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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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just hours left until someone misses their chance to become a millionaire. have to find that ticket. >> is it in your pocket? good morning, south florida. i'm jacey birch. >> i'm eric yutzy. some big news we'llll reveal this morning. is weather authority meteorologist occurred dudder having a boy or girl? >> she will fill us in. first we turn to her for our thursday forecast. >> we like to call it our friday eve. young joining.. it's going to be a great hour. stick around. tv like you've never seep right here on local 10 news. a live lookutside. you can't see it but you can feel it. it's dry, muggy and not nearly as breezy. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. a southeast breeze anywhere between nine and 11 miles per hour. at least we're waking up rain-free. enjoy it. tonight and into
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be talking about wet roadways. above-average temperatures and rain will continunu it's going to be a warm one. make sure they have plenty of water and possibly the sunglasses because they are going to need it. take a look at the satellite and radar composite. we're waking up to dry conditions. fair weather clouds jus offshore but up the road here comes a cold front that's soaking northern florida. more details on that. constance? >> thanks so much. nobody's heading to the beach. no one's leaving the beach. it looks like two people right there. the bridges are looking great this morning. we had construction crews earlier. two lane were blocked for our west-bound drivers. if you're traveling tothe beach or leaving the beach, really should haven't any issue at all this morning. so let's get to this earlier in dent. we had a fatal crash happening off of kendall drive but just a few miles west of there we had some traffic lights out.
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relation to that crash. the light are out so trtrt it as a four huff way stop. again, police sti on the keep of this one at southwest 88th street and 117th avenue. those lights out just west of the turn pike. let's quickly get to some drives times if yuan the u this morning heading into miami eight minutes total drive time. plea people are in e hospital after it crashed into a lauderdale tomorrow. local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is at the home this morning. ben,retty scary for everyone inside. >>reporter: it was an incredibly close call as they were sleeping inside their bedroom. it's since been boarded up. an orange sticker is on the front door. bottom line saying this home is just not safe.
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about, the driver did not stick around to see if they were all right. no one did die but a family of three did get hurt after a black honda sedan crashed into this home off of norththst 16th street and lauderdale avenue and their home. neighbors say a wife and her daughter were the ones rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. neighbors are surprised he or she was able to walk away after seeing the danger. >> i just thought i was crazy because i never heard the brake or anything on the car before the impact. the impact was so great to where it really scared me to where i thought it was somebody dead, boom, boom, and a lot of mangling noise. >>reporter: police did search overnight for that driver but they could not find him.
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hoping that will help them lead to an arrest. reporting live in lauderhill, ben kennedy, local 10 news. this six-year-old boy waking up here in the hospital. he was struck by an officer driving a police car. sanela sabovic live this morning at jackson memorial hospital. how is this boy doing today? >>reporter: good morning, eric. this boy is expected to make a full recovery. he suffered a broken pelvis and leg in the accident but again he's expected to be okay. let's get you now to apicture of him. he was riding his scooter alo northwest fifth avenue and 58th street late wednesday afternoon when he was struck by miami police officer's patrol car. the child's family insists the boy was on the street clearly visible for the officer to see. now traffic homicide investigators worked through the night wednesday trying to figure out exactly what happened and to see if speed was a factor which the family ss that was the case. >> he was riding the
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trucks and obviously a child is shorter than thoke trucks so it's difficult to see him if he darts out in the street. >> he was riding his bike and how can you come down from one block all the way to the middle of the block and not see him in the middle of the street. >> now that officer was not on an emergency call at the time of the accident. that officer was helping another one doing some paperwor right now there are no charges that are filed but that would change once this investigation is complete. reporting live in miami, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. one man behind bars this morning in connection with an armed carjrjking in southwest miami-dade.17-year-old deondre johnson facing multiple charge i'm including grand theft stemming from the incident that took place tuesday night. johnson and two others ambushed him at his home. the crowd unfolde right at southwest 254th street. the two victims were rushed to the hospital
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stable condition right now. the other two carjackers are still on the run. a murder investigation, it continues this morning days after a man was found dead in his tamarac home. police have not coirmed how 32-year-old lucky wilson died on tuesday night but they do say he was killed. a neighbor claims he heard screaming from wilson's home. wilson was found dead by when i father inside this home. this is a reward being offered for information that does lead to an arrest in this case. a man accused of peeping into window in pembroke pines could walk free after he posts bond. a judge set that bond at $80,000. he will also have to hand over his passport. he's been i jail since new year's eve and faces charges of aggravated stalking. this man is in jail
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elderly mother. police say his mother june told detectives she had been punched repeatedly by her son in the face and in the head. detectives say long also pulled her hair and twisted her neck but hiswife says all of the allegation are untrue. >> my husband changes her port-a-potty. he feeds her meals by hand. this is crazy. >> his wife says june is frail and often falls causing those bruises his mother remains in the hospital this morning. focus is still on morning. hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepang for tonight's debate. each appearing last night at a town hall event. certainly had a lot to say about one another. >e will raise the minimum wage. we will have health care for allll people. it's very hard to see how any proposes could ever be achievable.
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sizeable lead over clip in new hampshire and only last the iowa cork by .3%. eight candidates remain, kentucky senator rand paul dropping out yesterday followed by former senatorick san -- santorum. >> glenna millberg will be live toover the new hampshire primary. a driver slams right into a mother and two small children, then speeds away we have an update on how they are doing this morning. the surveillance showing an s.u.v. slamming right into a cab. an amazing rescue outside of a florida city hall. south florida, if you plan on hding to
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will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. we are seeing temperatures at 81 degrees. what about back home here? i'll have all the details on the forecast and how we're going to
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coming up. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. more recalls because of those dangerous air bags. >> honda is recalling to million more vehicles in the u.s. due to those takata air bags. they can ruptu when deployed sending debris
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>> the recall now involves 24 million vehicles. we're still ithe thick of winter but home depot already looking ahead to spring. >> it lans to hire associations nationwide. >> so long $5 foot long. subway is adding $1 to its famous meal deal. >> obviously it dlb $6. thprice is a result of rising costs since the foot long debuted in 2007. >> that's america's money. >> have a good day. the tornado on the ground in georgia for ten minutes yesterday. you can see just how much damage that storm caused, tearing roofs off of cars and downing power lines. >> ten minutes on the ground is a long time. >> a long time to be afraid and try to get to shelter as quickly as possible sossments glad
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tornadoes. we had too many tornado scares these last few weeks. indeed i did. i'm happy to tell y we had the same cold front moving into south florida. it will not be expected to produce severe weather threat for us. so that's the good news but again our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends that were damaged with the system. we had time to enjoy nice weaeaer. it's warm out there. 73 degrees in mime. 75 ft. lauderdale. 76 key west. we should be waking up to 61. so temperatures are about 12 degrees above where we should be all because of that east southeast breeze pumping in the winds anywhere between and 11 miles per hour. currently a muggy 73 in pembroke pines, 75 in pompano beach as well as hialeah and down by the keys. so nine, six and even ten miles per hour are our winds right now but we could expect them to reach anywhere to 10 to 15 miles per hour this afternoon. i'm happy to tell you
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mostly dry conditions. isolated activity with showers developing by e florida straits. it's more like a drizzle up and down the east coast associated with that strong front. this wili linger across northern florida today eventually pushing io south florida as early as tonight. we'll start to feel the effects over west palm beach, over broward and then eventually moving into miami. around this time we'll be talking about the possibility of showers for your morning commute tomorrow. it all about the cold air behind the system because we're going to track that. 18 degrees in kansas city. that cold air sinking as far south as alabama and georgia. that front will slide in tonight increasing the chance of showers. i timed it out for you right around midnight. the front should clear by around 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning but it will take some time for this cloud cover to continue to push away from us. high pressure's going to build from the north
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cool afternoon. friday our highs will only reach the low 70s and a reinforcing shot of colder air will go into the forecast sunday ahead of another front. by monday morning our friends will be freezing. we're talking overnight low inin the upper 40s and low 50s once the secondary front clears by sunday. today beautiful, enjoy.tomorrow cooler and wet as we start our friday. slight chance of a shower by friday. the front clears and check out the temperatures. our lows will be in the 40s, upper 40s a low 50s by monday morning. all right, my friends. i he another forecast coming your way. in the next half hour i'll fill you in if i'm expecting a boy, girl, twins or more. constance jones? >> i have that poll on mine on twitter and anoverwhelming percentage of people think you're having twins. wearing pink t tay. i do believe there's a girl in the forecast but i'm going to have to wait and see. i-75 looking good.
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out there. in broward county we're nice and quiet. earlier this morning, no surprise. we had construction crews out there but that's not the case now. a quick reminder, we still have that traffic light thas out after kendall drive in southwest 122nd avenue. we're seeing slight delays in that location. a traffic light is out, you know what you do? you treat it as a four-way stop. quickly 595, if you're traveling east bound startingt i-75 cruising over to u.s.-1. maybe you'r'r head to the airport this morning. not a lot to slow you down. your average speed going to take 15 miles an hour. >> constance said twins or me. i'm hoping for more. >> dream big. you may reward kids for agood report card or some other
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about paying money just totay out of trouble. >> think about that one. >> depends how much. breaking news overnight. a man on the run after slamming a car right into a lauderdale home. two people sleeping in that front room, a child hurt as well.l. we're live at the scene bringing you the latest all morning long. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse.e. x1 from xfinity will change the way
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friends and loved
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remember nicole lovel. a memorial service held less than a wk after her body was found near the north carolina border. two university of virginia students are behind bars. police believe david eisenhower is responsible for killing her. a criminal case against comedian bill cosby will continue. a pennsylvania judge rejected argumentsts that it should be dismissed. cosby's current attorney say that's the onlyreason he agreed to testify where he agreed to drugging women. a popular netflix mini series believed to have sparked a bomb threat in wi. police say the threat was called in to the county of the center of the making of a murderer series. thecaller said justice for avery. it centers on steve
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he was framed by local law maker. the people who had been evacuated were allowed to return to their homes overnight. kids may be rewarded for good grades or accomplishments but have you ever heard of paying them to behave? >> no. >> a proposal to give stipends to teen. no amount has been set but it's based off of a similar program in california where some participants arere paid up to $9,000 a year. >> who p ps for it, taxpayers? >> i assume so. we have to figure out what's the cost of put them in jail or put them down. >> that's an ethical dilemma. we could talk about that. >> happening in d.c. >> it could happen in miami or southh florida anywhere. >> okay. this one's a fun story. the florida keys getting some tension in the washinkton area thanks to a brand new tourism campaign. that's really`having some fun and playing politics.
6:20 am
shows a fish with a caption strong response to polls. >> get it? >> yup. >> another show is a bird with really crazy hair and it reads, donald, is that you? >> giving a whole new meaning to swing states. this ad is funded by the key west tourism council >> pretty smart though. >> especially if you're dealing with all that snow a week ago. >> market it well pr groups. and the largest american regatta since relayings were restored between america and cuba last year. there are 63 boats taking off from havana's historic marina. now the regatta began last weekend and continues on. i think we need to make d field trip to the keys jackpot record. it's the largest ever
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>> we are on the search for a winner who could soon be missing out on millions qf they don't come forward. our facebook friend of the day. is it you? paul? i don't know. >> superman. >> he is superman. thank you for joining us rite here this morning, being our friend on local 10. we continue to b bng you a developing story right now. a six-year-old is hospitalized after being hit by a police officer in a patrol car. how he was strucucin the street and how that
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that is coming up. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth6 man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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today the last day for someone to claim they are winning a $63 million lottery five-da forecast in california. that winning lotto ticket bought in august has yet to be redeemed. if the lucky winner does not show up today, he or she willl forfeit all that money. also could be the largest unclalaed super
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>> so sad somomody might not know they are a winner. >> search through. here today, gone tomorrow. >> hope we find you. south florida get ready, we've got your tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. >> local 10 giveaway ticket to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival. that includes all of the buggest name in the cooking, culinary world. also they make the tastiest dishes from all over the globe. head to our facebook page. that's where yououan enter. >> easy to find right there on our facebook page. >> constance, can you whip us up some good food this morning? >> no, but i can whip you up some good traffic. can you absent that? a crash on i-95 and sterling road. you can't see it from the camera angle but you can see quite a bit of congestion especially in those northbound lanes. we're accident-free but we had, use to report, congestion and also traffic lights that are out. details on that right
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down to the big reveal. ahead up our next half hour. julie answers the question boy or girl. >> rock away sweet baby boy james or isn't she lovely, boy or girl? baby songs coming to mind. just a few moments awa right here on local 10. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right theree i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's suchch small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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breaking overnight a driver take off after crashing university side a home sending several people sleep inside straight to the hospitit. also developing struck by an officer, a six-year-old hurt after beingg hurt by a patrol car along miami street. > right now zika emergency. florida health official are gearing up for a fight against the dangerous virus. one and only video of a a rollover crash. the moment an s.u.v.
6:27 am
flips. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. tgit, everyone. guess what, today is the big day. out weather authoritymeteorologist had some big news. >> that's right, just a few moments away. e will tell us boy or girl, eric orr erica. >> what about jason or jacey? >> to each their open. >> what about justin or julie? ah-ha. we can py the game all morning long. south florida, you have been participating. we appreciate it. you have about eight more minutes before the big reveal and we'll do it live here on local 10 news like known else does it in. so you're definitely going to want to start your friday eve like this. granted a bit warm but at least it's dry. dry conditions and not even moving compared to yesterday. that breeze was in place. that east southeast breeze will continue in the wind direction.
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degrees above where we should be with 73 in miami. 75 ft. lauderdale, 76 key west. here's a look at the forecast throughout the morning. warm and muggy, the kids will only need their sunglasses and maybe some added water because it's going too be another warm day. highs in the upper 70s. a major cooldown will come in place as we go into the w wkend. we'll have to start off with showers early tonight. all the detail coming up. >> i-95 at sterling road. that's where we have reports of an accident scene this morning. u condition see it from camera angle. if you're looking thohoho are northbound lanes right there zooming along without any issues. our traffic maps not showing any delays either which is great. if you're traveling out this morning, here's a look at everything at's happening. i-95 looking good. right there at the exit ramps, the aircraft expressway, we are seeing some slight delays. also southbound on the i, tho speeds at 41 miles per hour.
6:29 am
further down south we've got delays off of u.s.-1. northbound an southbound lanes seeing some stop and go traffic. those seds between 17 and 20 miles per hour. we typically see a lot of congestion here u.n. way. lur northbound lanes on the approach to the don schula expressway. those speeds at 37 miles per hour. breaking news this morning. is is out of kendall where a deadly crash killed one person and put three others in the hospital. police say the driver who was killed was speeding west-bound on kendall drive when he slammed into aox truck. the car flipped and caught fire. the passenger inside the car was rushed to the hospital in critical condition while two people inhe truck suffered minor injuries. breaking jefferson night, three people in the hospital after a car crashed into a home even hitting a bet where two people slept. the driver still on the run. ben kennedy live this morning at hat lauderdale home.
6:30 am
people doing today. >>reporter: it appears the victims will be all right. you can see how hard this car was hit. i found this moments ago. it appears to be a piece of that window. you can see some glass right there. take a look behind me. that window has since been boarded up. there's a yellow stick he, orange sticker that is on the door right next to it saying this home is just not safe. >> i was sitting in my room watching tv when i heard a loud bang. >> that loud bang was a car hitting her neighbor's house. >> i never heard the brakes or anything on the car before the impactct i just heard the impact and the impactt was so great to where it really scared me, i thought somebody was dead. >>reporter: no one died but a family of three did get hurt after a black honda sedan crashed into this home in lauderhill. it's there a couple was inin their bedroom when a car came barreling in.
6:31 am
sleeping in their bed when the car came into the h hse and they only walked out of there with minor injuries sohey were very lucky. >>reporter: paula white says a man, his wife and their daughter was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. neighbors are surpris they were able to walk away after hearing the collision. >> boom, boom and a lot of mangling news. >>reporter: it was a very close call for this family of three. police did search the neighborhood for that driver but could not find them. officers say they now will run the plate hoping it will lead them to and arrest. ben kennedy, local 10 news. thisalso this morning a little boy recovering after he was hit by a police car. he's waking up this morning at jackson memorial hospital. that's where sanela sabovic joins us live. tell us how he' doing now. >>reporter: the goo in that
6:32 am
boy is expected to be okay. he did suffer some broken bones but his grandmother does tell us he's in stale condition this morning. >> that's my little grandson. he's stable and we're praying for him and he's going to come out good. >>reporter: a scooter ride nearly turns deadly for a six-year-old boy. he was hit by a cruiser late wednesday afternoon. >> he was riding the scooter between the trucks. it's difficult to see him if he darts out in the street. >>reporter: the child's family insists otherwise. they say the boy was riding the scooter on the street and is that the officer was speeding. >> in the neighborhood where there's a lot of kids riding bikes. >> they were out there with the k k and he was riding his bike. how can you come down om one block all the way to the middle of the block and not see him in the middle of the street. >> traffic homicide investigators worked through the nigig wednesesy trying to
6:33 am
indeed a factor in this accident. >> we have traffic investigators here on the scene and they are looking at thing like drag factor and the computer in the car to see if there was speed. at this point it doesn't appear speed was a factor. >> that little boy's recovering and he's expected to be here at jackson memorial hospital for the next several days. that officer has not been charged this morning but thehe miami police department is still investigating this incident. reporting liviv in miami, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. we have a grp of teams on a pigeon stealing crime spree. that's a aording to hialeah police. these ones right here, they've been arrested. walking out, four teens ages4 to 17 were questioned last night before leaving the hialh police department. the four charged with breaking into the yards of private homes. 16 year old eric cook, 17-year-old jose rodriguez along with a 14 and 15-year-old, they are accused oftealing 39 bird and trying to sell them to a hialeah
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set to give an update on th big plan to battle the zika virus one day after declaring a health emergency in fouj counties. governor scott issued a statement on the virus saying although flax's current nine zika cases were travel related, we have to ensure floridais prepared and stays ahead of the zika virus in our state. we know we must stay prepared for the worst even as we hope for the best. local 10 brought this to you as breaking news yesterday. an s.u.v. slamming right into a taxicab and flipping up on to its roof before funerally stopping, coming to a rest. police say the driver was drunk. that crash put one man in the hospital and one woman behind bars. the woman is a french citizen who works in south florida as a nanny. she said one second she was driving, the next she was upside down. multiple different
6:35 am
littering the street believed to be thrown from her vehicle to the wreck. police say she had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and failed her sobrbrty test. the taxi driver went to the hospital after the crash. he' expected to make a full recovery. a pick-up truck plunged into the creekon wednesday. sky 10 flew above the scene.police say the woman with trying to lower her boat into theater when the truck went straight in. the woman who also went into the water was helped out. she was not injured. the truck was eventually towed out of the water. police did give her a field sobriety test which she passed but officers still arrested her. her identity has not pep released. resentencing hearing continues today for the man convicted of killing his best friend in a ddle school bathroom. michael hernandez now 2 years old.
6:36 am
ntence without parole but that was revoked after the u.s. supreme court ageared juveniles could not be sentenced to life without parole. he will be eligible for parole after 25 years. bond hearing for the teen accused of killing a rabbi c@ntinues today. a confidential informant gave information to detectives thinking charles to the crime. that inform enter shot and killed, eventually dying in a shooting. that death still under investigation. new this morning a family run down, struck by a speeding car that just keeps on going. the scary surveillance is still ahead if plus bad batman? super hero imposter, the villain on video still ahead. > and is julie durda having a boy or a girl snl she's gettingeady to share her secrets? >> what do you think?
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right afterhe break. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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okay. we have a differentind of news to share with you this morning. we told you last month that julie durda is having her first baby. >> but today right now the big reveal. we've been asking you on-line what do you think? >> we all want to know if she's having a girl, a boy, maybe twins. julie, give us the answer. >> david and i are having a boy! all right. baby d. a lot when you have been saying you haven't been able to tell i've been pregnant. i have to tell you recollect i'm more than halfway through, i'm 20 weeks and four days. baby, i feel ya. when women say that, i know what you mean. we just got this from the doctor the other day.
6:39 am
he is ten ounces, he's the size of a banana. that's the best way to explain it. you know, i event felt any kicking, any side-effects yet. the pregnancy has just been great. i can't tell you how wonderful baby d you have been. there's his little foot. it's such a relief to know if we're having a boy or girl because now we can do some shopping. >> plan the nursery. >> yes, exactly. speaking of, we can pick out a name. we haven't even thought of it. this is all new for us. a lot when you have been saying my name or eric's name. >> i like that one. >> people commenting on twitter. i'm halfway, more than halfway through. june will be here before you know it. i'm only going to get bigger and bigger. i'd love for you to be partrtf this process and experience. dave is very excited. obviously carry his last night. it's just such a blessing.
6:40 am
look at how awesome the heat are. obviously he will be able to be a basketball player pause we have an engraved onesie. >> i totally thought you were having a girl. i work with you every single day. >> she did. she reallyid. >> every day she's like you're going to have a baby girl. >> i feel bad, sorry. no known pink, only blue. >> everybody here at local 10 so happen. >> the journey attorneys. >> secret's out. thank you so much. we're very excited to see you once the baby's born and it's going to be such a great adventure. every day say different day. we put the crib together over the weekend and that's just one of the many things. >> good luck. >> eric's making a list of the things we need to know especially because he's a trooper. he's got three boys. my husband wil be talking to him a lot.
6:41 am
out, you can all stare at my belly with this beautiful blue dress. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. it's a great time playing withou on facebook and twitter. the best part is he is healthy and that really is a blessing for dave and i. that's the most important part so let's bring it tether and bring it to your forecast. i bless you all with a ole forecast this morning as temperatures are above average. 73 degrees in mime. 75 ft. lauderdale. 76 in key west. that east southeast wind moving in anywhere between nine and 11 miles per hour. 73 muggy degrees in pembroke pines. 71 in hialeah. so the wind will continue to move in off the ocean. check it out. i'm about to cover marathon. humid, we'll have to talk about these graphics later today. some sunshine breaking through the mid and high level clouds. it's really going to be a beautiful day. i suggest you enjoy today because big changes are coming as
6:42 am
is a little dark. mid and high level clouds will continue to stream in from the gulf of mexico. we will see mostly dry conditions but loooo what's going on up the road. this is the front that brought all the severe their over portions of nation's midsection. the blizzard conditions we dealt with for m mt of the week. the good news is the further south the system gets, the weaker it will get. wee not expecting severe weather with the system but we'll definitely see showers and storms tonight. 18 degrees in kansas city. 34 in dallas is first we'll start off warm and humid. we'll increase the cloud ver and that chance of showers by tonight around midnight. as the front pushes through tomorrow rning, the front should clear about 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow morning and it will take time for clouds to clear out, high pressure will build from the north. we're talking temperatures tumbling over the weekend. highs tomorrow will only be in the low 70s but
6:43 am
front will bring us early showers and storms by the morning. temperatures tumbling. lows in the mning will be in the 40s and 30s. i have to thank my doctor are dr. cohen. it's been a journey. >> it looks like you just ate a cheeseburger though. >> she's got like no belly put ear super excited. we love of our local 10 family is growing. there's a crash reported on the i at sterling, sterling road. lose like it's not affecting our travel speeds at all, zooming on into our maps we can see if there are any delays reported. this is i-95 northbound at sterling. we're going to check right before the accident scene and below it there. yeah, 90 to 62 miles per hour, not affected at all. wever, if you're traveling in miami-dade county take a look at this, southbound lanes her from i-95, 135th street all the way down
6:44 am
expressway, we're seeing about four miles of delays. no accidents reported here but i do believe there's something, maybe some road debris, maybe a broken down car causing these issues. >> all right, constance, thawps for that. how about the miami heat celebrating a win and the return of hassanwhiteside. check him out right here chris bosh also above thth rim. he led the way with 20 points. luol deng made this bucketss too. 93-90. super bowl slip-up making the rounds on social media. the florida panthers tweeting this photo out. can you see there the graphic in the background. instead of using the carolina panthers logo next to the broncos, using the florida panthers. saying well, this is news to us. >> it was a canadian broadcast. >> they just went to the stock graphics and they areike that's it, that's a panther.
6:45 am
daring rescue which was all caught on camera. peoplel simply passing by a pond rushing in to help a stranded driver. details and more video of ts crash and the scene still ahead. a crazy crash breaking overnight.a driver takes off after slamming a car into people's home.
6:46 am
inside are doing. a terrifying moment is caught on camera of a car hits a mother and her five-year-old. the mother is in critical but stable condition. police have not yet found that driver. and a good samaritan rescue is caught on camera after this, a car crashes into a pond in port st. lucie. police say driver lost control and went straight into the popped. that's when the two guys
6:47 am
rescue the driver if his car. no serious injuries from that accident. an out of control car ming to a stop on top of a roof in california. the driver went off the road before slamming into another car flying on to the roof there. police say the dver has a medical condition, suffered some minor injuries but no one else was hurt. super heroes of course supposed to fight crime but a batman imposter caught on camera in a robbery spree. both timehe bad guy demanded cash from a clerk before taking off. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a driver is on the run after crashing a home here in south florida. >> we'll have an update on how they are doing still ahead. local 10 news live
6:48 am
the local 10 lowe's presents: how to put your fo in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it
6:49 am
would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't b bieve it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. good morning, south florida.
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we are wake up to some cloud cover in place but these clouds are not producing precipitation. we are dry. we're going it stay dry for at least one more day and then the showers start to move in early tonight. we're talking midnight. it's warm out there. temperatures in the low 70s miami. degrees ft. lauderdale. 76 in key west. east southeastst wind will keep it warm and humid today. by tomorrow we'll have a big change in the forecast and cooler weather for the weekend. >> i can't believe some of you guys actually thought she was having twins. she's l le 103 pounds. traveling on i-95 northbound at stateoad 84 we have an accident scene. you see those flashing lights, for my northbound drivers just use some caution this morning only on state road 84 is where we're seeing those delays. those speeds at 15 minimum. we've got a crash on i-95 northbound. this one at sterling road. miami-dade county accident-free.
6:51 am
breaking news, one person dead, three others taken to the hospital after a crash in kendall this morning. the crash had the west-bound lanes of kendall drive shutt down for hours but they have since reopened. three people including a a child. three in that home being treat ford minor injuries. police have not released a description of exactly who they are looking for yet. officers say the boy was riding his scooter hen he was hit lifetime night. he broke a few bones but he is expected to be okay. we're expect an update from governor rick scott on the growing zika fears in south florida.& the virus primarily spread through mosquito bite but could also be sexually transmitted. and theesentencing hearing for michael hernandez continues today. his life sentence without the possibility of parole for killing
6:52 am
bathroom was thrown out after the supreme court ruled juveniles could not receive that sentencing. congratulations again. >> thank you. so excited. dave, my husband so excited. >> congrats, dave. >> it's just a blessing. i thank you so much for contininng to follow me on the journey. we have lots more to go. >> and we have lots of cupcakes. >> it's exactly where we should spread it along. thank you, sugar mama in mime for the baby blul cupcakes. >> go to twitter, let me know what you think. there he is. i'm so glad i can call there he is. i feel really,`really good. >> it's all the chocolate she' been eating. >> constance knows the secret. if you want to know what goes on in that weather and traffic office, just ask constance. >> cheers. >> it's a boy! >> the news does continue with "good morning america," by the
6:53 am
>> we'll keep going. >> we'll be eating
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