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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 2, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," political drama. >> donald trump's upset at the iowa caucuses. whatatt means for the republicans and the two remaining democrats in a dead heat. extensive political coverage ahead, live from des moines. also ahead, sarah palin's suppliesing comments about political polls and the political boost for marco rubio in the republican race. and campaign challenges for the spouses of the candidates revealing one-on-one interviews with the better halves of the presidential hopefuls. it is tuesday, february 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and we do say good morning on then busy post caucus tuesday. i'm kendis gibson into and i'm reena ninan. so trump not so teflon, huh? >> not so teflon.
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his conciliatory speech and man. >> we talked about this. i always feel that will iowa kind of delivers a surprise sometimes. right? the rest of america or maybe i should say new york and d.c. thinking one way. >> it is a nightmare at times for the pollsters. >> one upset on one side and the other too close to call. >> hillary clinton was once considered to be a shoo-in and ended up in a deadlock with vermont senator bernie sanders. >> despite his wide and steady lead donald trump ended up finishing in second place behind ted cruz. marco rubio is casting a stronger than expected finish in a close third place as a victory. >> let's get our coverage started right now with abc's brandi hitt who ises in des moines at this early morning hour. brandi did, good rning. >> reporter: good morning. oh, what an eveningere in iowa, ririt? as you just mentioned abc news
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will win the republican caucuses. and one of the reasons? the iowa gop is reporting record-breaking voter turnout. high turnout making for high drama in iowa. a huge win for ted cruz into tonight is a victory for courageous conservative cantives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> reporter: upsetting gop front-runner donald trump. >> we will go on to ealy beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> and marco rubio running strong. >> tonight we have taken the first step but an important step towards winning this election. >> reporter: on the democratic side, the race between hillary clcnton and bernie sanders is too close to call. >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america.
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a develop profound message to the political establishment. >> reporter: the presidential hopefuls gave one final pitchcht caucus sites before votes were cast. as many as 400,000 iowans expected to show up at some 2,000 locations. >> this year'seally important. a lot's changed the past eight years. reporter: for the republicans even a third-place finish here is key giving that candidate moment moving into new hampshire. overnight, martin o'malley a mike huckabee did suspe their campaigns with all political eyes shiftingg over to new hampshire already. everyone's focused on next week's an primary. reporting live in des moines, brandi hitt, abc news. back over to you. >> before you go, was really surprised. everyone kind of said going into in that if there was overwhelming turnout, ha donald trump would fare better. what can you tell u u about the turnout last night? >> that's what everybody's been talking about. they had record breaking turnout for the gop but it didn't help trump.
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numbers come in and the very conservative voters ended up going straight to ted cruz. fewer, a lower turnout than expected for the democrats and while bernie sanders got the young voters hillary clinton pulled more of the voters who said they want to continue the same policies that barack obama has been implementing over the last eight years, reena and kendis. >> quite a nail biter right there in des moines. thank you. let's dig deeper into what these results mean going forward. the new hampshire primary one week ag. >> shushannah walshe is there in des moines. start with the republicans because surprise, a deeply divided party now has twos strong alternatives we would say to donald trump. how bigging is that? >> reporter: it is quite significant. really just until recently, many in the party had resigned themselves to possibly a donald trump nominee. now there's two possible alternatives.
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second but barely because marco rubio had that strong, came in a strong third. of course, this is from the candidate who talks all the time about winning. >> possible could trump lose new hampshire too? >> well, reena, he's always been leading in the polls in new hampshire by a wider marge than the difference here in iowa. but it's definitely possiblele why in because all of the stories and the coverage out of iowa where a lot of voters are going to be paying attention t/ will be that he did not win here. that essentially is a loss. that's because a lot of -- with the early states, it's a lot about the perception gained. and because donald trump talks about winning pre single day on the campaign tray, this is a loss. and new hampshire voters, well, they may be paying attentionono it. >> as far as the democratic side is concerned, there was a strong showing from sanders last night. moving forward, what does this mean?
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the momentum. now, of course, the race we have not called a winner yet. the are still precincts out and votes out yet to be counted. but it's -- you have to remember that just recently, bernie sanders was trailing badl to hillary clinton and she was seen as the inevitable candidate. does that sound familiar? yes, because that's what happened in 2008. and again, it's a bad night for hillary clinton here in iowa. >> fascinating. it makes politics exciting i have to say. abc's. >> reay exciting night. >> abc's deputy political director shush walsh. thanks so much f f joining us. donald trump lost but even though sarah palin campaign ford him, the former republican vice presidential candidate said america needs trump because he's "going rogue all the time." she said he smeeks out what's on people's hearst a a minds and even the poll from the
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>> i think for first time i'm ing to say we can believe the polls. usually i say they're only good for spripers and cross-country skiers but this time i think the polls are right. >> staying classy there. sarah palin. those polls turned out to be wrong or a lot of uecided voters decided against trump in the end. palin says she will support the nominee whoever it is. i'm curious if the fact he dropped out of the fox news debate had an impact. people were turned off by that. our coverage of the iowa caucuses does not end here. we'll be checkg in with marco rubio's campaign later this next half hour. >> strippers and skiers, goods to snee. mrs. making news this morning, a news team from our san diego affiliate was injured while covering a story while reporting on falle trees, another tree fell on the reporter and photographer. they were about to go live when the free fell. news photographer mike gold
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his leg but was able to c`ll 911 and the reporter marie cornell has more extensive injuries. people in the plain states are getting ready foror massive snowstorm. supermarkets called in extra workers to stock shelves as shoppers got ready for the storm. most say they're not worried at least not too much and are looking forward to the day off as long as they have the right munchies. accuweather's paul williams shows the storm and its impact from denver to green bay. >> thanks, reena, kendis. a monster of a snowstorm is going to cause problems with road closures, blizzard conditions whiteouts and blowing and drifting snow. it's going to affect the folks in the denver area, sliding throughout central portions of nebraska, going into kaas, just about all of iowa and then finally culminating and crescendoing more so throughout wisconsin. not only there in the deep south, particularly along i-55,
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kendis, reena? >> thank you. if you prefer to get your forecast from a rodent, punxsutawney phil does his thing later in pennsylvania today. if the famed groundhog sees his shadow, legend says we'll have six more weeks of winter. if he doesn't, we can expect warmer temperatures. >> we haven't had six weeks of winter yet. we had one storm but we'll see. >> you think he's going to see his shadow. >> i get my forecast from him and the farmers almanac every year. >> we've all seen military or police dogs chasing down guys in their protective suits as part of their training. here's something likee that. >> a rogue drone flying where it shouldn't be. here's a soluon. eagles, they're training them to take down the droros in the netherlands. look at that. >> wait for it. i missed the capture. dutch police say the eaglesre tough p see a drone as prey and catch it and take it to a safe
3:10 am
testing them will continue for a few more months before final decisions on implementin them are made. >> wow. >> yeah. >> you know, we had those eagles flying around the sporting arenas before those big games like the super bowl and in case somebody decides they're going to put a drone out there, you can do that. >> just hope the eagle comes back to you with the drone. >> instead of flying off? might be good foot and. >> that poor drone. coming up, the shirtless star causing peopl to pass out from his hotness. >> one of the candidates coming out of iowa, marco rubio sounding victorious despite his third-place finish. >> what spouses are saying about this race that could end wh them in the white house. also, make sure toheck out our
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. updating our top story, ththe's no clear winner yet in the democratic race at this year's iowa caucuses. vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton deadlocked at 50/50. and an upset on the republican side. donald trump who had been enjoying a clear and steadyead in the polls recently finished second by just 4 percentage points behind senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio
3:15 am
place just 1 point behind trump. >> in some ways marco rubio is the big republican winner this morning. he did better than the polls predicted while avoiding trump's scorched earth criticism. >> that puts wings under his wings. we cover the rubio campaign. good morning, inez. >> hey, that's right, guys. so big, big night for marco rubio tonight. he came in third. we suspected he would come in third but this was such a close race, he basically tied donald trump. the latest polls had him at a distant third. this did ce as a bit i've surprise. i'll let you listen to what t e campaign was billing as marco rubio's speech. >> so thiis the moment they said would never happen. for months, for months they told us we had no chance. for months, they told uss because we offered too much optimism in a time of anger we had no chance.
3:16 am
chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. >> he also congratulated ted cruz who won iowa and rubio thanked his iowa supporters >> i am grateful to you, iowa. you believed in me when others didn't think this night would be possible. >> reporter: and with the campaign really wanted out of iowa was momentum, not necessarily a first-place finish% but momentum or marco men tum as they're calling it and toninit's close third-place finish will certainly help with that. reena, kendis. >> inness, thank you. tpank you to so many of our campaign embeds who have done such a great job. has anybody lost new hampshire and iowa and still gone on to get account nominationing? >> new hampshire and iowa. >> apparently in 1972, mcgover lost both new hampshire and iowa and didn't win till april in wisconsin primary and he went on to win the party's nomination.
3:17 am
that there's hope for gilmore? who lost last night. >> that'sot what i'm saying. >> hope springs eternal for a lot of people. >> too critical of campaigns. be elear to see what happens for new hampshire next week and south carolina following quickly. >> nevada. coming up in our next half hour, more coverage of the iowa caucuses, the neck and neck race between hillary clinton and bernie sands. the democratic contenders tough fight in the battleground states and their strategy as all eyeye now it urn to new hampshire. >> first the running mates, the candidates' spouses and the roles they play in the campaign race opening up aut the people they fell in love with years
3:18 am
stand by your man and show the world you love him he's given all the love he can >> good one. >> yep. you know you've heard them in the debates and sound bites and ads but to really get to know the presidential candidates, you should probably ask their better halves. >> the supporters who probably know them best. abc's linsey davis caught up with the lifelong running mates. >> it's been said you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. >> i was so impressed with her work ethic, with her tenacity. >> reporter: so perhaps the best way to get a sensese of who the presidential candidates are -- >> he's so psionate and compassionate and lots of fun. >> reporter: is to talk to the people who likely know them best. their spouse or collectively their spice. >> don't worry, you've g g my vote. that was the first words i spoke to bernie.
3:19 am
himaying he was randy paul. i think it was probably our fourth or fifth date. i started calling him rand. and he liked it. >> reporter: they've seen them at their best. >> the first time when he operated on a baby in the womb, that was incredible. >> reporter: and stood by them in their deepest despair. for carly and frank fiorina, that meant enduring the loss of a 34-year-old daughter to drug addiction. >> it was just a bad year. carly d cancer. 11 operations. chemo. radiation. but when laury died, you know it, makes everythinglse in life pale in comparison. >> reporter: people seem to either love or hate ted cruz. why do you think that he's so polarizing. > if you are not in there trying to fix the problem, you don't like the problem fixer. >> reporter: for the people who just see chrhr christie and want to say he's a name caller, he's
3:20 am
how would you helpp them to see your husband as more presidential? >> the handful of name calling that has been caught on video sometimes, there was always a purpose to that. >> you have a big saying who the nominee is. >> he's not a a great cocktaill party conservationist. that can come off as being perhaps prickly or aloof. he would much rher sit down and have more one-on-one or substantive conversation. >> so while the candidates now woo america, hair spouses fondly remember their own courtship and share their partner's greatest asset. >> his steadfastness. >> patience. >> sinceritity. >> other brain and ethics. >> his optimism. >> his smile. >> his greatest as sit. >> me. >> lynn day davis, abc news, new york. >> i love that. we learned so much including that mrs. paul is responsible for rand being known as rand.
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k-y touch. all right, folks. time now for "the mix." you know it's a dead heat in the iowa with e hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she won one of the little areas based on a coin toss. >> what? >> yeah. apparently down there florida precinct 70, they were trying to break a 61-61 split at the caucus and univision reporting that they did a coin toss. apparently caucus rulele allow for a coin to be flipped to decide the vote in case of a tie like this. so the coin landed heads down. that means it was in favor of clinton. this took place at the weeks middle school gymnasium. >> this is 2016 in america. >> it could have ever been a shoot-out. >> that's true. back 100 years ago. no doubt. so take a lookh at this. speak of politics, one kid has
3:25 am
all the candidates. awkward one with marco rubio there. here he is with jeb bush. so his goal he said was to try to take selfies with everybody. his one holdout was ted cruz. here is what he did. he pretended to bee proposing to his friend. he had a t-shirt and he had his female companion. he got down on one knee and proposed and then he scored the selfie with ted cruz. >> that was the selfie after the proposal. there's marco rubio. it was with ted cruz. >> with him andnd his friend and ted cruz. >> was cruz upset he came over and got the selfie? >> ted didn't know. >> okay. okay. got to do what you got to do to get those. the collection. >> exactly. we do love our broadway here in new york, don't we? >> some do, yes. >> an unusual scene took place at the broadway, a view from the bridge. apparently they have seating on stage where the actors are and
3:26 am
there you see him there. >> gorgeouguy. did you know he had gorgeous abs. takes off his shirt in one of the scenes and the guy on stage, the audience member passes out after seeing this image. they had to call for a doctor. they asked is anyone in the house a doctor. three pele tried to help the guy. apparently this audience member apologized i a tweet on sunday to t ty saying i'm sorry if i disrupted the performance. >> the only brob is they tried to give russell toe have i mouth to mouth resuscitation. he was fine. it was the other guy. >> take a look at this porcupine thth was just so cool. thinks he's a dog. facebook page. two of his best friends are some bulldogs there and many of his owners say that he k kd of walks around and thinks he's a dog. >> my gosh. >> never had any trouble with canine friends before. >> i guess they don't try to hug him because that would hurtr
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this morning on "world news now," campaign surprises f fm iowa. the humbling moment for donald trump. the big shift for the republicans, and the drama from the democrats. >> speaking of t democrats and hihiary clinton delivering a viftory speech when the race was too close to call? we're live in des moines with extensive political coverage. >> and new this half hour, prospective jurors got a big surprise. >> they got notices to phone in for duty but the number was not for the courthouse. they were in for an x rated call. >> uh-oh. later in "the skinny" from a group date to a memorable cocktail party. it was an unforgettable night on "is the bachelor." our senior analyst is here with his exclusive kiss count on this tuesday, february 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:29 am
>> we say good morning. it is tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> andn i'm reena ninan. we begin with the upset at this year's iowa caucuses. so iowa voters handed no candidate a landslide victory. the biggest surprise was the stunning defeat of donald trump finishing in second place only four percentage pointsehind texas senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio finishing a close third. >> the race was even tighter between the top two democrats, vermont senator bernie and sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck in a race still too close to call. abc's david wright begins our coverage from des moines. >> and god bless the great state of iowa. >> reporter: more signs that nothing is inevitable in 2016. on the republican side, ted cruz trumped billionaire donald trump. >> iowa has sent notice that the
3:30 am
president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. but will be chosen by we, the people, the american people. >> reporter: on the democratic side, too close to call. even as hillary clinton declared victory -- >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. beie sanders i want wasn't conceding anything. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> reporter: the hard fought campaign touched every corner of this rural farm state, all 99 counties. a record number of gop caucusgoers turned out to participate. more than 180,000 statewide. for donald trump, the front-runner most of the way here, the question has always been, would those huge crowds at the trump rallies translate into huge crowds of trump voters. >>e finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. and i wawa to congratulate ted.
3:31 am
finisher on the republican side, marco rubio also treated as a >> for months, for months they told us we had no chance. >> reporter: the iowa caucus gets a lot of attention because it comes first, but in many ways this state is not exactly representative of the rest of the nation. no sooner have the caucus results been cnted and it's onward to new hampshire. some with a boost, others slightly bruised, the battle in both parties now in full swing. on to new hampshire. so long, everybody. >> reporter: i'm david wright in des moines. okay, so with the cruz victory and a trump loss and a statistical tie for the democrats, let's continue our coverage right now from iowa. >> abc's brandi hitt is live in des moines this morning. hey, brbrdi, the results still coming in. so what are you hearing from the campaigns right now? >> reporter: you know, in the victory rallies i think a lot was said especially when you listen to ted cruz and marco rubio. they were energized tonight and
3:32 am
they both finished well. ted cruz winning, rubio coming in third. on the democratic side, it was interesting to hear both hillary clinton and bernie sanders kind of declare victory even though this race is too close to call because they're likely going to be splitting the delegates fro the iowa caucuses. i'm curious to see what ends up happening in the end. but you could hear on the sanders' camp sometimes the crowd would roar so loudly, he just had to laugh. this was a big victory for him to come out. he had a huge voter turnout. it was interesting to so hear clinton say that she was breathing a sigh of relief. you know, this is the state she lost back in 2008, reena and kendis. victory rally for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but with ted cruz leang the thinking were other winners tonight? >> reporter: marco rubio, all analysts say he was definitely one of the winners tonight because everyone's talking about how close of a race this was. if you were looking at the numbers throughout the night
3:33 am
oohs and ahs in the crowd because he was so close to donald trump at one point, a lot of people thought he might even come in second, reena and kendis. > eager to see what happens in new hampshire. abc's brandi hitt reporting live from des moine thanks so much. by the time iowa voters got together for caucuses last night, a couple of replican candidates had already moved on. ohio governor john kasich held three town hall meetings in new hampshire on monday. primary voters weigh in one week from today. chris christie was appealing to votersn the granite state. both governors got just 2% of the vote in iowa. stay with abc news all morning long for more coverage of the iowa caucuses. later this half hour, an update from the hillary clinton campaign. well, another major story we're following is the growing outbreak of the zika virus. the world health o2ganization has now declared the virus a globalmergency. zika has been linked to thousands of cases o obrain damage in babies mostly in south america.
3:34 am
countries to itsravel alert, because of the virus. american samoa, costa rica, nicaragua and the caribbean isnd, as well. hundndds of residents near cleveland were forced to leave their homes after a train derailed and caught fifi. investigators in the village of brewster say a butane tanker may have sparked the fire. two cars of the train left the track because of the fumes and the threat of explosion. people were sent to the local high school. the wal-mart trucker involved in n e tracy morgan crash pleading not guilty. the june, 2014 accident severely injured morgan and killed one of s friends, both riding in a limousine van. kevin roper faces aggravated manslaughter and other charges. his attorney plans to ask the charges all be dismissed. investigatats say roper had not slept for 25 hours and was speeding at the time. >> and comedn bill cosby is expected in court today for a hearing on his sexual assault
3:35 am
at issue is whether the district attorney's office agreed not to prosecute cosby on the 2004 charges in exchange for his statement in a civil suit. the current d.a. says there was no such deal. the district attorney at the time is expected to testify that there was, and cosby's attorney is asking that the charges be dismissed. a surprise for prospective jurors in mississippi. their jury duty notice contained several phone numbers to call to determine if they had to show up that morning. so when the local number didn't work, many othe prospective jurors called the second number. it's a toll free number and boy, oh, boy, did they get a wrong number. >> i heard for hot girls, press 1. for hot guys, press 2. and i went ahead and hung up. i knew that wasn't right. it wasn't the courthouse. >> reporter: what were you thinking at the time? >> i was shocked. >> missing key piece of the story. what happens when you press one or two? what happens when you press three? you get both? >> prospective jurors were
3:36 am
fined for not showing up. the clerk says one digit was off and he's really embarrassed by the error. he's sending out an apology. that would make for interesting jury duty. it is. >> right? >> yeah. imagine? all right. so in years past, the tuesday bebere super bowl was media day when the teams answered all sorts of weird questions being asked by reporters and by others. not anymore. >> i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> media day has been replaced with what the nfl calls super bowl opening. both teams were there. >> the broncos and panthers were introduced while on a four-story high catlk. >> carolina quarterback cam newton answered questions with a towel tied around his head. denver's peyton manning sa that he hasn't made up his mind about retiring yet. and to everyone's credit, no one repeated the phrase "i'm just here so i don't get fined," over and over again. >> my other one was, what t d he say? marshawn also said i believe in
3:37 am
wasn't that a li? >> was it? i don't r rember that one from marshawn. >> it was kind of cool like having the interactions with the players. >> you don't like the new setup. >> not necessarily. >> did you e-mail roger goodell? >> i'll get on it. coming up a potential shocr for fans of one direction, including myself. >> you're a big 1d fan. >> also ahead, adele getss political sending a big message to a major presidential that's in "the skinny" and our bonus round. >> and we'll return to our top story, the iowa caucuses and the reaction from hillary clinton's campaign in des moines after today's forecast map and a maj snowstorm in the plains. and the midwest.
3:38 am
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updating our top story, the first test of the presidential candidates has handed no one a landslide victory, but senator ted cruz from texas won the republican iowa caucuses handing donald trump a big defeat and there's no victory so far on the democratic side with hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a deadlock. still too close to call. some confusion among reporters covering the clinton campaign last night. when the candidates spoke at what was meant to be her victory party she spoke but didn't declare victory. it was kind of odd. abc's liz kreutz covers the campaign and files this report for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yeah. kind of a confusing night t re. hillary clinton abruptly came on
3:42 am
she gave remarks an saying she's breathing a sigh of relief, but never said the word victory. >> i will always work to achieve the america th i believe in where the promise of that dream that we hold out to our children and our grandchildren never fades. but inspires generations to come. join me, let's go win the nomination. thank you all and god bless you! >> reporter: the clinton campaign says they believe they've won but things still seem a little biconfusing. obviously, abc news has yet to project a winner in the democratic caucus. reena and kendis? >> you know the way they do it in iowa, the democratic party, they have a proportion of the votes, you know, to go on. so just because you lose iowa doesn't necessarily mean you lose the whole state in the election. >> both of them are technicall tied as far as the delegate count goes. talking about sanders and hillary clinton. but it was clear that this was the a disappointment for them. they were feeling confident all day long going into the caucuses
3:43 am
democratic party can actually declare a winner but they're kind of like, we're not going to do that. can you blame them? >> coming up, a very different kind of race. candidates vying for the heart of "the bachelor." >> our senior analyst is back with a report including an emotional cocktail party. >> the skinny up next.n
3:44 am
skinny, so skinny >> okay, so it's a big moment. welcome back. time for "the skinny." we're going to start with proof that all the action wasn't just in iowa last nigig. >> plenty of action on abc's "the bachelor," as well. as always, we get the latest details from our senior bachelor analyst, jack sheehan. welcome back. >> nice to be here. the single rose this week for thospaying attention to the details. speaking of the details, we're in mexico. last night on abc's "the bachelor," 11 women started. 11. started off with the one-on-one date. ben and amanda. she's the divorced mother of two. excuse me. they went on a hot air balloon ride. and you can say that their connection really took off. get it? okay. >> because they took off. >> the thing about amanda is, anybody who was watching noticed
3:45 am
"like." she said the word "like" like way too many times. >> that's a code. >> i'll tell you what, but, like, amanda got the like rose. let's, like, move ong. rapidly. >> i like her. >> group date. espanol class. they were hablaing espanol. learning how to habla espanol. ben getting down on one knee again this whole thing. then they learned all that they used all that they learned to buy some groceries. then they did some cooking. olivia, who the world hates now, was cooking on a team with ben. these two people who ran the restaurant where they were doing this whole thing said that ben and olivia's food looked like dog food. so that was as if to say it didn't look good. the cooking contest was won by jubilee and lauren b.
3:46 am
>> so that went well. speaking of jubilee -- >> how is she doing? >> well, she didn't do too good. >> oh, no, no. >> she was going by the nickname jubes on this one. so jubes, everything got weird with jubes at the cocktail party after the group date. she told ben she was being overshadow. she admitted pulling out of their relationship. ben sort of got through the drama by saying maybe it was best to say good-bye. >> no. >> yeah. >> the black girl leaves? >> so much for jubilee. so much for jubes. >> always happens. >> she was escorted to the door. >> oh, man. >> now, later on, the cocktail party amongst the ten women who were now left, basically the bottom line is nobody likes olivia, as we've already established. olivia basically told amanda that, i don't know, she said mething about teen mom. olivia told her that she
3:47 am
>> oh, no. >> then we get the twin that's left in it, she gets all emotional worked up at theing ben that olivia's a jerk. ben's likehe's starting to question if he knows who olivia is. he basically calls her out. can i talk to you for a minu. >> catching on, huh? >> he might beatching on. olivia already had a rose. but that didn't happpp. then the episode came to an end. but not before the kiss count. >> oh. >> kiss count, kiss count this went well, kendis. >> oh, man. >> wow. >> nine. >> is that a record? >> he was busy. >> that's a season high. >> whoa, okay. >> for those countg. and we are. but to be continued. >> so nobody got a rose today? >> well, you know, there were roses handed out to olivia. olivia got a rose and amanda got a rose. >> before tonight. >> well, before the rose ceremony. but there was no rososceremony. >> no need for one. >> yeah. >> t t episode ended to be continued. so to be continued.
3:48 am
>> i think next year will be our year for black bachelorette finally. let's hope thanks, jack. >> turning now to some oth headlines including "dancing with the stars" our favorite val is facing major legal challenges. >> it stems from a memhe shared on his facebook page. the tete reading "letting your kid become obese should be considered child abuse." the girl in the photo's family is suing the dancer for $6 million claiming he humiliated a child with down's syndrome who is at much higher risk of obesity. >> val's facebook page has over 300,000 fans. in response to the lawsuit, he tweeted one day you'll hear my side of the story if anyone will still be listening. >> turning back to politics and the world's top singer at this moment piling on trump as he fell short of winning the caucuses. and here's why. >> thank you all. starting in my heart >> that's adele's song brolling
3:49 am
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the difference is easy to absorb. >> a ai right or am i right or am i right? right, right, right? >> ned, i would love to stand here and talk k th you, but i'm not going to. >> hey, that's all right. >> that,t,f course, bill murray as phil conners the sarcastic weather man stuck living the same day again and again in "groundhog day." >> and since it is groundhog day, today we're going to the "skinny" again. a bonus round. >> let's introduce jack. ststting with some alarming news for directioners. the nickname for fans of the wonderful band arguably the greatest band of all time, one direction. >> like you, kendis, you're a a big fan. >> sorry, but the band's biggest star harry styles may be signaling a departure from the group. styles has officially split from
3:53 am
>> he's the one with the long hair. here's where it gets bad though. >> apparently his new management has said they're working on launching his solo career by arou this time next year. the band has previously said they're going on hiatus, but this latest development might make it harder for them to keep gogog. but we do wish harry and the boys the very best. maybe a a union concert in a few years. >> or a movie. >> yes. next, regular peopleurious with the rich and famous for their advantages. >> it's definitel new. but the news is that brooklyn beckham, the 16-year-old son of victoria and david beckham landed a gig shooting the latest social media campaign for the fashion company burberry. professional photographers and fans of fashion re critical calling out nepotism over the hiring choice. >> some pointed out that young beckham didn't even know how to hold the camera properly. but burberry did not back down saying brooklyn has a really great eye. he does have great eyes. >> good luck. we like young people getting a chance, even if they are rich
3:54 am
>> they get enough chances. >> we've got new details of the music rivalry coming to light. l.a. reid's new memoir telling stories how michael jackson loved to watch prince mess up. >> not his son prince but ""purple rain"" prince, that guy. >> roid says while at neverland ranch, hee watched videos of prince messing up on stage during concert performances in the early '80s to mj's delight. that wasn't all. jackson then hopped in prince's movie "under the cherry moon" to spoke more fun at his rival. prince was such a big deal. maybe sometimes you like to see your competitors. maybe that w what that was about. >> that was movie was kind of laughable. i can kind of understa it. >> okay. >> it got 25% on rotten tomatoes. it's not my opinion. it's your people, ""purple
3:55 am
>> good statistics. guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl.
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