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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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picks up a crucial endorsement. plus -- a man convicted of setting a fire that killed his behind bars. more from inside a sumter county courtroom on what the judge had to say before he handed down the sentence. sunny skies and comfortable temperatures out there today. but what about your weekend? we'll cover that forecast and a look ahead next week. abc columbia news at 11:00 starting right now. the final sprint in south carolina. thank you for joining us. i'm ben hoover. >> i'm alicia barnes. governor nikki haley may have endorsed marco rubio, but donald trump now has the backing of the state's second in command. trump kicked off a rally in myrtle beach in front of 5,000 supporters with an endorsement from lieutenant-governor henry mcmaster. >> he's been on the campaign trail with trump and at the rally mcmaster said we need a
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voice that everybody can understand. polling shows up trump 28% in south carolina with the gop primary tomorrow. trump now trying to de-escalate his feud with the pope putting blame on the media instead. the vatican clarifying the pope's comment was not a personal attack. trump is demanding a boycott until apple agrees to an fbi demand that it unlock a phone used by one of san bernardino's terrorists, sayed farook. we're have much more on the department of justice trying to reach a compromise with apple -- coming up later on in the show. today, a judge heard arguments from an illinois voter concerning ted cruz. that voter alleges that ted cruz is not a natural-born citizen, given he was born in canada. >> it didn't stop cruz rallying support at a rally in myrtle beach. he was joined by duck dynasty
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he suggests robertson is the person that should represent the u.s. to the united nations and the texas snared picked up the endorsement from mark sanford. >> he crossed the state in pauley's island, hilton head, charleston and columbia. rubio tweeted out this video of him with nikki haley, trey gowdy and tim scott. jeb bush under pressure to finish strong hit the campaign trail with his mother, barbara bush, holding rallies in spartanburg and greenville. and john kasich spent time in columbia and mount pleasant, where he held a rally at uss yorktown. on the democratic side, the political endorsements continue as the south carolina heavy weight makes it clear who he supports. >> jim clyburn is giving hillary clinton the nod. here's eric weisfeld.
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by neutrality and get engaged. >> reporter: a big endorsement from a big south carolina name with deep routes in the democratic party. us representative jim clyburn says when it comes to casting his bal automatic, the choice -- ballot, the choice was easy. >> my head and heart are in the same place. few speak speculated that my head was with one candidate and my heart the other. that was not the case at all. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> reporter: it's an endorsement that's bound to carry weight as the highest-ranking african-american member of the house of representatives, clyburn iscy none miss iscy -- iscy none miss with south carolina and it appears his choice goes with the students. >> i think it does a loot for the college students getting their vote, that's essential. i think he pointed out a few
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for hillary rather than other presidential candidates. >> it's big. i'm a bernie sanders sanders' sand supporters but you can tell a lot of people feel differently in the room now. >> reporter: todd rutherford has also endorsed hillary clinton. meanwhile, u.s. senator and south carolina democratic party chairman dick haprpulian has endorsed as well. endorsed sanders. in the studio, eric weisfeld, abc columbia news. one of the most recognizable voices in film is the narrator of a newed a for clinton. it's called "all the good." you know the voice, morgan freeman tone can be heard touting clinton's work on juvenile justice reform in south carolina. of course, all week we've been bringing you profiles of each gop candidate before you head to
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>> tonight, jennifer ready wraps up our profile coverage with a look at ben carson's campaign. >> reporter: ben carson started out his run for president very strong trailing clesly behind donald trump. now one day ahead of the first in the south carolina primary, he ranks in the lower half of the polls. he's not giving up. complete le removed from politics most of his life, ben carson is keeping up his run at the white house. >> i'm not gonna have these nice, crisp, you know, debate type answers. i think the issues that affect this are much greater. >> reporter: the key issue is part is to reform washington, strengthen the military. >> we have to change our tax code. we have to make it the kind of thing that encourages people rather than diskurngs
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leads, he finishrd fourth in the iowa caucus and 8th in new hampshire. early on, he went head to head with front-runner donald trump, sparring over carson 'child hood. now in the wake of scalia's passing, carson is suggesting a different stance, backing the president an's option to fill the court vacancy. >> i wobbly would take the opportunity to -- probably would take the opportunity to nominate. >> reporter: despite the ups and down, carson is still pushing forward, vying to make a change for america. >> this is a nation that's supposed to be of, for and by the people, not the government. >> reporter: he will remain in south carolina for the primary and hold his election night party in greenville. jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> thank you, jennifer. the polls open tomorrow morning from 7:00 until 7:00 p.m. abc columbia is your home for the primary. we'll have live reports from the
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up-to-the-minute coverage on air, also online at and twit ter twitter and facebook. well, we're ready for 70-degree temperatures tomorrow. >> yes, we are. definitely. it's a great way to kick off the weekend and kicking off the weather in chief meteorologist john farley. >> lovely out there tonight. it's quiet. no clouds in sight. here is a look town at the vista. not much going on. check out the temperatures here, a lot warmer than last night. 50s even still and the air is actually more humid tonight. we have a little wind out of the south and the temperatures won't go down that far. getting up in the morning, low 40s, middle part of the day, mid-60s. tomorrow afternoon, low 70s. now, that said, there will be a good batch of clouds in play tomorrow. don't expect it to be bright and sunny. but it will be warm, and, of course, game number two of the gamecocks' opening home stand here. there you go.
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again, plenty of clouds in play. winds out of the southwest in the range of about 10. we'll look at the rest of the weekend and there's rain in the seven-day. all of those details in just a bit. thank you, john. we need your help. the forest acres police department is looking for 14-year-old miysha ford. she was last seen in the 2000 block of beltline boulevard tuesday. getting into a green sedan with an unknown man. if you know anything about miysha ford's whereabouts tonight, please call 1-888-crime-sc. bond has been set for gregorio leon, the man accused of killing his wife's lover. >> this was not his only recent courtroom experience. beth rousseau explains. >> reporter: an emotional day in court for the family and friends of gregorio leon. he's charged with the valentine's day murder of a still unidentified victim. >> this was based on a 911 call,
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>> reporter: police say the 911 caller who identified himself as greg stated multiple times, i should my wife and her lover. >> upon arrival, officers found a deceased male lying on the ground between two vehicles. >> reporter: leon turned himself into police and is also charged with the attempted murder of his wife rachel. she spoke out in favor of his release. >> are you afraid if he gets out he will hurt you? >> no. >> no. he's not capable of that. >> reporter: prosecutors worry that leon could and would flee. >> mr. leon has long sent money back to his home town in mexico and he maintains a residence there as well. >> reporter: but defense argues that leon's family and the multiple mexican restaurants he owns in the midlands would prevent him from leaving. >> he just warrants to see his family. he wants to make sure these restaurants are stable. >> reporter: his attorneys also point out he has a history of being cooperative.
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the lexington county public corruption investigation involving sheriff james metts. >> he stood. he -- he faced his charges. >> reporter: leon pleaded guilty to knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and paying a public official to avoid those employees being processed. >> he's not a flight risk. >> reporter: the judge set bond at $500,000 and established a strict set of conditions which include a set curfew, electronic monitoring, surrendering of a passport and having no contact with his wife. now lee leon is being held and is scheduled to face a judge in federal court next week for violating the terms of his probation. reporting in lexington county, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. police arrested a columbia man accused of breaking into a woman's apartment and assaulting her. it happened early this morning street. investigators say 20-year-old christian robinson entered
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robinson then reportedly went inside the victim's bedroom where she was sleeping and police say touched her in a lewd manner. a man convicted of setting a fire that killed his grandparents will serve two life sentences plus 30 years. the jury convicted joseph manners of arson and in the murder of the 2013 fire. prosecutors said that manners used gasoline to set that fire that killed 79-year-old joann topper and 68-year-old james william topper. the judge called manners an unrepentant, cold-hearted murderer. tonight, there was a little bit of disney magic at colonial life arena. [ cheers ] >> tonight, donald duck, goofy and 25 other beloved disney characters, including mickey and minnie unlocked the doorway to
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worlds of unforgettable moments. if you missed the performance, disney presents "frozen" on april 13th through the 17th. >> makes you want no have kids. it does when you see stuff like that. if looks weird if you go to disney on ice and you are an adult by yourself. >> i don't know. >> are there a lot of adults that come? >> yes. >> okay. coming up -- family and friends gathered this week to mourn the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia, the information is digging into information about nominees. a zoo in boston has a new,
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you will see it next. the white house says president barack obama welcome back. the white house says president obama will start reading through packets of information about potential supreme court nominees this weekend. the information includes details of their professional careers, records and experience. justice antonin scalia died last weekend. his funeral service is tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. his son will deliver mass for his father. we told you about the story
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department of justice is trying to reach a compromise with apple tonight over a request to break into a terrorist's phone. the fbi wants apple to unlock the phone that belonged to sayed farook. he's one of the san bernardino shooters. a federal judge ordered an toll help the bureau but that would require the company to design new software that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. today the justice department told a judge it's willing to let apple destroy the software after the project is completed. the author of one of america's classic envelopes has passed away. mc"to kill a mockingbird" arthur harer lee died today in alabama. the novel sold 40 million copies worldwide addressed racial injustice in the 1930s deep south. harper lee was 89. the first case of the zika virus has been confirmed in
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the patient recently traveled to outbreak. zika symptoms include a rash, pain. good. nasa received a record number of applicants, more than 18,000, for the next astronaut class. nasa hit social media hard. the odding getting picked are small. get ready to say awe. a zoo in boston welcomed this super cute dude this weekend. the zoo said a baby nigerian dwarf named chewbacca was born. so cute. she weighed 4 pounds and was staning up -- standing up within hours of her birth. the zoo said she's bright, alert and active.
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nigerian dwarf goats are known for their easy-going fay chur. they can be found all over the world in both warm and cold climates. can you imagine being brought in the world and then you stand up? >> it must be nibs to be a boat named chew -- must be nice to be a get named chewy. >> chewchewbacca. coming up, john farley has a
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>> we'll be back. boy, do we have a great friday. temperatures for many of us warmed in the low 60s. beautiful. and we had plenty of sunshine. now, going into the weekend, what's going to happen is the temperatures will warm.
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by the time we get to tomorrow. but there will be plenty of clouds in the mix all weekend long. however, it looks as though the rain holds off until monday. so let's get you going here now in the forecast for overnight tonight. clear skies, not very cold. right now, many of us are in the range of 50. we don't dip that far. overnight tonight, you know, mid-40s, somewhere in that range. maybe a couple of degrees cooler than that. rehave wind out of thes out of the south. -- we have winds out of the south and they are warmer. tomorrow, nice. a beautiful day with a mix of clouds in play. this weekend if you have plans that take you outside, both days will be fine. maybe golf is what you are doing here. tomorrow, 71. sunday, 73. a few clouds and that will do it. now, going forward, what you will see, too, is the temperatures overnight will come up, too to saturday night into sunday. we're at 50. sunday night into monday,
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pretty warm for february. mid-50s. then into monday, we get some showers although it still looks like the main part of the rain will be in here on tuesday with some showers lingering into wednesday and then it clears out. next week, we're back in the sunny, low 60s for your thursday and friday. but again, coming back to the weekend here, it will be warm. low 70s for both days and it should be terrific. now, again, in terms of the sun, there will be plenty of clouds around. but temperatures, yeah, feeling pretty spring-like. all right, you two, got some plans? >> well, it's good news for those who are voting tomorrow. polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weather looks great. coming up -- a new era of clemson baseball gets off to a tough start for tigers.
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waiting a long time for. gamecock baseball trying to get back on top.hi, i'm tim hill. gamecock baseball trying to get back on top. i'm tim hill. year number three in the chad holbrook era, usc missed out on the tournament for the first time this century. today, starting with a lot to prove, paved with perfect weather. gamecocks hosting albany. more than 7400 fans on hand. albany, by the way, hit six home runs all last season. clark schmidt, first right-handed opening starter since 2010. he is six strikeouts, six innings. tj hopkins, one of two assists on the game. the double play to end the top of the 3rd. bottom 3rd, another new starter for the gamecocks, they
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that's john jones transfer. gamecocks get 7 runs, combined in the 3rd and 4th, they cruise 10-1 in the opening day win. >> it was a great opening day for us, you know, i -- i'm pleased with the way we played. >> it was good to face another team and pitch and pull out a win, especially a win like that. it's big on the first opening day. >> when you come out here and see all of this, it's heartwarming, you know, and gets your spirit up a little bit and makes you want to play the game the right way. >> quite the carolina debut. game two tomorrow. montee lee last year knocked them off. now lee an assistant. the new head coach at clemson, just the third baseball coach since 1958. game number one today against maine.
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jack leggett's alma mater. reed rohlman rolls it down. eli white comes around to score. clemson takes the lead. charlie barnes, clemson pitching staff combines 14 strikeouts, one wk. but black bears don't scare easily. maine claws its way back. pulls off the upset, 4-3 spoiling the tiger debut. >> in tight ball games, you know, it's the little things that will get you beat. we made two errors tonight that cost us two runs. >> tough tiger day ba from montee lee. game two tomorrow starts also at 2:00. quite the opening day down in charleston. chris singleton known for speaking out the night after his mother, shoronda williams, was shoot in the emanuel 9 shooting. that's him just missing out on a
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he drives in three runs, including the game winner. and csu wins west virginia, 4-3, the final score. west virginia coach randy mazey says it's hard not to be happy for a guy like singleton. board of trustees approving a new deal for the school to stick with underarmor, the deal worth $71.5 million. that is second most in the nation. board finealized salaries for the new coaching staff. trevaris robinson and kurt roper lead the list. the defensive defense coordinator tops that list at $750,000. k rope is behind trevaris robinson at $700,000. of course, big basketball game going hon at the colonial life arena -- on tomorrow at colonial
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both teams looking to make an impression to get into the ncaa tournament and get a good seed here in the upcoming weeks. >> getting close. all right, thanks tim. john farley has one last look at that
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>> keep it here. okay. warm weekend. it will be terrific. not as much sun as you might like but we'll take it. temperatures in the low 70s
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sunday. then next week we get some rain. it looks like most of the rain will be with us on tuesday with showers book-ending that on monday and wednesday and we go back to sunshine next week. but again, the weekend should be just fine. >> any plans? >> i'm driving to clemson right now. >> go, tigers! >> i'm going to see my daughter. >> i'm so glad i get to say that. because i know tim is right here but i get e-mails and text messages and tweets from people saying i don't represent my school enough. industry in south carolina. >> all right. that's all of the time we have for abc klum news columbia news at 11:00. we'll see you after the nba.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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