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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bay. the two men that were o that plane walking away with only minor injuries. we lost a lot of altitude within the last thousand feet and it just kind of landed on the water. captain on board his boat immediately knew what to do. calling for help. >> thehenited states coast guard, a plane just went down. >> the two men on board the single engine piper were in trouble. >> i saw them bobbing out of the wreckage, a wel floating in the water, the plane quickly sinking as the two struggles after crashing into rough water. life guard marcel lopez jumped into water and sprung into action. saw the guys coming out of the plane and jump in the water. >> lopez took a board and a boey into that choppy waterer the first guy said help my partner because he doesn't swim very well so actually i gave the board to the guy, secured the guy and got the other guy and they started coming in together.
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20-year-old had flown from marathon and mayyave still been flight training. >> the life guards about a heck of a job, i couldldt be more proud of our crew. they said they were experiencing some engine trouble and they were attempting to do a crash landing on the beach. >> they wovld make it however, out alive. >> they were both speaking, walking and talking. they only had minor injuries. a f f cuts to the hand. one had a little cut to the nose. and back out live to pictures from sky 10. now you can see that plane still submerged in biscayne bay at this hour. crews trying to toe it. i just spoke -- they're still trying to assess whether or not they'll be able to get it out this evening or wait for a specialized group to come in from out of town. as we come back out here live to the beach, we're told that the investigation is ongoing as to what happened, but those two men, again, walked away with minor injuries. they did not want to talk about their ordeal. live at haulover beach, derrick shore, local10 news. >> thankfully they're okay.derrick, thank you. >> a woman at a fast food drive
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she quickly takes to social media to ask for help. local10 news reporter michael seiden live with the frightening story and some emotional video. >> well, good evening.there are two pieces of video we're going to show you. one of them actually posted on facebook, but all day long friendsds and family have been coming in here, they were by the side of their loved-ones who were gunned down in a fast food drive through. >> calm down. >> you can hear the screams for help. >> it's obvious that 17-year-old denasha gant is in serious pain but they manages to alert her family and friends by posting this video on her facebook page just seconds after she was shot. >> she and two other women including her mom are critically injured but somehow alive after being ambushed by multiple gunmen. >> three women were in a car at the burger king and the drive-thru,
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shooting, they tried to get out of the way. that's where the car ended. >> it's hard to see, but the surueillance video from a neighboring business captures the entire crime on tape. watch as these two gunmen approach the car. then they start shooting. as they run from the scene, one of the victims hits the gas, driving over the grass, desperate for help. >> it does look like they were directly targeted. >> police launch a massive manhunt,roads are shut down and schools in opa-locka placed on lockdown. community leaders also gathering at the scene speaking out against the violence iolving teams, but this victim might be sending a different message by the photos she's posting on social media. >> it shows nobody has no fear, nobody has no remorse and they need to be brought to justice. >> and again, last check with the police they are still looking for those gunmen. again you only see two in the
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farce the victims' last check they're both in critical condition. we're live i miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> michael thanks. for the latest on a traffic alert we've been working all afternoon long. a crash causing a night mayor on i-95 in fort lauderdale. we're talking housands of drivers are going to be late home tonight because of this one. local10 news traffic reporter jenise fernandez is here with h look for us. jenise. >> that's right, calvin. thousands of drivers will be coming home late tonigh this is i-95 northbound, broward boulevard, this w a tree trimming truck that rolled over on its side. and it caused delays for miles and miles and we are still seeing those delays. check out this video, because they did move that truck off so they are still cleaning out some debris. there are two lanes blocked. three lanes are getting by. so even though that truck has moved out of the road, still seeing those delays, still two lane, three lanes getting by. as we zoom into our map we can take a closer look, because heavy delays
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speeds right now are clocking in at just 14 miles per hour. and as we zoom on out like we've said all afternoon long we've seen miles and miles of delays. it looks like those delays are starting at hollywood boulevard and they're extenenng for about 9 miles, so you're going to want to go ahead and take the alternates, even though the accident is cleared and seeing the delays, u.s. 441 is wide open. turnpike looking as a good alterne with speeds at 47 miles per hour. if you were stuck in the traffic mess and you don't want to have it happen again. you need to follow us on twitter. on follow us at wplg local10. >> we continue to monitor a developing health alert now. more reported cases of the zika virus right here in south florida and our health specialist kristi krueger is keeping a close eye today. she's live in the newsroom. kristi. >> i have two big developments to let you know about. let's start here in florida. that's where the department of health has given us some brand new numbers. this week we have six new travel
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four of those in total in miami-dade county. there are no cases in broward. the others are hillsborough, lee and santa rosa counties. these cases you need to know, they all involve people who contracted the illness in other countrieses and none of them involve pregnant women. now, the other important development to let you know about in the last couple of hours, the health department in dallas county texas is confirming that they have a case of zika that was sexually transmitted. of course thth is very rare, but it does involve a person infected in another country and then transmitting that virus through sexual relations rit here in the united states. of course we are keeping a very close eye on this. i'm sure we'll have much more for you on this tomorrow. laurie. >> all right, kristi. to politics now, vote 2016, an unbelievably close call, but hillary clinton is declared the winner in the iowa caucuses. the first woman ever to doo so. the margin was razor thin, less than one percentage point, but the
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cleans clinton will head into the first presidential primary with 21 delegates while sanders gets 21. >> as you recall my luck was not that good last time around and it was wonderful to win the caucus and to have that experience of all the hard work, the grassroots organizing, pay off the way it did. >> in the republican caucus, senate ted cruz beat out donald trump and fellow senator marco rubio, the race now moves to new hampshire where the first presidential primary is scheduled for next do you. new jersey governor chris christie not admitting defeat. and local10 news reporter, glenna milberg was in iowa as you know, covering the causes, now she's off to new hampshire and you can start checking out her live repepts this weekend. and do stay with local10 for more live reports from the campaign trail and political analysis on world news tonight at 6:30. and our exclusive series, could you cucu coast to coast.
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ends was a father of one of our producers and today more than 60 years the two old friends were able to's hatzel with the touching story. >> a which you chuckle when he spots an old friend. >> the priest jokes, he looks younger. both were only 16 the last time they saw each other. two stories that begin in cuba. we first meet father jose last summer during our coast to coast journey in cuba. is the priest, a church. after interviewing him we realized he once lived in the same town as the father of our producer michelle lackamore. he automatically knew the last name. he knew freddie lockamore.
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itossible, he says, that you would visit my church when the city has so many? too much coincidence, surely the "hand of god," he says. >> freddie says his friend hasn't changed much except for the hair or lack thereof. >> before his departure we asked him about the changes in cuba. he said access to the internet is one of the most significant because it will help empower the cuban people. >> there's more exchange of ideas, more closeness, he says, the better it will be for all. but today itt was about freddie and jose, a reunion of two old pals, a friendship that started 60 years ago. >> in miami, hatzel vela, local news. >> don't you love that? >> it is so niceo see. >> oh, yeah. >> after all these years they can recognize each other right away. >> they look a little difffrent. >> a little less hair.
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>> a great story rht here at local10. >> something tells me there's more stories there. >> oh, yes. >> we'll bring them to you soon. >> still to come tonight. bill cosby, a ledge tear comedian headed back to pennsylvania. the first hearing in a criminal sexual assault case against himn news tonight at 6:30. >> no records shattered oud there, but it was warm. florida getting into the low 80s. i'll let you know if this is the start of a warm spell. the forecast is next. >> a woman arrested for keeping a house in deplorable conditions. we'll show you some of her smallest victims. >> first an anaconda on the loose
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don't i don't know w wt i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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caught on camera, a bicycle thief in the act in miami beach. surveillance video shows the man entering the bike garage ata the condo on collins avenue and 58th street and he manages to cut off the locks to two of the bikes and then casually walks them out. the thief reportedly arrived at the condo on his own bicycle that was left abandoned at property. if you recognize the man in this surveillance video call police. >> a green anaconda was found very far from home in a neighborhood in
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it's a'reptile that's native to south america. it was spotted by two small dogs outt for a walk monday morning. they nearly became lunch. a neighbor managed, though, to trap that snake until wildlife officers could d t there and take it to a nearby vet to be euthanized. the aconda did not have a chip and no one has claimed it. >> welel a woman is facing criminal charges accused of keeping a numberr of animals living in deplorable conditions. hard to see. in fact, puppies who were in her care later died. >> local liane joins us now with an update. >> laurie and calvin, this is the good part of the story. this is little almond and this is her mom, joy and they are two of the dogs that made it out of this dire situation ali. unfortunately almond lost the rest of her siblings, but the good news is they will be up for adoption very soon and this is what happened
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>> this little puppy named almond is a survivor. the only one of 10 puppies andeight other dogs to survive horrible conditions and poor treatment allegedly at the hands of janet christian. >> ^hey're saying that you weren't providing these animals veterinary care or adequate food or sheltlt. >> she's facing multiple felony counts of animal cruelty. almond, hej mom joy were taken from a northwest miami-dade home. >> malnourished, not well kept and you could tell that she was not getting enough nutrition to take care of the huge litter she had. >> police say christian was living there as a squattet and neighbors were worried when they noticed joy was sick and pregnant. they called 100 abandoned dogs of everglades for to help and when amy sweezey foundhristian with joy she offered her money to save her. >> i said let me help you. let me help the dog, and she just looked at me in this cold stare and said i'd rather see the dog dead
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>> they in turn called miami-dade police. they found even more animals kept inside shopping carts and chained all were sick and hungry. the conditions deplorable. >> stench of death. it stays in your nose. you can't get it out. the filth. >> sadly nine of joy's 10 newborn puppies would die, but almond survived. now that their conditions have greatly improved, the group is hoping mom and daughter can b adopted out together. >> and so almond and joy are up for adoption. another dog named jax looks a lot like joy is also available for adoption. done. if you want more information you can go to ouou website, reporting live in fort lauderdale, liane local10 news. >> she's saying come on. come on. almond joy. they go together. they have to go together. >> very sweet, huh?
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we can keep it going. >> it's a great evening to get out and walk the dog. everybody wants to get out in this. so nice out there. 81 the high temperature today in fort lauderdale. well above normal. at least about 5 degrees above avage for this time of the year. we'll take it. there was no rainfall, everythg about today just right. january, though, what a month. the wettest january since 12. wettest on record for hialeah, miami coming in at the second wettest with the month scoring more than 7.5" of rain -- rainfall. the surpluses are astounding. almost 6" for the mia. the forecast for the evening we're going to keep it dry from now until 8:00, 10:00 tonight as well. partly cloudy skies, mia reporting 77 degrees at this very hour. by about 10:00 tonight, mid 70s out there and temperatures will tend to be on that mild to warmer side through the evening, because our east-southeast breeze is going
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east-southeast as we track a cold front cutting across the south. lots of rain and storms ahead of this cold front impacting areas like mississippi, alabama, tennessee, tornadodo threat as well. three tornado watch boxes for this area. this front all that weather is going to contie to head east. it will start to approach north florida, at least the panhandle tonight and tomorrow. it steers clear of us, though. we will be following the front as it gets closer, but for tomorrow it's far enough way, such that we stay in a southeast breeze and we just have warm conditions out there as a few clouds mixed with the sunshine. thursdsd night into friday, though, the leading edge of that cold front gets closer to us, so we will have to introduce a better chance for rainfall. especially it looks like as we're heading into early friday, but the balance of the day on thursday will probably be on the driri side with those warm conditions, but late afternoon, evening we'll have to watch for approaching showers, if not a gusty shower at best. bottom line for tomorrow, though,
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car washed, sun and clouds, breezy, temperatures heading up to the lower 80s. thursday more lower 80s on the way. once we get the cold front in h he we will notice a temperature change, so friday morning mid60s, highs only getting in the lower 70s. there could still be some showers in the area too. on saturday a touch warmer in the upper 70s. we'll get that next warm up as the next col front approaches. round of rain comes through on sunday behind. behind that we cool down sunday night. looks like it's going to be cold and by monday morning, i don't know, maybe a coat with temperatures in the 40s. laurie. >> that is crazy. but we'll take it. thank you, betty. >> a wild find down in the keys this morning. can you guess what this is? >> it may just be an old torpedo that was found in marathon. it was found by t sheriff's office by a camp sighted site. they took it to the membebe of the navy who are going to analyze it
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>> can't wait to hear what it exactly is. >> we're hours away from signing dadain college basketball and fau's head coach has just taken recruiting to a new level.
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off this season without their big man in the line up. whiteside is very active on social media and today reporters asked him about that incident. he told the palm beach post that he needs to start leaving that kind of stuff alone and keep to himself when he sees aost that he doesn't like much the heat won't be the only ones without their starting big man tonight in houston. the nba spending rocket center dwight howardd against miami for swiping at the arm of a referee during the scuffle in the team's loss to washington. tonight's game a homecoming of sorts for rookie justice wins low in the houston area. he got his high school jersey retired a big honor for the rookie. >> on the ice. what a test for the florida panthers tonigig. the cats will take on the best league in the team. the washington capital in their house. the first game isn't the all-star break and they will be looking for their fourth win in a row when they drop the puck in washington. >> finally it is the eve off signing
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every coach in america is making their final pitch. that includes fau's charlie partridge. emphasis on tries. hello. it's me. i was wondering if after all these weeks you'd like to meet to go over recruiting. >> guys,. >> i love it. >> i think that's the first time in my life i'm speechless. >> i love it. i really do love that. >> i mean, he knows his limitations. he's not trying to sing. he's just talking over the music. >> it's causing a stir. people are seeing it. no matter what your opinion is if it's good or bad, no such thing as bad publicity whether it comes to something like that. >> it's a great running back out of that. quarterback too.
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>> it looks great out. there. nice little breeze will keep it dry. rain chance low for tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow is another warm with highs in the lower 80s. so if you work outside or you're going to start a business outside, start up a lemonade stand, sell some girl scout cookies, you're (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom?
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