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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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ago is back in court for his resentencing. >> senator krueger: plus a wild double crash. a car sitting on its roof and sitting on the highway. dash cam caught it palm. off the tonight at 4:00 breaking news. governor rick scott has declared a public health emergency in four counties including miami-dade. >> senator lanza: our krisris has the latest on this zika emergency. itoes seem like there is something new involving they zeka virus just bever day, right in this is a precautionary measure. it gives the counties fore tools to prevent the spread of this virus. to kill the mosquitoes that one day that could potentially carry the zeka virus. at the university miami researches are working on ways to bait these mosquitoes and kill them where they sleep and breathe. this rice virus is suspected of
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miami-dade, lee all covered by the goveveor's emergency declaration. so far there have been nine cases of zika identified in florida but, and this is a huge but, allllf those people traveled overseas first. laurie. >> senator lanza: more breaking news now, a truck ending unin the water this afternoon a bay harbor islands. ci overhead. >> senator krueger: 11 neck neck live now in bay harbor islands th the breaking details for. >> what a scary sight for the peop who live in those condos along the interexempt there still trying to pull that truck out of water. our view from sky 10 was the best shot of that lawn truck that went over the back pool area of this balancing hor along 9440 west bay harbor drive here in bay harbor island. apparently a woman shortly before 2:00 driving the truck went over in the intracoastal. we'll give you a different shot from the ground. peoplele were so startled in the
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video, taking video their from their balconies. this woman fortunately was able to get out of the water with help from the people on her lawn team. they tell us she's a 49-year-old woman. they gave hor a field sobriety test on land. they said she passed it but then took her away in handcuffs. we on aseparate charge, they say, not related. so a very bizarre incident. they're still trying to pull that pickup truck out of warrant. back out here live, you can see them using that crane to hoist that truck out of the water. the woman luckily was okay but she has been taken away in handcuffs on an unrelated charge. so the 49-year-old woman worked for the lawn care service. they were unable to identify her because show didn't have a driver's license on her. thankfully she is okay but quite a startling scene out here in bay harbor islands. live neki mohan.
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>> senator lanza: n the one and only surveillance video released of a rollover wreck in miami beach. police say the driver responsible was drunk at the time. >> and a tea cab driver was also involved. hatsel vale has the story for us. >> senator rivera: her name is odessa baron don, said to be working here as a but this morning police say shes was driving drunk. miami, collins and 38 within the surveillance shoo shows the point of impact. watch as people race to help pulling the driver out of her overturned car. police say the driver is 33-year-old ohoh kes des a barrandon. she told police one minute she was driving, the next she was upside down. lentol camera captured what looks like booze containers spilling out of the car oe it was turned right souped. she had bloodshot, waiter eyes,
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blurred satellite radar speech and a strong ell of alcohol. detectives say she went to fail her drunk drive cab drivers with imaginees joseph. he was taken to ryder trauma center. a witness told us he was bleeding from his head and hands. so barrandon rames in jail, bond is seat $1,000. she is expected to see a judge later today or tomorrow morning. report can live in northwest miami-dade. >> a three-day hearing began today for the man convicted of chilling best friend in a middle school bathroom. today marks 12 years since the killing of jaime gough. michael hernandez appeared in cot for a hearingn whether he will get a new prison sentence. he first received a mandatory life sentence but a new hearing was mandated four years ago
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after the u.s. supreme court said that juvenile knot be automatically to go jail without parole. >> it doesn't concern you that your son is fascinated, continued to be fascinated with serial murderers and music that screams out for hitler? >> i don't see that he's fascinated w wh serial killers, and just one song doesn't make a man. >> henderson family created a profile for him on a website called, " in hopes of finding a relationship for him. hernandez could sti rave new life sentence but would be eligible for parole after 25 years. local10's liane more hone has more at the top of the hour. more charges are filed against an accused peeping tom in practices, and that man a accused of looking into women's windows while fondling health. >> there is a fight in court.
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that story for us. terrorizing four diffefent neighborhoods, the women in those neighborhoods. his attorney says heave have they've g g the wrong guy. this is the third day of searing that ser you'll i don't s serulio, and it looks like he might have an opportunity to get out of jail. 43-year-old venezuelanan born is facing over a dozen chaes, including felony aggravated baery, stalking and burglary. cerulia has been in jail since the end of last year and his attorney has been trying to get him bond, while the state insists he's a danger to women in broward county.
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wouldead the arrest report upon when the arrest affidavit is based they'll find it points to someone else. >> they say he is a serial peeping tom and that he stalked stalk four wen but all of they will with a similar carmel skincomplex and long dark hair. they say he was caught several times on surveillance cameras, and they believe he's the man that's watchinwomen outside of their homes and exposing himself. on two occasions he attempted to open their bedroom windows. the judge gave him an $80,000 bond and said he had to surrender his passport in order to get out of jail. >> fortunately our system worked and the judge reviewed all of the faculties, not just some, and made a ruling in our favor. >> we tried to speak to unrequest ofof the his victims about how she felt about the fact that the judge was giving humming bond. she was too find out to come to the door and speak to us.
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he is already posted that bond but n turned over his passport. once that is secured, an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet will be placed on his ankle and then and only then will he be allowed to leave the broward countyjail. >> in the race for the white house the pool of candidates is shrinks a senator rand paul is dropping out. >> while those still in the racer getting ready are for new hampshire's primary coming up next week. our janine standwood is in the newsroom with us. >> in iowa in the rear view mirror, the presidential candidates are in new hampshire aheaeaof tuesday's primary there. as you mentioned with the field is now nair hoeing. fresh off his victory in iowa, ted cruz is embracing his momentum. >> in surveys all across the state of iowa came out and stood together and then put the country on notice that the media is not going to pick the next republican nominee.
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>> a dig tamed at donald trump who accused cruz vee atwitter of fraud and stealing the iowa caucuses.( trump wants either a new election or to have the results nullified. mean meanwhile, the gop field of candidates continues to narrow. rand paul announcing he was pulling out of the race today after a fifth place showing in iowa. >> it has been a privilege to give voice to liberty movement in this race, and i believe we have broadennened the debate by being part of it. >> two republican sources tell cnn rick sananrum will also end his campaign wednesday night pot side, clint and bernie sanders will be grilled by new hampshire voters i in tonight's town hall meeting in derp they will also face off tomorrow night in a tradition a debate which almost didn't happen. sander threatened to pull out unless the clinton campaign agreed to two more debates. the clinton camp agreed to two but not in her homstate of new york. >> i'm a little bit meads that
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have a debate in the state that she represented. >> sanders his a big lead in new hampshire and he's criticized clinton for being progressive only sometimes. clinton wants you know, she's been playing on her experience. he said she's been fighting for progressive issues for years. >> we will see what happens with that debate issue. thank you. look forgotten's glenna milberg to be live in new hampshire let's -- >> a baker-act patient is now in custody in southwewe miami-dade. police say the man overdosed, stripped himself down and jumped into the canal along southwest 99th avenue and 126th terrace this morning. police and crews were on scene assisting him. he was taken to kenll regional hospital. >> cite over the scene of a gas leak hat northwest 1st terrace. that leak was capped, a the gas company is mong its repairs so there were no evacuations. >> let's get a check on rush hour traffic right now.@ >> we where it's getting thick out there.
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genise. >> definitely getting thick especially in broward county. this is cypress reek road at i-95 southbound. we are seeing heavy delays starting at atlantic with speeds there 7 les per hour. we've also got a car fire on turnpike heading southth around sample roped. there are two right lanes blocked and you'ree going to see heavy delays as you're approaching that car fire with eeds there at 17 miles per hour. back on i-95 southbound, staying in broward county, this is pembroke road, two right lanes blocked due to ab invent accident as wewl with speeds there at 34 miles per hour. and we do have a few accidents in dade county also i-95 northbound.this is actually a broken-down cart in express lanes, northwest 79th street there is a left lane blocked. still seeing delays but nothing laurie. >> a teenager accused of murdering a rabbi facing a judge. family members of both the
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in court today, and we'll havee a live report at 4:30. >> also at 4:30, a crazy crash. look at that. a car sliding across a highway and hits another vehicle. we have this wild video for. >> you aishy delivery, something unusual is popping. in the mailboxes of one neighborhood. >> and all new at fit of imagine cooking in the comfort of your own home and suddenly your often glass doors explode. make sure this doesn't happen to you. it is today's edition of call how do you stay on topopf your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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>> calvin: a family when they found something unusual in their mailbox in st. cloud near orlando l and that family are not the only ones. victor is in the video port. >> victor: something smelly now popping up in mailboxes in osceola county. homeowners say they found catfish along with their letters and bills. at least three people have
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their mailboxes or their yards this week alone, and it's possible these fish were alive and left to die there. one of the victims thinks she was randomly targeted. >> i was honestly in shock because it doesn't make any sense. it's just one of those things that it's just why? and if you look, you can still see all the dirt and all the sty sludge that was there from him. >> victor: t tt is disgusting. people in the neighborhood believe it could be kids just playg pranks but so far, laurie and calvin, no leads on behind. >> calvin: sound fishy to me. thanks, victor. >> laurie: three people were rescued from a capsized boat in the keeps. take a look at these photos tweeted out by the u.s. coast guard just about an hour ago. the boat was found on the coast of islamorada. right now still not clear how that boat capsized. >> calvin: south florida beachgoers beware. tens of thousands of black tip sharks are back in water as a result of their annual winter migration.
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they spend between the january to mid-march after the south florida c cst in search of warmer water and more food. >> laurie: let's take a live look at the hopefully shark-free water. look at the breeze out there in hollywoo that makes this warm da really nice. >> calvin: we have to do a disclaimer for those black tip sharks. we had nothing to do with that. that is florida, folks. we welcome tourism here in south florida. >> laurie: and those beaches welcome you. >> calvin: absolutely. betty, great day. seems slook a duplicate from yesterdaying about the this is what you call a vacation day south florida style in the wintertime. it is nice out, lower 80 again this weekend. we keep making that run into the 80s. this is the view there the lens of our miami tower camera but you can see plenty of blew from that vantage point. 80 in hialeah want miami, marathon at 79, and the forecect
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between now and 6:00 this evening dry, partly cloudy this evening, 8:00 tonight the temperature slips down into the upper 70 or mid-s, i should say and we'll still have that southeast breeze going. definitely kind of brisk and noticeable if you have been out at the beaches today. those winds sustained 15 plus miles an hour. we're getting that southeast breeze as t(e leading edge of a cold front has now made itsay into the florida panhandle. some rainfall associated with that. it's not a line of storms we're not tracking moving on over toward tallahassee a little later tonight. weill we'll keep tabs on this combed front because you the will get closer to user the next 24 to, say, 36 6 urs but tomorrow it look like it will just start to bear down on central floridaa and bring some rain to that area. so we're expecting a mainly dry day. thursday 3:00 in afternoon, southeast breeze and warm conditions. thursday night and the wee hours of friday, that is when the front gets close enough such that it could produce a few showers.
4:18 pm
so much have to deal about severe weather with this front coming through, probably just a few passing showersand then once we push it through, we'll have some cooler air rolling`in behind it on a northwest to northerly wind on friday. so there are some changes in the forecast. n't get too used to the 80s because they are not going to stick around. one more day of the 80s and then we're done. it's back to morning lows that are on the cool side. look at friday. the high only getting to about 70 degrees. milder on saturday, but here comes a stronger cold front bringing s srmy weather early sunday, and look at these temperatures ononday you. want to talk about a cold start? 40s. calvin. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot. a good samaritan rescue caught on camer here after a car crashed into a pond in port st. luciey. police say the car lost contnol and went into a pond. at's when two guys went into the water the rescue the driver from the car. there were no serious injuries from that accident.
4:19 pm
a judge could decide i he will dismisa sexual assault cause against comedian bill cosby a a promise of immunity from a former prosecutor hoo who said he gave cosby his now deceased lawyer. now, cosby is back in court today after being criminally charged. his attorneys say that promise is the only reason that cosby agreed to testify in a civil trial. that's what he admitted to giving hemp women quaaludes ladies and gentlemen woman rescued from her car after driving in georgia. this car upside down in the water. officials say the woman lost contro hit a guardrail, and that's when her car went into the river. she nothing get out of the car. shes was taken%to the hospital. was able to get out of the car. let's take a look at the closing numbers on wall street. dow closing up 1 egg 83 points closing you the a 16,336. the nasdaq down slightly. the s&p 500 up slightly. >> calvin: coming up at 4:30 now
4:20 pm
land emergency landing after a engine fail. >> laurie: intense flames tearing through a condo forcing a girl to make a drastic decision to escape the flames. >> calvin: also at 4:30 a wild trouble crash kottke as one of those vehicles skids across a highway. >> clay: college football signing day is here. we'll showou some of the best from south floridadand let you know how the 'canes are doing, nextn sports. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the fo out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles.
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>> clay: it is if first signing day for mark richt as head coach of the hurricanes and all things considered he's doing fail well, the@ 'canes cutler sitting 20th in the 24/7, that combines all of the major recruiting services. this 'canes' class includes mullins and joseph jackson gulliver prep. this will look at their signing day celebration today. both mullins and jackson rated
4:24 pm
as top 50 players in the state of florida. another school which saw two of their guys earn top 50 grades, miamii central. ja mel cook one of the topop defensive backs in the state is heading to the west d ds plate usc. his high s school teammate solomon will play his college ball the on west coast of the ste at usf. on the heat, wrapping up in dallas. they look to bounce back from a tough loss in houston last night when t`ey take on the manches tonight 88. hassan whiteside 8:30. and on the ice what aa night for the florida panther ps the cats wall collapsed oped the best team in the nhl, in their building in our nation's capitol. the cats rail in first place. thanks to their four-game winning streak they will host the detroit reded wings at the. and denies of the calgary
4:25 pm
brutal hoyt a lineman. he had claimed he was distracted since he had just gotten hit himself and didn't mean the hit the revere but the league did not buy his explanation. comong up at pfeifle we'll have more on signing day including what makes thik day oh simple for local athletes and their families. >> calvin: rights a day when dreams really do come true. all that work pays off. >> laurie: the parents are saying whatever you want for dinner with we're having it tonight. celebrating tonight. that'll do it today at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with more from victor and. >> janine. >> janine: that teenager accused of cagle rabab in court this afternoon, what happened as he case face aa judge. >> victor: a crazy crash caught on camera. car skidding across the highway while on the its roof. the video you've got to see. >> janine: and an officer going beyond the call of duty by helping a father in court.
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if you have signs of pancreatitis
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or from your abdomen to your back... >> janin right now on news10 at 4:30 a teenager accused of killing a rabbi face a judge. deandre charles is accused of killing rabbi joseph raksin. >> and today members of both families wee in courur terrell forney live in miami with what happened in court today. terrell. >> terrell: this is called an arthur hearing. essentially y 's a court appearance to determine if this murder suspect should bee released on bond before his trial. let's take you upstairs inside of the courtroom. deandre charles walkednto the courtroom shackled today. he's been in custody for two months now following an indictment by and upper. detective have long considered the 15-year-old a suspect in the murder but did not make that information pubc until his arrest this past december. deandre's family was in court as well as the rabbi's relatives. let's take you back on the
4:30 pm
it was august 2014, that's when rabbi joseph raksin was walking to temp on a saturday morning. heas approached in what is believed to be an attempted robberernear north miami beach but it was sabbath so sack raksininas not carrying any valuables. he was deal town visit can his daughter at the time from new york city. he was shot anyway, and the crooks ran off. well, today we learned that gunman dropped pieces of a .40-caliber firearm at the shooting scene and some unfired bullets. we also know this a cell phone tied to deandre was traced to the area around the time of the rabbi's murder but in court just a few minutes ago the suspect's mom, she disputed that evidence. >> i had my phone that day. he didn't have that phone. i had that phone that day. >> okay. so, then, were you in the area that day? >> no. >> without every dna standard in this case, which has probably been a dozen, the only one to come back on the scene and inside the vehicle belongs to
4:31 pm
your client. >> terrell: and that last man is the lead homicide detective from miami-de police department who rigorously investigated this crime. we know that eyewitnesses came forward to offer some crual testimony before and after the shooting, and then there's this, a confidential informant also gave some very valuable information to detectives but we learned that he has since been shot and killed himself, likely because of his involvement in this case. that hearing we know just wrapped up. we're gathering the latest information and we'll have that for you coming up later on in the newscast for now that's the latest in miami, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> victor: a cringe man a acsed of severely beating his elderly mother offer's period of self mismonths. ics if-year-old scott long was arrested after his mother wept to the hospital with cuts and bruising on herody. police say his mother told them that longad repeatedly punched her in the face.
4:32 pm
this is a picture of the victim june long. police say her allegations were confirm by a witness. local10's shyann malone will have much more at 5:00. >> janine: a big bust at miami international airport after u.s. customs stopped a passenger who allegedly tried to smuggle more than $200,000 worth of heroioi cuss to also officers say the passenger was on flight from colombia. they say they found secret compartments in that person's backpacks where they found nearly eht pounds of heroin. then an amazing lding in the bahamas after the lane lawn's engine fails. >> victor: and that pilot was able to get the plane down safely. >> reporter: what a sigh of relief. it was truly thanks to that pilot's skill that all eight passengers onboard void of this. let's take a look at the video from inside that plane. one of the plane's two vance engines failed, and that forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. you can fly a plane with one engine but, boy, is it dicey and
4:33 pm
this pilot pulse pulls it off. they were the only ones injured. and this pilot's experience pays off as he lands that plane, balances that landing and wheels down with just onein' j. we have to hope when you get in a small plane like that that you have such an experienced pilot. all eight passengers and that pilot are just fine. victor and janine, good to see. >> janine: and that video is amazing. laurie, thank you. >> victor: there is a new top cop for the miami-dade police department. it was announced last week that juan perez is t ting over, and he sat down with local10 news reporter amy viteri for a one-on-one interview about what he plans to tackle in his new position. >> janine: amy is in the video port with what he had to say. >> amy: the new director from miami-dade police juan perez talked with us, he sat down and discussed everything fro teen violence to new technologies as he outlined his top priorities for public safety in miami-dade untyty miami-dade police director juan perez is now in charge of the
4:34 pm
department where he spent 25 years over overseeing everything from criminal investigations to police services. he sat down with local10 in his first week as top and outruined his top priorities which include new technologies. that includes everythingng from gun detection to more cameras that can m mitor realtime crime remotely. >> from a decendant location so that when officerss are responding in emergencies, we can tell them what to look for and if there's an act of shooter how to approach. >> amy: the youth violence is issu is among his greatest sense concerns. in december police arrested several people after a drive-by shooting in southwest miami-dade left seven-year-old amar'e castro dead. >> there are ways that we can identify the kids that@ are most a ricketts and target those individuals. >> amy: part of that he says is building relationship with neighborhood and creating trust to get information about crimes, but more importantly before the violence take place.>> and we can take corrective action to prevent the kid from really going in the wrong
4:35 pm
direction. >> amy: and many called perez got attention a couple of couple of years ago when he was deputydirector, speaking out passionately against mayor carlos gimenez planned proposal at the time to cut hundreds of police jobs. we'll take a look at those comments coming up in our next hour. for now we're live in the video port, amy viteri, local10 news at. >> janine: a lot of people remember that. six men are in the hospital after a pickup truck they were in collide with a dodge manage numb in miami. firefighters staih the force of that wreck sent that truck crashing nigh light pole at p. the six men in n at truck were all taken to tax ja memorial hospital and they are expected to beekay. the driver of the dodge was checked out on scene. >> victor: and another crash this time in hallandale beach. police say the dreyerit a curb before entering a garage along three islands boulevard and that caused the car to follow-up. the speed may have been a factor here but nobodyy was hurt. no other details were immediatelyreleased. right now we have a traffic alert to tell about you. a car fire in pompano beach.
4:36 pm
here with how the turnpike is looking. >> jenise: the turnpike not looking good at all. this video is from a viewer. thank you, jennifer, for sending this in. imagine driving and seeing that heavy smock, this car on fire. again, this is theurnpike southbound right around sample road. we've got two right lanes blocked here so an area, if you know anyone heading in this area direction call em this up up right now and stem cell tell them to stay away from the turnpike. as we zoom on in to our maps there are two right lanes blocked, that car fire just past the sample road exit and you're looking at 4 miles per hour speeds. ur alternate university drive. normally i qould tell to you take i-95 but we've got an accident there to talk about as well. this is southbound cypress creek road. two center lanes blocked here as well with speeds clocking in at 21 miles per hour. and as we cruise on to dade county we do have a few accidents to talk about there as well. t's start with the gone have dolphin expressway, really heavy delays.
4:37 pm
heading west around northwest57th avenue with speeds there at 33 miles per hour.and the palmetto very slow here as well. this is northbound,orthwest 58sth street with speeds here at 17 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: s4aying on the roads, caught on camera here a double crash, one car skidding across a highway while the vehicle was upside down, and a dash cam captured it all. another driver caught the terrifying crash. the car on its roof leaving a trail of sparks behind as it skidded across that highway in wails. it also hit a blue car which slammed into a median. aa baby was in back is that of the flipped over vehicle but amazing will you nobody was seriously hurt. the crash happened on a a very rainy day. >> janine: a man who alleged a stabbed a california highway patrolman has been arrested. police say two officers stopped that man whoh appeared to be hopeless after he was spotted -- homeless. police say that man used a knife
4:38 pm
that officer was hospitalized, and according to hospital he did undergo villager and is now in stable condition. >> victor: police in mexico found aun finished tunnel leading to the united states. the tunnel was found inside of a miles per hour it was 32 feet deep and a little more than seven feet wide, however only about nine feet long. inside the house police also found containers of drugs and packages of marijuana. >> janine: a taco restaurant in los angeleis drawing inspiration from el calvary chapel. the owner said he -- el chapo. he said he did include a menu related to drug lords. tacos el chapoito guzman are made with small tortillas. a men out you can also find the pablo escobar burrito. >> victor: u u.s. winemakers want in on the hot cuban market. they're hoping to stem cell shelly prorocts to the island as tourism grows. dozens of california winemakers attended a conference in hotch
4:39 pm
stores to buy their products. sips most u.s. products have been banned cuba for decade they have fierce competition. >> janine: today is the fifth anniversary of the day musician buddy holly was killed. he was traveling eye plane with richie valens and disc jockey the big bopper. it crashed was cornfield killing everyone onboard. no one is exactly sure what caused that plane to go down. holly was just 22 years old. also ahead, babysitting, a officer helping father out while hehe was in traffic court and that video is goingiral. >> kristi: coming up in hour health cast for you, kids are all about trying new things, right? but a new suddeny showing the dangers of experimenting with marijuana. >> victor: a girl forced to jump from a balcony after intense flames broke out an a condo. >> janine: and imagine cooking in the comfort your own home and
4:40 pm
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video camera on the spot. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i i lp you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile ma me happy made my day share yourtory.
4:42 pm
publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> janine: a video of a utah police officer, it's going viral and for a really sweet reason. >> victor: cameras captured the officer watching helping a father whilele he was inch track of court. >> as you can imagine, i can relate to this story. dad had something to do and that two-year-old was not having it at all. he had to to go to traffic court. so a 6'6" foot tall officer stepped in to help th dad and play babysitter. this little girl is on the move. >> quite active, we'll say that. >> calvin: a familiar sight to officer kevin norris sitting nearby.
4:43 pm
know whites like to have rambunctious shoes kids. it's hard to have them anywhere. >> calvin: in this case anywhere was t tffic court last week. two-year-old avi w w with her father. >> i could see the dad trying to keep her quiet, and she's just obviously a little wild one. >> calvin: it was time for her father to go in the courtroom, the little girl couldt go in. >> yeah, absolutely, i feel bad for him. >> calvin: so officer norris offered to babysit. >> he didn't know what to do. i` took the literal girl by a hand, got a drink, took giant steps, baby steps. >> calvin: then the 6'6" police officer pulled out some magic. >> kids love videos. we just pull the cartoons on my phone and she was asleep before i knew itc sleeping soundly. jose was plenty surprised. >> he know what he's doing but he's doing a good job. >> we're notust officers who are out there to arrest people.
4:44 pm
we're out t ere to make o community a better place. >> calvin: that's right. some cops are fathers, too, well so clearly he steed in, and that's a big man with a big heart. by the way, that video has gotten more 2 million hit online, and i can relate. janine, that's a two-year-old girl, not a boy causing all that trouble. they look i iocent but sometimes they can start some trouble. >> janine: because girls are smart arer and so they've got a lot more goingn. >> victor: and sic ayla is always welly behaved candlelight vigil especially after sugar she's well behaved. >> janine: we want teak you now to twister terror. multiple tornadoes touching down in east mississippi and west alabama yesterday, causing some damage. trees were uprooted. homes and buildings ripped apart and power lines, they were knocked down. despite the damage nobody was seriously injured. >> victor: and one of those tornadoes was caught on camera. a funnel making a touchdown in alabama.
4:45 pm
this happened two hours from birmingham. there it is moving around coming very close to holes.trees and power poles are on the ground. some homes in the area were also damaged. and from there we head to space nasa learning more about the sixth planet from the sun, saturn. these are new images of saturn. the r/w back to you vehicle has been studying the ringed pnet fore ten years now. cassinni found that the opaque rings may not contain the most material. turns out there's a correlation between how dense a ring might appear to be the and amount of material it contains. >> janine: taking a look right now here on earth, this is our mccain tower cam showing blue skies, clouds. it's been a warm one today. >> victoto saturn looked beautiful but i'll take this shot any day of the week. betty, how long can we expect this beautiful weather t@ hang or not? >> betty: we have another day of warm, nice weather and then changes as we wrap up the week.
4:46 pm
we are going to introduce rain showers so let's enjoy our moment. mother nature overachieving today with miami at 81 degrees. started the morning a 74. no rainfall to speak of. here's hollywood beach woo. we do understand why there's a lot of people out on the broadwalk. it's so very apartment warm out with, the babies, the moms, the nanes, everyone enjoying this day. we're e ing to keep it warm this evening and on the dry side with teteeratures holding into the mid-70s tonight. wis flowing in from the southeast. the same system that brougut the severe weather yesterday to that parts of the southeast, mississippi, alabama, that cold front is still on the move. there's a line of showers and storms associated about it but the system has lost a lot of its punch. so, so far the weather not nearly as bad as it was yesterday but some showers will be approaching the big bend of florida, maybe gusty showers at that. by the time that the system gets here early friday iton't have as much sting so it looks like
4:47 pm
quick passing showers, and some ariel air will coco in behind that cold front, too. theemperature divide, you're noticing the difference between the numbers. upper 70, lower 80s for central and south florida. then you look aroun the panhandle, and in a place like atlanta you see 60. 49 in memphis. so cooler air will get in here on friday but the cooldown to friday is going to be nothing when you compare the cold blast headed for u u sunday night into early next week. that freezing line is goingg to take a dip down toward the south and that cold air on a northwest wind. between onadaga and tuesday morning we're talking lows in 40sn some of your neighborhoods. if you want to head to the beaches, tomorrow should be decent day for it when the temperatures get up to around 80. win southeast 10 to 15 miles an hour off dade and broward. small craft exercise caution. tomorrow highs in the lower 80 friday front moves through, and we will see cooler weather.
4:48 pm
>> janine: betty, thank you. we've breaking news out of miami where a young person, possibly a child has been hit about a car. laurie is in the newsroom with more. >> laurie: we want to take you right to this scene, sky 10 over the scene in miami this breaking news at fifth avenue and northwest 58th street. this cruiser that you see in the middle of the street, it looks like some pipe type of grocery bag or backpack strewn on the ground with other items. we believe this is the police cruiser that miami police are confirming for us struck a juvenile. we do not know the age of the victim or the condition and we have not seen an ambulance anywhere on that scene, just this image with items strewn around on the ground. several other p/lice cars, ate least six or seven are in this ea now, we have blocked off the street wheel police are out in talking to witnesses and neighbors. so this area is blocked off. it's an area to avoid northwest 5th h reet at 58th avenue. and as we work to get any more information we will get it to you. we do have a crew on the way and
4:49 pm
we have these live pictures. the question is at this 4. 45 hour was this a high school student, a young person coming home with groceries. we don't know yet or how that person is doing. but a miami police#cruiser that is has a struck a juvenile beeps learn more we'll get it right to you. >> janine: it looks like those things possibly shoes. laurie, keep us posted if you have have if you have anything more. trapped by smoke and flames, a nine-year-old girl had no other choice but to jump from a third floor bal cone of a chicago condo. she is doing just fine now. she saidhe was home alonon yesterday afternoon when a kitchen fewer started. the flames blocked her from getting to the front door and stairs so she had to leap from the balcony into the armies of officers there to catch her. >> i didn't know what to do, and they just -- just listened to them. i just jumped. because it was no chance. >> she was the most confident brave little kid that i have ever met.
4:50 pm
she put complete faith in us and when she jumped, we caught her. >> janine: so brave sophia and her family, they lost nearly everything in this fire but they za they are grateful that they still have e eh other. >> victor: kids are all about experimentation but newew data underscores the dangers of experimenting with marijuana. local10's medical specialist kristi krueger is into the newsroom with tod's health cast. >> kristi: the numbers are a little bit surprising. the national deuteronomy institute on drug abuse shows 15% alof eighth graders have tried mary and 1%, more than 1% of them use that drug every single day. the drug can induce the sent satisfaction of relaxation and euphoria but recently published research also shows it can trigger schizophrenia-like changes s the adolescent brain. >> marijuana can cause temporary states of psychosis, paranoia, e. departure from reaeaty, if you will, that are temporary but in certain vulnerable individuals, people who have had a history schizophrenia, it can
4:51 pm
cause them to have their first psychotic break and become skits friend p.u.c. the marijuana develops the disease so that they develop schizophrenia faster or an early age. >> kristi: a cycle dr. bober said marijuana today can be more addictive. there's a key chemical in it, that thc and it is much high, it was years ago. alsls in today's health cast another teen concern, inact of and high body mass index. new research those that boys in their late teens who have a high bmi andlso a low aerobic fitness have a much greater risk of having high blood pressure or high blood pressure as adults. >> if you were an overweight, not very fit teen, you grew up to be a hypertensive adult. these guys were strong but not fit. card crowded cardioevangelical.
4:52 pm
low aerobic fitness was a risk in men who had a healthy bmi. the doctor said healthy exercise needs to be ingrained early in your child's life to prevent future problems as adults. >> victor: good advice. all new at 5:00 aew generation of girl coders from right here in south florida are getting ready to take over the tech world. >> janine: we are now hearing calls for help after a twister last week. the 911 call following that tornado in coconut creek all new at 6:00. >> victor: a dramatic landing caught on camera in hawaii. the moments a plane had to land the in water. >> jenise: turnpike southbound completely should at sample road
4:53 pm
i'm going to help you get around it's hard to find time to ep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can wnload my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, re i come!
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can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity y ll change the way you experience tv. >> victor: here's a dramatic plane landing in hawaii after it
4:55 pm
you can see the plane making its way down to land on the water. plane's propellor had stopped moving st. and the landing fear also not working. the pilot was able to bring that plane down thankful safely, though. he was not injured. >> janine: it's amazing when we see these stories, the calm the pints have to have in order to make those landings. that's going to could it goer local10 news at at 4:30. >> victor: here laurie and calvin with what's next that the 5:00. >> laurie: next at 5:00 governor rick scott clareing a state of emergency in four counties because of the zeka vivis. >> calvin: a young men who killed his friend in a middle school bathroom 12 years ago is back in court for a brand new sentence. >> laurie: a driver in the drink in miami beach after making a big splash this afternoon. >> calvin: it's just waiting to arena over your kitchen? >> laurie: plusomething fishy keeps popping up in mailboxes in
4:56 pm
we'll hear a woman who found the smelly surprise. >> calvin: breaking news off the tonight at 5:00. >> laurie: ann accident involving a miami police officer. janine is in the newsroom with the latest. >> janine: let's go straight to video from sky 10 which is over the scene in miami just east of near miami e edison high school independencefest pf 8sth street and 5th avenue and miami police do con number that a police cruiser has hit a juvenile. some sort ofoung person. we don't know if this is a small child. we don't know if this is a teenager. but it appears it's this cruiser that's in the middle of your screen, some port of sort of bag nearby. also you can see small red objects. if you look closely, we believe that those are shoes. again this is near miami edison high school so it's not clear if this is perhaps a high school student who was maybe walking home hereafter after-school activity. we don't see rescue on the scene but you see miami police officers on scene and ts area is taped off. this is a verbal area.
4:57 pm
police are on the scene.again they are confirming to us
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