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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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she was 23. >> columbia fire captain is facing a charge tonight of inappropriately touching a male co-worker. investigators say the incident took place on october 6th when the man was working at a home on bloom street. he is charged tonight. the man's name is jeffrey rish charged with second-degree assault and battery. >> violent crime is down in south carolina. that's according to the state law enforcement division statistics which shows that there's a drop of more than 12% from 2012 to 2013. well, the report also showed a drop in property crimes. >> you drive a car off a used car lot, you're supposed to pay for it. orangeburg deputies say that's not what one person did last saturday. the sheriff says the man seen in a surveillance image is a person of interest after a 2005 chevy tahoe was stolen from a.a. again auto sales on five chop road. if you recognize the man in that photo, you're asked to call the
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office. tonight the richland county sheriff's department has introduced a new cell app to help fight crime here in the midlands. >> abc columbia's jennifer ready joins us live now in the newsroom and she has more on how the app can help make your community safer. jennifer? >> ben and alicia, the richland county sheriff's department app is one of the first to be introduced among law enforcement agencies in the midlands. similar to their website, it provides citizens a quick and easy way to stay up to date on crime in the area and it's as simple as one click on your phone. from news to food to games to fitness, in today's society there's an app for just about everything. >> most people get their information from apps. >> and the richland county sheriff's department is joining the trend launching its own mobile app to help better inform citizens who fight crime in their neighborhoods. >> we wanted to be able to just be in the palm of our citizens' hands at all times. >> the sheriff's department app gives residents access to neighborhood crime apps. safety reminders and sends them crime alerts in real time.
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of getting important messages out to citizens much like a breaking news alert. >> whether it's a missing person or there was a robbery in the area, we can tell them instantaneously what's going on so that they can, you know, be safer and be more informed. >> the app may also help the sheriff's department combat crime with a quick click of the app, citizens can submit a tip providing as many details as you wish. even a picture of potential evidence. >> it can be all anonymous so you don't have to worry about having to put in an e-mail address in their name. >> an instantaneous way to help the police help you stay informed. the app is now available to download on your smartphone but the sheriff's department says they do want to remind citizens that while the app serves as a great source of information, if there's an immediate emergency to always dial 911. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> all right. thank you. if you buy something on line in lexington, you have a safe place to pick it up. today, the lexington police department unveiled internet
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now, it's located in the parking lot of the town of lexington municipal complex on maiden lane and it's under constant video surveillance. >> firefighters are taking steps to keep families safe tomorrow in irmo. members of the irmo fire department will visit homes to teach people how to protect themselves from home fires and they will be installing free smoke alarms where needed. the smoke alarm blitz will focus on homes around broken hill, bittle and vincent roads. >> talking politics tonight. in our vote 2016 coverage, one candidate is hoping that nice guys don't finish last. ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kasich spoke to the south carolina chamber of commerce this afternoon. and during his campaign, kasich says he has gone out of his way to stay out of the mudslinging between other candidates. >> the problem with going negative all the time is how do you ever get anything done? long term?
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the dark side of the street as opposed to the sunny side of the street. >> and kasich finished second in the new hampshire primary. >> republican candidates had a chance to talk about their faith today in the upstate. ben carson, jeb bush, marco rubio and ted cruz all attended the faith and family forum at bob jones university. the event was moderated by the man on the left-hand side of your screen right there, attorney general alan wilson. >> republicans are not the only candidates in south carolina today. this afternoon, democratic frontrunner hillary clinton campaigned in the town of denmark in orangeburg county. tomorrow, her husband, former president bill clinton, will campaign in florence. >> a fictional presidential candidate is making his presence felt in the state as well. president and south carolina native frank underwood, of course played by kevin spacey in the netflix series "house of cards" opened a campaign office on main street in greenville. if you'd like to see it first hand, that office will be open until 11:00 this evening and from 8:00 in the morning until
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stop in and see frank underwood. >> if you watch the show, you know he made it to president. the united states department says the secretary of state john kerry will sit down with comedian jimmy kimmel next week. this will be the first time he makes an appearance on the late night show. kerry on kimmel will air tuesday night, february 16th right here on abc columbia. 81,000. that's the number of south carolinians living with alzheimer's. it's a disease that can create major challenges for family care takers. >> abc columbia's beth rousseau introduces you to a midlands couple who knows all about those challenges and they want to help others cope. >> we had some good times in germany, didn't we? >> when mary revels met her husband james, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. >> later on, we got together at
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night away and we've been dancing ever since. >> the couple would spend the next four decades facing life's ups and downs side by side. >> it's been a wonderful life. >> mary says that hasn't changed since james was diagnosed with alzheimer's seven years ago. >> i remember the first night when we went to bed we kind of hugged each other and i said please don't forget me. >> the diagnosis was later changed to frontal temporal dimentia, f.t.d., a form of the disease that causes gradual deterioration of language, behavior and movement. >> every time there is another thing that's going away, it's hard to have to admit it, you know, well, now we've lost this aspect and we've lost that one. >> for four years, mary served as james' primary caretaker. >> you know, i had to take care of everything.
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association, this is the reality for most south carolina's 295,000 caregivers. >> when you are dedicating your life to taking care of someone else, 24/7, there are times that you neglect you. >> that's just one reason why the association offers respite care vouchers. >> these vouchers actually pay for you to have someone who is trained to come into your home and sit with your loved one while you're able to go out and do things to help you. >> with james now happily settled at full-time care facility rice estates, mary is starting her own support group. celebrating a lifetime of memories and a love that's truly unforgettable. >> i think, if anything, it's increased my love for him. >> mrs. revel's support group meets on the third tuesday of every month. for more information on that and on the alzheimer's association, head to our website at reporting at rice estates, beth rousseau, abc columbia news.
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she said it's been a wonderful life. and it continues to be. >> yeah. she said it makes me love him even more. caretakers need an opportunity to get out of the house and recollect their thoughts and have some time to themselves. it is very, very hard work. yeah. >> what a good story. >> coming up, honoring veterans on valentine's day. midlands students have a date with some real life american heroes. >> plus, how you can give your sweetie a furry friend this
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please stay with us. most schools are decorated with today >> most of our schools are decorated with hearts this time today, one midlands school was no exception. only these hearts are purple. this morning, richland northeast held its valentines for vets event. students got a chance to move from table to table hearing stories from veterans of conflicts ranging from world war ii to the wars in afghanistan and iraq. >> these guys get -- they tell them what it was really like to be there. the personal stories, how cold it was. how scared they were. how it felt to come home. and, you know, that's a history you'll never see in a -- in a textbook or history book. >> what a lesson.
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valentines for veterans event. >> ok. if you're looking for something to snuggle with this weekend, how about a four legged friend? the columbia and lexington animal service are holding a fur-ever yours pet adoption special. and pet adoption fees are only $14! but you better hurry because this is a short offer beginning today and only running until next monday. $14 because valentine's day is on the 14th of february. >> that's right. >> well, it looks like it will be a chilly valentine's day weekend. >> up next, chief meteorologist john farley has a look at the seven day h.d. forecast.
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abc columbia news at 6:00. >> the weekend is here. and you get the idea. it's going to be a cold one. tomorrow, it's blustery. so you'll feel it tomorrow. but it's tomorrow night into sunday when the real cold air settles in. and then on monday, we get some rain. and that will be the beginning of a warmup that will take us into next week. that will lead us into the 60's. but we're going to have some 20's to contend with before we get there. let's show you what's going on here. this big arctic blast. pocket of very cold air coming down from the middle of canada. and this thing fortunately is only going to last two days but you'll feel it when it's here. again, it's tomorrow, tomorrow night into sunday. and starting to loosen its grips sunday night, monday. so we are in the southern edge of this and i want to show you the temperature map that not only is going to affect us but everybody all the way up the eastern seaboard. check this out. these purples up here, that's the real dangerous cold. watch as we go forward. here we are tomorrow morning at 8:00 and as we go through the day, check it out.
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sunday morning, the purples are filtering into upstate new york and i have a buddy who is a vermont. they're expecting an overnight low of 16 degrees below zero on sunday night. rather, saturday night. you factor in the wind, it's going to be about 35 degrees sunday. we're in the southern fringe of this. we'll get our share. we'll have nothing that those guys w wl get. it doesn't last that long. there's 7:00 on sunday morning. take a look at us by the time we get into monday afternoon. check it out. we got some yellows working in here so things are definitely going to warm up for us on monday. that said when we start the first part of monday out, it's going to be a little on the cold side so i'll show you what's going on here. mun at 3:00 in the morning, allll down in the 20's. maybe low 30's. what happens is if we get a little bit of moisture on top of that, we could get a sprinkle but it will not stick here in the midlands. there won't be enough moisture to work with. that said, watch what happens as we go through the day on monday.
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of the morning, all that warm air is working its way in. if you have plans that take you to places like clemson, greenville, charlotte, places like that early on munldonday. i would be concerned with ice. but us, no, not enough to moistureo work with. by the time it gets in here, temperatures will be really warm. good rainstorm into monday. down to 32 under clear skies. day. temperatures in the 40's but really, what's going to happen is it's not going to feel as warm as these temperatures show up. when you factor in the wind, it will be very cold. there you go. there's the cold on sunday. there's the rain monday night into tuesday. look at this. next week, how about some 60's? not bad. all right much that's your weather. >> of course! that's great! i mean, that's fabulous. give us 60's. >> bring it on. coming up, cam newton vows to continue to win his way. >> and frank martin hopes to get another big win tomorrow when kentucky comes to the colonial life arena with first place in
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sports is next. >> i've got to go home now and be up all night and watching kentucky on film. and that's real easy, too. let's watch kentucky, oh, they're no good. how do we guard him? i got no idea. how about that guy? i got no idea. >> kentucky sized challenge for frank martin & company. i'm tim hill. how much has gamecock basketball changed here in the last few weeks compared to the last few years? well, next -- tomorrow's game that is against kentucky is sold out but next week's game against florida also announced as a sellout today. big three game stretch for u.s.c. a a carolina has already come up with two wins with kentucky looming tomorrow. the big win against l.s.u. earlier this week, dozer coming up big sets up a first place sec showdown. l.s.u., kentucky and u.s.c. right now 8-3 in conference play. noon tomorrow at the coloniall life arena, kentucky comes to
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john calipari and the wildcats know stopping corera won't be easy. >> now he's making shots and he still gets down in his stance and he's still an offensesive rebounding machine. he's still their -- the guts of their team, toughness of their team. he's good. >> and calipari is singing frank martin's praises at his press conference today. let's give you a quick recent history lesson between carolina and kentucky. last year, the wildcats sweeping both games. the next one an absolute valentine's day massacre in lexington, 30 plus game earlier. a couple of seasons ago, carolina upset kentucky at the c.l.a. the wildcats ended up going on to the national championship game in that season. clemson basketball looking to turn its season around a little bit and slide its way back on to the ncaa tournament bubble at
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the tyingigers with a must win at home tomorrow. it's clemson's last weekend home game of the season. blossom & company missing out on a mid-week chance at first ever win against notre dame a few days ago on momoay. not necesesrily mid week unless you're having a short week, i guess. notre dame ended up pulling away with a win in greenville. clemson going into tomorrow's game against georgia tech winners of 11 of the last 12 games against the wildcats. tigers 7-5 in acc play is georgia tech 3-8. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton continues to vow to do things his way. check out his instagram picture today with the t-shirt "i win my way". it included a message that said "this season has been an incredible journey and i want to thank panther nation and all the fans that inspired us to great achievements. i'm not perfect. newton continues and i will make mistakes but i will continue to work on improving each day trying to perfect all my imperfection.
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i'll continue to be true to myself, my family and to making all of you who follow me proud. i'll win my way, newton says and hope to inspire you to do the same. notice the picture muhammad ali behind him in the picture. that's certainly no coincidence. i thinkkam newton sees himself a lot like ali at least in his attitude towards the general public. >> really? i was thinking i win my way more sinatra. >> yeah. both guys, right. >> remix with jay-z. >> that would apply, too. >> it's all about learning, you know? that's all you can ask.
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forecast. >> valentine's day weekend going to be on the cold side. next week we get some rain and look at that, warm. but wednesday, thursday, friday in the 60's. over to you two. >> all right. thanks, john. you've been watching abc columbia news at 6:00. thanks for making us your choice for local news. >> happy valentine's day to you and your family. stay tuned for "world news tonight."
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have a good night. breaking news tonight. what donald trump just
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trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers. and a horrific machete attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years. silence broken. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine? and tim tebow is here tonight. hard to imagine he had trouble at the prom. tonight, how he's helping


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