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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hit by a marked cdf miami police cruiser. that scene still very act of right now. the offifer, we know, did stay on that scene about the the boy as parentk very upset over how something like this could happen. let's show you this picture now just given douse to us by relatives. his name is antowain lawson again six years old. he is apparently in surgery right now here at jackson memorial hospital. we also justpoke with a family friend. here is what he had to say. >> they satisfy he's stable. so that's good news. >> was he crossing the street? >> they say the police was speeding but i'mot sure. i wasn't there. they say the police was speeding with no siren, and that was it. >> terrell: so one more live look from the scene, and is the city of miami northwest 58th street and fifth avenue. agn, a very act of scene. police also interviewing that
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the wheel of that marked city of miami police cruiser to try and determine how this accident could have happened. and even with the devastating outcome in this case, it could have certainly turned outuch worse. at this point it does appear that this six-year-old boy is surviving. again, in surgery here at jackson memorial hospital surrounded by a large number of family and friends who are obviously upset but yet pulling for this little boy to pull through. we'll keep you updated. that's the latest here in miami, i'mtel terrell forney. >> calvin: now to more breaking news involving the zeka virus. >> laurie: a health emergency has been declared in foyer counties and that includes mild. local10 news reporter carlos suarez live with what you need to know. >> carlos: well, guys, the virus he's led to deformities in babies which led to a worldwide caution against women traveling to latin america as well as the caribbean. now, none of the cases in flflida have involved pregnant
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women but because the possibility apparently exists the that virus could spread through unprotected sex, that's now led to a whole new level of concern. the heheth emergency was declared in four counties where the seek was detected there you go u. including miami dade, lee, hillsboro and santa0s a county p in miami-dade four people have come down with the illness. the the governor's three-page plan has a plan with zika because all of the cases involved people to traveled to latin america. >> should people be alarm by that? no. the vast majority of people are not going to have issues with this. >> carlos: the virus is transmitted by type of mexico found in south florida but because it's yet to be found locally, mosquitoiol has change the way when it deals with the pest including spraying neighborhoods. instead they focus to stand you can water. >> you're going to find this mosquito anywhere in miami-dade county. >> carlos: governor rick scott
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released a statement that read in part "although current's current nine zeke awe,a cases >> conditions in south florida ever probably at some point will have i think zika here, not just imported but from here. and so i think it's probably on a matter of time. >> carlos: now, the miami-dade health department referred all of our questions to tallahassee, essentially the governor's actions called for better coordination between the state and federal government should nor cases come about. for more information, everything you need to know on the zeka virus go ahead and hovered to we're live tonight in miami, i'm carlos suarez. >> calvin: also tonight, michael hern who is now 26 yearsld is back in court for the strengthsing hearing for a cold-blooding killing of his classmate when hernandez was
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it was exactly 12 years ago today that fellow classmate and friend him gough was stabbed to death inside ray southwood middle school in the bathroom. >> laurie: at one point the testimony was too much for hernandez's family to take, his father league of the courtroom. local10 news reporter liane morejon was at today's angry hearing and she's joining us live. li app. >> liane: tough for all involved. today the court heard testimony from a neuroneuro psychologist, from hernandez's own father, and from hernandez's old classmate and friend who was nearly lured to the same fate a goughghut never took the bait. a now 26-year-old michael hernandez hears his o words from his 2004 confession tape played during the first day of his resentencing. >> i thought the initial sentence was fitting of the crime. >> liane: hernandez wasn't could victed in 2008 of killing his friend jaime gough when the two were just 14 years old.
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lured gough into the boys bathroom at southwood middle and stabbed him 42 times. he was sentenced to life without parole but later in 2012 the u.s. supreme court you'll juveniles do not automatically face that kind of sentence, paying the way for hernandez to be resentenced. >> do you love your son? >> very much. >> liane: during testimony from i hernandez's father the prosecutor grilled him for helping his son set up profile on and for playing viole death metal music for him just days ago during taped jailhouse phone calls. >> it doesn't concern you that your s is fascinated, continues to be fascinated with serial murderers andusic that screams out for hitler? >> i don't see that he's fascinated with serial killers, and just one song doesn't make a man. >> liane: a neuropsychology testified hernandez showed no i e. no soons of reforce and that his mother could om remember one instance where hernandez cried in prison.
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>> he was crying about because his significant other be a obviously another male inmate, had been traps period out and he notes that "i still miss him." >> liane: and testimony from that neuropsychologist is coinuing routine in the courtroom. the day will end without a decision. that is expected to come on friday. reporting in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> liane: liane, thank you. a truck somehow wend wound up in the water today in bay harbor islands. police say a woman was trying to lower her boat into the waterwhen the truck just slid into the water. and here's video that of truckrecently being pulled to dry ground p if driver will also did make it to safety. and police say they gave her a field sobriety test when which she passed but he was arrested on an unrelated charge. >> calvin: this woman has been arrested for driving drunk and causing a roll rollover crash on miami beach and local10's obtained exclusive scroop purchase. our hatzel vela has t t video
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you'll see on the one and only. >> hatzel: on that video you will be ableo see the two cars collididg, and police say the woman driving one of those cars was 23-year-old odessa baron don who is was drinking and driving, a nanny for friends, and now in jail. p. early this morning sun not each out yet, but about this surveillance video you can make out when the two cars collide. look closely and eou can see the volkswagen flips on its side. minutes later you see people race to the car to help a shadowy figure, a woman get out. it happened in miami beach on continues and 38th. police say that driver is 23-year-old odessa barndon. she told police she didn't know what happened. one minute she's driving, she says, at the next upside down. she had bloodshot,, watery eyes, slurred speech and the strong smell of alcohol. defect say she failed her celebratory test. local10 cameras captured what
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looks like booze containers spilling out of car once it was turned rig side up. the other car involved, a yellow cab was damaged from the impact. the driver 72-year-old imaneeses joseph was taken to ryder trauma center. the we have his picture because back in october of last year joseph was missing. dates from that case matched details in this case. same home address. same birth date and age. a witness told us he was bleeding from his head and hands. we, of course, checked with ckson memorial hospital on joseph, and they say they have no information on that patient so far. as for ms. barrendon we're told she remains in jail, likely to see a judge tomorrow, now facing dui charges. for now reporting live in northwest mild, hatzel vela. >> calvin: a teenager accused of killing a rabbi is hopingo get a bond set for his case so h% can possibly gift jail before his trial.
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allegedly killed rabbi joseph raksin during an attempted robbery in 2014. detective say a cell phone was trace today deandre around the time of the rab e's murder but the suspect's mom said she had the phone. >> i had my phone that day. he didn't have that phone. i had thaha tone phone that day. >> okay. so then were you the in area of the shooting of the rabbi that day? >> no. >> calaln: a confidential informant gave information to detective but was shot and killed likely because of his involvement in the case. the hearingontinues tomorrow. >> laurie: miami-dade's new top cop is talking about the video that has gone viral showing a civilian pulling over one of h@s officers. director juan perez was offially sworn in tuesday. perez sitting down with local10 today on his first day on the job. he says he can't comment about the department's investigation into the complaint from claudia castillo whoook this video. about and posted it online and alleges that she saw officer daniel speeding but director
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perez did address the safety concerns with how the woman got that video. >> i would the not encourage nun in the community to follow an officer, chase him down or anything lock that. the best practice is if you get an id number, car number, any identifying, you know, thing about the officer, stop there and just make the complaint. >> laurie: the department says it is still looking into the allegations. >> calvin: he's at you the again. donald trump is accusing ted cruz of s ealing was caucus. >> laurie: and hillary clinton is working hard to close the gap with bernie sanders in new hampshire. latest on the campaign trail on "world news tonight" at 6:30. >> betty: our smarm camera painting a beautiful picture as the sun sets on south florida. it has been a warm day. i'll let you know how many more days of 80s to expect. forecast coming up. it's never too late to make new habits that will help protect your identitying yo. hear from a cyber expert president simplings you can do
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>> laurie: we've breaking news out of a pennsylvania court now. we do know that the felony sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby will be allowed to move forward, and that means that a judge there is saying she doesn't care about a former da's claim that bill cosby was given immunity from prosecution more than a decade ago. >> calvin: we'll have a lot more on this story at 11:00 tonight and also on we may be in the second month of the year but it's never too late to make a new year's resolution about cyber safety. >> laurie: lal10 morning news an eric yutzy gets hints. >> the nice thing is unlike so much so many of your other solutions you can keep this one because it benefits you. >> eric: new year. new cyber safer you. he believes you should disike those social media q&as. >> one thing if i can implore people to stop doing for the new year, stop taking those quizzes online to find out what your
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friends or what kind of animalyou would be in the judge. all that is is gaining information on you. >> eric: simple answers to seemingly harmless questions is giving away just enough information public fore hackers to hack passwords. update your computers, web browsers, email and certainly mobile devices. >> when you get these updates for like apple sends you now 9.2.6 isn't 70.9. >> i have one now that i keep hitting layer. >> a lot of times if you are read what these updates are for, it's to patch security holes, to protest your phone from being hacked. >> eric: and while out, think twice about using free wi-fi serviceses >> nur going do use it make sure you are not signing into youou
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bank account or because while you're doing it the guy sitting across from might be taking more than you might think. >> eric: ethics use it to track you aisle baisle snooping snooping on your buying presence of certain people in your house responsible for updating software or@ passwords, keeping your entire household everyone and in it a little safer from hackers. with hacked, i'm eric yutzy, local10 news. >> laurie: our kids will like that. digital chores. >> calvin: the word ""sends chills down their spines. >> laurie: but it's a computer. >> betty: that's how you get work out of them. >> l lrie: that's e. how we do it. >> betty: duly noted. how is it going out there? we're taking a look outside through lens of our mount sinai medical center taur tower camera it. lookokas though there's a big cloud hanging over the magic city but that is not a storm cloud. all in all it has been a decent day and the evening should be
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we made it into the -- ser seen as well. we started the morning mild into the low to mid-70s. so what is normal for this time of the year? our normal low lower 60s between mild and fort lauderdale and highs in the mid to upper 70 will be a little closer to normal for our lows come friday, but for tomorrow we are expecting another day of above average temperatures. it's 77 degrees currently in pembroke pines and hialeah. homestead, i hope you had a great day. 76 degrees there. you, too, marathon. and 77 in contest key west. the forecast for the even between now and 8:00 dry, keeping those skies partly cloudy, though, and a gentle southeast breeze we will say will tend to keep temperatures hovering in the 70s tonight, ate least the lower 70s by tomorrow morning. so we're getting those southeast winds as this cold front starts to make a move across the florida panhandle tonight. showers, a few gusty showers associated with this, stretching from areasf the panhandle into the carolinas, even up toward
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the mid-atlantic, too. there is colder air behind the front. that trickling in on a northerly wind. now, for tomorrow we will stay in a southeast flow so we are expecting another warm day as the leading edge of the cold front starts to near us and brings some rainfall. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon around central florida, it locks mainly dry for us, but overnight thursday into early friday the front gets lowers and we will have the potential fore showers. p it does not appear that severe weather will be an issue for us, just a quick little passing shower event. and then behind the fnt we'll have the cooler air working in on a a northwest to north wind on friday. so get ready for some temperatures that will be changing as we wind down the week. but at least tomorrow we get another warm one. forecasting highs in the lower 80. friday early here comes the shers, turning compartment once the front passes and our high only gets to 70. saturday a bit of a warm-up as the next cold front approaches.
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stormy weather early sunday and then cold air starts to pile on behind it. monday morning we are still
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>> clay: how crazy has signing day become? well, today you had one high-schooler hop out of a plane to make his announcement, and another say after making his choice that he is now looking forward to building his brand. still, even though much has change, signing day remains a great celebration hard work
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paying off. we start gulliver whose class of signees featured two 'canes, daunte mullins and joseph jackson. both mullins and jackson rated ra top 50 players in the state of florida. over at miami central jamel cook heading to the west west coast to plate usc while hiseammate will plate a usf in tampa. and the flan gans won the 8a state title. the head coach won a super bowl at a national championship coaching their kids as they made theirnnouncements today where they will be playing their college football. and the a st. thomas michaelin, jr. following in h father's footsteps and his entire family getting inn thth act. a very cool moment. al receiver sam bruce signing with "the u" the signing the gloves had a little trull signing. hard to sign in gloves. but um said coach mark richt
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happy with his crowd today. >> very talented bunch. everyone this time of year is going to say that but we truly believe that we've got guys that can help us win, and that's what it's all about. >> clay: here's a look at the top classes routine as we speak. this is had a composite of the top recruiting site. you see brahman, fsu, lsu, ohio state, michigan, then the gators at 13 and the 'canes at 20. to basketball where we could see hassan whiteside back the on court for the if it is time in a while tonight for the heat. the big man liste a questionable for tonight's became in dallas with looking to bounce back from last night's loss in houston which broke a four-game wingy streak. it will be interesting to see him get back to the court, see if they continue gelling with him in as out. >> betty: tonight mainly dry and on the warmer tied. one more date in 80s and then we starttart to cool down.
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>> calvin: get the sweaters out. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> your right to know is under attack in tallahassee. lawmaker are trying to shut down an important part of florida's sunshine law that requires government to operate in thepen. right now when a citizen wants a government record, the sunshine law says he or@ she gets it, and when they don't, the government has to pay the legal fees. but longer are trying to change that law. legislators. legislation under considering allows a judge to decide if those fees should be paid instead of the mandatory payment under current law. why would supporters of the bill want to do anything that makes it harder for you and me to get our hands on public records? local10 urges lawmakers to leave the sunshine law alone, and we urge you to call or email your reprprentatives in tallahassee to give them the same message. our government works beswhen it operates in the open, and
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those in governmentre held accountable. hands off the sunshine law. of course, thih is just the beginning of the conversation.
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