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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hit-and-run crash. your news at 4:00 starts right now realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company ,. >> laurie: rightly off the tonight 4:00 a police officer just released from the hospital after he was ambushed and shot in miami gardens. thth officers was just sitting in his patrol car when he was shot. and the accused gunman remains in jail. local10 news reporter hatztz vela is live in miami gardens with how that officer doing today. >> hatzel: calvin, rlly the moment this community has been waiting for, to see this officer come out of the hospital looking well. >> how do you feel, officer? was there as officer david starling leaves aventura hospital, still in a wheelchair and with heavy escort. starling didn' say anything. on friday the eight-year veterann was shot in the back side, ambushed, police say, wle sitting in his cruiser on the corner of northwest 1 injured street and 7th avenue. police say the gunman 24-year-old david mejia took off
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officers chased right behind. >> we're calling now mr. david andres mejia. >> meterologist: medical in court on saturday in what t rns into a bizarre back-and-forth after the judge decides heas to stay in jail. >> first,hese are non-bondable offenses. >> we're going to argue there's no probable cause. >> how does a kid who shot a church get a bond? i'm prange my second amendment. my life was in changer danger by crooked cops hedge cameras wawted for the injured officer to come out and say something. while newsp photographers waited at the back of the hospital where miami police gathered,starling was brought out at the front entrance while our cameras were waiting. and mejia we understand, is still in jail, charged now with several counts of attempted murder. reportinglive from miami gardens, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: a false alarm after reports of shots fired at a naval medical center in san diego. swat teams arrived minutes after
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discover they responded to a false alarm. emergency vehicles sped totohe scene expecting the worst today. naval center even went into lockdown mode as a precaution after a person reported hearing three shots in a basement of one of the bilked. self people were forced out of the medical center due to the scare but authorities say they found no sign of a gunman or shooting of any kind. >> laurie: a fiery investigation is indians way after a he caught fire not too long ago. take a look at the hole in the roof. fire crews respond neaped were able to put out thelaims along southwest 134th avenue and 66th street. right now still not chair what started this fire or if anyone was hurt. >> calvin: and right now a traffic alert to tell you about. several wrecks were tying up traffic this afternoon but how are the roads looking right now? >> laurie: you can't blame the weather. let's economic in with gyns gyns fernandez. >> jenisis this is the dolphin
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this was a truck that caught fire and ended up causing oil spill so all lanes were blocked. this is the dolphin expressway heading east right aund northwest 72nd after so all lanes were tied you the bop it reopened at around 3:00 this afternoon. a rollover crash that was also back p up traffic. this was on 163rd eastbound and 28th avenue. now a person was injured in this rollover accident.that person was treated on scene. and yet a third accident that cause i had a backup. this was i-95 northbound and sterling road. these place draws started at pembroke road causing a backup and check out the damage t tre. y a really busy day for our roadways, and nowe still have got a couple of accidents to talk about that are going onright now. let's start with the palmetto expressway. this is southbound right around northwest 58th street with speeds there clocking in at 34 miles per hour. zooming on how the we are seeing
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us-27 and it looks like those delays are going stoned for wt looks like to be one mile. and another crash to talk abououness i-95 northbound this accident express lanes around northwest 103rd street. there is a left lane blocked with speeds at 28 miles per hour. is and as we cruise on up to broward county, we do have one accident to talk about. this is on i-95 northbound. just as you're approaching commercial boulevard with speeds here clocking in at 29 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: traffic mess. thank you. the search continues for had a man claiming to be armed during an attempted robbery in coral gables over theeekend and it was all caught on camera. police say a man walked into the seven eleven at souwest 8th street and pons de leon boulevard, hand aid note to the clerer saying he was earned with a pistol and demanding money. moments ter the man walked out empty handed. he was seen wearing this gray hooded jacket, sunglasses. if you have any information call coral gables police.
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president. met at the vatican today. this was the first meeting between a pontiff and an iranian head of state since 1999. during visit gifts were exchanged, and reportedly at the end of the 40 minute meeting the he asked the pope to pray for him. >> calvin: these were photos taken this morning. last year royal caribbebn had to turn their ships away from& docking at the private outpost at the northern coast of haiti. protestors were flocked the ship. this video was posted on facebook here, and i shows the freedom of the seas surrounded by groups of protesters and small boats at the port. the captain refused to fett let passengers off the ship. and tension constants continue cans in haiti amid this complicated presidential election that's been deleled. local10 was the one and only station there for the protests after the runoff was postponed.
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is need 80 a way forward between president michelle martially to& wants to transfer power to ab elected president in two weeks, and his opposition who wants a transitional team instead. >> laurie: a milestone for donald trump in a race to gop presidtial nomination. trump has topped the 40% mark for the first time in cnn orc polling. he stants 41% for support among republicans, and that more than doubles the support of his nearest competitor, texas senatorr ted cruz receiving 19%. senator marco rubio landing at 8%, and there ben carson at 6%. the republicans will debate one more time before monday's caucus in iowa. iowa is the first stated to head to the polls in tonight scent so local10 news reporter glenna milberg will be there for you. her live reports from iowa begin thursd night. >> calvin: and the obama administration is rolling back even more restrictions on travel and frayed in cuba, the latest efforts to normalize relations
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our senior political reporter michael michael has the details. >> michael: this is the latest round of policy changes to make 8 easier for travel and trade with cuba, nothing radadal today, but the president is incrementally making it easier for americans to get to cuba and do business there. rhaps the biggest change announced today deals with how cuba pays for u.s. imports. til now the cubans had to pay cash in advance, but starting tomorrow, except for agriculture product, cuba will be able to finance its purchases through a letter of credit or through third country banking, shipping authorized u.s. product to cuba is going to be much easier. changes were made in air travel as well, allowing for airline code sharing and the opportunity for leasing deals with c can airlines. and one regulation that many people have been waiting for clears the way for more americans to travel to cuba for business, artistic or
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athletic competitions. the u.s. commerce secretary says the new regulations are part of the administration's plan to improve the lives of ordinary everydayubans. but senator marco rubio, miami jumped to changes. they say the real beneficiary here is the castro government. we are in the newsroom, michael >> calvin: changes in cuny thanks. staying with cuba here an earthquake measuring 4.4 on what was reported on the eastern part of the island in santiago decuba at 6:00 this morning and a second quake was reported the in area yesterday as well. the cuban government has tracked more than 30 earthquakes the on island since it began reporting them on, ja 17th. >> laurie: now to sad breaking news. legendary character actor abe vigoda dying at the age of 94 today. vi goad you's daughter said he died in hisleep in her home.
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the series barney miller and. the cause was as it should be, simply old age. abe vigoda passing at the ripe age of 94 years old. >> and we have more breaking news. an adult was killed and at least four children were had the when a school bus crashed outside an school in indianapolis. here are pictures. officials say the bus reportedly jump a curb and hit another car in the parking lot of the school. two ten-year-olds were taken to the hospital in serious condition. we'll have a lot more on this story as soon as we get more information for you. here's a number on the wall street. the dow up 282 points, closing out over the 16,000 mark. the nasdaq up nrly 50 points closing you at 4567. s&p 500 up today 26.5 points at 1903. just below the 2,000 mark. >> laurie: law enforcementes skorting the body of a federal agent who who was killed that hit-and-run crash in miami beach. what we're learning about this crash at 4:30.
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bear caught diggingng through trash outside of a home. now the homeowner is describing the clolo encounter. >> clay: garn good afternoon. i'm clay ferrero. the hurricanesake down the defending champsy and they do it in style. what this means for the program going forward, later in sports. >> betty: heh, everybody. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. south florida feeling the warmth today. temperatures well into the 70s. this warmth coul be setting the stage for rain and a few storms tomorrow.
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>> laurie: right now a rescue at sea. more than a dozen people were saved from aink can yacht off lalared dale by the sea. 13 people were on that yacht when it began to take on water late last night. >> calvin: local10 news reporter denied has t story. >> ben: it looks like the hull of the boat may have hit the ground causing the leak which no one noticed until it was too late.
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the final moments of thihi uriarte above water. the 106-foot yacht takes on water with 16 people onboard. this video was shot of a hereafter that call for help. >> i made a call. we got on scene. >> it was so quick. we saw the water inside the boat. >> ben: gabriel had no time to act. as captain his first thought was getting his passengers and crew ofafe after his luxury yacht serena 3 began to sink. >> first i didn't think the boat was going to sink so i wasn't nervous busisiss we just made sure we got everybody in a line of vest. >> ben: if yacht was on the way to freeport in the bahamas but it quickly began to take on water. the coast guard suspects the vessel may have hit the sea floor. >> there maybe a possible grounding on the way out of port everglades and wasn't noticed until they were further offshore. >> ben: the captain, crew and six passengers got off safe before the yacht went under just before 9:00 monday night. >> very goooo very good. >> ben: and they were able to
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right now as a speak, that yacht is more than 1,000 feet underwater. repoing on miami beach, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> calvin: ben, thanks a lot. the soichi is on for a bank robber in miramar. he robbed a chase bank branch along palm avenue and mir mr. parkway this morning. he was last seen wearing all right. to boynton beach where a different robber got away in this white car. a man entered a gents bank and put a note against the glass of a teller's wiow saying he had a bomb. he was last seen wearing sunglasses, lay techs gloves and a large landscaping hat. if you have information on either of these crimes please call police. let's take you outside right now. it is gorgeous out there. look at this live shot from hollywood beach. folks were on their bikes again, the hats were out tow stop the blinding sun, and we love it. that man is walking with ski poles.
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kind of doing both. >> calvin: if there's any day to play hooky, it is today. you know what i mean? >> laurie: the come on, the three of us thought of it. i had that fleeting moment. didn't you, betty? >> betty: we need to frame this moment right here, take little picture because tomorrow you're going to need this to remind you of how beautiful south florida. oh, yeah, we have some changes to talk about. 78 degrees right now in miami. temperatures so not disappointing today. everyone getting up intthe 70s this afternoon which was a part of our forecast plan, lots of sunshine and winds blowing from in from the east-southeast oh, about 10, 15 miles an hour. here's a look at those numbers. kendall a 76. pompano beach 77 degrees. it appears we're on our way tie decenthevenings. if you have plans to have dinner on the tonight, some clouds around by 8:00. we'll keep that warm breeze going but take note overnight we are expecting some changege and
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now the change may seem a bit dramatic to you. right now scanning the skies over south florida no rain detected as we're scanning the cites on atlantic side, nice a dry, but we do have those winds flowing in from the east-southeast at the surface, southwesterly flow aloft, and already the next frontal system impact gulf coast, we're noting that rainfall in a portion of louisiana. so all these things combined will help to increase the moisture at all levels of the atmosphere, and ultimately destabilize the atmosphere tomorrow, so that means it's going to turn wet and possibly a bit on the stormy side, too. not jt wednesday we're talking dear weather but gloomy weather also in the forecast for wednesdaso there will be more rain across south florida. now, the threshold for severe weather, marginal risk for severe weather. that means the threat is not extremely high but uterus note nonexistent, either. so w wll be watching for lightning, wind gusts that maybe cause some damage, the potential
4:17 pm
notice all these particular points are flow but they cannot be rulul out, including tornadoes. so make sure you're up with julie durda in the morning. the weather could be enact morning, and then i'll be here for the afternoon. we'll see high temperatures tomorrow depending on how much it rains, gettingng up to about 77 degrees. rain a few storms in the forecast for tomorrow. more rain on thursday. and finally on friday we'll start to dry out and cool down. by saturday morning lows in the 50s. laurie. >> laurie: betty, thank you. people are still trying to get back to their normal routines after a massive snowstorm hit over the weekend. in baltimore is no snow-covered streets made equipment possible for fire trucks to reach this house going up in flames. in new york this plow truck was no match for the near record snwwfall. and in washington, dc, schools and the federal government still shut down. bu the subway system, we're told it's close to being if you willy operational and district government employees, they are back at work today. >> calvin: a big bear found
4:18 pm
trash north of orlando. >> laurie: and surveillance camera they captured it all. stricter is in the videotape with one helping ri bear. >> victor: heafter that hung are you bear was seen frying to snag a free meal residents are asking for bear proof trash cans p they say they've have they have tried other measures to keep this animal out. they put two different latches on the lid, even secured to it a metal pole but that wasn't enough it. turns out this bear's also pregnant. >> somebody should do something with keeping them out there in the wilde wildlife before somebody gets hurt. oh, my gosh. i don't want to lose my dogs. >> victor: the homeowner wants wife officials to step up, and they want them to set u u bear feed torres keep bears in the woods instead of their neighborhood. w, that trash can, it's actually right next other bedroom window and the homeowner three times. but a 500-pound pregnant bear, of a chance.
4:19 pm
thanks a lot, victor. you would think this would happen in new york on l.a. but think it happened in austin, texas, two men getting into a fight on interstate 10, one using a baseball bat and another one used rod from the back of their truck. oh, yeah, they began using their weapons to club each other like cavemen and then they sped off. austin police are now investigating this cases an aggravated assault. >> laurie: developing right now, two children have been reported missing and police think they're with a murder suspect. four-year-old edmund gam excesses his 11-year-old you sister lisset were last seen near veroeach p they may be with their father edward who is suspected in to a shooting. if you see any of these people do not approach them. please call police.e. >> calvin: coming up at 4:30 now, new video of the python challenge down in the everglades as these men captured a python. we have the latest on the challenge.
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rig slams into a home and it burst into flames, all while a family was inside. we take a look at the damage. >> clay: once again the heat pick up a win they d dperately needed thanks to playing with one of they are stars,nd former 'canes football coach al& golden could have a new job not in football. we'll tell you where coming upnext. >> coming up on local10 news a federal agent struck bo a hit-and-run driver dies from his injuries. how his fellow officers honored him and what's next for the suspect. you like being picture perfect. you shouou want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a
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and you can get a polaroid cube+
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>> clay: somehow even with all their injuries the heat found a way to beat one the of best teams in the east on their own home floor. now they play one of the worst teams in the conference and try tow avoid taking two steps back. it's dwyane wade's big effort t the windy city that tops our daily sports shot today.
4:23 pm
and won a critical win over. they 28 points, ten rebounds, five assists. the heat winning this one 89. 89-84. if people around the country any doubt about the miami huicanes basketball team they don't any more. duke had just eight the whole game in their ballgame. the 'canes beat the defending champions 80-69 it was a statement game for "the u" ha left mike zhizhi krzyewski to say miami was simply the better team. former fool coach al golden may have a new job was a dallas cowboys assistant coach. the 'canes fired goldman mid-sustain after a hue mill 80 loss to clemson. exot ice, the florida panthers making it oshinsky signing center alexander bar cough tie six-year extension, the 20-year-old getting a
4:24 pm
lock up their young core. the panthers host the mitchell leafs tonight in sunrise. back k the 'canes, the craziest part is thattum wasn't en surprised as theynocked off the champs. we'll break down what this means for the program going forward coming up at 5:00. >> calvin: but they still stormed the court, right, last night? >> clay: it's s big victory. >> calvin: it's duke. tack that, david lang, our producer. >> laurie: sensitive subject in the newsroom. that'll do it for us at4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with victor and janine with what's happening at 4:30. >> janine: here's what's all at the bottom of the the hour. >> victor: will you enforcement escorting a fbi agent who was involved in a hit-and-run shooting. >> janine: a man in police custody cracking jones before a judge. and a big rig crashes with a family inside. those stwries and more coming up
4:25 pm
at 4:30, law enforcement escorting the body of a federal agent who was killed in a hit-and-run crash. that crash happened oh miami beach. >> janine: local10 news reporter derek shore live in miami with our top story at 4:30. >> derek: well, tonight that agent's identity is not being released because federal authorities sayt could compromise current cases they're working on. still a somber scene as that 8's colleagues escorted him here to the medical examiner's office. it's something no officer everr wants to do. today agents with immigration and customs enforment along with help from miami beach policeeu coating the body of one of their own after a violent hit-and-run crash more than a week ago. >> it is a very somber time for us. >> derek: miami police benevolent association president john riverer said the law enforcement community is in mourning. >> for us every time w lose an officer, it's almost as if we've lost a guardian angel of the community. >> derek: it happened back on, ja 15th in miami beach. police say two ice agents were
4:26 pm
dutyhen they hailed a taxi. this is' spoke to the driver police say 21-year-old jordana gonzalez driving a mercedes who hop the curb, mow the agents down and then take off. one of the agents recovered but the other still unidentified died from his jitters jackson memorial hospital. we knocked on the door of that suspected hit-and-run driver out on bond on house arrest. but rosales did not answer. >> yeah, i don't understand a human being running over another human being, andhen just leaving them to die. i just don't understand that. more often than not we wouldn't do to that to an animal or dog whee accidental hit. deference and that agent died on sunday, and still no additional charges for rosales but we do expect that to change. atathis point, as we understand it, she remains on house arrest out on bond. we're live in miami, derek shore, local10 news. >>anine: a man accused of an armed robbery at a mobile gas station in pembroke pines
4:27 pm
police say jesus crespo walked into the gas station alongorth university drive, showed the clerk a handgun, took cash from the register d then took off. police later tracked down crespo and arrested h'm. no one was injured. >> repepter: a fugitive who busted a window open to get out of a cruiser and run away from a cop was in court this afternoon. that man tried the make some ex jo during his crt appearance. >> janine: local10 news reporter erica rakow has what happened. >> reporter: he didn't keep quiet while being walked into jail yesterday and didn't keep quiet here in tort court this morning. his picture has beeee circulating the country since this summer then police in georgia started looking for him. here in miami is where he chose to hide and here is where he'll stay. >> do you like tow take the 15 days or contest and take 90 days? >> i'll take the wave for 200, judge.
4:28 pm
on the world of -- andy ulyssesy's charges are anything but funny. >> you're charged with escape, aggravated fleeing and eluding a police officer after an accident, criminal mischief. >> reporter: he's realizing that now. >> you're also charged with battery on a police officer, grand theft and leaving the scene of a crash. >> reporter: ulysse is in court after running from miami-dade police red. >> why did youun? >> because used to run track in high school. >> reporter: ulysse busted his we have the a miami-dade patrol car on the palmetto expressway and tried to make a run for it. >> you broke the window as well and escape. >> i only broke the rear window. >> reporter: he was trying to ick up for himself but quieted by his public defender. ulysse then accused of stealing this van from a hotel parking lolo he didn't m me it far. mild police were on his tail because he was hiding out here
4:29 pm
someplace i police say he lured victims to hotels using prostitutes can then robbed them. before finally walking into jail in miami yesterday, ulysse sent this message to his mom. >> i'm sorry, mom. >> reporter: this morning judge glazer granted ulysse a $50,000 bond on all of the those charges he racked up yesterday during his great establishment but hehad two warrants out of two different counties in georgia, and on those he's being held on no bond. in miami, erica rakow, local10 news. >> janine: a man who lives on the seminole reservation went before a judge today after allegedl shooting another man in his backyard. israel john is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. police say another man ricky o'dell jumped the with you into a restricted part of the reservation where john lives. this is a picture of that victim, ricky o'dell. it's unclear why o'dell was on the property but police say he was unarmed at thee time. vs we're getting our first look at t deputy who was involved in a bad crash yesterday. rgeant brian miller was
4:30 pm
right now he is in good can't broward health. miller and two others were taken to the hospital aftft's hit a stalled car on i-95 and copans road. others injured in this crash are also in that same hospitalnd in good condition. right now rush hour is about to get underway. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: it's already been a busy day for tower roaoaays. let's start i-95 northbound at oakland park puck see this blink offing lights in distance. that accident has moved off to the shoulder butted we are seeing heavy delays. as we zoom on in this is again i-95 northbound right at oakland park boulevard. the shoulder is blocked but we are seeing the red with speeds theret 15 miles per hour. an accident also on 595 eastbound. this is right around us-1. now, we are getting reports that there are some lanes blocked but we are seeing the green so itt looks like traffic is moving just fine at 68 miles per hour. and as you cruise on down to dade county, we have an accident on i-95 northbound.
4:31 pm
103rd street, and as we clock it looks like ththe speeds are at 24 miles per hour. and another accident on i-95 northbound, this is right around ives dairy road but we are seeing the green so looks like that traffic is not really impacting your commute with speeds there at 71 miles per hour. seeing some delays in the southbound lanes, that's just some stop-and-go track of with speeds at 22 miles per hour. victor, janine. >> janine: we have new video this afternoon of the python challenge in the everglades. >> victor: take a look. these guys in the muddle of captureying a python. let's get to laurie with the details. >> laurie: it is wild. i wanted toll you right off the top, yes, we had to bleep the a few choice words when these guys wereight in the i thick of it better we do want to bring aing why you diet python challenge just florida fish and wildlife said it'seen such a success, hoping more urn hunter get involved 61 pythons captured so far. this is one of those captures, and this is what you would be in for. the python challenge is an
4:32 pm
snakes from south florida's ecosystem. prizes are even given for the most pythons captured. oh, gosh. as well as the longest python captured. theseuys look like they're having too much fun, right? if you dare, if you're up for the challenge, we want throat you know it runs until february 14th. want to let you know it runs until valentine's day. >> janine: ing why, if we did it we might have to be bleeped, too. >> laurie: i could think of better things to do on valentnte's day but if you're up for it, here you go. >> janine: we want to take eo you a health alele. health officials are now take can drastic measures to stop the spread of mosquito-borne zika virus. they say it couldld spread to almost all countries in americas. this virus could cause life-threatening brain damage nun bornabies so right now u.s. officials are urging expectant moms to stay away from countries where there are infections. right now there's no v vcine or
4:33 pm
infection. >>ictor: now to an update eye story we first told you about on monday. malaysian officials confirmed that i piece of metal washed up on a thy beach does not belong to the missing menasha airline flight 3s the crews a trying to determine where it came from. it was found by a local fisherman. flight 370 vand knish 2014 on a flight from liberia to beijingwith 2029 people on board. a woman stealing her neighbor's addition been charged. >> janine: the surveillance video from desi shows kitty rivera taking that dog rex from her front yapped. rivera said he was rescuing the dog from haar living conditions but her neighbor says that is not true. >> she didn't need to have saved. she has a good home here. we love her. she's well taken care of. she didn'ty need to be saved. >> janine: rivera was charged with grandheft on saturday. thousands of starfish washing up on the shoreline of
4:34 pm
this happened over the weekend in the panhandle city not too far from panama city beach. they were all found buy a couple. it's unclear exactly how they got there but the two guess that the change in temperature may have something to do with it. florida fish and wildlife swigs commission say they plan on researching this area. >> victor: a key west man has claimed hess $1 million powerball prices steven fergon was one of 11 na winners to almost hit that $1.5 billion jackpot earlier this month. the place where he received his ticket also received $1,000. there is the happy winner. we're still waiting for the winner of the big jackpot to am could forward. >> janine: texas officials of cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing after the undercover videos w we released. those videos appear to suggest that planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue and
4:35 pm
they were indicted for tampering with governmental records. a fiery crash, a big rig slamming in a home and then bursting into flames all while a family is inside. >> kristi: just ahead in our health cast we have details on a brand newer treatment for parkinson's disease, and it's being studied right here in south florida. >> victor: a dog wandebs to the start of a half marin and ends up completing the race. an instant celebrity from the palm of your hand, you can arm your alarm system, lock your doors, control the temperature of your home, turn on your lights, and get notified of all events. the slomin's shield is world class security. get a free slomin's shield security system professionally installed. call now and smin's will include your choice of an indoor camera, ththmostat or door lock. shield your home, the slomin's shield! how do you stay on top of your health?
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>> janine: three people were bus slammed in a building in rhode island. both the bus and the building sustained significant damage. those three victims were all taken to the hospital, but officials say the victims' injuries were not life-threatening. and a fiery crash in texas when a big rig crashed right into a home. >> calvin: a family was inside
4:38 pm
stay with h latives let's get to panel l he is in production control with this one >> calvin: this is a combination of a driver falling asleep the wheel, a family counting its bless and goes looking to rebuild in the place they called foam who a a decade. a family's home turned to ash. this is all that's left of their house near abilene after this 18 wheeler crashed into itnd then burst into flames. this is my graduation cap. >> calvin: the family sifting through the rubble trying tow pick up what's left. >> i wanted to get my famy out of that house. that's all i wanted. that's all i got was just my family. i didn't get anything else. we didn't save anything. >> calvin: the mitchell county sheriff's office says the driver of the 18 wheeler fell asleep. amazingly, the homeowners have no hard feelings. >> it's justs ab accident. i have no -- an accident. i have no bad feelings toward that man, period. >> calvin: these are pictures that the drivers took of the flames. the mores family has lived in
4:39 pm
years, and even though all lease left is charred wood and old leaving. >> i'm growingo rebuild right here. this is home. i've been here 45 years, something like that. we're going to rebuild right re. >> calvin: a family's faith near tragedy. now, we understand the driver and passenger of that 18 wheeler were treated for minor injuries and were released from the scene. back to you. >> janine:%calvin, thank you. now to ohio where a sheriff is lucky to be alive after a semi-truck nearly runs him over. >> victor: capped brad moore w w directing traffic when. as moore tried to direct that truck around the arm, the train slamd not the semi's trailer sending the truck headed right for moore. somehow he walk away with just stitches and aroken hand. >> it's a miracle. i mean, it really is. it's very -- it makes you think
4:40 pm
it's definitely one of those that foot this way, foot that way, it could have been really bad. fortunate. he's looking forward to get back to work. he hopes to get a doctor's approval to return to light duty next week. >> janine: three dogs and a basket of pup us were saved by firefighters in sacramento. this home they were inaught fire. eight people inside managed to get out. then the crews had to go back inside for the dogs. the home's heat are iss believed to have caused that fire. >> victor: a criminal confirmation out on the couch and gets caught. police saya they busted a would-be burglar who fell asleep a recliner. officials say they tried to steal but drank too much. he had his pockets full of watches, jewelry and change when he was arrested. >> janine: a view from above in philadelphia as s drone captured the aftermath of this weekend's winter wallop, and although the roads have been cleared, snow still covers the roofs of some homes throughout the area. this drone also captured a
4:41 pm
looks like they're really having some fun. >> victor: making the most out of the freing temperatures. seriously, i'm cold just looking at that. >> janine: it is, but to be a dog praying in the snow i think would be pretty nice. let's take a look at outsisi from our miami tower exam this is how we do winter in south florida. >> victor: i'd rather be a dog down here. 78 degrees. it's definitely warmed up. betty, it says that there's going to be more changeses coming, thoughgh >> janine: cha, cha, changes. >> betty: we're talking weather, stormy weather tomorrow so let's saver our moment at the beach. let's go strolling with these people andnjoy what's left of the day. it has been so cruel beautiful out there. lots of sunshine and temperatures warping up. 78 in miami.@ key west 74. pembroke pines 77. remember when temperatures from the 40s? that's like a decendant memory at this point because it's so warm out there this afternoon, really liking this. a hope a lot of you do. clouds around for the evening.
4:42 pm
temperatures generally holding in the 70s this evening. the changes we talk about come as r rht now we see no rain on the radar but are by tomorrow mornrng we will have rain showing up on the radar. we have winds flowing in from the southeast. that's' warm flow drawing in moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere, and the upper levels of the atmosphere, that was we're looking at here, the moisture profile, water vapor imagery, some of that down over mexico, and we're caught in the southwesterly flow aloft so that, too, allowing some moisture to flow through t t mid to upper levels. it will allow for impulses to come through before we even get's cold front pushing in. the bottom line is it spells rain and the potential for strong storms is in the area between wednesday and thursday. so starting tomorrow heavy rain likely a times. damaging wind gusts not out of the question. our severe weather utlook, the potential for severe weather is marginal but we can't even rule out a tornado.
4:43 pm
aware of over the next 24 to 48 hours. make sure you're paying attention to how the weather is changing in your neighborhood starting as soon as tomorrow morning. if you're going to try to make at a beach day, if you can get that in, mind you, there will be some rain around that time. temperatures will try to rise towa the upper 70s, the water temperature around 69 degrees. small craft exercise caution out over the waters. moderate chop could the bays. seas running three to five feet off miami-dade and broward. so the forecast for tomorrow features rain and a few storms around. rain still very possible and likely on thursday as well. nce we force a front through, here. cooler air, too. saturday morning wake-up temps lower 50s. janine. >> janine: we like it, betty. s many as 1 million americans are living with progressive middle east disorder. in fod's health cast medical specialist kristi krueger has details a new treatment option being studied right here in >> kristi: parkinson's is
4:44 pm
meaning the symptoms continue to worsenover everyover the years but despite numerous studies there have been no new approaches to this treatment for decades but that's all changing. aventura neurologist said the standard treatment for parkinson's is using oral doses of dopamine. problem is the medication wears off quickly leaving patients to struggle with the symptoms, so the doctor is part of a clinical trial right now investigating the use of an inhaled form of dopamine between the oral doses. >> the hope that the inhaled form of dopamine might hel bridge the for patients between these dosages of their dopamine when it wears off. so you take your medicine, it wears off, you're not yet due for thanext dosage. the hope is that the inhaler will bridge the off time for these patients. >> kristi: that study is ongoing right now are unless today's health cast a recent study findings between sleep patterns and biparticular disbipolar.
4:45 pm
on too much sleep could factor into bipolar relapses and may even be an early warning sign of upcoming episodes. according to the national institute of mental health want nearly 3% of all-american adults of experienced bipolar in the last 12 months. the causes of this illness is not clear but it is often does run in families. and coming up in my 5:00 health health cast, t t only cells in your spire body that don't age and what they have to do with pacman and the pacman game. some of u played that pacman game when we were young so let's see the coral lacing coming up. lestationer unexpectedly attacked a prostitute after he was found guilt guilty. michael cox charged at a district -- a deputy district attorney after he had just been found guilty of criminal sexual tact or fondling a girl. eventually another deputy was able to take cox down. no word if he'll face charges
4:46 pm
>> janine: a student is speaking out after allegations that she is a raise is. >> victor: those shirred shabazz napier those shirts spelled out the n-word and some are calli that hateful and some are apologizing. >> i have come here to say that no people have been offended from what i did, and i come here to staih that i am incredibly, incell credible sorry. i have love for everyone in my heart. i'm not a racist and i'm asking. for forgiveness to me. >> victor: well, the girls have all been suspended from school, but others want harsher punishment calling there 4 for them to be expelled and the principal fired. some are calling for a federal investigation. >> janine: in california people living in a classify side apartment complex have been >> victor: that's because those cliffs are ready to collapse. the current el nio has accelerated the damage, but despite the warningngthere are budging. >> i have nowhere else to gi.
4:47 pm
and i don't have it, like, other people have it, can just pick up and leave. i don't have money like that. >> how many i supposed to keep my job and eat in the process of this? that's a little bit unfair. someone needs to pony up money and resources and come to our aid. >> victor: officials say those who ignore the orders to move out could face criminal prosecution. still ahead, a dramatic rescue at sea after a luxury yacht sinks. local10's liane morejon is on the story. she'll have an update coming up at a 5:00. >> janine: all new at 6:00 a burg king worker tweeting that picture after that work's last date on job and it is going viral on social media. >> victor: also ahead, a four-legged runner. a dog stumbles upon the starting line of a half marathon and
4:48 pm
we'll tell you how it happened. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take t tm anywhere.
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way u experience tv. >> janine: now to a runner with four legs.
4:50 pm
at the starting line of a half marathon in alabama and that bloodhound ended up trotting along with t t runners for the entire 13.1 miles. she competed how the without a human or a leisure and she actually finhed in seventh place. that wandering dog was put out by its owner who is not a runner. didn't even know about it until a friend filled her in. she finished with a medal a then got a well-deserved that. >> victor: skiers took to the slopes in south dakota but they are defying odds because you're looking a seeing competition for the blind and disables. one skier has a guide. they also have speaker's if their helmets allowing f constant communication. we'll have to rely on someone with good vision and you also have to be able to, as i said, have the confidence in them to know they're going to tell in you good time. >> victor: more than 120
4:51 pm
look with 200 volunteers and guides are taking part in this competition. so they're skiing, tech dog running a marathon. feel like i need to go work out. >> janine: we're going to go do that and that's going to do it for the news at 5:30. >> laurie: may be sure you get a good tha >> calvin: right now at 5:00 the miami gardens police officer who was shot on the job last week is now out of the hostalling. weir seeing the dramatic video of that - -- l we have the wild video of two drivers going at in it this rush hour road rage. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company can. right off the tonight 5:00 this ishe miami police officer.
4:52 pm
when he was wright a report. >> calvin: he didn't have much tow say to reporters as he left the hospital today. local10's hatzel vela has more. i can tell you i spoke to one of the captains of the miami gardens police ask who tells me that his department is reall proud of this officer and really glad that he's back at home. we saw him leave the hospital in a wheelchair but then we also noticed he was able to get up from the wheelchair and get into the car. >> how do you feel, officer? >> hatzel: not much from the officer who has been in the hospital several daus after being shot. officer david starling stilln a wheelchairs was taken out of aventura hospital. >> i heard shots like eight shots. >> hatzel: on friday starling was sitting in his cruiser on the corner of northwest 1 injured street and 7th parch starling was writing up a report when he noticed a man drive by him. police say that man is 24-year-old david mejia. >> sir, these are non-bondable offenses hedges to shot at starling's cruiser multiple times. starling tried to take cover. one of the bullets hit him in
4:53 pm
he tried to chase after the bmw
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