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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local 10 n live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now >> i just wanted her, you know dish just wanted her to like me. so i said -- i said whatever could i say to get thatort of reaction. >> constance: new at noon, the man convicted of killing his best friend in a middle school
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the stand just moments ago getting emotional. >> kristi: michael hernandez is testifying in his resentencing hearing and local 10 reporterliane morejon is in the court room for that testimony. she joi us live in miami. sounds very emotional in there. >> reporter: oh,risti and constance, a huge surprise. michael hernandez taking the stand in his own resentencing hearing. and in that sound bite you just heard, he was referring to a pen pal he had when he was in the prison. they communicated by phone and also in writing. he was addressing some comments that he i need her. they would talk about serial killers and really disturbing things that you wouldn't really want to hear from someone who is in prison for murder. and he says that his excuse for that was she seemed interested in this, so he figured he would just play along and tell her what he thought she wanted to hear. now let's get y caught up on
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michael hernandez, then 14 years old, lured his best friend jamaica goff, also 14, into the boys bathroom in february of 200boys bathroom in february of 2004 and stabbed him 42 times right there. he later was sentenced to life without parole but in 2012, the u.s. supreme court ruled that juveniles could not automatically face a life sentence without parole, so that paved the way for hernandez to be resentenced bringing us to what is going on today. now is him again as we mentionednow is him again as we mentioned. he did take the stand today for his resentencing hearing. his attorney, manny hernandez, guiding through -- guiding him, rather, t tough that first part of testimony. he first started out by apologizing to jaime goff, his victim wells jaime goff's family and also to another friend of his who he planned to kill the
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friend never took the bait. he also testified yesterday. he talked about the type of music that he likes. explaining that h hhas an intellectual appreciation for death metal music. here is a snippet osome of that part of the testimony. >> you talk about some very disturbing things about britney. >> yes, , r. >> you talalabout serial killers. >> yes, sir. >> you talk about violence? >> yes, sir. >> why? >> i was -- i was very nervous, you know, leading up to talkingto her. i never talked to, you know, a female over the phone. so i didn't know what to talk about. my life as being incarcerated is very mundane. so i tried to think about what could i talk about, what could i, you know, fill the conversation up with.and i knew that she -- because of the way she reached out to me and various things she had said in her letters that she had an
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from my perspective -- i -- >>reporter: all right, -o that was the portion of the testimony where he's talking about why he talked about serial killers and other sort of violent tics of conversation on the phone with that pen pal who he had a sort of phone and writing relationof phone and writing relationship with. then comes cross examination, and prosecutor gail levine wasted no time jumping right at him, aggressive she was, getting right down to the nitty gritty, asking questions of him as to why he listened to music with the lyrics that he did, questioning whether his emotion that he showed in court was even sincere. she even asked him whether he had something in his hands that was causing him to hurt himself, and, therefore, having him muster up those tears.
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let's go to some -- a portionon of that part of the cross examination, including a part where she asked michael hernandez to address his own sister in court and explain to her why he planned to kill her, why he put her on his hit list when he was just 14 years old. >> she contacts you because she has a fascination with serial kiers, and when she writes youkillers, and when she writes you, you tell her because she writes you because she is young and wants to know how your mind work. >> she never said that at all. >> she is fascinated with gore, street in. >> i think so. >> just like you. >> no. >> you don't want to admit what you did was wrong, right? >> what i did was wrong. >> oh, today you are saying
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it for a long time. >> did you ever tell your sister christina why she was on the list? >> we were told never to discuss the case. >> you never told her. >> i was following the advice of my attorney. >> how about you tell her now. she is sitting in court. >> i had absolutely -- i love you. and i had absolutely -- absolutely no intent to ever d/ anything to you. i was mad one day. and that's all it was. and i love you. [crying] >> r rorter: prosecutor gail levine pulling no punches on michael hernandez. he also mentioned this court that if he were to be released he would like to get his bachelor's degree. he works as a law clerk in the jail. he said we like to become a paralegal and one day get married and start a family.
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about 15 minutes ago. they will resume at 12:45, and we will have a lot more on had rivettiti court hearing coming up at lolol 10 starting at 4:00. for now, we are live in miami, liane morejon, local 10 news. >> constance: all right, liane. breaking news from southwest miami-dade. our investigative reporter christine vasquez is live in the newsroom to fill news. >> reporter: we are actually going to shoot out to sky 10, live over a scene here. disturbing discovery. the location is southwest 268th streets and southwest 111th avenue. what we know right now and as that shot pulls out, that water is significant and here is why. investigators have discovered a car with two people inside submerged in the water. okay. here is also what we know. if you zoom in a little bit and you might be able tol see it there, you will see -- the bumper of a car and appears to
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why does that matter. throughout this week, police have been asking for your help as they try find two 21-year-oldas they try find two 21-year-olds, a couple that went missing. the last thing we knew that the uple was in a red 2014 fourcouple wasn a red 2014 four-door toyota corolla. we know from investigatorsalexander piqona. they were last seen at cadillac ranch at the town and county mall there at southwest miami-dade. they have been looking for this pair that you see on the screen there for the last couple of days, and now we get word this morning that the bodies of two people have been found in a car submerged in the water. so police have obviously not been able to make the connection between the coue they are looking at and the individuals found in this car. the fact that it is submerged in water is also of note and of interest, you know, depending on how longhey have been there, depending on the temperature of the water. that impacts the rate of decomposition of the bodydecomposition of the bodies.
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that got hurt just gat back from the hospital to pick up their dog and make sure everything was all right. they had bumps, bruises, scrapesthey had bumps, bruises, scrapes. the good news to report, they will be all right. the same cannot be said about their house here behind me. it is just a mess. you can see the orange sticker on the front as police continue to look for the driver who caused this wreck. >> like a bam. >> came outside. i saw cloud of smoke. >> reporter: that cloud of smoke was from a car hitting a house in lauderhill. after impact, the driver took off running. >> it was terrible. it was terrible. somebody especially -- they ran? >> reporter: a family of three did get hurt and were rushed to the er with minor injuries after a black honda sedan crashed intothis home off of northwest 16th street and 33rd avenue. a couple was in their bed asleep when the car came barreling in. >> it hurt really bad. my neighbor -- his skull was bleeding.
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lacerations over her body. she was covered in blood. >> reporter: you can tell just how hard this car hit by all of this damage. in fact their front yard is littered with debris. we found what appears to be the window frame that was torn from the house. a building inspector gave the house a quick look and says it is not safe to live in. officers are now looking for the person behind the wheel, even ran the plate hoping it will help lead to the driver. >> it is bad that they didn't stay. they should have stayed. that's terrible. >> reporter: i spoke just spoke with cavis davis. he was the man asleep in that room behind me when the car came barreling in. he had four stitches near his eye. his first thought was with his wife and making sure his daughter was safe. take a listen. >> we w wt in and it is destroyed. everything -- the bathroom -- from this room all the way back to the bathroomm gone, i guess this ifrom the bricks flying and when the car hit us and threw us ithe air in the room.
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did see the driver take off from his house. he said he was wearing a whitecap, white shirt, and headed right down the road down hee near northwest 33rd avenue. again this afternoon, no one has been arrested. reporting live in lauderhill, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> ben, thanks so much. one person is dead and three others injured after a crash in kendall new at noon, we have surveillance video of theaftermath. if you take a look there, you can see flames there at the vehicle as you canee obviously and people running for help from thatly -- for help from that location. the crash happened near kendall drive. the you driver was speeding westbound when he slammed into a box truck. it flipped and caught on fire. people had to be pulled spout people yelling, screaming, freaking out. yelling. get the girl out get the girl out. get the girl out. they grabbed a extinguisher, put the fire out. opened the door and got the girir out.
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taken to the hospital in critical condition. the two people in the truck suffed minor injuries. a 6-year-old was struck in the street. the driver behind the wheel was a police officer. live at jackson memorial with the latest on his condition. how is he doing today? >> reporter: constance and krti, i spoke with the child's father not that long ago. he ells me his son has a long you road to recovery. he experienced broken bones in this accident. he made it clear that he was upsweat this officer saying he s speeding while the miami police department is saying otherwise. a 6-year-old boy is recovering today following a frightening ordeal that could have cost him his life. >> that is my lilile grandson. he is stable and we are praying for him, and he is going to com out good. >> reporter: antwon larson was struck by a miami police officerstruck by a miami police officer's patrol car on 58th street late yesterday afternoon while he was riding a scooter. the child's family says the boy
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the officer was speeding. >> he shouldn't been riding do you know street where kids play every day, 60 miles per hour with no lights on, no sirens, no nothing, it is negligence. >> reporter: this video obtained byocal 10 showing the moments following the accident with family members upset with the officer. miami-dade are offering a different explanation saying they are still investigating the accident. >> he was on h scooter, riding his scooter between two trucks and obviously a child is shorter than those trucks so difficult to see anymore he darts out into the street. that the point it doesn't appear at speed was a factor. >> reporter: the miami policedepartment is saying that the accident. he has not been charged this afternoon, but that could all change pending the results of their investigation. reporting live in miami, sanela reporting live in miami, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. >> kristi: sanana, thank you so much. governor scott will give an
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the zika virus. at lea nine cases have been con nirmd lee, hillsboroh, santa rosa and miami-dade counties. governor scottish ewing a statement and i am quoting, although zika's nine zika cases were travel related we want south florida stay ahead of the zika virus in our state. we must be prepared for the worse even though we hope for the best. governor rick scott will be holding a briefing on the virus. you can watch that briefs live on the south getting hit with severe weather for a second night in a row. several tornadoes were reported and damage from homes and businesses.take a look at this. the tornado touched down at a u.s. army base in georgia. it was on the ground for ten minutes. you can see just how much damage that storm caused tearing off roofs, off roads and downing a number of power lines. several cars were also damaged. and we have been super busy.
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supposed to be wintertime. >> rain coming our way. my daughter is getting a lot of rain in gainesville. >> julie: lucky her she didn't have to deal with the severe threat. the system that brought severe weather across the mississippi valley over the last few days. the reason the system is not bringing severe weather,t is t is starting to weakened the eastis starting to weakened the east, southeast and soaking the cacalinas. the good news is as it pushes to the south t weaker it will be. the strong dynamics of the system will be wl north of us. the system is expected to head to the south lat today. the temperatures behind the front already in the 50s in the pan handle and the contrast. ahead of this temperatures in the setc and 80s. behind it in the 50s and once this front clears south florida, we will gnats big change the forecast. by tonight he will increase the chance of showers and by tomorrow morning the showers will linger and going into tomorrow afternoon, a cool
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temperatures willtemperatures will barely get into the upper 60s, lower 70s. a beautiful day to en he joy the beach. beautiful blue skies with a little cloud cover in place, a warm one. highs today are expected to reach the lower 80s. the big changes. rain returns tonight as a ading edge of this front gets closer. tomorrow morni could be wet in some spots for the morning commutes, and our highs will only reach the 70s. much cooler friday afternoon. we expect another frjnt to move in the second half of the weekend and early next week. wait until you hear the temperatures. the latest coming up, ladythe latest coming up, ladies. a a in the skies for republican presidential candidate donald trump. he was on his jet and it was forced to make an emergency landforced to make an emergency landing in tennessee. his route was on the way to little rock when the pilot reported engine problems. the boeing 757 jet was diverted to nashville international airport. the latest on the campaign trail. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and
12:17 pm
head tonight in a debate in new hampshire. on the republican side, candidates a a attacking florida senator rubaina after his strong showing in the iowa caucuses. marcy gonzalez has more. >> why are people so engaged in the political process. >> reporter: today rubaina moving up in the polls. the latest showing the florida senator now in second place behind donald trump and other candidates are taking you same a first-term united states senator and into experience at all at ever managing anything. >> reporter: meanchild, trump is going after ted cruz accusing him of fraud. running into unexpected drama. his plane forced to make an emergency landing in nashville because of mechanical problems. trump eventually making it to rock. >> my guy said, that's okay. we can go back to new york, mr. trump. we will come another day. i said thehe is no way. i love arkansas. >> reporter: today theront
12:18 pm
campaigning across new hampshirecampaigning across new hampshire. the democrats after taking on voters' questions in last night's cnn taunton hall. hillary clinton defended getting paid big money for speeches. >> did you have to get paid $67>> did you have to get paid $675,000? >> i don't know, that is what they offered. >> reporter: bernie sanders defending his plan to raise taxes to pay for universal health care.yes, you will pay a premium also disappear. >> reporter: the democrat also face off in a debate tonight just two days before the big republican debate right here on local 10. marcy gonzalez, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> kristi: of course, local 10 is your source for all vote 2016 news. glglna milberg will be live in new hampshire to cover all of the election excitement leading to the february 9 primary. a quick check of the stock markets right now. we see a lot grere which is goodwe see a lot green which is good. dow up 59 points to 16,395.
12:19 pm
snp 500 up 2 points. and wikileaks founder julian assange accused of sex crimes may at last leave the ecuador ran embassy. assange said we surrender to british police if the un ruled was not unlawfully detained. a decision in the case is scheduled for tomorrow. a woman accused of dressing to snael weston. >> constance: . >> constance: deputies say she used her clothes to get away with pricey electronics. >> kristi: julie lettingng us in on the big secret. is she having a boy or a gigi after the break. and tonight at 11:00, alleged prostitutes taking their services off the streets. >> to actually hook up with a prostitute. >>announcer: at a strip mall near you.
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well, a big reveal from our weather authority meteorologist julie durda. >> kristi: she shared with us last month, you may remember, that she was pregnant. now she is letting us know is it a boy or a girl. >> julie: david and i are having a boy! [applause] all right, baby d. a lot of you have been saying tell i am pregnant. oh, boy, i have got to tell you i am halfway through, i am 20 weeks and 4 days and baby, i feel ya.
12:22 pm
i know what you mean. our latt ultrasound. we got this from the doctor the other day. he is 10 ounces. he is the size of a banana. it. you know, i haven't felt any kicking, any side effects yet. great. -- you have been there. there his little foot. and i got to tell you such a relief to knowow if we are having a boy or a girl because now we can do some shopping. >> kristi: shopping, yay. you had d essed boy. >> kristi: i had guessed boy. they thohoht it was a girl. >> julie: we did a poll and twins. kristi: not big enough to be having twins. >> constance: a little cheese>> constance: a little cheeseburger julie a burrito. congratulations.
12:23 pm
thank you for the people writethank you for the people writing us on twitter and facebook. the durda and ratliff family are just excited and we can't wait to see what the journey will be like. you heard me mention it is going to be great. i am only going to get bigger and bigger. >> kristi: you will be covering up the whole state of florida julie sdwlooul morning covering up marathon, just a little bit. >> kristi: just a little bit you julie i had to push a little bit. continue the process of the journey for me. i am over halfway there. it will be here before you no at the and a little baby boy running around and playing in the studio. he will be doing weather with me one day. we will see. as we take look outside. i hope you are outside running around. look at everybody at the beach. a beautiful day. we have been so lucky with this weather the last few days. the weather pattern has cooperated thanks to high pressure. it is warming us up. look at these temperatures 80 in ft. lauderdale. 80 in key west. strong south to southeaea wind. cold front for the heat and
12:24 pm
wind speeds betweenen5 and 20 miles per hour. we are expecting those speeds tocontinue to strengthen throughout the afternoon as we wait for a cold front to slili into south florida. currently a temperature of 80 degrees in pembroke pines. a muggy 79 in kendall. 80 in homestead. winds moving inff the ocean will continue throughout the day and a big shift in wind direction will provide forr a huge change in our forecast. i think you are going to like iti think you are going to like it.but first, it will come with showers. currently clouds around the ft. lauderdale tower cam andhey are not producing any precipitation. we are expecting to stay dry. even though it is still muggy out there, and winds are moving off the ocean, a great day to be outdoors. wear that sunblock, stay hydrated. just to the north of us that leading edge of the front. the same front at the top of the hour that brought all of this across the nation's midsection. heavy rains, gusty winds, and thunderstorm activity over jacksonville and itoward the carolinas. this system will continue to sink to thsouth, but you heard me mention the major dynamics with this system, the severe
12:25 pm
the north of us. by the time it gets here it will be pretty weak and notice more cloud cover and chance of showers you starting as early as tonight. check out these temperatures behind the front, 42 degrees in dallas. we have got temperatures, 46 that is, 42 in memphis. 35 in kansas city. the cold arctic aiaisinking as far as south near the gulf coast state and will continue going into tonight. the leading edge of the front will increase our rain chances tonight around midnight as you can see and going into tomorrow morning, we will see wet roadwaymorning, we will see wet roadways for the morning commuteroadways for the morning commute. this front should clear by 8, 9:00 in the morning. once it does so, you will have to wait for the clouds to completely clear out. and a shift in the winds moving in from the north. tomorrow at this time we will be talking about cool, dry, refreshing conditions even though we may still have clouds around. this is just one of the two fronts that will bring us relief from this heat. the second front will be coming under night and basically you will feel it monday morning.. look at what happens. as we go into tuesday, the
12:26 pm
cold air will settle into the southeast. we are talking lows here in south florida, wind chill factorsouth h orida, wind chill factors upper 40s inland already low 50s at the coast by monony morning. a little bit of a roller coastera little bit of a roller coaster. hold on tight.t. put that placebo on. first we will need the rain gear tonight and sweater or jacket tomorrow afternoon and need the rain gear saturday nig sunday morning, and that front clears, and you will bneeding the sweaters, jackets and scarves we wake up nonteeratures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. you know who will have more on this our chief meteorologist betty davis. she will be back at 4:00. a woman caught on camera stuffing hundreds of dollars worth of electronics under her dress at a radio shack in westdress at a radio shack in weston. and this not the first time that happened. there you go. now we are seeing it. surveillance video from january 20, the woman entering the store with a man. picks up some merchandise from the shelves and stuffs that underneath her black dress. we should te out same couple is believed to have stolen $1,000 worth of computer merchandise in this very same
12:27 pm
if you think you know who these two people are and maybe have some information, you are urged to call broward county crimestoppers at 493-tips. breaking news southwest miami-dade. two body have been found in a lake. amy vitari has arrived on the scene and joining us by phone with more details, amy? call that's right, cons stance. for give me. a bit loud out here. helicopters several overhead including our own where we got video of the scene. we are at southwest 268th street and southwest 111th avenue. we are way down in southwest miami-dade and miami-dade police telling us they have located a vehicle which appears to be red. they found that vehicle in water with two people dead inside. now at this time, the publicc information officers say they are just minutes away, and we are working to get an update on the identity of the people in
12:28 pm
morning speaking with thee friends and family of two young people who have been missing sin early sunday morning. we are told those two 21-year-olds, alex and brandon were both in a red vehicle, and they were last seen early sunday morning after alex's shift at the world of beer also in southwest miami-dade. and that they told their mother -- her mother they would be going out to get arink, and no one has seen them or heard from them since. at this point, we do not know if theyre the ones who police have located in this vehicle. we do not have that information. we are working to get an upte from police and find out who these people are in that vehiclethese people are in that vehicle, as well as the condition of the couple, still officially at thisoint considered missing people until we hear other wise fron miami-dade police. we are working to get all of those details, and we will bring
12:29 pm
soon as we get it. back to you. >> kristi: amy, thankso much. new at noon, a man accused of peeping into windows in pembroke pines is back in court today and a judge had stern words for him. paleyas julio is facing more charges and his bond was raised today 290,000. his new charges include burglary and aggravated stalking. a judge said that he is a danger to society. >> everyone is concerned about the safety of the community, concerned of the safety of the women in the community, safety of these women in the area. >> kristi: now cerullio was caught on camera looking through women's bedroom windows in pembroke pines late last year. he is accused of fondling himself and trying to break into those homes. he has been in jail since new year's eve. tax trouble this afternoon for the irs. >> constance: the technical difficulties the agency is experiencing and how people are trying to file online. today we are having
12:30 pm
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal aaarning if you were trying to file your taxes. the irs is now having some trouble with its web site. the irs says it is experiencinin a hardware failure that brought down some of its tax processing systems rather yesterday including the one that allows pele to file electronically. the system is expected to remn down until some time later todaydown until some time later today. taxes due on april 15. don't forget. are you looking f a new career? well, a great dr. oz moment, he tells us of the growing need for health care providers. hi, i am dr. oz. a growing need for health care& professionals all across the country. by 2020, there will be an estimated 5.6 million more health care jobs available whether you work as a nurse, a
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making a real difference in people ease lives and making our world a little bit healthier. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 here on local 10. south florida, get ready we have your tickets for one of the biggest events for the entire year. local 10 is giving away tickets to t south beach wine and food festival that attracts the biggest names and tastybiggest names and tastiest dishes from all over the globe. head over to local 10nd our facebook page to enter. look for the contest tab right there. you can enter for your chance to win those tickets. well, good behavior paying off for young people in at least one city >> the proposal to give them
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well, the mothers of murder well, the mothers of murdered children in south florida are calling for action. today they marched to the state attorney's office. local 10 reporter jenise fernandez is live in miami. and jenise, what are they demanding that police do? >> reporter: well, constance, they are demanding that police be more aggress sniff their investigations, but they are
12:38 pm
they are pointing the finger at community leaders saying police cannot solvevehese crimes where thewith the limited resources they have. >> my cousin patrick dead on 135 th street in opioid. i am sick. and i am tired. >> reporter: they held up signs with pictures of their loved ones. randall robinson, brian herrera and those not pictured today whose lives were lost tu to senseless gun violence. >> no parent should ever have to bury their child. >> reporter: more than a dozen people stood outside of the ate attorney's office demandstate attorney's office demanding more aggressive investigations by police and demanding the state attorney's office enforce the 1020 life lawoffice enforce the 1020 life law. >> we can not allow the death of our young people t tbe the new normal because it is not okay. >> reporter: this peaceful protest was led by tangela sears. sears a community activist lost her son last year. >> becausenough is enough! >> yes! >> and now endangering the officers as well because no one
12:39 pm
they are able to go out and shoot anybody and get away with it. >> reporter: supporting the group was pba president john rivera saying he understands the frustration these families are feeling and blames the lack of arrests being understaffed and not having enough manpower. >> we only have enough detectives. homicide has gazillon lead! they can close so many more murders but don't have enough hours in the da that comes from the 29th floor downtown. >> reporter: and, again, that protest remains peaceful and lasted about two hours and just wrapped up a few minutes ago, and they plan on doing more like this in the near future. reporting live in miami, jenise fernandez, local 10 news. >> kristi: certainly an important issue. thanks, jenise. new at noon a second anti-abortion activist indicted after making undercover videos about planned parenthood turned himself in. another turned herself in yesterday.
12:40 pm
with the governmental record. the video said that they sold you illegally fetal tissue for profit. but a committee decided they did no wrongdoing. the sexual assault case against bill cosby is back under way after a judge dismissed arguments that it should be diissed. promised the lawyer immunity years ago and cosby's current person to said that is the only reason the 78-year-old agreed to testify in a civil trial where he dided a not drugging women. since judge rejected that reasoning, an assault case filed against him will now move forward. tense moments at a sheriff's office all because of a popular netflix miniseries. >> the bomb threat in wisconsin related to the" making of a murderer" series after the break. at 11, allegeg prostitutes taking their services off the streets to a strip mall near youstreets to a strip mall near you. >> faster than you can get
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we want to take you back to the breaking news we had at the beginning of our newscast. they s of two people found inside aar in a submerged canal. sky 10 is over southwest 268th street and southwest 111th avenue. now police are trying to figure out if that r perhaps belongs to two 21-year-olds. they were last seen at the cadillac ranch restaurant in the palms at towand country mall. and a popular netflix mini series is believed to spark abomb threat in wisconsin. police say threat was called in against the manitooc county building.the county at the center of the "making of a murderer" the ller said justice for avery. focuses on steven avery and his
12:43 pm
no suspicious items were ever found. kids may be rewarded for good grades and aomplishments but have you heard of paying them just to besnaiv it could be a law in washington d.c. a proposal for stipend for teens with clean records is moving forward as a larger anti-crime plan. the amount has not been set, but it is actually based on a similar program in california where some participants actually get paid about $9,000 a year just to stay out of trouble. so pretty interesting because they say about 80% of those kids who partrtipated actually did well. so i just don't know if my taxpayer dollars should be going toward that. a burning question. is deep, folks, ahead of this super bowl this sunday. >> why do all the star quarterbacks look so good. look at them go. "sports illustrated" actually did some researcrc what they found out after the break. but first, a look at your winning lottery numbers. local 1010ews will be right backlocal 10 news will be right
12:44 pm
sports time. the miami heat celebrating a win and the return of whiteside. thcenter had a big night on offense andefense peculiar khichl downing dunk. chris bosh had a master monster slam of his own and led with 20 points last night. dang with a big shot too. and the heat go on to beat the mavericks for the fifth time in a row in dallas, 93-90. want to see that shot. now on to the super bowl slip-up that shakeslip-uthat shaking the rounds on social media. this is great. take a look at this. the florida panthers actually tweeting this photo out from a canadian tv broadcast covering the super bowl, but you can see instead of using the carolina panthers logo next to the denver broncos, they accidentally used the florida panthers. the tweeted out this photo with
12:45 pm
us to. now back to football, and thataturning question i told but. >> constance: yes from tom brady to cam newton. why do the star quarterbacks always seem to look k good. "sports illustrated" writer actually has the answer. a you writer teamed up with the psychologistor an experiment and the results actually had an unexpected turn. all the quarterbacks. had a random sample of people whweren't big football fans look at them. on a scale of 1 to 10, w attractive are these guys. the quarterbacks did not come out on top. if anything they came out at the bottom. >> kristi: what? >> constance: the pretty boys came last. they say it is the halo effect because the quarterback seemingly has all the power on the field. so -- i mean, i still think they look pretty good. >> kristi: yeah, they are in pretty good shape. my dad was a quarterback. >>onstance: no wonder you look so good, kristi krueger. >> kristi: he looked good.
12:46 pm
wow, look at the keys, constance. >> constance: 80 degrees. >> kristi: how nice it would be
12:47 pm
>> kristi: hi, my friends, the time is 12:56, an it is 79 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 78 in miami and 81 in key west. if you like the warm weather, enjoy today, because this will be the last of it foruite some time. south to southeast breeze the culprit.
12:48 pm
clouds will continue to build as we wait for a cold front to move in by tonight. increasing the rain chances. cooler weather by tomorrow. ladyladies. >> kristi: we are ready for it. that does for now. we thank you for watching "the chew" is next. >> constance: we will see you back at 4:00. the latest breaking news by checking out our web site at
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