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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon, rochelle. it's been a very cloudy and cold start to the work week. we saw very cold weekend. it looks like that certainly is carrying over to your monday forecast. but not seeing the sunshine that we saw saturday and sunday. right now, 37 degrees. we look at the roof cam. very cloudy conditions. we look down towards the vista from our setup here at main and gervais. so overcast skies, winds out of the north and northeast five to 10 miles an hour. that's going to lock in that cloud cover and that's going to lock in that cooler air for us today. cooler conditions not ideal for us. could be a lot warmer. we'd love to see that. we should be seeing highs around 60 degrees and right now, we're right at kind of barely above freezing for a lot of the lobbyings here. 38 in columbia. 32 in sumter. notice the pink there popping up. that's your freezing rain. the green rain obviously just plain old rain for us here on the radar. and i think a lot of that is going to be for us. we're not really going to be looking at freezing rain necessarily in downtown. we're seeing isolated pockets of air cold enough to support freezing rain.
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reports out here locally. not really seeing any rain downtown even though the radar is showing some of that. there's enough dry air in the low levels to knock some of that out. we'll see a lot of that rain take a while. a lot of rain back to the west. that's going to come our way tonight. but for now, we're looking at a chance for some freezing rain here and there and it does look like more rain on the way. i'll have the details of what to expect for the rest of the day and week in the full forecast. >> it's a battle over the bench following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia was a constant voice in the three decades of service. president barack obama says he wants to replace him and many republicans now against that. saying that the president shouldn't -- should submit a nomination that he's outgoing commander in chief, should he name a successor? it could actually tilt the court
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it's a hot buttonish ishish issue that has left the presidential hopefuls divided. p>> new we pray for our country because that vacancy will have to be filled and it will be filled by the next president. not by this one. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20, 2017. the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice. and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> scalia was found dead saturday at a private texas ranch where he had been hunting. a local judge decided to not get an autopsy. he said it was not necessary. officials believe he died of natural cause. his body is headed to virginia. scalia was 79 years old. well, along with the successor of the supreme court justice, south carolinas also in the front -- forefront of mind of some of those presidential hopefuls. it's a wave of g.o.p. presidential hopefuls who are
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that's just ahead of saturday's first in the south primary. donald trump will be in greenville today. he'll be holding a trump for president rally today at 7:00. doors open at 5:00 at the t.d. convention center. ted cruz will also be crisscrossing the state with stops in aiken, camden as well as florence. and republican candidate jeb bush will also be campaigning in south carolina today. but he won't be alone. the candidate will be joined by his brother, president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush. the event is taking place at the north charleston coliseum and convention center. doors open at 4:00 and the rally begins at 6:00. senator lindsey graham also set to appear. jeb bush says his brother knows he has the skills needed to be commander-in-chief which will help him get ahead in the palmetto state. >> that will be an incredible validator in south carolina where values matter and where national defense matters a lot. so i'm looking forward to the event. we should have a great crowd.
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lot. >> president bush's popularity has improved since leaving office especially among conservatives. for more information on today's event, b sure to visit the on-line version of this story on our website at and mark your calendars, this saturday, february 20th, is the republican presidential primary. the democratic presidential primary will take place next saturday, february 27th. stay with abc columbia for all the latest on vote 2016. well, switching gears now, lexington police have arrested a man they say is suspected of a deadly weekend shooting. police say he turned himself into police and has been charged with murder and attempted murder. police say the arrest stems from a shooting sunday night found on river chase way near coralie mill road around 8:30 last night at the park and ride. police say the victim had been shot multiple times and was
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a female victim also involved in the incident was not injured, according to authorities. a richland county woman is behind bars this afternoon after richland county deputies say she cut her husband with a knife when he caught her slashing his tires. and deputies say it happened around 3:00 yesterday morning in the 400 block of sheridan drive. 53-year-old vivian jeffrey is charged with criminal domestic violence. her husband was cut multiple times in the upper body but is expected to be ok. well, some sobering figures show the number of officer-involved shootings here in south carolina has climbed in 2015. now, those reports show of the 48 incidents suspected pulled guns on officers. 14 officers and 14 suspects were injured in some of those shootings and one officer and 19 suspects were killed. this is the highest number of officer-involved shootings since the state law enforcement division started keeping track back in 1999. a camdenan is facing
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authorities say he shot a 17-year-old trying to steal from his parked truck. kershaw county sheriff jim matthews says the shooting happened early saturday morning outside the house of jimmy methe in east camden. now the 49-year-old jimmy methe is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of brandon spencer of camden. officials say spencer was shot once in the head. another person with spencer ran away. matthews says it's very clear why methe is now charged. >> the law says that you cannot shoot somebody who just steals and then runs away. they have to be a threat to you. and in the heat of the moment, like a lot of people, he shot. he chose to shoot and he made a bad decision. i'm sure he regrets it now. >> and the sheriff said he previously had been robbed by thieves who had broken into his vehicle. matthews says the neighborhood has seen several vehicles and homes robbed in the past six months. check out what one of the
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asked her about the incident. >> i was really shocked to hear that this tragedy happened because anybody who knows jimmy knows he's an outstanding citizen. >> methe will appear in bond court next week. why an old-fashioned good read is still turning pages for some readers. we'll tell you next on abc columbia news at 12:30.
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gervais. >> welcome back. the gamecock men's basketball team learning a thing or two from their loss at home against kentucky and the carolina women tonight could clinch a share of the sec title. mike gillespie has more in the sports minute to win it. >> let's start with basketball. the carolina women on the road at 25th ranked tennessee tonight. now, with the win, carolina can clinch at least a share of the sec regular season championship for the third straight season but the gamecocks haven't had too much success in knoxville. just one win coming under dawn staley up in tennessee. >> look at history, we're going to replay history and history says we haven't done well playing in knoxville, but our team has done a great job at being in the top team in this conference. >> over to the men's side of things, after the embarrassing loss to kentucky on saturday with first place in the southeastern conference on the
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coaches choosing to reveal something in their post game press conference on saturday. gamecocks saying they didn't have quality and high level competitive practices leading up to that loss. >> we have to do a better job of having better preparation before the game and making sure that we have, you know, hard practices and everybody being on the same page and all hands on deck. >> that will do it for your sports minute to win it. i'm mike gillespie. >> thanks, mike. it looks like it may be a storybook ending for bookstores. while the popularity of ebooks such as nook and kindle made a lot of people think bookstores would become a thing of the past, that's not the case. bookstores are on the rise. sales rose by 2 1/2% from last year and the first year over a year increase for the industry since 2007. and while print sales are going up, ebook sales saw a decline in ebook sales just last year and
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to curl up with a good book. and just stay inside to enjoy the chill or stay away with the chill rather.
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live from main and gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30.
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so far. take a look at the roof cam. it certainly looks like we're in the middle of winter which we are. february 15th right now obviously we should be expecting to see some cold air but not this cold. 37 degrees right now in the afternoon. overcast skies, winds out of the north and northeast at five to 10. thankfully not as breezy has it has been. temperatures in the upper 30's and low 40's for most of us today even at our warmest periods this afternoon. 38 downtown. 37 in lexington. bishopville at 32 as well. a lot of spots still around freezing and that's causing some issues as rain and some other moisture is heading our way. now, for us, we haven't seen much of anything on the radar. we've seen stuff on the radar but not necessarily hitting the gound for us downtown. i haven't seen any showers. we are seeing some rain coming closer to home. this rain to our south, i think that's going to probably bring us some actual rain that's going to hit the ground.
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everything else very, very scattered. the pink that you're seeing, that's freezing rain. but we're not seeing freezing conditions everywhere. so even though you're seeing pink over areas where it's 37 and 38, the radar is picking up on that as freezing rain but a lot of that will probably melt into plain old rain as it continues its trek from the upper levels of the atmosphere where it's very cold to the warmer air at least warmer air down here near the ground. winds five to 10 miles per hour out of the north and northeast. that's been the case throughout the day today. we have the wedge like conditions. that gets that cold pool of air to kind of settle near the ground and that's where we're seeing a lot of this cold air near the surface where above it, it's not necessarily as cold as we might see with the frozen precipitation system. but it is going to be very cold and cold enough to warrant some issues with freezing rain especially towards the upstate. it feels like it's freezing outside for almost everybody. satellite and radar has been a
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mainly into north carolina, that snow continuing its trek towards d.c. right now. that is continuing to move on. we're starting to see this influx of moisture from the south, though. we're starting to see some veering of the winds from low levels to mid levels. that will bring more warm air our way. we need the warm air to stay away from the frozen precipitation and warm us up a little bit. rain comes our way later on tonight. i don't see this coming our way any time soon this afternoon because it's still back towards alabama and mississippi and into louisiana so we'll watch this low that tracks our way. cold front will swing our way tonight and bring us a good chance of rain as we head to the evening hours. it is going to be moving through pretty quickly for us. i don't expect to see a whole lot of rain. it's expecting to be relatively heavy as it moves through. this is projected so we should be in the ballpark of that. we're keeping our eye on the rain coming our way later today.
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>> thanks, jonathan. since we're keeping our eyes to the sky, it's a bird. it's a plane. actually, it's something a little different. this time, a masked man in tights turns out to be not your
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we'll explain next. >> well, a marvel comic book character comes to life on the big screen.
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explains if this unlikely superhero is a flying success or duped for disaster. >> welcome to another monday. we had another record-breaking weekend at the box office. a new release destroyed all of the february records. destroyed all of the r-rated movie release records and even destroyed the studio itself's record for an opening movie. all three of the new releases landed in the top four at the box office and although i saw two of them, my review has to go with the clear box office champion. so here's my take on the comic book adaptation "deadpool" and at the end, i'll throw in a couple of words about zoolander 2. our movie begins with wade wilson, aka deadpool played by rye yap reynolds in the hunt for a man named francis responsible for disfiguring him. we see him exhibiting super human powers to dispel part of his crew. he has them escape with a couple of the x men intervene. we're treated to a flashback to
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several years previously, wade was a operative who became a mercenary for hire. his antics existed back then and he finds himself falling for a woman he's met. just as he's becoming happy and satisfied with his life, he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. he became accepting of his death to have a mysterious stranger contact him to offer a cure along with abilities he couldn't possibly imagine. he's disbelieving at first but leaves his life behind to go in for the treatment. it involves putting wade through torture and stress to bring out mutant powers. eventually his cancer is cured but badly disfigured in the process and makes an enemy of francis. we see wade has gained incredible regeneration powers. he's afraid to reengage the woman that he loves at least until francis abducts her in order to draw wade out. he enlists the help of two of the x men to mauk a stand against his enemies.
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hilarity that shows the true origination from wade to deadpool. it will leave you sad when it finally ends. i've been eagerly anticipating this one. notnly because i reallyy like ryan reynolds but hearing how crass it was going to be had me excited. and i have to say i definitely was not let down. this is the comic book movie i've been waiting for. i've never even read any of the comics. but it had all the violence and humor that i was told to expect from it. from the opening credits all the way to the end of the closing credits, there is a constant stream of hilarity and mocking of other comic book characters. "deadpool" acknowledges the audience and always done in a clever way. the shots in the film are outstanding and the technique of showing the result then rewinding back to the incident to go back through to the result is used very well. as i'm sure you've heard, this movie earns its r rating. it was not made for the family demographic. it's not meant for children by any means and the fact that they didn't edit it down to pg-13 for
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much better. i can't express how much i was not disappointed in this film. unlike the other one i chose to take in this weekend "zoolander 2". i had a feeling from the get go this movie was going to disappoint me. i was hoping i was being paranoid. unfortunately, my fears were founded. i really enjoyed the first one and it seems that the second one just draws too much humor from the first one and it just doesn't work. i don't know if it's because i'm 15 years older but i didn't really find it funny at all and it didn't seem that anyone else in the audience did either. i'd save it for home viewing at best. well, this has been your monday movie musing. back to you. >> all right. so one with two thumbs up and one with two thumbs down. thanks, matt. it's turning out to be the perfect day to take in a movie
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final look at the forecast next. >> rain for your monday afternoon. it's cold but not cold enough to support the freezing rain at least not for us locally. heavy rain coming in from the west. at will come our way tonight. good chance of rain for us tonight into tomorrow. big warm upin the 60's and maybe 70's later this week. >> things are looking up. thank you. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. we'll see you back here for the news at 6:00 and 11:00 and as always, we're on line at
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