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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now doing. good morning. a live look now from our miami tower cam. a night of storms that cooled us down here jt in time for the weekend. hey, i'm eric yutzy. >> good friday morning, south florida. i'm jacey birch. i think we're all kind of amateur meteorologists when we're watchingg the rain and it's warm and you go outside and you go who he, -- whoa, a cold front came through. >> that's what plays a huge part in our forecast and that's exactly what occurred. if you're with us at 4:30 this morning, we started the news cast with temperature inhe mid 60s in miami. we're already down to 61 degrees.s. you can imagine just how cool things are going to be throughout the day and theheold front just cleared. once we get that cold air mass settling all the way into south florida. attempt today are going to struggle to get out of the 60s.
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providing for june right windy contions, 61 ft. lauderdale, miami. 65 in key west and with our winds moving in so strong we do have an boaters. pines. 64 in marathon.these temperatures are anywhere between 10 a a 14 degrees coole than what we woke up to yesterday. cool and refreshing until another front moves in and brings us cold air by sunday into monday. >> thank you, julie. west-bound drivers those folks leaving the beach on the julia tuttle causeway. we have reports of a broken down bus. you see the f fshing lights there to the distance. not sure if it's a county bus but it's off to the shoulder. doesn't lock like it's affecting our traffic at all this morning. zooming in to see if we're seeg any delays, not at all. 57 miles per hour. zooming up north to
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we've got a crash reported off of i-95 southbound at griffin road. that's where we had two lanes of traffic blocked is morning. it's now off to the shoulder. not really affecting our travel speeds. and ariendly reminder for the folks in downtown ft. lauderdale. we have a pretty bad crash here involving a deputy on second street and andrews avenue. part of the intersection is blocked here so expect some delays. a crash in ft. lauderdale sending a sheriff's deputy and a person inside that cruiser straight to the hospital. >> local 10 news reporter layron livingston at the scene there fill us in. what do you know? >>reporter: just within the past half hour or so, we actually saw some things change here. we saw a couple individuals across the street here being held as a result of this accident involved in this accident. people who were inside these cars here, a couple of them were taken away in broward county. likely taken away for
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we've seen deputies speang to a couple of individuals. we believe they may be the drivers of these cars sitting here at the intersection here. the silva m mda, this black dodge and that cruiser here the deputy and inmate were in we're told when this crash happened. we got video in earlier this morning from the keep. we do know a number of different people were involved in this including that deputy and inmate in that deputy's cruiser. those were the only individuals that we were aware of taken to the hospital to be treated for any particularinjuries. we were over at the hospital, got some video of deputies going to meet this other deputy at the hospital just to check on that particular individual. but we're hering that those injuries are not life-threatening. right now there's no way even to tell which direction these cars were traveling, which drers are involved and how this incident even started in the first place. we're not even sure at
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something deputies here and ft. lauderdale intersection blocked investigate. anything new we've learned are we'll definitely bring it to you here on local 10 and layron livingston, local 10 news. a deadly discovery, this is in a southwest miami-dade lake. a car found with two bodies inside. here is the scene and that car is linked to this missing couple who have not been seen f f days. erica rakow live this morning in new hampshire at the medical examiner's office. no confirmation on who these bodies are there morning? >>porter: all things do point towards the two people found yesterday being thi couple who has been missing for days. how far, it's here at the medical examiner's office later today that their autopsies will be done. that's something that has to be done before police will officially confirm they are the people who were found. this is who we're talking about, a young
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seen leaving the palm and country shopping center early sunday morning. a ping from one of their cell phones ledo miami-dade police near this lake near 268th street and 112th avenue where a red toyota corolla was fouou, the same type of car the couple was said to bein. it look like the car crashed through the guardrail at an intersection before ending up in the water. police did confirm the car they found belongs to the missing couple. dozens of family and friends gathered all day long at the lake watching the recovery, realizing that the hope they had been holding on to since sunday was quickly dwindling. coming up in the next half hour we're going to hear from some of those family and friends they are talking about. they tell us in their words how painful this is and how difficult it was. for now we're live at the medical examiner's
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local 10 news. developing this morning, another teenager has been shot unmiami while riding his bicycle last night. the teen taken to jackson memorial hospital and expected to recover. the shooting is the latest in the sing of teens getting shot around the same area. and a plantation man accused of leaving the country after his sop disappeared is set to appear in court today. his attorney was tied up with a ather case. you may remember he was arrested last night at miami international airport after police discovered he bought a one-way ticket to new zealand. he told police he hasn't seen the 16 yearly since december 27th but still no foul play is suspected. a south florida man whshot and killed a wife posted her body on facebook will found out today if he will spend life in prison. in 2013 medina killed his wife in their kitchen.
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shot her after she threatened him with a knife. breaking news right now, united nations human rights panel has ruled in favor of wikileaks founder julian assange saying he has been quote arbitrarily holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london since 2010. swedish prosecutors want to question him over sexual assault allegations but he has denied all of them. police will not file charges against a police ofcer who shot and killed a membershiply ill man. hall' family pushed for the officer to be charged but prosecutors said that force was justified. chilling video showing the moments after a miami b b was hit by a police car.
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to watch. >> this was taken after that crash on wednesday. the operators say antoine appeared between in between two parked cars on a scooter seepingly out of nowhere. >> he's strong. he's a strong baby. >> police deny witnesses' claims that that officer was speeding. we're now seeing surveillance video from a deadly crash in kendall. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. a man was killed after police say he collided with a box truck. a passenger in that car was hospitalized andnds in critical condition. two people in the truck were treated for m mor injuries. we're hear from the lauderhill family o was hospital when a car smashed into his home. his wife and 14-year-old daughter blso treated for minor injuries. meanwhile the driver who came barreling into the couple's bedroom still
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>> he didn't say nothing, walked strtrght out of the house, walked across the road. by the item i tururd my head and looked back again, he was gone. >> a family's home is boarded up warning people not to go upside because it may b un stable. still ahead angry alligators caught on camera going at it. >> n n fighting around this morning. you're actually going to be searching around for a sweater, jacket. cooler and windy as the kids head to the bus stop. temperatures will be in the low 60s. cloudy and wiped -- windy as you pick them up. lots to talk about.
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>>reporter: hey, good morningn topping america's money, enjoy the low gas prices while you can. >> president obama's imposing a $10 tax on oil to fund transportation projects. >> that c cld raise gas prices about 25 knts a gallon but it's doubtful
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agreement from congress. the premium southwest salad has nutritious kale and spinach. >> but you factor in the butter milk chicken, ranch dressing, all of that adds down 710 aleries. compare that to 540 with a big mac. >> in recent years, an average of 6% of americans call out six the monday after the super bowl. >> sales of antacids go up 20% super bowl weekend. and that's michigan's money. >> have a great day. okay. we are getng an update now. pope francis is going to be meeting with russian ortpodox's patriarch on february 12th. it's going to be hahaening in cuba, i i havana at the airport. this is by many reports to be an unprecedented meeting. pope francis likes to try and shake things up.
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a long s sit between eastern and western branches of christianity. again, a meeting between pope francis and the head of the russian orthodox church in cuba. we'll bring you more details on this announcement as we get it. >> eric, we'll be looking forward to that. i know you're look forget ward to the forecast and super bowl sunday. if you have outdoor plans you're going to need to make sure you have sweaters and jackets. you woke up to showers and storms. i'm sure you heard it hitting your roof. if you had to work very early this morning, anywhere between 2:00 and 4:00 this morning we saw strg storms moving through miami-dade and broward. look at this, temperatures in the low 60s ft. lauderdale, miami. 65 degree in key west all thanks to that strong northwest wind anywhere between 12 and 20 miles per hour. currently 61 in pembroke pines.
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61 in homestead and even 61 in pompano beach. the strong northwest breeze iss going to continue to bring you cool, refreshing air. with that said though we still have cloud cover in place this morning so it won't be bright and beautiful quite yet. wind speeds 12 and 24 miles per hour with our temperatures dropping to cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. wind gusts reported in the 30s down by the keys. so rougheas today. not a good day for by boating. june right chilly for our friend in northern florida. a reinforcing shot by cooler air by the end of the weekend. we're waking up to just some cloud cover and dry conditions but the roadways are already wet from those showers sg please be careful out there. the leading edge of the ont stretches all the
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they are getting slammed with snow all the way up to post. the cold air all across most of the united states is just going to be a very coal winter day foror all husband. he'll weefn be able to touch into some of those winter conditions. by tomorrow the clouds will start to build. showers will start to move back in the forecast by saturday night. tomorrow will be mostly dry. bu then the evening showers the showers will move in. we'll keep those showers around until monday morning. the second front clears by sunday late morning in the afternoon. look at our temperatures struggling to get out of the 90s. again sweaters and jackets you're going to need all weekend long. a reenforcing shot will provide for lows in the upper 40s and 50s monday morning. if you're traveling off the julia tuttle causeway west-bound at alton road, we still have this broken down bus affecting traffic right there. you oiously can see those flashing lights
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r anyone leaving the beach, just in aware of that. it's off to ohe shoulder. you know those lookie loos, the rubber neckers let's go back up north. an earlier crash at i-95 southbound and griffin road, it's since cleared up. the crash in downtown ft. lauderdale off of second street and andrews avenue, that one could slow you down. as soon as we have any new accidents in the morning, you know of i'm doing, i'm updating social media. make sure y follow you on twitterer at wplg local 10. appliances not working, companies won't help you out but those clinched by vies tina. we were there first. local 10 live on the scene. we've got all the
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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in this morning's call christina's port,. >> recently they received quite a few calls about new appliances not working properly. here's,000 those problems were clinched by christina. the switch has to be replaced. the blower has to be replaced. the motor has to be replaced and expansion valves has to be replaced. >>reporter: her brand new axe c unit she told us needed 10 rvice calls. >> for efficiency and cost, you know can we've decided just to replace it. >>reporter: but theew one. >> it never felt cold. >>reporter: mel ina also gave us aa call, she said her new axe
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>> really loud humming noise. >> i thought i'm going to spend money on a rug to put in the closet? why am i putting a rug in the closet? >>reporter: so she called christina for help. >> i decided okay, i'm not going to argue anymore. i'm going to try christina. >> we called both manufacturers to take a closer look at the units. >> even when he put bk in the parts and turned the ac back on, he said, you know, there is a difference in the sound. at that point i realized i'm not that crazy, something was wrong. >>reporter: i call christina because every single time i wap her show, i just see that they try to hard to help the consumer, you know, get when they pay for or get answers. >>reporter: them there's heather whwh called us to take a look at this. >> he said the cheese in here, it's too warm, it
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the first concern i had was the door not closing. >> the manufacture said the first time was defective, even discontinued the model but only credited her a portion of the purchase prqce. >>reporter: how am i going to replace this. >> they both said come on in and get a refridge later that's equivalent to the one you purchased >>reporter: the manufacturer has extended their warranty to ten years parts and labor. in the news room, christina vazquez, l lal 10 news. >> now she can help you with your consumer issue. if you have one, give her a call. e-mail her or send her a tweet. she's active on social media. she will get right back to you.
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proving he's nice, not nanahty. >> how cool is he? we'd like to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day.
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>> you're an ordinary day for an uber driver in new orleans just turns extraordinary thanks to one special ride. >> theriver was called to pick up four men who say they were snubbed by another uber driver. they were angry after another driver refused to pick them up just moments earlier. >> they got in. they said that the last driver passed them up and they didn't know why. they figure it was because they were black. so i told them you all look fine to me, get in.
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express their gratitude, offering to give them tickets for the next show and even pulled him up on stagege to thank him. >> that's cool. we still have this traffic alert in downtown ft. lauderdale. this is right off of andrews avenue and southeast second street. we've got this intersection blocked due to a deputy-involved crash here.
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getting around this breaking news, a deputy and an inmate hospitalized after a car collides i io a patrol car. we're live at the scene with the details. disturbing discovery, a missing car found at the lake with two bodies inside. taking action in the zika emergency. how florida's trying to fight the virus as broward county reports
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crazy video of an armed eight-year-old trying to robob a south florida store. good friday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'macey birch. >> it's feeling good and i'm serious, not just feeling good on the inside. feeling good on the outside. this is our ft. lauderdale tower camera. >> b difference certainly as it pertains to the attempt. cool temps here and on the way. weather authority meteologist julie durda here. >> you guys said it, everything and more. granted, if you were watching yesterday, you might be a little shocked. yesterday we had attempt in the 70s with highs in the ler 80s. we're now seeing temperatures in the low60s and things are going to continue to cool down. the strong north west breeze a culprit. low 60s right now ft. lauderdale, miami. 64 degree in key west. 60 in kendall.
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64 in marathon. these temperatures anywhere between 10 and 14 degree cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. remember a shift in the wind direction plays a humid part in our forecast here in south florida and we'll continue to stay cool and very windy. by the afternoon we'll see a break in the cloud cover with sunshine. highs will only reach the upper 90s -- 60s. traffic alert for anyone traveling in downtown ft. lauderdale. this is a deputy-involved crash. this intersection blocked off completely as police continue to investigate right off of southwest second street and andrews avenue. if you ever travel in is area, you know this is a very busy hub, especiallyndrews avenue. it's where a lot of traffic flows through. this intersection here completely shut down. if you normally take this route. go ahead and take first avenue. head southbound and northbound and them you
6:27 am
further east off of las olas. west-bound drivers on the julia tuttle causeway, we until have issues ts morning because of a broken down bus slowing traffic down. you see that flashing light there, yup, it's that bus blocking at least one lane of traffic this morning so just use caution. a deputy and a person in custody rushed to the hospital after an early morning crash in ft. lauderdale. >> layron livingston first reported at the scene. what do you know? hoi are they doing? >> we're hearing that that department a that i'm mate are okay. were taken to broward health with non-life-threatening injuries but i want to show you the car they were riding in, the hood was all crumpled in. you can see the other two still involved in this crash. you heard constance talking about this intersection, has been shut down, will likely be shut down for some time yet this morning. this is the
6:28 am
they are way after that deputy and thatnmate and cruiser were involved in this crash. we know that the other individuals involved in this crash have since been taken away from the scene in the back of broward county cruisers. not necessarily in handcuffs but likely for questioning just to see what happened here. we also got some video over at the hospital as deputies went over to see about that other deputy that was involved in this crash. we were there, got that video. those injuries are expected to be non-life-threatening. just within the past 15 minute or so, we were able to speak with one of the men involved in the crash. he was sitting at the light waiting to make a right turn and there were cars piling into him. >> i was thinking is my friend okay, is everyone else okay. how do i take care of this whole situation. it was just startling.
6:29 am
than anything. >>reporter: and back live here, that individual was driving the silver mazda. you can see the glass that is shattered there. his friend said his head hit the glass. both men are okay. they just walked away from the keep and hopefully they will be okay. anhing further we learned from the situation we'll bring it to you live here on local 10 and we're working to see where all of the cars were going and who was at fault especially if and how that deputy were involved in it. not sure if the weather played a factor in this. for now reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. a car found subu emergency roomed in a miami-dade lake. police confirming thatcar is connected to this missing couple right there. friends and family he been on a frantic search to find this duo. erica rakow live at the
6:30 am
all things point to the two whowere found yesterday being this young couple whose been missing since early sunday morning. police have confirmed that was car that was found is their's but they stopped short of saying the two wer found inse. they are both 21 years old, both bright with bright futures ahead. she and her boyfriend seen embraci each other. >> she's been a wonderful person. i've grown up with her. we were practically in pam pers together. >>reporter: dozens lay flowers in the lake where an exhaustive search would tragic you cannily end. investigators found the car they were last in. inside they say the bodies of two people. the couple were missing since early sunday
6:31 am
palms down and country shopping center together. >> thihiis a really really sad situation. >>reporter: friends have spent the last several days with posters and getting the word out about them. >> the outcome at the end of the day, it's something none of us want to see. >>reporter: and it was a ping from one of their cell phones that led miami-dade police to that area in southwest miami-dade. some friends and family say that that area is poorly lit and that it's really hard to drive there of dark at night.. live at the medical examiner's office this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. we do have breaking news international. 87 people trapped after a building collapsed at gold mine in south africa. it happened about four hours east of
6:32 am
80 minors have already been rescued. another teen shot near northwest teen and sixth after. they were taken to jackson memorial hospital and expected to recocor. >> it really breaks my heart to see it's constantly in this battle. we've%already lost a half of a generation, and if this continues we& have a whole generation like that. >> the shooting is the latest in a string of teens getting shot in that same area. alberto carvalho saying sadly cowardly gun violence continues in the streets of miami. michael hernandez, the man convicted of killing his best friend in 2004, the victim's mother expected to testify. 21-year-old hernandez
6:33 am
prison without parole. however, the supreme court ruled a juvenile cannot be sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> i wanted to apologize to his family, his mother and his father. i didn't always feel this way. i had to learn over years how wrong it was, what i did, and how much pain i accused you. i'm sorry. >> but the prosecutor was not buying it saying hernandez is the same 14-year-old who stabbed his friend 42 times in their middle school bathroom. 6:37 the time rightnow. and new this morning a man accused of sexually assauauing a woman while he was armed has been arrested. last month police searching for jimmy howard. the woman said he's followed her when she got offf a bus when he robbed and assaulted her. recalls found dna match
6:34 am
data base. florida's plans to fight the zigga virus. governor scott followed preparation to see getting ready for a hurricane. his announcement came on the first of the first case. the governor has requested at least 1,000 zika anti-body test kits from the centers for disease control. meanwhile olympic organizers in brazizi say the virus will not lead to the cancellatioioof the games. the sports minister said the topic is not up for discussion. democratic candidates squaring off for the last time before th democratic primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading jabs last night. the vermont senator now hoping to pass mrs. clip in the polls befor the first primary. >> i truly, truly concede that secretary hilary rodham clinton who was secretary of
6:35 am
more experience, but experience is not the only point. judgment is. >> new hampshire primarytakes place on tuesday, but before that the reap candidate will take the stage for another debate saturday night. meanwhile on the republican side jeb bush calling in mom to help him. barbara bush even taking a shot at donald trump without daying his name saying her son is not a bragger. tors on the attack. it's gator versus gator in this crazy new video from right here in the sunshine state. an atv goes rogue. a driver lels ride. we'll show you how this ended. and a much cooler, windy start to your friday and the weekend lots to talk about you don't want to miss.
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up after the break. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman thahaworks there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do i i amazing right? i never would have expected would haha thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this tim..
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you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? check this out. two florida gators going head to head. this videoeo taken in clearwater. >> look at this. it's up real. the two gators wrestling in real time and slow motion, violentlybiting each other before they fall into the water. i'm sorry. it look like simba a jagger at my house. >> looks like friday night, last piece of pizza. >> we also want to show you how things have cooled down here. the rain came and so did the cooler temps. >> winter weather we're talking about again, julie.
6:38 am
love thing, it's like love and hate. te me, i'll bite you back. roll over in the water and do whatever you want to do. whaf you're doing this morning, you're going to need those sweaters and jackets. is chilly out there. that strong northwest breeze in the wake of the cold front. i know you heard the rain from around 2:00 to 3:30 in your neighborhood. in the wake of it, cooler air settling into south florida. attempt in the low 60s, ft. lauderdale, miami. 64 degree in key west. strong winds anywhere between 10 and 23 miles per hour. i see you, kendall, you're checking with 60 degrees, the coolest spot on the map. you could dip down to the upper 50s. with the strong northwest breeze in place you're definitely going to notice a difference in your weather pattern. we are expecting the clouds to stick around. precipitation will be limited over the next
6:39 am
temperatures will drop to 10 or 15 degrees cooler. causing that elevated risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. brandon today, a cool day on the water. 30s and 40s across gainesville and tampa. that reinforcing shot of cooler weather will be pushing in 40s for us as overnight lows by monday morning. enjoy today with 60s. a strong northwest breeze continuing to push the possibility of showers and storms away from us. front stretches all the way up the east coast. the northeast getting slammed with snow right now as their 30s. temperatures in th 30s and 40s. it's definitely feeling like winter across the u.s. too. highs today will struggle to reach the upper 60s. much cooler, dry, very breezy. tomorrow the clouds will
6:40 am
providing for a better chance of storms saturday night into sunday. today sweaters and jackets needed all day long because of the brisk breeze. still we are going to see the secondary front. the storms will stick around sunday morning anddthem that cool air will start to move back in the forecast with highs only reaching the 60s sunday. lo in the upper 40s and 50s by monday. i-95 southbound i mentioned this accident almost an hour and a half ago and surprisingly, it's still here.this is i-95 it the griffin road. looks like one lane of traffic blocked in this location. the good news, it's not causin any delays but obviously it's there in our system. quickly checking our drive speeds there, travel times, speeds there at 64 miles per hour. where we do have a lot of heavy delays, this deputy-involved crash in downtown ft. lauderdale right off of second street and andrews avenue. earliei was tell you
6:41 am
avenue over to las olas if you're traying to head over east or we have but upstead you may want to take federalhighway or u.s.-1. miami-dade county the only thing we're watching for you isright off the julia tuttle causeway. we had that pesky broken down bus affecting our west-bound lanes, those folks leaving the beach. big props to chris bosh, will he compete in the three-point shooting contest during all-star weekend in toronto. bosh will be up again steph curry and thompson over the weekend. miami challenging the hornets tonight at 7:00. with the super bowl just days away, peyton manning fans in one colorado school district are going to have to find another way to show their love. >> they are banned from wearing the jersey to school because of the number. according to the school district number 18 is gang related.
6:42 am
hoping for a pass. >> i havav a number 18 jersey and it's kind of bad when n can't wear it to school. >> i know we have a lot of football fans and it's unfortunate will he a safety issue. >> there are no exceptions, even days before the broncos my in the super bowl. >> what a bummer. >> if that's your worst oblem, you're doing all right. >> good point. we have one of our ticketsso one of the big events. >> local 10 giving away tickets to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival. >> head onver to the local 10 facebook page. that's how you can enter. those tickets can be pricey. enenr often. >> food is good. this story had you shake your head, an armed robbery caught on camera. the suspect he just eight years old. >> can you believe this? how that child ended up with a loaded gun and what was he going after? the story that will
6:43 am
plus a scene right out of breaking bad. and we continue to follow breaking news. a deputy and a person in custody, both hospitalized after a crash ift. lauderdale. local 10 was the first one on the scene.
6:44 am
for you. a spooky sight is caught on camera. watch as an a tv barrels rough an empty parking lot and slams into a building. tice one thing here it. security cameras caught the whole entire freaky accident. it repeatedly craes into that building.
6:45 am
runaway vehicle when itflipped on its side before anyone was hurt or there was any serious damage done. sound like something outf "breaking bad." police in georgia investigating what they are calling a rolling meth lab this crashed and cause aid seven mile traffic backup. police say they arrived at that scene of the crash of they found the suspected meth lab. the driver told police he fell asleep an then crash mood a guardrail. the driver and his passenger were treated by paramedics and then promptly arrested. here's something you're going to have to see to believe and even them still really hard to understand. an eight-year-old using a loaded gun to try and rob a west palm beach grocery store. the child walking into the store with a motorcycle helmet on. police say he had a gun, trying to hold the store up before he was stopped by employees. >> i grabbed my pursese it was so light. i knew i was missing something. the first thing i
6:46 am
have any gun. >> at the moment i didn't know if it was a real gun or fake but i took it seriously. i moved over to him, took his wrist and took the gun away. >> police have not filed charges yet against the boy or his mother. >> that's a shocking story of the morning. >> but let's talk about luck running out right now because it looks like that's happened for a @ottery winner in california. lotto believes say the dead line to claim the john kerry pot expired lifetime night. no one redeemed the ticket. at lehst one person is suing. they claim they submitted the winning ticket but refused the prize. if the claim is not fairified. >> i know you don't always agree with this statement. in this case ignorance is bliss. you did not want to know that you did not have that ticket now. >> i don't care if it
6:47 am
and turned into mush. i don't care if you just lost it. do not tell me. >> we do continue to follow breaking news. a deputy and prisoner hospitalized overnight. >> we were the first on the scene. we'll tell you about their injuries and everything you need to
6:48 am
en we come back. hi, south florida. happy friday. the time is 6:55. i know it looks cloudy and gloomy out there, but, boy, the cold front has cleared south florida and will continue to take cloud cover with it ever so slowly from west to east. we'll see gradual clearing. temperatures dropping down to the upper 50s. 60 degrees miami. the strong north west breeze will continue to keep us cool and windy today. you're going to need your sweater and jackets all day long a highs will only reach the uppepe 60s. it is nasty outside. a little cool a a we also have some rain obviously. i wanted to show you
6:49 am
pause there are rain ops covering the lens here so be careful. traveling in downtown ft. lauderdale an earlier crash still blocking andrews avee right off of second street. one other crash to get to, just a broken down bus. this one affecting our west-bound lanes at the julia tuttle causeway. a deputy and prisoner in the hospital this morning after being involved in a crash, all happening on andrews apenue in ft. lauderdale. three other people inside the other two cars involved at the crash were treat ted scene. the pope will be going back to havana. they say pope francis will meet it the leader of the russian orthodox church. the medical examiner will be working on ididtifying the two bodies found inside a sub merged car. friend and family were at the scene as crews worked to tow that car out of the water. another teenager has
6:50 am
riding his bicycle last night. they were taken to jackson memorial hospital and are expected to recover. the shooting is just the latest in a string of teens being hurt by violence aped that area. michael hernand killed his best friend in middle school back in 2004. the b's mother is expected to testify. the u.s. supreme court ruled juveniles could not face such sentences. we want to wish a happy national weather forecast's day. you can see there's trent, julie, betty and max. >> they look good. >> i think we can. >> you can eat trent. >> i'll just give it a smooch. >> from cookies and cupcakes by design.
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