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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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singer david bowie passed away. a look at his lacy. if news at 4:00 starts realtimelosed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: right off theop on local10 news at 4:00, a violent robbery inside a north miami business, the victim bleeding from his head rush to the hospital. all of this happening near northwest 119th street and 7th avenue. >> calvin: local10 news reporter michael seiden has more from miami on the latest on this investigation. >> michael: i want to take you to some video. the owner of the store is head about an adjabiya after he waste beaten and robbed by two men, this all happening inside a cell phone store that also sells bacco pipes at northwest 107th and have have aven and 15th street. from sky 10 another look at the victim in police presence. detective got out here fast but not fast enough. the two robbers got away with some cash, in fact, we're told employees next door barbershop heard a commotion, rususd over, helped try pull the robbers off thth owner.
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victim say this isn't the first time the thieves have struck. >> this is crazy. this is the fourth time it happened in the same store. he just was hitting him, and the guy in the barbershop hear all the screaming, and then when they opened the door it was these two guys be with young guys bting him pretty bad. >> laurie: that was michael seiden in morth miami reporting. >> calvin: also another teen tragedy on streets of miami. a 15-year-old boy and another person is dead after a violent weekend. we're talking thee shooting happening within three hours of each other. >> laurie: and local10 news reporter carlos suarez is live in miami with the latest details. >> carlos: laurie and calvin, the three shootings on saturday left two people dead, including a teenager. now, days later it's still unclear if all of em there related. family, friends and loved ones left behind teddy bears and candles at the scene of where a 15-year-old died. the show of grief is taking place at northwest 10th avenue and 69th street in miami. police identified the victim in
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investigator say hill was at an empty field when shots were fired. it's believed two men were seen leaving the scene. it's unclear if hill was the ininnded target. two other shootings took place before and after hill was shot. the first was along the 1900 block of northwest 2nd court. the victim there was shot several times and taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition, and the last shooting played out along the 700 block of northwest 65th stre, 21-year-old ja qian leonard died a jackson memorial hospital. coming back out live, the first two shootings played out minut from each other, and the last one was about two hours later. if you have any information that could help out police, you're urged to call miami-dade crimestoppers at miami phipps we're live at this hour in miami, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> laurie: and seven people are recovering in the hospital after a bus collide with a noel fort lauderdale earlier today. in sky 10 over the scene along northwest 6th way just west of i-95. you can see the windshield
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and the trolley, that smaller trolley not with much damage. right now it's still not clear how this whole crash happened. the seven people withdrawal taken to holyross hospital. wear still work can to learn their conditions. >> calvin: the search is on today for two women caught on camera stealing two iphones from a verizon wireless store. this video those the woman picking it up and ripping off the the performed they were last seen oh south dixie highway. police say they left in a red pontiac g6. if y/u thinky you know who they are or have any information you're urged to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. >>aurie: let's take a live look from our mount sinai medical center tower cam. it has turned into a gorgeous day. first thing this morning i was sleeveless. people were saying, what? are you not listening to your own weather? >> calvin: what is nippy. >> laurie: i thought it would warm up fast it. finally has.
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>> betty: that's she's one of those northerners. they're not bothered by the 50s whatsoever we did start the morning on a cool night 59 in miami and 57 in pompano beach. we did have a nice am wop. 72 degrees now, but tonight we're going to bottom t once again in the 50s. so 58 a possibility for miami. kendall, you could land at 54, too. and just a few minutes i'll be back to talk about this cool snap. we have more sweater weather and even cooler temperatures ahead for tomorrow night, so you want to hear about that. >> calvin: now tie workplace shooting in kentucky. two people were shot during a dispute involving several employees. police say one of the employees shot at a ciuple of coworkers and then left. the victims' conditions are not known at this hour, and the motive for the shooting sun clear. >> lauaue: 31 people jared a new jersey transit bus crashed into a tree this afternoon. look at this scene. some of those victims suffered broken legs. well rushed to the hospital. it's not clear what cause this had bus to swerve off the road and crash into that tree.
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being set up around the world like this one in gerny after the death of a rock icon, singer and actor david bowie has died at the age of 69. >> laurie: another memorial in new york is growing outside his apartment building. >> calvin: and there's also a memorial at the hollywood walk of fame. candles placed at bow's star. >> laurie: bowie remembered not only for his music and fashion sense but also his cocaine role as jered the king in labyrinth. >> janine: bowie's publicist said he died yesterday biology following a battle with cancer after releasing an album. you can see it's em blazend. heal be rememberedd as a musician, a great experimenter, and an artist. changes >> janine: gendery british singer david bow hoe indelibly influenced generations with his
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groundbreaking sound, dead at age 69 bowes' publicist confirming the icon died peacefully, surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. while many of you will share in this loss we ask you to share the family's pry assess during their time of grief his son tweeting, very sorry and sad to say it's true. i'll be off-line for a while. love to all. is there life on mars >> janine: an illustrious career spanning 40 years, bowie was jones. ground control to major tom. >> janine: bunker onto the scene in 1969 with the smash hit "space oddity." check ignition and may god's love be with you >> janine: and later assays ethereal space alien alter ego
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zig played guitar >> janine: bees flamboyant thee attics and fashion forward style becoming a signature hall marc of the genre design pop fixture. in 1996 bowie was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and awarded a grammy lifetime later something happened on the day you died >> janine: today hollywood stars protectioning their sadness and disbelief. latoya jackson tweeting "just wearing about david bowie. condolences his family and loved ones." and anderson cooper of cn tweeting "find it hard to believe david bowie has died. what an incredible life." bowie, a master of reinvention releasing his latest album black star days ago on his 69th winter we're learning that the timing was no coincidence. a procer conferring through a telegraph it was a carefully
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the opening lyrics to the song "lazarus, look up here, i'm in heaven." even his death a work of art. >> calvin: new video has been released of the raid that led to the recapture of drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he was arrested o friday after being on the run for months. now mexico has done begun the professes deporting him to the u.s. it appears guzman's secret meeting with the academy quartered winning actor sean penn led to his capture. pen, working for rolling stone magazine with interviewed if drug lord three months ago. guzman escaped in july from a mexican prison before he was recently recaptured. he also escaped a maximum security prison in 2001 wle serving a 20-year sentence. back here at home rush hour getting started so let's get a check on traffic. >> laurie: jenise fernandez is here. >> jenise: that commute off tow
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the first is on ives dairy road i-95 heading south you're going to run into a couple of days. you can see the backup. as we zoom on in to our maps you can get a closer look here. again on i-950 southbound right around ives dairy precipitated looks like you're going to see the bulk of delays at that exit at 15 miles per hour. the good news it picks up a bit a 4 if miles per hour. also avenue an don't dolphin expressway as you're heading west right around northwest 17th avenue. we are seeing the reds so pretty heavy delays with speeds at 14 miles per hour. expressway. this is as you are heading north street. now, there is a center lane blocked but we are seeing the green so the i doesn't look le that accident is impacting your commute with speeds a 61 miles per hour. broward as well. this is on i-95 right around sterling road as you're heading north but as we look here we are seeing the green again so it doesn't look like that's impacting your commute is those
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>> calvin: deserving iraq now, a gunman storming a mall, killing at least 18 people and taking hostages. this happened in eastern baghdad. authorities say that the gunman set off a car bomb at the entrance of the mall before moving in. 50 people were injured in at least four officers were among the 18 dead. dozens of others were also trapped inside that mall. isis has claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. >> laurie:`now to the vote 2016 with iowa caucuses jus three weeks away, and check out this just released poll. the fight for the hawkeye state is close. the poll finding donald trump and ted cruz a virtual dead heat for first place, trump with 32%% support, cruz with 29%. marco rubio getting 15%. no other candidate even got double digits the race the for the democratic race in iowa tighting with hillary clinton bernie sanders. that's essentially a statistical
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sanders. the nbc wall street journal poll shows clinton leading 48% to sanders' 45%. that's among likely caucus voters. the iowa caucuses, believe orient, exactly three weeks away now. voting takes place february 1st. >> calvin: the white house was relized preview of president obama's final state of the union dress set for tomorrow night, and here's a look. >> i want us to be able to when we walk walk out this door to say we couldn't think of anything else that we didn't try to do, that we didn't shy away from a challenge because it was hard. >> calvin: the video shows the speech. he's expected to discuss the gun control measures he recently enacted via executive action among otheropics you see there, and the music interesting as well. union tomorrow night right here on local10 at 9:00. our senior political reporter michael putney will also be covering all angles of the speech. look for on his reports again tomorrow night at 11:00. >> laurie: still ahead at 4:30,
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crashes into a pond at a golf course if arrest on the investigation coming up. >> calvin: plus, flames pouring from a building after a big ballast. >> laurie: also ahead, a w wan's positive response after a fire tears right through an apartment complex. >> the building is on fire! i said, no. what? >> laurie: that story.
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>> laurie: can you believe still no winner over the weekend of the record powerball jackpot? it is up to 1. if billion dollars, it doesn't even fit on the billboards. the signs are all stuck at $999 million. no one hit all six numbers on saturday but we do know one very lick person in tampa won $1 million. not too shabby. remember local10 is the only station where you can watch the powerball drawing. have your ticket ready and unit tune into local10 news a 11:00 wednesday night and see if your
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>> calvin: i'm still upit. knewed the winning numbers. >> laurie: you did. what's going on? it's odd. they work against you. >> calvin: right now an interview is going viral after a fire in tulsa, oklahoma. >> laurie: more than 100 people were left without power or heat after the flames blew a transformer beauts it's a woman's positive response that's sweeping the internet. victor has more. >> victor: this fire desesoyed electrical panels and forced people out into the cold but still one woman's response has now gone totally viral. it is an instant classic here. she was all smiles despite the situation. >> my friend came, he said -- i was on the phone iooking me and my baby some breakfast. she said, hey, something's wrong. it's popping. i head what? she said yes. i said no. she came out with her baby with no shoes open i said, filler, it's cold outside. something ain't right. she said, oh, man, the building
4:16 pm
i said, no, what? i got my three kids and we bounced out. huh-uh, we gonna be in no fire, not today. >> victor: so that interview was captured by a local news station and posted on tube where as a mentioned it's gone environment you can't go onto twitter on instagran without seeing this. unfortunately there was a fire there and about 100 people can't go back into their homes for at least four days, laurie and calvin. yeah, it's pretty good stuff. >> laurie: that woman needs a reality show, doesn't he she? >> calvin: absolutely. >> victor: right up there with ain't nobody got time for that, hid your kids -- it's one of the best. >> laurie: she was liking the microphone. glad no one was seriously hurt. victor, thank you candlelight vigil shire look at our fort lauderdale tower cam, what i gorgeous day this has turned out to be after having temperatures in the 50s, although laurie wasn't dressed for the occasion this morning. >> laurie: i got smart, got some
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elisabeth here to tell us if we shshld keep the sleeves all week. >> betty: we should for if battle of week, but do you know how lucky we are to only see the some of the right now we're talking single digits in minneapolis, teens in chicago. they are well below for what's normal for them them this time of the year. i think even though or average high is 76 and we only made it up to 72, we'll take that considering the arctic air in other areas of nation. fort lauderdale pembroke pines showing 70 degrees as well. the forecast for the rest of the evening will tend to have some of those clouds around. overall it's going to be cool out, though, with temperatures in the mid-60s as we head toward that 8:00 hour tonight. right now our winds are from the north-northeast. we are expecting northwest winds to kick back in tomorrow, allowing more cool air to come on down into south florida so shaken we're going to push anothecold front through, if you want to call the it that.
4:18 pm
so a reinforcing shot of cool paper the problem with our forecast is in the upper levels of atmosphere we 12 southwesterly flow a lot of. each as try dry air moves in at the surface, that southwesterly flow continually sending clouds in our direction, and look at that. do you see what's happening just off the southwest side of florida out over the waters of gulf it? >> looks like some showers want to run in our direction, and that could happen tomorrow so we have to throw in that possibility for some showers in the forecast. i'm thinking theh early part of the day may be the best chance that the but don't be surprised if you have some raindrops out there. but a lightorthwest wind will kick back in tomorrow. so tomorrow's going to get off to a cool start, 58 in miami. in fact, a lot of 50s out there. and then as we look ahead to tom afternoon we should land around 70 degrees. guess what? wednesday morning could be even compartment we're forecasting 54 to start the day in miami-dade with that northwest wind coming on down. and there could be some inland areas that fall off into the
4:19 pm
so let's recap for tomorrow morning. we're going 58 for miami. highs in the lower 70s. by wednesday morning that's when we expect to start mid-50s, maybe some upper 40s inland. and then thursday's going to be a cool start as well, still informant 50s. highs in the lower 70s. and temperatures start to moderate a bit by the weekend before we push the next cold front through. >> calvin: the trial has been delayed for a baltimore police officer charged with the death of freddie gray. jury section was set to start today for caesar good zopf, jr. but it's been postponed indefinitely. officer william porter is waiting to find out if he will to have testify in goodson trial. goodson was driving that police van where prosecutors claim freddie gray suffered the deadly spinal injury. >> laurie: tonya couch is asking for a reduction of her $1 million bond. she is facing charges after authorities say she helped her
4:20 pm
avoid a possible violation probation. >> calvin: a pair of window watch washers rescued after their scaffolding collapsed 75 floors up. they were working on the tallest building in downtown humanities when the accident occurred. tragedy when a car ends up in water at a golf course. three people inside would not make it out. we have the investigation just ahead. >> laurie: then this home surveillance video, it captures a package thief in the act. you will see more of the man who stole from a door stop. >> clay: i'm clay ferrero. the covens have their new head coach but who's he bringing withhim? >> and a new sweepstakes scam is sweeping south florida. a local10 news viewer calling christina to check it out. don't nis today's detectives
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>> clay: while the dolphins hire adam gase over the weekend made the headline who the head coach hires to help him out could make just as much of afternoon imct. the word over the weekend from fox sports was that the dolphins were not bringing any of their assistant back with the possible exception of dan campbell. however a source within the dolphins tells us no decision has been made on that front as epileptic. another ice the panthers just keep on rolling. the cavities now won 12 games in a row. that's five shy of the all-time nhl record and they get a chance to make it 13 tonight in vancouver. the panthers hasn't lost a game since december 12th. out west the heat get a chance to show how good they could be, the heat taking to the defending nba championship golden state warriors tonight. they're hoping to have dwyane wade in that one. he had to leave in satury's
4:23 pm
he is listed a probable for tonight. how high will the 'canes climb? the hurricanes basketball team has climbed up to the eighth spot. they will get their toughest test tomorrow night when they take on number 13 virginia on the road. and we're just about four hours away from the kickoff of college football's national championship game features clemson and alalama, and college football's favorite villain. why does everybody love to had it nik nick saban. we'll take a look at that. >> >> calvin: here in miami we have our reasons. hold the us one thing and he did another. >> clay: people don't like to be lied to, do they? >> calvin: that'll do it for local10 news at 4:00. >> laurie: let's get to janine and victor. >> victor: breaking news. we have new details after a car plunges into a pond at a golf course. >> janine: surveillance cameras rolling as a thief steals a package from a store dep.
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after a car plunges into a pond at a timberwolf course. we do know three people not make it, all of this happening in lauderhill and we're now learning more adults with those victims. >> victor: laurie has the latest. >> laurie: police say the driver of the car lost control and trashed into crash at the pond at northwest p. inverrary boulevard. deshawn prince was the only person to make it out alive. the car was pulled out of the pond zoos soon after rescue crews got on the scene. we have just received pictures of two of the three victims after that car crashed. this is 22-year-old shaquille keel barrow on the left andur two-year-old tyrese care barrow on the left right. the third victim nathaniel morgan also died.
4:27 pm
immediately known. we are working to bring you the very latest on this investigation. as we learn anything more. again these two pictures 22-year-old sha equal barrow bare. look for more on this tragic story coming your way at 5:30. >> janine: also turning to weather, a bit of a cooldown taking place. let's take a live look from our fort lauderdale tower camera where you can see a little bit of blue in those clouds. >> victor: a little bit of blue. let's get over to our meteorologist betty davis. howw long is this cooldown going to last? >> betty: several days of this. we might have the kiehls night of the season coming up so far. we'll talk about that a little later. let's aches focus on the here and now. 72 in miami. 70 in fort lauderdale. so definitely sweater weather if you're heading out tonight. there's arctic air plunging over the midwest. the upper northwest will see
4:28 pm
zero in minneapolis. chicago is going to wake up to about 10 degrees. the freeze be line, the 32-degree ryan is going to make it all the way down into portions of ththdeep south, not quite all the way down to the gulf coast but it's going to be cool by our standards here. we're going start in the 50s 598 miami, candlelight degrees. and i'll met meet you back in a few minutes to talk more abobo this cool snap. i hope you're enjoying wearing your boots. >> janine: we are. thank you. detective with the broward sheriff's office, they are searching forker four men caught on camera attacking and can wrong a man in deerfield beach. this video appears to show the four with their faces covered running up to the clubhouse of the townhouse complex. just off-camera that's where detectives say they are punching and kicking a man before running away with his things. they stole his cell phone, tablet, skateboard and backpack before getting into a waiting suv. >> victor: investigators trying to figure on the what started a
4:29 pm
firefighters were called to the scene earlier today along northwest 37th avenue and were able to put that fire out. nobody was home at the t te that fire started. >> janine: now to fort lauderdale where a building caught fire northeast 33rd street and north federal by official fire officials say nobody was inside the building and it is unclear how that fire started. >> victor: police need your help for the search for a gunman who shot and killed two teens in fort lauderdale. a $3,000 reward given out for any information leading to the arrest of the gun minnesota for the deadly shooting of joseph and david solomon. the teens were found shot to death last week. so far nobody has been arrested here p if you think you know who is responsible or you have any information on this crime, you are asked to call broward crimestoppers, 954-493-tips. >> janine: and mills need your help in the search for three thieves caught on camera stealing a package containing five iphones in miramar.
4:30 pm
they are accused of stealing the fedex package from the victim's home. this was december 23rd along southwest 117th avenue. play they took off in two cars, this silver car believed to be a late model mercedes c or e class coupe, and in this black bmw late model 5 series. >> victor: sky 10 above the scene of a couple crashes earlier today northwest 47th avenue approaching the palmetto expressway police say the driver of the black suv hit a c c before heading south on 47th avenue when hitting that box truck you see right there. the drive had to be taken to the hospital. no updates on his condition and no word onner any charges. and in fort lauderdale look at this blue van on the side along northeast 26th street and more federal highway south of oakland park boulevard. you can see the damage to the front end of another white car there. fire crews, they were on the scene. the entire intersection was blocked off. that caused serious traffic delays.
4:31 pm
hospital as trauma alerts. no word, though, on what caused the crash. right now rush hour is about tow get underway. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. yes i see a couple of accidents out there, janine. right now you're taking a look at i-95 southbound at ives dairy road. you can see where the delays are. the accident is off to the shoulder. looks like our camera is giving on the a little bit. this is i-95 southbound around ives dairy road. that's where you're going to find this accident with speeds at 14 miles per hour. we are seeing those delays starred a hallandale beach boulevard but the good new is as you pass that crash looking in the clear at 44 mops. we've also got this broken down car on i-95 northbound in the express lanes southwest 99th street left lane blocked and eeds 32 miles per hour. also an accident on the dolphin expressway. this is as you are heaeang west right around northwest 17th avenue with speeds there at 15 miles per hour. now, checking out the palmetto expressway, this is as you're
4:32 pm
right around edged kendall drive. seeing heavy delays here as well with speeds at 4 miles per hour. so hardly moving at all. and as we cruise on up to broward county we have an accident i-95 southbound. this is right around cypress creek road. we are seeing some delays here as you're approaching that crash with speeds at 28 miles per hour. victor. >> vicqor: a georgia woman now facing charges after the g. f biv said he pulled off jewelry store heists in five different states including in south florida. 25-year-old abigail kemp was taken into custody on friday in georgia. authorities say she was responsible for at least six different robberies since april. she is accused of stealing more than $900,000f merchandise in just one of those heists alone. >> janine: coming up with cameras are rolling as a man steals packages from a doorstep. >> kristi: and in health cues news, hundreds of thousands of kids are hospitalized every year for appendicitis but just he had in our health cast there are new wades to avoid painful, invasive
4:33 pm
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>> janine: we're following tom breaking news under strong case of missing todd ler lonzi barton. >> laurie: janine, this story is out of jacksonville. it's a story we have followed since last july when this 21-month-old alonzo barton was announced missing. and at this point the jacksonville sheriff mike williams has just had a news conference where he a the state's attorney of announced that they believe they have found the remains in a wooded area to 21-year-old lonzie barton. let's listen.
4:35 pm
find these remains that we believe to be lonzie's but it's the first step in justice. i mentioned several times that that little boy didn't need toto be discarded like a piece of trash. >> laurie: so sad to hear. if creek we can take you back to that picture of lonzie barton, there are so many emotions around this adorable little child. it was july when he was reported missing, and his mother 26-year-old lona barton and her boyfriend 32-year-old had given so many different stories to attorneys. they were charged with filed neglect and charged. the mother pleaded last week to lying to police and she could be called to testify against her boyfriend william barton in the coming weeks. we will certainly keep you posted on this story. and as we get final confirmation from the sheriff's office who do believe they have found this 21-month-old missing boy. janine and victor, back to you. >> victor: laurie, thank you.
4:36 pm
stealing packages right off a family's front doorstep. this happened in durham, north carolina, and it turns out this family who chose not on the to bedentified may not be the only victims. separate surveillance video shows a similar crime being committed at a nearby home, and when the couple saw that crime being reported they new knew they had to release their video to the public. >> that's not a good shot. wait a minute, i got a better view. i was like, we need to share this information. >> victor: well, the couples filed the police report. police won't say if they're sure that these two crimes are connected but they are looking into it. >> janine: also smoke and flames morning from a building after an explosion in nebraska. saturday it. really destroyed some businesses and condos in downtown ohm mop in fact, even yesterday fire crews were out there pouring water on some of the skeleton of those burned-out building. but get this. imagine as crews had to battle
4:37 pm
temperatures. flames and smoke pouring from a building in downtown omaha over the weekend, the flames burning most of the day as business owners batched the bedrock of their block burn. >> it looks like there's major loss. we're pretty upset. >> and fire raised through nick martha olui mew's business. down the street other workers felt the explosion hours before. >> i was working on baking some cupcakes and heard a big kaboom, big major explosion. winds shook, the whole thing, everything shook. came right around the corner, looked, and right in front of there was a big fireball, gigantic explosion. >> calvin: moments later dozens of people scattered. >> that's what i heard team screaming, so i walked up the stairs and i just saw flames everywhere. i mean, it was as you ever just all over theuilding and smoke and people running around. >> calvivi seeing fire crews cope with dangerous cold hour after hour, good samaritans i helped first responders as the
4:38 pm
>> we're going to give them coffee, hot chocolate, cupcakes atever they need. >> calvin: heartbroken as hometown favorites went up in flames. >> my friends susan and debbie and i get together there every christmas. we sit at the bar and have wine. it's one most most fabulous places to sit in omaha and watch they snow come down pipe it's gone as we know it. >> calvin: the gas leak is believed to have caused that blast in downtown omaha. at least one person was taken to the hospital with injuries. i'll send it back to you >> janine: people are cleaning up a after a tornado touched down over the weekend in cape coral. this view from a drone shows us the damage left behind after that saturday storm. the national weather service says the ef2 tornado had winds up135 les an hour. you can seeee that it flipped over cars, ripped threes trees from the roots and knoed down power lines. police releasing a early estimate of damage at about $6 million with 200 homes having
4:39 pm
three people were hurt but they should be okay. >> victor: let's take a look at in car, completely -- oh, no -- covered in ice. heavy snow conditions have been hitting parts of the northeast. rain turning into snow porch now that unlucky driver probably going to need more than an ice scraper to dig out of his car. >> janine: that real estate really unbelievable. >> victor: his picture has now gone viral. let's all thaw out right now as we take a live look out of our miami tower cam. not too sunny. a lot of clouds w the there. >> janine: but that picture of the car shows us how weather is so relative because we were thinking this morning, it's freezing outside. >> victor: i was cold this morning. >> janine:e: was cold, too. >> betty: we have a lot of wimps across south florida. >> janine: i know. >> betty: well, it's 24 degrees right now in syracuse, new york, so that puts night perspective. these lower 70s, we can deal. we had a dent warm-up this afternoon. temperatures, though, running a touch below average.
4:40 pm
mid-70s. waste 68, winds from the east-northeast at 14 miles per hour it. will tend to be mostly cloudy tonight with temperatures in the mid-60s, so a little cool out. you will need that sweater or some long sleeves if you're heading out but just look at where the temperatures are elsewhere compared to us. arctic air is moving across the upper midwest right now, and that has caused those temperatures to really go down. detroit at 15 degrees. if you have business, you're goinin to fly out into chicago tonight, it's currently 17. tomorrow morning is going to be even colder. so there is more cold air on the move, moving down into parts of the south, and some of that air, the fringes of it will arrive here on a norwhwest wind the in morning. so we're looking at another day where we start the in the 50s. about 58 for miami. so some chilly morns ahead and tuesday night could be even chillier. wednesday morning that northwest windy sends our los down into the fidalgo mountains of for miami but there may be some
4:41 pm
the upper 40s. so get ready for more chilly stuff here. now, the only fly the in the ointment, so to speak, for our forecast is what's happening upstairs in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. we're stuck in that southwesterly flow. so while we see some dry air on the water vaporor imagery staining its claim over central florida, we're still stuck the in clouds because that southwesterly flow has been and will continue to be pretty persist so not only clouds around but we may get showeru trying to run in our direction, too, so you're going to find in the forast tomorrow we're looking at a 50% chance for rainfall. i put that 50% early in the morning, and then maybe not quite as damp for some areas as we're working our way through the day. at least we have that chance out there, but i know a lot of you are going to be stuck on what's the temperature today. morrrr we make it up to 71. we bottom out in the mid-finances of overnight. then as a menenoned wednesday morning some areas in the upper 40s.
4:42 pm
into the weekend. >> victor: police say no arrests were made after a brawl and sword fight broke you the out at a california temple. a dare of prayer at zeke temple was interrupted can be, a sic temple. a man even about an swinging religious swords. worshippers say sources have been fighting for years. >> the violent brawl with the cavan could have been violent today. that's extreme si. i'm worried because it portrays a negative connotation about our religion. >> victor: and a few people involved in the fight received some cuts and bruises. thankfully, though, no major injuries were reporwed. >> janine: every day in this country nearly 200 children in the united states are hospitalized for appendicitis. that's 700,000 kids a year. in today's health cast mechs medical specialist kristi krueger has details on a study that might help many kids avoid invasive surgery. >> kristi: appendicitis is caused about a bacterial infection. it's one of the most common
4:43 pm
until now, the only option out there was to have an aect me, surgery to remove your unflamed pendix but now there's a first of its kind study led by a children's hospital and doctor testing whether using antibiotics alone could actually eliminate the need for surgeon friday. study results showed at the end of one year, three out every four children who got antibiotics never even needed surgery. >> if they don't have to have surgere, if don't have to be in pain, if they don't have to have the riskf surgeon rory anesthesia it's worth a dry try. >> kristi: child schoolings say more kids than ever before are suffering from an unseen condition. it's called overpatienting or overscheduling. while keeping kids act of seems healthy, psychologist said too much can lead to problems. >> kids don't have the same hardware in their brains that calls adults have. don't capacity to organize and
4:44 pm
if you pick a few acts of and you prioritize that's fine, but kids need time to be and i have had time to be creative and plan their own day out and not be completely overwhelmed. >> kristi: oh parents can mistakenly treat the symptoms of this overscheduling without really consideng the root of the comps. warning signs include things like sleep disturbances, depression, omach aches, even headaches. >> janine: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is sparking a debate online. he posted this picture of his daughter mack saying it is time for vaccines week making it clear that he and his pediatrician wife think that child care vaccinations are important. that photo is causing a bit of controversy. >> they have the wealth, the fame and the platform to share their message. we know that they are global philanthropists and particularly interested in global public health. they've given $25 million to the cdc to fight ebola. again, for them public health is personal.
4:45 pm
thousands of comments were left on zuckerberg's facebook post, some praising him for showing his support of vaccines while other criticized him for it. >> victor: now to this. two sisters both abandoned as children now reunited thanks to the internet. >> janine: deal. liz were both abandon by their parents as infants years apart. after more than 50 years liz sent her dna to an online testing service via and they eventually found each other. >> we just had that connection almost like twins. >> we have big noses, cheeks, >> janine: i love it. the two of them not only reconnected with each other. jansen. do you know who he is? she's officer who found her abandoned in a laundry room. you can see they graffiti other with big hugs and flowers.
4:46 pm
out of compton! . [ applause ] >> i'm sorry, folks. iade a mistake. [ laughter ] it's right here on the card. i take -- it's right here on the card. i take full responsibility, full responsibility. it's right here on the card. i apologize to everybody in compton. i apologize to ice cube. i'm sorry. >> janine: jaime foxx going full steve harvey as he announced the wrong winner at last night's golden globes. there were zens. many of these nods believed to be predicting who could be winning oscars. the rev nant. its star leonardo dicaprio. the best actress bree larson for room. best combed went to the martian and matt damon won best actor for tt category, too.
4:47 pm
another big win, silver ever sylvesterstone won best supporting aor for his role in creed. >> janine: season 20 of batchelor is underway and the star of the show sat down for an interview. he spoke about his -- he then had had to to say when constance asked him at 26 years old he's ready to beettled down. >> my desire desire to be committed to somebody, start making most those memories that can last forever. i think you go through some of your younger years, and you're not ready for it. and over the last couple years i've realized that my heart is ready and my desire is to be with somebody. >> janine: there you go. remember, you can cap "the bachelor" tonight 8:00 on local10. >> victor: all new at cab driver who was shot is now out of the hospital. >> janine: and do you ever feel
4:48 pm
for the day? well, just ahead how subway riders got away with wearing
4:49 pm
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>> victor: didn't feel like getting dressed for work today? apparently you could have gotten away wither wang almost nothing yesterday. >> janine: in new york several people took part in the no pants subway ride. people were told on get on the subway without pants. organizers say there really isn't a point to all this. it's just for fun. other cities that participated including atlanta, chicago, dallas and london. okay. >> victor: so from no pants day we go to hugh hefner's mansion. it's going for a hefty price. the cocaine playboy mansion in los angeles going on -- the cookie identical mansion going for $200 million. he watt bought it for
4:52 pm
here's the catch. hefner doesn't plan on moving out so the buyer has to agree to a ram mate. >> janine: and to want to have a pool like that. probably can't make too many changes with hef still in the house. >> janine: ever. >> victor: so with no pants day and hugh hefner's mansion that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> laurie: always something fun. thank so much. >> calviv: right now on local10 news at 5:00 blood and i had bandaged. the v ab armed robbery is taken to the hospital. >> calvin: a cab driver with back s. back as the home. >> calvin: and rock stars and fans alike are mourning the loss of a music legend. >> laurie: and with lottery fever consuming the country,
4:53 pm
the victim after violent robbery speaks to police before climbing into the back of an ambulance. >> laurie: we've learned this the first time that store has baby hit. let's take you out live to michael seiden on the scene with the latest. michael. >> michael: good evening. right now police reviewing surveillance video. witnesses telling us, though, these are serial robbers and they have hit multiple businesses in north miami. beaten and robbed, an employee of this north miami cell phone store that also houses a smoke shop walked away monday injured but still able to describe the terrifying moments to police. sky 10 above the crime scene where 1s say he waste attacked by two robbers inside his own store at northwest 7th avenue and 119th street. a friend and witness telling us employees from the barbershop next door heard a motion andanswered the call for help, pulling the thieves off the man. >> it just was hitting him and the guy from the barbershop hear all the screaming, and then when
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