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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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right off the top at 4:00 another day of wild weather across south florida. mother n nure leaving behind a big mess in pompano beach for a second day. >> calvin: and surveillance video capturing the moments an ef-0 tornado spun trouble in delray beach. >> laurie: meanwhile, broward county under a flood watch until 10:00 tonight. >> calvin: and this allomes after an ef-1 tornado touched diabetic broward college yesterday. >> laurie: and after yesterdrd's tornado they're just trying to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess left behind. >> calvin: we're also tracking the radar. broward county under a flood watch until 10:00 tonight. >> laurie: betts, our chief certified meteorologist, you've got a lot to keep track of, tty. start offense. >> betty: good afternoon. many neighborhoods are seeing a lull in the action right now but there is still the possibility for more rain if not gusty to severe storms coming later on this evening. rebate this is what the doppler radar looks like.
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this band of rainfall we're noting from the keys int south mild, this is going to continue to press off toward the eastt so hopefully more of you will get in they clear but for now weir we stiller finding some rain from miami, kendall, homestead as well and following that rain downo the keys, between key largo and marathon, riding over the overseas highway. it is a instant rain a a this point and it -- constant rain this point. look at the west side of the peninsula. we see a line of storms aim a fort myers. we have yet to push the cold front througho ahead of that front weigh going to be plenty unstable so another round of rain and storms, that is still in the forecasters later on. in the meantime we've already seen another tornado, yes, another one today, this one in palm beach county around 10:35 touching down rated an ef-0 so a weak tornado winds from 65 to 85 miles an hour, damage from delray beach to boynton beach and ocean ridge.
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downed. now, whattre we expecting for the rest of the day or tonight? showers or storms still possible, and then the in morning we start to turn drier and cooler behind the actual coldront and that sets us up for a nice afternoon and a beautiful weekend but first we've got to get through the evening. i'll be back in a few minutes with a lot more. >> laurie: as we mentied severe storms causing damage this after so let's get to local10 news reporter hatzel vela in del rau beach where that toado touched down. >> hatzel: and, laurie, you can tell you we're going to show you surveillance video at the moment when this happened but before i have to tell you there's some crews still behind the church cleaning up a lot of the downed trees. here at the front end of the church you can see a lot of the limbs that came down with that ef-0 tornado, and in terms of structural damame these folks are really thankful that this is the most they've gotten. you can see the fence, how it's bent inwo pieces. that's it for these folks here
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they're glad that's it and everyone is okay. you're looking surveillance video at the very moment when members of this church were almost swept out of the door by powerful wind. >> whenever the emergency went off, second later. >> hatzel: j.p. lipstick is the woman inside the door pulling in ryan, a delivery guy she knows well. >> he and i almost gogo sucked out the door. behind him was just pure rain and patio furniture was flying by. it w w pretty scary. but ryan grabbed me, i grabbed the door, he grabbed t door. it took the two of us, and he's a bigig 6'2" guy, to close that door. and lookt the mess left behind at st. mary's anglican church in delray beach. power lines down, multiple trees snapped in half, the fence bent like plastic. bill perkins arrived minutes later. >> if i had been a little editorial could have been underneath that palm tree in the lot. >> meterologist: he feels fortunate, spared from the
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when he arrived at thehurch he said it reminded him of a war shone. >> the church looked like a wawar zone. this were branches all in the middle of street out here. >> hatzel: so for most of the afternoon this church did not haveveny power. that power has now been restored like the receipts of the neighborhood, and the folks here are just thankful no one was injured. for now rocket live in delray beach, it's hatzel vela. >> calvin: and this was the scene in pompano beach another areahat was hit with severe weather for a second straight day. >> lauaue: and that's where we find local10 news reporter todd tongen with the latest for us. todd. >> todd: calvin and laurie, this neighborhood is just nortrt of pompano beach golf course, and they got hit pretty hard this morning. at this point we don't know if it's a tornado, a microburst, straight line winds, but the damage really tells the story. as you can see, this guy lost a complete whole side ofis fence, one whole completside of his yard. the fence went down. also, across the street they don't have power, no less than
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a supervisor as well as this wood trimming truck. all the folks here are trying to get this neighborhood back in shape. >> it was bad, man. it was crazy. never seen anything like it before. >> todd: long lengths of fencing mowed down, large tree limbs snapped like twiggs, even a metal shed sailing from a backyard across the street street to the corner of this pompano beach neighborhood. the storm blew through at about 10:40 this morning. some say it was a tornado. regardless, damage left behind was impressive. >> i seen it come through, the fence went down, and then i grabbed the garbage cans,pun them up in the air and dropped them in a guy's backyard. >> what are you holding, larry? >> the exhaust pan from the next door neighbor's house. >> where did you find it? >> >> backyard. >> todd: the homeowner said it was fast and furious lasting less than 30 seconds. >> i looked out thend with, heard a humming sound. like two seconds later you could see it coming through, stuff plying flying.
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tree went down, luckily it missed my trucker. >> todd: and it got dicey when this window blew out during the chaos. >> it was bad. i was sitting on the table and i could see from our screen door that the wind just picked up and everybody just ran and tried to get to safety as soon as we can. >> todd: just east of here ang the intercolt waterway sea tow was called in to save this 27-foot stinking stratus with one outboard mote already underwater. and fp&l trying to get the power on for this portion of the neighborhood. it's been out since about 10:40 this morning. the national weather service now confirming that these were straight lined winds that moved through this pompano beach neighborhood. nonetheless creating quite a bit of havoc. in pompano beach, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: let's bring it south to miamiade county because the issue is flooding there. several streets under water. shyann malone you're right in downtown miami. how is it there? >> shyann: i'm in the rain. it's been raining, laurie, all
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i'm at northeast 2nd avenue and northeast 25th street. i want to give an idea how deep the flood areas ar p i'm standing on the curb, and i'm going to carefully step down here. you can see it's up to my mid-calf, maybe even a little bit more, but that's not stopping drivers in the area from passing through. cars cautiously cruisg through the rising rain water. resist precipitation causing all of this flooding flout miami-dade. streets in this south beach neighborhood just off alton road look like more like rivers than roads. >> amall pool. >> shyann: mother nature not stopping these tourists, though. >> we just want to go t the shop to buy some food. >> shyann: more of the same in downtown miami. >> i want to drive my car because i have a real low car, so i have to get a canoe, i guess. >> meterologist: local businesses also feeling the force of the flood. >> we complained about it
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come out to assess anything. i don't know if it's the drain. maybe the floor is saturated with water. i don't know what's going on but it's pretty bad right now. >> shyann: andy said the water is so high, it's tough for drivers to maneuver through it. >> it's really bad when people try to make a left turn at the corner over there. to a vide your engine flooding people roll through the stop sign and make a right-hand turn. >> shyann: in brickell we saw more of the wet weather. traffic backup and cars carefully plowing through the overflooded streets. this is a live look at discount supermarket, a local mom and pop shop that you see, some of the water creeping toward thehe business. they say it't' flooded like this before but they have to just deal with it and they know they lose some business. once again you can see another look of how deep this water is, mid-calf, so be careful. we know we have more water coming our way, so it's hopefully soon this water will start to recede and drivers can getack to normal on the proposed reporting live in downtown miami, shyann malone,
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>> laurie: a wet mess. shyann, thank you. >> calvin: and coconut creek is still eaning up from yesterday's tornado terror that lasted only six minutes. >> laurie: about it did so much damage, trees torn down we hauled off today and many residents are assessing what's left mind a similar seen a broward college's north campus, no one was hurt but cars why tossed around d a result of a ef-1 tornado that brought winds to 100 miles an hour and it cut a path of damage nearly two and a half miles long. >> calvin: and zoo miami also cled after getting a deluge of rain but it plans to open for normal operatitis tomorrow at a 10:00 in morning. >> laurie: remember, we always want to see your photos and videos. you help us tell the story when bad weather comes your way so send those advertisements to, and always tell us where you are. >> calvin: let's talk about another big issue today, always when it rains, your traffic. >> laurie: jenise fernandez trying to keep track of the wet roads for us. hi there. >> jenise: hi there. you saw in shyann's report that
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streets and we've also got accidents on our major highways. let's dart with dade county i-95 northbound in express lanes at northwest 62nd street, an accident that is blocking the right lane and we are seeing some really heavy delays and this is really going to be the story this afternoon. i-95 northbound at northwest 62nd street, that accident blocking the right lane, 8 miles per hour. we've also got an accident on the dolphin expressway. this is as you're heading west right around northwest 37th enue with speeds at 16 miles per hour. and we are watching two accidents in broward county right now, both on i-95. the firir is on i-95 southbound. this is right around griffin road. we're seeing those delays start 595 and speeds are at 32 miles per hour. and another accident in pompano beach, this is on i-95 northbound right around copans road. it looks like you're seeing those heavy delays as you're approaching that cash crash with speeds a 31 miles per hour. calvin, laurie. q. on its, of course, debate night tonight and it is the
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debate before those iowa caucuses. >> laurie: it's a big night, but missing from the stage, you've heard by now, frontrunner donald trump. he pled out with all the differences he has over one of the fox news anchors. r senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom now with a preview. >> michael: donald trump said meg abrin kelv fox news simply hasn't been fair to him. fox stands behind her and said trump or no trump the debate will go on. dold trump will not be on the stage and his absence will be felt. >> i get on the stapling and i got a very unfair question from somebody but we don't even talk about that. >> michael: but trump was talking with his feud with fox news and anchor megan kelly who asked tough questions the first time around. trump talked about last night with bill o'rllyy. >> i have zero respect for megan kelly. have christian value >> it's called an eye or for an eye. >> no, no, no, no.
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for the eye rule goes on eggs out. >> michael: trump's biggest rival in iowa, ted cruz, is calling for a one-on-one debate on saturday. the halls rented. >> i don't think he's afraid of megan kelly. i don't think he is afraid of me. i think he is afraid of people of iowa, their questions. >> nichael: for the democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a statistical tie in a into poll. sanders is back in iowa ar a visit to the white house. >> the energy, the enthusiasm, the momentum is with us. >> michael: signs of seared's momentum can be seen across iowa. the clint campaign is watching. >> i think if they let bernie sanders win iowa he will win new hampshire and then this race total resets and it's in a different territory than they ever thought. >> michael: so much is riding on the results from iowa on monday night. starting tonight at 6:00, my colleague glenna milberg will be live from des moines. we are live in the newsroom. calvin. back to you.
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you today, the story of the day, the wild weather across our area. another rou of severe storms, flooding in miami-dade county, plus a flood watch in effect for broward county until late tonight, but betty is gng to bring you another check on all the weather. >> calvin: also at 4:30 now, trouble on tracks when a tri-rail derails with people onard. what passengers had to say. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ah.. cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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>> laurie: a woman is s ad, and a police officer in the hospital after a crash earlier today in pembroke pines. look at this mess. th driver of a gray infinity was going south along 114th avenue and appeared to have run a redight, crashing with a patrol officer. wow-year-old jessica was taken to the hospital where she later died fro her injuries. miss are trying to figure out if she was intoxicated at the time of the crash. she had just been arrested onnew year's eve for attacking an officer while drunk veteran officer olayemi okegbola was
4:17 pm
he continues to recover. at last check we're@ told his injuries are not life-threatening. >> calvin: righthtow we're tracking the radar. you can see lots of yellow and green on your screen and weeks, boy, oh, boy, the rain is really coming down as we saw from shyann malone in miami. e-0 reported in delray beach. yesterday ef-1 in coconut creek. our weather is really taking turn for the worse. >> laurie: betty, what we see there is one line and then another following it. that could be a wild night. if pretty sloppy for sure. miami. if you have not had a chance to look out your window this is what we see through the lens of tower camera. it's breezy. there are showers in the area, not pretty at all, and the forecast for the go evening willy featured some scattered rainetween now and 6:00 if not some gusty showers near, hopefully exit 10 coastline by that time but we are awaiting that second line to m me on through, not say that we're each
4:18 pm
look at what's happening still arouou portions of miami-dade county, the keys, a small section of southeast broward. now, broward officially the lace under the flood watch until 10:00 tonight, but there's a lot of rain right now alo the east coast metro of miami, and it's pretty persist. so just south of fort lauderdale into hollywood someockets of heavier rainfall. downtown miami, the rain just sitting on top of you, covering up the bay, still some showers, too, as we look down into stouth miami-dade. we're talking homestead heading down toward turkey point, the upper keys as well.l. the heavier cells are pretty much offshore but t ese rains are so very persist, we'll be watching to see if we start to run into any problems with ponding on the roadway. right rainfall rates are coming down on the order of a tenth an inch or even less than that but it's pretty persist. so instead of this band sweeping directly off toward the east and heading out over the atlantic,there's a component to it that's allowing those showers to ride
4:19 pm
that's why we're still stuck in it around places like miami but this will eventually, the back edge, work offshore, only to be followed up by more because we still have to push the cold front through and ahead of the cold front we already see at round, another line developing and moving into the west side of the peninsula. i want to show you this forecast model. it is showing that that n nt line is probably going to come through some time between 5:000 and 8:00 this evening. we'll see how gusty the showers get within that. we still cannot rule out a gusty shower or storm. but once we push that through, drier, cooler weather working in for friday, so we'll start tomorrow morning on a cool note around 60 in miami, highs in the lower 70s and then a nice weekend on the way. albeitit a little chilly, saturday morning especially. >> laurie: it will be a nice break. the so-called affluenza teen is back the in u.s. ethan couch was deported from mexico and was put on a flight to dallas, texas, this morning. couch was convicted in that fatal 2013 drunk driving
4:20 pm
he was taken into custody last month in mexico after violating his probation. the teenager is expected to face several charges. >> calvin:n:he united nations stepping in now, sayegh haiti must resolve its election crisis. the presidential runoff votal on sunday was abrupted delayed for a second time following a number of violent prophecies the second place finisher jude celestin took his name off the ballot allege tech first round of voting w tainted by fraud, and the top un representative to haiti had this to say today about haiti's political unrest. >> i think it is very important for the ongoing electoral cycle to be completed as soon as possible, and i think it is very important, given the tense moments that the country is living right now. >> calvin: you may rember these tense moments here when our glenna milberg was there lasteek. protestors blocked the streets and set fires in port-au-prince, the capital between on the day the elections were cancelled,
4:21 pm
exclusive pictures of protests and demonstrations happening today. and today at a rally haiti's prident michel martelly said he would only give up power to a newly elected leader but the problem is they have yet to set a date for the presintial run off. and then there's hayes' constitution that says a new president must take the oath of office by february 7th. comimi up at at 4:30 now websites round two of wild weather today, floing in miami-dade county, but broward is under a floodch was until 10:00 tonight. betty will have another check on the radar just aad. >> laurie: ak-9 goes for a wild right wages of will manso. hobble heat. and we know hockey is a physical game but it'sot usually -- it's the punishment. we'll tell you what the heck was going on here next in sports. >> michael: gavin, south florida. i'm michael signed. coming up at 40 i know a lot of you take th tri-rail to get home from work, but coming up i'll tell you why you may be
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>> will: the miami heat with a rare practice today in milwaukee as they get ready to close out their road trip, and the heat are e ther. that's great news and tops our daily sports shot. according to coach erik spoelstra all indications are that goran dragic will return to the line-up after missing eight game with a strained left calf. dragic went through a full practice today. dwyane wade'e' shoulder also feeling muchchetter as the heat beat brooklyn, they wono two in a row on the the road, and if they beat the bucs they will finish what would have been a disappointing record trip with a winning record. the dolphins brain trust begins for nfl draft, the team's coordinators addressed the media today. clyde christiansen said he liked watching ryan tannehill play.
4:25 pm
have ap aggressive style to the offense this season. calgary flames defensive dinz has explaining to the to the nhl. did you see this? vicious hitit on a ref, with no clue whee coming. wyman took himself out and then hit on the ice that ref. he claims the hit was not intentional, and how about this? he was not penalized for it. the 11-year veteran, though, could face up to a 20-game suspension from the nhl if the league finds out that he intentionally tried to hit a ref. back to the heat, chris bosh will be very interested when the nba names all-star reverse, will make a case for b.c. that's ahead at 5:00. >> calvin: after what he went through last year, i think he abaolutely. >> laurie: that ref, that tape says it all. >> calvin: it's going to be a tough one to prove l that'll do it fors at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with visitor and janine. >> janine: here's what's coming
4:26 pm
>> victor: another day of severe storms and a flood watch in miami-iade until 10:00 tonight. betts will have your forecast in just minutes. >> janine: and trouble on the tracks when a tri-rail derails and surfers will continue to be impacted. local10 he's michael seiden is on the story. >> victor: and a man takes you of knauf a trooper's patrol car during a traffic stop and a k-9
4:27 pm
be right back. >> janine: right now on news10 at 4:30, tri-rail service is impacted this afternoon after a train derail earlier today, with passengers onboard. that train derail between the pompano beach and cypress creek stations. >> victor: and local10 caught up with some of the passengers. let's get to michael seiden with the latest on the investigation. michael. >> michael: good afternoon. right now investigator blaming this crash on debris. it's unclear how you the got on the track,, but talk about a head auk for people in their evening commute. you can see this group of people. they're being forced to get off
4:28 pm
get on a bus to head north. night an aerial view from sky 10. investigators on the ground collecting evidence, assessing the damage. after this tri-rail train full of commuters derailed after slamming into debris on the& track. >> it just hit something and we stopped, and the light went on, and that's'st. now i'm stuck here. >> michael: this man was one of 56 passengers riding on the train. second after the crash he pulled out his cell phone, rolling on the aftermath. one man suffered minor injuries, taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. investigators interviewed the members of the crew. one official claiming he saw debris the on track but had no idea what it was or where it came from. >> they told us to stay calm and just be patient about it because nobody knew what was going on. >> michael: the crash happening between the cypress creek and pompano beach stations. back out here live we know one engine erupted into flames
4:29 pm
fuel onto the tracks. obviously this created a verydangerous situation for passengers and crew members, but again, fortunately only one minor injury. we are live in fort lauderdale, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> janine: michael, thank you. >> victor: also at 4:30, another day of wild weather in south florida. mother nature leaving behind as a big mess inn bombe pop have pompano beach for a second straight day. >> janine: plus another tornado touchdown in south florida, ab ef-0 ugly causing damage in delray beach, and this captured the powerful wind. >> victor: rain falling all across south florida. broward county under a flood catch until 10:00 tonight. >> janine: and you can see all of that green stuff, a little orange and yellow right now. >> victor: it is lit up. let's get over to tow chief meteorologist betty davis with more. >> will: and as soon as the back edge that of first round pushes away from miami-dade county and the keys, we'll be ready for our next round to come through. miami, by the way, already has seen record rainfall today coming in at 1.57 inches
4:30 pm
still is a mess out there. as you can see through the lens of our miami tower camera. stow this is one band of rainfall. we are now watching a lot of that starting to shift eastbound out over the atlantic waters but miami not quite in the clear, especially around surfside, down toward k k biscayne, miami beach still messy with the rains being pretty persist3 rain hours showers over the bay into southwest miami and the upper keys still getting hit, too, but this is push off towarar the east. northeast. as missinged, eventually the back essential going to move on through. then notice we're looking amore rainfall comingcology in on the west side of the peninsula, that band taking aim at fort myers, so we are still anticipating another line to move through and that could very well move through between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. so more rainfall on the way. weannot rule out a gusty storm still maybe pushing severe limits, so that's something we want to stay aware of. then tomorrow morning changes finally in this forecast.
4:31 pm
down. tomorrow afternoon should be nice, sun and clouds, a cool breeze with our wind starting to flow in from the northwewe. this sets us up for a really nice weekend, and i'll have a lot of more on that coming up. >> janine: can't wait, betty, thank you. search on for a man caught on camera rob awnin family dollar store in northwest miami-dade. take a look at this surveillance video. it shows that robber walking into the store along northwest 94th street and 27th off. all of this happened back in november. that man, you'll see, he then jumps over the counter, allegedly demanding cash from the cashier, and then he threatens to stab her. take a look. thesers crows pictures clo-up that of man. he was last seen wearing a dark lored shirt with a baseball cap and sunglasses. >> victor: gun macro kalashnikov ussa want to manufacture the assault rifle here in south florida. it has been approrod. the weapons were previously imported from moscow untillum
4:32 pm
of against russia after its annexation of crimea. ak-47s have risen in value since the sanctions. >> janine: a wildlife rouge, this comes a few days of the leaders of had to protestors a mom bundy was ten into custody along with six others. the group had occupied the wildlife refuge since january 2nd. after a dispute with the federal government over land rights. >> victor: there's breaking news new out of on tallahassee. the florida house moves to regulate the insurance coverage gap when it comes s ride sharing service like aer and lyft. this is something investigate reporter christina vazquez brought you last may. she's now in the newsroom with details. >> christina: to be clear, when we talk about the insurancece coverage gap, it's the moment when a driver has logged onto the app but has yet to be matched with a passenger. e house bill that passed ep sures that drivers are covered for the duration of the time they are using the roid-sharing app. it also preempts lal bans on ride sharing. it is a regulatory framework
4:33 pm
been passed in nearly 30 othth states. while a companion bill is making its way through the senate over, a cosponsor of the house bill tells me "while i am hopeful we can get it passed this year, i am not necessarily confidenty it will happen this year given the senate's approach and reluctance to handle this issue." we have more on this development on the "call christina" page of in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: christina. right now a wet rush hour is about to get underaware. janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: they're not looking great. let's start with the palmetto expressway. those cars heading toward you are your under would planes there is an ev accident aft northbound 62nd avenue. we can see those delays. as we zoom in closer we are seeing a lot of red. again this is the palmetto heading west and northwest 67th avenue with speeds at just 10 miles per hour. i-95 northbound, there was an accident in the express lanes at
4:34 pm
good news is that crash has cleared up, so all lanes are back open. but we are still seeing heavy delays with speeds at 17 miles per hour. as we cruise on to broward county we are watching a few accidents there as well starting with i-95 southbound. this is right as you're approaching griffin road. those delays are starting from state road 84 and there is a shoulder block. speeds here are at 28 miles per hour. and we've got a broken-down car on i-95 southbound. this is right around oak park boulevard. 30s a left lane blocked. looks like track of is ping up a bit with speeds here at 44 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: the aclu of florida is calling for change when it comes to how black drivers treated in comparison to white drivers. the organization says black ivers are pulled over nearly twice as much as white drivers when it comes to bet is violations. the report was relelsed yesterday showing data collected from 2014. broward is one of four florida counties that the aclu of florida says should be investigated pie the florida
4:35 pm
and a new director of the miami-dade police department has been announced today. >> victor: mayor carlos gimenez named deputy director juan perez the next director of miami-dade police department. the mayor broke the newss today just after the graduation ceremony for the miami-dade police department academy, makingng the formal announcement that perez will be s spping into the director role. >> aim very appreciative of the nair for the confidence that he has in me and t trust to manage this department, to lead this agency. it's an agency of many great men and women currently and in the past. i'm certainly just another piece of the puzzle that wl hold it together. >> victor: and he succeeds director j.d. patterson who is retiring after workingor the department for more than 30 years. patterson has surfed a director since his appointment back in 2013. and today also marks the 30th anniversary of the challengers disaster. >> janine: people across the country are remembering that explosio that killed all seven people onboard.
4:36 pm
above the planet as members of the international space station held a moment of silence to honor the victims. nasa also paid tribute to victims. a wreath laying ceremony was held in arlington national 911. among those were krista mccaw luff, she beat out 11,000 o oers to be first everyday person to go into space. >> victor: and the shult exploded, rocki the country was it was broadcast on national television. nassau determined that the explosion was cause bade seal failure on the rocket booster which allowed hot itas to ignite a fuel tank. >> janine: still ahead, caught on camera a man seals a topper trooper's patrol car during a traffic stop, all while a k-9 was inside. >> kristi: and coming up in our health cast it's so important to be sure you're getting enoug vitamin d. i'll tell you auto about the dangers of being deficient in just a few minutes. >> victor: and a woman claims that she was asked to shake her
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>> victor: more e an 40,000 fake hoverboards were seized a chicago o'hare international airport yesterday. they came from china. the knockoffs arere dangerous because they can overheat and catch fire. >> they're smug%. they're trying to take advantage of the american consumer's desire to have hoverboards. safety was sacrificed. >> victor: there have been several reportsf hoverboards catching fire? recent months the new york transit system is taliban on buses be with subway platforms and trains. >> janine: caught on camera a woman in orc i i ordered by a officer to shake her bra. is append in august and she's now speaking out about the ordede. the routine traffic stop surrender turned into pay search for contraband with a
4:39 pm
it comes after the woman!s peaking admitted to something a small amount of marijuana. >> made me feel like i was sexually intimidated, violated and be very embarrassing. >> janine: the woman filed a complaint against the officers. she's seeking 50,000 dollars to settle the matter. also caught on camera, a man stealing a troroer's patrol car, a k-9 was also inside at the time. >> victor: this all happened in oklahoma. let's get to kavon he's until the production control with the wild pursuit. >> calvin: it was a wilil pursuit. it turns out the man had bags of marijuana in his carar when police tried to take him to jail. he took off in a patrol car and then he even apologizes to the k-9 who went along for thatbumpy ride. the night statas with a traffic stop. 23-year-old bench henson pulled over for following too closely and unstay of lane changing. each he gets into the oklahoma highwawapatrol unit and the trooper asks him a few qutions. >> i'm actually coming from
4:40 pm
my family lives in oklahoma. >> oh, yeah? okay. >> calvin: the two continue to chat while the trooper writes a warning. >> there's not a whole lot todo in oklahoma. >> calvin: just before henson walks away with his warning, the trooper decides to ask him a few more questions. >> do you havee anything anything your car? >> no, sir. >> can i search your car? >> is there probable cause? >> no, i have reasonable suspicion right now. >> calvin: while troopers search his car, hensonn waits nervously. >> buddy, it's okay. >> calvin: second later, troopers discover several large bags of marijuana hidden in the trunk. henson is then handcuffed. >> stand up. that's a large marijuana there in your vehicle. >> yes. it's not mine. >> calvin: when the troopers continue to search the car, that's when henson makes his move and takes off in thetrooper's unit, throwing the bags of pots on tow the street, swerving in and out of track of at a high rate of speed with
4:41 pm
the bumpy ride. >> sorry, buddy. >>alvin: minutes later henson then crashes into a fence. he thenumps out of the patrol car and takes off. ohm says this video has become a learning tool, and they are working to make changes within the department. >> it really opens your eyes that no one is immune to having something like that happen. >> calvin: after about an hour troopers were able to track down henson and they arrested him, and they also learned he had a revoked license as well. luckily no one was hurt. >> >> janine: unbelievable video. thank you so much. let's take a look at the radar right now. it has been just raining all to a. we were talking about this yestery. miami beach hardly saw anything, but we got ours today. >> victor: different story fod. it's a good day to stay in bed. i caught janine yawning. this weather has us all wanting to stay indoors. >> betty: let's friend tomorrow is already here. the weather is going to get a lot better tomorrow, but in the meantime hollywood beach, i know
4:42 pm
the atmosphere is rain-cooled a 42 in fort lauderdale and miami. winds from the west-southwest 10 to 15 miles an hour, and i don't see a soul on the broadwalk. it's all wet and damp, puddles all off the place, and our forecast model indicating that though some of you may be catching a break right now, we could have some more rain and gusty showers coming through later this evening. hopefully by about 10:00 tonight any line of gusty rain that comes throughill be clearing the area at that point but let me show you the hearnd now. right now we're watching this first round, if you wilil the back edge of that finally starting to slip away from browd county. by the way, we still do have a flood watch in effect here until 10:00 tonight. miami-dade, you have had your fair share of rainfall, record rain for fort lauderdale andmiami today, i by the way, both coming in at more than an inch. the rain is almostcology to an end around downtown miami, probably just some sprinkles leftover near the beach as the back edge continues to move toward the east.
4:43 pm
waters, we're still in it around the upper keys from islamorada to key largo. as a mentioned, east-northeast is how this is moving, and eventually that back edge will, too, shift great keys as it has done around, say, maratn, but key west may get followed up by a few residual raindrops as we speak, but i'm paying attention to this band h hdmade at fort myers because what's happening in the west will eventually make it on over toward the east. i guess the big questionl is what time will this next bine line potentially move through. this forecast model showing some time between 6:00, 7:00, we'll track that next band as it comes across,,and we cannot cruel out a gusty stormed along that wanted band, either. that's why we're still sighing we haveotential for severe weather in the area, that band coming in just ahead of the coldfront. the cold front is we have to push through in order to get to the good side of our forecast, which is a northwest windnd drier air working in for tomorrow. and once we get in that
4:44 pm
some cooler air, so wre expecting to start tomorrow around 60 in miami, upper 50s in some of your neighborhoods. so a little bit cooler for us s we step into friday. in fact, our high only gets up to 72 degrees. we may start the day with a few showers very early in the morning, but the clouds will be decreasing during the day, drier air rolling in, and the high only makes to it 72 with the breeze blowing in from the northwest. saturday morning chilly, lower 50s, highs in the lower 70s. and then sunday morning a little milder, mid-60s is where wee will start with highs in the upper 70. and then warming up monday, tuesday, but there will be more rain in the forecast down the road. but we'll be happy to see the break that we get this week. janine. >> janine: we will. thank you. there's been a lot of buzz lately about the benefits of vitamin d, and now reseaechers are getting a better idea on the dangers of being deficient. local10 news reporter medical specialist kristi krueger fills us in. >> kristi: it is well-established that vitamin d is important for your bone health, but studies are also
4:45 pm
play an important role in your heart health as well. so the body's main source of vitamin d, which we not have seen much of lately, but it's also eating certain foods. researchers found those are extremely low bloody levels vitamin d, less tn 15 nanograms per milliliter, they were 35% more likely to have some sort of a cardiac event. this studys the very first of its kind to actually determine the level at which the lack of vitamin d could cause harm to your heart of course also in today's healthcast how the right et may help with depression. cardiologist dr. ari soffer has details in his second opinion report. >> dr. ari soffer: rebecca faces life with had an upbeat positive attitude but there are times whwh she has our bout with the blues. >> that have been, you know, deaths in my family, a recent -- well, maybe year and a half ago a suicide. >> dr. ari sofofr: while she's never been did i go needs as
4:46 pm
to learn that they are dietary habit could be psychologically protected. new research shows that eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil, the staple of the mediterranean diet with helps fight depression. >> the science has been there. it's only in the @ast couple of years that people started cooking and living mediterranean. >> dr. ari soffer: study looked at the presentation depression scores of people who followed the mediterranean diet and thoses who did not. >> and they saw that a lot of these people's depression scores lifted all other factorsrs were controlled. >> dr. ari soffer: ethanol problem th the mediterranean diet for some is the time it takes to prepare and combine the food. >> so we teach them how to do that, give them menus, recipes, make it easy as possible. >r. ari soffer: for those reasons and others rebecca plans to continue the focus of the mediterranean diet. >> i think it's really important as far as what you intake as far as what's coming out, you know,
4:47 pm
energy, how you look. ages of recent scientific data has shown that the crucial ingredient in the mediterranean diet is extra virgin olive oil. however up to 70% is thought to be diluted and therefore much less effective. it's important to owe research the authenticity of the brand you're choosing before buying. with your second opinion, i'm dr. ari soffer. >> kristi: and the study found even a moderate adherence t this type of diet really did help reduce the risk of you developing depression. get that handful of nuts, guys. >> victor: good advice as always. best actor nom no leonardo did i carp met at the vatican. he gave the pontiff a book of art from a dutch renaissance parent and a donation from his foundation to be used for charity. >> janine: the king of pop is hutting the small screen but causing controversy. a british actor finds a white
4:48 pm
the half hour show is air can in the uk and it centers on a road trip where jackson, elizabeth taylor and marlon brando try to get home after the september 11th attacks. sod strange? a iv employee of jackson's insists this trip happened. >> victor: all new at 5:00 with severe storms and a tornado slamming south florida for another day. surveillance video capturing that twister. our live team c/verage and betty's forecast all new at 5:00.
4:49 pm
it. >> janine: this picture of a
4:50 pm
it was taken byelebrity photographer kevin abosh famous for his pictures of famous people like yoko owno. thts if the sale price is verified this will be the 15th most expensive photo ever. >> victor: a restored world war ii japanese zero fighter flew once again yesterdayay this was found decaying in papa, new guinea and it was sold to a businessman in 2010. the owner said she wanted people of p people. >> janine: a woman in ohio is getting ready to turn 108 but that is not all, folks. she's also being orbed for fostering nearly 50 children in her life. she said she wanted each child to have a good life and a good ucation. her secret to old age? she doesn't have one. she eats whatever she wants watches tv in her spare time but she said she is mindful of her attitude. she said the key is just to love one another.
4:51 pm
>> victor: love it. eat whatever you want. >> janine: eat everything. good to go. maybe wll go eat something right now. >> victo maybe we'll have cuban coach that's exactly what we're going to do. >> janine: yes, it is. >> victor: here laurie and calvin back for the news at fight of. >> laurie: frank is making our coffee. >> calvin: right now local10 news at 50, here we go again, more severe storms rolling across south florida today. another tornado touchdown this time in delray beach. >> laurie: all of the rain proving to be too much for this boat which started sinking in pompano beach. if rain may be tapering off in your neighborhood but we are not done yet. the your honor predicts there could be as many as 4 million cases of zika virus this year. we'll show you how local researchers are trying to stop the spread. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: another day of severe storms across south florida. this is what it looked like right outside our local10 studios heren pembroke earlier
4:52 pm
down. streets all over south florida getting swamped by the storms. >> calvin: and here's what it looks le in fort lauderdale right now. it looks like a ray of hope is out there that possibly on the other side of these bad storms could be some good weather. but broward county is under a flood watch until 10:00 tonig. >> laurie: and they tells us more is coming out there. so let's get to chief meteorologist betty davis with the latest on the radar. >> betty: we are now starting to push that first round offshore. we are bearing that story out rebate on the doppler radar. you can see some of those storms, the leadingening bearing down on bimini right now. brard county, yes, you are still under a flood watch. we have had record rain reported today in fort lauderdale, also miami. but the deal is this initial round is pushing away. so we're going to catch some dry time. still a little rainfall around miami and miami miami beach, portions of south miami-dade and the upper keys. but already we're paying attention to this next band you see setting up here aimed at fort myers. the actuallold front has not yet come through.
4:53 pm
we still have that potential for
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