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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> and a new kind blizzard is on the menu at texas dairy queen when a fire truck slams into the ice cream shop. we have more of that dramatic video. >> and we all felt look a popsicle this morning after a dramatic drop in temperatures last night across south florida but you'd ner moe know it now. betty tells us how low it actually went. >> senator krueger: right now, lentol news at 4:00 >> a verdict reached from the trial of pat santeramo, charged with stealing inunion money. >> 1 1terrell forney live deliberating over the course of the p pt two days but that verdict was reached within the hourur and thehe jury cited with prosecutors convict - - sided with prosecutors convicting pat that he faced. >> we, the jury find as follows as to the defendant in this case. the defendant is guilty of money
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information, so say we all this 19th day of january 2016, fort lauderdale, broward county. >> and that was the judge reading the results of the jury. the trial for phat santeramo we know lasded a little more than two weeks but we knowhe defense attorney, he had three of them, they all maintain that the 68-year-old was innocent saying there's no paper trail proving that santeramo stole any cash, instead, that at the time that he was at the helm of the btu office that the office workers fell behind on brother record keeping. but prosecutors say -- proper record keeping. prosecutors say santeramo inflated work invoices on work done and he also schemed with a construction company owner and friend to pocket roughly $300,000 from union funds paid by broward teachers.well, the jury bought it and they found him guilty on multiple charges o o organized scheme to defraud, making
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and also grand theft. patt santeramo, we just got an interview with him. he did speak to us here at local10. we are work can to turn that sound around for you and have that for you at 5:00 on local10 news. big developments out of the broward county court with us, pat santeramo guilty on eight of the nine charges he faced in this political contribution case that's really been working its way through the court system for the past four years. so we'll work on getting that story for you and have the latest for you in the next hour. for now that's the latest inside of the broward county courthouse. i'm terrell forney. >> also right now we're hearing the 911 calls made before a gruesome discovery.a woman called dispatchers and threatened to jump off a bridge. >> a short time later a baby was found in a freezer. we're going to get to that story
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to get to neki mohan right now. neki. >> laurie and calvin, that woman is now being evaluated here at psychoward.. that baby around the corner in the medical examiner's office. this 911 call showing just how desperate she was. >> 911. what is your emergency? >> if desperate call from poola ortiz came as she stood on pine ridge. 37-year-old woman calling 911 before attempting to jump into the wat. >> i'm sorry. you're trying to what? >> scide myself. >> where are you? >> i'm on the seven mile bridge in the binning. >> the call ended shortly after,
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phone to locate her. she told them a baby boy was at home, in the four bedrorm home located in isles of the oasis community in homestead. when police went to the home, that four-month-old baby boy was in the freezer dead. that baby boy is now at the medical examiner's office where they are working to determine the cause of feath. when that is determined, then charges may or may not follow. so that was what we're waiting on, to hear from police. right now, paola vargas ortiz is here at jackson memorial hospital being evaluat in the psyc ward. >> thank you. >> we're following breaking news no from wall street. a roller coaster day on wall street, stocks taking a nose dive as oil prices go south. >> victor oquendo is in the newsroom with the very latest look at the closing numbers. >> there was a late rally to end the day, and we'll get to those closing numbers in a moment.
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intensified on wednesday. oil dipped below $27 a barely for the first time since 2 23. the closing bell sounded just a few moments ago. the worldwide drop in stocks global investors. in addition, traders don't see easing. the dow dipped well below 500 points before rebounding after 2:00 this afternoon. so now let's get to the closing numbers here. remember what i just said, at one point it dipped below 500 points. now the dow closes at 249 points down, below the 16,000 att 1,515,766. the nasdaq turned positive in the final hour trading but still down five points closing, and the s&p 500 down as well but as you see right there, laurie and calvin, this late rally helped recover a lot of the groun lost to these earlier sharp stem cell-offs. i'll send it back to you. >> people across south florida feeling the cold this morning.
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very often here, people bundled up early today and last night, too. did you fellow it? >> we were dealing with temperatures in the 50s. >> what a difference a few hours can make. let's take you live outside at our mount sinai medicalenter tower cam. you're looking out of, and that chilly weathtr now gone, the sun has made a dramatic comeback. >> hits a miracle, betty, any of us are at work today. on this kind of day we want to be outside. gorgeous. >> senator bonacic: it is nablus out there. 52 degrees this morning. this is the coldest we have felt since february 20th of last year andn that day it went down to 42 but what a rebound this aernoon. 70 degrees for the magic city. sunshinend an easterly component to the winds. that really is pake making the difference, that cool air starting to erode. a lot of lower 70s. kendall 69 along with you fort lauderdale. tonight won't be as cool. we'll probably settle in the upper 50s in many of your neighborhos.
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highs in the mid-70s, and our next cold front already tracking that one. calvin. >> thanks a lot there, betty also right now uber fight. the ride sharing company got a small victory today in miami-dade county but they're not in the clear just jet. >> lentol news reporter derek shore live with what happened during a commission meeting. derek. >> it may seem odd but uber and. >> assemblywoman lifton: are actually in theory operating illegally here in miami-dade county, at least that's accordrdg to conspiracies. today a surprising move and a first step to making them rejitt. objector drivers prepared for a fight. uber drivers. pulling cyst controversial legislation off the table. mona steen's proposed on the other hand would have required drive share riders carry higher insurance at all times not just when they're driving a peaks.
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undergo a county background check. uber said if it passed, they'd pull their service from the area. >> we have no idea what uber drivers arep to, what they're doing. >> so instead of the uber drivers, it was the taxi drivers that let the commission have it. >> the fact is that uber and unfortunate list have beening on the illegegly and been robbing the tea drivers of miami-dade counun for a year and a half. >> still, the move to move forward from commissioner esteban bove oh. >> see how we can preeti create a bet irs sioux falls for the taxi industry without harming the uber model. >> and the chairman said he pupued that legislation in part because he didn't want to further complicate the process with two pieces of legislation on the table. we'll hear more from him at 6:00. live in miami, derek shore, rotten news. >> passengererescape without injury after a british airlines plane hit a gate a a miami inteteational airport today.
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crewssere examining how much dan was done to the plane and the the gate. the accident did not cause disruptions at the airport. >> fire breaks out inside a local body shop, and the race was on that battle the flames, miami-dade rescue work tech scene a southwhwt 128th street near 127th avenue. so far no word whaha caused the fire or if anyone was hurt. developing g ght now, the u.s. senate voting on a measure thatat would could impact the fate of thousands of middle east refugees. >> our janine standwood has more. >> the senate did vote to block the bill, 55 to 43 and it needed 60 votes to advance. in a major move on capitol hill, the senate voteded down an effort to advance a controversial bill thatould significantly curb the flow of iraqi and syrian refugees from entering the ited states. it's a vote that weighs heavy both o o national security and the 2016 campaign was they
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the e owing humanitarian crisis. this bill would have required every single person from syria or iraq and evenn those refugees who have visited those countries in the past five years t t be verified by the fbi, homeland security, and director of national intelligence. >> it's difficult to effectively vet immigrants from a war-torn country where records may sometimeso longer exist at all. >> the bill passed the house in novembmb with so much bipartisan support that even a promised veto by president obama could be overridden. senate min ore leader harry reid said in exchange for debate on this plan he wants donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states temporarily debated senate floor as well. >> this bill is just another step in the absolute wrong direction, thehe direction of don trump. democrats are committed to opposing hateful views of trump and his republican enablers. >> reidd hopes to force
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stand on trump's controvovsial plan. the republican frontrunner has led the charge a ainst the obama administration, claiming the refugee program could potentially be a safe haven for terrorists.and the debate is not over. lawmakers continue to talk about how t to handle these refugees while keepinin americans safe. calvin. >> thanks a lot. two people are injurededfter a fire truck slams into a texas dairy queen. authoritiessay the driver lost control before plowing into the dairy queen in farmersville which is near dallas, texas. the dreyey of the truck and employee working the drive-through were taken to a local hospital but their injuries are not life-threatening. >> republicanresidential candidate ben carson is remembering one of his staffers, a 25-year-old who was killed in a car wreck. >> this kindf situation never gets easy no matter how many times you've been through it.t. but braden joplin was an amazing young man. i had an opportunity to get to
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>> carson tememrarily shut down campaign events after the tragedy struck. according to his campaign, a van transporting three volunteers and the 25-year-old staffer braden joplin when it hit a patch of ice and flipped on it is side. that's when it was truck b b another car. >> it's been another day of viololt protests in the the country of haiti. the country in political turmoil as the run off nears for the presesential elections. thousands of demonstrators have flooded the streets, setting fires and cars on fire, hurling rocks and chanting "the revolution has started. get your guns ready." our own glenna millburg is traveling to haiti. look for her life coverage beginning on friday. ing coming up at 4:30 a repeat robber, a mask man setting his sights o oyet another store. what happened during this latest robbery. >> a puppy stowell stolen from a pet shop but wait until you hear what the thief i had tread the dog for coming up. >> and also, buckingham palace
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>> calvin: you may have seen buckingham palace in pictures or some of us hav gone there, like laurie, but have you ever had wondered what it looked like inside? >> laurie: thanks to google the family. you can take a virtual tour of buckingham pace. victor has moved to the video port with the details for you. >> victor oquendo: this video tour was just posted to you of tube today by the british monarchy so now you can take a tour of the queen's residence all from the comfort your own ohm home. let's watch this. >> hello you're at that time buckingham palace which is the official residence of her majesty the queen, and you're going to come wi me for a tour so please come on in. >> victor: that sounds delightful. from the very beginning you were given a royal trucks. then throughout this ten-minute
4:15 pm
you throughgh five of the neen brand state rooms. you can also check out the thrown-room, the picture gallery, the ballroom, the white drawing room, and this is all thanks to the royal collection trust which manages this historic building. they teamed up with google compeditions for this free virtual tour. now, we're told that queen elizabeth ii has not tried this experience yetac, laurie and calvin, but it does have her approval. >> she is on twitter so s's on this whole social media kick right now. that's awesome to see. >> now that i think back to my childhood i don't remember if u could actually go into the palace at the time. i just remember the changing of the guard and you can be around the palace. >> victor: have to watch this. >> calvin: the changing of the guard is always cool. everyone can do it now via google. victor, thank you. >> laurie: let's take a look outside at our own beauty. this is outdos and gorgeous. >> calvin: that's royalty right there.
4:16 pm
it is a royal picture. >> calvin: let's check in with our betty davis andind out how low the mercury is going to drop tonight and what we're going to wake up to tomorrow morning. >> betty: tomorrow is going to el a lot better over this morning. it's going to be tolerable. this morng, though, those lower 50s, that was really something to deal with, definitete a bite in the atmosphere but not so much at this hour. miamits degrees, nice rebound out there for us -- 70 degrees. key west at 68. rt lauderdale 69. the forecast for the evening, we're going to keep it dry and not as cool. by 8:00 toby mid-60s in some of your neighborhoods. you may still want a light sweater as you'reeading out but it won't be as biting as it was last night, and the difference we are noting is the easterly component to our winin so as planned, we now have our nd flowing in generally from the northeast right now. miami almost dueue east sustained around 8 miles an hour. so that is helping to draw some milder air into the region. we're getting that wind direction around an area of high
4:17 pm
slip offshore of the carolinas. already tracking a couple systems. this one is minor, way out ahead of it sending m msture not the mid-atlantic stow a little bit of snowshowers trip. but the big system that could be a prolific snow maker thihi weekend for the northeast, that's going to roll out of the west tonight. we'll be tanker it. the front attached to it eventually gets here but not tomorrow. tomorrow ahead of that system we're going to warm into the mid-70s by the afternoon. after starting the morning in e mid to upper 50s. friday even warmer but also the possibility for rains we push the front through, and then behind the front wee cool down this weekend. sunday morning now forecasting a low of 50 for miami, and that means some of your neighborhoods could be in the upper 40s. let's get a check on traffic now with jenise. >> jenise: and while the weather may be pretty but our roads not so much. this is the view of i-95 northbound right around northwest 119th street. you can see the heavy congestion in the regular lanes and express lanes, all of this due to an
4:18 pm
as we zoom on in to see exactly how those delays are impacacng your commute again i-95 northbound at northwest 119th street. speeds there are at 29 miles per hour. i-95 southbound also a crash this. is one right aroununmiami gardens drive. looks like you'll see those delays right as you pasas that accident with speeds also at 29 miles perour. also an accident on the airport expressway, this is as you're heading west approaching us-27, speeds at 15 miles per hour. as we cruise on up to broward county, no major accidents to report there. we do have a brokendown car. this is awe as you're heading soutut right around sample road. there is a shoulder blocked but, hey, we're seeing the green there so it doesn't look like that's impacting your commute with speeds a 56 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. moving to vote 2016 and donald trump with a big lead in the race for florida. the look hat these numbers. this is the result of a new
4:19 pm
48% support for trump while 16% support ted campuses florida senator marco rubio with -- and florida senator jeb bush with 10%. on the democratic side hillary clinton 62% support for clinton to 27% for sanders. a taliban splinter group is clipping responsibility for an attack on a pakistani school that left at least 20 people dead. 50 years ateast were injured in this attack. pastani police say gunmen stormed back akahn university today. several explosions were heard in the area and many of the injured had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. the university is named after a founder of an anti-taliban political apparent coming up for you at 4:30 a woman gets out of her car after a crash on the causeway and ends up getting hit. that woman wouldn't make it. how another victim is doing. >> calvin: and caught on camera here, a high school student running away after a man tried to attack her.
4:20 pm
just what the heat didn't need, another long road trip.
4:21 pm
back on track nent in sports. >> clay: cue the good old willie nelson music, on the road again. the hobbled miami heat are just that, on the road again, starting a few five-game trip tonight in washington and are the heat will once again be pout point guard goran dragic and h h you'dery. last night the heat had one home game against milwaukeey and they didn't take advantage of it. miamialling 91-79. the heat have now dropped five of their last six games. miami groton five point from their start go back court of dwyane wade and tyler johnson, only two from wade. tip time in washington set for 7:00. meanwhile the hurricanes with a tough road test tonight a boston college, the 'canes
4:22 pm
after getting ranked eighth in the national polls, the 'canes lost two games on the road. tip-time tonight at 9:00. and let the hype begin for the avenues championship game as the new england patriots are preparing for peyton manning and the brokers. while it is clear manning has lost a step t t parts not fooled, today head coach bill belichick saying, "he will never, ever underestimate manning under any circumstances." he calls the trash talk between the two teams hot air. back to the heat, what can exactly is wrong with this team right now? why are they struggling soo badly? we'll stria to sort that out for you at 5:00. >> calvin: we thought by going to the game last night that that were help them. >> laurie: we thought we would bring them good luck. we did not. we got to see your brother so it was fun. thatatl for it us at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with victor and janine with what's happening at the bottom of the hour. >> janine: thanks so much. here's what's coming up at at 4:30. >> victor: a repeat robber
4:23 pm
a man storming a cvs. we'll tell you what happened as he faced a clerk. >> janine: plus, a driver makes the mistake of getting of her car hereafter a crara on the causeway and she ends up getting hit. >> victor: plus, a puppy stolen from a pet shop and police say it's part of a drug deal.
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such as severe pain that will not go away in your a abdomen or from your abdomen to your back... >> janine: right now on news10 at 4:30, a repeat roche on the run. cameras rolling as a man with part of his face covered hits up a cvs in north miami. he's also been caught on camera rob can other stores. >> victor: and now the search is on for this thief. let's get tow local10 news reporter michael seiden live in miami with our top story at 4:30. michael. >> michael: victor, right now that armed robber remains on the run. he's hit multiple b binesses in north miami including one right in this shopping center, andtonight we have that surveillance video showing this violent man in action. he's one of the most dangerous criminals in north miami. wanted for at least four armed robberies in as manan weeks.
4:27 pm
rveillance video. >> the mo is exactly the same. he comes in p he brandishes a firearm. he asks for money. he says if not he'll shoot the victim. >> michael: the latest robberies took place monday night at the kfc on north 128th steat street. the gunman points the gun at the manager demanding cash. 9090 minutes later the robber strikes at a chinese restaurant on northeast 125th street. the man grabs an employee and flees with cash. two other robbers also take can place at 7-eleven on 125th street. you can see how he forces the manager back into the store threatening him before leaving with the cash. that same week the violent roroer back at it again, this time the super stop at northeast sixth avenue.e. this time he roughs up the clerk, cleans out the registete forces the victim to the back of the store before taking off with even moreash. and police tell us that no one has been hurt in any of those
4:28 pm
he could be more violent. as f as his description very generir. >> victor: we have breaking news. a man wanted for allegedly stealing a woman's purse while she was praying church is now in custody. you will not believe how investigators caught up with him. >> calvin: investigators have been trying to track down th man after the shocking theft committed right before christmas. you can see the man sneak hang behind 84-year-old ada desanchez on december 20th. he snatches her purse and walks right out the door. this is the man who allegedly committed the unholy act. 30-year-old jonathan sumps wasrecognized the in video but had been on the run, and investigators say they finally und him after he was arrested for d dving under the influence last week. now, he is facing one charge of grand theft, he is now out on bond, and sumps say she was at the church that day attending the baptism a family member. victor. >> victor: two carjacking
4:29 pm
today after allegedly tryinggo carjack a woman in hialeah. they're space go charges of armed carjacking and eluding police after police say they tried to carjack a woman on monday night. that woman, though, fought back, the confrontation all caught on camera at a hialeah gas station's surveillance system. it turns out the victim wasn't just protecting her car. police say her two young kids were also inside. >> janine: two brothers behind bars today facing several charges including organized fraud and session of marriage and cocaine. jose otheres on the left and h h brother oscar on the right, they are a used of using a stolen credit card to buy high end apple products at aes best by in doral charging the card up to $7,000. the two are also charged with selling arming as narcotics and are facing identity theft charges. >> victor: caught on cama, this man is accused of attacking another man for his gold chain. jaime who is visiting miami from venezuela was robbed outside of a gym on west flagler street in november.
4:30 pm
in eyes wpen he turned around. now investigators are looking for the man in these pictutes. if you know anything call police. >> janine: a woman gets of her care of crash on the causeway, and that decision would be a deadly one. she was hit by another car, another driver also struck. local10's erica rakow has the story from miami beach. >> reporter: it was a man who is was driving to volunteer at t va hospital early in this morning who ran into these two people. they were out of their cars. they had just been invold in an accident and were checking on what happened. >> i work as a vunteer at the va, and, yes, i was on my way on the va. >> reporter: that's where steve was driving to at 5:15 this. >> you were driving and they're just standing in the middle of the road?d? >> that's it. the road was almost completely blockedff. >> they stopped immediately. they pulled over. theyeyotified the highway patrol and are cooperating with the investigation. >> reporter: troopers say this woman driving this honda civic and the woman in thiss porsche
4:31 pm
westbound lanes of i i95. the driver the sic and the man in the porsche jumped out. > as they got out of the car to check on each other and make sure everybody was all right, that's when the third impact occurred. >> reporter: troopers say that's when steve's suv ran into them. the woman driving the civic died on-scene. the man was taken to mount sinai and will be okay, and the woman who was still in the driver's seat of porsche also went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> whenever you're involved in a crash and you are blocking the lanes, you need to take your vehicles out of the road if you can safely do so and get to a safer place to avoid these secondary collisions. >> reporter: the deadly crash had the westbound lanes of the julia tuttle shut down for five hours. anyone trying to leave miami beach this morning had to take 395. >> don't want to think about it anymore. thanks anyway. >> reporter: and the causeway opened back up about 10:00 this morning. the man who was brought here to mount sinai, he has a leg injury. he's told troopers that he wasas
4:32 pm
driv, trying to help her after the aur bag deployed. for now troopers not releasing the name of the woman who died. in miami beach, erica rakow, local10 news. >> janine: commuters in sunrise this morning might have seen this, a car flipped on the side. sky 10 was overhead around west commercial believed and hiatus road. two cars were involved. that car wreck did cause some clain lane closuress but they were eventually reopened. >> victor: right now rush hour is getting underway. let's get trek check on traffic. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: we're going to start with i95 southbound, as you're approaching the al golden its glades there is an extent as you're trying to ramp onto us-441. it's causing quite a backup. this is i-95 southbound rights you're trying to ramp onto us-441, that's where you'll find this accident. speeds there are at 21 miles per hour. also an accident on 95 northbound. this is northwest weren't 19thstreet with speeds there at 29 miles per hour as well.
4:33 pm
don't airport expressway as us-27. hour. cruising on up to broward county, we do have an accident on i-95. this is northbound right around sample road. as we zoom on in here, though, impacting your commute at all because we are seeing the green, and speeders at kuhn miles per hour. and -- at 61 miles per hour. we've got tow let you know about this broken down car 595 westbound around pine island road there is a shoulder blocked but again we are seeing the green so that's not impacting your comomte at 69 miles per hour. >> janine: not bad. thank you. caught on camera a teenage girl running from the scene after a manllegedly tried to sexual assault her. police in ontario, canada say the man approached the girl while she was waiting for her parents to pick her up from band practice. police say the man threw her down by some%bushes and attempted to remove her clothes. >> it has been like every personon worst nightmare. i mean, iy sensed anger inthe
4:34 pm
>> she's about 5'2", 100 pounds. this suspect is estimated to be 38, 42 years old. he's about 200 pounds. so she was very fortunate to be able to break away. >> janine: police say that man removed the girl's eject but she was able to break -- girl's jacket but she was able to escape. >> victor: five people recovering from injuries after a dog attack in stanford. police say they arrrred on scene to find five pit bulls attacking a woman. life-threatening. two other adults and two ildren also had been on had to be taken to the hospital after this attack. five of thth dogs were shot and killed while a sixth was taken >> janine: miami-dade police director j.d. patterson is reting after a 32-year career. miami-dadeayor carlos gimenez and other leaders honored patterson this morning at the meeting. patterson spoke about trying to foster message of unity during his career as an stear. >> very important that the -- as an officer.
4:35 pm
understands that we can function together be we can live together, we can take people to jail together when they do heinous acts that are very much offensive to nature as well as mankind in these communities. so i feel good knowing that i'm stepping away from a good career. >> janine: patterson's retirement will be effective at the end of this month. >> victor: still ahead, mother nature 80ing spectacular ice art. the lakes a lakeriey. >> janine: and ahead in our health cast how to keep your kids safe in comomtitive sports of a injury. >> victor: a dog nabbing caught on camera. >> janine: and costly car prepares en a snowfall small fix can add up but have you ever heard of a hidden warranty? it's today's edition of "call ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couping mastermind.
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>> janine: caught on camera, a man stealing a pup from a florida pet shop. >> victor: and police say he traded that puppy for drugs. let's g to calvin. he's in production control with this one. >> calvin: the dog napping happened in largo yesterday and police say the man stole the puppy to pay for cocaine. what you're watching right now is a devious deed in passing look closely and you will see that guy steal a frightened helpless puppy, shoving in it his shirt. salad he had plans for to two pound yorkie corning to police. this innocent animal would be used as the cruelest of currency is a drug deal. the nine-week-old tine pup was traded for crack and cash. the deal went community parking lot tuesday afternoon in front of a busy grocery store. >> i was disgusted. i ran it on facebook that how ould somebody sell a little puppy for drugs? >> calvin: bridged royal is the kenfel manager at all about puppies and was heartbroken when this happened. this missing yorkie is so small, roughly the anesthetize little --
4:40 pm
morning to clean. is there a box or something with a puppy in it. >> calvin: once these pictures were shown on the news, police werereble to track him down. wayne junior barfield was arrested but that's only half the story. the heartbreaking story rails, where is this sweet yorkie. the pet store says if the dog is returned they will pay a reward of $1,000. the dog is worth about $1,600 and barfield does admit handing over the dog during a drug deal but police say theog is still missing. that york is still out there somewhere but it does have a microchip. >> janine: hope they find it. thank you. a $200,000 sports car engulfed in flames in louisiana, and police say this was no accident or a simple coincidence. this is what that lamborghini looked like before it was torched. it actually belongs to had a man named david maller, a contractor who is was hired by the cityy of new orleans to take down four confederate mon monuments. mall are says he's received death threats since getting that
4:41 pm
arson attack was in response to that. >> victor: a rockslide forcing the closure tour of a road in madiera county, california. officials say that heavy rain caused that rockslide yesterday and it closed to highway for a ten mile stretch in both directions. no cars thankfully were hit by those rocks but it did cause minor damage. the big boulders and all that debris had to be moved. from california beiei to louisville, kentucky where are dealing with heavy snowfl today. city saw 3 inches of snow early this morning and photographers say there's more to come with -- forecaster, 5 inches to come late thursday or early friday. >> janine: several cities in japan also dealing with some rare snowfall.l. coldeather sweeping through western japan, draping several temples in snow. that snowfall is expected to continue for the next few days. and this is how we do winter in south florida. >> victor: our own temples. >> janine: this is our shrinin our ocean. love it, betty. looking great.
4:42 pm
freezing this more than and it ended up being a beautiful day. >> victor: 70 degrees. it's perfect out there. >> betty: it was a quick urnturn arb. we're getting our beach vibe back. a few people may be out there, maybe in longer sleeves. a little bit cool temperature 69 in fort lauderdale, waste 68. breeze from the east-northeast at 10 miles an hour. that along with the sunshine making all the difference. for thees rest of the evening we'll keep it mainly dry. we'll tend to still have high clouds out there with our winds from the northeast to east sustained 5 to 10 miles a a hour. upper 60s and then down to the mid-60s by 10:00 tonight but we're at not going to hit rock bottom like we did this morning. it will be more like upper 50s, a little closer to 60 for most of the wake-up temps for broward and miami-dade counties. cloud imagery for south florida not bad. we have had some higher clouds, also a few cumulus clouds there, too, now that we have our winds flowing in from the east. northeast but definitely enough sunshine getting through.
4:43 pm
toward the mid-atlantic now, and a bigger storm brewing as we look out to the west. this is the one that's going to bring more snow into louisville, andventually that system is going to spread snow into the mid-atlantic, more snow, maybe portions of northeast, too. a blizzard watch already in effect for dc. so friy into saturday it could really be on for that area, some of the forecast models painting lots of snow. just check this one out. it is showing that between friday night and saturday it's bumping dc now up to 31 inches of snow. so this could definitely be a prolific event for that area. so if you're in town from dc and you're thinking maybe i should stretch out my vacation, spend a bit more time on the beach, why not? tomorrow should be a decent beach day, winds from the east about 10 to 15 miles an hour. the rip current risk will be moderate. water temperature right now at 68 degrees. f miami-dade and broward tomorrow seas republican two to fleet. no advisories if you're taking the boats out. moderate cp on the obispo we're going to start tomorrow in
4:44 pm
there may be a few spots in the mid-50s but not as chilly as this morning when all of us got down into the low 50s. highs tomorrow climb toward the mid-70s. so every day we're adding a few more degrees. and then ahead of a front on friday we'llome close to 80. that front is going to bring some rain across the arere and then behind that one we are in for another cooldown, and right now it looks like saturday night into sunday morning could now become the coldest of the season so far. forecasting 50 for miami, so they means some of your neighborhoods could very well dip down into the 40s come sunday morning, and then afternoon highs may struggle to climb into the upper 60s even with a lot of sunshine around. but once we get beyond sunday, monday, by tuesday high temperatures back up into the missed to upper 70s. so we do have more cold weather to come.e. janine. >> janine: betty, thank you. a real life role as a hero for actor jaime foxx.x. he's now talking about how he helped save a driver who was stuck inside of a burning car.
4:45 pm
night right in front of foxx's california home. 32-year-old brett kyle was a@legedly driving drunk and speeding when he crashed into a ditch. his truck flipping and then catching on fire. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like, you know, you just had to do something. >> janine: foxx said he heard a crash follolod by screaming. he called police and ran to the truck where he found kyle still buckled into his seat. foxx was able to drag him out before that truck burst into flames. >> victor: for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder every day could be a challenge. today's health cast medical specialist ksti krueger has the impact that would usco cause eye family's quality of life. the study lookedt quality of life across seven crucial areas fouou to that families who had children diagnosed with autism were already showing strains prior to that diagnosis. a child with autism can have a lot of difficulties including challenging behaviors, social
4:46 pm
delays. researchers say making doctors waiver these difficulties and then addressing them can positively impact not only your child but the entire family as well. >> you can't be a great parent to the child if you're not able to take care of yourself, and if you're already reporting having all of these difficulties, let's help you access services or supports or other things that you need. >> kristi: according centers for disease controly and prevention, one out of every 45 children the in u.s. does have some form of autism, and cases are on the rise. and in oth news in our health cast today keeping your kids safe in competitive sports after an injury. that's always difficult. sports medicine specialists say the chances of a child suffering reinjure is not actually based on their skill level but on the severity of the original injury, and how mucuc time they were given to recover from it. in some cases giving up the activity just may be the safest solution of all. >> you really have to sometimes
4:47 pm
discussions as to this may not to be best thing for your long-term joint health or the health of your brain if it ces down to concussions and things like that. >> kristi: dr. pharaoh said finding a low-impact activity like perhaps swimming can really help an athlete stay activity and keep they are competitive juices flowing. and that's today's health cast. >> victor:r:e have more health news. the sopranos actress sigler reshield she has been battling multiple discloses for nearly 15 years. she said she was diagnosed while she was stilt spawn owes at justp 24 years old. she said she can't walk very long without struggling. >> janine: an ohio man was arrested for allegedly trying to save his dog from being eueuanized. police say he replaced his dog with a lookake. jason dot zones pit bull had been court ordered to beput down after it attacked and almost killed a service dog but
4:48 pm
then tried to have that dog put down instead. p&l spca noticed and stopped that from snapping it's one thune, mr. dotson, for you to ignore a court order. it's quite another thingo try to perpetrate a fraud on this court. in my ten years as a judge, i can't recall a more clld and heartless act. >> janine: dotso was found guilty of trying to orchestrate the swap and sentenced to 28 days in jail. speaking of dogs, a dog's first time in emergent years is now learning how to walk again with just one leg. >> victor: insurgence had to amputate her legegfter she is attacked by a pit bull. this pit bull broke to that a fence headed to where marn at the dog was, burrowed under another fence and attacked her. this wasn't first time. that same dog nearly bit marney's ear off last year, and now if owner is concerned for her safety. >> you can see the blood where she was struggling to guess
4:49 pm
as citizens of arlingtony sued have the right to be protected. our animals should be protected in their own yard. >> victor: and the city saw that pit bull roaming and took it in. they ao found video of the dog chasing and killing a cat. a new yor town now creating a makeshift ice skating rink in a parking lot. the townes usual spot is closed for renovation so theity decide spray water on the parking lot which will then freeze due to the cold temperatures. workers say it will take a few days to get that rinkeady for skaters. >> janine: you'll l w at 5:00 a health lert for pregnant women after two cases of zika virus was found right here in south florida. what you need to know. >> victor: also mother nature's version of the eyes sculptures. turning it into a work of art.
4:50 pm
debuting a in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especicily for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
4:51 pm
>> janine: take a look at these ice sculptures in ohio. cold temperatures have given people in cleveland an awe-inspiring sight along the shores of lake eriey. a lot of people are calling these blocks of ice mother nature's version of ice sculptures. these designs come from the aric air blowing across the salt lake city then whenenhe wind changes direction, so do those cool designs. >> victor: cold just looking at that. an order mix-up leading to a lot of g gd in south carolina. >> janine: and now flood victims are actually getting help up. a farmer's wife said that zapos sent scented they are the wrong pair of shoes. during the conversationhe happened to mention all the flooding that had devastated her community, a then days later a box of warm blankets arrived along with, of course, the correct shoe order. the farmer and his wife said they'll hand out the blankets to flood victims in need. >> victor: try to wrap your taste buds around this. mcdonald's is adding chocolate
4:52 pm
menu, sold, but you'll have to go to japan to try them. the potatoes are drizzled with milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce. no word yet if they will get a run here in the u.s. >> janine: i like that. white chocolate. maybe a little dark chocolate. do you know who else would eat that? laurie jennings would eat that because it's covered in chocolate. >> laurie: at first 595 it's kind of budget i hve to admit i would try it. >> janine: salty and sweet. we're going to japan. that's going to do it for news at 4:30. >> victor: laurie and kampf, take it away. >> laurie: righthtow on local10 news at 5:00 breaking news at fort lauderdale where the former head of teacherer union has ben found guilty of corruption. >> calvin: two cases of the zeke u.a virus were found here in south florida. >> laurie: a man -- if after the coldest morning of the season so far temperatures rebounding but will it last. >> calvin: and the dow dropped like a rock again today.
4:53 pm
numbers. we begin with breaking news in the corruption case ainst the former head of the broward teache union. >> laurie: pat santeramo has been found guilty of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars during his tenure. terrell forney has the latest at the courthouse. >> terrell: we're talking about the formemeboss of one of the country. thth verdict was delivered in the scrooges we can report that pat santeramo has been convicted on facing. >> the juffer your peer has found you guilty of count 4. >> terrell: pat santeramo's fate game came down late this afternoon, guilty on eight of nine public krugs charnes against the 68-year-old who stole roughly $300,000 from the broward teachers union coffers. >> he was the gatekeeper of a multi-million dollar budget from the dues of the broward teachers and that money was going nowhere without him knowing exactly where was going. >> terrell: santeramo was
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