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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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piper plane went down juust off of haulover beach. the two men on board in need of help. they were like struggling to swim. >> life guard marcel lopez jumped into action. >> i saw the guys coming out of the plane, jump in the water. >> lopez took a board and a boey into the chopp water. >> the first guy said, help my partner because he doesn't swim very well, so actually i gave the board to one guy, secured the guy and then got the other guy and they started coming in together. >> ocean rescue says the two men on board, a 19 and 20-year-old had flown from marathon and may have still been life training. >> the life guards did a heck of a job. i couldn't be more proud of our crew. they said they were e eeriencing some engine trouble and they were attempting to do a crash landing on the beach.. >> they were both speaking, walking, talking, they only had minor injies, a few cuts to the hand. one had a little cut to the nose. >> and back out live now, pictcres from sky 10 you can see again crews are trying to move that plane from
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they've moved it offshore just a bit, but they're having a hard time with the water conditions out here and the tide. as we come back out here to a live look on the beach you can see those boats bouncing up and down. as for the investigation, federal officials are looking into why that plane went down. those two men on board, they are okay. they've apparently made their way on and they didn't want to talk about they're harrowing ordeal. derrick shore, local10 news. >> itas a great beach today, so a lot of peopleere on the beach when the plane went down and right now we're hearing from some of them. neki mohan continues the live team coverage rig now. neki. this is the first great beach day we've had and what a sight, what a scare for the people packed here on the beach. go back out to sky 10, you'll see a few people still sitting here watching the spectacle. this plane crashcene has become. many people here are really happy it did not go a few more inches on
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>> a day at the beach overshadowed by a plane falling out of the sky. this. it was major. it was horrible. >> beach goers saw the piper pa28 morning. safely. ocean. the plane fell, but the -- yeah, they came out alive. swim. >> captain from new moon charters was coming in from a morning at sea. >> the plane actually lost a lot of altitude within the last thousand feet and it just kind of landedeon the water and it hit pretty hard. >> now he has a wheat from the plane to remember this day by. >> it floated up with the incoming plane. >> the was working in his office on the tenth floor of the condo. >> he was cruising there, and, boom, right up where these life
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>> i'm happy that nobody got hurt. >> yeah, there's a lot of other people too. again, from the scene from sky 10 where they're trying to move this plane and remove it from the ocean. you see it's very close tohore. they need to get it out of the water before it breaks apart and to completed their investigation, back out here liveea few people out here watching the spectacle, we have a lot of manpower here on the ground and people just talking about what a fascinating sight this was. certainly not your regular day on the beach and a day they won't soon forget. >> live on haulover beach, neki mohan, local10 news. >> from trouble on the water to trouble on the roadways. here's jenise fernandez with a look for you. jenise. a major traffic alert to tell you about. first i want to show you the view from our camera view. this is davie boulevard. you see those cars there, those are your northbound lanes completely stopped due tg this crash. let's show you the video we have of the crash from up above. this is a tree trimming truck that rolled over on i-95 northbound,
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miles and miles of delays. so let's zoom into our maps to see exactly how slow traffic is moving at this time. it's really not been moving at all. i-95 northbound there are four right lanes blocked. as you're approaching broward boulevard, again hardly moving at all four mile-per-hour speeds and we are getting some onlookers in the southbound lanesesith speeds there at 29 miles per hour. and sort of adding to all thismess, there's also an accident on 595 eastbound. this is as you're trying to ramp on to i-95 northbound. there's a rightane blocked with speeds there at 30 miles per hour. zooming on out you can see how far those delays stretch. it looks like there starting from hollywood boulevard and they're stretching all the way up for about 8 miles, so at this point go ahead, take your alternated, u.s. 441 or the turnpike. dade cnty, haven't forgotten about you. i-95, a crash at west 151st street. speeds there at 14 miles per hour. laurie, calvin. >> thanks a lot. we have some breaking news justp coming into our newsroom. several new cases of the zika virus
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let's go quickly to our health specialist kristi krueger following this from the news courtroom. icy. >> we have some brand new numbers in from the florida department of health. we have six new travel associated zika associated viruses in the state of florida and four cases in total in miami-dade county. the other cases are in hillsborough, lee and santa rosa county. none of these cases involve pregnant women. that is good to know since of course the zika virus effects those women the most seriously. of course the world h hlth organization has declared the spread of the zika virus an international emergency. they did that yesterday. we are also just learning in the last hour of our fst case of this virus being transmitted through sex.and that patient lives in dallas county texas. the cal health department there confirming the patient was infected after having sexual relations with somebody who was infected after they returned from a country where the virus is known to be present. so none of thishappening, none of
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of these mosquitoes here, but we will stay on t of it for you. >> kristi, thank you. just this afternoon we learned hillary clinton has been declared the winner of the democratic caucuses in iowa in the closest race in that state's history. now it's on to new hampshire. >> local local from the hawkeye state to the granite state, the babale ground shifts east as democrats and republicans head to new hampshire. now hillary clinton and ted cruz were the big w wners, but florida senator marco rubio is the one enjoying some posos caucus buzz. >> on the trail in new hampshire, fueled by iowans fireded optimism. >> ted cruz pulling off a big win in the caucuses ahead of donald trump, the one time frontrunner going on a bit of a rant on twitter saying i don't belieie i've been given any credit by the voters for self funding my campaign. the only one. i will keep doing, but not worth it. on his heels, marco rubio talking about voters in the granite state
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than expected third place finish. >> and campaign confince today for both democratic candidates. despite leaving iowa in a virtual tie, clinton declaring victory on the democratic party today confirming it. >> it was a great win. >> bernie sanders polng ahead in new hampshire welcomed back there by a cheering crowd. >> we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. and now in new hampshire we will astounded the world again. >> mike huckabee and max mayfield have dropped out of the race, but the rest of the candidates' campaigns now full throttle in new hampshire ahead of next week' primary. >> i feel pretty good about our opportunity to break out here. i think that the groundwork that we've laid is going to improve next tuesday. >> and kristi laurie and calvin
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bush both finished far behind registering sinjar percentages and both left early spending time in new hampshire trying to get a start on their opponents. >> d stay with local10 for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. glenna milberg is traveling there. she will bring you her live reports starting this saturday. >> legendary comedian bill cosby was back in a pennsylvania courtroom today trying to get a judge to throw out the sexual assault case against him. our jani is in the newsroom now with what happened in court today. janine. >> calvin, costs bee's attorneys say he had an immunity deacan the former prosecutor and should not face charges. as part of that deal the 78-year-old cosby testified in his accuser's 2005 lawsuit admitting he gave the women three pills before engaging in what he calls consensual sex acts at his home. well, today that former prosecutor was back@in court. >> bill cosby entering court today without answering questions from reporters i hoping to walk out of
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charges filed against him. testifying for the defense his former district attorney bruce caster explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case against the immediate comedianback in 2004, citing red flags in the case, including the fact that the accuser in the case first contacted police a year after the alleged assault. so he confirms a deal was made, an oral agreement that said cosby wouldn't be charged if he testified in a several suit. but the current da maintains because the deal was not in writing that agreement is not bindidi. lawyer gloria alred in court in california for another civil case involving cosby calls the defense's argugunt nonsense. >> i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby is -- would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave quaaludes to women when that was his testimony. discepted to exclude the truth.
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days before the statutu of limitations was set to expire, the embattlele comedian was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting former temple. the prosecutor saying the charges stemming from cosby's own deposition, cosby admitted he had a number of affairs, got quaales to give to women he wanted to have sex with and gave constand pills which he says were benadryl for her allergies at his home. >> and a dozen women accusing cosby of sexual assault this is the only criminal case filed against him. as you know, cosby has denied all of those allegations. >> janine, thank y, live in our newsroom. a disturbing case of child abuses is caught on camera at a daycare in south florida. clermont police releasing this video of kimberly reed hitting a 4-year-old with stuffed animals and then picking him up and throwing him on to the ground. court records show reed was already
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welfare fraud case and a 2012 grand theft case that involved stealing from another daycare. the clermont daycare is now closed. the owner plans to give up r license and sell that business. >> virginia police say they are now pursuing more than 400 leads in the case of a 13-year-old girl they say was killed by two college students. prosecutors now say nicole was stabbed to death. 18-year-old david eisenhower has been charged with kidnapping and first degree murder in her death. her body was found saturday hidden off a north carolina road two hours south of campus. 19-year-old natalie keepers is accused of helping dispose of the girl's body and is being charged as an accessory before and after the fact. >> there is no shadow to be cast and early spring is my forecast. >> spring is coming for those dealing with the cold and snow out there. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow on this groundhog day, so
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not see his shadow, there will be early spring like weather. and back here in south florida she celebrated groundhog day in hollywood. check them out there with a dip in the ocean. the fun began with a 6:30 a.m. breakfast at ocean restaurant on indiana street. for a $12 donation, swimmers got to enjoy breakfast and a souvenir t-shirt after their early morning very chilly dip. >> i wonder what the t-shirts say. oh, my gosh. >> that's probably what it says. oh, my gosh. >> spring is here. >> not. not yet. well, still to come today, an ambush in a drive-thru going viral on social media and one of three women who were shot in a drive by attack posting a chilling public video on her facebook page as it happened. we'll show you much more of this dramatic video coming up at 6:00. >> a lot of people talking about the hard rock's plan to build a giant guitar shaped addition. not everyone is excited about the project as our investigator bob
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>> look for that at 5:00 30:00tt2watv#@5t! bt@qnf\ tt2watv#@5t! "a@q^j8 tt2watv#@5t! bm@qua4 tt4watv#@5t!" dztq 4e8 tt4watv#@5t!" entq dax tt4watv#@5t!" gzt& ]f tt4watv#@5t!" hnt& mhl tt4watv#@5t!" iztq '!4 tt4watv#@5t!" jntq 5qt tt4watv#@5t!" lzt& -
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it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. . >> an update now on that traffic nightmare on i-95 right in fort lauderdale. >> an overturned truck causing massive backups. our jenise fernandez has the information on this one. jenise. >> still causing some backups. let's take you to some live video right now. you can see crews are work to go
5:16 pm
that truck that rolled over. right now three lanes are getting by. there are still two lanes blocked and still some major delays. let's show you some void of when they were actuauay able to move that truck off the road. now, they did hav to close all the lanes for a few minutes while they did that and that's also in parted why there were so many delays that we're e eing extending for miles and miles. but the truck is off to the side now still blocking two lanes of traffic now. as we zoom into our maps, still seeing the delays on i-95 rthbound, broward boulevard, two lanes blocked, three lanene getting by. speeds at 6 miles per hour and we do have those onlookers in the southbound lanes with speeds at 29 miles per hour. the big picture here though heavy delays starting fro hollywood boulevard and those delays are going to stretch for about 8 miles. go ahead, take u.s. 441 or the turnpike as your alternate. calvin, laurie. >> thank you. >> let's check in with betty davis and we talked about thehe weather being so gorgeous out there.
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obviously that plane going down and the two guys getting out safely, but what beautiful weather. >> the beaches were packed. it was a day to be outside. >> did you feel those 80s out there.>> yeah, 81 this afternoon in ami. started the morning near 70. no rainfall to report today, and i know that's just fine with you and you and you after seeing rain yesterday and then so much rainfall for the entire month of january. el nino definitely a player in the kind of winter we have seen across south florida. january going down as t t wettest january since 1932. six storm systems impacting the areaea three tornadoes produced for south florida and temperatures running below normal as well. the forecast for tonight, nice and dry, quiet out there, partly cloudy skies, upper 70s now miami, by 9:00 tonight we'll have temperatures in the mid 70s0s the winds will stay up tonight. a warm breeze from the east-southeast, and that will tend to keep those tememratures on the warmer side this evening.
5:18 pm
and that southerly air flow feeding into this storm s stem that's impacting other areas of the south. we're tracking storms, some of which could produce tornadoes crossing into areas of tennessee, mississippi and alabama as well. all of this will make more progress eastbound overnight into tomorrow, but it's not going to touch us. wednesday we're expecting another quiet day, breezy, warm, the front, though, will start to cut across north florida, there will be some showers, perhaps some gusty storms associated with that front. thursday night into friday, the front gets closer to us. of course we will be keeping an eye on any showers or storms associated with the system. right now it look like thursday night, early friday, we could start to see some showers or maybe a gusty shower coming through.h but thursday for the balance of the day should be on the quiet side and certainly on the warm side with our winds flowing in from the south. tomorrow another warm day. sun, clouds, breezy, rain chance
5:19 pm
high temperatures lower 80s again. can you stand it? you say yes? well, guess what, we'll get another day like that come thursday. highs surging into the lower 8 8, but once we get that cold front in here we'll notice the changes with our temperatures. friday a high of just 73 degrees. then by saturday upper 70s as the next cold front approaches, that front brings a round of rain through here sunday, probablb early sunday, we'll cool down through sunday afternoon. sunday night it gets cold. by monday morning no more short sleeves. we're back in our sweaters and an extra layerr two, because we're talking 40s very early monday and then rebounding in the afternoon into the lower 70s. so up, down, up and back down. calvin. >> rollercoaster ride. >> keep a sweater around. >> all right. still to come today. police making an arrest in a shocking case of animal abuse in miami-dade county. a woman facing charges after dogs were found with open wounds in her home.
5:20 pm
our one and only excxcsive coming up at 6:00. >> would you like to see a white smile in the mirror, you don't have treatments. we'll show you quick easy ways to brighten your smile. >> good evening i'm clay ferraro, the super hype is under way for the super bowl on sunday and of course therers always some interesting questions at media day. that's next in sports.
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and now local10 sports with clay ferraro. >> for the first time ever at the super bowl meded day became media night. the wild and wacky antics that we usually see every tuesday of super bowl week actually hit primetime for the first time with the nfl's opening media day to the fans so they could see it in person for the first time last night. and they rebranded the event super bowl opening night. let's show you the broncos the first ones to hit the microphones and what a scene it was.
5:23 pm
so they could see the spectacle. thousands of reporrs from around the world asking questions both serious and silly, including peyton manning getting a few soft ballsjust to see what he would say. >> it was the largest city in nebraska. >> where is the college world series played every year? >> omaha. >> where is allen greenspan from? >> omaha? omaha. omaha. omaha. you are correct, sir. sounds like the reporter had a little -- next up the carolina partly p panthers. it is media dayay so do what you want. the man of the hour, of course cam newton and the panthers quarterback played plenty of respect to the sheriff, peyton manning. >> it'ss a tremendous honor to even be mentioned and affililted with
5:24 pm
think i have bigger fish to f fry on -- on sunday and we'll worry about the rest of the eight to 10 years after that. >> now an interesting note on these two quarterbacks. it is the biggest age difference ever in the two starting quarterbacks in a super bowl. 13 years and 48 days. also one final note just mentioned within the last hour. lady gaga will sing the national anthem at the game. alfonso and laurie. >> okay. >> that will be@ interesting. >> her outfit could take over the whole day. >> yeah. she's to get a little out land-ish. >> thanks a lot, clay. >> a lot of people in south florida concerned about the zika virus, so what's being done to stop the spread. >> janine and victor are in the newsroom with a look at those and other stories for 530. >> wee all know that florida has two patients who have been exposed. we'll show you how local work authorities are wororto go eradicate the virus. >> a man after three women were ambushed by gunmen while waiting in the drive through of a burger king
5:25 pm
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right off the top at 5:00 30:00, the mess right now@on i-95. >> an overturned truck causing some& major backups. let's get straight out to jenise fernandez with an update. >> still sing those backups. we'll have to show you some video so you can see exactly how traffic is moving. obviously some really heavy delays here. those delays extending for about 7 miles. thisiss i-95 northbound, that truck rolled over at broward boulevard.but let's show enthuse video here because they did just move that truck. this is at 5:00. the truck is now just blocking two lanes of traffic. there are three lanes getting by, but like i mentioned still seeing those backups, so if you know anyone on i-95 you can expect them to be late coming home this evening. as we take a look here seeing a lot of red. two lanes are blocked. three lanes getting by. speeds picking up a bit at 14 miles per hour and we still have those onlookers in yourr southbound lanes
5:27 pm
the big picture, those delays are extending for miles. we'reeeing the delays start at hollywood boulevard and they're extending for about 8 miles so go ahead and take yourlternates. turnpike. wide open, speeds there at 36 miles per hour. turnpike looking g gat as well with speeds there at 63 miles per hour. janine. >> okay, jenise, thank you. also although 5:30, as zika fears spread around the world, scientists are going into the forest in uganda discoved. setting traps to catch the mosquito that carries it and just within the hour we actually learned about new cases in florida including more in miami-dade county. >> we're also spoking with local health authorities about what's being dode to kill the mosquito who carry this virus. >> nine total travel related cases w confirmed in the state as our kristi krueger first told you at 5:00, this brings a total number of local cases, especially in
5:28 pm
but this problem is really prevalent in south america where pregnant women bitten by the bug are seeing birth defects. however that same type of mosquito has a very high population right here at home. >> basically we're looki for any kind of $1 million have a. >> those pesky persistent insects are leaving quite a mark. >> this is a fourth livestock el or a pupi. >> all proof that pooling water on this g assy field in davie has now become a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. >> and it doesn't take much water? >> n not watch water at all. >> 49 different species live around us, but this year experts are especially concerned about the 80s egypti. >> you're going to find this mosquito anywhere in miami-dade county. >> in fact its presence is high across south florida, though no known zika transmissions directly from mosquitoes have been reported in the u.s.
5:29 pm
winter this year, standing water is prevalent all across south florida ich mean that the number of mosquitoes could sky rocket. >> mosquitoes need water to breed and reproduce. it's happeng now. you know, it's raining just about every day. >> vazquez heads miami-dade control. >> in our case we are in the same position a ain the middle of the summer right now. >> proactive pesticide sprays are under way in both broward and miami-dade killing mosquito larvae on the spot. but it's equally important for you at home to drain any staing water outside, on plants, bowls, bottles or garbage cans, anything that can collect water. >> this mosquitos very cryptic in their behavior. >> and reminder messages the forms of these placards will likely end up on your doorstep or even in your mailbox very soon if you live
5:30 pm
it really says drain and cover both key to reducing the mosquito population. we're live in the newsroom, i'm terrell forney. local10 news. >> two women are recovering in the hospital after they were ambushed by gunmen at a drive-thru in opa-locka. police say a total of three women were approached by the gunmen while waiting at the drive-thru. at a burger@ king laurie and calvin northwest 130th street and 27th enue. one of the victims, 17-year-old denasha gant was able to post a video on her facebook page just minutes after the ambush. >> calm down. caca down. i'm shot three times. >> those gunmen are still on the loose. our michael seiden enwill have so much more on this story coming up at sticks. >> a battle looming over the state's gambling compact with the seminole tribe which would pay the state $3 billion over the first seven years alone. >> but the state's pair mutual,
5:31 pm
counties say the deal is unfair. that is#setting up a high stakes battle in tallahassee. here's bob normas report. >> we want to do something that's iconic for many many decades to come.>> the plan for a giant guitar shaped hotel at the seminole hard rock casino was unveiled monday by tribe officials and governor rick scott who said the $1.8 million project and thousands of jobs hinged to the florida legislature's passage`of the gambling compact they'd negotiated. it's up to them to make their decision. >> their competing mardi gras casino vice president dan atkins describes it differently. >> they're baiting the publi >> atkins says the seminoles will build the toust mecca regardless of the new compact plan which he says short changes para mutual like mardi gras and nearby gulf stream. >> a negotiated right n is very one sided towards the tribe.
5:32 pm
games with craps and roulettes, in return lhey would get blackjack tables for the first time, but with a low $15 bet limit. >> i couldn't pay to put it in operation. >> he noted mardi gras already offers high stakes electronic blackjack. >> mardi gras and the other para mutual want to replace with a limit of $100. >> atkins says the plan gives the seminoles a 15% tax rate while the paramutuals pays a 46% rate. it will force them to engage in unprofitable cog and horse race zoom if i could eliminate that, i would be free to develop this land, put my own hotel on here. it may not look like a guitar, but i'll put my own hotel here. >> the legislature is expected to craft a proposalith some of the provisions that atkins describes, but bob's sources in tallahassee tell him it is unlikely any form of
5:33 pm
the legislative session ends on march 11th. >> let's go to some live pictures here. we've been following this breaking news all day after this small plane crashed into the water here off haulover beach, and now that plane is being towed closer into shore. >> there were two men on board this piper pa28. the good news is neither of them guys was injured. thankfully they were checked out by paramedics on scene. they weren't even taken to a hospital. but right now thatat plane is being towed in. you can see when sky 10 pulls out that this is just off of haulover beacac this is a very busy area this afternoon. >> a story we've been following all day long. we have a number of crews on the scene right there watching -- watching every single development. we'll keep updated right here on local10. >> a murder investigation under way tonight after a man is found dead in a pompano beach parking lot. apartment building. they say the victim appears to be in his 50s.
5:34 pm
>> a woman is dead after she was struck and killed by a driver in lauderdale lakes witnesses say the woman appeared to be heading toward a bus stop when she stepped right in front of a car on state road 7. they say the victim was not on a crosswalk and the driver did stay on the scene. >> a tampa man allegedly had seven bombs and several weapons and he's now under arrest. michael ram had a pistol, bomb making materials and lots of ammunition. the weapons were found where he worked while the bombs were found at his home. investigators say he had anti-government sentiments but they have no evidence they ever planned to set those bombs off. >> one of these devices had gone off, he lives in a duplex, so if one of them had gone off, anybody within a 50-foot radius would have been severely injured or killed. >>gents say that ramos told him he's part of a local militia group that is unhappy with the government. he's scheduled to be in crt tomorrow. >> there was a scary scene near san diego.
5:35 pm
were hurur when a tree came crashing down on them for a live report. they had to cut apart the tree to free them. anan engineer who was working with them back at the station, he saw it all happen and says the burst of wind came out of nowhere. >> all of a sudden, marie yexled and ran off camera and the camera went to black. after a little while, the audio came back and we could hear that she was in pain. >> that is not good. that station ss the reporter was seriously injured and she will need some surgery. the photographer suffered a pawned leg fracture and had surgery yesterday morning. >> we all do it may be every thanksgiving or just on the weekend, we eat so much that we fall asleep right after dinner and that's what happened to oneurglar who was arrested after dozing off on the job. police responded to an internet marketing company's alarm on sunday in pittsburg and they found the intruder knocked out asleep. the company had a pizza party on friday, and this burglar decided to enjoy the leftovers. police said there was actually a
5:36 pm
we're not making this up, and that's where they found corey mcguinness asleep, the 26-year-old was arrested. >> pizza. >> love dumb criminals. >> it will do it every time. >> in south florida get ready, because we have got your tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. >> we are talking about the upcoming south beast wine and food festival and local10, we're giving away tickets to it. you're going to love i it attracts the biggest names and tasssss dishes from all over the globe. so here's what you did. head on over to t t local10 facebook page. look for the contest tab and enter today for your chance to win. >> three women in a fast food drive through, they were there when gunfire erupted. coming up new video at 6:00 showing the ambush and how those victims tried to drive away. >> we also have dramatic video showing a florida gas station clerk fighting back against an armed robber and actually getting theun way from him. we'll show you how itt happened coming. next. >> firststf you drink coffee or red
5:37 pm
your teeth peril pearly white. on miami beach, it's shaking a little bit out there. 's a beautiful tuesday, we'll check in with betty davis with the rest of the week's forecast after
5:38 pm
>> it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere.
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now to today's health cast and a story to smile about. our medical specialist kristi krueger takes a aook at tackling one of the biggest complaints that dentists face every day, stained teeth. >> your smile is so white. >> no matter how fashion may change, a bright white smile is always in style. >> b if you enjoy a glass of red wine here and there you may notice a rather unattractive effect. >> the second you take a sip of red wine you start noticing the tainting in the teeth. >> it's a superficial stain, and it tends to leave a purple didn't on the teeth, a purplish gray didn't on the teeth. >> depending on you tooth structure and what you already on worse. >> so generally when clients have plaque on their teeth, the wine tends to attach to the plaque that you h he on your teeth, and appears to have a stain. >> a simplee fix, be sure to brush your teeth properly before you head
5:41 pm
>> fort lauderdale dentist, dr. april part son always recommends an electronic toothbrush over a handheld brush to fully remove the plaque. dr. patterson also says forget those white engine piper pens sold in drug stories. they really don't do anything, but she says carrying a few sticks of sugar free gum with zylatol can help. >> what you are doing is increasing the flow in your mouou and also balancing out the ph in your mouth. while taking more plaque off your teeth, and this will not allow your teeth to sin. >> and that is cause for celebration. >> and i have anottr trick to keeping your teeth stain free while eating and socializing. eat a lot of textured foods things like apples or even celery, chewing those fibrous foods naturally cleans your teeth. in your news, i'm kristi krueger. >> thank you, kristi. >> a gun toting robber demanding
5:42 pm
little does he know that hes missing way military veteran who wasn't going to back down. this happened on january 26th in brevard county. the robber heads to the gas station, demands money from the cash register but when the clerk sees his chance to strike he attacks the man. he managed to get the gun right away from him. the robber runs out of the store with the now armed clerk chasing him. so far no arrests. >> and a super bowl scare in california. nobody was hurt after one of the denver broncos team buses crashed yesterday. it happened in a sub suburb of san jose. no broncos players were on the bus at the time. >> a teacher accused of helping three escapees is in jail. sheallegedly gave a googleap of the jail to one of the inmates. she's been released due to a lack of evidence. jonathan made their first
5:43 pm
a southern california prison. all three are facing charges for their escape. >> take a look at the adorable little girl from park city utah at just 14 months old sloan harrison can barely walk, but boy does she know how to snowboard. her parents started her out in the back yd. mom and dad always stay within arm's reach, but she loves it. high-fives after a successful run. >> have you ever tried snow boarding? i spent the whole time just on the ground. >> yeah, no. >> just feeling a lot of that snow. >> she looks great. >> she looks lovely. >> look at the high-five. >> i guess we're going to have to top that with our beautiful weather here at home. >> we are. betty, how long is this spring like weather going t hang around. >> a couple more days of temperatures surging into the lower 80s. no notice boarding weather herer maybe a little surf weather. lower 80s. that is what we did today.
5:44 pm
west, normal high for key west is 75. so running a touch and hopefully no complaints, it gives us lots of time to get out and enjoy the beautiful beaches of south florida. here the hollywood broad walk, no layers out there tonight. oh, no, not with temperatures in the lower 80 says, now in the upper sevens and winds from the east-soueast 10 to 15 miles an hour. we're in for a dry night. teeratures generally holding in the mid 70s this evening thanks to that warm breeze and just a few clouds to decorate the sky. this is the cloud and radar imagery for the entire sunshine state looking good around tampa up towards jackson, jacksonville. but pensacola now starting to nudge in and this is one area that could be in for more showers is not a few storms a a cold front continues to track east and push lines of showerer and storms eastbound as well. north florida in for some changeable weather overnight into tomorrow. by the way, right now this system is making for storms that could
5:45 pm
orleans into jackson and parts of alabama as well. we'll track that area of stormy weather as it moves east tomorrow, bringing the possibility of more storms from georgia into the carolinas, also the floriri panhandle. gusty winds won't rule out a brief tornado, not really our concern for tomorrow as we're going to stay on the drier side of things and pretty far ahead of the stem. so another banner beach day on the way for wednesday. the rip current risk moderate, temperature right around 73 degrees. surf around two to 3 feet. no boat on the waters, but small crafts always exercise caution out there. seas running about three to 5 feet off miami-dade and broward, just a moderate chop on the bay. we'll sta tomorrow really really mild, in the lower 70 and is then afternoon highshs back into the lower 80s we go.o. sun and clouds, breezy, rain chance at 10%. a 20% chance for rainfall during the day on thursday.
5:46 pm
front starts to approach. by friday morng or even in the afternoon that front could mean a few showers in the area, some cooler temperatures too, so friday ourighs only in the lower 70s. by saturday the numbers are heading back up again as another cold front approaches. that one is going to be stronger, rain on sunday. by monday, lows in the 40s. guys? >> all right, betty. thank you. there are hundreds of animals in need of loving homes right here in south florida and today local10 animim add volunteer case jacey birch has some kittens who would love to snuggle up with you. >> hi, guys. i' here at the greater humane so he had of greater miami. my kitten is pittsburgh up a storm. these kittete are precious. >> mine is gorgeous. they're both about three months alder hill and they're absolutely adorable. as little kittens are.
5:47 pm
we do have some older cats here, and they're very adoptable and they have their personalities set in stone so what you see is what you get. >> you're getting kitten kisses over there. >> jack falls if love with you, i'm going to find homes for both of these little munchkins. >> i'd like to you check out all the cats here a a the humane society of greater miami. all you have to do is go to and scroll down to our pets. you could spend a whole day looking at these pictures. she likes these little chin rubs. i think you're going to go ahead and take a cat nap. get it? while she takes a cat nap, i want you to check out all at adoptable animals. you can do a time all the time on >> there's a lot more news still ead at 6:00. here's some of today's stop stories. >> dramatic video froro a shooting in opa-locka this morning. the victims ambusd by gunmen while sitting in a drive-thru line. weave an one and only exclusive about an animal house of horrors. the conditions these animals were
5:48 pm
getting help. >> live pictures from haulover beach right now. we're hearing from shocked beach gophers as a small -- right now
5:49 pm
we'll have a live report coming up( taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app.
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to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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some local kids who came up with an app to prevent concussions, they got a big surprise today. >> they found out that their idea wowo a big grant and a prestigious engineering school to bring it from
5:52 pm
carlos joins us with live. victor and janine these students have been working on this project for some time. now they'll get a chance toork with mit experts to improve that app which could ultimately change how sports are played at school. >> a lesson in perseverance. when they were awarded top honors in nationwide contest for an apppp they've been working on for near two years. >> they're one of eight school teams across the country that are best in nation and w applaud them to much for their time and effort. >>. the students received a $20,000 from the verizon foundation to help turn their app concept into a reality. the app s aimed at reducing the number of concussions and preventing traumatic brain injuries. >> it's a helmet with four sensors embedded in the skull of the helmet ananwhen the player gets hitit it wirelessly transmit the data of the force to the coach's phone and the
5:53 pm
>> the submission was one of 1200 across the country. now these bright and talented students will g%t a chance to work on the app's design and application experts from mit. >> the collaboration is hard w wrk and they will tell you, there were many days when we wanted to throw in the towel or we were told to throw in the towel, and they never gave up. >> we're going to be able to work with mit, which is amazing, and we will be able to help make our protest oh type smaller so it's more comfortable and the app will obviously be able t to analyze more kinds of data. >> the debate over concussions and school sports hit close to the group and one of the science team members suffered a footbal related concussion on the field. >> it will revolution eyes the game. realtime days a is very important, because a concussion has happened if you're taking the chip out of the helmet 60 minutes after it happened. it's going to be a game change year talk about quite the accomplishment. now, just last year alone, 10 of
5:54 pm
varsity football team suffered a concncsion related sports injury and so the hope is that once this app is created it will bring those numbers down and not only at this school but of coujse across the country. we're live tonight in fort lauddale, i'm carlos suarez, tennessee news. >> carlos, thank you so much. concussions such a big problem right now. let's hope that app actually works. >> one of eight schools, best in the country. >> get a little help from mit, n too shall by. >> that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:00 30. >> here are laurie and calvin back to the news at sick. >> thanks looted, victor and janine. >> a beach day folks will never forget. a plane plunge into the ocean right off haulover. >> a woman am burned and shot at a bill cosby drive through and then making a painful plea live on facebook. the motive behind this all. new zika cases in south florida and for the first time in the u.s., the virus has been transmitted through sex. >> a coast to coast series helped
5:55 pm
for their first meeting in more than 60 years. >> only on local10 a precious puppy saved just in the nick of time. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> live, the one and only local10 news starts right now. >> off the top at 6:00 now the haulover beach this afternoon is on the move. as you can see here from the live pictures. >> it was quite a sight for beachgoers who witnessed it all and they caught it all on camera. the two stent pilots on board were taking off from marathon on this troubled flight. >> now crews will try to understand what exactly went long. local10 news reporter derrick shore starts us off with more on this story. derrick. >> this was a terrifying ordeal for both on the plane and the beach here today. you can see as we take a live pictures from sky 10, screws are moving that plane, they moved it
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