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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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would be better served spending time addressing those issues at home and allow someone else to fulfill his council duties at this time. >> now, we did reach out to all members of the richland county council, including mr. washington, and no other members wanted to comment at this time. council mayor torrey rush did release a statement yesterday saying our collective responsibility is to the public and is compromised when such an event like this occurs. in the coming days we will continue to monitor this situation and rely on law enforcement agencies investigating this matter. of course we're going to keep you updated as updates become available on our website, abc live in the newsroom, beth rousseau. >> a permanent honor will soon northbound place for a fallen midlands officer. >> the intersection of belt line drive -- will be named gregory thomas alia boulevard. >> his wife calls the tribute a fitting honor. >> greg was always my hero
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knew him he was theirs, and for many others, he has really become our superhero. >> for kassy alia, renaming fores drive and belt line drive in honor of her husband, greg, fills her heart with pride. >> avenues an every day guy, he was goofy, nerdy, loved star wars and comic books, and he walked his dog by day and paid his bills and sometimes cleaned the house and by night he fought crime and saved the world. >> greg was fighting crime and saving the world when he died in the line of duty nearly six months ago. he was shot and killed at arriveland mall. only a short distance away from the intersection that will now be a memorial in honor of his sacrifice. >> it was just so horrific that i thought it was also important that we honor this young man. >> senator joel lourie created the bill that allowed for e bill to rename the intersection, hoping to ensure his legacy.
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told that greg alia avs young man who loved his family, loved his faith, loved being a police officer, you know, and lost his life in the line of duty, paying the ultimate sacrifice. >> a story kassy hopes her son, sal, will be able to tell about their family superhero. >> sal will always want to talk about his dad and having these positive memorials that serve as a source of pride helps him to talk about his dad as superhero, not this abstract thing that is something real and intangible. >> they expect the sign it to go up in the next few weeks. they plan on holding a ceremony for the special moment. in addition they are creating two identical signs, one for kassy and one for greg's parents. jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> we will have more on this story posted on abc after this newscast. >> the federal government is sending south carolina $157 million to aid in flood recovery. the disaster recovery fund was announced today with richland and lexington
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of columbia, getting the bulk of the funds. the department spokesperson did not know when the money would become available. >> absolutely gorgeous out there today, and i would imagine this evening is going to be great as well. >> it was a beautiful leap day of the leap year! is that what you call it t. leap day? >> i didn't even realize it. >> until i came into work. >> once every four years. >> i thought it was march first! >> we go to the weather center, hey john. >> we are off kilter on this leap day. it's leap year day, whatever you want to call it. yeah, we leap! we add an extra day every four years. let's show you what's going on here outside, beautiful evening out there, the sun has just about set here, and comfortable. let's give you a look at what's going on in columbia. still comfortably into the 70s, as you see here. let me see if i can get this going, 74, a little wind oust of the west, very nice, if you are heading out, no
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your umbrella, probably not even long sleeves, temperatures in the 60s all the way through 9:00 o'clock, even after that, not dropping off all that far, nothing but clear skies. tomorrow morning, as you get the kids ready for school, not that cold, mid to upper 40s is where we're going to be and we won't stay there long, so pretty comfortable in the morning and as we head for the rest of the day you'll see it's another warm one, how about 76 by tomorrow afternoon? beautiful! now, there is rain and there are some cooler temperatures in our forecast. we'll go over when all that happens in a bit. >> thank you very much, john. talking politics tonight, supertuesday is almost here, 11 states up for grabs and the candidates are still throwing punches. it's getting pretty brutal. >> how are the candidates positioning themselves in this fight? here's the latest from abc's stephanie ramos. >> >> supertuesday is tomorrow! and this could be it, where 595 delegates are up for grabs for the republicans and
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states, including right here in virginia, when all is said and done, boxes checked, ballots closed, the frontrunners could be on their way to becoming the nominees in both parties, or not. it will, though, provide a strong argument for those who take the most delegates that they should be the nominee for their party, but the rhetoric has intensified, especially among republicans in recent days. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands? you can't trust them! >> after losing iowa, gop frontrunner donald trump has seen his numbers in the polls keep growing as he appears unbeatable, but a day before supertuesday, trump went on nbc, rushing to clear up his views about the kkk and its former grand wizard david duke who recently endorsed him. >> i don't mind disavowing
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duke and disavowed him at a major news conference. >> trump's poll numbers, still unphased. in a new poll out today, trump banks a new high with his widest lead yet, 49 percent of republican voters say they back him up. the candidates are now relentless, rallying in as many states as they can, three of the top candidates, making stops in virginia. trump, rubio and hillary clinton. >> i need your help to go and vote tomorrow, to bring people to vote with you. >> right here in virginia, a supertuesday state, both donald trump and hillary clinton lead in the latest polls and that seems to be the case in many states voting attorney. stephanie ramos, abc news, alexandria, virginia. >> well, the polls don't lie and the records don't lie. 16-o, dawn staley's women's basketball team made history this weekend, becoming only the second team in se crevment history to complete a conference schedule undefeated. now they set their sights on
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>> we're so proud. grace joyal joins from us the alum any center where they are sending the team off with style! >> yais? >> ben and alicia, the team is riding a crazy high over their win with lsu, hundreds of people turning out at the alumni center to send them off to jacksonville. they have about 900 confirmed participants for tonht's pep rally. they've got everyone here, gamecock cheerleaders, the pep bands. there it goes! >> >> >> the carolina alumni association is hosting the rally, coach dawn staley will be addressing the crowd in a bit. under stahly's watch, the gamecocks have increased the sec win total over the previous season every year, pretty incredible stuff. yesterday was the third time that the team finished the game with double digit three-pointers. staley, very happy for her players, but she wants them to keep their eye on the
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the top seeded gamecocks will face the winner of thursday's game between number eight and number nine seeds on friday at noon, and of course, we will all be watching, it will be airing on the se cnet work. for now, back to the party! ben and alicia, i'll send it back to you. >> by all means, get back to that party, grace! >> did you see cock in the bag? >> he was into it! >> very cute. >> it's leap day. coming up, little-known facts about a day that only happens once every four years. >> oscars so watched? did the lack of diversity affect the ratings for the academy awards? or maybe it was something else?
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6:00. the time is getting near for you to help raise up our community. the third annual "midlands >> the time is getting near for you to help raise up our community, the third midlands gives online giving challenge kicks off in may, central carolina community foundation hosts the event each year, raising millions of dollars for hundreds of our nonprofit organizations. the deadline for area nonprofits to register for the challenge is actually tonight, and for an extra bonus this year, nonprofits have the chance at prices, bonus pools and morse, midlands gives kicks off may third. >> the oscars bringing diversity to the forefront last night. according to the academy awards drew in 32 million viewers, its lowest since 2008. even though, with the rating, the oscars are still the most watched live nonsporting event. this year's ceremony drew controversy due to the lack of african-american nominees.
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four years, today is february 29th, leap day. julius caesar introduced the first leap year in 46b.c., the tradition goes that february 29 is the day designated for women to propose to men, instead of, of course, the other way around. and people who were born on leap day are known as leapers or leapling, famous leapers include motivationual speaker tony robbins, jazz musician jimmy dory and rapper ja rule. >> and the purpose obviously is because the sun orbits the earth 365 and 1/4 day so if you add up the 1/4, you get a full day and that's why you add on that year, every four years. >> you said obviously but i don't think i realized that, but thank you for educating me! >> it must be because i'm around fifth graders all the time! they bring up things like that. >> john farley up next with
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>> we hope you stay close. >> headlineses go this way, it was warm today, going to be warm again tomorrow, then we get a little rain tomorrow night but it doesn't last. it's going to be a pretty quick move he, it will be basically overnight tomorrow, into early wednesday and gone. we get clearing skies on wednesday. let's show you the satellite on this. what you will see here, over u. it's clear, and not much going on. the next storm is a long way away. just to 2k3weu6 -- give you an idea of how fast it's going to be moving, it's cling through the northern plains, that's going to be all the way across the country and in our neck of the woods tomorrow night. so it's moving very, veryquickly, it's going to keep moving quickly.
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while, a little rain out of it, and it goes through. here's how things are setting up in terms of the future radar, tomorrow night at 8:00, notice the line of rain is into the upstate, it moves through pretty quick, check it out, we get to around midnight and that's where we're seeing rain or thereabouts, sometime in that time frame and boom, it continues to kick off to the east such that by the time we get to the morning commute, there's a little left over at 6:00 but behind it, quick clearing, and then we're off to the races in terms of a nice day wednesday. not terribly warm, certainly compared to today and tomorrow but still a pleasant day for us. here's a look at the forecast for tonight. not very cold, down to the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, beautiful day, again, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. beautiful. a lot of sunshine, a little wind out of the southwest, and looking ahead. there's the rain on early wednesday. i have it wednesday but i want you to know that's in the wee hours of the morning. most of wednesday will be sunny. beyond that, looking fine with another exception thursday night into friday, a
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weekend, beautiful! around 70 degrees, no problems. >> all right! >> we're going to be spoiled by the end of the weekend. >> starting to feel like uth carolina again! >> it is. coming up, two regular season games, the gamecocks in a log jam for the standing. >> one player gets national
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weekend at the plate. really put run. >> tough to really put into words. i'm tim hill. can't get him out, the phrase you hear in baseball when a hitter gets hot but in a sport where the best batters get on base four out of 10 times it's an exaggerated phrase, not to be taken literally until this weekend, gamecock slugger john jones earning national honors from collegiate baseball after penn state literally couldn't get the guy out, jones, the first known gamecock to do this. jones, reaching base all 14 times, six walks, he also hit
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with the juco transfer doing anything but playing up his huge weekend. >> it feels good. i mean, succeeding feels good. but -- and it's over now, enjoy it, later, with my team, and move object, get ready for the next game. >> he is a big, physical guy, works hard in the weight room, loves to hit, and he has great knowledge and great approach up there. so i'm not saying anything that kid, just let him keep playing and put him in that three hole and keep driving in runs for us. >> and jones will have another chance to do that tomorrow, usc's first road game at the citadel, gamecocks up two spots to number 13 in the country according to d1 baseball, gamecock basketball not getting a single vote in today's associated press top 25 poll, the gamecocks losing by 10 at mississippi state over the weekend. usc still in very good shape to make the ncaa tournament, number 38 in the ncaa rbi -- rpi. here's frank martin's perspective.
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guys because we haven't won on the road much lately. it's the hardest league to win on the road in the whole country. kentucky leads the league in road wins with four, we're second with three. it's not like we are failing miserably, you know. we've been in there, we've had a chance to win games. we just haven't closed them out. >> and next up, georgia, the home finale, thursday at 7:00, and the regular season finale at arkansas saturday. the gamecocks just one out of first place in the sec standings with two to go, they would be the third seed in the sec tournament, i should say, the top four teams in the dproans get a double bye, that conference tournament in nashville. tiffany mitchell, usc women headed to jacksonville later this week as number one seed in the women's tournament, and capping off the regular senior season in style with 24 points in yesterday's blowout win against lsu, that giving usc the first undefeated sec regular season, the second ever
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conference play. the tennessee team did it a few years ago. >> it would be in the same breath as a storied program like tennessee, you know, i think it's a tremendous accomplishment, and is something that, you know, we will cherish for the rest of our history. >> and jeffrey won a high state championship a few years back, today the chicago bears wide receiver officially confirmed with the team. they are putting a franchise tag, that means jeffrey will make $14.6 million next season, and the two parties can -- if the two parties work owl a -- out a deal before july 14th. >> that will do it for sports
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abc columbia's news at 6:00. >> feeling a lot like spring right through tomorrow, mid 70s, mayber upper 70s, beautiful day. tomorrow night we will see showers. not too much and it won't last very long. wednesday, a little cooler, another shot of rain on friday.
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and why not, around 70 degrees. there you go! >> weekend on monday! >> hey, you know? >> not last, but this weekend. >> you are watching abc columbia news at 6:00, we thank you for making us your news. >> stay here for world news tonight and we will see you back here for the news at 11:00. have a great evening! >> captioning provided by
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6:29 pm several breaking stories tonight. hours away now until super tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also breaking, the school shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene.
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erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalker, and a famous hotel. making a statement. chris rock at the oscars. and leonardo dicaprio finally winning. what he quietly said backstage. and late word today, as we remember another oscar-winning actor. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments on the eve of the super tuesday showdown. and the central question this evening. can any of the republican candidates stop donald trump? and hillary clinton, after her resounding win in south carolina, what is bernie sanders' path? the new national poll tonight showing donald trump surging ahead. and, for the democrats, hillary clinton leading 55% to sanders' 38%.


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