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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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cold out there right now. but moisture in the morning means wintery mix, maybe freezing rain. all the details coming up. abc news at 11 starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. good evening, everyone. thanks for being here for the news at 11. i'm grace joyal. let's get right to our top story tonight. what we'll be waking up to. chief meteorologist john farley is tracking some winter-like conditions that might be headed to the midlands early tomorrow. john, what do people need to know? here's the thing. we are going to see freezing rain around here, but not that much of it. it's going to get in here early tomorrow morning, maybe 3 to 9, 10 o'clock, but in terms of accumulation, not much moisture,
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notice freeing in bishopville, camden and winnsboro. this colder air is going to continue to spill in across the rest of the midlands. so we will have enough cold air in place for freezing rain, but the issue is, we won't have a whole lot of moisture to work with. let's show you what's going on here. here we are 3 o'clock tomorrow morning. again, everything here in the purple, that's freezing rain. but there's just not a lot there. we go three, four, five, six in the morning again. morning commute time, at least the beginning, some freezing rain. not a lot. we go beyond that, 8 o'clock, again, a few pockets of some freezing rain, and then as we work our way later in the morning, what happens is we get warmer air pushing in such that by around 11, 12 o'clock, anything that comes out of the sky will be in the form of rain, and even at that, not a lot of moisture there. a lot more moisture around here tomorrow night. we'll get to that in just a bit. let me itemize the forecast.
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30-ish and a little freezing rain. tomorrow, a little bit of freezing rain, up to about 10 o'clock or so. in the afternoon, temperatures warm up such that it's all rain. again, the lion's share of the rain gets in here tomorrow night. we'll go over the details in just a bit. grace. >> thank you, john. breaking news tonight. the lexington police department is investigating a suspicious death. officials say a man's body was found on river chase way near corley mill road. they were called to the park and ride thehe just after 7:35 tonight in response to a shooting. they found a victim lying on the ground. the lexington county coroner is currently on the scene, and of course, we'll bring you more information as this case develops. a new political battle in the aftermath of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death. the 79-year-old was a consistently conservative voice in his three decades of service. democratic president barack obama wants to name his
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many republicans are infuriated, saying it's not the place of an outgoing commander-in-chief. andrew spencer reports. >> in the wake of supreme court justice antonin scalia's sudden death over the weekend, the top ranking democrat on the senate judiciary committee blasted any notion of delaying a vote on the next nominee until after the presidential election. >> it would be a sheer dereliction of duty for the senate not to have a hearing, not to have a vote. >> republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants a nomination to be put on hold saying, quote, the american people should have a voice in the selection. at the heart of the dispute, some republicans claim there is an informal history of not voting in the months preceding an election. here is mark yo -- marco rubio. >> but forenator leahy and other democrats, the g.o.p. is
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them that ronald reagan's nominee was confirmed by the senate in february 1988. >> president obama is doing the same thing that president reagan did at the end of his term. >> scalia's vacancy will be felt as the supreme court justices are expected to take on several hot button issues, including the contraceptive mandate, abortion and obama's action on immigration. i'm andrew spencer reporting. two democratic presidential rivals tried to win over some black voters in nevada today. senators bernie sanders and hillary clinton spoke at the victory missionary baptist church in las vegas. sanders focused on criminal justice reform, saying the u.s. has more people jailed than any other country. clinton suggesting that sanders is a one issue candidate whose policies will not end racism. nevada's democratic primary is
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no north -- in north charlton tomorrow, the candidate, jeb bush, will be joined by his brother and former first lady. the doors open at 4 o'clock and the rally starts at 6. senator lindsey graham will also be appearing. for more information, just head to the online version of this story at deputies say they arrested a richland county woman after she cut her husband with a knife when he caught her slashing his tires. the richland county sheriff's department says this happened around 3:00 this morning in the 400 block of sheridan drive. 53-year-old vivian jeffrey is charged with criminal domestic violence. deputies say her husband was cut multiple times in the upper body but is expected to be okay. six people in northwest columbia are without on home tonight after their house off bush river road caught fire. columbia fire says this happened
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officials say the investigation revealed that an electrical malfunction is to blame. damage is statemented around $125,000. thanksfully no one was hurt in that blaze. the red cross is helping the three adults and three kids who work there. as state senators decide how much money to give to our roadways, department of transportation secretary christy hall has made they have plenty of options ranging from no work on bridges to 800 million in new money that would go towards congestion, fixing bridges and widening major highways. the senate started debate on a roads bill last week before adjourning for the weekend. valentine's day has almost come and gone. for some, a hug will suffice, but many americans will go all out for the day of love. the national retail federation reports you spent almost $20 billion celebrating. men shell out nearly twice as
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196 bucks on average compared to about 100. the most popular items to buy? for men, it's candy and flowers. and for women, candy or a card. a couple hundred members of one forest acres church spent their valentine's day packing 40,000 meals, and it took them an hour. that was part of the mission for hearts for hunger. today's meal was a hearty lentil casserole, tens of thousands of meals to stock the food bank. >> it will be used for emergencies, folks in need. the flood victims, a lot of this food went to the food banks and to the shelters to feed people during the flood. >> i believe that feeding the hungry children and the hungry families here in the columbia area and throughout south carolina is so important. >> organizers tell us today they packed specifically 40,280
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>> what an amazing thing. a cold valentine's day out there, and your forecast in just a bit. plus a gesture around the world on social media. hear why a teenager bought a
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in his school. >> all of a sudden everything starts to let go. the ledge and everything. by this time i'd, you know, lost my sight of matt. >> and i'm looking for a hat, a tip of his board, a hand -- something sticking out of the snow. nothing. >> to see him disappear like that, and i couldn't stop it, that was very hard. >> so i just cried out to god, and i said, god, what do i do? >> and he was there. he hears your prayers.
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monday 800 girls in northern utah, is for about 800 girls in northern utah, this valentine's day is one they probably won't soon forget. it's all thanks to a very very generous classmate. daniel woodruff has the story. >> kayedin craw is still a little bit giddy. >> i felt very special actually. >> after what happened at school. >> i brought it home, and my mom was like, who gave you that? >> hayden godfrey. >> i want to make as many people happy as possible gloot high school -- the high school senior whees whose good deed became the talk of the town. one for every girl at the high school. >> i don't think any girl should be left out. >> ied hasen ordered the flowers himself, recruited some friends, and just before school ended on thursday, passed them out. >> everybody was holding a flower. i thought that was so cool. >> impressive, right?
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cost this student nearly $500 to pull off. >> hayden works here at lee's marketplace as a bagger. he's been saving all of his money to buy those flowers, and you can bet there's no way he could have done that with just one paycheck. >> there's no way. there's no way. >> steve hoggan knows. he's hayden's boss. >> spend your money like that? it takes someone with real heart. >> you might think hayden is the luckiest guy in school right now, 800 girls with flowers, 800 potential dates for this big man on campus except. >> i already have a girlfriend. >> that's right. >> it's really sweet of him to do this. >> he's taken. >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. >> love that story right there. up next, chief meteorologist john farley is calling it a wintery mix. it's what m some of you could be dealing with tomorrow morning.
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next. welcome back. a little bit of freezing rain in the forecast but not that much. small impacts late tonight, early tomorrow morning, and then it turns all over to rain. let's give you the setup here on any freezing rain event that we
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cold air. in our case, what happens is this all spills down the east side of the appalachians. you've got a shallow layer of cold air, 500 feet thick, something like. that early tomorrow morning a little moisture over the top. so the rain comes out and falls through and freezes as it hits. butt again, there's just not going to be a lot of moisture with this one so don't expect much, in any, problems. everybody will be cold enough for freezingain at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. the issue is, not a lot of moisture with it. 8, 9 o'clock, something like that, again, same story, a little freezing rain but not a lot of moisture. we continue later on in the morning by 10 o'clock. when you'll notice is not a lot to work with, but by the time we get to the afternoon, it's all warm enough for rain. so a little bit of freezing rain in the morning. done. by that time, things will be anything that comes out of the sky will be in the form of rain,
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night. 4 in the morning, 5 in the morning, m some time in there, that's when we're going to get the lion's share of rain out of this. a little bit of freezing rain tomorrow morning, limited impacts, showers on and off throughout the day, and then the bulk of the rain is in here tomorrow night. let's give you the forecast for tonight. very light late freezing rain, temperatures dipping down to about 30 degrees or so. they don't stay there all that long. here is a look at your forecast for tomorrow. again, by afternoon, we're into the 40s, most of us, and on and off showers. nothing too heavy during the day tomorrow. it's tomorrow night when we get the majority of this. watch what happens after this thing clears out. we're in the 60s tuesday and wednesday. and then check it out. by the time we get to thursday and friday, we're closing in on 70s, and by the time we get to the weekend, friday and into the weekd, low 70s, plenty of sunshine. this will be a distant memory. if you don't like the cold,
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it's going to feel an awful lot like spring. coming up, the gamecock men are focused on having better practices this week after the kentucky l ls yesterday. and new developments in how usc hired will muschamp and the
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that's next in sports. sports on abc columbia presented by nissan of
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easy way. you get an opportunity to play a team like kentucky. you can't prepare that way. >> that's right. the gamecocks didn't exactly practice well before kentucky. happy valentine's day. i'm mike gillespie. after the embarrassing loss to kentucky with first place in southeastern conference on the line on saturday, the carolina players and coaches choosing to reveal something in their post game press conference. the gamecocks saying they didn't have quality and high level competitive practices leading up wildcats. now the gamecocks on the road on tuesday night at missouri hoping for a better showing there. here is more of what frank martin had to say on saturday. >> very sloppy, turned it over a lot, listless. i was hoping that our dna, who this team has become over the course of the guys that have been around the last three years
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this team has become over the last 24 games, whatever it was, that that would help us through here today, but it did not. >> we just didn't prepare as well as we usually did. we've just got to do a better job of having better preparation before the game, making sure that we have hard practices and everyone being on the same page and everyone having all hands on deck. >> carolina women on the road at 25th ranked tennessee monday night. with a win, the gamecocks can clench at least a share of the sec regular season championship through the third straight season. but the gamecocks haven't had a whole lot of success in knoxville in the past with just one win coming under dawn staley up in knoxville. >> if you look at history, we're going to play history. history says we haven't done well playing in knoxville, but our team has done a great job at being the top team in this conference, and we're going to go in pretty confident that if
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mow, hopefully that will give us the edge in getting a win. let's switch gears for a moment and talk football a new report by u.s.a. today details the hiring of usc football coach will muschamp. according to the publication, muschamp was fourth on carolina's wish list of potential head coaches. u.s.a. today quoting anonymous sources says tom herman and houston were close to striking a deal until they lost to citadel. carolina was also turned down by arizona coach rich rodriguez and kirby smart. the clemson tigers could be heading back to the ncaa tournament for the first time since 2011 after the win against georgia tech on saturday. clemson sits on the bubble at 15 and 10 overall. with five games and a tournament left to play, but burnette already singing praises vying
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>> the most important thing on this winning streak is just to give us guys confidence that we can play against top teams in the country. when we play to the best of our abilities, we can win. >> the tigers host boston college on wednesday night. clemson has only lost 3 of 15 games at home. that, my friends, will do it for sports. more news comes right up after the break. abc columbia is on the radio. listen to alicia barnes for
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103.9. welcome back. we're going to see a little bit of freezing rain early tomorrow morning. but there's just not a lot of moisture there, so the impacts will be small for us locally. if you're going to charlottesburg, the impacts will be bigger. tomorrow afternoon, up into the 40s, so just showers there, much warmer. tuesday morning, some decent rain, and then look at the warmup.
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great. >> all right. thank you so much, john. and of course, you'll want to watch good morning columbia starting at 5 tomorrow morning
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