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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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faith. >> the pontiff says anyone wanting to deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall around the u.s. is not a christian. tonight trump's fiery response. plus a did he mows -- plus a domestic situation turns deadly with a murder-suicide. tonight police piece together the chain of events. lovely day out there today, and we're headed to the weekend. can we keep it going? we'll talk all about it. abc news columbia at 11 starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. >> ben: good evening, and thanks for watching at 11. i'm ben hoover. >> alicia: i'm alicia barnes.the stakes are high. two days before the first of the south primary, he has not gone to any rallies, town halls, or forums all week. tonight was your chance to hear from three of the candidates. >> cnn hosted a town hall with donald trump, john kasich and jeb bush at the usc law school
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that's where we find our grace joyal live tonight. grace, what are the takeaways tonight? >> grace: well, ben and alicia, first off it's important to know how it was presented, each candidate sitting down with anderson cooper for really a one on one conversation. bush, kasich and trump answered questions from you, the south carolina public. it made for a slower paced more focused forum. >> poverty is -- positivity is what john kasich has been stating. he highlighted how he'll run the country but also talking about how getting out of his state has showed him what we need to rebuild america. >> we need to slow down and then we've got to carry out our god-given destinies and potentials and gifts. yet it's definitely changed me, because it's slowing me down. >> starting from the ground up,
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this for the long haul, no matter how he does saturday, saturday. an audience member question prompted him to reveal that he would consider chris christie as a member of his cabinet. jeb bush coming off a blow from south carolina governor nikki haley who endorsed marco rubio wednesday. bush got emotional when he started talking about the effect his father has had on his life, his mother, former first lady barbara bush was in the audience thursday night. bush did address the ongoing pope-trump issue. >> i just don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is, and he has a -- if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it's none of my business. >> bush noted senator lindsey graham's endorsement over him. on america's robust prison system, bush said we should instead be spending our dollars treating people for addiction. donald trump was the last man to take the stage tonight.
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francis who said trump is not christian because of his pledge to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. tonight trump said that the pope has a pretty big wall aroundhe vatican himimlf, but he feels like the media has pretty much blown this whole thing out of proportion. trump also talked about his dispute with ted cruz, again harping on cruz's birth place. i was at trump's rally last night in sumter, and he repeated many of the same talking points tonight. also worth noting, a camden man brought up trump's comments in saturday night's debate about george w. bush and 9/11, trump repeating that he stands by what he said though he would not repeat his comment about george bush being a liar without doing his research, and of course, that's george w. bush. it will really be interesting to see whether these town halls have any effect on the results on saturday, and you'll hear more reaction from the candidates starting at 5 tomorrow morning on good morning columbia. ben and alicia, back to you.
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absolutely a very good point. these town halls gave you more of an in-depth look at our candidates, whether they are able to answer the question thoroughly and you're not having to debate on top of that. >> a lot different than four years ago when newt gingrich sort of dominated those debates and really turned the tide. that was in myrtle beach and charleston. i think that's probably why we saw a little bit of a change. we had the debate, of course, up in greenville a week ago, and then these were a little bit more intimate and not as fiery, of course. >> alicia: and people could really get their questions asked and answered. >> ben: and there were some good questions. >> alicia: absolutely. the white house is staying out of trump's spat with pope francis. >> ben: during the white house press conference, press secretary josh earnest said that he would give trump the courtesy that he has not extended to the president anan not call into question the kind of private personal conversations that he's
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and it wasn't just the white house left to respond. senator ted cruz echoing the white house and says he is leaving it up to the two of them to work it out. >> alicia: other g.o.p. candidates are not keeping silent on the controversy. jeb bush, you heard his statement, and marco rubio, they did respond to the pope's comments and they did give a response. (inaudible). >> across the board, we ought to have a strategy to protect our border, and that's not an unchristian thing to do to make sure people don't come across our border illegally. >> vatican city controls who comes in, when they come in and how they come in as a city state, and as a result the united states has the right to do that, as well. >> you saw there jeb bush gave
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anderson cooper tonight. let's move on now to building a wall is one of the main tenants of trump's candidacy. ump has said that if elected president he plans to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants within 18 months to two years. displiesh. >> alicia: another day, another poll. >> ben: this new poll finds donald trump continues to hold a commanding lead in the republican primary race. according to a national cbs news poll released today, trump tops the field with 35% support. these followed by texas senator ted cruz with 18% and marco rubio in third place with 12%. the cbs poll comes one day after an nbc wall street journal poll showed cruz with a slight lead over trump, 28 to 26%. that's a poll that trump called a fake poll. >> alicia: 35 to 36. ohio governor john kasich has won the endorsement of the state newspaper days before saturday's g.o.p. primary.
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south carolina voters, ignore the candidates without real credentials to lead the country. >> alicia: the highest ranking african american house of representatives is set to make his presidential endorsement. >> according to reports, representative jim clyburn will back hillary clinton for president. he is set to make a formal announcement tomorrow at allen university. clinton received the endorsement of the congressional black caucus last week. >> alicia: in a special series tonight, this week, all week long, abc columbia has been bringing you different candidates' profiles of people running for the presidency. >> ben: tonight jennifer ready gives us a glance at florida senator marco rubio. >> in almost every national poll, marco rubio falls in third, that includes here in south carolina. but now with the endorsement of governororikkialey, rubio is hoping to sway south carolina voters and prevent a similar outcome he saw in iowa and new hampshire. >> a new american century, that's the vision of florida senator marco rubio's
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>> we have a lot of work to do, and we have to do it now. >> the son of cuban immigrants, rubio's campaign focuses on restoring the american dream by improving the economy through tax reforms, repealing obamacare and strengthening our nation's military. >> i have more foreign policy and national security experience than everyone else left in this race on the republican side combined. >> the florida senator is earning major support from south carolina piticians. governor nikki haley endorsing rubio just days before the primary. >> i wanted somebody that had conviction to do the right thing, but i wanted somebody humble enough that remembers that you work for all the people. >> in n uth carolina, senator tim scott and representative trey gowdy joining rubio on the campaign trail. >> south carolina, let me tell you this. if we nominate marco rubio, i promise you he will be the next president of the united states. if we do our job. >> rubio finished third in iowa and slipped to fifth in new hampshire, blaming his poor
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hampshire's setback. many criticized rubio for his rehearsed answers. >> and the bottom line is that i had a choice to make at the debate, and i chose not to attack another recap, because -- republican. >> the florida senator has been scrutinized by some politicians for his lack of attendance on the senate floor and for his young age. >> marco rubio is a talented man who i like. i was not ready to be president at 44. >> but marco with the support of several south carolina politicians is hoping to rebound and come out on top in south carolina. >> we make presidents. let's make marco rubio the next president of the united states. god bless. >> tomorrow marco rubio will hold several rallies across the stay. he will begin his morning here in columbia and then tomorrow night at a clemson rally. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> alicia: let's talk about the other side.
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away from the democratic primary, which is next saturday, february 27th, and vermont senator bernie sanders met today with civil rights leaders in the nature ban league in washington. well, the gathering centered on how sanders would address economic injustice, overhauling the criminal justice system and protecting voting rights. the latest bloomberg politics poll shows that hillary clinton is leading sanders among south carolina democratic primary voters by 53 percent to 31 percent. >> ben: hillary clinton's presidential campaign is releasing a new ad tonight. the one minute long ad is entitled brave. it shows a 10-year-old girl who starts crying while telling clinton at a campaign event she's afraid of her parents being deported. clinton calls the girl over and with her arm around her tells hershey's going to do everything she can so she doesn't have to >> ben: abc columbia is your home for south carolina's first in the south primary. on saturday night, we'll have live reports from the top candidates and up to the minute
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at 11 and online at, twitter and facebook, all throughout the evening. >> alicia: and i think the good news for election day will be the weather. >> that's right. it's going to be great. we're getting ready for some warm weather this weekend. john farley joins us now with a look. john. >> we're starting out tonight not bad. you see the temperatures here, a range of 40 or so, so it's not going to be terribly cold out there tonight. when you get up tomorrow morning, getting the kids out to the bus, no problems. a little on the cool side, but not biting cold that we've seen in the past couple of weeks. sunny skies. there we go, mid 30s. as we go through the day, what you'll see is the temperatures warm nicely. we're into the low 60s, and this is just the start. as we go to the weekend, they're going to go even higher. we'll get to b specifics on that forecast coming up in just a bit, but i do want to point out that the gamecocks opener is tomorrow, 4 o'clock. nice. plenty of sunshine, a little bit of wind out of the southeast, and that will take care of business. this is albany, and boy, folks
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to be in south carolina, because in albany, it is a lot colder. gamecocks kick off the season tomorrow at four. now i'll have the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> alicia: local news now. richland county deputies say when no one came to pick up a 6-year-old from school, what they discovered at the child's home was far worse. a school resource officer went to that child's home earlier today on amsterdam drive to conduct a welfare check. stephanie wallace died from a gunshot wound to her head, and her estranged husband, keith wallace, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> ben: lawyers for cosby filed a lawsuit against andrea constand. in this suit, cosby claims constand violated a 2006 settlement when she worked with the montgomery county district
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rape allegation. cosby wants back the more than 75 grand he paid in that settlement. >> alicia: championship night for usc women's basketball. gamecocks already clenched at least a share of their third straight sec championship. >> they got it. a win tonight and they get this year's title all to themselves. sports director tim hill has nor more now. >> sometimes in sports being selfish is a good thing. a win tonight at home against georgia, and it's all dawn staley and company. we start in the final seconds of the first half. sessions beats the buzzer. gamecocks beat the bulldogs 17-4 in that quarter. second half, georgia cut a 16 point lead down to five. the two time defending sec player of the year, tiffany hitchel, too much for the bulldogs. game high 19 points for mitchell. usc beats georgia 61-51. a pretty tame sec championship trophy celebration, but that's
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third title in a row. >> it's great, you know. it's great. it's bittersweet, i will say that. at this point, you want to play your best basketball, and i don't think we displayed that tonight. i don't know what it is. i think our players are mentally drained at this point, but we've got to find a way to dig deep and rest up and figure out a way that we can close the season out the way we want to close it out. >> just three games away from usc'ss first undefeated usc season. we'll have a report from mike gillespie and we'll talk some opening day baseball coming up later in sports. >> ben: tim, thanks. up next, governor hayley is being sued for reportedly resettling muslim refugees in the state. we'll bring you the latest on that. >> alicia: and avoiding the pitfalls of life. how ford's new sedan will help
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>> a last push for votes by republican presidential hopefuls before saturday's primary. tomorrow morning we'll see you
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we begin at 5. this programming is brought to you in hd by time warner cable. enjoy better. >> alicia: i'm going to throw a
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story, but this is very important. despite hiring 170 more child welfare workers, the department of social services is still plagued with high case loads. according to the agency's deputy director, there are still 73 caseworkers in the state who have case loads of more than 50 children. in anderson county, a caseworker is responsible for 120 children. the agency is now evaluating how many more caseworkers it needs and whether grants willelp pay for temporary positions. the agency is also working with county directors to determine how to better distribute the cases. >> ben: a rich land county man is suing to block the resettlement of refugees in south carolina. this lawsuit was brought by walter brian bilbro who warns resettling refugees brings the potential for terrorism or violent crime. the suit names governor hayley, department of social services and two nonprofits that help resettle refugees.
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taking a few bumps out of your commute. it's expanding its pothole detection technology on the 2017 fusion v 6 sports sedan. the company says a shock absorber system automatically stiffens when sensors detect a pothole. it allows a system to keep the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the actual hole. ford says the fusion is its first mid-size car in its price range that offers the feature. very cool for people who live in pittsburgh a lot of potholes in pittsburgh. >> ben: chief meteorologist john farley has details on a spring-like 7-day. >> alicia: you're watching abc columbia news at 11.
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gervais. >> ben: welcome back. the weekend is just about here. tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine. into the weekend, the temperatures will warm, although we will see our share of clouds from time to time. but the rain holds off until next week. so let's get you right into the forecast for tonight. there you have it. clear skies, light wind, temperatures dipping down, 33, 34, somewhere in there. by the time you get going on tomorrow morning's commute, skies stay clear. temperatures roughly mid 30s or so, and the sun comes up a little after 7:00. it's getting earlier and earlier, isn't it? let's give you a look now at the forecast during the day tomorrow. by afternoon, we top out low 60s here in columbia. the cooler spots to our north will be in the low 50s or upper 50s farther south, a few degrees warmer as you would expect. let's give you a quick look ahead to the weekend forecast. maybe a boat trip should be fine. no problems.
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10 degrees warmer than what we have tomorrow. as i say, there will be some clouds from time to time, but it will be pleasant. there is a look ahead. saturday, low 70s. sunday, mid 70s. very, very nice. then the rain gets in here on monday. at this point it look like monday will be showery. the focus of the rain is tuesday, and then wednesday back to showery before things clear out for us on thursday. that is your forecast. over to you two. >> ben: john, thanks. tomorrow looks like it will turn out to be a great day for gamecock baseball to start the seen. >> alicia: it's becoming an annual celebration for you. state women's basketball, third
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sports and next. means a muted celebration.hi, i'm tim's not taken domination means a muted celebration. hi.
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it's not taken for granted, necessarily, but it is getting to be expected. usc women's basketball back where it's been the last two years, on top in the sec. asia wilson and company clenching a share of a third straight sec championship earlier this week in tennessee, looking to take it all themselves tonight against georgia. 13 points, 9 row rebounds. huge second quarter for carolina. 17 to 4. tiffany mitchell's defense the big reason why. final seconds of the first half, sessions, she has a flare for the dramatic, beats the buzzer. sessions with 13 points on the ball game. usc up 14 at half. georgia cuts a 16 point second half lead down to five in the fourth. but mitchell, two time sec players of the year, too much, 19 points for her. usc wins 61-51. sec championship trophy no. 3 in a row for the gamecocks. our mike gillespie with more now
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life arena. >> after the win over georgia, the celebration and trophy presentation, dawn staley said it's great that we won the championship but on to the very next game. when i asked her how it feels to win three sec titles in a row, she started to appreciate where her program is right now. >> i'm really proud. i know my voice is dragging a little bit, but i am excited. i'm excited about the sec. i didn't think multiple times. i think winning multiple national championships, you know, but in order for us to do that, we have to set ourselves up to win sec championships, because it prepares you for that next step. you know, our fans deserve this as well. for them to support us in this way and us to be able to give them, you know, this kind of a tangible thing is quite incredible.
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is going off, so i have to abruptly leave, but i'll leave you with this. the gamecocks dreams of going 16 and 0 in the sec are still intact. at colonial life arena, mike gillespie, abc columbia sports. >> always a big night at the colonial life arena when the fire alarms go off. we'll check and make sure everybody is all right. we're about 16 and a half hours away from opening day of the college baseball season. gamecocks hosting the first of three games against albany. usc missing out on the ncaa tournament for the first time this century. he has missed a lot of time in the preseason because of football, according to the coach, and holbrook can't wait to see what this new team can do. >> this is christmas eve to us. we're going to be excited. i won't sleep tonight. our players won't sleep tonight, and you know, we'll wake up earlier than we usually wake up,
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to the field and play. that's kind of what makes baseball and opening day so special. >> and an extra special opening day at clemson tomorrow. formerrer gamecock assistant monti lee coaching in his first game with the tigers. lee coming off a successful stint at his alma matter, the college of charleston, hoping to reinvigorate a tiger program but planning on doing it in his own unique laid-back way. >> my job to keep them loose and relaxed and keep running them out there so they can get comfortable and not put a tremendous amount of pressure that, hey, if you don't pitch well, you're probably not go to pitch for two weeks. we've got to keep running these guys out there and get them comfortable. hopefully after week one we know more going into week 2. >> tomorrow's opener against maine starts at 4. the word from the colonial life arena, everybody is okay with that fire. that will do it for sports right now. you're watching abc columbia news at 11.
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radio. listen to alicia barnes for
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103.9. >> some pretty nice weather the next couple of days. tomorrow in the low 60s, sunny from start to finish. beautiful. over the weekend, we will see some clouds filter through from time to time, but you'll notice the temperatures climbing. we have 70s there saturday and sunday, also the lows overnight not very cold at all. there is some rain in the forecast. that's next week. we'll talk more about that next week. >> alicia: is it stressful being the weatherman? i've always wanted to know that. >> sometimes it is. when there is a serious forecast, oh, yeah, yeah, you're on it, because you've got to make it right. but on a day like -- i like it. >> alicia: it's good stress, like a dentist, fixing somebody's teeth. that's all the time we have for abc
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