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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  WPLG  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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extraordinary event. and a public health threat to other parts of the world. in their view, a coordinated international response is needed to minimize the threat in affected countries and reduce the risk of further international spread. >> kristi: the zika adviser is transmitted by foxes and seems to be especially devastating to women affected in their thirst trimester of pregnancy. this emergency designation will trigger astonishing action and funding from governments and non-prits around the world. since there is no vaccine to protect people from the mosquito-borne illness, the world healal organization is once again warning pregnant women or even those planning to become pregnant not had to travel to countri in latin america or the caribbean where the zika virus has been found. >> the expts agree that a causal relationship between the zika infection during pregnancy
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suspected, though not yet stuckly proven. >> kristi: -- scientifically proven. >> kristi: the seek a virusus has been identified here in the pups we do have that t te of mosquito in the the u.s. this one would carriy potential at they zika virus. that's why efforts of stepped up with mosquito control and researchers at the university have miami are working on even better ways now to kill these insects where they sleep and where theyets breed. laurie. >> laurie: great work going on right here in miami, kristie. and we want to let you know that the centers for disease control and prevene are increeks their zika travel alerts. they have added four destinations as areas of concerns. today the cdc iring alerts for. travelers should keep an eye out for any symptoms after they return and ha includes fever,
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other commonly reported symptoms headaches. to the weather. a stormy start to the week, of course, a tree was split in half after being struck by lightning in cooper city, and more on that tree trouble in just a moment. this is looking out into miami in our tower am ca, low-lying clouds creating a very gloomy >> laurie: broward county is already bright ek up. trying there, too. the let's get to certified meteorologist trent aric with the latest. >> trent: the good news is no more storms tonight. we fally get a chance to trite but broward countiy seeing light more sunshine than dade. this is the mount sinai medical center tower cam. 's hard to see all the the skies but we flip the view, hollywood beach cam looks good. you can see the puddles along the broadwalk but all in all broward a much nicer egan than parts of miami-dade.
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over the last three hours weave watched the bulk of moisture move over the gulf stream to bimini and the bahamas, and you can see it took a little while for the showers to move out but in miami-dade we've got a few more showers popping up south of key biscayne year, these could affect key bisisyne and perhaps the beach if they hold together in t. next halal hour. rainfall totals, key west impressive, 1.42. kendall picking up an inch. miami a little over half an inch. and this is the second wettest january ever for miami. right now current reading in t upper 70s. we'll let you know the temperatures for tonight and the rere of the week coming up in a new minutes. >> laurie: you've seen these images by now, that tree struck by lightning in cooper city. bolt split this tree in half and lelt it in the middle of ladies and gentlemen lake ridge drive in coor city. part of the tree damaged one horn homeowner ann fence and
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door in another neighbor area home. city workers have been out there and coming up next the damaged tree before putting into a chirp. this is the scene of's dely crash involving a semithat broadsided a pickup construction u. truck in hialeah. no word on which driver may have been at fault in this crash but the victim, we're told, has not been identified yet. a. >> caln: area, hateful messages found on a wall this morning has rocked a catholic high school. the message contained gay slurs. it was found this morning by school employees arriving for work. surveillance cameras captured two masked vandals spray paintinghe calls on sunday night. it may have been an act of revenge for pay basketball game we're told by students. >> laurie: now to vote 2016, the presidential candidate spending this day crisscrossing iowa ahead of tonight's caucus you you caucuses.
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come down to this moment. >> calvin: it t a big moment. our own glenna milberg joins us liveveow from des moines, iowa, with more on this incredible moment for them all. glenna. >> glenna: it really is, calvin, laurie, incredible, historic on am levels, a a the closeness of this race has made it so exciting to so many people that we learned today there's actually been an uptick in voter registration. the secretary state of iowa just put out numbers. 1500 people just registered to vote in the last four days. alll of that bodes well for turnout tonight and t tnout for candidates is key. >> but the simple fact is you can't insult your way to the presidency and as. president you can't insult your way to achieving things. >> glenna: florida's former governor heads for new hampshire
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donald trump, ted cruz slippinin and marco rub surging. >> the best, i think the best way to see who's going to w is which campaigns can get best get their p people out there p it's going to be about organization at the end of the day. >> the poll numbers just came down -- >> glenna: the candidates spent the lastours as they spent the last days, getting in as much face time with the firstpeople in the nation to weigh in on their viability for the presidency. who take that leadership position seriously. >> it's been lot of time getting to know the candidates with reading about their stances on particular issues and be egg actually going out and meeting them individually. >> glenna: you know pac put out the last iowa poll that bump's the dempsey lead to bernie 3. though still that's a statistical tie. >> the best event is keeping the@ public so much engaged and we're seeing an expansion of people wanting to vote for a change.
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ofof that, the candidates themselves, some of them have their families here, some of them have big-name surrogates here out door-knocking, phone banking week huge phone banking going on today which in iowa when it's cold is referral to knocking on doors. so much on riding on face time in this very intimate caucus process, and laurie, calvin, a lot of the candidates are actually picking and choosing which caucus sites and precincts to go to tonight because if people are going to chanan their mind at the last minute, it's a good bet thathat may sway them right then and there. >> laurie: if they is a too late, they'll get caught in the storm, so we' see what they do. glenna, we appreciate it. >> calvin: stay with local10 for complete coverage of tonight's's caucuses. glenna willbly you more from doin' coming up at at 6:00. >> i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you and i was still, you know, eating your dust, and i just want to know w at's the emergency? >> laurie: we're now hearing
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who turned the tables a miami-dade police officer who she says was speeding. you may have seen this video pop up on your social media feeds this weekend. >> calvin: no doubt about it, a lot of people sharing this woman's video hereafter she says that officer blew by her with no apparent emergency in sight. local10's hatzel vela live now withthore on this one that everyone is talking about. hatzel. >> hatzel: you bet, calvin. just an hour ago miami-dade police released the name of that stear. he's being identifd as daniel font chell a. and the woman whohot this video says she doesn't want the officer fired but she does want to send a meanings the other officers that people are watching, that people of using their cell phones to shoot videos like this one that now has more than 125,000 views. >> you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> hatzel: on its a confrontation that has gone viral. citizen claudia cast tee on pulling over a mild police officer she had followed on
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>> you were leaving me behind and i was going 80 miles an hour, and gist w wted to know what's the emergency? >> this is you where you say just bahrner they're in a patrol car you captain speed like that. >> hatzel: castillo said s e didn't do this to get the officer fired but to remind officers out there no one is above the law. >> how ethical is it to pull somebody over for speeding and then turn around and speed yourself because you ure now in a marked vehicle and nobody is going to do anything to you. i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this, i'm on my way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. >> let's see what he says. >> hatzel: the officer now b bng identified a daniel fontacella wants to know why she pulled him over. >> ishere an emergency? everything is ever fine. >> it's your speeding.g. >> i apologize and i'll be sure to slow down. >> meteorologist: what's not slowing down is the number of hits her youtube video is
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>> the reason i put it up on social media is because in this county this happens too often. this needs to be dreads. it can't continue. it's not just him. it's anybody in a patrol car has that additional responsibility. you saw officer fontacella was pol jet i canan he offered his badge number. she did not take it. her complaint now being reviewed by the command staff here at miami-dade police. hatzel vela, local news. >> calvin: cuban president raul castro is visiting france, the first european trip by a cucun leader in two decades. castro's visit comesfter a deal was reached in paris in december that cleared cuba of tends of millions of dollars in foreign debt. castro receive a formal welcome today from one high-range offing minister if in the french government and tonight he will tenant a dinner with french president francois hollande and
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delegation. some dramatic pictures from the coast guard after a rescue on the sea in the bahamas. the coast guard from the cutter confidence helped six people to safetier after their boat caught fire. >> laurie: some places are drying out, others are sill still soaked. let's to go jenise fernandez. >> jenise: here's the view. of of i95 from northwest twisted street. there is an accident in the express lanes. the good news is the express lanes are open and traffic is moving slowly but moving with speeds at 22 milil per hour. and this accident at northwest 79th street is still blocking a center lane so there are still heavy delays here as well with speeds at 16 miles per hour. so we are seeing delays on i-95 northbound but nothing u usual so you should expect to get home on time tonight. we've got this big accident on
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south approaching the turnpike. there is a left lane blocked. this is had a multi-vehicle crash so you will see heavy delays with speeds there at 8 miles per hour. calvin, laurie. >> calvin: jenise, thanks. >> laurie: we all know it's not too hard for criminals to get guns but some people are making it too easy for them. cops say there's ben a rash of weapons stolen from vehicles, and in many cases thieves don't even have to worry about locked doors. >> calvin: and a backyd battle between neighbors having one local10 viewer calling local10 investigative reporter christina vazquez. find out what you need to know when dealing with your operation association and dealing with the city's code enforcement team at 4:30..& >> laurie: first we have a case that is shocking people in south western virginia, two college ststents arrested for the
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girl.tt2w>rxli `:o j# 90t tt2w>rxli `:!!*n i0< tt2w>rxli `:4!j# ?&h tt2w>rxli `:x#*&`:8(< tt2w>rxli `:t#j'`:,(x tt2w>rxli `:t#j)`:'h< tt2w>rxli `:p#j*`:0s tt2w>rxli `:p#j,`:q)@ tt2w>rxli `:l#*.`:x l tt2w>rxli `:l#*0`:c6$ murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell.l. >> we have determined that eisnehauer and nicole were acquainted before her disappearance. eisnehauer usesethis
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abduct and then kill her. >> calvin: 19-year-old natalie is charged with transporting or consoling a dead body. police found lovell's body 80 miles away in north carolina. her family said she pushed a dresser against her door and possibly climbed o of a window wednesday. lovell's matter told the washington post her daughter was bullied online ask at school. she was a liver transplant recipient to needed dale medication. >> she was always the cutest little thing. >> calvin: the investigation continues with police searching a pond vatech campus for a second day. necessity court documentsts eisnehauer reportedly claimed "i believe the truth can set me free." eisnehauer was a high school track star with big aspirations. his high school principal is shocked. >> very pleasant young man but very goal-driven. he was focused on his academics but also focused on running.
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they say they moved to the hear from washington state the past few years. >> it's always surprising when you hear of something terrible like this. >> calvin: there are a lot of questions about how lovell died. court officials kate indicate that a firearm was not used. >> laurie: everyone is ready to detroit. >> calvin: a january a very wet month and we're starting february off a wet foot. >> dr. ari soffer: we've been watching the clouds move past our tower cam which sits atop the four seasons in downtown miami. it is a blanket of gray. you can see bloominess over downtown looking out to the west from the mount sinai medical center tower cam. then you go up to broward and us all sunshine. looks good there. one last stop at the hollywood beach camera. you can see the blue in the distance but as you look more off to theouth there, you can see some of the clouds that are plaguing downtown miami. if clouds got covered on the
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it's hard to pick out but these low-lying glouds stretch back toward downtown. the higher cloud tops with t t better organized showers and thunderstorms just north of from us as well. so over the past three hrs we dry out considerably, and if we look at broward county now, the the last few shower exited the coastline in the northern part of of boca. we're drive from 595 to miramar. we see a cluster of showers developing in key biscayne biscayne bay. these will hit south beach the next half hour or so, and we've also watched a couple of showers you just south of miccosukee resort along tamiami trail. florida keys from key largo to key west you're try and everyone being influenced boy the southeast wind that's 10 miles per hour or less. right now we're sitting anywhere from 78 in the k%y west, 74 in pompano beach and fort lauderdale, and tonight we'll fall in the upper 60 all across south florida except the keys
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that 70-degree mark. so passing showerstill this evening. by tomorrow drier and warmer.& we're watching a cold front that's expected to bring severe weather through the southeast. that same front will start to stall out to our north wednesday and thursday so we will keep things warm and breezy through mid-week. as far as that severe weaer outlook it looks like tomorrow we should see damaging winds, severe thunderstorms and the potential for tornadoes anywhere from jackson with mississippi, memphis, nashville across the ohio river valley. it's that same cold infantry that in tomb will eventually bring us a better chance of rainn by friday. tonight attention from the snowstorm bringing heavy snow from denver all the way through nebraska and it's expected to dump a foot of snow from braska all the way was overnight tonight. a quick look at our extended forecast, 10% chance of rain for grounds. doesn't change until friday when -- groundhog day. >> will it, look much borscht today.
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>> laurie: the seminole tribe has big plans for the future of hard rock hotel and casino. they unveiled a $1.8 million ex packs plan. >> calvin: and allegations of police brutality in texas ar an officer was caught on camera breaking up a fight between two teenagers. why communitiatic advises are so angry. >> will manso: olympic dreams for a local man. you may have heard ever never heard of his sport, but after
5:19 pm
him. >> will: this is we would bet you have never sown a story on gold paul. as clay ferrero reports, it's a game that has changed many lives for the better with including a local man whose if light of has changed in a way he never gov cove predicted. >> clay: tyler marin with one of the best athletes in the world he's also legally blind. >> my vision was better when i was yurk. now it's pretty much gone. i have just a small spot in my left eye where y can see some light, some shades, a few colors, but it's pretty limited. >> clay: tyler's sport i i goal ball, sort of a combination of handball and soccer ha was createt to help rehabilitate
5:20 pm
world war ii. players are blindfold towed help level the playing field and must try to stop the ball by listening, bounce, r rl, and bells that are built inside the ball. tyler has travel around the world competing in winning, including a bronzed medal in the 2004 paralympics in athens, and he's already qualified for this year's paralympics in reo. but the greatest gift roll ball has given tyler is introducing him to the love of his wife, his wife li app, also a goal ball player. >> we were traveling to's tournament in canada and we drove there,e,ur coach was driving and we were all in a big van together, and he and i were in the back seat because he was the tallest person in the van >> she so happened to fit next to me in the seat, so hadn't really met her before and we just got to talking. and after 12 years being crammed to a back seat together, you
5:21 pm
>> clay: there lake worth, clay ferrero, local10 news. >> reporter: inspiring story. tyler's family has never seen hem compete in a paralympic competition and he's hoping to do so this summer in brazil. the family has set up a gofundme page and we have information on that on local10 news. >> goal bl. >> calvin: he scored a wife. >> laurie: i love it, right before valentines. but we're hearing more about a murder mystery in pembroke pines. >> calvin: let's go to victor in the newsroom with what's next at 5:30. >> victor: that many very was found dead inside of his apartment on friday and we you know now know he was a corrections officer. we'll have more coming up in a live report at 4:30. also a sad story from gainesville where a university of florida student from weston died in a fatal fall over the weekend. we're now speaking with those who knew hum. all new at 6:00 too many guns are ending up in the the hand of criminals because their
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>> victor: right now 5:30 new information about a murder mystery in pembroke pines. we now know the victim worked in law enforcement. the murder was discovered on@ friday. the victim found by his mother inside of his apartment after h didn't show up for work. >> laurie: we've leper 40-year-old davion hallways corrections officer, a supervisor who had worked at the department since 2000 p. who would want him dead? local10's terrell forney live with procedure on this murder mystery. terrell. >> terrell: laurie, the entire miami-dade corrections department is in mourning over what happened. this is the facility that he worked each and every day, the pre-trial detention center here iniami, and today we are hearing from the victim's bestfriend who said they were so close, they were like brothers. davion hall was supposed to suit up for work this bass past friday and report for his job at
5:26 pm
in miami, but when the lock-time corrections officers didn't show up for his shift, supervisors called his mother who then raced over to his pembroke pines apartment. it is here where the deadly discovery was made. davion killed in thinks own home and found dead on the l ling room floor. all weekend long condolence messages have been shared on social media. one woman writes "with the with a heavy heart i still can't express the pain felt." another says "i truly don't understand. can't believe this. rest in paradise." >> and i know that this happened to him, he lost his life in this mannerit's really pus excelling confusing and it's not a feeling that i would wish on anybody. >> terrell: that is davion's best friend who is in disbelief over the tragedy. the two were disclose even appeared together on the front page of a local newspaper just a few months ago. >> anyone that came across davion, he touched in a positive
5:27 pm
very little information about the trime after collect evidence from the scene. the apartment has baby home to two other homicides in the past nine months, one involving the death of of a man who was attempting a home invasion but was shot dead beau a resident. davion's murder is still a mystery but it's the one that his closest family and friends hope to be solve soon. >> i than the was justice for daveon. >> terrell: that man speaking to us from video because he is currently out of town. the miami-dade police department issued a statement today and said they are offering their fullport to daveon family in this time of mourning. this investing still very much derway. we are live in miami, terrell forney. >> laurie: a child was hit by a ca in west to be around 9:30 this morning along west ridge 45
5:28 pm
the child fortunately wasn't balad hurt but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. and three people on a broward county bus were injured this horning after a crash. lauderhill fire recue showing us this photo of crash. all three people were tonight at hospital with minor injuries. the driver of that car was not injured. >> victor: we're nowearing from family and friends of a university have florida student who died of a falling from an apartment building over the weekend p. his family lives in weston and that's where you find local10's carlos suarez speaking with pimp people who knew him. carlos. >> carlos: the 20-ye-old was well-liked by many, and his younger brother seemed to be following his brother's footsteps both of them went to cypress bay high here in west end and both played on the scheels soccer team. they were als season together teagueing in um football games. family and friends described than the 2-year-old chance wolf as a fun, caring young man who loved to play hockey and have fun with friends.
5:29 pm
was the sweetest young boy whoho grew into a dash chance, a third year as a result uf fell after a sixth story b con necessity his off-campus apartment early sunday morning. surveillance video showed wolf walking down a hallway and hopping a set of doors. a short time after thaty he's seen falling over a partition on the balcony. >> they unloaded the stretcher and it was probably 15 or 20 minutes before they actually brought him up on the. we were really worry can to see what happened. >> carlos: he went to broward county school in weston. the two are seen herey at a university florida football game. >> i know chase and he was close to his brother from what i heard from my friends, and i know it's d heart breaking for all of of us. >> carlos: wolf bade hockey sat uf and sigh breast bay.
5:30 pm
press bay. >> he hadado much potential, obviously. he goes here and he's a student with wanted to do something. it's sad that somelhing louk that had to happen. >> carlos: there has been an outpouring of suort for the family on social media. cypress bay hockey team tweeted this they woulul dedicate tonight's came to wolf and that his younger brother would take to the ice.police are still trying figueroa out whether this was an accident or it happened on purpose. we're told that toxicology results are still pending. we're live tonight in weston. i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> victor: so what do you do. if your neighbor decides to turn their backyard into beachfront property and it starts feign your property? >> laurie: that's when a local10 viewer called christina for help. here's what to know when dealing with your stacy code enforcement team and homeowners association. >> beachfront property, which is what he had hoped to do. >> christina: but this is miles
5:31 pm
coconut creek, creating a problem for linda and her lakefront neighbors. >> it's been a concern to us because you the has affected our property. >> christina: she called the city enforcement team, her homeowners, and i thtn she called christina. >> i don't want anything to happen to my property. >> christina: the damage is substantial.l. tree roots and underground pvc piping exposed, a crumbling patio. in some areas moqe than a foot of soil gone. an erosion concern now dangerously close to the property owner's foundation and creeping toward linda's property line. >> there has been erosion affecting me. >> christina: the property is owned by thomas cotton. >> how did he physically even remove all of this land? >> >> just a daily, hourly hosing of city water. he would hose sometimes for hours. >> christina: and this is not the first time cotedon has turned his backyard into a beach. it was repaired once before. >> the most recent case, it's
5:32 pm
been seeking compliance.e. >> christina: this time cotton's home was declared a nuisance property, enabling the city stope in, making repairs to dee his neighbors' properties intact. >> our property is causing damage to adjacent properties where it's hazardous, where it affects uncle. health and safety, the city can go on the property and repair the damage. >> christina: so far cotton has racked up more than $25,000 in code enfojcement fines with the city. we reached out to thomas cotton. his presest home, the north detention center awaiting trial on a probation violation. shshldn't us this hand-written letter which read simply "sorry, locked up. no comment. refer any inquiries to our attorney." and we did but the attorney listed tells us cotton firedher. it's been i long process, but the city and the winston park foundation have now begun restoration. >> the more pro act of residents can be in contacting their code
5:33 pm
situation that may be brewing, the earlier we can contact a homeowner. >> to maintain a goodd relationship to the best of your ability but draw the lighten some point in time and be proactive. >> christina: one thing we wanted to she with you is that working with the city on behalf of the viewer, we learned that bringing that brought into code compliance can take a bit of time. the city must allow owners, property owners due process. it's a legal term, essentially guaranteeing all legal rights afforded by law to the property owner. we will keep you updated as this restoration process that started after linda called christina continues. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: now to vote 2016 in iowa where this caucuses begin toninit. the latest poll shows donald trump with a 5 point levered ted cruz, and this is according des moines register bloomberg politics polol on the democratic side hillary clinton is 3 points ahead of bernie sanders, 45-42 percent.
5:34 pm
kuss iowa get to vote first and how do the caucuses work exactly. >> laurie: we're going to learn more now from the big pan, our senior political reporter michael putney. you're going to be with us all night long. i was a government major. i didn't understand it exactly back then and it's still complicated. >> michael: if democratic side is complicated let's try and explain how this works. the process basically very simple for republicans. they go to their neighborhood caucus site, usually a school, sign in as a registered voter, hear a couple speeches for the candidates and then cast a secret ballot. that's it. it's more complicated for democrats. they go to their caucus site. they are immediately directed to one part of the room set aside for a particular candidate or they can join an uncommitted group. remember, this is all out in the hospital. if a candidate fails to get 15% of the totaleople present, he is out, and then hiss backers are invid to support another candidate. then there are speeches in favor of the candidates with finally a vote.
5:35 pm
a mathematical formula that victor will explain and the delegates are selected in numbers proportional to the caucus vote. bottom line, democrats, the open. for republicans it's simple and it's closed. caucuses begin 8:00 our time, and we should start getting results about 10:00, i would imagine, our time. >> victor: you lost me a little bit at math. >> michael: it works. it's more complicated than i can understand but in the end it's just like voting any place else. you're going to get a final vote and we will see what happens tonight. a little fact iodide. the last time that a winner of the iowa caucuses twenty t/ become president, 2000, george b. w. bush. most of the time the winner did does not go on to back the nom escapee the president. >> laurie: it's not about wing. it it's about exceeding expectations and gaining momentum. >> michael: basically that's
5:36 pm
laurie: we're glad you're here with us. >> michael: glad to be here. >> victo you can stay with local10 for complete coverage on tonight's caucuses. demen glenn willbly bring you be another live report at 6:00. >> laurie: rients it is 5:41 >> jenise: arts start with the turn facebook northbound a aund northwest 106th street. there is a shoulder blocked and we are seeing heavy delays clocking in at 7 miles per hour. weise zoom on in, those delays are starting start proposing the dolphin expressway, they're going to last for a long time. looks like they throws are going to last for about -- delays are gog to last for about six miles. they're probably going to be late coming home tonight if their on the turnpike. palmetto expressway north ar 25th street. looks like a parking lot. as see zoom on in again really heavy delays here as well. palmetto northbound right around northwest 25th street with
5:37 pm
all, 6 miles per hour. and another accident on the julia tuttle causeway, this is as you are leaving miami beach right around alton road but it does look like traffic is picking in with speeds clocking at 40 miles per hour. >> laurie: we have an exclclive exclusive update in a story that sent shock revenues through the broward county jail. we're talking about an attorney accused of having sex in an interview room being reunited where client today. our the one and only exclusive hall n at 6:00. >> victor: a man and a woman who only new each other from instagram decided to get married the first time they met in person. it happened this weekend and you will hear from this happy dummy up next. >> laurie: first, a police officer is under fire for the way he broke up a fight between
5:38 pm
caught on camera. >> victor: police officers response to two takers fighting is now leading to accusations of police brutality in texas. the entire incident was caught on camera on friday. dramatic and violent video showing a 17-yeye-old black teenager fighting with a 15-year-old hispanic subpoena teen, but suddenly philosopher eric rox shows up and it's what happens next that has protestors packer they claim the officer pushed that 17 nearly-year-old through a plate glass window. >> when they pulled up, they both were engaged in a confrontation, but yet the young
5:39 pm
they grabbed, threw through the window, assault him, handcuffed h'm and left him laying there without a shirt on. >> victor: now protesters are accusing the officer in the video of police brutality for charging and pushing 17-year-old lee hague app, a local lol high school student through plate glass window in the store. in the video you can see hagan backing away from the other kid when the officer arrives, and then this officers goes to grab him and hagan appears to be pushed against the window. >> i backed away from the dude after the police told mitchell to get up the and he just grabbed me and threw nee through the window for no reason. i didn't resist arrest. >> victor: but the police chief joe eye yell a. >> my officer did not slam him through the window. >> victor: the ebb chief maintains he was trying to get vol of lee august hagan. he said hagan fell over his own feet and tripped through if window.
5:40 pm
around, and when he did that mr. hague app appeared to have tripped, and he hit -- his body went up against the glass window. >> victor: and police are still investigating. the chief said that the finding will be turned oh to the district attorney's office to decide if any charges are warranted. >> laurie: in this age of online dating and net romances comes a modern love story. a couple who knew each other from instagram got married as soon as they met each other in person. erica harris lives in california but the man of her dreams, she met him randomly on instagram. they tradey posts and emergence a year before artery, who lives in new york, bought a one-way plane ticket out west. as soon as he got off the plane, he popped the question, and she said yes. the couple has some advice for those still trying to find love. >> don't listen to your your thoughts, don't listen to your head. follow your heart. follow your soul. >> so for anybody who doesn't believe in fairytales anymore, it can hpen to you, too. >> victor: don't listen to your thoughts.
5:41 pm
that's a forever commitment and there-- i mean, on instagram some people don't look exactly how they do in person. but it's 2016. >> laurie: you try to get a sense of each other. >> victor: why live with the person first or have dinner? right there. >> laurie: that could be a killer. >> trent: dinner is cheaper than aing. just saying. get to know. i wish one thing we could go right for is the sunglasses today but with these cloud lingering we're-time get a little bit better view from our miami tower cam. you can see that tower accomodate western edge but as that sunlight the edge it's lighting up the magic city. as we look the other way, the mount sinai medical center tower cam seeing the gloom. we have seen quote a bit more sunshine. even the hollywood beach cam showing clouds off in the distance as it was not a good beach day here at all in south florida as those clouds have
5:42 pm
they do so it's taking the rainfall with it. big cluster just north of bim me. broward county has dried out but over the past hour or so we've watched a little redevelopment of a cluster south or not key biscayne. broward, you are dry. biscay and south beach, the next ten to 15 minutes asp it slowly moves uefa thought to the north, w will watch you until lete you go at 6:30. so showers dying out around miccosukee resort. florida keys drag out and 17 chell clearing out through the overnight hours. this onshore flow had continue and it's going to keep temperatures mild. as you step out the door in pompano beach 74 degrees. 76 in pembroke pines and hialeah. 80 in key west and hialeah. we'll go to the upper 60 for dade and broward. passing showers not out of the question for tonight. dry and warmer forour tuesday. then as we watch this cold front as we roll through the mid parts
5:43 pm
we'll is a warm and breezy. this cold front is really going to cause usuals for the southeast tomorrow as we have the --ause issues for the southeast tomorrow. we have the possibility of tornadoes from jackson, mississippi to nashville and the northern parts of kentucky, and before the severe weather trikes strikes we've got to watch the snowfall, a major snowstorm with from colorado all the way through wisconsin tonight as the mputer models are indicating up to a foot snow in many locations from north platt all e way through hastings and to the northern was here and eventually that will stretch into wisconsin as we go through tuesday and wednesday. so a lot going on in our forerest here. groundhog's day tomorrow. we'll stay warm. 83 edition. we go up 5 degrees above our normal and stay warm through thursday. by the time friday rolls around we'll watch that cold fro get cle to us and that will increase our rain chance. then that front is going to linger here so we'll keep a 20 to 30 percent chance of rain r
5:44 pm
>> laurie: and take a look atthis video from hawaii where a pro surfer goes into a freefall while trying to surf this enormous wave. he stem cell fell if the feet trying to ride this giant wave in maui. look at him fall. he saidt felt like being in a car crash and he was blinded for a few second because of the strong sea spray after falling. hawaiis wa been hit by numerical waves all thanks to this year's el nio. >> victor: that had to hurt. we are beads workiki the news at 6:00. we have a one a a only exclusive. the attorney accused of having sex at the broward county jail met up with a client again today and only local10n't news was >> laurie: we're speaking with the driver who decided to plag down that police officer who blew by hern the highway and give him a piece of her mind. >> calvin: there are mororguns on the streets because of careless horns owners who don't
5:45 pm
we'll have more on i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and a as can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me sle made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
5:46 pm
could help save lives when seconds count was launched today in broward county. it's called the yellow dot motorist medical medical information program and local10's jenise fernandez explains how you the works. >> jenise: the minute you're in a car accident time is of they ennis. first responders to have work quickly to stabilize victims, and sometimes the victims can't communicate. >> sometimes they're emotional emotionally distraught. sometimes we have language barriers. >> jenise: the yellow dot program began nationwide in 2002. palm beach county introduced it there in 2014, and now broward county is joining the program. >> a couple years ago the florida legislature passed a
5:47 pm
adopt the yellow dot program, and they did that because first responds went to them ask said, we have a problem. we get to th scene of an accident. the people are non-responsive or unconscicis and we donnelly know a below whole lot about them. >> jenise: the program is simple. place this yellow dot dedaal on the lower left-hand side of your windshield. then fill out the medical information and put in it the glove compartment. that yellow dot decal tells first responders they've permison to go into your glove apartmen and grab that pamphlet. smite inside the pamphlet place a photo of yourselfnd list any health problems you may have like asthma or heart disease. it's crucial information that could make the difference in a high of life or death situation jenise fernandez haven't that's
5:48 pm
at 5:30 here are laurie and calvin back for news at 6:00. >> calvin: a one and only exclusive, a lawyer accused of having execscsith her client will be able to visit him in jillions agaga with but limitations. >> laurie: a big expansion for seminole hard rock. what's being planned, and how many jobs it's expected to bring to south florida. >> calvin: the iowa causes now just hours away. the last-minute pitch from the presidential hope@uls before the hawkeye state kicks off the voting seaeon. >> laurie: a catholic high school vandalized. two masked wanted dits spray antigaye remarks on the walls of campus. >> calvin: and a miami-dadad woman gets a cop do slow down. what drove her to do it. >> laurie: crooks were more guns and the surprising place they. people who keep their weapons in cars. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company we start with a one and only exclusive, a lawyer accused of
5:49 pm
band from all broward county jails appeared in court today along with thatlient. the same man she is accused having sex was witit fighting to keep her as his attorney. >> calaln: and a judge today deciding that lawyer should be allowed back into the broward county jails with some limitations. local10 news reporter andrew perez live now in fort lauderdale with this exclusive report. andrew. >> andrew: that's right, this torney can now meet with her client in jail but she's going to have to cuss discuss his case through a window. we caught up exclusive with her after an emergency hearing that was held today. sheaid nothing is going to stop her from doing her job. >> this is a veryy convenient time for something like this to be all over the media, and you mean convenient for state. >> carlos: defense attorney jessica speaking out in her own defense. >> i'm here to fight for my client's rights like i do for all my clients. that's why he hired me. that's why he chooses to keep me
5:50 pm
>> carlos: her client senior
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