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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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dropping out of the race > right now at noon, a woman is facing a dui charge after a rollover accounts on miami beach.
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only on local 10, we have obtained the surveillance video of that crash. sinella has more on that. >> reporter: constce and christie, the early morning crash, you can see the knocked over speed limit sign, the driver is facing a dui charge. images from a nearby condo complex, it shows the moments that a drunk driver crashes into the cab on 38th street. they rush in to help, pulling the driver out of the car. this nanny from frarae, 23-year-old marie baringdon is the cause of the w wck, and the remnants of alcohol came out of the car. she said she was driving one
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understand down ". the witness said thahe was bleeding from his head and hands. barrington is expected to face a judge in the morning. andhe cab driver is expected to make a full recovery. local 10 news. >> the search for shooters this midday as well, after a drive-by shooting. it happened at the burger king in opalaca, and it was captured on surveillance vidid. [ crying ] >> anchor: two women were shot during it, and one o them live-streamed the aftermath on facebook as her mother was also shot trying to drive away. the victims were taken to jackson memorial hospital. and that's where we find news reporter, ben kennedy with the latest. >> reporter: christie and constance, the victims are in
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18 years ago old, shot three times, and being treated here behind mee at rider trauma as thehe police try to look for the gunman. she's still shake and go in pain after she was shot in herer car at a fast food drive through. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: the chaotic scene unfolded live on facebook, and gantt's mom was also hit a by bullet. they were shot in opalaca, it was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. watch as two men were seen walking toward the drive-through and opened fire and droveway. the investigators say in the women were targeted as the officers work to track down the gunmen. >> y'all will be dealt with. >> reporter:2we're told that nisha is in the same hospital room with her mom. and no one has been arrested in
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these women were singled out and shot in the first place. reporting live in miami this afternoon, ben kennedy, local news. >> right now, a new sentencing hearing is underwayor a man convicted of killing his best friend in a middle school bathroom. and today marks 12 years since the killingn we have more on that hearing. >> reporter: and constance, the hearing for michael hernandez is underway. and they will decide if he will get a new prison sentence for the 2004 slaying of his guest friend. a sentence for the stabbing death of jaime in the middle school. at the time he and the victim
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hearing is mandated because in 2012, the juveniles could not be sentenced to life without paro. it was in older cases and that of course affected the life of michael hernandez. you can see him, now 26 years old, in the courtroom. his family also there as well as goff. we heard the testimony from his father today. and also self jailhouse calls made between he and his father, where his father actually plays music thatate requests for him. a lot of death metal songs with gruesome lyrics, andhey press michael hernandez's father about this, and ask whether this is indicative of his mindset in prison. >> it doesn't concern you that
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continues to be fascinated with serial murderers, and music that screams out for hitler? >> i don't see that he's fascinated with serial killers, and just one song doesn't make a man. >> now, take a look at this. it also came up in the testimony today. it's a profile set up of members of michael hernandez's family on his behalf on love a you can see a note of him in the from with his prison jumpsuit. and it does say in that profile that he has been locked up since age 14, and he has never had any meaningful contact with a woman. and so in hopes of reaching out to someone, a pen pal relationship, he set up that website, which the prosecutor argued was against the rules of the prison. the trial photos showed that hernandez was obsessed with a
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receive a new life sentence, but he would be eligible for parole after 25 years. the hearing is scheduled to last until friday, and w wwill be here for the result. local 10 news. >> anchor: well, a storm spawned tornadoes in parts of the south, along with heavy snow in colorado and nebraska, and that's heading northeast right now. most of the tornadoes touched down in mississippi and alabama yesterday, causing a lot of damage. trees were ripped apart and power lines too. despite the damage, no one was seriously hurt. >> anchor: and one of the tornadoes caught on camera, you see the funnel forming in the skies of alabama, and finally making a touchdodo there, it happened about two hours from birmingham. you can see it moving close to homes, and the trees and power poles are knocked on the ground and homes in the area were damaged.
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you look at that. >> our tornadoes, we had a few, but nothing like that though. we have o oer rainy weather coming our way, right? >> that's true, definite, christie and constance. the pattern is kind of simimar still, but for today, it's staying dry out there this afternoon, if you're heading out for lunch, leave the umbrellas at home. nice, partly sunny skies over miami, but it feels like 83. the actual temperature, 80 , and very warm, that's for sure. by the way, it has been breezy out there, 17 mile-per-hour winds in miami, as well as fort lauderdale. no rain to speak of, including the satellite. a few cumulus clouds, and they're very low, no precipitation, so it's hard to see on the satellite.
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the rain is stretching a very thin line, all the way from new england to the west portion of the panhandle and pensacola, behind heavy storms. the cold front is headed our way, and i'll have wn we expect the rain in the next few days. >> all right, thank you so much. and this just into us. a patient in custody right now, in southwest miami-dade. the man overdosed, stripped himself down, and jumped right into a canal on southwest 99th avenue this morning. you can see the police on the scene, assisting this man. he was taken to kendall regional hospital. expected to turn his full attention to a re-election campaign in k k. and now those in the race are focusing on new hampshire with a week away.
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once again on the attack, tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. accusing cruz of fraud, calling for a new election in iowa, after the cruz campaign fallacy suggested that dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race. >> what an incredible victory we had in iowa. >> reporter: cruz trying to keep the momentum of iowa, while trump is bypassing the granite state today. >> you know where he is today? arkansas. six days awayrom the new hampshire primary. >> rorter: trump says despite his second-place finish in iowa, he's more confident t new hampshire. >> i don't think in atha i feel any pressure. i have becn here a lot more. >> reporter: but on the democratic side, after leaving iowa in a near tie, hilliary clinton fighting for a repeat of her 2018 victoryn new hampshire. >> i'm in a contest with your
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>> reporter: where bernie sanders is enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls. >> we believe in you! [ eers and applause ] >> i believe in you! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and today the publican field is narrowing with rand paul announcing dhat he's suspending his campaign. marcy gonzales, new hampshire. >> and live in new hampshire to cover all of election excitement, leading up tohe february 9th primary. >> all right, the cdc expected to issueue new guidelines in response to t the zika virus outbreak. 12 new cases, including here in south florida. and it's spread by person to person in sexual transmission, and not by mosquitoes. >> a disturbing development with the zika virus.
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it was spread bisexual transmission. >> reporter: while a virus transmitting throuou sex is very rare, it's not unheard of in the u.s. in 2018, a traveler with the zika virus in senegal returned home to colorado and his partner later tested positive for the virus.s. still, thiss is the first case of sexual transmission in the outbreak, and they call it a game chair, because the virus can be potentially deadly and cause debilitating complications, it's dr. richard besser saw in brazil. >> she said that she contracted the disease seven months ago and at one point she can only move her eyes. >> it's a severe outcome. >> the cdc said that it will release new guidelines, and in the meantime, the old guidelines still stand.
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traveling to za-infected countries, and for others, wear repellant to avoid mosquito bites. in floor, they said that the virus could have originated here. >> the conditions in south florida at one point, we'll have zika here, and so i think that it's only a matter of time. should people be alalmed by that? no. i mean, the vast majority of people, they're not going to have issues with this. >> six new cases we're seeing, this is including the four cases in miami-dade county alone. there are no cases in broward. and the others are in hillsborough, lee and santaosa counties. these all involve people who contradicted thecontracted the illness and other countries. >> the sexual assault case against bill cosby, after a promise of immunity that a
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gave to cosby's now deceased lawyer. cosby is back in court after being criminally charged. and it's the only reason that cosby agreed to testify in a civil trial, and that's where he admitted to giving women quaaludes, and the hearing will continue today. let's get a quick check on the stock market, it's a rollercoaster, the dow isown, and the that's that's down, and the s&p down. >> new for you at noon, an accused peepipi tom back in court. >> the battle to get bond, the latest after the break. >> and plus, a fishy situation,
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poppingtt0w!tw((i! %4@-2&t tt0w!tw((i! el@-8!8 8 tt0w!tw((i! ed@->#\ tt0w!tw((i% )8h-^] tt0w!tw((i% kzh-c2\ tt0w!tw((i% n-h-6[p tt0w!tw((i% 0ph-(
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do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures,confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal >> a pickup truck they were in collided with a dodge magnum in miami. the vets said that the force of the wreck sent it crashing into a light post. the men in the truck were all taken to jackson memorial hospital, and they are expected to be okay. the dodge driver was checked out at the s sne.
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driver hit a curb before going to the boulevard. and that caused the car to flip over. speed could have been a factor. no one was hurt. >> anchor: and two men are in the hospital after a vital carjacking in southwest miami-dade. it happened at 9:00 last night at southwest 54th street and 150th court. the victims drove to a location to meet three men in a home in the area. one of the victims was shot and the other was pistol whipped. both victims are expected to survive. >> we know that they did flee in the victim's vehicle, which is a rental car, and we're still looking for that vehicle. armed carjackers got away with the rental car. it's a seabring and call if you know anything about the crime. >> anchor: a woman rescued from her car after driving into a river in georgia.
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the woman hit a guardrail and that's when her car flipped right into the water. the woman was able to get out of the car and actually drift downstream. the woman was taken to the hohoital and we don't know her condition. also at noon, three people rescued from a capsized boat in the keys. look at these photos tweeted out by the u.s. coast guard an hour ago. the boat was found on the coast in isle of mirada, and no idea how it capsized. investigators are trying to determine what caused this small planan to crash into the water on hallover beach yesterday. we brought you the stories in the newscast. onboard, two student pilots from south america. they took off from marathon when the piper p28 knows dived into the water. it happened just before noon. the 19 and 20-year-old start to swim to shore, and a lifegegrd
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>> i actuaely saw the guys coming out of the plane and jumping in the water. and the first guy said that i helped my partner because he doesn't swim very well. >> it took about sevenen hours for the crews to remove the plane from the water. the faa and the national transportation safety board are vestigating. >> anchor: bepair, thousands of black tipped sharks are back here in south florida. it's part of their annual winter migration. researchers say that they usually spend january to march off the south florida coast in search of warmerr water and a little food palm beach is the hot spot for sharks. >> that means don't get in the water, they're looking for food. >> it's too cold to get in the water anyway. it's a little too cool. >> it's too cool for me. and after hearing that story, i would repeater stay in the sand. but a lot of our visitors who come down a a stay in the
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going to head out to the beach. and it's a beach day. and it's lots of sunshine and warmer. just watch outut for those rip currents, and also, on the radar, no rain to talk about. nice and dry for this wednesday, and picking up a couple of cumulus clouds. nonef them producing any precipitation, a strong line moving just to theheast of pensacola over the panhandle. and that's a strong line of thunderstorms. and 24 thin line is it stretching northward into the atlantic and the northeast, along with that cold front with the low that's currently moving over the great lakes as we speak. but the high pressure is building in behind us, and this is going to push in the cold air mass, from the middle section down to the northeast. as for us, as far as a cooldown, not ere just yet. and i'll explain more of that
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but i want to explain that there's that marginal severe threat that's extended from the panhandle all the way up to north carolina. so tallahassee up to raleigh. back at home, 81 in marathon, and that's the warm spot, on the map, the winds have been very windy out there. 21 miles per hour in fort lauderdale. and notice that the wind flow out of the southeast. by the way, some wind gusts have been reported, up to 28 miles per hour in fort lauderdale to marathon. so it's a little gusty, but the breeze hopefully making it feel better since it's so warm. now, for thursday, it will stay breezy and warm out ahead of the cold front. we expect more rain by thursday night. but there could be a chance for storms, dark and early in the morning, and through the morning hours, you have to head out early.
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showers movinthrough the area, and then the cold front will pass through by a round by 11 a.m. on saturday. so if you're heading out to the beach today, the surf is 2-3 feet. moderate. and no advisories for boaters out there. sun and clouds, 80 now. and a high of 82 today by the middle of the afternoon. and tomorrow, once again, 82 . rain chances up to 40, and then we could have a few showers through the weekend. sunday will be another stormy one, and guess what, that's going to bring our temperatures down to the 50s once again, and betty davis will talk about all of that coming up at 4:00. 4:00. anchor: looking forward to wanted 50s. there's a new top cop for the police department. it was announced last week that juan perez is a new reporter. and he just talked about his plans to tackle the new
12:23 pm
have to say? >> reporter: he's not new to the department, having spent 25 years with the miami-dade police, and juan perez, inside of the police headquarters, he had real planso tackle the serious issues that are affecting the county, the violent crime, and specifically the gun violence affecting the young people. current strategies to reach out teens in the high-risk communities, and devop trust and communication in the neighborhoods to help solve crim. the police arrested several people after a drive-by shooting led to the death of a seven--year-old boy, castro in miami-dade. and he wants people to focus on people believe the crimes take place and address the leading to the violence. >> we want the enforcement action to take place, because it's too late. the crime has ourred.
12:24 pm
innovmtive ways to come up with before they get to the part of their life, the decision that they're making to pick up a gun. >> reporter: and he says that the department is working right now on new programs to reach out to the at risk young people. and we asked about the officer involved shootings a and the prevalence, they have them investigate all of the officer-involved shootings, and one of the things that they're working on is technology, to help solve crimes, and as well as new ways to engage with the community, which he knows very well. local 10 news. >> all right, amy, thank you so much. and donald trump scoriri an honor off the camping trail. >> why the presidential candidate was nominated for a
12:25 pm
and home of the central rockets.
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we he kids flashing smiles. >> signing day for high school football players, and announcing what colleges they're going to going to next year. >> it's one of the biggest days of their lives as these teenagers are getting ready for their college careers on the football field. and d ody, she's live on the football field for several made their anuncements this morning. >> reporter: it's taking place all across the country.
12:27 pm
about which schools a a getting which weapons, but for families, it's a story about sacrifice and dedication, and all kinds of efforts finally coming together with one stroke of the pen. >> reporter: a show of spirit, a display of emotion. and the flash of new loyalties. all across south florida, the stars of our local field pledge to share the talent with the nation. or to keep it close to home. three will be teammates at the university of miami. >> he's a great coach. i mean, he request come in and turn this whole thing around. >> as the boys mark a lifetime of hard work with the signature,
12:28 pm
demeanor, and thenhere's kenny. a year ago, he was not even playing football. the basketball star finally listen to his coach's pleas in the halls to join them, and now he's heading to oregon state on full scholarship. >> a year from a now i would have nothing, and i was sitting in the stands watching other guys from last year signing papers, and i never thought that i would be here signing papers. it gives me goosebumps and makes my peoples happy and that's what i care about. >> can you just feel his joy? the signs are just continuing, and they will continue all day long. we'll have more on the incredible kids and the incredible stories behind them. local 10 news. >> anchor: very happy for all of those kids. we have to take you to breaking news of a gas leak happening in
12:29 pm
this is at 1119 northwest 41st terrace, and the area has been evacuated surrounding this location. this is happening, it looks like in a residential location. this is west of 1 and north of sunrise boulevard. at this point, a gas leak happening in lauder hail. and we'll keep our eyes on this developing situation. >> right now, the cdc said women of child bearing ages should definitely avoid alcohol unless they're using a contraceptive. this is to avoid babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. they arere at a higher risk because they drink, are sexually active ask, they're not using birthontrol. >> keeping your kiddos safe on the roadway. and this is a dr. oz moment. he has car safety tips. >> hi, i'm d d oz. when you're on the road with
12:30 pm
important than keeping them safe. for tots underer four, keep them safe. switch to a booster seat to make sure they fit properly. kids under 12 s suld always ride in the back seat. >> don't miss dr. oz every day at 3:00. 3:00. >> anchor: mark zuckerberg is the 4th richest person in the entire world. the 31-year-old was sitting on a fortune worth $50 billion by the close ofrading on tuesday. as of now, bill gates remains the world'sest of all. and south florida, get ready, we have the biggest tickets in the year. we have the tickets for the south beach wine and food festival. head over to local 10's facebook
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>> anchor: and we have a mystery in south florida. >> anchor: homeoers finding
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>> a neighbor of that 13-year-old girl stabbed to ath in virginia said that the 7th grader actually called her alleged killer her boyfriend. nicole love el met 18-year-old david eisenhower on a messaging app, kick. and they said that love el snuck out to meet him, prior to her death. he's charged with kidnapping and numbered mururr and his alleged accomplice, natalie keefeers, and charged with being an accessory before the fact. is leaving two dead and three injured in seattle washington, it occurred at a homeless camp where they believe it was related to a drug deal gone wrong.. that happened on monday. and now they're facing several charars, and the investigation is ongoing.
12:34 pm
who took over a federalildlife refuge is asking for his followers to go home. bundy said that the remaining protesters should leave before more lives are lost. bundy said that the land belongs to the people and the u.s. officials shouldn't be there. bundynd others were arrested last week in a traffic stop with the fbi, and one was shot and killed. and i. >> something smelly in mailboxes, they're finding catfish where their letters and bills should be. sure if it's a prank or something more serious. at least three people have reported finding catfish in their mailboxes or yards this week. >> when i pulled him out, he was 12 inches, andthe fish in my mailbox now, will it end up through my window eventually? >> that's very odd. so far none of the catfish were found on the same street. but one of the victims said that shelans to file a police report.
12:35 pm
prank. have you ever put anything crazy in a mailbox? not on live tv. >> who will the a amal pick to
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>> a peeping tom in pembroke pines is back in court today. it's the third day to determine if he can get bond. the police said that he's a serial peeping tom and he has stalked women in four different neighborhoods. his attorney has been trying to get him out on bond. a judge gave him $80,000 bond and said that he has to surrender his passport in able to get out of jail.
12:39 pm
has not been able goat his passport. he will be relocated once he's secured. the u.s. marine corp has found traces of dna f fm marines killed in a helicopter crash last month. it was found during a search and rescue operation. right now no other information is available. 12 hawaiian based marines were killed in a helicopter crash during a training exercise on january 14th. and the cause is still under investigation. one person is dead after a fiery wreckage. thth crash shut down a highway last night. witnesses say that an suv slammed into the back of a truck, and the suv driver did not survive. >> anchor: police in mexico discovered an unfinished tunnel leading into the united states. it was found in a house of all places. 32 feet deep and 7 feet wide. but it had onlyy gone about 9 feet toward the u.s.
12:40 pm
now to good news here at noon, former u.s. president, jimmy carter, said that his scans show no signs of cancer at all. the doctors discovered medical gnome on in his liver and brain last summer. and they discovered that four cancerous lesions were gone with no cancer at all. but he will continue treatment. >> good news for donald trump offer the campaign. the presidential hopeful has been nominated for a nobel peace prize, because of his tough talk on terrorism a a other security threats from around t t world. but just because he has been nominated doesn't mean that he is going to receive the honor. thousands of people from around the world are allowed to make the nominations for the award. anchor: a toddler is on the move. >> a police officer on the move
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hometown return, and paying attention, between patrick beverly and d wade last night. harder to shrug off. the rockets win, tipoff tonight in dallas is at 8:30. a a lady gaga is set to sing the national anthem at the super bowl on sunday in southern california. marlee matlin will be pereorming the american sign language during that as well. ldplay and beyonce' will be in the halftime. ryan murphy was sent home after he was questioned during a prostitution sting on tuesday. the bust went down in a san jose parking lot. he was released after questioning but murphy's brother and the suspected prostitute were cited. video of policee going viral
12:44 pm
>> what hee did in traffic court with a man who needed help with a little toddler. >> this little girl i on the move. >> she's quite active. >> a familiar sight to officer norris sitting nearby. >> i have kids, and i know that when's like to have rambunctious kids. >> in this case, it was traffic court in orem last wednesday. norris was set to testify. and two-year-old abby was with her father. >> he was trying to corral her and keep her quiet, and she she was a wild win. >> when it was time to enter the courtroom, the little girl couldn't go. > felt bad for him. >> so officer norris volunteered to babysit. >> i didn't know what to do, so i tooker by the hand and walked around and got a drink, and took giant steps and baby steps, the same thing that i do with my own kids. >> and then the 6-6-foot police officer pulled out the magic.
12:45 pm
phone and she was out before i knew. >> sleeping soundly before dad came out to get h her. jose was pleasantly surprised. >> i don't know what he's doing, but good job. >> i told officer norris that he may now be known as the big female babysitter. he's okay with that. >> we're not just out there to arrest people. but to make our community a better place. >> good job, officer. i need to call him up and have him come over for date night for mom and dad. >> he did a good job with her. >> anchor: let's look live from our fort lauderdale tower camera.
12:46 pm
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from time to time nfl fans are upset because grady the groundhog picked the broncos over the panthers for the super bowl. and he did not see his shadow and that means that it's a late spring. >> he needs that to keep warm, but for us in south florida, it's warm indeed and this is what it looks like in fort lauderdale. we have a mixture of clouds and sunshine. 81 already.
12:49 pm
80-degree mark, 79 from sample, pompano beach and key west. you'll get to the 80s before you know it. winds out of the northwest, breezy, and 15-20 miles per hour this afternoon, and again, highs, 82 . and that will keep the temperatures above average. this time of year, we should be in the upper 70s. you'll remember that you'll need showers in the early morning. sundnd, the rain chances go way up and we could getet quite stormy. that's something that we'll have to watch out for, but check it out. temperatures dropping significantly by monday morning, and remember, your weather authority always keeping you on track with t weather and the forecast. chief meteorologist, betty davis will be here to talk a`out the cooldown next week. >> soggy super bowl parties. the chips and dip. thank you so much for watching. >> of course we'll see you at 4:00. remember, you can always get the
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