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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> plus we're following a traffic alert out of fortrt lauderdale. it's a mess. jenise will have your traffic update. the news at 4:00 starts right now. right off the stop a plane crashing on haulover beach just this afternoon. two people on bobod managed to safely get out and swim to safety. >> and this is video taken by a viewer who witnessed the crash. the plane on the surface there before going into the water. we have live team coverage from this plane crash this afternoon. >> let'segin with local 10 news reporter derrick shore who is live in haulover beach with exactly what happened today. derrick, start us off. >> guys, it may sound cliche, but these guys are incredibly lucky. take a look at crews at this hour. you can se@e those boats bouncing up and down. what they're doing now, trying to get that plane from the bottom of
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>> a pne just went down. >> a nearby boatat captain calls it in as local 10 viewer video captures the moments after the plane hit the water before they're forc to abandon the sinking plane. >> it was horrible. >> the crews jumped into action. the first to respond life guard marcel lopez. >> video shows a part of the rescue. marcel took out a board and a boey, and despite the water he jumped intoelp. >> the guy said help my partner because he doesn't swim very well, so actually i gave one board to the guy and secured the other guy and they started coming in together. >> ocean rescue tells us the single gine piper plane which as you can see from s 10 sunk quickly had taken off from marathon. a two on board a 19 and 20-year-old relatively new to flying.the investigation now under way. >> the life guards did a heck of ajob. i can't be more proud of our crew. >> they really did a great job.
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are trying to get that plane. again, from the bottom where it sank on the ocean floor there. not too dp, but obviously it will be a challenge, because that is not a marine aircraft. we're also waiting to hear exactly what happened, what went wrong. people in this area didn't report hearing that engine spottier, so really going to be anybody's guess at this time as to what happened. we're live in haulover beach, derrick shore, local10 news. >> derrick, thank you. >> there were many witnesses to the plane's plunge this afternoon. again this video was sent by a local 10 viewer. >> local 10's neki mohan covers our team coverage with what witnees saw. neki. >> most people have never seen anything like this. as a matter of fact the plane is right here behind me where you see those coast guard boats forwarding that area. and many people are still standing over there talking about what they saw today. so many people were close to this plane as it came down into the
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people with your russiaing to call 911, to call coast guard as quickly as they could, hoping and praying that whoever was in the plane was going to be okay. >> the plane actually lost a lot of altitude within the last thousand feet and it just kind of landed on e water and hit pretty hard, you know. so you could see the right there. >> where did you get theire from? >> it floated up with the incoming tide. >> we were cruising right over that there and boom, right where those life boats are now. it -- it went down turned around in the water and the notices started singing and in 30 seconds it was totally gone. >> that man watched asany did from their tenth story condo building out here on the beach. so many people say, how come he didn't quite make it to the sand in well, this part of haulover beach by the jetty is always packed with people.
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right now we have a helicopter above us as we're keeping surveillance on the area. that plane just der the water there. the faa currently interviewing the 19 and 20-year-old who were on board the plane at the time. they looked physically okay, b`t they have to answer a lot of questions. >> i'm live on haulover beach, neki mohan, local10 news. >> all right, neki, thank you. >> we have important traffic alert to tell you about today. a wreck in fortlauderdale. >> generals hernandez our traffic reporter is right here with the details. >> we want to take you to some sky 10 void. this is a rollover crash. you can see that truck there. only one lane getting by. there are four lanes blocked. this is i-95 northbound at broward boulevard and as you can imagine this is causing a big backup, so if you know anyone heading in the direction of i-95 you're going to want to let them know to avoidhis area. i can tell you, it is hardly moving at all. i-95 northbound on broward boulevard, four right lanes
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toledo are 4 miles per hour, again, hardly,moving at all. go ahead and take your alternate u.s. 441nd those delays are starting at sterling road and it looks like they're going to last for about 5 miles, so some heavy delays here and to add to thhat, i-95 southbound, there's a crash. this is sunrise boulevard, so some slow speeds there as well. clocking in at 14 miles perer hour. and over in dade county we do have another traffic alert to let you know about. this is i-95 northbound in the express lanes right around northwest 135th street. there is a left lne blocked here. slow moving here as well with speeds at 9 miles per hour. calvin? >> okay, jenise, thanks a lot. >> a sexually transmitted case of the zika virus has been reported in dallas county, texas. this is the first known case. our medical specialist kristi krueger, quite scary, chrisne. >> >> experts have suspected andtalked to experts about this, they've suspected this virus could be sexually transmitted from person to person.
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theory and i have to stress. this is very very rare. mostly this is spread by mosquitoes. >> the patient reportedly had sexual contact with an i iected individual who had recently returned from a country where the virus is present. it is transmitted biomorphics and has a suspected link -- >> now, again, the spreadd of this through sexual contact is very very rare the world health organization just yesterday of course declaring an international emergency. there are currently no reports of this virus being locally transmitted i in dallas county or anywhere else, however, astold you before, the researchers i've talked to at the university of miami say it's probably not a matter of if this virus i is seen in america, but a matter of when. and of course we will keep looking into this and bring you the very latest. just a stunning case. okay, kristi, thanks a lot. >> caught on camera, a thief stealing bicycles from a bike rack
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surveillance video shows the man walking into the condo building garage, and then he cuts the victim's bicycle locks off the rack. the man then leaves the garage with two bicycles. if you think you know who the suspect is, please give a call to police. >> let's move to vote 2016. the talker of the day, the first contest in a long road of the 2016 election is in the book. and the focus is now new hampshire and it's now down to two for the democrats. hillary clinton and berni sanders campaigning in new hampshire today ahead of next week's primary. and this afternoon despite it being a very tight, super tight contest, during last night's iowa ccuses, hillary clinton has been declared the winner with all precincts reporting today. so tight in fact, if you round it out, each candidate was even steven atat0%, but the final numbers showed clinton had 49.9% compared to sanders' 49.6%. former maryland governor max mayfield dropped out last night.
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ted cruz came out on top with 28% of the vote beating donald trump by 4%. and then florida senator marco rubio wasn't far behind. rubio ended up receiving more votes from late undecided voters. >> third place never looked so good for marco rubio. again, new hampshire's primary election is next week, and here is senator marco rubio campaigning in manchester. >> amy is in the newsroom with how they're preparing for next week. >> now the iowa caucuses are behind us and the republican and democratic presidential presidential candidates headed to new hampshire. and senator marco rubio may have placed third but he's heading into momentum. >> after months of campaigning in iowa. >> this is going to be so important for iowa. >> here in iowa. >> god blessss the great state of iowa. new hampshire. >> it is up to new hampshire voters to weigh in.
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repuican candidates donald trump and marco rubio in monday's caucuses. >> so what a victory last night. but in new hampshire trump leads in the polls and rubio is expected to be a rormidable challengege >> we need to grow it. i can do that better than anyone who is running and we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton wouldn't the iowa caucuses over her democrat challenger bernie sanders by a razor thin margin. >> i am so thrilled that i am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> and sanders, aenator from nearby vermont is well positioned to win next tuesday's contest whh could make this a prolonged primary battle. >> we're going to fight really hard in new hampshire and then we're going to nevada and we're going to south carolina. we look forward to doing well aroundndhe country. >> with the first contest in the books, the 2016 hopeful are wasting no time courting voters in the next
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the granite state could swing the momentum once again. >> latehis morning donald trump tweeted for the first time since his second place showing in iowa, writing, quote, my experience in iowa was a great one. i started out with all of the experts saying i couldn't do well there and ended up in second place. nice. and two candidates said, as you mentioned max mayfield, and gop hopeful mimi huckabee have decided to end their presidential bids. other candidatesp including jeb bush and chris christie headed to new hampshire early and spent the weekend trying to get a head start. >> amy sweezey, thanks a lot. our coverage of vote 2016 continues online. head on over to and click on the special iowa caucuses section on the home page. >> a formerennsylvania district attorney testified today that he promised comedian bill cosby would not be prosecuted for an alleged assault back in 2004. cosby appears in court for t tday's testimony. he's now being criminally charged for that alleged assault. but the district attorney at that time, bruce caster said he made a verbal agreement not to prosecute
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cosby's attorneys say that promise is the only reason cby agreed to testify in a later civil trial where he admitted giving women quaaludes. >> attorney gloria all red who is representing her in another case against cosby, she isn't buying it. >> i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave quaaludes to women when that was his testimony. doesn't to exclude the truth? >> the current district attorney argues that because that promise was not in writing, it should not be binding. >> the search is on for two shot would people leaving one in lauderdale. police say one died from their injuries. the shooting happened laurie and calvin 47th avenue january 25th. there is a $3,000 reward for any information leading to the gunman's arrest. if you have any information call broward county crime stoppers, that
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the fire chief, joseph m montopaly has died. right now the cause of death has not been stated. he was promoted to fire chief back in 2007. deputy fire rescue chief has now been appointed as acting fire rescue chief. >> let's take a look at the closing numbers on wall street. not like what we like to see. all these red arrows and the dow taking a significant drop. 295 points to close out the day at 16,153. the nasdaq down more than 100 points and the&p 500 down 36 points. >> coming up at 4:30, two people ambushed while waiting at the drive through of a burger kg. a car shot up and two women were shot by bullets. one of those women would take to social media saying she's been shot. >> shots ring out in a neighborhood and a man is found dead. we'll l ve the latest on the murder investigation. >> and caught on camera, an armed crook messing with the wrong guy. when he storms a convenience store.
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an armed robber demands cash from a clerk at a convenience store, but he doesn't know who he's messing with. >> we have the report with the details on how they tried. victor. >> it turns out this clerk was a military veteran and he was not going to back dow this all happened on january 26 in brevard county. the man armed with a gun, he enters, heads into the gas station, he demands money from the register, but this clerk fights back. he actually manages to get the gun away from this guy. the gunman then after this little scuffle here, he runs out of the store with the clerk still chasing him. at last check deputies are still on the lookout for this guy, but laurie and calvin judging from what
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>> down in my burrow i never get bored riding on my hoverboard. the weather casting any comfort zone. this current warming trend -- is this current warm weather more than a trend? per chancee this winter has come to an end. >> groundhog poetry i guess. spring is coming. pennsylvania groundhog punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow today on this groundhog day. so if it dictates that he does not see his shadow, there will be early spring like weather.we know how that feels all year-round. >> well, and i think we have it today. look out -- live from our fort lauderdale tower cam, just an absolutely gorgeous day. i mean, what, 83, 8283, that's not exactly spring, but we'll take it after all the rain we'' had.
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we don't have a rhyhe of poetry, we'll have to come upith something. >> we have to thank the groundhog for bringing us the early spring. it is so wonderful out there this afternoon. evening ararnd miami, a few harm us cumulusclouds over our skies. it was such a wet january, it's nice to step into february, at least february 2nd on a dry note. look atll the rainfall we saw for the month. hialeah, january going down as the wettest on record for you. second wettest for miami, and these surpluses are astounding, more thh 5" i should say for miami closing in on 6". so we don't haveve rain in the forecast for tonight. we can focus on temperatures.lower 80s out there currently. still in some of your neighborhoods, including pembroke pines where it's 81 degrees, miami now at 7, it's going to be a dry night. partly cloudy ski. temperatures sliding down to the mid 70s. so you don't need a sweater tonight, if you have something to do outside. we have a very warm a flow. our winds coming in from the
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system causing all kinds of trouble across parts of the south, the cold front associated with this low prsure system triggering some severe weather for places like memphis, jackson, also birmingham looking at a tornado threattonight, that system will continue to march eastbound. we'll be tracking the cold front attached to it as it moves across florida tomorrow. but we stay ahead of the rain action associated with tt front. it's another mainly dry, breezy, warm day for us, but by early friday or maybe as soon as thursday night we could have some rainfall sliding into view associated with that front. bottom line on the forecast for tomorrow, more of the same. sun and clouds, breezy, warm day for us. temperatures heading up into the lower 80s again tomorrow. we'll do the lower 80s again thursday. the front gets closer to us, storm between thursday night and friday, bringing us a chance for rainfall, it looks more likely for the rain onriday. behind that front we will cool down. notice our high temperature on friday only getting up to 73.
4:19 pm
another front approaching. by monday our lows possibly in the upper 40s. so we do have some more changesdown the road. don't get used to this spring like weather. let's get a check on traffic now, here's jenise. >> betty, traffic not looking as nice as the weather. let's go ahead and show you video. this is i-95 northbound. this is actually a tree trimming truck that rolled over on i-95 northbound right around broward boulevard. four lanes blocked. only one lane getting by. so you can imagine what a headache that is for drivers, so if you're watching us on your smartphones getting ready to leave work, yelp, look at that, an area you'll want to avoid. let's check this outut on our maps to see exactly how slow traffic is music. really not moving at all. this is i-90 five northbound approaching broward boulevard, speeds at 4 miles per hour. go ahead and take your alternatete u.s. 441st down. zoom out, check this out. delays are starting from sheridan and they're going to stretch for about 7 miles, so very heavy delays, let's go ahead and avoid
4:20 pm
calvin and laurie. >> cuban leader castro met with the mayor as he continues his historic visit to for instance. he also met with the french president yesterday. the trip comes after a deal wasreached in paris in december to relieve cucu of tens of millions of dollars in foreign debt. 4> two women ambushed and shot while waiting at the drive through and`one even takes to social media. >> that woman posting a video on line saying she was shot. what we're learning about these female victims. >> the director of a daycare accused of abusing a child, and it was caught on camera. >> i'm clay ferraro, the heat could get a big boost thanks to a lite scuffle. why tonight's opponent could have
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and now local10 sports with clay ferraro. >> the heat have gotten used to playing without their big man.
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games in a row even without whiteside in tht middle who is out with a hip injury. he won't play tonight in houston either, but the heat aren't the only ones who will be shorthanded in the middle. that tops our 4:00 sports shot today. the nba spending rockets bigan howard for swiping the arm of a ref during the game. it tips off at 8:00, the heat will be looking for their fifth win in a row, their four game winning streak is the longest since lebron left town. tonight a homecoming for justin wins low who is from the houston area. he got an honor last night having his high school jersey retired. the pants cats taking on the best team in the league, the washington capipils tonight in our nation's capital. theyeyl drop the puck on that one at tiffin 300. johnny football will have to find a new place to jump start his p career. the browns will release johnny
4:25 pm
that according to multiple reports today. the team released a statement saying they will determine his atus officially when the league lets them. however the team also made it clear that they're sick of everything that mans had been involved with lately. >> coming ahead we're looking at the super bowl and we're looking at the two men taking center stage. cam newton, and peyton manning. >> old versus new. stock up on the snacks too. >> can't wait. >> that will too it for us at 4:00. >> let's checkn with victor and janine. >> ambushed at the drive-thru, two women shot while inside a car. one of those women would take to social media she has been shot. >> plus a a deadly cross, a woman hit and cold by a car while crossing the street. >> an explosive find, federal agents making a big discovery
4:26 pm
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and right now at 4:30, we have an important traffic alert to tell you about. there's been a wreck in fort lauderdale. >> jenise fernandez is here with all the details. >> jenise. >> a major traffic alert. let's show you some of this video. this is on i-95 northbound, broward boulevard, a tree trimming truck rolled over, blocking four lanes just one lane getting by. again this is a aund broward boulevard and this is causing a big backup. ta a look there. traffic at this point is hardly moving at all, so if you know anyone heading in this direction, give them a call tell them about what the traffic looks like. you don't want to get stuck in this mess, especially if you have some plans this evening. all right, let's take a look on ourmaps so you can get a better idea of where this is at.& again this is i-95 northbound, oward boulevard. four lanes blocked with speeds clocking in at at 5:00 miles per hour. we are getting some onlookers as well. and as we zoom on out these days just keep stretching, they're
4:28 pm
the way f or what seems to be about 7 miles, so go ahead and take your alternate u.s. 441. i want to let you know about another trtrfic alert on i-95 northbound, this is dade county in the e press lanes, northwest 135th street this is a crash and a left ne blocked with speeds at 33 miles per hour and while they work to clean up that, i want to let you know that the express lanes on i-95 northbound are closed from downtown miami all the way to the golden glades. victor. >> two women were ambushed while waiting at the drive-thru. >> one of those victims taking to social media after the ambush saying that she haha been shot. >> we're also getting pictures of a victim. her name is denisha, she was is on the several times. this all happened in oquendo
4:29 pm
in and out of this hospital all day long. we're going to share those two pieces of video. the first one, one of the victims taking to s#cial meded, going on her facebook page seconds after she was shot. we also have that surveillance deo showing the gunman opening fire. >> surveillance camerasre interrogatory as a mother, daughter and aunt pce their orders at this burger king in opa-locka. seconds later two armed men sneak up, opening fire spraying this vehicle full of bullets. the men flee from the scece and the woman behind the wheel tries driving away. >> calm down. calm down. you can hear the screams for help. the teenager seen on camera has just been shot. herther family members are also victims. this video pted on 17-year-old
4:30 pm
minutes afteruesday's shooting. police arrive at the scene but the gunmen are nowhere to be found. >> it does look ke they were directly targeted. >> targeted for some unknown reason family members claim, but on denisha facebook's page her and a photo posing with guns. the family spent most of the day gatheringutside the emergency room where loved-ones are undergoing treatment. bullets have no eyes and situations can follow anybody. >> now, on that surveillance video we only saw two gunmen, but police telling us they are looking for three gunmen so one them may have been on the lookout, as far as the two victims who are still here, we're told one is stable, the other is in critical condition. we'll have much more coming up tonight at 6:00. for now we are live in miami. i'm michael seiden en, local10 news. >> michael, thank you. the former president of a hollywood ptsa accused of stealing thousands of dollars pleads no guilty.
4:31 pm
april 4th. cosby allegedly stole more than $50,000 from the beach side montessori organization. the man says it is cooperating with the investigation. >> now to a disturbing discovery in pompano beach. shots fired and police coming across a body. >> local10 lauren has the story. >> several people who live in this neighborhood tell us this man after he was shot wasnocking on doors asking for help. it was just after 6:30 this morning. officers here at the broward county sheriff's office were dispatched out there where they found the man dead. >> sky 10 flew above pompano beach this morning, the neighborhood, the body of a man seen laying on the ground in front of apartments. detectives all around. >> the victim in this case is an adult black male in his 50s. he does not live at this apartment complex or on this block. >> people who do live on this block say they heard gunshots all-american long as early as
4:32 pm
>> the broward county sheriff's office confirms deputies were in this area earlier in the morning for reports of shots fired. but it wasn't until they got an anonymous 911 call at 6:39 that they discovered this body. >> the man was found apparent gunshot wounds. right now detectives are going through evidence speaking to individuals trying to gather all the information necessary to determine exactly what happened here. >> people believe they know and are related to the man shot dead showing up at the crime scene. investigators aren't ready to say his name or why they believe he was killed. but those who live in these apartments say he was robbed. somebody's dad. i feel bad for them. that's the only thing i can say. >> at this hour investigators still trying to figure out who killed this man and why he was in this neighborhood. if you can help them out with that call crime stoppers immediately.
4:33 pm
from the broward county sheriff's office, erica rico, local10 news. killed by the driver. and the driver did stay on scene. $1 million a livingston hashe -- >> instead of using a crosswalk here, witnesses tell us the woman stepped off a median in the middle of state route 7 right into thepath of the oncoming car and she thinks she was hustling to the bus stop. >> the majority of these drivers only had to death with signaled traffic for a few minutes, a couple of them, though. >> i hope it's's got to be traumatic for him. >> will likely deal with it for some time yet. >> i'm not doing well. she declined to show her face but was in tears while describing on what she saw on her way to work this morning. we later captured the hug she shared with the man we learned was also on his way to work. we're told he could not avoid hitting the woman who reportedly stepped out in front of him on
4:34 pm
he's another one, i was just telling measure. don't cross there go to the lights always. come to the light. and this is just an example for us to take -- you know, take precaution, because anything can happen. >> that man rushed to the scene as soon as his father called. his father's car, a woman's shoe, a body under a tarp. all became part of broward county deties crash scene. but dad wasn't the only person on his mind. >> it's all fresh. it's still happening, so it's strange. that isomeone's mom, that's someone's sister, someone's daught. >> we're still working to learn the identity of the woman who was hit. also the driver of the car, who hit her was eventually released by broward county deputies. we're still waiting to learn if he'll face any charges or tickets for this incident. reporting in lauderdale lake,
4:35 pm
y you're listening to a new song released by the haiti president days before carnivale. putting on the song is nothing for the singer once known as sweet mickie. the title translates to give them the banana. it's likely a nod to his bid for the next president. his nickname at the banana man. the song is also loaded with sexually suggestive meaning and jabs at his critics. >> the city of hialeah presented brand new emergency response vehicles at a news conference earlier today. th city purchased two brand new fire trucks. the city showed them off outside o@f city hall this morning. the two trucks together cost $1.1 million. hialeah mayor says they are prepared to shoulder the cost necessary to protect the public. >> this equipment is to better serve our public and to give better tools to the fire department which is a class one fire department.
4:36 pm
purchased a fleet of 36 new patrol cars with eight already operating in the streets. >> also today the appointment of the new top cop juan perez was. the miami mayor made the announcement last week. perez has worked in law enforcement for 25 years, and he succeeds retiring director jd patterson who worked with the police department for more than 30 years. >> this just in florida justices have delayed an execution after the u.s. supreme court ruled that the state's death system is flawed. this has been a hot button issue for some time. we understd that this execution of this person was set to be executed february 11th. he was sentenced to death in the 1983 slayings of two people. prosecutors said that the jury had recommended that he would be put to death, but, againi this now just in from the supreme court that the system here in the state is flawed. this is definitely a developing story and as we get more details,
4:37 pm
>> and reporter and a photographer injured on the job when a tree comes crashing down while covering a story. >> a case of daycare child abuse caught on camer now one employee is facing serious charges. >> a wreck on i-95 tying up traffic in fort lauderdale. jenise fernandez is all over this one. she will have your traffic what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would t in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a freeizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50.
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look and feel your better with the latest advancement in esthetic medicine. >> caught on camera, a bit of road rage in nevada after a pickup truck driver pulled a gun on a motorcycle rider. the passengers in the truck were upset after this motorcycle driver drove on to the desert kicking up dirt. the rider said he never expected the man to pull a gunun and in hindsight he says he never would have approached the tck. >> a florida daycare worker is caught on camera allegedly abusing
4:40 pm
this happened west of orlando. in cellphone video kimberly reed is seen apparently hitting a child with stuffed animals before then droppipi him face first on a matt. reed told police that it was just rough play. victims. >> this could not be the first incident, this could be on for quite storm. she's the director of the daycare, so we just happened to have an employee there that had enough courage to come out and let somebody know. >> pple say the child was not seriously hurt. reed is being charged child abuse. >> federal agents raiding a amp a home and finding more than half a dozeze pipe bombs inside. >> now the man who lives there is facing som charges. laurie picks up the story from production control. >> this tampa man told authorities that he's part of a local militia group. everything inside was just for his protection.he wasn't plan to go hurt anyone. >> atf agents got a tip that michael ramos had explosive devices
4:41 pm
police started investigating. they learned ramos had expressed anti-government in the past. inside they found seven pipe bombs, laurie and calvin with an ak-47, a 45 caliber pistol, large amounts of ammunition and bomb making materials. his lananord said she had no idea anything like this was going on inside. >> my reaction is very very shocked, honestly, because that guy is a very nice guy. in the time he living here, very very nice guy. >> if one of these devices had gone off, he lives in a duplex, so if one of them had gone off, anybody within a 50-foot radius would have been severely injured or killed. so we're very very gainesville that we got them off the street. >> there is a picture of him from his facebook page. the policeb bomb squad did go into the house and removed all the pipe bombs so the say now that the neighborhood is safe.
4:42 pm
he went before a judge and now h he's charged with possessing explosive devices. more charges could be down the road and mt importantly janine and victor authorities know to be on alert. >> talk about danger on the job. a tv reporter and her photographer hurt near san diego when a tree just came crashing down on them as they prepared for a morning weather report. >> rescue crews had to cut apart the tree to get them free. and an engineer who was working them back at the station saw it all happen, and says thehe burst of wind came out of nowhere. >> i had my camera, you know, pointed towards marie, she was standing there and,all of a sudden her eyes go up she said, oh, and that's the last thing that happened. >> the reporter was seriously injured here and will require surgery, but didn't say what kind. the photographer meanwhile suffered a compound leg fracture and had surgery yesterday morning. >> wow. we wish them well. >> scary. >> righthtow let's take a live look out of our miami tower company.
4:43 pm
a long day of rain yesterday. we should all be outside right now. >> it was really such a beautiful day. betty, what do you think for the rest of the week? >> i think tomorrow will be great and then we change things up.>> let's live in the moment and let's just relish in the fact that we made it into the lower 80s this afternoon. fo lauderdale and miami, 81 degrees. above average temperatures all around. no wonder so many people are still out on our beaches. this is the hollywood broad walk and they're having a good old time. a banjo player, i wish we had some volume so we could hear what kind of tune he's playing. very nice out there. the temperatures are in the upper sevens, winds s om the east-southeast about 15 miles an hour. we'll keep that warm breeze going for the rest of the evening. it's going to be a dry nig. if you're going to have dinner outside or maybe just go for a stroll laurie and calvin the beach, the weather is perfect for that. we have our east-southeast winds coming through as a cold front
4:44 pm
river valley and other areas of the south, bringing a tornado threat there. we don't have to worry about this front tomorrow. it will continue to movee eastbound and there will be showers and storms ahead of it, but the showers and storms won't be here. they will be showing up, though, for the florida panhandle and into the carolinas wherehere's a possibility for severe weather at least a marginal chae for that, so thunderstorms, gusty winds, maybe a brief tornado as that line continues to move east. as i mentioned, it's not going to touch us tomorrow, but thursday night into friday, that's when the front closes in on us. so if you're heading to the beach wednesday, forecast looking great, winds from the east-southeast at 15 miles an hour. the only fly in the ointment is the fact that the rip current is moderate. seas running about three to 5 feet. moderate chop on the bays. temperatures in the morning lower 70s, sohe kids won't need the sleeves at the bus stop tomorrow. the afternoon, the shorts, th
4:45 pm
lower 80 says, soccer game, baseball practice tomorrow, great day for that. the forecast for thursday, not looking bad, although we will be tracking the cold front as it gets closer. thursday night into friday could bring some rain in our direction, some cooler air as well. notice that temperatures chilling out into the mid 60s friday morning, highs in the lower 70s. by saturday we'll be tracking another approaching cold front. that could bring a gusty area of rainfall across the area, say early sunday and then behind that one, this is the noticeable drop. by monday morning, lows in the 40s, at least that seems to be the potential now. let's get a check on traffic. here's jenise. >> well, betty, you're going to need to p pk your patience if you're on i-95 in broward. t's show you this accident. this is a tree trimming truck that rolled over onon i-95 northbound. now, this is right around broward boulevard. blocking four lanes. only one lane of traffic at this
4:46 pm
we're talking about some reallyheavy delays here, guys, so really look at that. just stepping for miles and miles and miles, an area you'll definitely want to avoid. if you know someone heading there call them up and take them to take their alternate u.s. 441. i-95 northbound, four right lanes blocked. broward boulevard with speeds clocking in right now at 5:00 miles per hour and we do have some onlookers in our southbound lanes with speeds there at 27 miles per hour. and like i mentioned, miles and miles of delays, those dela\s are starting from sheridan and stretching for what seems to be about 7 miles. like i said, take your alternate, u.s. 441, wide help at this time. speeds will looking great, 38 miles per hour.janine, victor. >> it's hard to believe the beach wine and -- viewers can actually win tickets to the event taking place later this month. local10 is giving away six pairs of tickets in all. the festival wl take place february 24th to the 28th.
4:47 pm
will remain open until tuesday, february 23rd. viewers 21 or older can enter right now on the local10 facebook page. all you have to do is click on the south beach wine and food festival tab underneath our cover p pto. >> it is estimated that more than 5 million americans are living with alzheimer's disease and that number is expected to grow with our nation's aging population. in today's health cast local10 medical specialist kristi krueger has details on a stud did i under way in south florida. >> this is exciting. heart disease can be caused by plaque in the blood vessels leading to your heart, plaque in the brain has been linked to alzheimer's disease. here's what this means. dr. julie says a stud did involving a medication called basin inhibiter that will hopefully pull it right out of your brain. >> pot patient they're going to be having a amaloid scan earlier.
4:48 pm
amount of amoloid in the cerebral spinal fluid. >> so this study is for patients here locally with mild to moderate alzheimer's disisse. the hope is the treatment will slow down the progression or get this it might even lead to improvement this would be wonderful. and january was cervical cancer awareness month and the fight against that disease has really come a long way in the past 30 years. once known as one of the most common causes of cancer deaths, four american omen, the death rate has now decreased 50% since the 1980s, an increase in screeningas well as vaccicition against the human virus, hpv makes it in its most curable age. >> the reason we're vaccinate is because they're not exposed when their 11, 12, 13 to the virus. once they become sexually active, they wililzoom about 99% of cancers of the cervix and precancers of the
4:49 pm
with hpv and it's also been linked to head and neck cancers in both men as well as women. janine. >>risti, thank you. take a look at this home knocked dodo by flames. officials say this house exploded after the owner of the house ran his car into a gas line. firefighters arrivededo the scene. they were able to put the fire out and thankfully nobody was hurt in that explosion. >> and it's an unusual solution to curb all of those dronesuzzing around. dutch national police are training bald eagles to do the job. >> authorities have scrambled for effect active ways to deal with the number of increasing drones in our skies and the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and get rid of any electronic. it's low tech solution for a high tech problem. >> all new at:00, we continue to follow a traffic alert out of fort& lauderdale. a tree trimming truck rolling over on i-95. jenise fernandez is all over it.
4:50 pm
>> two childhood friends are reunited after more than 60 years. that story is coming up at 6:00. >> and a girl enters a police statioio but she is not in trouble with the law.
4:51 pm
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>> a pennsylvania police department received a pretty special thank you note from an 8-year-old girl. >> sabrina campbell was asked to pick a ro and write a letter to department. she wrote them a note thanking them people. >> very humbling to read this, especially from a child. it means so much to us and i think this letter is not just for our police department, it's for every police department out there.
4:54 pm
frame sabrina's letter and display it at the police station. come on. a handwritten, so cute. >> i like a handwritten note, there's something kind of old-fashioned. >> it's a lost art. >> that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> here are laurie and calvin with what's next at 5:00. >> right now on local10 news at 5:00. an emergency in haulover beach when a small plane plunge into the ocean. >> incredibly the two people on board that plane, they were not badly hurt. we're h hring from shocked witnesses who watched it all happen and we have no inforortion in the case of two virginia tech students charged inhe murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> hillary clinton just found out e won the walks. we'll tell you what's next on the campaign trail. >> live, the one and only loca0 news starts right now. >> we are now seeing iewer video just moments after a small plane went down on haulover beach.
4:55 pm
poking out of the water while dozens of beachgoers snapped pictures with their cell phones. neki mohan is speaking with people who watched it all happen. >> derrick shore has more e the actual crash investigation. derrick, let's begin with you. >> welel it's incredible to hear that these two guys would walk awaywith only minor injuries and at this hour we've got crews trying to get that plane off of the floor of the ocean where it crashed this morning. take a live look up bos from sky 10. you can see incredibly rough waters, all of those boats are really jumping up and band -- a nearby boat captain witnesses the water. >> a plane just went down right outside baker's. >> the aircraft hitting rough surf. >> it's a single prop plane that just went down. >> local10 viewewer video shows the
4:56 pm
piper plane went down juust off of
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