out by tomorrow evening. now, temperatures tomorrow, mid 40s, maybe in some cases upper 40s. that's going to about do it. into the weekend, we're going to be wishing we had temperatures this warm. it's going to plummet. we'll go through all of the details on when that happens for your valentines weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. >> alicia: criminal charges against a former university of south carolina running back and hall of famer have been dropped. according to attorneys harold greene, a judge throughout charges that he allegedly touched five female students. greene, wearing the no. 22 in this video, was one of the great running backs for the gamecocks between 1986 and 1989. >> ben: a lancaster man has been arrested accused of killing his
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trying to withdraw cash from her bank account. deppies arrested robert hypes after workers report add strange man asking about carolyn taurino's account. deputies caught up with hypes and learned he is her son. family members had not heard from her in a while. investigators went to the house the two shared and found her decomposing body. she had been shot several times. >> alicia: columbia police arrested a georgia man after police discovered his 5-year-old relative wandering in the middle of gervais street. john larry toole is charged with unlawful contact toward a child. he told investigators he drove with the little girl yesterday to attend a meeting in downtown a child was found by a local worker, and she was by herself without a coat, socks or shoes. the child, we're told, is okay and has been reunited with her mother. >> alicia: the republican presidential candidates are swarming the palmetto state.
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attended a forum focused on faith and the race for the white house. abc columbia's amy cowman has more from rockhill. >> we've been very concerned that people are not hearing from god in the process of electing the next president. >> which is why he evangelist alveda king says the summit was held at winthrop university. senator ted cruz spoke about her conservative values. >> marriage was ordained by god as the union of one man and one woman. >> and how it would impact his decisions in office. >> if i'm elected president, on the first day in office, i will instruct the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal violations. >> all candidates were invited but only cruz and dr. ben carson came. carson says he feels better received here than in new hampshire.
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of people here who resonate very strongly with the same values that i have, so i'm actually looking forward to very good things happening here. >> he also vowed to make faith-based decisions if elect glood and there are people in this country today who, for instance, believe that marriage is beteten one man and one woman who are being persecuted, and that should never be the case in this country. >> the forum lasted three hours with speeches and panel questions to the candidates. amy cowman, abc columbia news. >> several of the g.o.p. candidates will attend a forum in greenville tomorrow. donald trump won't be back in south carolina again until saturday when the candidates face off for a debate in greenville. >> democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off for the sixth time. that happened tonight. the debate at the university of wisconsin milwaukee hosted by pbs. it was the first time the candidates faced off since sanders commanded the win in new hampshire.
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the political arm of the congressional black caucus announced its support for hillary clinton and harry belafonte endorsed bernie sanders. >> senate minority leader harry reid doesn't think the quest for the democratic nomination will be finished any time soon. reed says he thinks the race could drag on to the democratic national convention in july. reid says his home state of nevada, one of the first primary states actually coming up next, is still as toup between -- tossup between clinton and sanders. he says regardless, the race could go on for quite some time. >> ben: jeb bush is continuing his campaign here in south carolina. take a listen. >> happy birthday to you. >> ben: jeb bush celebrated h 64th birthday today. he started his day in florence at a meet and greet at venice
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he traveled to sumter for another meet and greet at baker sweets, a good place to go on your birthday. bush ended his day with a town hall right here in columbia. >> but i'd love to have your support. you all have the chance to make history in this primary. you have the chance to reset the race. >> ben: senator lindsey graham who dropped out of the race in december says south carolina needs to give bush momentum or risk choosing a candidate that would lose to the democratic >> ben: former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail for the first time in years right here in this state. bush will appear to campaign. jeb bush's campaign announced the two brothers will appear together monday night at an event in north charleston. they hope the appearance of bush 43 will help build grassroots support in south carolina following disappointing performances in iowa and new hampshire. >> alicia: the future of social security is in question
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the group met at the statehouse to release results from a new aarp poll. according to the survey, more than 9 and 10 voters say that it's important for presidential candidates to lay out their plans to make social security sound for future generations. >> our people have different challenges and problems and issues facing them, and whether social security is going to exist as has been promised to them as they get older is one they should not have to worry about. >> and aarp is urging voters here in south carolina to ask candidates about their plans to secure social security. >> alicia: the challenger learning center is celebrating 20 years right here in the midlands, and it was started as a memorial to the heroes of the challenger crew. the center is located off two 234067 road and has spent two
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world of science and aeronautics. >> i think what's exciting about 20 years later, it's no longer about just getting the kids excited but for them to understand the career opportunities here in south carolina and the aerospace industry. >> the center is the only one of its kind in south carolina. >> ben: so let us help you set the scene for valentine's day on sunday. a dimly lit room, holding hands with your significant other at the movie theater. >> alicia: coming up, some titles that could make your must-watch list, plus the winter break is over and the suspenseful thursday night favors are back. we're talking scandal, gray's anatomy. good evening to you, the republican presidential hopefuls have their sights set on south carolina. what we can expect from the next g.o.p. debate taking place right here in the palmetto state. find out when you wake up with
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we begin at five. this valentine's day weekend... a lot of people will head to mo so this valentines day weekend, a lot of people will head to the movie theaters. >> sure will. and there are somenew films onset to provide action, comedy and even high fashion. david daniel has a look.
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kind of superhero story. >> after endless promotion, it shouldn't surprise anyone that ryan reynolds hits theaters this weekend in the r rated action comedy dead pool. after several flops, reynoldscould use a hit, and this is it. reviews are strong, and box office watchers are predicting 60 to $70 million over the four-day weekend. we were a joke out there. >> fashions change. >> ben stiller and owen wilson return to the runway 15 years later for another sendup of the fashion world in zoo lander 2. will ferrell is bk as well with kristin wiig and penelope cruz along for a ride. analysts say it will duke it out for second place with the weekend's other new release. how to be single is positioning itself as the lady's choice for valentine's day. rebel wilson and dakota johnson lead this lighthearted look of
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with now showing, i'm david daniel. >> there you go. tgit returns to abc columbia. >> scandal picks up six months later but even after time has passed, the drama, of course, is not settled. tgit starts at 8 with the start of a new season -- started at 8, i should say, earlier tonight grey's anatomy followed by scandal at nine and continues with ten with how to get with murder. then stay tuned for abc abc columbia news at 11 always on thursday nights. >> and just don't tweet us or text us what happened, because we're working, and we watch the shows, too. >> i had the volume turned up a little bit. but you dvr it and watch it later. >> i do. it's a big night on thursday. we appreciate your support, but tune in to us at 11.
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chief meteorologist john farl he oo -- farley up next with that 7-day forecast.
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gervais. welcome back. if you've stepped out this evening, you know that it's not quite as cold, so tonight is going to be warmer. tomorrow we get some clouds, and thtn, yeah, we go right back to it. really cold this weekend, especially saturday night, sunday, and again on sunday night. here are the temperatures. we'll start with the warmer temperatures out there. notice not as bad as last night. still in the 40s here in columbia. a little cooler in places like camden, but it's defefitely a warmer night for us. and then we'll talk about where these clouds are coming from. right now, it's clear for the most part. but as we go to the north and west, what you'll see here, see
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not a lot with this. for us tomorrow, that's going to be in the form of clouds, and that's going to be it. we may get a sprinine or two as this energy peeks across, but don't change any plans, talking about a brief sprinkle and that will take care of business on this, and then it gets really cold this weekend, courtesy of another pocket of really cold canadian air that plunges down the east coast, and we're going to be in this kind of deep, but as you go farther north, they're going to be in this up to this high. places like pennsylvania, new york, new england, temperatures will have a tough time getting out of the single digits on sunday. so dangerously cold for them, uncomfortably cold foror us. here is a look at things. tonight clear skies, down to around freezing or so. tomorrow we will see the middle part of the day is going to look cloud eye a lot of clouds in there, possibly a shower. temperatures nots warmm as today. we're in the mid 40s generally. here is the look ahead. there is the windy cold air blowing in on saturday. saturday night, we get down to 20 degrees.
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out of the 30s for most of us. next week, there is discussion here that some of this monday could be in the form of freezing rain. it's not looking that way. if it does, it would be very brief. the threat of freezing rain is really charlotte north and maybe parts of the upstate. for us, it looks as though it's just going to be too warm, and the timing on this is that the majority is coming in monday night into tuesday, way too warm for any wintery mix or anything like that. sorry, snow lovers. next week, if you like the warm, wednesday, thursday, low 60s. over to you two. >> coming up, columbia high school gets a visit for a super bowl champion alum, and he doesn't come empty-handed. >> and the women's basketball team gets back in action, looking to bounce back from their only loss of the season.
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sports. the next goal.hi, i'm tim hill. e moving on to the next goal. usc women's basketball seeing their perfect season through 22 games come to an end with a double digit loss to no. 1 uconn. tonight the gamecocks trying to bounce back, keep their florida. dawn staley, confident her experienced team wouldn't let the loss linger. asia wilson, 13 points, nine rebounds. c up three points after one. second quarter, carolina goes on a 16-0 run. comfortable in that starting role, she scores 10 points on the night. tiffany mitchell leading all scores from the game, 22 points for mitchell. alaina coats adding another double double. she scores 14. check out the nice 90-foot pass to seal it.
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no real problem with florida tonight. 86-71. >> you know, there's some residual feelings of, you know, losings and how we lost and wanting to play better. that's natural. but our players know that this is the league that we want to win. >> and with the win at their next game at tennessee, usc can clench at least a tie for its third straight sec championship. that game in rocky top monday 7 o'clock on espn2. the gamecock men enjoying their view from the top of the sec standings today. spring valley high school all american coming through with several clutch baskets in last night's 94-83 win againstst lsu. carolina coach frank martin said he drew up those plays. the coach starting to feel like he can now rely on his young point guard more and more. >> he continues to get better, and i trust him. obviously this game of this
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putting the ball in his hands and saying, all right. we're going to run this stuff and it's going to come back to you. go. and he did. >> i know personally that i could put the ball in the basket. we have so many offensive scoring threats, you know, so when it comes down to the late game situations like that, you know, we have the utmost confidence in any one of us to take a shot. >> martin starting last night's press conference taking a shot at some national experts for either usc or lsu being ranked in the top 25. frank says he won't lose sleep over the gamecocks national perception. >> it is what it is. i can't complain about our publicity. we haven't been relevant for 100 years. we have to earn that. you don't get that because you win a game in february. you have to earn it, and earn it over a period of time. >> ad it's been a long time since gamecock fans have been this excited at this point in the season. saturday might be the pinnacle.
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kentucky coming off a blowout win against georgia comes to columbia, tied with carolina and lsu at the top of the sec standings. game time set f noon on espn. keenan high school getting a visit from super bowl alum tony mcdaniel tonight. today taking pictures giving them one of the super bowl 50 commemorative gold footballs. those are snazzy. need one of those for the office. that will do it for sports right now. you're watching abc abc columbia news at 11. abc columbia is on the radio. listen to alicia barnes for
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103.9. today was relatively warm. as we go to tomorrow, cloudy, and we'll see temperatures in the 40s. maybe a sprinkle, nothing big. saturday, it really gets windy
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that 45, that's the high, but that's going to be reached noon-ish, and as that cold air blows in, look at the overnight low, 20 degrees. windy, blustery, temperature falling. sunday, valentine's day i probably should put a heart in there to remind myself, if no one else. >> hallmark. >> it is not a hallmark holiday. oh, my goodness. >> we'll get back to weather. >> like tim said, don't mess up a happy home. that was ben who said that. >> or cupid. >> buy your wives flowers. i'm telling you, buy your wives flowers. have them sent, big box with a bow. we love that. >> here's the question, it's on sunday, so should you send them to the office or somewhere else on a different day? >> women love that, yes, yes. >> he said no. you said yes. >> and you are happy. there you go.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel!


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