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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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>> very good. right now at 4:30 the first caucus of vote 2016 is in the books with senator ted cruz winning on the republican side. meanwhile the democrats are too close to call. she is accused of having sex with her client in jail. she is denying it all. why she says someone is trying to smear her name. >> and when you fail try, try again. a bumbling burglar didn't give up much but didn't get away with much either. now deputies hope you can stop him. good morning, south florida. >> i'm jacey birch. welcome to your t tsday. time to talk about that weather. it's considerably cooler but at least it's not warm out there. >> drier and more humid. we're definitely dealing with the dense fog
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we have seen a lot of heat and humidity move in overnight. we saw clear skies clearing and because of that it's the reason for dense fog advisory. the national weather service stating that visibility could be lessp than a quarter mile at times so please, keep that in mind as you're driving around this morning. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. we have the winds calm and that's the culprit for the possibility of dense fog. down by the keys we have winds moving in at three miles per hour. overall much drier as we start tuesday. patchy fog will be the culprit throughout the morning. highs will rapid warm up to the low 80s. we're definitely going to be above average for overnight lows and highs going into the middle part of thehe workweek. currently we're dry from lake okeechoe all the way down to key west and that's how things will stay but that patchy fog is going to linger. i'll have more coming up. this morning senator
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a victory. the republican candidate beating out donald trump who has been leading in the polls by thousands of votes. >> meanwhile it was nearly a tie on the democratic side with hillary clinton and bernie sanders who were separated less than a percentage point all along. >> martin o'malley dropped his bid and mike huckabee announcing the end of his g.o.p. run. >> glenna millberg reports from des moines. >>reporter: the final numbers last night cap off a voting process that is so unique to the iooa caucus. it is horse trading, it is debating and something you just have to see to believe. >> earp aarp last night. >> we saw a lot of people coming out and excited to get involved so it's good news. >>reporter: somewhere registering right there for the first time, jill was right there switching parties.
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caucused republican because we had the incumbent and wanted to see just what it was like. >>reporter: the g.o.p. voters on one side. >>reporter: because? >> because he's awesome. >> i want to say it's rubio. >>reporter: some on the other. >> brands is our guy this year airport and so many come to cast their first votes in the nation and many having no idea who to chose. so the talking and discussion and convincing of neighbors began. >> she needs the bernie supporters because she never even had an idea. >>reporter: this is one of the bigger caucus locations. this is going on all over the state in places like churches, schools, even people's hes. the republican process here is paper and pencil, secret, sort of. and a ballot box that may as well be a
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>> six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12 for marco rubio. >> 12 for marco rubio. >> she knows the drill. she understands the issues. >>reporter: the democrats physically stand with their candidates' crowd and become surrogates urging neighbors to their sides. you see onn the democratic side there were not enough votesfor martin o'malley. what happens is his supporters there can n either go to bernie sanders's side or hillary clinton's side or no side at all. it may be that martin o'malley's supporters throw the race in the democratic side of the iowa caucus. we'll hav to wait and see on that. it's been an exciting time here at the iowa caucus. i'm glenna millberg in des moines, iowa, local 10 news. >> thanks. ted cruz with a strong 28%, donald trump right behind him, 24%, marco
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former governor only getting 23% of the vote. >> clinton has 49.9%. sanders has 49.6%. martin o'malley dropping out of the race after getting less than 1% of a vote. and now to one and onlyxclusive story you'll see on local 10, a lawyer accused of having sex with her client was in court yesterday along with her client. the judge said the ban should be lifted with eliminations. victor oquendo has the exclusive hearing as he spoke with a lawyer. >>reporter: defense attorneys reunited with her client. >> i'm here to fight for my client's rights like i do with all my clients. that's why he hired me. >>reporter: granda telling a judge he doesn't wt to lose her. >> if there's any conflicts i'm waiving,
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>>reporter: this after she was banned from visiting him. her picture posted for guards to be on the look-out. deputies say they caught the attorney having sex with her client during a a visit in an interview room. she tells us someone is out to get her. >> this is convenient time for this to be all over the media and i mean convenient for the state. >> we believe there's an ulterior motive by broward's sheriff's office at this time. >>reporter: the reports stating a guard caught her bent over at the waist with her skirt raisedd while granda's body was placed if you rememberly at her but torque. she argued she can't defend properly like that. >> what do you want to say about the allegations in general? >> absolutely nothing. >>reporter: she says she's
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she says she's got a share of paperwork, video, pictures with her client and it's hard to way. we know she's been accused of misconduct in the past. it's unclear what those accusations are at this point. we know the florida bar is reviewing this case. andrew perez, local 10 news. students heading back to class after vandals struck. spray painted medgesz containing slurs found at archbishop mccarthy high school. two masked people spray painting inside`of the school sunday night. students say it may have been an act of revenge against a school rifle. a correction officer killed on friday. his body found by his mother inside of his living room and his killer still out there. carlos suarez in miami with the story. >>reporter: a long time
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hall's new supervisor said they knew something was wrong when he did not come home. his mother finding the body inside their home. loved ones expressing their sorrow on social media. another posts quote i truly don't understand, can'n' believe this. rest in paradise. >> to not know what happened to him and know that this happened to him, he lost his life in this manner it's really puzzling and confusing and it's not a feeling that i would wish on anybody. >>reporter: ricky knew hall extremely well. the two had a deep friendship that included appearing together on the front p pe of a local newspaper. >> anyone thaha came across daveian he touched in a positive manner. >>reporter: police haven't said much about the case. detectives spent a good part of the weekend collecting evidence at the home. the gated community has
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the past five months including a man shot dead by a resident in an attempted home invasion.& >> i want justice for veion. >>reporter: if you have any information you're urged to call broward crimestoppers at 954-491-tips it. reporting in miami, i'm carlosos suarez, local 10 news. guns drawn as two men go inside a southwest miami-dade store and demand cash. this was back in january. it is the store along south dixie highway and 272nd street. the two men you see right there were last seen leaving in a dark colored hyundai son ata. if you know anything about this crime, call crimestoppers. this happened at bubbles laundry. the man tries to break into the office of a laundromat by climbing
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he falls right there. so he eventually makes it back to the office but then falls again. when he left getting caught in wires. police say he left with nothing of real value, but, if you know anything about this, please tall broward crimestoppers call 954-491-tips. an international emergency ovov the zika virus. the agency said the ency warned him because of just how fast that's spreading and its expected link to an alarming spike in babies born with deform deformities. as many as 4 million could be spread this year. mosquito control has been stepped up he in the country. cuban leader raul past row is set to meet with the prime minister and french prez. the trip comes after a deal was reached in paris back in december to relieve cuba of tens of millions of dollars in foreign debt. the hard rock has
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florida for years and bigger. one? do you know any other guitar?
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right now big and bold plans for the seminole hard rock hotel and casino. more planned to be on the way. this expansion project is going to cost $1.8 billion and it's expected to bring, here's the good part, thousands of jobs to south florida. >> the plans were unveiled yesterday and they do include a brand new building shaped like a guitar. viwtor oquendo in hollywood with a look. we want to do something that's iconic for many many decades to come. >>reporter: in true hard rock fashion, the new design of the seminole hard rock hotel and casino is loud.
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design alone will createe additional tourism. >>reporter: the 30 floor edition will be shaped like a guitar. >> we could have easily builtome rectangular building. >>reporter: there would be 800 rooms in this massive guitar jam-packed with new amenities in the extension. >> florida is about pools and the beaches and the oceans. >>reporter: swim in-swim out hotel rooms are part of the project that they s s they are ready to break ground on. a 20 year deal that promises to make the state $3 billion over seven years. >> a contract that's fair and good for the citizens in our state. now it's up to the house to make the decision. >> we hope it continues. >>reporter: tribe chairman gyms billy asking the legislature to
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by tribe employees and above the deal before they can add 19,000 more with all the planned construction. >> integrated resort that's not just about family. >>reporter: this expansion includes a similil resort in tampa. the florida legislature has until march 12th to approve the contract. victor oquendo, local 10 news. >> i thought it was big enough already. >> yeah, it's big. >> i can barely walk around that place with my heels on without dying. get some flats. a small dog can make a big difference in a life or death situation. >> driversutting a dot on their window. we'll explain how this
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emergency. 4:47 right now. the chipolte e.coli
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over as the cdc says it's closing it's investigation. chipolte plans to close all of its u.s. stores for par of the day on february 8th to hold a meeting with employees across the nation. after cdc made the announcement, stock prices jump. the front windshield of one of the buses crashed. no one on the buses was hurt but an officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and some dramatic pictures from the coast guard right here after a rescue at sea in the bahamas. the coast guard says this boat caught fire on sunday. members from the cutter confidence helped the six pple to safety after those flames broke out. no injurs reported. meanwhile the coast guard also had a big bust at sea. they tweeted off this photo of crews offloading cocaine in key west. that offload happened
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the estimated value $ million. when it comes to an emergency a dot could save your life. jenise fernandez explainsow one yellow dot could help you when every second coats. >>reporter: the minute you're in a car accident time is ofof the essence. first responders have to work quickly to stabilize victims and sometimes victims can't communicate. >> sometimes you're emotionally distraught. sometimes we have language barriers. >>reporter: the program began in 192. palm beach introduced it in 2014 and now broward county is joining the program. >> a couple years ago the florida legislature passed a b bl saying counties could adopt the yellow dot program. they did that because first responders get to them. theyaid we have a problem, people get to the scene of the accident and people are unresponsive and unconscious and we don't know a lot about them.
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decall o othe lower windshield and fill out a pamphlet and place it in the governor partment. that decall tells first responders they have permission to go inside the pamphlet with medical information. all you need to do is place a photo of yourself with any kind of information that you have like asthma or heart disease. >> it takes away some of the qand a while we're trying to perform on@ these patients. dwayne wade, he's on fire, being named the eastern conference player of the week. >> yeah, butut he's not the only player getting an honor. who had his jersey retired.
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the sports wrap. caught on camera, forget hang ten, this surfer needed to hang on. this guy gets knocked off his board in hawaii. some saw some of the biggest waves they ever saw. there he goes falling a long way down into the water. he said it felt like being in a car crash. >> arc, yeah. >> check that off my list. >> something we do not suggest obviously as meteorologists for you to put yourself in that type of danger, but again this morning the only danger we're going to be running into is some fence fog. some areas a quarter of a mile visibility. all the ingredients are there. we saw clear skies now that the rain has pushed out. the low level moisture is in place in the way of humidity you're going to feel and temperatures are above average. 71 degrees in ft. lauderdale.
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73 key west with calm winds in place. an east southeast wind in the keys anywhere between three and five miles per hour. let's see if this computer's going to work with us this morning. it doesn't look like it. so let me just give you a brief summary of the forecast. we are expecting highs today to be warmer than yesterday in the lower 80s. we are expecting dry conditions. i'm happy to tell you that. this dry, warm, humid air mass that's settling on top of us will be around through the middle part of the workweek. we're expecting the chance of showers to return by the end of the workweek as another front will move into south florida. i'm stalling for time, my friends, so you can stand here and listen to me talk. i think i'm going to toss it to eric as we wait for it to come back up. >>reporter: good tuesday morning i'm will,manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the heat announced on monday that guard
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undergo shoulder surgery. johnson likely to miss the next two months. he has played both point guard and shooting guard in 36 games of the season averaging just over eight points per game. dwayne wade was named the eastern conference player of the week on monday and he deserved it. finishing january with a nine and eight record despite a brutal schedule. the heat winning that month w wh an easy win on sunday night at home, 105-87. heat had their first four-game winning streak since lebron left for cleveland. another road trip that begins tonight in houston. the heat in houston, justise winslow's hometown and last night he got his jersey retired in high school. check that out. a small dip in the polls. the new ap polls had the
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next up the canes host notre dame tomorrow night. and the florida panthers had a practice monday afternoon after that strong showing during the all-star weekend. both jagr and he he e eckckhart scored goals. golden interviewed for a job with the dallas companies. as you may recall the canes fired him in the middle of last season. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning spor wrap. all right. wow. what a crazy night in iowa last night. and for one party it's not even over yet. >> i know. still trying to died on the democrat you can side. we have the breakdown on everything iowa caucus that you missed while you were sleeping last ght coming up. >> we have that for you. plus a high school hit when i vandals.
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responsible for this turkey spray painting gay slurs on several school walls. it's a story you don't
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now at 5:00, too close to call. one party's still unsure who won the iowa caucus. the reactions from the first vote of 2016. gay slurs spray painted on balls. who students sayay may be behind it all. waiting to break ground on a multi-million dollar oject. a look at the expansion plan for the seminole hard rock hotel and casino. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we do have a dense fog advisory in effect this morning. >> let's check in with weather authority meteorologist julie durda. what are we seeing?
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