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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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live." dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason sudeikis, liliel richie, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from sir elton john, with cleto and the cletones. and now, you'd better believe it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching.
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very nice. you know, today is a scial birthday, today is facebook's birthday. which just like every other birthday we only know because facebook reminded us. facebook turned 12 years old today. and it's hard to believe it's only been 12 years since i learned to hate every single person i know. like most 12-year-olds, facebook spent most of the day on snapchat today. but it's kind of funny. facebook, they've been online kind of celebrating their own birthday. considering the fact that facebook kind of ruined birth daze. before facebook, somebody said happybirthday, it meant something. it meant they remembered. now you spend two seconds typing "happy b-d, man, keep crushing" and you're done. i preferred cake. earlier tonight inn new hampshire there was another debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they've already had so many debates they're starting to run out of things to fight about. tonight they sat there quietly
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restaurant. last night in new hampshire, hillary and bernie took part in a town hall event on cnn. one of the people in the crowd asked bernie sanders about the possibility that if he was elected and re-elected, he would be 83 at the end of his second term. and i think what these people don't realize is -- let's go through his high school yearbook. this is bernie sanders' class photo. there he is, he's on the basketball team. i think this is a party. he was very active. and they named him most likely to mall walk. so the point i'm trying to make is bernie sanders has always been 83 years old. and he will always be 83 years old. there's nothing -- there's one curious sighting in the aududnce last night at the town hall event which was a democratic event. now, this guy right here in the boom left-hand corner, does he look familiar at all? he does beceuse i'll tell you
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that's ted cruz in disguise. scoping out the competition. maybe he's secretly a democrat, i don't know. ted cruz's wife revealed that the way ted alleviates stress is by singing show tunes. for real. whenever he's feeling anxious or overwhelmed, like right before a debate, he calls her and sings broadway show tunes into the telephone. make no mistake h still believes that marriage is a sacred union between one guy and one doll, okay? this is pretty crazy.$& some people get very excited about the candidate they support. and there are tattoo shops now in i think vermont and new hampshire giving people free tattoos of bernie sanders. or at least part of him. and if you're a supporter on the other side, you can get a very poorly drawn tattoo of donald trump. which looks more like a bloated martin sheen, really, right? you know, donald trump somehow
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the nobel peace prizi. he's on the list, right next to pe francis, which might seem ludicrous because it is. ludicrous. but trump is excited about it. he might be the first person ever to campaign for a nobel prize consideration. >> i'm donald trump. i love peace. i'm the most peaceful guy i know. and i know a lot of people. my golf courses are probably the most peaceful places in the world. my hotels? you canear a pin drop because the maids aren't allowed to talk. when i'm president, i'm going to make the world such a peaceful place, you won't believe it. u're going to be so happy with the peace, you're going o say, thank you, i love it. so do i deserve a prize for peace? i think so. i mean, who are you going to give it to? this guy? look what he drives. what is that, a fiat? believe me, you don't want your nobel paets prize winner driving
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it reflects badly on peace. this nobel season it's time to honor the most peaceful man in the world, and maybe history. there's no one more peaceful than me. >> donald trump, donald trump! oh my god! the hostile takeover of donald trumum >> donond trump, a man of peace. >> oh no! >> paid for by me. i pay for everything myself. that's how rich i am. [ cheefs and applause ] >> jimmy: this is crazy too. here in@ california somebody bought a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth $63 million. the deadline to cash it in was today. no one showed up to claim it. so now the money goes to california public schools. what a waste, you know?
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happen. the story's especially painful to me because losing a winni lottery ticket is definitely something i would do. for whatever reason the winner didn't show up today. maybe the person wasn't in it for the money, maybe whoever had the ticket understands that victory sometimes is its own reward. no? the super bowl's on sunday. denver broncos will play the carolina panthers. you know, between the super bowl and this new o.j.j.impson show, this has been a very big week for broncos. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the super bowl is not only the most important sporting event of the year, it's also a disappointingly short beyonce concert. beyonce is doing the halftime show with coldplay, lady gagagas going to sing the national anthem which is weird. wonder if francis scott key thought, someday this song will be sung by a woman wearing a dress made of beef.
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like the puppy bowl, e! netwk announced they'll be running a 12-hour "keeping up with the kardashians" marathon on sunday. which i'm not sure how that's different from their schedule every other day of the week. do they even have other shows? one of the more interesting as pecks of the super bowl is all the different things you can bet on. it's not just who will win or lose or the total points or the point spread. you can bet on what are known as propositions or prop bets. they come up with creative ways -- i thought it would be fun to go through some of them. come over here. you don't really have to come anywhere, i'll go over here. one of the most interesting propositions on what they call e board is about cam newton and his touchdown celebration. cam newton is the quarterback for the carolina panthers. if he scores a rushing touchdown, what will he do first? you can bet on that. if he, for instance -- let's get
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[ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: okay, so if cam newton -- this is a real thing you can bet on. are you going to hit me with that football? all right. if he d dces on his own, solo, and you bet on it, you'll win $180 for every $100 you bet. show us exactly how cam newton would danc guillermo. >> jimmy: that's the cam newton dance. you keep dancing throughout this. will the panthers players -- keep dancing -- who score the first touchdown give the football to a boy or a girl? sometimes they give the ball to people in the crowd. if it's a boy the odds are 1-2, bet $100, win $200. if a girl, bet $300 to win $200 -- do they assume there are more boys or girls in the stands? this is real keep dancing, what color will beyonce's foot wear be when she comes onstage for
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black pays 3-2, gold brown is 5-2, white is 2.75-1, silver/gray is 4.75-1. any other color is 7-1 odds. she comes out barefoot you get nothing at all. will peyton manning announce his retirement in the postgame interview? yes is 5-1. no means you get $1,000 to win $100. will peyton manning cry during the postgame interview? yes is 6-1. no is negative 1,500. no, peyton manning will not cry, papa john does not allow peyton manning to cry. this one is morbid, will there be an earthquake during the game? you can bet on this. if you bet yes and there is an earthquake during the game and you survive, you get 10 times yo money. and you go to hell. you can stop dancing now, guillermo. thank you. >> guillermo: thank you. >> jimmy: thank you, you did a great job. more americans gamble on the
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you don't have to wait for sports to gamble. i sent my cousin sal to the mirage hotel in vegas to roam around like some sort of gambling fairy with somo unusual proposition bets of his own. >> sal: sir, i will give you $20 if you tell me the sex of the next person thaha walks out of these elevators. >> female. >> sal: male, all right. let's watch and wait. why female? >> just aguess. >> sal: just a guess? are you usually right about these things? >> yeah, usually. >> sal: how much have you won off this ge before? >> haven't played this one. >> sal: oh! are you a guy or a girl? you're a guy, right? yeah. sorry, you lost. that's totally a guy. man or woman? >> woman. >> sal: woman, all rightht let's see. and it is -- oh! oh, so close! the man wins.
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oh my god. i will give you $20 if you tell me exactly how many ice cubes are in that lady's drink right there. >> which lady's? >> sal: right there, sitting alone. >> five. >> sal: five, all right. let's go check. hi, how you doing? how you doing? >> oh no! >> sal: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 -- like 14, sorry, you lose. thanks, ma'am, appreciate it. >> oh no! >> sal: sir, let me ask you something. i'm going to give you money. come here. i'm going to give you $20 if you can tell me if these two at the end of the bar are married. are they married? >>yes. >> sal: they are married? lease find out. come here. come with me. excuse me. excuse me. you guys aren't married, are
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>> [ bleep ]. >> sal: he said you were, what a weirdo. sorry. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: we have to take a break. when we come back, arnold hwarzenegger's truck is for sale. "this week in unnecessary censorship" too, so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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here we go. ah man, who invited these guys? hey clay, it's cool if we order some delivery? it's time for you guys to make the right call. we're having digiorno pizza, fresh-baked in my own oven. okay.
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[ cheers andndpplause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. jason sudeikis, lionel richie, mousse trick elton john is on the way. do you use uber? [ cheers and applause ] uber unveiled a new logo this week.
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it did not go over very well. this was the old uber logo. which is simple, clean, you knew what it stands for, it says "uber" under it. somebody decide they had needed to change it. obably a consultant. these are the kinds of things that consultants do. they changed their logo to this unrecognizable symbol. looks like something that would be in the corner of a credit card. here's the question. is it a good idea to drastically redesign your logo when 90% of the people who use your app are too drunk to stand up? [ laughter ] you walk out of a bar, you get out of your phone -- whe did my uber -- where the hell did uber go? for those who are too good for uber this m)ght be of interest. a car dealer in texas is using ebay to sell a six-ton truck that was once owned by arnold schwarzenegger. what i would like you to do is i would like you to really do this close your eyes right now.
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and try to imagine what arnold schwarzenegger's truck might look like. okay? you have it in mind? okay. now open yououeyes. that was exactly it, right? [ [ ughter ] the truck is called unimog, they're asking like $350,000 for the truck. it's interesting. when arnold first decided to sell this truck, his wife said, why don't you give it to the housekeeper? clearly he misunderstood what she meant. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they're no longer married. anyway. there are six daze left in the auction. and if the ebay ad isn't enough to entice you, maybe this one willbe. >> do you want to buy a car? yes, you want tobuy my car! it's not a hummer, it's not a
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it has a body made of melted dumbbells, a turbo charged engine, radiator,,arb yater, terminator, speedometer, odometer, predator, bennett! it doesn't use gas, it runs on testosterone, arrgh! jingle all the way to texas direct auto dealer. buy today and i'll put danny devito in the glove compartment. with wings. we're twins! you son of a bitch. [ cheers and applausus] >> jimmy: if it comes with a danny devito, i'll buy it. all right, one more thing before we forge ahd with tonight's program. it's thursday night which means it's timi to bleep and blur the big television moments of the week whether they like it or not. "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> do you feel you'd do better when you're [ bleep ]ing from behind? >> well, the intensity of the experience -- >> [ bleep ] you. [ bleep ] you. >> that was a [ bleep ]ed up
11:53 pm
>> everybody needs a workout. we wanted to show you -- oh, [ bleep ], i'm one story ahead, let's go back. >> eventually there will be a much smaller republican field? >> you'd think so. there's not enough hard [ bleep ] to go around. >> first thing i want to say is two words that most americans don't hear off thenten enough, and that is [ bleep ] you. >> did you hear the presint is taking a little [ bleep ] up the [ bleep ]? >> [ bleep ] you. >> oh. no, [ bleep ] you, seriously. >> what these other countries are doing to us, they're just [ bleep ]ing our [ bleep ]. i've had it with them. >> i want the title so bad, the wwo world heavyweight championship so bad, i'm going to [ bleep ] my own brother for it. and i'm going to [ bleep ] you for it. >> i can't wait to eat [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
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music from elton john, lionel richie is here, be rig back with jason sudeikis! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel liveare brought to you by digiorno. make the right call on game day with fresh-baked digiorno pizza. it's not delivery, it's digiorno. guys the sign's working! get unlimited data so you can watch, stream, and download where and when you want. get 4 lines for $180 a month when you have at&t wireless and directv. i'll be right back. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, there. tonight, he's a legendary singer, songwriter, and ceiling dancer, lionel richie is here. this is not his album. [ cheers and applause ] then, another legend of popular music. his new album cocos out tomorrow, it's called "wonderful crazy night." elton john from the samsung outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] next weeon the program, oscar nominees brie larson and alicia vikander. bill maher, owen wilson, khloe kardashian, zendaya, sacha baron cohen will be here. and we will have music from nothing but thieves, ma-na, did i get that right? >> guillermo: you did. >> jimmy: thank you. alessia cara, and the return of mash-up monday. the band neon treewill join forces with squeeze, to form neon squeeze we've got some good ones planned for every monday this month for
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our first guest tonight is a very funny man and actor and person whom you know from eight seasons of "snl" and two "horrible bosses." his newest movie is called "race." >> ready, go! >> whoo! >> i don't know why you look so impressed. this is a second slower than winekopf's record. >> he runs yards. this kid ran meters. you know meters are longer than yards, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: "race" opens in theaters february 19th. please welcome jason sudeikis.
11:59 pm
>> jimmyhow are you doing? >> hi. >> jimmy: did you wear the kansas city hat to taunt me because of the mets or the world series? >> happy accident. >> jimmy: oh, happy accident. how you doing? >> doing well. >> jimmy: did you meeee lionel richie? >> i have not, no. i've never met him. i've been in the same room as him before. >> jimmy: where? >> sunset tower. he was eating dinner. at the hot here in town we stay at occasionally. he was there. ye. you know. >> jimmy: what was he eating, do you remember? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! a big salad of cash. [ laughter ] >> hundreds, fives, mixed denominations, vinaigrette. he's an icon. beef with him is that anyone else sings on "we are the world." he starts it off, this is the greatest lionelichie song. next thing you know michael jackson's getting in there, screwing it up, dylan, cyndi lauper.
12:00 am
he seems like a good soul. he likes to pass the ball ararnd, i guess. change the world. oh, well. >> jimmy congratulations on your baby. >> baby, likewise yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: enjoying it? >> babies and beards. yeah i am, are you? >> jimmy: yeah, it's a lot of fun. >> our ladies take the brunt. especially in these first couple of years. >> jimmy: mine doesn't do anythingng >> really? that's not bad, good for her. >> jimmy: i say that because i know she'll go crazy when i go home. yeah, that is true, that is true. ofcourse, do you have it where your son -- my daughter, she was just stairs. as i went down to do the show she started screaming because i was l%aving and left my wife -- >> my son doesn't do that at all with me. >> jimmy: he doesn't. >> no. in fact, a lot of types he usually has the keys by the door, he's just like, let's go, buddy! go make ney, bring it home! school's expensive for us fancy kidsdsrich [ bleep ] kids. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you brought a video
12:01 am
>> oh yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i got to see it. i think it's very cute. you want to show it? >> yeah, i mean basically, like any kid running the streets these days, he's in the -- he's not in "star wars" so much as he's aware of it because of the brilliant advertising campaign that's been going on for 40 years. jimmy: sure. >> so i bought three lightsabers. one for mom, one for dad, red and blue, and a yoda one for him. he hasn't seen the movie, he's watched episodes of "clone wars." here he is playing with it. next thing you know, boom. it's a vacuum. [ laughter ] >> he's going to suck up the dark side! he's going to purge the universe of evil forces! he's trying to get the sound to go. i move in -- oh! finally -- look at the smile. >> jimmy: he's adorable. >> he's ready to go. [ cheers and applause ]
12:02 am
by the way, which is great, thiss is your first drama? >> yeah i mean, outside the drama in everyday life that i experience. as far as pretending to do drama, yeah, yeah. that's what's so funny wheni do say the clips of the movies i've been in, great research by everybody here. and then it's like, we show a clip of like this black fellow running and me in a hat. wait, where's the laugh? this guy usually smuggles weed across mexican borders, what's this? it's the true story of jesse owens. >> for those who don't know, it was a great triumph for the country and for americans. >> yeah, indeed yeah. >> jimmy: tell us a little bit about the story of jesse owens. >> basically, 1936, he ran in the olympics which was held in berlin. him as a black man, you know, who already had a tough enough time in america. >> jimmy: in the united ststes. >> yeah, exactly. especially ohio where he was from, ohio ate, which was -- they didn't let black people play on their football tm at that point. he goes over there.
12:03 am
commercial for hitler and his whole ideology. and that's thinking that he's considered to be revolutionary. and this man owens embarrasses the whole -- >> jimmy: the "master race." >> exactly, by clocking four gold medals off those guys. it tells the story of him from his first days at ohio state, i play his coach, larry snyder, who there's not a lot of informatn about which is good. because i don't like to do homework. >> jimmy: right, yeah. no sitting down to get the essence of larry. >> yeah, i'm not listening to tapes. i just did what worked. like keith richards, what seems to work. >> jimmy: you did shoot -- you shot it- >> well, we shot in montreal for some of it. all the berlin stuff, the majority, we shot in berlin in the actual o@ympic stadium, which is still there. and it was like the greatest history lesson/field trip i've ever experienced. >>immy: so crazy that you
12:04 am
>> yeah, there's a moment in history where he wins the first gold medal and jeremy irons' character who plays the head of the american olympic committee is like, his voice, i can't do it. "the chancellor would like to meet you." jesse owens goes up to meet hitler and hitler bounced, he split, and goebels delivers the line. he had to leave. hitler couldn'tt shake the winner's hand because of "traffic." such s. they shot that scene in the actual place where he got blown off. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> we had to rebuild -- we didn't have to. for realism we rebuilt the box that hitler was in the stadium that they had many years ago circumcised from the stadium. >> jimmy: the luxury box. >> his litigation are you box. we rebuilt it. the production rebuilt it. the stadium's open, they play soccer matches there. tourists and locals were kind of like, people working there, what's going on?
12:05 am
know about?t? why are we rebuilding hitler's luxury box? is trump campaigning in merlin? berlin? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] but yes, it was -- it was amazing. >> that's really crazy. >> i got to meet jesse's daughters. his daughters who came out to berlin. i washere with my little boy, hanging out with jesse's children. it was profound. and a the young man that plays jesse is this unknown fellow, unknown for about two more weeks here. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> stefan james. >> jimmy: what about the poor guy who had to play hitler? was he invited to the wrap party afterwards? >> yeah i mean, of course. you know. he's injures acting. we just told him a different location, you know? >> jimmy: congratulations, very good to see you. the movie is called "race." it opens in theaters february 19th. jason sudeikis, everybody.
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>> jimmy: hi. [ laughter ] welcome back. lionel richie and elton john are on the way. there's a very big football game this weekend. when it comes to pizza, the
12:11 am
just as important as those made on the field. here's our own guillermo with mas. >> pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza whoo! >> guillermo: hello, major pizza company? how long with it take to deliver? forever! >> guillermo: noooo! that's too long! guillermo, that was the wng call, you need to m me the right one. >> the answer you sk is digornio pizza. >> dicky: what did you say? >> the answer you seek is digornio pizza.
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>> there's a digorno pizza on the counter. >> guillerer: de-orno. >> digornio. >> guiermo: that's what i say. thank you, oven. hey, everybody, pizza's ready, yeah! whoo! >> yeah! i'm so lonely. >> dicky: don't settle for delivery on game day. make the right call with fresh-baked digiorno pizza. it's not delivery, it's digiorno. >> jimmy: be right back with lie kneel ritchie! [ cheers and applause ] hey clay, it's cool if we order some delivery? it's time for you guys to make the right call. we're e ving digiorno pizza, fresh-baked in my own oven. okay.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from elton john. our next guest is a legendary singer and songwriter. xt week he will be honored as music cares person of the year. april 27th he begins a residency at planet hollywood in las vegas. please say hello because it's him we're looking for to lionel
12:17 am
>> jimmy: hi. first of all, congratulations on being honored by music cares which as great charity which is a great honor for i think, well, some of the people that have been honored as music cares person of the year. caroking, bruce springsteen, barbra streisand, paul mccartney, neil diamond, now you will be honored. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's pretty great. >> you know, i have been a fan of the business for so long. even i try to be calm when people say to me, oh my god, music cares, do you know the people in the background. yes, dylan. yes, mccartney. then i get home and i go, yes! oh my god. >> jimmy: the list of performers. this event -- first of all, i'm hosting. >> you're hosting, thank you, by the way.
12:18 am
[ cheers and appppuse ] that's all anybody nenes. on top of that, rihanna will be there. performing one of your songs. lenny kravitz, usher, chris stapleton, john legend, dave grohl, stevie wonder, the band perry, ellie goulding, lake brunt, gary clark jr., pharell, and apparently more, it says "more." >> if ever there were a night where i'm going to be excited just to be there, but they're singing my songs. then at t end they said, lionel, would you sing? uh, yeah! yeah! >> are there going to be any songs l%ft for you to sing at the end of the night? >> there are going to be. it's such an honor when your peers come out and they really -- they want to sing your songs. luke bryant, for example. he wants to just -- he'll sing all the songs. tickles me. lionel, if i could do "penny lolor." i said, you can't. >> jimmy: who is doing "penny lover"? >> i donon know. it can't be a guy. doesn't work.
12:19 am
a guy. >> know. in the great words of one disk jockey, he said, penny lover, lionel's a cheap lover, the worst. >> jimmy: i assumed penny was the girl's name. >> how about jason who just left. sa oh my god, lionel was eating a bowl of cash. >> jimmy: yeah, right. very well put. >> i was laughing so hard backstage i had to bring that up. >> jimmy: you were laughing so hard, coins were shooting out of your nose, gold coins. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] deserved. >> i set that up. >> jimmy: this is one of my favorite albums. this is right in the heart of my -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what became of the outfit? do you still have that? >> i still have the green sweater. >> you do? >> oh yeah. one of these days long down the road somewhere there's going to be a lionel richie museum. either that or my son's going to sell it. >> jimmy: you better get that --
12:20 am
[ cheers and applause ] thanks for all your love, lionel richie. when i got this album, oh, he signed it for me. >> yeah, let me just say, after showing that picicre to the world? thanks a lot. >> jimmy: that's good. there you are. "miami vice." >> that'sefore "miami vice." >> jimmy: this is the real one. [ cheers and applause ] whose idea was this? >> oh, of course that was the last shot. i remember that so well. the guy gave me this pole, said just jump up on the pole i don't think it's going to read well for my career. >> jimmy: this was a mistake? >> that was a miake. >> jimmy: you haven't made many but this was a mistake. >> that could have wiped out the bank account right there. >> jimmy: that will make a great thing in the lionel richie museum. the yellow pole that lionel
12:21 am
>> no, no, i got rid of that pole so fast. you know what i should have kept? what i should have kept was the head. >> jimmy: the hello bust, absolutely. >> i spent the entire time telling bob jeraldi, that bust does not look like me. >> jimmy: it did not. >> it worried me because i'm thinking, it doesn't look like me. when we got ready to shoot it he said, lionel, she's blinin >> jimmy: a b bnd person? for a blind person it's a great sculpture. >> pretty good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: bob's no dummy. >> jimmy: you're also going to have a residency in las vegas. the first time i saw you in concert i was in high school in las vegas. and i bought tickets. i was excited. you were at caesar's pace at the time. and i thought, oh, yeah i'll get a girl to go with me to the concert. and i did get a girl. that girl turned out to be my mother. because i couldn't get -- >> you took your mother?
12:22 am
>> i was going to ay, oh, who came out to be your wife? but your mother. >> jimmy: even closer than a wife in a way. >> here's what i want to do. since that's your home and i know you're a triple threat when it come toth knowing more of my career -- >> jimmy: i know a lot about you. >> i'm putting this out there, when i'm there for the residency, come onstage and sing your favorite song. >> jimmy: i would love to. [ cheers and applause ] i'll sing all of them with you. >> no, no. you do not have any idea. this guy knows more about me -- >> jimmy: he got a little weirded out when i started talking about these things. >> at a party one night, he's sitting there and starts telling me about every detail of my career. he knows about "we are the world." he knows the details behind "we are the world." he knows the commodores. he knows the details about the commodores. i'm thinking to myself, this is a weird guy. then i realized. so now when i write my book, i may need you to refresh me on
12:23 am
forget that i'll just write the book for you, no problele we'll put one of those pictures -- get the photographer who did the thing with the pole. you'll s s a zillion copies. >> done. >> jimmy: when are you going too write a book? >> most of the people i want to write about are not dead yet. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you've got to wait. >> wait a little longer. they have the juicy stuff. i got to kindf wait awhile. >> jimmy: i see. >> if i want to do a humanitarian book about -- >> jimmy: a boring book, you can do it now. if you want to do the real book -- >> i got to wait a couple more years until everybody passes away. i'm hoping i'm not on that list leaving before i write the book. they tell me to write the book then put it in storage. >> jimmy: right, let nicole keep an eye on it. >> right. >> jimmy: i'm looking forward to this event. i think it's going tbe great. i absolutely will come to see you. not only that, i understandhat you brought tickets for everyone in our sdio audience to see
12:24 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: lionel richie! man of the year, person of the year. he'll be in las vegas april 27th at planet hollywood. be right back with elton john! >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. is fresh florida shrimp and clcls, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. visit for more scrumptious recipes.
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pick up some fresh florida zucchini,
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combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more delicious recipes visit >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank jason sudeikis, lionel richie, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. i feel terrible about it. "nightline" is next. but first, his album "wonderful crazy night" ces out tomorrow, here with the song "blue wonderful" sir elton john! [ cheers and applause ]
12:27 am
is a prayer of some kind i breathe in i breathe out i just breathe and you're so well blue wderful blue wonderful to me like swimming in your eyes i dive in i dive deep i just swim and lose myself in you blue wonderful blue wonderful again don't you know where you go i wiwi follow in your footsteps i find my own feet addicted like i am to the blues two kinds of blue are all the blues i need yesterday
12:28 am
in sixty-five summertime long ago long before you came blue wonderful the blue wonderful i know age is something i just left behind in the past far away used to be but you're present my blue wonderful blue wonderful to me go where you want when you want to just don't let the wind tear you free stick around the light that brings you home don't ever hang around
12:29 am
go where you go i will follow in your footsteps i find my own feet addicted like i am to the blues two kinds of blue are all the blues i need every breath is a prayer of some kind i breathe in i breathe out i just breathe and you're so well blue wonderful blue wonderful to me like swimming in your eyes i dive in i dive deep i just swim and lose myself in you blue wonderful blue wonderful again and lose myself in you
12:30 am
blue wonderful blue wonderful blue wonderful blue wonderful again
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