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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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kristi krueger. barack obama president on his corrupted world that i will be scorned. >> constance: breaking news, a south florida man who shot and killed his wife and posted a picture of her on facebook is speakingspoke -- speaking out in court and learning his fate. >> kristi: he went on a rant and todd tongen was in that court room. he joins us from miami. strange goings-on in there. >> reporter: kristi and constance, we will hear that rant in full in just a moment.
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facebook killer, notoriously known for putting a picture of his victim's lifeless body on socici media along with the post "i'm going to prison" was sentenced to life behind bars, but before the judge handed down that sentence, he went on a rambling statement. >> barack obama president on this corruptive world that he will be storm. focus again presidents and future presidents of the world, okay. i will be suing this world. not only that, the movie by universal pictures came out with a movie before my trial which was unfair, okay. which was biased. and pretty much the point i am trying to make is i did not get a fair trial. and i will be taking action. i will be suing. and i want barack obama, the president of te united states
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corruption is a big problem that we have in the united states of america and all over the world. nothing further. and, oh, god knows the truth and nothing further. >> reporter: medina was convicted of killing his live-in girlfriend, 27-year-old jennifer alfonso in the kitchen of their south miami town home back in august of 2013. his defense argued that medina was a battered boyfriend and this alfonso threatened whim a knife before he walked upstairs to their bedroom, grabbed a pistol, came down to the kitchen and shot her multiple times. after that shooting he left the town home with alfonso's 10-year-old daughter isabel inside where she could have discovered the body. alfonso's mother and father spoke to the court emotionally. >> words cannot explain the emotional anguish the department has cause immediate.
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importantly says bell, jennifer's daughter, forever. without remorse for a single shred of compassion as seen in the surveillance video was a barbaric act. >> she wasn't just a victim. she wasn't just a body on the-floor to be discovered. she was a wonderful, amazing person. she was very forgiving, funny, smart. she had so much to give. and now unforornately that's gone. she was turning intntthe woman that she was going to be. and that's not going to happen now. reporter: judge canadny gave medina life in prison with a minimum of 25 years and 20 more years for two other charges
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the -- the sentencing was handed down alfonso's father said the family was pleased with the maximum sentence and allow them at least some closure. at the courtnow miami-dade, todd tongen, local 10 news. more sad news to report as well. it appears the bodyit appears the bodies found in the car submerged in the lake in southwest miami doppler radar indeed that of the missing couple last seen in kendall. the web site for the miami medical examiner lists the name of 21-year-old alexandra picon and brandon arana. it was just t sterday that the car they were riding in was found in that lakeear 26 8th street and 107th avenue. alexandra and brandon had just left the cadillac ravch in kendall late last saturday night and never made it home. also breaking two people are in custody after a pair of attempted bank robberies in broward county. one of them happening in miramar along pembroke 10 was overhead just a
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another one along a chase bank along flamingo and pembroke pines pines was also targeted. both of these attempted bank tobberies were connected. not far from the chase bank, miramar sky 10 was overhead as one of the accused crooks was arrested again. another person was taken into custody. no one was hurt and no cash was taken. and let's take peek outside. a live look from our hollywood beach camera.not up a beachy day, a little chilly and windy too. >> constance: what a way to start the weekend. a lot of us will be looking forward to the cooler temperatures. it has been nice kristi kruger bring back the boots and sweaterbring back the boots and sweaters. >> julie: especially two days in the high-80s it felt like the mid-80s. with that said if you haven't been paying attention to the forecast an abrupt chill as you headed oututhe door, because it morning temperatures dropped into the upper 50s and stayed in the low 60s in the wake of a cold front that i am sure woke you up ininof your neighborhoods across south florida. we saw the showers in 2:00 to
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offshore. in the wakof that front, well, the cooler air is settling in and the winds are picking up out of the north, northwest between 9 and 14 miles per hour. we only seen our temperatures reach the low 60s throughout the day. we are going to struggle to get to the upper 60s. 56 in key west. 64 in ft. lauderdale. as we take live look outside again, not an ideal beach day not only because it is gloomy, cloudy and dreary but because we have windyonditions providing for a rip current risk as well as a smal small-craft advisory. not a good day to stay on the water. we will stay overcast. won't see this cloud cover break apart as we go into the weekend because we are expecting another front to move in and bring us even cooler weather by the end of the weekend. currently temperature 64 degreescurrently temperature 64 degrees. pembroke pines, hialeah. 66 in marathon. check it out the temperatures between 14 to 18 degrees coole than what we woke up to yesterday and started our lunchtime at this time. we are noticing the winds gusting between 20 and 30 mile per hour. i will have a lot more on this, and how long it cool weather
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constance. >> julie, thank you so much. me breaking news this noon more breaking news this noon. a fire break out at a warehouse in northwest miami-dade. sky 10 above that scene as flames were shooting fromhat building. kristi kruger so many units were called out to fight this fire. jenise fernandez is joining uss an update. everything calmer now, jenise? >> reporter: yes, definitelythings have calmed down off of northwest 66th street. step say side to see what is going on behind me. several units are still on sceneseveral units are still on scene, but fire crews say that this fire is under control which is good news. let's go ahead and show that you sky 10 video, some impressive video here, where you can see the smoke coming out of this warehouse. now is actually a manufacturing facility for cutting tools. the name of that facility is michigan drill corporation. and this fire broke out at around 10:00 this morning. let's show you some cell phone video. this video shot by someone who was right next door when is fire broke out. she stepped outside shoot this
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the heavy smoke coming out of that warehouse. here is some ground video. i will talk you through what happened. the buililng manager tells us at the time fire broke out, there wewe 35 people inside, and it was actually a machine in the back of the warehouse that echblded up exploding that caused the fire. -- ended up exploding that caused the fire. 35 people were inside and they managed to evacuate. one worker was injured and suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. but the building manager said from what it seems, it lookslike a total loss. take a listen. >> i was near five minutes and t to see it in its full intensity but it seems like they were able to control it to one bay out of three, so we e very fortunate. >> reporter: right now you are looking at video of that worker@ transported to the hospital. again, there were 35 people inside at the time the fire broke out, when that machine exploded. thankfully all those workers were able to get out safely. that worker was taken to the hospital.
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to be okay. now there are about 20 units that responded to this scene, and fire crews are going to stay out h he to make sure that fire stays under control and they will be investigating to figure out exactl how this fire sparked in the first place. for now reporting live in northwest miami-dade, jenise fernandez, loca10 news. kristi kruger jenise, thank you very much. a sheriff deputy and an inmate have been released from the hospital after a multicar crash. this happened in ft. lauderdale. layron livingston is live in ft. lauderdale with more. thankfully is okay. there are some cars driving by, kind of crunching over the glass and plastic and metal that is left behin this whole section of andrews avenue between broward and las avenue between broward and las olas was shut down as a result of this crash for six hours, a little different than that after this deputy steven sirfos and
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plowed into as someone drove through red light. . >> reporter: out a uniform into patient scrubs. that deputy was released from the hospital hours after the crash. >> reporter: the deputy's dad rushed to the scene. >> he is great. a great guy. >> reporter: he said his son has only been won broward county for a year and a half. dad is glad he walked away from this ba shed-up cruiser who was going on a dui and ended up inin the hospital. >> i was trying make a right and boom. >> repororr: they are in this silver mazda trying to get home from a friend's birthday party. the driver of this black charger nt through red light at 2nd avenue, plowing into the deputy and then into the silver mazda. >> you can see the crack. >> that is my head. but we are good. we are all good. >> reporter: the driver of the black dodge had two women and a man in the car. all four were treated at the hospital. even at his own emergency call, we are hearing that deputy was a deputy.
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if i needed any assistance. very professional. >> reporter: and dad very proud. >> that sounds like him. >> reporter: we are still waiting to learn if 25-year-old brian espinosa of plantation the driver of that black dodge will be facing any charges or tickets as a result of this, but we do know there are video clips that the deputy also likely be takethe deputy also likely be taking a review of the surveillance building. that is part of the investigation as well as if whatever the factors may have been. if there was alcohol involvedd inform this and a case of just distracted driving. we will keep you posted. layron livingston, local 10 news kristi kger thanks a lot. a person is in custody after a police pursuitn miami that all happened as a carjacking when police spotted that car. a pursuit began. they caught up with this person by 195 on the ramp to i-95 northbound. well, pope francis will be going back to ha san francisco next week. the vatican made it announcement today.
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leader of the russian orthodox church on february 12 before heading to mexico. the first meeting between the heads of the catholic and orthodox churches in history since the split between eastern and western chrtianity nearly 1,000 years ago. kind of developing right at noon, a crane collapsed in lower manhattan. it left one person dead and three others hurt. this crane went down just after 8:30 this morning clipping at least one building as it came down in the process. the cranes was part of a construction process in an still have building being turned into luxury department. 'and not only on the crane and the damage it cause baudpossible gas main break and water main break as well. doesn't seem like anyone was trapped that by crane but searchers are looking anyway just to be sure. two people are injured and in serious condition while a third only had minor injuries. several cars were crushed and
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the first floor as well. enough is enough. if you got something to say, say it directly. >> constance: yeah, presidential candidates rather hillary clinton and bernie nders going head to head in a debate ahead of the new hampshire primary. meanwhile, on the republican side, donald trump is stepping up his campaign while former florida jeb bush is turning to his mother. marcy gonzalez reports. >> reprter: today back on the trail after a fiery night on the debate stage. >> let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> let's talk about issues. >> reporter: the democratic candidates facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton trying overcome bernie sanders's 15-point lead in the latest poll with another poll also showing sanders closepoll also showing sanders closing in on clinton nationallyclosing in on clinton nationally. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, orlando americans.
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person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exempt phiing the establishment. >> reporter: rubaina on the nriz trump. >> do you think donald trump is ready to be president? >> i don't think being president is the same as being a real estate developer. and on national security, he haven't shown to date a deep level of depth on those issues. >> reporter: but trump still holds a commanding lead. >> this is really crunch time. >> reporter: ready to take his place at center stage in tomorrow night's debate here on abc. but trump is also looking ahead to the next big vote after new hampshire. he cancelled an event today because of all of this snow, but holding a rally tonight in south carolina. marcy gonzalez, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. the new hampshire primary is just a few days away, and glenna milberg, she will be live on the ground to cover it all. kristi kruger within this last hour, the cdc is issuing some
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limiting the potential for sexual transmission of the zika virus. pregnant women and their male sex partners should talk to the doctor about the male partner's potential exposure to zika. the cdc says why the ricks of sexual transmission of zika is extremely rare, all men and women who may have traveled to an effective area may consider right now using condoms to be safe. scientists have found the presence of active zika in urine and saliva samples. this finding callsor special precaution for pregnant women especially. meanwhile, our governor rick scott is stepping up efforts to fight the virus here in florida. >> reporter: florida feeling a zika anxiety a public health new jersey 11 countiesjersey 11 counties, reporting at least 12 cases. >> all the cases in florida are travel related. the moss key tee that causes the zika virus common in florida.
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tourists a year and less than 1,000 zika test kits, but the governor is requesting more. >> only one in five individuals bitten and infected by a mosquito show any signs and symptoms. >> reporter: the symptoms that can show up, rash, fever, joint pain and conjunctivitis. this virginia woman battling some of those still after catching zika. she believes it happened in guatemala. >> i got home from my trip, i discovered a swollen limp node on the side of my head. >> when you are traveling, avoid mosquito bites. >> reporter: another worry in dallas, news that the vy with us was transmitted sexually and those flock to carnivale, mosquitos are not the only concern. brazil saying the first case of infection by a blood transfusion and puerto rico have three more cases that total 22. the latest was a pregnant woman in her first trimester.
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expanding the emergency declaration. five cases in miami-dade county as well. you governor scott has requested a dozen zika antibodya dozen zika antibodies test from the cd be c and will train hospital workers a and obgyns about the virus. let's talk money and how thing are shaping up at the end of the week not so great. >> the dow is down 188 points. the nasdaq is down almost 121 points and snp 500 is down almost 30 points right now. well, a florida grocery store is held up at gunpoint. >> constance: and the suspect expected of doing this just 8 years old. what his mother has to say about the crime coming up. plus, honoring heroes. a special ceremony held today to recognize hose who risk their lives to save others. tonight at 11:00, 110 violations. 1110 violations at one restaurant. food on the floor and this -- >> talk to my attorney. >>announcer: local 10's jeff
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uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? ew at noon, the search is on for a shohoer after a man is gunned down in miami. the man was found dead along northwest 31st street and 19th avue just after 1:00 this morning after police got a report of shots being fired in the ea. it is still unclear what let up to that -- led u` to that shooting. another teenager has been shot in miami while riding his
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the teen was shot near northwe 64th street and 6th avenue. taken to jackson memorial hospital where he is expected to recover. the resentence the resentencing hearing for michael hernandez one day after he took the stand. he is convicted of killing his middle school best friend that happened in 2004. local 10's glenna milberg was in the court room for the third day of this hearing and joins us live in miami. what happened today there, glenna? >> reporter: kristi, let me startt off by saying the focus should be on the victim, jaime should be on the victim, jaime goff. his parents are in court reliving this over again, an amazing thing to go through and watching them and see how strong they are is pretty remarkable. toda at least the focus in the court room was on michael hernandez's mother. she took the stand this morning with a sinlar mission, and that is to mitigate her son's life sentence in the resentencing but she saw today some evidence that she had not
12:22 pm
>> he kept track of the movies that he rented, right? >> yes. >> nightstalker. edward guinn. dahmer, gamestown. >> reporter: the so-called journal that michael hernandez's parents never knew he kept. >> the corpse on toilet, taking off his coats, gloves, jacket, book bag. a prerey detailed list. >> reporter: he was 14 at the time. his motheheadmitted being hands off blaming puberty to their son's withdrawn and private behavior. and details to murder h friend ime goffn the halls of southjaime goff in the halls of southwood middle 12 years ago. >> i don't think they are able to provide the type of mental health rehabilitation that he needs. >> reporter: michael's life sentence needs redoing because of a supreme court decision on juvenile sentencing. his mother, as she always has,
12:23 pm
>> i believe that the sentence had to be life without parole because that was the law at the time. i believe to tack on an additional 30 years was a little excessive, yes. >> reporter: you know to get anything less than life in this resentencing, hernandez has to show he was remorseful, that hewas able to be rehabilitated. prosecutors are doing everything they can to show how unrerersement. he has never shown he was sorry friar yesterday on the stand and that he desves that life sentence. today is the last day right now. michael hernandez's sister has been called to the stand. she, you may remember, was on that so-called hit list that he had written. i am sure we will have something more today of how this goes, but
12:24 pm
know what the judge decides to do at the end of this day. i am glenna lberg reporting live in miami today, local 10 news. >> constance: all right, glenna, thanks so much. now at noon, we know the name of the miami officer that hit a 6-yeaold boy earlier this week been identified as irvin ford and has been with the department since 2013. earl year investigation show the boy named anton lawson darted out between two parked trucks while on his scootot. police say it was impossible for that officer to see him. witnesses said the officer's speed was actually a factor but police dispute that. that boy was taken to jackson ryder center with a few broken bones. a plantation man accused of trying to leave the country after his son disappeared is said to in court later this afternoon he made that appearance to face charges of child dessert certification. and his attorney was tied up with another case and they will schedule it for today. gorgeson was arrested at miami international airport after
12:25 pm
a one-kay ticket to new zealand. that came after he was s sn postthat came after he was seen posting flyers of hisissing son, augie. he told police he haven't seen the 16-year-old since november 27. no foul play is expected. it is national weatherperson it is ational weatherperson's day. >> yay. >> constance: .ice weather for you well. >> kristi: nice cuddle>> kristi: nice cdling up. for you and the baby. julie i have somebody cuddling with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. hi, everybody, how are you doing. keeps me warm with this cool weather we have. can i tell you what a difference a day makes. i hope you enjoyed the warm weather because a thing of the past. the s sen-day, look what we are talking about. currently in the wake of the cold front you heard me mention at the top of the hour brought the showers.. dry weather and lingering cloud cover. overcast conditions will continue throughout the afternoon. temperatures struggling to get into the mid-60s. miami we woke up to upper 50s. right now we have low 60s and 64
12:26 pm
key west. the breeze, the culprit. our cool air connection. you always hear me say a wind direction in florida plays a huge part in what our atmosphere portions will be in the way of the conditions. so we have an east-southeast breeze that brings warmer, humid conditions off the western atlantic. a north wind brings cl air all along the florida state and exactly what is occurring. wait until you see what is going on with the panhandle kristi, you will notice those@ temperatures for the kids. 63 in kendall. 66 in marathon. again, strong winds providing for that elevated risk of rip currents for you beachgoers. boaters advisories. winds between 9 and 20 thundershowers miles per hour, but the wind gusts are what you are feeling as you walk out the door. the north wind between 14 and 18 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday that the lunchtime. overcast conditions will continue. looks gloomy and one of those
12:27 pm
not get out of we had. wlils in the 20s and 30s by the keys and dangerous to be out in the water. look at the temperatures. in the 50s right now the pan handle area. they woke up to the 30s. just theirst taste of very cool weather into the weekend.unfortunately the satellite and radar composite does show that lingering cloud cover continuing to stay over south florida, but i am happy to tell you those clouds are not producing precipitation. the rain is well over the bahamas and the florida straits all associated with the leading edgenegligent of to front. that drives into very cool conditions in south florida. our friends to the northst dealing with lingering snowfall due to the area of low pressure. so checkut these temperatures. the teens, 20s and 30s. right now the cool air sertling into the southeast with only the 40s for atlanta and the carolinas. so this cold air will continue because of that north breeze. by tomorrow, we will notice a change as the clouds will continue to provide for mostly cool conditions for the morning and possibility of showers by
12:28 pm
those showers will linger until sunday morning and watch what happens to the forecast. you think it is chilly now, we haven't seen anything yet. highs will struggle to reach the mid-60s by sunday. our temperatures overnight sunday into monday could be in the upper 40s and low 50s. wind chill factors is something we will talk about. be with you monday morning. monday, tuesday and wednesday stay notice 50s with highs struggling to out of the 70s. for us for quite some time. you know who will have more on that chief certified meteorologist bet bet be back at 4. the couple known as the modern-day bonnie and clyde endmodern-day bonnie and clyde ended here in south florida. >> c cstance: ended with a gun battle caught on attention medidire beneficiaries living in miami-dade or broward county. you may qualify to enroll in a medicare advanta plan from preferred care partners. if you are turning 65 or retiring and losing your
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all right, we are going to brbrk in right now. president obama speaking about the economy.
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>> i signed obamacare into law, 19 million americans have gained coverage and ourusinesses have created jobs every month since. on that, all of them full-time jobs. so as i said in my state of the union address, the unit states of america right now has the strongest most durable economy in the world. i know that is still inconvenient for republican stump speeches as their doom and despair tour plays in new hampshire. i guess you cannot please everybodyp. that does not mean that we don't have more work to do. there is softness in the global economy. china is going through transition. euro's economy is still slow. a lot of the emerging markets are challenged. that is all createthat is all creating heat winds to a lot of u.s. companies who
12:33 pm
makes us more difficult to sell exports and we need to pay attention and small steps to continue progress. we also have to do more to make sure that the progress that we do make is broughtly based, and impacting folks up and down the income scales. the budget that i send to congress on tuesday is going to ke sure that we can continue that progress. talking down the american economy, by the way, does not make that progress. my budget is going to offer more opportunities for americans to get the education and job training they need for a good paying job. it will offer new ideas for benefits and protections that provide folks with a basic sense of security. create more good paying snobs, -- not by subsidizing the past but foe kerring on the future. private sector solar jobs aregrowing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy and they pay
12:34 pm
that is one reason why my budget is going to double our investment in clean energy research and development bthe end of the decade. that will help businesses create more jobs faster, it is going to lower the cost of clean e`ergy faster. it will help renewable power compete with dirty fuels across america in more effective way. those are some of of the steps that are going to make sure our future is even stronger. the future that is worthy of the hard work and determination of the american peopl the progress we make going from 10% down under 5, that is a workers, american businesses, the american people being resilient and sticking it. and my hope is that rather than hinder their progress, we are make progress. with that, have a great the weekend. enjoy the super bowl.
12:35 pm
because the bears aren't in it. but i am hoping for a great gamebubui am hoping for a great game. with that, josh? is he back there? >> yes. >> josh, take it away. >> reporter: you seem to imply that you don't get enough creditthat you don't get enough credit. >> you know what -- i am -- >> kristi: the president there answering a few questions. he is briefing the nation and the press about the economy and his upcoming budget that wiwi be released. right now to breaking news right here at home. we are understanding right now there is a cruise ship rescue. they are taking somebody off the ship. a person with some medical issues. they call it a low angle rescue a rope was used or a ladder truck had to be used. we are not sure what kind of medical condition this person had or if it was an injury, but we are staying on top of this one, a rescue of somebody. that doesn't appear to be a cruise ship like some other kind of ship you. >> constance: like some other kind of cargo ship. this is a developing story and trying to get as much
12:36 pm
is responding to a this situation. we are assumewe are assuming this is happening at the port in ft. lauderdale. and as soon as we get more information, we will bring it to you. right now a special event to honor those who risk their lives every day. >> constance: police, fire fighters, discharges and our owner reca rakow was honor at the ceremony. she joins us at miami beach. congratulations. >> reporter: thank you, this morning was a personal privilege to me. miami beach first responds were honored for heroic acts that save lives this year. it was at a breakfast at theh alexander hotel in front of these men and women that the mayor of miami beach presented my mom and i with this key to the city in honor and in remembrance of my dad's ultimate sacrifice. he was a miami beach police officer shot and killed in the line of duty when i was 6 months old. [applause] >> reportete from the dispatcher>> reporter: from the dispatchers who were there the minute you call 911 for help to the fire fighters, police
12:37 pm
emerge on scene to help you -- 7 and streaming 7 >>reporter: some of the people in miami beach responsible for saving countlessss lives over the past year. >> she is c cscious, bleeding but unresponsive. >> reporter: dispatcher went out of her way to help a woman trying to commit suicide fromom the other end of a telephone. >> so not only did i save her life, i saved her kids' life. >> reporter: a breakfast to honor the heroes, the s sryhonor the heroes, the storiedd involved more suicide preventioninvolved more suicide prevention, fire fighters trying rescue man trying to jump f fm a building on new year's eve. >> when we saw he looked like e had just given up hope and when he was going to d dit, all three of us pretty much looked at each other and rush in and were blessed, you know, to save him. >> reporter: police officers like kendall and reginald horton last april working a traffic crash a heaea screams and ran to save a 71-year-old woman from being raped. >> the gentleman already batter the gentleman already
12:38 pm
sexually assault her, and we got there just in time before the sexual assault took place. >> reporter: the second annual event put on by the miami beach chamber of commerce. >> a tough job to be a police officer. a tough job to be aire fighter every day. you deal with a lot of stres. you deal with a lot of difficult situatioio, and to see your communiti and your true leader notice community, the business community, recognize performance periodically is great. >> reporter: it is an event that certainly hits close to home. my dad, scott rakow, a miami-dade beach police officer, was killed in the line of duty in 1988. >> scott rakow's name was so legendary and so iconic in this entire city. he represented so much. >> reporter: in the presence of his colleagues and old friends, perhaps the greatest honor imaginable. mayor phillip levine presented my mom and i with the key to the city. >> it defined everything that i was always told after scott died was that -- they would never forget up.
12:39 pm
i was raised. i played. i got married toer cray's dad here. >> reporter: a tribute to the place my dad called the most special place in the world. the place he was working so hard to make safe for people to live, visit, work and play in, just as these officers continue to do today. >> everybody knew your dad, and if your dad was still here, we be h he and be recognized and be one of our honoree. >> reporter: the stories, they just do not end there. there was also a civilian who was recognized, a man who works as a security guard. the miami beach fraternal order ofof police brought him up along a representative from the department of homeland security. he helped police find the car and the person accucud of hitting and killing a special agent here in miami beach just a few weeks ago. he had the opportunity to meet that agent's family. businesses in this community stepped up to provide all of these people who were honored and recognized with plaques like this with gifts, gift certificates, tickets to panthercerticates, tickets to panthers games.
12:40 pm
department, the fire fighters, the chamber of commerce and local businesses. you will hear much mortonight if you thousand in at 5:00. live in miami beach,er cray rakow, local 10 news. kristi kruger. >> kristi: very inspiring story>> krii: very inspiring stories and you made us choke up. with at&t the choice is yours. you only pay for the services yoneed to make your bundle work for you. call now to get high speed internet for just $15 a month for 12 months with a one-year agreement... ...when you bundle with tv, home phone or epen wireless on one bill. with high speed internet, you'll get 99.9 percent reliability with a conntion you can count on. call now tget high speed internet for just $15 a month for 12 months with a one-year agreement... ...when you bundle with tv, home phone or even wireless on one bill. switch today and get a $100-dollar promotional card
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a un human rights panel said wikileaks founder julian assange should be free and entitled to compensation. he was taken refuge in an ecuador ran embassy for more than three years. he has been fighting swedish prosecutor attempt to question him about a rape allegation. he has arbitrarily been denied by britain and sweden. check out these two florida gators caught on camera going head to head. this v veo posted on youtube was taken in clearwater, florida. you can see thosos two gators wrestling in realtime andnd slow-motion. yuck. violently bititg at one another before falling into the water. joining needed to see that. >> constance: gator bites for lunch. just saying. tastes like chicken. an attempted armed robbery at a grocery store in florida
12:43 pm
>> constance: the suspect, you see this, an 8-year-old boy. hot he got his hands on the gun. details after the break. and tonight at 11:00, 110 violations. 110 violations s the one restaurant. food on the floor and this -- >> >> talk to my attorney. >>announcer: local 10's jeff weinsier show us one of the dirtydirtiest places. >> the worst inspection we have seen in a long time, 110. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce
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more adventures. [gunshots] >> kristi: new at noon, the search for a missouri couple called the money -- modern-day bonnie and clyde is all over because of that gun battle. the man was killed after thee shootout. the woman was wounded and taken to the hospital. the couple is linked to a series of crimes in alabama and georgia along with two robberies right here in florida. here is something that you have to see to believe and even
12:47 pm
to understand. an 8-year-old -- yeah, an 8-year-old using a loaded gown rob a west palm beach grocery store. take a look. the child is seen walking into the stote with the motorcycle helmet on. police said he did have a gun and he did try hold up the store own they are before he was stopped by employees.p the boy's mother says she was at home when she realized something was wrong. >> i grabbed my purse and it was so light. i knew i was missing something and i said where is my gun. the first thing i thought i hope jaden doesn't have my gun. >> i didn't know if it was real or fake. i took it seriously. as soon as i moved, moved over to him, twisted@ his wrist, took the gun away. >> kristi: as you might imagine, mom says she wishes she would have kept that gun somewhere a little safer. police are not filed charges yet against the boy or the mom. >> constance: wow, can you imagine that happen. your child taking the weapon. >> can you imagine the store
12:48 pm
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal three, two, one, ignition and we have liftoff of the united l lnch -- >> constance: at also a five launched from cape cananaral early this morning. the latest of a series of satellites updating our global popotioning system into orbit. the satellites are built by boeing and worth about $250 million. eight of them has been sent into space within the lt two years. and big props to chris bosh. he will be competing the threehe will be competing the three-point shooting contest during the all-star weekend in toronto. bosh will be up against steph bosh will be up against stuph curry and clay thompson of the warriors that happens again next ekend. the heat's round-trip road trip continues in crlotte. miami is challenging the hornets tonight at 7:00. taking a live look outside from our miami tower cam, it is
12:51 pm
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front will move through saturday night and increasing rain chances saturday into sunday morning and temperatures rebound to cooler things by next week, ladies. >> all right. that does it for now. thank you for watching "the chewthank you for watching "the chew" is next. >> see you back at 4:00. remember for your breaking news all day long. attention medicare beneficiaries living in miami-dade or broward county.x you may qualify to enroll in a medicare advantage plan from preferred care partners. if you are turning 65 or retiring and losing your
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