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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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griffin road exit. the good news here is thaha we are being told no one was injured.fhp saying there is no word how this tipped over, if perhaps speed was a factor out here. we're also being told, though, that there is no word how long this is goi to take before the roadway reopens. back out here live, you can see crews are still lifting week using a crane actually on this ramp to lift some of the debris, some offthose cars back onto that truck. we'll let you know as soons traffic eases up in this area. we're live off the florida turnpike, i'm andrew perez, local10 news. >> jenise: you heard him mention at this point they don't know how long that cleanup process is going to take so here's the big picture. again turnpike southbound the ramp to o 5 is closed so speeds right now are at 8 miles per hour. traffic hardly moving at all. and as we zoom on out those delays are startingrom 595 all the way down to hollywood boulevard 1 though deys
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so the tnpike looks great just before that heading south. or take 5!5 as an alternate. >> calvin: now to our developing story in southwestt miami-dade. two bodies found in a submerged car could be a nek lead in the search for a ming couple. couple has pane missing for four days. >> laurie: and this could be the break that investigators are looking for. local10 news reporter amy viteri is following it this southwest miami-dade and she joins us live. >> amy: just in the last hour investigators wrapped up their work here so we're getting our first look up close at the scene behind me where police say that car went through that guardrail and tragically into that water. now, police confirmed it is the car that that couple was traveling in but they cannot officially confirm who was inside that vehicle. regardless, family members are devastated. it was after 4:00 thursday when crews finally drove off with the red toyota corolla to process it for evidence.
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being pulledut of the wart near southwest 268th street and 128th avenue. friend and loved one of ali picon and brandon arana watched. >> their ney devastated. >> amy: sues 63 a relative of ali picon is said the family isn't sure how the car ended up in the water but police say it is the same one they were in early i subbed morning. friend posted pictures of then where theyeyere supposed to meet for a drink saturday. they never made it home. >> there's two families out there that are losing sleep, all of usre losing sleep looking for or friend. >> amy: miami-dade police cannot official confirm the identities of the two people who diednside the car until the medical examiner's office takes a look, but friends say picon was a good friend.
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she was doing well, and it's shocking and disappointing. >> it's every parent's nightmare. >> amy: ere were so many friends and family members out here today, all of them wishing that in the end that would not be the car that was pulled from the water. now, in the next hour you will hear from a private investigator who worked with both of those families to try to locate this couple and he'll talk about how cell phone technology may have helped narrow down the search area. that's at 6:00. live in southwest miami-dade, amy viteri, local10 news. >> laurie: our hearts go out to those families. there is breaking news out of chicago, it is grim. six people foundead. victor has the latest from the newsroom. >> victo terrible news from a city that is no stranger to violence. hiao police sayhey found six bodies inside of a home on the south side of the city, and they believe that all six of those victims, they were homicide victims. authorities believe that they were all stabbed to death. police say that they arrived at this home after receiving a call to check in on the well-being of those people who lived inside.
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chicago area, it all happened in the gauge park neighborhood. en they arrived on the scene, we're hearing this they found four men, one woman and a child. one police source said is child is between ten o 12 years old, all dead inside that home. it's a developing story. no word on any suspects just yet but we know that patrols have been stepped up in that neighborhood as a precaution. i'll extend it back to you. >> laurie: keeps posted, thank you. a teenager convicted you of killing his friend in middle school made an emotional appearance in court today. michael hernandez who is now 26 testified at had its hone resentencing hearing. hernandez received a mandatory life sentence for the stabbing death of jaime gouou at southwood middle school in 2004. hernandez apologized today directly to the gough family. >> first and foremost, i wanted to apologize to jaime, and i'm sorry for what i did to hihi, and it hurts me how senseless it was
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good friend nee. and i wanted to apologize to his family. >> laurie: since the killing, the u.s. supreme court ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life without parole. that is why they're having this resentencing hearing. we'll have more on hernandez space a live report at 6:00. >> calvin: n n to a developing story, the university have fla says more than 60,000 social security numbers have been hacked from its computer network. the hackers obtained thth names and numbers of ucf employees as wewe as both current and former students. the computer hack apparently happened some time last month. >> laurie: a six-year-old boy struckhe in street yesterday recovering in the hospital. that's the good news. the dririr who hit him, a miami police officer. local10 news reporter shyann malone is live in miami with the latest on this case. shyann. >> shyann: actually, laurie, ijust talked to that child's mother. she is right b his side inside the hospital room a he continues his road to recovery. she has been there the whole time. you can imagine the painhat she is going through, but
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some videorom the scene. bit graphic. >> oh, god! captures the helicopter scene. >> oh, god! >> shyann: antowain lawson lying in the middle of the seet after he was hit by a cop car. crowds of people rush in to help the six-year-old who was riding a scooter when he was hit. >> oh, god! jesus! >> shyann: an officer who witnesses say was not behind the wheel responded, too the accident happened wednesday on northwest fifth avenue and 58th street. family, friends aquine a simon countries her state of panic. to see h'm on floor coupled like that, him not moving like he was dead, it was hurtful, like i lost it. >> shyann: witnesses claim the officer was speeding. >> the police was zooming. they were zooming. they didn't have their sirens on
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>> shyann: something the miami police department dispstes. at this point it doesn't appear that feed was a factor. >> shyann: antowain suffered several injuries and a broken leg but is expected to recover. >> he's trying to talk. he's moving. he's doing really good. they're strong. he's a strong baby. >> shyann: and as as they mentioned he is going doing aur lot better but a long road to recovery aad. investigators looking into this incident. they say that the scooter was actually between two trucks, so they say the officer haas that was driving couldn't see the child in the middle of the street. as we get more information we'll continue to cover the story and get it out to. report be live from jackson memorial hospital, shyann malone remember local10 news. >> calvin: wishing the best for that boy. two cousins being quartered getting involved in a fight in a middle school in northwest mild. sky 10 flew above brownsville middle school earlier this morning as police arrived. the the fight happened inside the care of the. there are no arrests at --
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no weapons were involved and no one was hurt. >> laurie: zika fears in florida, new infections and new plans to protect the sunshine state. governor rick scott outleuning a plan just today and our medical specialist kristi krueger is following every step along the way. kristi. >> kristi: this afternoon as you said governor rick scott vealed there are several more travel related zika cases in our case one in miami-dade and the if first case confirmed in broward county. because it's the very same type of mosquito that carries the virus iss found near florida, both state and local health officials say thehe are taking big steps to protect the public from the threat of zika. >> the second hurricane we always sayay to ourselves we're going to prepare for the worst, hope the best and do everything we can to stay ahead of the zika virus. >> kristi: to do that governor rick scott h h contacted the cdc requesting 4,000 kits to test patients who are sick and ant
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>> what the ante body does is to tell us if somebody had zika, and that's particularly important for pregnant women whoo traveled abroad who might have had some symptoms of a rash, a fever, some aches and pains, and they come back and they say, i wonder if what i had overseas was zika. >> kristi: the zika virus is believed to be most dangerous for pregnant women in their first trimester causing devastating birth defects. for everyone else only one in five people will even show symptoms. still, the governor wants to step up mosquito control with more neighborhood spraying, and wants you to help, too. >> people need to take precaution by using insect repellants, draining standing water around their houses because the drain water will a tract mosquitoes and cover doors and windows with screens. >> kristi: dodd today locala health officials said they are on high alert around the clock. we are on complete surveillance because we know what's happening in south
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happening in central america. we're up to 29 countries that have been affecte by the zika virus. >> kristi: so doctors in jackson health and uversity of miami, they were also at that news conference today,really stressing, though, that there's no need to panic. once again, in case you're wondering with ever, the symptoms of a zika infection would be mild fever, joint pain and perhaps a rash. laurie. >> laurie: do know local10 ns is staying on top another big developing story today, a car sub medicare in a lake in southwest miami-dade, two bodies inside it. could be the big break in the search for a couple missing since sunday. >> calvin: and i would-be robber gets a surprise and it was more than he bargained for when a war veteran takes hip down. eyes all caught on camera. >> laurie: parts of the southeast, we'll show you the twisters as they happened and the damage they left behind. >> calvin: and breaking tory, a traffic mess tying upraffic, as you can see that overturned
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right near the turnpike as you're getting to the ramp to the turnpike. this is the mess that's he had up traffic, blocking a lot of lanes. hazmat crews we understand may be on the way because there could be some sort of gas leak coming from this truck but our jenise fernandez is on top of the story and we'l'l have aot more coming up. we'r i don't know whaha i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that
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right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i s itched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> reporter: now to vote 2016, the iowa caucuses are over but thanks, to marco rubio's strong
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target on his back. and with the next contest in new hampshir just days away, candidates are attack can rubio and scrambling to get their own message across. with donald trump ahead by 20 points in the latest new hampshire poll, ted cruz is on the trail with a new line of fire. >> jimmy carter endorsed donald trump. i am not making that up. [ laughter ] >> laurie: talk about this video of the former president that cruz is now using in a campaign ad. >> i think i would choose trump. the reason is that trump has proven already that he's completely -- i don't think he has any fixed opinions that he would go to the white house and fight for. >> laurie: trump brushing it off. now with just fife days before the primary he and the other candidates are have jam packed
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but dr. ben carson is still take can time off. his team confirming at least 30 campaign staff positions are being cut today in what they call a reorganization to help carson more efficiently make it to the finish line. on the democratic side, both campaigns in full force. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both spending today prepping for tonight's debate. and, of course, the republicans are getting ready. their next debatee just two days away and you can see that right here saturday night on local10. calvin. >> calvin: and cauaut on camera here an armed robbery gets more than he bargained for w wn an iraq veteran puts up air fight in prevented east of orlando. authorities say the robber came in and demanded money. you see him go to the register with the man pointing the gun at his back but then the roche moves beside him and the veteran throws the man around while punching him andid robber ends up running out of the store. police, of course, trying to track him down. the southeast u.s. continues
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weather was several tordoes tornadoes touched down. surveillance video a high school in tennessee showed aornado sweeping through classrooms. classes had already been let out for the day but others who live in the area say the twister real did some damage. >> cosmetic to my house, shingles and stuff like that, but my shop is pretty much completely steroid destroyed. the roof isgone, all the con extents tents inside are pretty much destroyedf soaking wet. >> calvin: in georgia a military base hid bow atornado. the national weather service will be out today to assess the storm damage. here last week we know all too well ab ef-1 and then other orms. betty. >> betty: hey, everybody. we are looking out through thelens of our mallory square camera and nothing stormy about our skies today p it's been really beautiful and really warm, too. lower 80s again. that was in our forecast plan, so we're definitely making things happen with these temperatures running above average. normal highs for this time of year in miami is 77.
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rightow m i.e. checking in at 78. the forecast for the first half of the evening pretty wite quiet out. dry conditions, partly cloudy skies between now and 9:00 tonight. by 9:00 temperatures in the mid-70s. and notice we have our winds flowing in from the south, so that southerly wind directional log for us to warm with the sunshine in the equation, too. but there's a cold front on the way. so the winds of change will be in here by tomorrow. for now the front is bringing some rainfall in parts of florida, not here, not yet. broward, miami-dade county, the keys, if you have plans to goo outside this evening we are looking at mainly dry weather. but hehe's our cold front and all the rainfall associated with it extending from jacksonville to tampa, all of that continues to close in on us through the late night hours and overnight. so here's the breakdown of how the weather's going to change. this evening warm temperatures, clouds around. ovovnight that's when the showers are expected to move in
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but by very early tomorrow those showers should bexiting, and then a cool breeze sets in. we'll start to getet our winds coming in from the north. this forecasasmodel indicating that as early as 5:00 in the morning -- are you up that early? -- that early is showers should be pretty much out of the here we'll have our north wind setting in, thatllowing the cooler air to flow in. later in the d it will be more off northeasterly wind. bottom line, we're not going to get up to the 80s come form this is our last day of temperatures soaring into the 80s. it's all cool after this. so the breakdown once again for tomorrow for temperatures, lower 60s to start the day. highs hardlyeaching 70 degrees. and then by saturday we get a little milder. we're trassing highs in the mid-70s. with that alsoolooking at some showers in the area another cold front approaches. that one moves through, and now it looks like that one's going to sweep bout, move out early enough such that the cold air
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sends our lows down to about 51 degrees around miami some sunday morning so be ready for that change and it may be tough for temperatures to eat get into the mid-60 sunday morning monday morning cool. tuesday cool. we're going to have a lott chilly mornings next week with reinforcincold air coming. so 80s, we can say goodbye to that. >> calvin: south florida, get ready because we've got your tickets to one of the big et cetera events have the year. >> laurie: y we are giving away tickets to the up with opposing south beach wine and food festival that attracts all the the biggest names and the tastiest foods. head over at the time for the local10 facebook page and click in. >> calvin: right there you can enter your chance to win. hope you do. >> laurie: i'm dreaming of burgers and yim things. >> calvin: those burgers so good. >> laurie: a thrift store filing cabinet in a surprise. a woman ind found two antique guns inside, and what mystery
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track down the owners. >> will: i'm will manso live nide is the bb&t center in sunrise. panthers areed hot and back home for another big game's this try to extend their winning streak. >> calvin: let's take you back now to a develing story here. sky 10 remains over the scene of an 18 wheeler carrying wrecked vehicles. you see on the bed of that big truck it overturned today. >> laurie: this is in dave technical but we're talking turnpike southbound as you're trying to get on onto 595. you'll want to get off at sunrise instead.
5:21 pm
traffic backup. >> wilil not even the break slowed down the cats as they won on tuesday. they have won four straight. they're in firstlace.
5:22 pm
meanwhile, tonight it won't be al montoya at goal. he was against washington when they beat the capitals in that first ge back from the all-star break in impressive fashion. they continue to play with. montoya himielf does the same. thian american goalieot to wear that spacey in spacehoody. this unteam so much fun to watch, having so much fun winning and he said like the rest of the team he's just i a groove right now. >> here in florida working with the bowl goalie coach and play is a completely different style but you feed off each other and i've been able to go back to my roots and it feels good and feels great to be able to contribute. >> will: the florida panthers, how hot are they? canneddan tv during their super bowl l coverage, this station mistakenly showedd a florida panthers logo instead of carolina panthers.
5:23 pm
the super bowl, it's the panthers. meanwhile to be miami heat have been hot as well. won five of six games including last night in dallas and they're getting healthier. that is great news, especially hassan whiteside. the big guy under scored ten points in limited minutes last night, also blocked five shots in that win against if mavs. has an sounded relieved to be back on the court. >> i've got a lot to prove but really miss playing basketball. a lot of times you do not realizeouch you miss the game. i know i was just out for a week and a half but i can imagine being out any longer. >> will: great to have him back. meanwhile the 'canes wereack in action. 17th ranged against notre dame. freshman anthony lawrence, jr. was the big story. you may be saying who? if kid has not scored much all season long but scored 18 points and the 'canes 79-70 win over the irish. no one saw this coming except
5:24 pm
>> i've been playing good all week in practice, and once i saw the first one go down, i had the confidence already, so i just kept shooting. >> will: meanwhile he on the ice, the panthers, the puck drdrs against the red red wings a 7:30. more from the bb&t nter at 6:00. that's the stow. back to you, janine and victor. >> victor: one of the biggest surprises of the nhl season. >> janine: next on the run down with crash and dash in lauderhill. a car slams into a house and the driver runs ofj. >> victor: and it's tax season, some people already starting to file their taxes but there are some scares that you have to watch out for, con artists posing tas irs. >> janine: and later 6:00 we will have an update on a lake where two bodies were found inside a submerged car. how thihiwould be could be connected to a missing persons case from earlier this week. >> victor: this developing story, sky 10 rails above the scene. an 18 wheeler carrying wrecked
5:25 pm
this is in day of oat turnpike southbound as you try to get onto i-nevada five.
5:26 pm
at 5 >> janine: a crash and dash in lauderhill, a car slamming into the it's side of a home was just the beginning of this problem.that i ever drew them took off running. >> victot: as miss track him down the homeowners are left. >> ben: the family has bumps and bruise excesses stitches but will be all right. the same cannot be said for their home behind me. you can see an original sticker on the front door as police continue to look for that driver that caused the wreck caveus bell is still shaken and in pain after a car hit his house in lauderhill. >> i guess just from the bricks flying and, you know, when the car hit us and the news in thehe air in the room. >> ben: his wife and 14-year-old daughter were sent to the er withthinor injuries after a
5:27 pm
their home off northeast 33rd avenue. it's there that bell and his wife were asleep in their broom. >> lucca bam. >> boom. >> came outside, see smoke. >> ben: after impact the driver took off and did not stuck around to see if bell and his family were all right. >> no, he didn't say nothing. he just walked straight out of the house, walkedover there across the road. by the time i turned my head and looked back again, he was gone. >> ben: and davis has four stitches in his eye. if first thought he said was making sure hisife and daughter were will the. he said heid you see the northwest 33rd avenue. at this point no one has been arrested. reporting in lauderhill, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> victor: oneperson is dead, three others injuries after a car crash in kendall. look hat this surveillance video' there are flames and people running to help. this happened on kendall drive. police say the driver who was
5:28 pm
when he slammed nigh box truck. that car flipped and it caught fire. both people inside had to be pulled out. >> other people came running, screaming, freakingg out, yelling, get the girl out, get the girl out. they were able to g gb the extinguisher, put the fire out, open the door, take the girl out. >> victor: and the passenger in the car was rushed to the hospital in ctical condition. the two people in the truck suffered minor injuries. mothers of children of murdered children marched in front state attorory's office today. they are frustrated d th the number unsolved murders in miami-dade county and now they're calling for action. >> janine: local10 news reporter jenise fernandez has the story from miami. >> jenise: they are demanding police be more aggressive in their wetting but they're not point 10 finger a police. theory pointntg the finger at community leaders saying that police cannot solve these crimes th the limited resources they have. >> my cousin patrick ged on 135th street in opa-locka. i am sick and i am tired.
5:29 pm
with pictures of their loved winds. randall robinn, brian herrera and those not pictured today whose lives were lost due to senseless gun violence. >> no parent should ever have to you about their child. >> jenise: more than a dozen people stood outside the state attorney as office commanding more aggressive investigations by police and demanding the state attorney's office enforce the 1020 life law. >> we cannot allow the death of our young people to be the new normal because it is not okay. >> jenise: this peaceful protest was led by tangela sears. her son last year. >> because enough is enough, and it's now endangering the officers as well because no one is being arrested, they're able to just go out and shoot anybody and get away with it. >> jenise: supporting the group was pva president john rivera saying he understand this is frustration these families are feeling and blames lack of
5:30 pm
and not having enough manpower. >> we only have so many detective. homicide can c cse so many more murders. they just don't have enough hours in a day. so that comes from the 29th floor downtown judges of again, that protest remains peaceful. it lasted about two hours, and they plan on doing more like this in the nea future until they seer some serious changes. reporting in miami, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> victor: in tonight's edition of calling christina the irs cause till dutiy dozen. turns our leading the pack is a problem that many of you have called christina about. irs phone scams. here's her report. >> christina: we warned youou about them. >> irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >>hristina: and you have reached out out to "call christina" team to report them. >> they just t td me at i needed to pay them. >> c ristina: imposters, scammers trying to steal your money by pretending to be the irs. sometimes threatening
5:31 pm
>> so i started to ask him more questions, and he started to get more aggressive towards me. >> christina: the irs tells us these calls remain a major threat to taxpayers heading the so-called dirty dozen list of tax scams this year, and they haveve seen a surge in calls. >> really and truly do move from location to location. >> christina: a feweriewer said this number was left on his voice mail so give gave it a a call. >> how may i help you? >> hi, welcome black from the irs. this is christina vazquez. >> christina: after i told him i was recording and asked a qution. he politely ended the call. >> i wanted to give a call on behalf of our viewer to verify the legitimacy of this number. >> mm-hm it's nis listening to your sweet voice. >> christina: somehow i don't think he works for the irs. as of last week that new york-based number was red-flagged by the white pages with 11 scam reports in the last 90 days. as of today it has b bn flagged
5:32 pm
fraud. reminders, the irs will never call to demand immediate payment, require to you use a specific payment method for your taxes like a prepaid debit debit card or can for credit or debit card numbers over the phone. >> tips for taxpayers, know who in fact you are communicating with. >> christina: if you receive a call and have a question contact the irs d dectly and, of course, head to "call christina" page of we have a wealth of information on spotting the red fla of a scam to keep you protected. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: st. martin s( excel at the notorious ceo got a grilling by congress today on drug pricing. shkrelli took to the stand but refused to give tem. while ceo h h hiked prices of a drug used to treat aids patients from $13 a bill to 750 aids bill. congressman trey goudie tried his hand at getting a answer out
5:33 pm
briefly-seeded succeedy when he asked about the prunes nis nuns of his name. >> i it pronounced shkrelli? >> yes, sir. >> see, there you can answer someuestions. that one didn't incriminate you. i just want to makeure you understand you are welcome to answer questions and not all of your answers are going to subject you to incrimination. do you understand that, don't you? >> i intend to follow the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> janine: shkrelli was cord out of the cham per without answering any serious questions. he faces securities fraud charges involving retrophin, another biotech company that he ran several years ago. today's hearing was unrelated to those charges. >> victor: one person is dead and six more theme you go including several children are injured after a school bus crash in new jersese that because flipped on its side. they say four students and t t bus driver were taken to the hospital with non-lifefehreatening injuries and an adult passenger was also taken to the hospital in seriousing can, anofficials
5:34 pm
the one who died. >> janine: today president obama is doing something he rarely does in public, disiussing his faith at a morning event in washington. the psident quoted bible verses as he spoke about evident ving in to fear. this comes one day after an historic visit to a baltimore mosque where he delivered a message of religious inclusion. >> to let our muslim american brothers and sisters know that ey, too, are americans and welcome here. [ applause ] >> janine: president obama has spoken at the national prayer breakfast every year since he took office. last year the president came under fewer for speaking about the crusades answer example of violence committed in the name of christ. and still ahead, new details on our developing story. all new at a zings, a car with two bodies inside found submerged in a lake. how it could be connected to a missing persons case from earlier this week. >> victor: and in today's healthcast the dangers of crousey driving.
5:35 pm
>> janine: and the super bowl is just days away. fans cannot wait for the game, and the commercials. we'll have a preview o f some of the ads you'll ski this year. that is next. >> victor: we can't to take you back to this developing story. sky 10 still above the scene after an 18 wheeler carrying wrecked vehicles on the bed of that truck overturned. this is all happening in davie on the turnpike southbound as you get onto interstate 595. we will have another update on the other side of the eak. >> announcer: and tonight 11:00, alleged prostitutes taking their services off the streets to a strip mall nearby. local10's jeff weinsier takes you behind doors with a hidden camera. are businesses hiding brothels?
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>> reporter: a denver man said that he was scammed out of two susur bowl tickets that he bought online on craigslist. broncos fan cody sudden myer said he bought au pair of tickets listed for 6,000 dollars to craigslist but cody used protected paypal which prevents sellers from getting their money in the event of a scam. the seller agreed to go through protected paypal leading cody to belief the sale sale was legit. >> i get the envelope. there's no signature required. it feels a little light to be carry p these tickets and i open it up and it's blank paper inside. i honestly thought the tickets are going to be real. there's no one that would go through these lengths knowing
5:40 pm
there are no tickets in here. >> are you serious? >> yes. >> victor: that is awful. cody says, though, thea that he has notified paypal and t t denver police department. police say they have tracked the scammer to a man in kansas. of course, this sunday is superbowl l. that means poem all over the country will be sting down parge in front of their tvs to watch the denver broncos and the panthers. >> janine: so many super bowl fans will be tuning in for the commercials. here is a preview. making an appearancee tow super bowl this year, marilyn monroe. christopher walk and icon of tv shows past, scott baio. those are just a few of the celebs appearing in ads during the game, selling everything from candy bars to cars. budweiser enlisted star power in
5:41 pm
>> you, simply put, a short-sighted utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution. we're moving up on. >> janine: has jeff gold blum scaling a high-rise building. >> is that george and weesy? >> janine: taco bell is taking a different tact, using mystery to advertise something new. the ads star a green brick, and avocados of mexico has aliens touring a museum of rthly comp. >> and this is the white and gold dress that caused a civil war. >> janine: gma went hupped the scenes getting a glimpse of the game day pressure at exec's face. >> you're sitting there, like you watch the super bowl spot and you wait for ten second to see what twitter says. you're like, oh, gamecock, we're good. >> janine: in super bowl $ just a minute or sof ad snippets that you just watched worth about $9 million of air time.
5:42 pm
during the game will cost advertiser up to $4.5 million. it is not cheap. >> victor: no pressure, marketing departments. >> janine: betty, it sound sounds like sunday will be a good day to snuggle up and watch television. >> betty: bowl of chili. cold weather for sunday. it now looks as though our secondary cold front could get here a little earlier than planned yesterday. we'll talk about that, but for now we're still enjoying the warmth. 80 degrees in key west. winds flowing in from the south-southeast. we are expecting showers to move in overnight in association with our cold front, but between now and 10:00 increasing the clouds,and that's about it if you have something to do outside, we should is a mainly dry between now and 10:00. but there is an abundance of rainfall extending from this front from jackson jill to tampa. we'll watch this closer as it
5:43 pm
florida tonight. but right now on the doppler radarr on our side, broward with miami-dade and the keys, we're good to go. mainland monroe even looking at dry condititns. but we are expecting that to change over the next 24 hours. in fact, this forecast model showing that by 10:00 tonight we may have some of those showers approaching the west side, and en watch what happens after the midnight hour. the showers start to move on in here. so while we're sleeping, at least many of us sleleing around 2:00 in the morning, showers moving on through, not expecting severe weather with that, by the way, andthen friday morning 6:00 a.m. this model showing that t t showers should be offshore over the atlantic, getting out of our hair as a north wind kicks in, and that's going to allow some cooler aur to move on in for friday and we'll notice the change in our temperatures. so with that north wind sustained around 20 miles an hour tomorrow, it's not going to be a comfortable day at beaches. the air temperature makes a climb toward 70 degrees.
5:44 pm
likely won't reach 70 degrees tomorrow, so what a difference over where we are today sitting in the 80s this afternoon. small craft advisory in effect if you are taking the boats out tomorrow. those seas are going to be running about five to seven feet. in the more than we're forecastininlower 60s, highs tomorrow upper 60s. showers really early before 5:00 a.m., and then as we're looking ahead to the rest of the day some clouds around, cool breeze out there. saturday we get a little milder. and here comes that secondary cold front we're talking about. it's going to be a stronger one, it looks like. so you the brings a few showers on saturday, and then by sunday look at where we're taking our lows, lower 50s. 51 in miami. some of your neighborhoods cube cooler than that. highs mid-50s. monday morning 5s. the tuesday morning five-day. wednesday morning. a lot of people may be asking next week when is it going warm up again. >> victor: we want to take you
5:45 pm
sky 10 still aboveve the scene in overturns. >> janine: jenise fernandez has been all over this one. this has got to be feign a lot of roadways. >> jenise: it definitely is. we're looking a miles and mice of delays and right now crews are working to clean this up. this is an 18 wheeler that seemed to be carrying crush cars. this is t t 595 ramp if our on the turnpike southbound trying ramp onto 595, that ramp is closed and asking imagine a really big backup. this is the ramp southbound. speeds right now are at 12 miles an hours. a we zoom on in you can see how far those delays are extending independenceceoing to be bad. those delays extending for about eight miles. so here's the part where you've got to pick up the phone, calls your frienen or family that may be the on turnpike. make sure they don't get off at the griffin road exit, that is because there are some really heavy delays for those trying to exit off the griffin road.
5:46 pm
get off on sunrise boulevard to avoid this mess altogether or take i-95 as an alternate. j janine. >> janine: in today's health cast the dangers of troys driving. we all know better than than to drink and driving the texting behind the wheel is just as ba but now our medical specialist kristi krueger introduces us to aoung south florida man who hopes his story will make you think twice before getting behind the wheel when you're tired. >> kristi: 21-year-old clean christian is panning for his first job in new york city. that's something that seemed impossible about two months ago. after celebrating his graduation from fsu with family and friends with christian was headed home the miramar early one morning. he knew hoe was exhausted. >> i just felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier and the scant blinking when you're really tired, and it was just one blink too long. i just blinked and my head fell once.
5:47 pm
christian woke up, saw he was drifting off the road, and turned the wheel too hard. his car ending uprapped around a tree. sleep specialist dr. lawrence moley says drowsy driving puts. on the road at risk.k. >> 24-hour sleep deprivation is very similar to being legallying intoxicated because your judgment is so bad, your reaction time is prolonged, your vigilance is ainister and it's a very dangerous situation. >> kristi: christian ended p in the hospital with thee broken risk, a broken pelvis, collapsed lung and cracks to his vertebrae. >> my arms hurt, legs hurt, opening my mouth hurt. >> kristi: studs showw 60% of drivers admit to driving drowsy. one-third of those say they have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> when you're sleep deprived your ability to be aware of your
5:48 pm
underestimate their sleepiness. >> kristi: christian knows how lick he is and hopes others will learn something from his story. >> i'm very, very, very grateful to have my job, to have my parents, to have everyone who has helped me. it's really a good feeling. >> kristi: and christian has just started this week that job with the top casting company in new york. we wish him well. and we really both home hope the parents will share this video with their children who drive. >> victor: south florida, get ready. we've got ticket to one of the bibiest events of the year. >> janine: local10 is giving away ticket to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival that attracts the biggest names and tastiest dishes from all over they globe. head over to local10 affordable care act facebook payment to enter. >> victor: look for to contest taber and that's where you can enter for your chance to win. >> janinin still ahead had to local10 news at 6:00 two bodies found inside of a sub peppered car and the clues that could
5:49 pm
case from earer in the week. >> victor: also a woman purchases a filing cabinet from the thrift store and finds antique guns inside. trying to return them. this is a history lesson she will never porting. >> janine: a convicted killer breaks down in tears trying to get his sentence reduced but the
5:50 pm
we have the drama in court.
5:51 pm
authority meteorologist julie durda. >> janine: she shared with us last month she is pregnant, and during our 6:00 a.m. newscast she lets know if she's havingg a boy or a girl. >> david and i are having a boy! all right. baby d. a lot of you have been sayingyou haven't been able to tell that i'm pregnant. oh, boy, i've got to tell you ion i'm more than halfway through. i'm 20 weeks and four days and, baby, i feel ya. oh, baby baby. when women say that, i know what you mean. sheer ours latest ultrasound. a growing baby health boy. he is ten ounces. he is the size of a banana. that's the best way to elain it. and, you know, i haven't felt any kicking, any side effects yet. pregnancy has just been been great. i can't tell you how wonderful debby b. there's his little foot, and i've got to tell you it's such a relief to know if we're having a boy or a girl because now we can do some shopping.
5:52 pm
she's going to be a great mom to a boy. she's got an arm. >> victor: and right now the size of a banana. >> janine: next up now weave to name him. >> victor: wait for that. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> victor: laurie and calvin back for news at 6:00. >> calvin: thanks a lot. >> laurie: right nowow:00, killer on thend sta.. 40 first time every we're hearing straight from michael hernandez himself vermillion. calvin: the searching for a missing couple comes to a hard rending end. and cooldown coming. your weather authority knows how throw temperatures are going this time. >> laurie: back again and caught on camera again, a suspected shoplifting couple with one thing on their mind. >> calvin: andndnly on local10 a woman's thrift shopping spree under covering a a dden treasure. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company
5:53 pm
apologize to jaime, and i'm sorry for what i did to him. >> calvin: for the first time michael hernandez takes the stand and apologizes for the cold-blooded killing of his classmate 12 years ago. hernandez testified at his resentencing hearing even crying at tes. >> laurie: but the prosecution did not let up on hip. local10 news reporter liane morejon was there inside the courtroom and she's live with our top story at 6:00. >> liane: laurie, calvin, of the hours of testimony we heard today, none was more gripping than that of michael hernandezhimself. he was emotional. he apologized. he even explained some of his more bizarre behavior to the court. the state, though, pushed back on him, trying to make sure that the court could see right through him, showing that in iii eyes he is still the same -- in their eyes he is still the same 14-year-old boy with a penchant for death and serial killers.
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