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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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over a decade but things came tumbling down in 2012. he resignedd amid the ac stations and was arrested. four years later the jury bght the prosecutor's theory that santeramo inflated work invoices on work done at btu headquarters and split the cash with a construction owner and friend david vote who was given immunity -- davides po see theo. following the verdict santeramo was surrounded by hisis family, friends and lawyers with whom he thanked individually. >> for the support and all my former employees and friends who truly know me and believe in me and have always been there for me. so -- and my unionism that i still believe in and will carry that with me. >> terrell: convictions of multiple counts granana theft, organized scheme to defraud and illegally using union money from union funds for reimburse for political campaign donations are now permanently on his criminal record. >> were astounded by the outcome of the jury, although we
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diligently through a very difficult case. we are exploring our legal options. >> terrell: and those legaloptions of course include an appeal by his defense team, and the only not guilty verdict inside of this courtroom today was one dealing with the misuse of a company credit card. still, nonetheless, santeramo faces up to 30 years in prison. sentencing is down the road, and we know that he will be back in this courtroom late next month. we're live inside of the broward county courthouse in fort lauderdale. >> calvin: another big story today. the dow hit a one-year low closing at its lowest level since 2014 but it was a late afternoon rally that safed the day. dow was down nearly 500 points but experts are now blaming cheap oil prices for the big dip today. let's take a look at the final numbers. the dow was down nearly 250 points closing at 14,000 such 66. the nasdaq was down today on 5
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5,000 marks and s&p 500 down today 22 points and financial experts say if you're in the markets, don't panic, and it may be a good time to buy even more stocks at a cheaper price >> laurie: a pembroke pines man accused of peeping into women's bedroom windows7and sometimes trying to force his way inside is trying to get out of jail before his trial. well, some of his alleged victims, they're trying to keep that from happening. local10's layeren livingston is live with what happened in court. >> reporter: the prosecutor spent much of the afternoon -- we were there when the accused peeper's alleged victims were led into the courtroom. we're not showing their faces but legislative say he has a type, mocha cin skin, dark hair, single with ground floor bedrooms at the back of their home. >> that's what defect say cerulia said to one of his victims after reportedly trying to get into her home.
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police set up game cameras to catch their suspect who reportedly got more a comprehensive. defect save the victim's windows were shot out with a slingshot and fnd hunting rifles outstanding the victim's home. >> what time of night, what they're sleeping, what they look like, what he use and what has doing and saying, it is such a signature style that this is as good as a fingerprint. >> reporter: but the defense wednesday one of the accuser'sreliability, noting her p job at a strip club said the person she claims tried breaking into her bedroom is n cerulia. >> my client cannot be confmsed wiwi an irish reddish complected individual. it's just not the c ce. >> laurie: livington reporting. we'll keep you posted on that story. meantime, this fire break out inside a body shop in southwest miami-dade just this morning. miami-dade fire rescue crews rking that scene. it was southwest 128th street
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so far no word what caused this fire or if anyone was hurt. >> calvin: another chilly morning across south florida today. our cameras caught people bundled up against if weather this morning in downtown miami. temperatures dipped into the50s. and betty says it's going to be another chilly night,but not as cold. >> laurie: betty, did we actually set a record last night? >> betty: we did not set records but it has not been this cold, laurie, since february last year, february 20th when we fell to 42 degrees. 52, that was how cold it got this morning. 51 in peroke pines. what a recovery this afternoon, though, making it into the lower 70s in a lot of spots. miami has now slipped to 69. hialeah still hanging onto 70 degrees. sunshine and an east-northeast wind making all the difference but we do h he more temperature swings in this forecast. we're going to warm up as our next cold front approaches. that front brings our rain chance up on friday, and then look at the temperature forecast. this is for our lows this weekend. by sunday morning back down to
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there, too. so more chilly weather in forecast. enjoy the am wop for now. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot. speaking of being cold, you might say this is chillg video from a dairy queen in texas after a fire truck slams right into the popular ice cream shop and two people are now revering from their injuries. authorities staih the driver lost control before plowing into this dairy queen in farmersville which is near dallas. the driver of the truck and the employee working the drdre-through window were both taken to the hospital but their juniors are non-life-threatening. >> laurie: a professor at kent state university in ohio is being investigated by the fbi for potential ties to isis. associate professor julio peano teaches latin-american and third world history. the fbi investigation was discovered by the editor of a student newspaper who was interviewed by agents as part of theiei investigation. peano, a cuban native and converto islam, has not been charged with a crime. he denies anyies to isis and kent state officials say the university is cooperating with the investigation.
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attack on aa spak tanney school threat of 20 people dead. pakistani police say gunmen stormed back a khan university today and several explosions were heard in the area.a many of the injured were tonight at hospital for treatment. the uversity is named after the founder of an anti-taliban political party. >> laurie: the coast guard has suspended the search in hawaii are f f 12 marines who have been missing since two helicopters crashed last week off the coast of oahu. the search began late thursday what i civilian on a hawaiian beach reported seeing the helicopters flying and then a fireball. all fore life raftshat were aboard the helicopters, they were later found empty. >> calvin: now to vote 2016 and donald trump holding a commanding lead in t t race for florida. that's according to a new poll. the florida atlantic university poll finding 48% favor trump while 16% support senator ted cruz. south florida that are marco rubio gets 11%, and former florida governor jeb bush getting 10%. on the democratic it's hillary
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over sanders with 62% for clinton and 27% for senator bernie sanders. >> laurie: a health alert about a mexico borne virus that has now spread to south florida. the -- a mokes borne virus. >> calvin: pregnant women being warn to avoid standing water and be sure to cover up whe they're outside. local10's shia shyann malone spoke with a doctor. >> shyann: so far there have beenthree confirmed cases of the zika virus. doctors tell me 80% of the people who do contract the virus don't even know they have it. it's called zika. the virus is transmitted through mosquitoes.. some of the symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain. expectant mothers, the virus has& been linked to birthy defects in brazil. >> many newborns in brazil had micro encephaly, meaning they were born with a s sll head.
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spreading through south america. although there have not been any outbreaks in south florida, three confirmed cases made it to the sunshine state. >> the local cases in florida, would peer in dade county from two individuals hat were coming from colombia, colombia has a lot off cases in the north of the country, and then in anonoer is was coming from venezezla. the center for diseases prevention issued travel walkers for those traveling to south america. >> t warnings for pregnant women, no traveling to these countries because there is a high-risk of transmitting the infection to newborns and newborns is going to have a lot of problems. shyann: doctors here at the miller school of medicine say they will continue to study the steeka virus as the cdc releases new information, we'll get ito you. reporting in miami-dade, shyann malone, local10 news. >> calvin: there is no specific treatment for the zika virus. if a pregnant woman is infected, an ultrasound every three to four weeks is recommended to
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>> laurie: right now eight minutes after 5:00 so let's get a quick check on the wednesday afternoon rush. jenn jenn right hereor you. >> jenise: jenn jenn jinx this is the palmetto expressway expressway heading south. check this out. there's a broken down car off to the shoulder causing quite aback-up as we zoom on in. again this is the palmetto x-ray heading south at northwest 127th street. the broken down of top car to blame for the slow speeds at 28-mile-per-hour. we've got an don't dolphin expressway as you are heading east approaching i-95. speeds there are clocking in at 18 m mes per hour. cruising on up to broward, we do have an accident on i-95 northbound. this is right around sheridan street. now, the on-ramp to sridan street -- to i-95 northbound is closed, and that's causing a bit of a backup as you pass that crash with speeds there at 32 miles per hour. calvin. >> laurie: genes, i will take it. thank you.
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about grisly scene in central florida where police say they were forced to shoot and kill a group of dogs that mauled five people inside an apartment in north orlando. police got a call on tuesday afternoon reporting a woman screaming for help. the police found five pit bus attacking a woman. a fifth d was taken by animal control officers. two women, a manbnd a boy were taken toy a local hospital for treatment. police are investigating. >> calvin: wore now hearing from oscar winning argument jaime foxx will about saving a man from a burning pickup truck after a crash outside his home in los angeles. police say the villareal was driving drunk when he wrecked on monday night. 32-year-old brett kyle suffered head, chest and neck injuries and officers say he swerved off the road and hit a drainage ditch causing his truck to flip several times before bursting into flames. this is the actual video of that burning truck. foxx says an off-duty paramedic
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and used a rescue tool to break a window and hem him pull the dreyer to safety. >> i think we all hope we can do something when the time is there. the question is do we. do we or fear our on lives and he did not. >> i said, let me help you get out because i don't want to have to leave. you i said you got angels around you. >> calvin: one more reason to love jaime foxx. the pickup driver is expected to survive his injuries. he is charged with driving under the influence and also in addition to that story, a footnote, some other car saw that depart ditch, kept on going. it was jaime foxx who came out. >> laurie: and the condition of that car. it's amazing he was able to save that man. a neighborhood in shock in homestead after a gruesome discovery was made in one home. a baby found in a freezer. what was learned about the infant's mother all new at at 6:00. >> calvin: and are those car repair bills piling up? nowl a way to get your car fixed for free thanks to hidden warranties. local10's consumer reporter christina vazquez explains how they work coming up in today's
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>> laurie: a the governor of mitch is apologize tock residents of flit for the ongoing water crisis, but some are still calling for rick snyder's resignation or even arrest. janine is in the newsroom with the latest fallout on there this.
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promising to reveal emails that could shed light on the state's response to the water crisis, but his apology is doing little to calm the community. >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. >> janine: michigan governor rick snyder is apologizing to the residents of flint but it seems not everye is ready to accept it. these protestors outside the state capital demanding snyder step down or even be arrested. >> we're silent. they were staring at a public health emergency, and they sat on it. >> janine: lawyers representing familili from flint have now filed three class action lawsuits, arguing state and city officials should have acted sooner. corning to recently released emails, officials in an attempt to s se money apparently waited nearly five months to warn the public of the toxic levels of lead when they changed the city's water source. >> they haven't had our water
5:16 pm
>> it should have never got to this point. we're surrounded by the great lakes, the world ace great-fresh water supply. >> i'm increasing the support >> janine: during his state of the state address, in addition to more aid the governor pledged greater transparency. president obama and white house officials lobing for more help. >> i'm really glad to be here because you know we're going to get more resources to continue to move flint forward and get us clean, quality water. >> janine: and just this afternoon the golfer is asking president obama to reconsider the denial of his request for a federal disaster declaration in flint. calvin, laurie. >> laurie: whaan unfortunate situation. thank you. >> calvin: let's to go our betty davis now and talk about what everyone was talking about this morning, the chill in the air. >> laurie: and then the gorgeous weather. betty, it just warmed up so fast. it was actually pretty hot out there. >etty: what a day.
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deal that should say 52. fort lauderdale 52, and key west in the upper 50s. below average for this time of the year. normally we would start in miami around 60 degrees and then rise to about 76. at least we did make it into the lower 70s this afternoon. so nice little rebound, currently we are in the upper 60s if you're stepping out tonight, you probably want to take a sweater or wear longer sleeves but we're not going to be nearly as chilly as we were last night. the forecast for the rest of the evening dry, not as cool, 65 for miami by about 9:00 tonight. winds from the northeast helping us out today, helping to draw some milder air in, and also that sunshine, sunshine was in decent abundance this afternoon. we're getting our winds flowing in from the northeast around an area of high pressure shape of the carolina coast. at opening the door for some moisture to streak into the carolinas, and it looks like it's showing up in the wintery form in parts of north carolina and the mid-atlantic, and then back to the west we are looking
5:18 pm
going to roll off the front range, and this bun is going to make a run at the mid-atlantic and northeast this weekend. you probably have been hearing the news headlines about the big snowstorm in the making this weekend for the northeast. and we'll be tracking that. the cold front associated with it will run in our direction by friday, bringing us some rain, but until then thursday should be a decent day around here. we are looking at some warmer temperatures with our winds flowing in from the east. by friday more of a southeasterly flow. also the possibility for rain as that front approaches. once we push that front through, we'll start to d d out and cool down for the weekend. tomorrow, though, we're going to start the day around 59 degrees in miami, our highs climb to about 75, clouds mixed with the sunshine. it becomes breezy later in the day. the rain chance low. but the rain chance going up friday as that front gets closer. behind the front on saturday our
5:19 pm
afternoon high near 70, and then saturday night we are back in the fur and the leather or whatever we need to keep warm because we're taking the temperatures down t about 50 in miami, so definitely a chill in the air as that northwest wd takes over once again. calvin. >> calvin: round 23 coming up. >> laurie: here we go. >> calvin: still to come tonight, a rescued cat getting a second chance after lifesaving surgery. clubby was found with severely deformed hind legs. we'll show you how he is getting around now. >> laurie: a deadly crash on the julia tuttle causeway after two drivers got out o their cars and were struck by another driver college of good evening. i'm clay ferrero. just what's gone wrong for the
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>> clay: the miami heat living out of suitcases once again. the heat starting another long ad trip tonight in washington, and it hasn't been pretty. they've lost five e t of their last six games. now, some of their issues are fixable but the biggest one of all may not be. >> i mean, we're just not playingur solid basketball. >> clay: what's ailing the heat? how has this team lost five ofits last six including a home loss to the bucs who are the worst team in the central division? one easy answer is they're beaten up. they're missing their starting and backup point guards which means dwyane wade and tyler johnson are having to fill in at aosition that neither is comfortable playing. >> tyler is doing the best he can. he's not a typical point guard, so it makes it a lot tougher on him, tougher on us because we need me to be automobile to score, we need me to be able to attack at the right times. >> clay: lots of else too have injuries. chris bosh points out that the team needs too deal with adversity a little better. >> i guess we havee to obviously
5:23 pm
becausee're a butt weak in that area. >> clay: but the main ipsue may be bigger than injuries or overall toughness.( to it. bluntly this team can't shoot. the team tied for 25th in 3-point shooting. by comparison the two best teams in the league, the warriors and the spursrs also also one and two in 3-point shoototg percentages. what's more alarming, the heat are missing wide open shots, for example, they made only seven out of 30 uncontested shots during last night's loss to the bucs. >> you can tell when it's an open shot where there's a rhythm to it, you know, we missed some of those, and you build on that. that off-sets frustration, offensive possessions where we took some quick shots. >> clay: execution can improve. the team should get healthier andhey may get tougher. but in a league that's evolved to the point where the best teams are also the best shooting teams, that's something that
5:24 pm
able to fix. now, tonight's game is the first of five games in a row on the road, and it will be interesting to see if the heat try nike a move for a shooter before next month's trade deadline, laurie and calvin. >> calvin: looks like they need one, and those injuries are really hurting this team. >> laurie: let's hope for the best. clay, thank you. we have an update eye dramatic attempted carjaing that was caught on camera. >> calvin: janine and victor back in the news loom. >> janine: a lot of people. talking about this one. that victim was pumping gas when the would-be thieves try to steal her ride with her kids inside. mom didn't hesitate when it came to protecting herr little ones. >> victor: and local10 christina vazquez has a car repair secret for you. you might be able to get that fix you've been needing for free. >> janine: and all new at 6:00 we are hearing from shocked neighbors after a baby is found dead in a freezer in homestead.
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>> victor: right now 5:30, two people arrested in an attempted carjacking that was all caught on camera, faced a judge today. they allegedly tried to steal a car from a mom who was pumping gas with her children in the back seat. >> janine: once she saw one of them getting into her car she runs over and drags him out. local10's liane morejon is live on w. more on what happened in court today. >> liane: janine and victor, this crime all happened at this tom thumb gas station right off okeechobee road in hialeah as the victims were trying to pump gas here at the pump. right now three people who were arrested, they are facing the music for what they allegedly did, including two of them who told everything to police. two alleged carcinogens appear before a judge. carjackers. un why-year-old rebeing beck ask you 19-year-old nicholas are face can charges in connection with this crime caught on camera. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, sir. you were arrested for an
5:27 pm
fleeing and eluding, teamed carjacking while armed and another case of attempted carjacking. >> liane: the two and 17-year-old juan carlos gonzalez were arrested on monday. hialeah police say the trio tried to carjack two women at gunpoint. video allegedly shows gonzalez and rose ado trying to carriage woman just out of camera view. when she lock herself inside the car, the two then approach a mother in this red convertible with her two young children inside. the gunman sits in the driver's seat but the victim bravely pulled hip out of car with her bare hands. the two allegedly got away in a waiting car but didn't get very far. cops caught the group in less than five minutes after they crashed the car. all three of them were brought in for questioning and later arrested. >> there's probable cause for the charge of fleeing and eluding a police officer. the bond in that case is ,000. the other two cases, there is
5:28 pm
armed carjacking, and the bond in each of those cases is $10,000 each. the bond is $10,000. >> liane: you heard it there. the bond amounts for each of those two adult defendants. the one who is 17 years old, gonzalez, the a hearing was rescheduled for tomorrow. we are live in hialeah, liane morejon, local10 news. >> victor: letters at 5:30 a woman is david tragic crash in miami beach. fhp says this woman got into an accint wi a porsche early this morning on the julia tuttle causeway near alton road. the woman got of her car along with a male passenger who was inside that porsche just to mauk sure that everyone was okay. that's when troopers say an suv suv slammed intop them, and the driver of the suv did stay on the scene. >> i work as a volunteer at the va, and, yes, i was on my way to the va. i'm sort of a okay. i don't want to think about it anymore. thanks anyway. >> whenever you're involved in a crash and you are blocking
5:29 pm
vehicles out of the road if you can safely do so and to get a safer place to avoid these secondaryollisions. >> victor: the woman was pronounced dead on the scene while the man was taken to the hospitit but he is expected to be okay. the porsche driver was also treated for none of logue injuries. >> janine: we have a developing story from north lauderdale where a brower sheriff's office made an arrest in a shocking ca caught on camera. >> calvin: it was shocking. this happened at a church five days before chrisisas, and the surveillance cameras captured it all. let's take a look here. the victim was praying at our lady queen of heaven church in north lauderdale. you see a man sneak up behind her, grab herr purse sitting on a chair beside her, and then she tries to go after him. sh noticed at the very last minute but once again after chasing after him shead no luck trying to track him down, but deputies caught up with that suspect lame month later when he was arrested for dui last friday. 30-year-old jonathan sumps was also charged with grand theft for the purse snatching and --
5:30 pm
detectives sumps was at the baptism. `now he has a couple of court dates coming up for his, you night might say, judgment day. victor. >> victor: twoers brother behind bars today facing several which, including organized fraud and possession of marijuana andnd cocaine. jose tore says on the left and his brother oscar is on the right. they are accused of using a stolen credit card credit card to buy high end apple products at a best by in doral charging $7,000. the two are accused of selling large amounts of narcotic and are also face can identity theft charges. caught on camera this man is accused of attacking`gnother man for his gold chain. jaime who was visiting from venezuela was robbed outside a gym on best flaglertreet in miami in november. he was hit from behind and poked in the eyes when he turned around. now investigators looking for the man in these pictures. a repeat robber wanted by police after they say he's committed four armed robberies in north miami.
5:31 pm
on surveillance footagege the latest committed monday notice at kraft on east 128th street. local10's michael seiden wiwi have more on the search for the suspect at 6:00. >> janine: now tie hoch e. horrific crime a man was arrested in west palm beach after he decapitated a dog that he claimid, quote, looked at him weird. 28-year-old javier or orelly. a dead duck was also found next to the dog. they also y the that orelly was stress scouted claimed he need today sacrifice animals to cleanses himself. >> victor: in today's call christina report, car repairs can be costly. even a small fix can add up. >> janine: but have you ever heard of a hidden warranty? christina vazququ has more. >> christina: we wanteddo see if you know about behind warn us the. >> i don't know anything about behind warranties. >> christina: hits it's a term
5:32 pm
service bulletins or tsb fitzpatrick all themakers use them tow let meme know about a widespread defect that may not rise to level recall but let's say a part that fails prematurely or doesn't operatewe had a nice young lady who had a hundai. >> reporter: dennis of world auto found the manufacturer would pay. >> for the sensor to pay for thehe fix, it was free of charge. >> christina: saving his customer close to $1,000. >> oh, okay. good to know.w. >> if i can save money, you know, that's the thick. >> christina: the national transportataon safety board poses of free summaries of service bulletins from minor problems look a faultyir conditioner or leaky sunroof to affects that could turn out to be a bigger safety issue, for instance with general motors. before recalled of millions of its cars due to an ignition switch defect listening today hundreds of@ injuries and several gerth deaths, it issued a bulletin about the problem to
5:33 pm
>> i cannot tell you why it took so long for a state of defect to be announced for this program. >> christina: this is why consumer advocates say federal regulatoto should be doing more to get the word out about these bulletins calling them a regulatory gray area. some believe automakers should notify you directly about a problem. >> have you ever heard of hipped warranty? >> >> christina: that's why we are herere letting you know about these so-called hidden warranties or technical service bulletins and where to find them it. could save you big money on your next car repair or catch a potential safety issue. >> is definitely a good piece of information. >> christina: when i checked my car r these so-called hidden warranties i found more than a dozen service bulletins. i'm definitely printing them out for my next service checkup. you can do the same by heading to the "ll christina" page of you just need to enter the make, model and year and homohopefully you, too, can save some money. >> victor: good advice. rightow it's time fours to
5:34 pm
afternoon rush with engines traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: right at atlantic boulevard you can see the cars i starting to hit they are brakes. it is definitely there. as we zoom on in to our maps take a closer look hat those delays, again i-95 southbound right around atlantic boulevard with speeds there at 19 miles per hour. cruising o oo dade county gustavo two accidents on i-95. the first is as you're heading north. that accident in the express laness you're approaching the golden glades. y speeds at 32 miles per hour. and another accident on i-95 northbound, this is right as you're approaching the airport expressway. it looks like you're seeing real heavy delays as you pass that accident with speeds at 13 miles per hour. janine.. >> janine: thank you. rescuers have suspended their search for aissing ski instructor in california. carson may was last seen skiing in whiteout conditions at the sugar bowl resort on thursday. hundreds of rescuers have
5:35 pm
the missing 23-year-old using rescue dogs and three helicopter crews. the sheriff's office said it will resume the search h it gets new information. also in california take a look at this rocksksde that forced the closure of highway 41 south yosemite lakes park. heavavrain listen all of those huge boulders which closed the highway for a ten-mile stretch in both direction. no vehicles were hit, and even though crews cleared the rockslide yesterday, you better believe that they kept highway 41 shut down because that hill pt sliding. geologists are respecting that hillside today. >> victor: the oldest christian mon stare necessity iraq has been destroyed by the islamic stste as part of its campaign against ancient cultural sites. for 1400 years as it elijas monastery survived assaults by nature and man, recently serving as a place of worship for u.s. troops. the greek letters kai representing the first two letters of ayes a name were carved near the entrance but
5:36 pm
worst fears of church authorities and preservationists. the monastery was completely wiped out. and sciences shuai they have discovered a possible new planet inside of our la sallll system. they estimate it's ten times the size of earth and extremely far away taking 10,000 to 20,000 years to circle the sun. astronomers say there is evidence that sosothing is out there and they hope to find the new planet within five years. >> janine: still ahead, a suicidal woman is stotoed from jumping off the seven mile bridge and she told police a shocking sorry. they found a baby dead in a freezer in her home. we have reaction from neighbors coming up at 6:00. >> victor: febary is around the corner. it's a time to reflect oh black history. but one college in oregon is stirring up -- >> janine: and a resident acdental catches his clothe os fire while standing next on a heat are. coming up, we're hearing about other folks race can to escape
5:37 pm
>> victor: first as we head to break a live picture from our mount sinai medical center in miami beach. still kind of cool. ets l. betty davis will be back
5:38 pm
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>> victor: now to this fiery scene at a board be house in memphis where bun o tenants accidental caught fire trying to stay warm. she was standing too close to a heat are when his clothes suddenly combusted. the firefighters strgled to make sure everyone got out of this south memphis boarding house. >> i seen the smoke. my girl seen the smoke and she said somebody is on fire. i grabbed my kids. my little sonnd come outf there infrastructure moran beaned son only three weeks old. he shielded the baby from the smoke as he and the others tried to get to safety and help a 65-year-old man whose clothes caught fire while sandy ever standing geck to a wall heat are. >> he was standing too close, trying to get warm and caught his clothe on fire. >> he had to be because the kids wasn't on geyer. he had to be on fire. he needed watered saul i heard him aying. >> victor: the elderly man tried to take off his burning shirt and the flames spread to the drapes and then the roof of the boarding house.
5:41 pm
long? i seen the fire truck. she said they've been out here for a couple of hours. >> victor: neighbors worried a firefighters worked for several hours but the flames kept coming. crews say the bitterly cold made this difficult. >> the equipment does freeze up when it gets water on it. the same as the heat does in the summertime, the cold has the same effect on firefighters because we had to rotate guys in and out. >> victor: the victim was taken to a local hospital where he's in critical condition, also being treated for first and second degree burns. the other seven people living in at board can home are being helped by the red cross helping them f fd other places to stay. >> janine: an ohio man was arrested for allegedly trying to save his dog from being euthanized. police say he replaced his dog with a lookalike. jason dotton's pit bull had been court ordered to putut down after it attacked and h'm killed a service dog. instead they say he adopted a dog thaha looked just like his
5:42 pm
down instead. sp ca wowoers noticed that. >> it's one thing for you, mr. dotson, to ignore a court order. it's quite another thing to try to perpetrtre a fraud on this court. in my ten years as a judgege i can't recall a more cold and heartless act. >> janine: dot zopf was stones 28 days in jail. the dog that he tried to have euthanized is now getting a second chants adoption this week. now tie shocking story from the tampa bay area where a man was caught on camera stealing a helpless little puppy from a pet store so police say he couldtrade it for crack and cash. it happened in largo near clearwater. you can see the thief steal a nine week ole york pup and stuff it down his shirt. the police caught the suspect but that little puppy nowhere to be found. the owner of the pet shop is offering a $1,000 reward for the puppy's safe return. >> victor: let's bring in chief meteorologist betty davis. i'm not saying i play hooky but if i were today, it would have
5:43 pm
>> janine:ou know how they call in sick? i almost called in well. it felt too nice. >> betty: preeti. i saw lots of that in south florida today. teigh looking at hollywood beach. i think some people did make it a beach day even though they are still in the longer sleeves, it feels a lot better out there today over where we were certainly this morning. upper 60s currently temperatures, winds from the east some of-vortheast 10 miles an hour. that easterly component, as i've been saying, making the difference, helping to pull milder aur in here, had a nice dose of sunshine, too, for teaching if you are going to be out on the town you may want toy light sweater by0:00 tonight, 65 if you're strolling miami beach. the clouds urge, no rainfall out there for us but a few clouds but not enough to block that sunshine. it was just so very lush outthere today. let me showou the two weather steams we're watching. there's one bringing snowshowers into portions of the mid-atlantic, and off to the
5:44 pm
brewing, and this is one we're going to be talking about over the next 24 to 48 hours as it gets its act together because it's going to be a big snow maker for pts of the mid-atlantic. there's a blizzard watch in effector washington, dc, if you have travel plans here this weekend make sure you're keeping aware of changes in weather about there's also going to be more snow coming into areas of tennessee, into to ohio valle as well where winter storm watches are in effect. so this forecast model shows that low pressure system developing, spreading moisture, moisture running into cold air, and look at the accumulations it is spitting out. how about just over two feet of snow now for washington, dc, philly about a foot of snow. now implicating new york city with about 5 inches of snowfall. just know that this is going to be happening if you have travel plans to head in that direction over the next couple days.if you're staying here and making tomorrow a beach day, water temperature at 68 degrees.
5:45 pm
rip current risk is moderate. no advisories on the waters if you're taking the boats out tomorrow, an east-northeast wind 10 to 15 off miami-dade and broward. moderate choon the bays and seas running two to three feet. tomorrow morning we're going to start in the upper 50s, forecasting 59 for miami. there may be some select spots inland that get down to the midst 50sut nothing like this morning anticipated. and then our highs climb toward the mid-70s. so we're getting warmer and warmer as the next cold front approaches. that front bringsain in here`on friday, and then more cool air in for the@ w wkend and drops tower temperatures. sunday morning could become the coldest of the season so far. look at what we're forecasting. 50 to start the day, a northwest breeze, a lot of bite in the air. victor. >> victor: we turn now to a disturbing story from new york where a doctors was arrested and accused of drunk and sexually assaulting his patients. dr. david newman work at mount sinai hospital as the director of clinical research. two of thinks patients claim
5:46 pm
one of the women says she came in for shoulder pain, was given a morphine injection by a nurse and then a second shot by dr. newman. she claims he pleasured herself in front of her while she was incapacitated, and a second woman claims newman groped her while examining her for a cold. >> janine: february is black history month but one college in oregon is introducing another cultural heritage month in april and it's raising some eyebrows. you see, pateo community college said whiteness history month is a response to student concerns about diverse pi among faculty and staff. kirk simmons is the dean of instruction at pcc and he says thedea behind whiteness history month was to get people talking. >> i think we need to clarify. the upper of whiteness history month project. you know, it's an invitation to a dialogue about whiteness, the construction of whiteness exexicable socially. >> i think in this point in time a lot of people don't want to talk about it because it's ugly but it's necessary, it's happening. we're in a city right now that
5:47 pm
it's something that needs to be talked about and exactly needs to be acknowledged. >> janine: the college is currently confirming speakers and working out the dates of special events for its whiteness history month. >> victor: there are hundreds of animals in need of loving homes right here in south florida, and today our animal advocate jacey birch has some kitt is who would really like to culp up with with you. >> somebody likes. i hear the purring. oh, somebody over there is talking 1 too. hi, guys. i'm jasey birch. we're here in cat room abandoned pet rescue. chelsea, we're popular because the cats are flocking to us. i think they know, they know we're trying to get them forever homes, don't they? >> absolutely. we are actually celebrating our 20-year anniversary. we are one of the largest non-kill shelters in broward county. so needless to say, a lot of them are looking for forever homes. >> alice is a teenager so she's talking to me. she's saying week come on, bet nehemiah home but it's important to remember older cats air little bit easier to care for. >> absolutely.
5:48 pm
see they just want to lay on your lap and lnge around your house. >> here's another one. they're just all over the place. and they want to go home with you. so guess what? to go you'll see the list of every single cat with apr right now. look, this is nice but i have to go. no, i can't go? just keep doing this? all right. i'll stay here. check out all the cats and the abandon pet rescue. apparently i'm going to be here with them. >> janine: we have light more news ahead at 6:00. here are some of the top stories. a neighborhood in shock in homestead after@ a gruesome discovery was made made in a noem. a bab found dead in a freezer. >> victor: and a little kitty feasting an enormous challenge has a second chance at life js
5:49 pm
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>> janine: meeting this week on miami beach as part of their newschannel ken. >> victor: today we're hacker from a reality star who has big plans foror016. >> jenise: it's day two at nappy. the resorts are full of tv executives looking to vest invest in nexexbig tv series. whileehe market place is whereexecs can shop and view television programs from around the world, in a more intimate seconds people were able to rub shoulders with someamiliar faces. >> we're all crazy. >> right, exactly. we just get a check for it. >> jenise: a egypt session by
5:52 pm
seem like they have anything in problem but, though, both highlight their names in day-to-day f fily life on tv. they talk about the change can rattles of television. >> it is a business. it's a family. we have our ups and downs, anan now everyone is seeing it, so that's just one more added amount of pressure. yes chris li one of the more recognizable face can speak can wednesday but there were also many people behihi the scenes of some big name shows offering vice to people trying to break into this industry. >> i think this is as truen film as in television but i know it to be fru in television. craft is incredibly important.look at it as not just an expression but a craft, and really, really study and learn the craft. >> jenise: chrisley is planning to step into the music industry but you'll seeim keeping his amy family in line onn "chrisley knows best." >> i certainly hope that in 2016
5:53 pm
to see a plethora of those kind of shows coming up. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: peep really love those reality they look being in everybody's business. >> victor: they do. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back. >> calvin: gruesome and sad. a baby allegedly leaving her by in a freezer and then calling 911 from the seven mile bridge. >> laurie: a masked bandit striking the third time in the same city. >> calvin: and bundle for bed tonight. your weather authority knows how cold it's going to get. >> laurie: an alleged peeping tom in court so his alleged victims getty to see him face to face. >> calvin: and d.j. callum surprised kids a school today. >> laurie: and pet surgery like you've never seen before. this cat's very unusual condition. the news at 6:00 starts right now. sacred.
5:54 pm
what led to the death of a baby boy found stuffed in a freezer at a home in homestead. the baby's mother has not been charged but she was discovered effin 7-mile bridge threatening to commit suicide. >> laurie: lorne neki mohan joins us live now from -- local10 news reporter neki mohan joins us live. >> neki: that woman is being evaluated in the psyc ward the at jackson memorial hospital. homestead sheriff's office just emailed out a police report ten pages that detailed howhey found this woman on the side of the bridge, and in her car rat poison and a suicide note. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> neki: the desperate call for pa orcsla villaraigosa ortiz came as she stood on marathon
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