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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the clippers, doc rivers is trying to get them to trap
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so valuable time didn't get wasted. the steal, the near turnover and the prigioni three makes it a one-possession game and steve kerr goes back to his starters. >> they have a foul to give. there's the foul on curry with 4.6 remaining. now golden state will inbound again. clippers do have a couple of timeouts remaining. golden state has one timeout left. >> this game was all but over. they were talking about the next step for golden state. the clippers reserves, iguodala looking, looking. inside. the ball is knocked away. picked up by wilcox. wilcox puts it up, won't go, and the game ends! how about that. a final shot could have tied it and force overtime. doc rivers could even smile
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golden state survives the final couple of minutes. >> good job of active hands and denying the basketball. keep it away from curry, away from thompson. force a turnover. wilcox actually has a chance to send this game into overtime. had open shooters on the wing. >> he should have passed the ball, but what a great run by the clippers. >> just another golden state/l.a. clippers game. klay thompson led scores with 32. he's with lisa. >> thank you, mike. klay, what happened? it seemed like this game was over. what happened? >> we got careless with the ball and before you know it they scored 8 points in about 20 seconds. got to learn from it and learn it's a 48-minute game. they're never going to stop fighting. >> you got the win and before the game you told us you could not have another game like last night. so what was different tonightht for most of the game?
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it's crazy, it's the regular season. it's always fun to play the clippers. electricity in this building got us up and ready for 48 minutes and our turnovers, too. we didn't have 13 turnovers in a quarter like we did last night. >> you did have 30-plus assists tonight. for the 28th time which is a franchise record for you guys, what does that say about your team and all the assists that you had night after night. >> that's just how we play. we modelled the offense after sharing the ball. it's contagious when one person moves on and the next guy gets an open shot. it's always going to come back to them. 30 assists is crazy. it's a testament to how unselfish we are. >> a win is a win, so congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike, back to you. >> lisa, the win makes them 49-5 on the season. much more nba action on espn
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at 8, wizards and bulls. then the sturs and kings. coverage begins at 7:30. wild finish as the warriors hold off the clippers 115-112. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer and director and our wonderful abc crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching as the warriors defeat the clippers for the third time this season in three games.
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the nba finals. donald trump runs away with the republican primary in south caro captioning provided by caption associates, llc >> ben: donald trump runs away with the republican primary in south carolina, but second place is too close to call. still counting the votes. good evening, i'm ben hoover. story. columbia police say there were shots fired at columbiana centre. >> alicia: i'm alicia barnes. tonight police are looking for the suspected shooter. investigators say this was an isolated incident, and no victims have been reported. our jennifer ready joins us live now from the scene in irmo, which has calmed down considerably.
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>> jennifer: yeah, ben and alisha. it's important to know that this was not an active shooter situation. at this point, officials are saying there are no known victims. as you look point me, it's still a fluid situation here by the mall. we just learn a few moments ago that they have completely evacuated the mall and closed it down and they're turning it into a crime scene investigation. here's what we know at this point. officials sayay they are looking for two male suspects. they say they received a call around 7:10 this afternoon and that's when they said there was an altercation inside the mall right outside kay jewelers. they say it started as a fist fight and that escalated and at some point shots were fired got air. police say they did catch two suspects outside the same exit of the mall. that's who they're looking for tonight. we did catch up with somebody inside the mall when this lapped. here's what she had to say. >> i was crying because i had moi baby, my 3-year-old in my
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locked in. we don't know what's going on. we don't knoww if the p pson is coming back in because they thought somebody was running in the store with a gun. we didn't know what was going on. we couldn't see. i was freaking out, i was crying, ready to get out of there and ready to get my baby out of there. >> jennifer: ben and alisha, officials are giving us a tonight. they say they are two black pounds. they say one of the men was wearing acid washed jones and jacket. they say both men were seen on the surveillance tape carrying black handguns. several agencies responded to the incident. the investigation will remain ongoing. officials tell us they expect to be out here throughout most of the night, b b they d say they expect the mall to open tomorrow. from irmo, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> alicia: thank you.
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>> ben: we received word from the columbia police that per mall management, the mall is set to reopen at noon tomorrow. >> alicia: in this age of social media, there are cameras everywhere and that was the case this evening inside columbiana centre. >> ben: earlier this evening, anabell martin posted this video to instagram that shows some of the chaos inside the mall. here you see swat teams moving through the mall following the shooting. >> alicia: again, columbia police say this was an isolated incident. as jennifer just said. again, there was no one injured in this shooting tonight. >> ben: now to our other top story tonight, the first in the south republican primary. we have the results tonight. >> alicia: we do! donald trump wins south carolina with almost 34% of the vote. also, we just learned that they are calling marco rubio in second place and ted cruz in third place tonight. jeb bush, john kasich, and ben carson brought in single digit >> ben: that second -- the graphic that we have on the screen obviously is now flip-flopped.
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second place, ted cruz third place. that was really the race everybody watched. trump was expected, but would rubio come back and rise in south carolina after the dysma'am results in new hampshire for him. abc columbia's grace joyal is there. she's in spartanburg with the winner, donald trump. >> alicia: grace, at this hour what's the scene at trump's headquarters? tell us what it was like earlier is just a few hours ago. >> grace: ben and alisha, this was an absolutely huge victory for donald trump tonight. no one has ever won new hampshire and south carolina, and not gone on to win the nomination. his supporters have gone home, but picture it earlier today. hundreds of people packed into the room, waving signs, wearing pins, campaigning in true donald trump style. trump came away with 33% of the vote. so far, he's got 44 of 50
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total of 61 so far. >> i've been saying, make america great again and it's going to be greater than ever before. that's the kind of potential we have. so i want to thank everybody. i love you all. again, south carolina, we will never forget you! >> grace: it's been a wild ride. >> the enthusiasm reflected and demonstrated in these events for donald trump and that ought to tell you something right there. >> grace: his policies really helped him here in the pal met to state. exit polls showed three-quarters of south carolina voters support a temporary gan on muslims -- ban on muslims entering the u.s. and 43% of voters say illegal ploigts should be deported. in his victory speech earlier, surrounded by his family and south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster and his wife, did take a jab at nikki haley, saying he'd rather have mcmaster than the governor any
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you heard reaction from him just then. jeb bush's suspension of campaign, major focus tonight. trump's big win tonight signifies a major shift in the modern day republican party. voters i talked to said they're just sick and tired of the establishment. tonight, it's an incredible movement with incredible people. lieutenant governor mcmaster agrees. >> nobody i know has ever seen anything like the enthusiasm that is reflected and donald trump. that ought to tell you something right there. >> grace: now, south carolina has a very strong track record for picking republican candidates. since the first in the south primary started back in 1980, they have pick the nominee every time until the last cycle 2012 when we voted for newt gingrich and mitt romney went on to win
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grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> alicia: he says there's -- trump says there is nothing easy about running for president, but it's beautiful. >> ben: it looks like the haley bump may have pushed marco rubio all the way to second. >> alicia: and it was after the primary results during marco rubio's remarks, he declared it a three-person race. abc columbia's beth rousseau has more from m bio's camp. >> beth: ben and alicia, it's been a tight race all night here. ted cruz and marco rubio going toe-to-toe and while it's not clear right now what the final outcome will be, rubio and the voters here are pleased with the support and it's a strong showing for him here in south carolina after an extremely disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire. rubio was abe to pick up high profile endorsements, congressman trey doughty,
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hailey. they were here tonight in a packed house with supporters that carry what is now known as a marco men tone. supporters we've spoken with are pleased how he did. rubio himself is calling it a huge step in the right direction, and says this is a three-person race that he's determined to win. >> this has been a long road. there were many people on this campaign when it first started, many good people. many of whom in any other year would have been a front-runner, but now practically speaking, it's down to three and i know that our campaign gives us the best chancnc not justt to c ce together, not just to unify our paerkt but to unify our country and grow this movement. [ cheers and applause ] >> beth: rubio is hopeful this momentum will carry into other states. the true test of that is going to come later this week during the nevada caucuses. reporting at carolina haven, beth rousseau, abc columbia news.
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primary it looked like it was between donald trump and ted cruz. >> ben: it certainly did, but in a bit of surprise tonight, ted cruz slipped to third behind trump and rubio. the texas senator spoke with supporters tonight at the state fairgrounds. coming into tonight's primary, one poll, the wall street journal/nbc poll had cruz as the national leader. also tonight, jeb bush dropped out of the race showing. >> alicia: another surprise. speaking this evening at the former florida governor announced he is suspending his campaign. the teary-y-ed son and brother of two former presidents told his supporters that he was proud of the campaign he ran to unify the country. governor haley cast her vote this morning, presumably for marco rubio. >> ben: haley voted at her church, mount horeb united methodist in lexington this morning. earlier this week, less than 24 hours after she said she may not endorse anyone, governor haley announced her support for rubio. >> i'm very excited. it's a great day in south carolina.
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the polls. the weather is perfect. people are excited. we make presidents in south carolina. we think it's going to be a great day for marco rubio. >> ben: and they are calling it a record turnout for this primary today. nearly 25%. >> alicia: very, very high. >> ben: that is. >> alicia: when you look at it as a whole, usually for elections, it's about 10%, so to have 20, 25%, doing very well, just from what we're seeing here. abc columbia's photo-journalist leon myers visited several polling places to find out which issues pushed that many voters to the polls. >> national security. push because if we don't have national security, we can't address any other issues. so that's what i'm most concerned about. >> to me, it's really the person, the leadership qualities of the person. presidency is an important job and i just want to make sure that the man, i guess in this
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the best job for us. >> obviously, our borders and our national security. i think they're one and the same. >> tells us if the economy is going down the drain or is it really in recovery. we hear it all the time from both sides, so who knows really what's going on. i want somebody up there that tellss the truth and somebody that we can trust is telling the truth and that we can follow them because nobody in this country -- we're all following different directions and i would like to go back to a country where everybody is following in the same direction and get something done for a change because i'm so tired of all the different directions and different rabbits that everybody is chasing. >> alicia: we're going to have much more on the gop primary coming up in just a few, but first, on the democratic side of the aisle, hillary clinton claims her second caucus victory this time in nevada. >> ben: and just like her win in iowa, it was a close one.
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topped vermont senator bernie sanders with 52% of the vote compared to his 47. nevada is not a so-called "winner take all" state, meaning even though h inton won the popular vote, sanders still walks away with some delegates. >> alicia: here's how it breaks down. hillary clinton won 18 of the state's delegates, bernie sanders has 14. when it's all said and done, a candidate needs 2,382 delegates to win the nomination. >> this is your campaign and it is -- [ cheers and applause ] >> it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. >> i believe when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at the convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. [ cheers and applause ]
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democrats are on their way here for the first-in-the-south democratic primary. that vote takes place next saturday. again, just like today, polls open at 7:00 in the morning and close at 7:00 in the evening. now this is important. if you voted in today's republican primary, you cannot vote in the democratic primary. >> alicia: very important. >> ben: and they keep very close tabs on that. >> alicia: as we wrap up the results of the democratic caucus in nevada, we're still evaluating today's republican primary. >> ben: coming up i'll sit down with representative kirkman finlay to discuss what today's results say about south carolina and where the race goes from here.
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columbia news. >> ben: welcome back. our coverage of the first in the south republican primary said u.s. i almost promoted you. >> rep. finley: yeah, thank you. >> ben: state rep, kirkman finley, republican from rich land county. you opposited jeb bush and he boud out of the race tonight. who does jeb support now, any -- what are you hearing? >> rep. finley: i event haven't heard anything from their camp. i think it will be very interesting how it develops in
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you would think that lot of jejes support would probably naturally accrue to rubio, but some of it may stand-up with cruz or trump. you don't know. >> ben: he was bitter, though, rubio and bush. >> rep. finley: but remember none of that was seen by anybody except south carolinians. all the other primary states, the bitterness and ugliness we've seen doesn't exist. that tonight bother anybody there. >> ben: so the democrats responded to trump's victory tonight, the national chaha says the old -- the once grand old party is now the party of trump. do you agree with that? >> rep. finley: does that mean the democratic party is now the party of bernie? come on. no, seriously, three people came out with a third, 22, and 22% of the voes. we're having a healthy debate in our party about our future. now, some people may not like the debate, but i tell you this. in november, we're all going to be marching to the pls to vote for our guy, whomever that may be. >> ben: who do you think it's going to be?
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mathematical point of view, trump -- i have not seen a poll other than that one poll that came out about cruz where trump was losing. i mean, while it is hard to get to the total winning 33, 35%, you. winner take all stays, i think it's trump at this point. >> ben: you know how campaigns go, presidential campaigns are a monster of their own, but do what these candidates do because clearly it's not just wait for trump to stumble or say something -- >> rep. finley: say something incendiary incendiary? who waits for that? >> ben: so what do you do? if you can't beat them, join them? i felt like with the whole pope situation, rubio said i'm with trump with this one. were they playing with siding up to him or tu not see that happening? >> rep. finley: the struggle at this point is in my opinion, they got to, did they being cruz and rubio have to knock each
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to be doing his game, which is knocking both of them, so it's very hard for them to figure out how to get ahead. >> ben: and, of course, nikki haley throwing her support behind rubio. the debate could be, did her endorsement, you know, push him to second place, although the exit polls showed that her endorsement didn't really weigh on people how they voted. >> rep. finley: right. >> ben: how do you look at that? is she still a potential pick for vp with marco rubio, do you think? >> rep. finley: i would argue that because rubio -- either haley picked a really good time to endorse rubio or her support really helped him. nobody will know that. as far as being vp, as much as i love south carolina and want it to be politically important, our day was today and next saturday. after that, the states that are going to be in play are going to
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and with rubio and kasich, i don't see how somebody like kasich, who's a republican governor in a blue state, isn't number one on that vp list. >> ben: even for trump? >> rep. finley: i mean, he has to win ohio and he has to win florida. >> ben: kirkman, that's all the time we have, although i could talk to you probably 20 more minutes. appreciate youou coming in in late. we'll be back with your abc
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forecast and sports. mr good saturday evening. temperatures today above average for this time of year. i don't think anybody is complaining about that, since it's been a little bit chilly recently. let's take a look at some of the numbers. 68 for columbia, that's where you topped out in the afternoon today. 69 there in st. muse. orangeburg came in around 70, tying with sumter at 70 as well. a nice and mild day here as we work our way towards the last weekend of february. temperatures right now not too bad here. seeing low to mid to upper 50s there. columbia right now 57 degrees there, 54 in waynesboro, 57 at camden and bishopville coming in right there around 54 degrees. with the clouds moving in across the area, they're going to act like a blanket just to help us keep it a little bit more mild as we head throughout the late


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