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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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recent polls... according to u-s-c professor leading by double-digits is the most recent poll. clinton's win will give her an edge over sanders. those votes could mat difference in saturday's outcome. >> hillary's support is very solid. sanders recognizes that and recognizing there will be about 55% of the electorate and that's such a large block, they recognize that you can't lose that, that block of voters by a substantial amount, if they have any chance of winning or keeping it close.
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remain and give support by sanders many we'll bring you a more in department report of the democratic primary and you will hear more from him and how he think it will shape the democratic race. >> after more than a decade of planning, richland county hopes to begin a sure project. opponents say not if they can help it. from hawkins park where a meeting is about to get underway. >> in a little less than half-hour officials with the department of health and environmental control be meeting about the lower richland sure project and you can see that they are setting up, now this meeting is all part of the permitting process for the project says. you can see that it's a sparse crowd right now that i'm told
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house leader on, there are some residents who are less than thrilled about the project. and they're determined to make sure it doesn't happen. >> it's been a long two years battling richland county over the proposed installation of public sewer lines. we don't need it, the county plan offers an alternative to the wells is and septic tanks and it is expensive and unnecessary. >> there are some specific issues that they want to address, with people who had concerns with septic tank problems and we feel that they should, particularly address those and not make a home rule part of the county. subject to their expensive project. there there is a 4,000 tap fee and 38 monthly charge the county points out that no existing septic system will be required to condition next unless demanded, something that should
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>> you are using the line it doesn't affect your property. >> the proposal comes in direct response to failing septic systems which are causing a huge environment medical tal concern. >> meast of the systems it has saturated the grounds so much. >> additionally, he says the new system ises shen shall to improving quality of lif >> as we go and it involves, the source is necessary. >> but the counties justification leave lingering concerns. >> they'll make the whole community bay this whole fee and change our whole atmosphere so the developers can build and we pay for it. >> now residents, with some of those similar concerns will have a chance to express those which
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following that they will hold a formal public hearing and we'll have details tonight on a.b.c. columbia news at 11. >> all right, thank you so much. columbia police are continuing their search for the suspects in saturday's night shooting incident. investigators are calling its so lated after an argument between two people turned physical, in the mall saturday night. the police say no one was injured after shots were fired and air and the mall was evacuated. they found a book-bag inin the wooded area adjacent to the mall containing several air guns. they are working to determine if the items are connected. >> in michigan a man accused of killing six people, jason dalton was denied bail. kalamazoo police say it ended
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if convicted, he faces death in prison. >> the counties are looking for two people that stole the man's wallet while he was helping flood victims o. october the 5th the people seen, took the wallet as he assisted those affected by the flood. since then deputies say the suspects used the the victim's credit cards. if you recognize these suspects please call the richland county sheriff's department. >> a former lexington county resident is accused of spreading child porn porch. they executed a search warrant when it was determined that he had relocated to kings mountain north carolina. he is charged with sexual exploitation after minor.
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and another missing after a boat capsized. it happened sunday afternoon while the two men were fishing. other voters tried to throw a man life jacket but earth under. they were able to pull the other man in the boat and not able to revive him. >> driversitnessed a frantic scene today. this afternoon around 3 this minivan overturned on the east lanes coming into town. one person went to the hospital. we don't know what caused the minivan too overturn. >> in tennessee a car burst into flames and a dramatic rescue saved the driver. >> the car was burned and one thing came out in one piece and it may surprise you. >> once he hit that pole it went up in flames. >> a jeep up in flames, off 385. >> the car, and, get the man out of the car.
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eastbound on 385 when he was side-swiped by another car pushing him down a hill and into this pole. moments later blaze came through the hood o othe car. >> a gallon of water and i tried to wet him, if the fire got inside of the car maybe it wouldn't burn him and keep him as moist as he could be. they tried to find a fire extinguisher and moments later a man ran over with a jack iron and broke through the window. >> somebody going to pass, and see him. >> appears to have been trapped in the driver's seat because of steering wheel was pressed up against him. >> witnesses carried the man to safety and moments later, loud popping noises came from the car a noise they say they won't forget. >> we have this and get the man out of here. the driver every was taken
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that brought tears to their ease s a a bible the only thing left. >> if you don't believe, you know, i don't know what to say. >> all right. it was amazing, a bible untouched and look at the car. >> just gone and bible was okay. >> up next, congressman joe wilson helps students find artistic sides.
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month is next across south carolina have a chance to have their work displayed in >> young artists across south carolina have a chance to have their work displayed in the nation's capitol. the congressman kicked off at the high school. winners will be select fred every congressional district in the country. he says art has tremendous impact on our lives. >> it is a life changing situation, promoting art for young people. students have until april 22nd to turn in their submissions. >> honoring a legacy of education. this morning as part of the
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technical college held a ceremony in honor the college. it served as a college for african american students during segregation. >> i graduated, in 1937. and that has been a long time ago. >> wow! the college was frontedded in 1882, now in 1979, the site was acquired by mid lands technical college. >> up next, chief meteorologist
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we'll be right back >> wet start to the week, 1.7 inches of rain. a lot of rain, not so much everywhere else. this barely measurable. .02 of an inch. we'll get our share as we push to the weekend o. wednesday, we could be looking at the possibility of severe storms. it looks like that would be in the middle part of the day, 9-2 p.m. but, i want to encourage you to please stay tuned because lot can happen between now and then. let's show you where things are now. we have some showers out there. they're not that heavy and there's a bit of a break here on the last segment you can see orangeburg coun taivment few more showers and then thihis will be quiet overnight. but as we go forward what i want to show you, there's as good pocket of energy over here to our west. that's going to be here tomorrow. first in the morning and then in the evening.
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it's a storm that hasn't gotten going yet. the know discuss a piece of energy here. so it has to travel better part of 1,500 miles before it gets here. so, in terms of how it is going for play out a lot can happen. please stay tuned we should have our alert up, just because we could be looking at some severe weather. midnight a few showers. overnight not that much. tomorrow morning commute. be ready for wet roads even is it it is not raining on you. middle part of the day tomorrow evening there's another batch of rain. but the focus, is this, watch what happens, wednesday morning, watch, there's a line of storms that will be making its way to the upstate. the question is how strong it will be once it gets in here? it's early to say but the potential exists for this thing
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then kick some more up, to the coast and later on the in the afternoon and evening the whole thing should kick on out of here. but, again, middle part of the day wednesday, just stay tuned. we'll update you. of the forecast for us goes like this. showery, not cold. 55 for a low. tomorrow we're going to be book ended. the morning and then a break and then the evening. that's the most active time. temperatures again mainly 60's and the extended forecast, throat wednesday, and then it dries out and we could use the drying out. it will get cold. it will be dry for several days. >> thanks. gamecock basketball fans better get some rest if they plan to see u.s.c. play. >> adding those big acacmplishments to his resume.
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it's all next in sports.
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i'm honored and humbled to be a part of it. >> headlining the new group of hall of famers. never a matter of if only when, he would earn south carolina hall of fame. the all-american, headlining the class of 2016 inductees.he started on the only championship team, and broke alex english's record and now he's an asistant coach. and he asked where this ranks on his long list of accomplishments. >> it's one of the biggest ones up there for any sport to be selected in the hall, as one of the best, to ever come through south carolina and for people to think so highly of you and what you did on the floor, as well, as off. i just try to do things the right way. that's how i have been dispawt raised and continue to do things
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and i am just thrilled. >> the gamecocks get two more stars at the top this list. greg buckner, and the eight person class will be inducted may 16 it columbia convention center. many more details. you have basketball falling out of the poll today. just a roller-coaster week. upset loss at missouri and then the huge overtime win over florida. 20 points and 15 rebounds. wednesday night they host the tennessee team that beat them earlier and gametime, wednesday and unpopular, 9 p.m. >> i'm not a fan of 9 p.m. starts. i don't think it is fair to our players and the traveling team. the fans, it's just, i'm not a fan. i'm not a fan. i don't know if i get this
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what it is. i understand television plays a big part of what we do. i understand. i wish there would be a better solution than 9:00 starts. >> tennessee coach rick barnes is not respecting the star punter to play, he scored 36 in the nine point win one month ago. the end after era in rocky top today. for the first time since 1985 tennessee not ranked. they will tipoff tonight for the first time as sole s.e.c. regular season regulars. third year carolina gets the trophy. and 7:00 on the network. to guy the only s.e.c. team that they have never lost to. baseball up to number fifteen, in the rankings and happy with the perfect 3-0 start. sweeping albany and a big weekend for by catcher and d.a.
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he had 9 r.b.i. and, it's simple but effective pitching approach. >> it was good to see. we weren't trying to trick people. he hit the fastball, and, it's been awhile since we felt like we had done that. > u.s.c. set to go to appliplay shan state.
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now. >> on and off showers through tomorrow. wednesday, and severe thunderstorms are possible.
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dries out for a while. breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the major resignation. also, donald trump, is he now unstoppable? rubio and cruz, battling to be the alternative. but with both of them in, does it help trump? >> you're going to say, please, please mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. >> and tonight, has hillary clinton turned a corner? inside the seven hours of terror.
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court. six dead. and you will hear from the passengers who got into his uber car before and after the shootings. what he said to them. the storm system tonight, in the south, possible tornadoes, hail and about to move right up the east coast. major snow right behind it. the consumer alert tonight. the cdc now pointing to a popular home improvement item, saying there are possible cancer risks. the alarming new numbers. and forever young. he's 1she's 106, and she's teaching the president and the first lady how to dance. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments in the race for the white house. tonight, we learned of a key resignation on the republican side, amid the bigger question at this point, can anyone catch up to donald trump? trump winning big in south carolina, after a major win in new hampshire. and no republican who has won


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