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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and tk taekwondo lessons. >> reporter: but in the endhe judge would decide it won't make much difference because one of the allen victim's ages we won't be going to despite plea forecast his adult son. >> count one is no bond. >> reporter: and the judge did seem very concerned about letting necessity gron out on the bond. he be not be out on bond as least as of now. we're live in miami, derek shore, local10 news. >> calvin: a killer in court trying to get a lighter sensed. today was day three of the resentencing mean, hearing for michael hernandez who killed his middle school classmate. 12 years ago this week. local10 news reporter glenna mimierg live now in miami. she was in court today for it all. glenna. >> glenna: no doubt, calvin, a notorious well-known case in our community, and just to catch people up to speed, michael hernandez needs to be resentenced because a few years ago the supreme court changed
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sentencing, and so now he gets a whole new sentence. it could be life again or it could be 40 years. so the question today did michael hernandez change as a young man or did he not. >> he's scary. that's not mentally ill. thosare the people we lock away. >> glenna: prosecuto see michael hernandez as the calculating obsessed killer he was at 1412 years ago when he lured his friend jaime gough into a bath rom at school and stabbed him 42 times. >> michael is not irretrievably damaged. michael can be saved and is worthy of being saved. >>lenna: in this second chance sentencing a supreme court ordered redo in juvenile justice. michael's mother took the stand, reliving her hands off approach to her 14-year-old then and his increasingly wrawl withdrawn and obsessive behavior. >> he kept track of the movies that he rented, right? >> yes.
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gein, dahmer, jamestown, gacy, ted bundy, the require 1, natural born and i did did you ever see this list before? >> yes. >> that's the hit list. >> yes. that's disturbing, isn't it? >> it is disturbing. >> glenna: prosecutors portray a still manipulative learned obsessed with murder as a road to attention and glory p. his apologies 14 years later on the stand yesterday did nothing to move jaime gough's family. >> today if this had to happen again we would be there for our son no mattetewhat it takes. >> mrs. gogoh when mrs. hernandez was on the stand what were you thinking listen listening to her? >> as a mother, i feel sorry for her, but i think she's in denial. >> glenna: really was like deja vu for everyone involved, including the judge. it is the same judge, and just as he did the first sentencing about a decade ago, he's going
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think about it, a we will hear his decision on february 22nd. i'm glenna milberg live in miami today, local10 news. >> laurie: a case that rock this community. the so-called facebook killer learned his fate today a derek medina was sentenced to life in prison. medina shot and killed his wife back in 2013 before uploading a picture of her body to facebook. medina was found guilty despite arguing that he killed 27-year-old jennifer alfonso in self-defense. alfonso's family got a chance to speak in court before it was medina's turn to comment. >> what kindf person poses of a picture of their dead loved one's body and leaves a small child alone that possibly could discover her body? berk medina is that person. >> president barack obama president on this corrupted world that i bal suing. the point i'm trying to make is i did not get a fair trial. god knows the truth and nothing
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life in prison was the macks much penalty he could have received. >> calvin: two people are in custody after a pair of attempted bank robberies in broward county one them happening in miramar along pembroke road, another chase bank along flamingo road in pembroke pines was also hit. sky 10 wasover the sceneere. play both of those attempted bank robberies were connected. and not far from the chase bank in miramar sky 10 was overhead as one of the accused robbers was arrested. again, the second person was taken into custody.. no one was hurt, and no cash was taken. >> laurie: before ststk a fears in america, the cdc issuing new diedednes when it comes to preventing the sexual transmission of the zika virus. let's get to our kristi krueger in the newsroom to light those guidelines. >> kristi: two travel-related zika virus cases have been reported in nebraska, the first cases in that state, as cases nationwide surpass 50, spanning 14 states and the nation's
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mosquito-borne illness a big concern mostly for pregnant women showing worries aftfr showing it can be spread both sexually and through blood transfusions. today from the streets of brazi to the state of florida, zika virus anxiety. >> if you're pregnant and year in continental u.s. don't travel to a place that has zika spreading. what we're seeing now is a very serious fetal malformation that's facultying apparently hundreds of thousands of infants in brazil. >> kristi: florida has declared a public health emergency in five counties reporting at least 12 cases, all travel related. >> the mosquito that causes zika virus is common in florida. >> kristi: the territory of puerto rico declaring a public health marge, too, calling for a massive cleaning campaign. and thohoh the virus is largely spread through mosquitoes, news the virus last been spread sexually in dallas has officials concerned. the cdc issuing new recommendations for those
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zika virus, advising men with a pregnant partner to use protection during seconds throughout the pregnancy, also saying pregnant women without symptoms be offered tests for two to 12 weeks. and as 2 million peoplerom around the world are flocking to the streets of brazil for carnival, when they return home a new worry. > will this furthth increase the spread of zika virus, will we see new hot spots around the globe. >> kristi: also the first casas of infection from a blood traps fusion confirmed youoday in brbril. the cdc does support voluntary transmissions from plud donors that donors refrain there giving blood after traveling countries that carry the zika virus >> calvin: a group of cuban migrants have arrived in el salvador from costa rica. vive o@ them children all hoping to -- 75 children are all hoping to reach the u.s.
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been stuck in costa rica since vember after naw, closed anything raug a closed the boards to them. >> laurie: pope francis will be returning to cuba. he'll be heading to havana fire historic meeting with the hea of russian orthodox church next week. this is the first time in history the heads of the two churches will meet. >> calvin: now the new hampshi primary election is next week and the candidates aren't holding back in their quest to win over voters there. our janine stanwood has what's going on there. >> janine: the presidential hopefuls braved the snow to reach out to voters today but one says he had to sit this day out. slogging through the snow. >> i want to shake your hand real fast. >> janine: volunteers going door to door in new hampshire today talking to voters. >> we need to walk up people to vote for ned cruds. >> janine: with the big republican debate form night and the primaries a day away this is
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time, get the gop frontrunner caulfield his only event today, citing the storm, jeb bush taking a jab, tweeting to trump, my 90-year-old mother made it out to too campaign, so, too, about d. both democratic continuous. on the trail echoing some of the same messages fromast night's fiery debate. >> secretary clinton doess represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman preside as exempt reply paying the establhment. >> janine: hillary clinton trying to overcome bernie sanders' 15 point lead in the latest poll, with another poll also showing sanders closing in on clinton nationally. and sanders will be on a much different stage tomorrow night making his first appearance on "saturday night live" along with larry david who calvin, as you know has done great impersonation of him, so we'll see how that one plays out.
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the new hampshire primary is now just a few days away, and our glenna milrg will be there to cover it all. look for her live reports beginning next week. >> laurie: if you haven't heard us tell you yet website winter weekend is upon us, so betty is here with how hold cold on its going to get. plus lake okeechobee at its highest level in more than a decade. >> calvin: and a little boy in big trouble with the law after police say he tried to rob a grocery store with his mother's gun. >> announcer: tighten 11:00, one out of ten violations. 110 violations a one restaurant. food on the floor and this. local10's kef jeff weinsier shows one of the dirtiest places. >> it's the worst inspection
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c in miami early this morning, family members say b.a. parrish was shot and killed early this morning whiletanding outside of his home and they're not sure why. >> andhey don't do anything to anybody. they should -- this man should not have to die. he a family man. he always on facebook posting what he cooking. he always have having fun with everybody. he been here over 40 years. nobody had the right to kill him out here in these streets like this.
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laid on the a memorial today fore parrish. they say a vigil will also be held tonight. parrish was found along northwest 19th avenue. police say they received reports of shots fire shortly after 1:00 and soon after found the victim. >> laurie: another teenager has been shot in miami while riding his partly cloudy last night. he was taken to jackson memorial hospital where at last check we're told he is expected to recover. miami-dade county school superintendent orbit carvalho commenting on alberto carvalho "tragedy strikes again with a 15-year-old shot while riding a bike." >> calvin: here, a little boy getting into big trouble with the law in wesespalm beach. police say that the boy was an armed robber? the boy is only eight years old. >> laurie: the story is unreal, and police say this eight-year-old wasas armed with a gun. victor oquendo is in the newsroomomith the details. >> victor: officers say that
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ore using his mother'sun. >> he wanted to go to the park. i told h h go ahead. >> victor: ebony found out her sonase up to no good. her eight-year-old boy road his bicycle on the kings grocery store in west palm beach. he enters the grocery store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes, but what you do not see is the loaded handgun he's concealing. he walks around for about a minute and then approaches the cashier. >> that kid come in here. i see the boy take the gun, give the girl, give me the money. >> at the moment i didn't know if it was a real gun or a fake but took ieriously. >> victor: several employees saw the commotion and reacted quickly. >> as soon as i moved, i took his wrist and took the begun away. >> an employee tries to take the bay boy to the office but he tries to get away. the store manager call police. the boy as mother was at home wrong. >> when i grabbed my purse, it
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i knew i was missing something. where's my gun? the first thought i had, i hope jay deny doesn't have my gun. >> reporter: but he did. investigator say he's getting a mental health evaluation after he made comments about hurting himself. >> is there anything that you would have done differently? >> yes. >> what's that? >> had the gun locked up in a safe somewhere. >> victor: and so far the boy and his mom, they have not end yet been charged but laurie and calvin, eight years old. >> calvin: so hard to believe. >> laurie: let's turn to the weather. it is friday afternoon afternoon, thank goodness. everybody wants to plan for super bowl again. >> calvin: happy friday. we just have to cover up for happy sunday. >> laurie: bundled up. >> betty: thank goodness it is super bowl weekend. wal know we will be doing something on sunday with probably something indoors. low temperatures this morning in the upper 50s, and this is really just a taste of what's coming our way come sunday night. right now everybody sitting in the mid-60s. we knew we probably wouldn'tit
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it's 65 in marathon, hialeah 67, kendall 64 degrees. temperatures tonight will generally hold in the 60s. we'll have some foreign clouds around and eventually a few showers showing up out there as well. our winds flowing in from the north-northeast behind a cold front that pushed through really early this morning. right now broward and miami dade on the drier side, watching out, though, on the gul side of the keys. some of this may be false returns but maybe a little sprinkle trying to edge in one direction or two, but nothing terribly widespread at this point, so we're still enjoying some of the drew air that managed to come in in the wake of that cold front but as i mentioned, changes tomorrow cause that front will sort of re-evolve tomorrow not a system that lifts back in our direction, wave of low pressure along it, so spread some rain if the area. so if you have plans to do something outside, maybe your wedding is outside tomorrow with probably not the forecast you want to see but there is a good chance of rainfall across south florida. and then by sunday afternoon and evening that northwest wind is
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brisk breeze, more dry air spilling in, and the air is going to be chilly, too, forecast models are suggesting again today that miami could dip down into the 40s. so bottom line, the 40s could be widespread, and when you factor in the winds, that 47 degrees in miami by monday morning may feel a lot chill yearn that. get ready for that cold blast come modern morning andy get ready to be cold in general through the weekend. tomorrow is going to be the mildest day. we're forecasting a high around 75 degrees. maybe we get to that number but with flint area it could be a struggle to even see that, but overall clouds and showers, milder tomorrow. chilly. morning low sunday, by the way, in the 50s, and highs only getting into the mid-60s, and then sunday night our big chillll 47. that's the forecast low for miami right now come monday morning. high of about 68 degrees. rain's going to be the least of our concerns next week.
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temperatures, and those morning lows in the 50s tuesday, wednesday,hursday morning. so a little cold snap for us here. hope you like it. calvin. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot. right now time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. where are the trouble spots on this friday? >> jise: i-95 in dade county not cooperating with your friday plans. you see the southbound lanes great. but northbound lanes heavy congestion, all of that due toon accident right as you're approaching if mcarthur causeway. as we zoom in we can get a better look ath those delays i-95 neighbourhood and the macarthur causeway is where you will found this accident, speeds at 9 miles per hour. good news the express lanes are wide open, running smoothly. also an accident on the turnpike northbound northwest 12th veet, a right rain blocked. we are seeing heavy delays with speeds 30 a 26 miles per hour. as we cruise on to broward county we have an accident also on i'm knife this is southbound
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we are seeing delays but nothing unusual. it's usual that's stop-and-go traffic we see at this time. speeds there 30 miles per hour. >> laurie: and eye taekwondo teacher in real trouble today. new at 6:00 the lewd lesson he's accused of giving two underage sisters. we'll have another live report. >> clay: happy friday, everybody. time fore clay's clowns, including why every detail counts when you are sanpete
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many laps are in it. >> clay: time to accepted in the clowns. super bowl edition. after nearly two weeks of waiting the bug game is almost here, and as you know by now it features the denver broncos and the carolina panther ps p we emphasize carolina because one canadian tvp network may be a little confused. this is their look at the
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you see the broncos logo and on the left the panthers logo but it is clearly our own florida panthers logo, the ice investigation of the cats. they had fun tweeting the picture with the caption "well, this is news to us." well did you, cats. number foururn the ice, eric with a clear shot from the points.oh, boy. not only does he whiff. he takes aback side f fl of ice in the process. that is your number four. number three, even the best in the world are not i iune to the lowness. lebron james on a fast break and completely losing the ball. sure he had a good game, california ears won, he tied a record but this is a lot more one, right? at number two j.j. reddick of the clippers does lebron one better or worse. not only does he miss a wide open lay-up but take a look at who's right there watching with steve balmer in the blue shirt. that's the clippers' billionnaire owner. it's bad enough tow blow a lay-up when the team's owner is there.
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controlled championships, ur leader adam tupelech celebrating a an impressive victor, pumping his arm. one little problem. there's still a full lap to go in the race. eli of belgium to win. it cheer up, adam, you are still number one on here. would that be like one of you busting out of here by the 5:00 newscast, putting on your casual clothes, walking out to the gym. meanwhile you have janine and victor take over? >> laurie: we have nightmares about that happening, but, no. >> calvin: by the way, invite was you can guess. number 3. >> clay: j.j.or lebron? >> calvin: lebron. >> laurie: thanks for some laughs on this friday. >> calvin: that'll do the for local10 news at 5:00. >> laurie: victor and janine are here, they're here. they're not gone. >> victor: we thought about it but.
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couple found dead in a lake with their identities now confirmed. we uncover new information about this heartbreaking end. >> janine: a safety leader alert in sunrise" a man arrested for exposing himself on on a playground. >> victor: and a wintery week. betty davis is checking on the
5:23 pm
going to get. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> janine: new details with i. about a heartbreaking end we reported on yesterday, a couple ha was found in a submerged car have been identified. that cast car was discovered in a lake in southwest miami-dade. >> victor: both victims just 21 years old. local10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live in miami with they latest. >> sanela: va janine and victor, two south florida families are devastated this afternoon following some heartbreaking news, the medical examiner confirming that two bodies found in a southwest miami-dade canal yesterday is that of a couple
5:25 pm
amazing. she was like another daughter to me. >> he was a nice person. >> sanela: two south florida families devastated upon hearing news that no family should hear. the medical examiner confirming today that 2d bodies found submerged in a southwest miami-dade canal on thursday were that of alexandra picon and her boyfriend brandon arana. fighting bab tears arana's uncle said he knew the nephew he lived with was gone once the car the pair were last seen in was found. >> we prepare to hear bad news. we never expected that one. we don't understand what happened. it was very, very, very disturbing for us. >> sanela: picon and arana had been missing since sunday morning when they left the palms town & country shopping center after a night out. since then friends and family were on a frantic search to find the couple.
5:26 pm
investigators to a canal where they would fiend a broken guardrail and then the car. >> we lost her physical body but now she's omnipresent, and she's in the trees, she's in the winds, she's in your eyes. >> sanela: the miami-dade police department is still trying the gure out how the car wound up in the canal, but as of now they believe the couple got into a car accident. reporting live in miami, sanela sabovic, local10 news. >> victor: a safety alert from sunrise. a man has been arrested for exposing himself to children on a playground, and police say there would be could be more victims out there. local10's jeff weinsier is live in sunrise now with the story. jeff. >> jeff: victor, 30-year-old rickie hoggins end e. being held on $1 million bond. the incident happened at 1:00 on sunday. he started kids playing on this playground. >> rickie hoggins. yes this is the man sunrise police say pulled up to an apartment complex playground, pupued his pants down to his ankle, and then began to fondle
5:27 pm
young girls. he is 30-year-old rickie hoggins. sasha armstrong's 12-year-old neeceas one of the girls playing here. she immediately called her aunt. >> she said, the guy a pulling out his private down there there. he said he wanted to make love to the smaller kids. >> he said he wanted to make love to the smaller kids. >> yes. >> did you race down there? >> yeah. i was show so shocked a first, i said, oh, you must be lying, then. she called me again, and then i go down there. >> jeff: police say there have been a total of three incidents in the area of the sunset strip, one in october, one in november, and one last sunday. sunday's incident. >> my niece told me, maybe like a mondays ago, she said i think it's the same guy,, she said. she told her mom. >> jeff: sunrise police were they complex today to look and see if surveillance cameras caught the incident on camera. all? >> no.
5:28 pm
>> it's the first time i'm hearing about this. >> ever see this guys a face? >> no, i don't think so, no. >> jeff: hoggins fled if his finished's creep. police caught up with him. mesa he's being held on $1 million bond. several people from the area say they like him from his behavior and say when they see him his behavior is very erratic. police believe there may be other victims out there. if you have any information, you're asked to call sun ruse police. as far as surveillance video, it does show him getting out of his vehicle but it doesn't show the act that he allegedly performed in front of these girls. weinsier. q. kay couple wanted for an alleged crime spree stand spanning several states were stopped in a shootout right here in florida. the u.s. marshal said they spotted jake fitzgerald and brittany harper. in the florida panhandle, wanted
5:29 pm
officials say fitzgeralds was killed in the shootout while harper was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. >> victor: a warehouse fire in doral l s reported this morning at michigan drill corporation near northwest 66th veet and 84th parch firefighters say that that i machine toward the back of the warehoused explode and that's what caused the fire. i have through people were inside the warehouse but only one suffered minor injuries. >> janine: a person is in custody after a police sur pursuit in miami. this started as you carjacking when police spotted the car and that's when that pursuit began. they caught up with them to the i-95 ramp to 995. >> victor: in today's "call christina" several success toys are. viewers have kept the "call christina" very busy with new appliance not as working properly. here's christina. >> the switch had to be replaced. thblower had to be replaced. the motor had to be replaced. and the expansion valve had to be replaced.
5:30 pm
called coronado when her brand new ac unity show she told us needed more ten services calls. she paid 2500 today replace her 20-year-old ac. >> for efficiency and cost, you know, we decide just to replace it. >> christina: but the new one it. never felt cold. >> calvin: lucas also gave us a call. she said her new ac unit was way too loud simply mean really loud,umming. yes the company that installed it suggested he muscle the und with a rug in the closet. >> and i said, i'll going to spend money on a rug to put in the closet? why am i putting a rug in the closet? >> christina: so we called clean-up offend for help. >> i decided, i'm not going to argue anymore. i'm going to try christina. >> christina: we called both manufacturers to take a closer look at the units. >> even when he put back in the parts and turned the ac back on,
5:31 pm
at that point i realized, well, i'm not that crazy. something was wrong. >> i called christina because everer single time i watch her show, i just see that they tried so hard to help the consumer, you know, get what they paid for or get answers. >> christina: then there's heather parente who called us to take a look at this. >> when you put the cheese in here it's too warm so it gets moldy. >> christina: that wasn't the only issue if her new frig. >> the first learn concern was the door not closing flush. >> christina: the manufacturer said it was defective but only credited her a portion of her purchase price. >> how am i going replace in refrigerator that i'm entitled to with $1,900 when it's a $3,100 unit? >> christina: so we contacted the manufacture ore her behalf. >> once she became involved i got a phone call from the manufacturer and also from lowest and they both said, come on in.
5:32 pm
to the one that you purchased. >> christina: lucas told us the noise level is now told rab. a as for lugo, the manufacture inner that case has extended their warranty to ten years parts and labor. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: and you just saw how christina helped others. if you have a consumer issues call (954)364-2510. you c also email her at "call whristina" and, you can also a send her a tweet. >> janine: a crane collapsed in manhattan. construction workers were attempting to move the crane onto a secure position, but because of increasing winds from today's northeast storm its boom crashed into an intersection. that crane glanced off buildings on the way down. there was damage on a nearby roof, and the street was littered with chunks of concrete and wood, and at least one person was trapped as the crane fell onto several cars. three city blocks were closed, and nearby buildings were evacuated. new york mayor bill de blasio
5:33 pm
>> this is a very, very sad incident we've lost a life. but if you go out there on the street as i did and see what happened here, thank god it was not worse. >> janine: the force of the collapse also caused a water main break and officials were investigating reports of gas leaks in the a aa as well. mayor de blasio said the city is stopping the operation p some other construction cranes as a precaution. >> victor: a membebeof a california news crew is speaking after a free fell on top of them and a reporter monday morning. mike gold and marie cornell suffered serious injuries there. the crew was reporting on damage from a weekend storm at the time. gold had a badly broken leg but something to work through the pain and call 911. >> when the tree fell after the initial silence and me catching my breath and finding marie and then trying to figure out what to do, i. that's what i grabbed my cell phone and i started to make the call. >> victor: and marie was more seriously hurt be, suffering several broken bons and a
5:34 pm
>> janine: a woman was killed, her husband injured a a tree fell on their pennsylvania home as they slept. the 90-foot tree crashed into the bedroom where those two people were in bed. no word on how badly the husbands was injured. >> victor: a un fanel panel hound found wick wikileaks found is being detain wy the british and -- governments. he has been sought by sweden after being accused of rape and fears thereat that the uk will arrest him if he levees. assange has maintained his innocence but. >> janine: change is in the air and we're going to be feeling it over the weekend. we'll check in with betty again for an update on how low the temperatures will go. >> victor: plus, honoring moyers the special ceremony held today. for those who risk their lives to help others. >> janine: and the super bowl, how the feds are make sure the game goes offff without a hitch >> announcer: tonight at 11:00,
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restaurant. food on the floor, and this. local10's jeff weinsier shows you one of the dirtiest places. >> it's the worst inspection we've seen in a long time.
5:36 pm
>> announcer: tonight at 11:00. >> janine: uber drivers in california are planning a protest for super bowl sunday.
5:37 pm
block traffic around the stadium in sant clarea. some uber drivers are also saying they will refuse to take people to sant klauer a for the big game. the drivers say they are against against what they call low wages claiming some drivers make less than $4 an hour. uber says they guarantee drivers up to $35 an hour. >> victor: federal authorities are working hard to catch counterfeiters if it is trying to get rich on make maryland's. they gave tips on make go sure that fans have a real super bowl ticket. real ones have a san francisco hollow gram and a log oh with special ink that fades when heat is applied and then reappears when it cools. agents showed off some of the gear that they confiscated created. they seized 440,000 items over the course of the last year including jerseys, scalps even fake super bowl rings. >> janine: as you know, excitement is building for the big super bowl but it's the high security operations off the
5:38 pm
attention. >> victor: especially following the recent terror attacks overseas and right here at home. officers are working around the clock to ensure a safe game. a massive security presence is now in place for super bowl sunday. trained swat teams on the ground, the coast guard in the san francisco bay and eight eight airiraft watching from above. this intense operation involving the fbi and homeland security took two years to plan. >> we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl l or related events. >> victor: still they're not taking any chances especially following the recently deadly terrorist attacks in paris and st. bernard. >> i think the a kyle east heel for sus either an active shooter or a lone wolf terrorist event. >> victor: these machines are now scanning every truck delivery for explosives and radioactive materials. >> it's an x-ray machine that lets us look right inside, see
5:39 pm
>> victor: radiation sensors are also posted at train stops. >> i welcome the security, anything to make us more safe. >> victor: with bomb sniffing dogs and undercover police everywhere. >> there's so much going on behind the scenes that nobody is going to see. >> victor: another thing that security officials dooot want to see, drones. they have become a new potential threat and they are not allowed anywhere within 32 miles sounding the stadium. >> janine: the rest of us this week, whether watching the super bowl or being outside, it's going to be chilly. >> victor: it's a good day to stay inside and eat a lot. that's what i'm excited about is the food. the game, but the food. >> janine: we love food around were hu were betty. >> betty: everybody out there loves a good meal, and maybe tonight is the night are taking the family out. the kids will want a sweater. you can see how the people along the broadwalk are creed. that guy is wearing a jacket and looks a little chilly out there. temperatures are in the mid-60s. winds from the east-northeast 10 to 15 miles an hour.
5:40 pm
whatsoever. the surf is rough, the palm trees are sway p, rip cutler risk high. clouds around for the rest of the evening and temperatures holding in the 60s for the evening and hor ever lower 60 tomorrow morning in some of your neighborhoods. draper, broward with miami dade most of the keys are dry. what we're seeing on the gulf sidedesome of that may be false returns. at this point there is not a lot of rainfl in our territory but this forecast model is showing that as we head toward saturday, winds flowing in from the east-northeast, frontal system returning to the area, we will have some rainfall to deal with so be ready for that tomorrow afternoon, maybe very early sunday some showers just starting to move away from the east coast metros, and once we get that out of here, we'll be focused on the very chilly air that's going to ride in. so if you're planning to head to the beach comer, the rip current risk is high as he mentioned as i mentioned that is the expectation.
5:41 pm
around 74, not the best beach weather tomorrow out there as well. on the waters small craft advisory tomorrow morning. winds east-northeast 10 to 20. moderate chief operating officer bays. now, let's talk about the big chill in the forecast come sunday. send morning once our northwest winds kick in, our low will drop to 54 degrees for sunday morning. and then sunday afternoon with that northwest breeze, our high only makes it to about 67 degrees for miami. but that's not the coldest. the coldest comes sunday night. forecast models now taking the mia down into the 40s for monday morning, and so the big chill will be on certainly by south florida standards. lower 60 tomorrow. we're forecasting highs in the mid-70s. clouds and showers in the area. and then check the extended forecast. windy and chilly on sunday. again, morning lows in 50s, highs in the mid-60s. monday morning there go the 40s. highs in the upper 60s.
5:42 pm
really, really slim, and temperatures will tend to be on the cooler side with our morning lows in the 50s, and then this afternoon highs upper 60s to lower 70s. hopefully, that's if you want a little warm-up, maybe as we're moving into valentines weekend the temperatures will start to moderate a bit but the snuggle weather is good for sweethearts. >> victor: yeah, it is. right now it's time for to us get a wick quick check on the afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenis fernandez. it sounds like i-95 is a mess. >> jenise: it is a mess. if you've got evening plans, you're waiting for your friends to get home from work, they're on i-95 they maybe a bit late. an accident on northwest 54th street is blocking two lanes and wore seeing those delays start at downtown miami. you're looking at a d day of about 16 minutes as we zoom on in closer. again this accident northwest 54th street. there are two lanes blocked. speeds right now are clocking in at 26 miles per hour. but again those delays, they're starting from downtown miami. going to last for about 15 minutes.
5:43 pm
crash on miami gardens drive. doesn't seem look that crash veil impacting your compute. speeds are comfortably at 44 miles per hour. and as we cruise on to broward county you've got a broken-down car on 595, this is as you're heading west right around davie road. now, there is a shoulder blocked. we are seeing heavy delays right where95 meets with i-95. speeds there at 16 miles per hour. >> janine: here's something to cheer up you. we have your tickets to one of the hottest ticket in town. >> victor: local10 is giving away ticket to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival. it attracts some of the biggest names and mose more important tastiest dishes from all over the globe. just head to the local1010 facebook page where you can enter. >> janine: the run down is set for:00. still ahead, bizarre behavior from the so-called faceboo killer. his courtroom rant before he was sentenced today life behind bars. >> victor: a miami marshal arts teacher accused of giving lewd lens ons to two sisters. >> janine: and a convicted
5:44 pm
local10 news was in court today. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> janine: i special event was
5:46 pm
are their lives every day. >> victor: police, firefighters, lifeguards and our own erika rakow h the story. >> reporter: necessity rush in to help. their heroic actions mostly unknown.n. hike this catchispatcher who prevented a woman from mmitting suicide. the heros are officers like den kendra and reginald who last april were working a track of crash, ended up saving a 71-year-old woman from being raped. >> he had battered her and he was about to sexually assault her, and we got there just in time before the sexual assault took place. >> reporter: today a breakfast beaut on by the mature chamber of commerce to make their lifesaving actions known. >> these are the sung heros that put their lives on the line every day. we don't recognize them enough. it's a tough job to be a police officer. it's a toughob to be a firefighter every day.
5:47 pm
and deal with a lot of difficult situations evenings a civilian credit for leading police to the driver accused of hitting and killing a federal agent just a few weeks ago recognized by t miami fla ternal order of police. >> his son is going to kw that at least the person responsible for his father's death paid for it, was brought to justice. that's the biggesteward i can getting. >> that could have just as easily been one of us, and we really pressure what he did to help get h'm off the streets. >> reporter: that hits close to home. my gad scott rakow a miami beach police officer was shot and killll in line of duty in 1988 wile working the ridhe beach of drugs taking over the streets. >> scott rakow's name was so ledgery and icon uk in our city. >> reporter: in the presence-colleagues can old friend, perhaps the greatest honor imaginable. mayor philip levine presented mew mom and i with a key tohe 63.
5:48 pm
is they wou never forget us. this is a place i was born, played was raised. >> reporter: it's a tribute my dad called the most special place in the world, the place hers was work go so hard to make safe for people to live with visit, work and play in, just as these officers continue to do today. >> if your cad was still here, he's be heree and be recognized and be 1 of ononees. >> reporter: what an honor it was to be recognid among such hours. they consider consider themselves ordinary but what dethe do is so special. this plaque was given to each of the honorees along with gifts donated by so many local businesses. from the local10 video port, erika rakow, local10 news. >> janine: and erika's dads story resonated throughout south florida por so many years so it's so good to have heat are part of our team. >> victor: absolutely. we work so closely with a l of these people a daily basis, they probably deserve more recognition.
5:49 pm
that is going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> victor: laurie is right here with what's next another 6:00. >> laurie: thank you both. right now at 6:00, killers rant. derek modern with one final message before being sentenced to life in prison. >> calvin: and bundle up this weekend because it's about to get chillier outside. >> laue: a marshal arts teacher accused of giving a lewd lesson if-to-his students. >> calvin: only on local10, military units hitting the streets of haiti and the president making a major announcement. >> laurie: plus a man going berserk at a cable office and leaving a disturbing note behind. the news at 6:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> notice get a fair trial, and i willll be taking action. i will be suing. >> laurie: right now a 6:00, rek medina going to a rant dung his sentencing hearing. he had choice words for the court and even for president
5:50 pm
after that tirade, medina was sentenced to life in prison. >> calaln: it was another tough day bor the family and friends jennifer alfonso, the victim of the soph her called facebook killer. local10's todd tongen with ourtop story at 6:00. todd. >> todd: calvin and laurie, a as the you are saw strange behavior about the a lot of emotion inside that courtroom. derek modern got international attention when he killed his wife and then posted a picture of her on facebook with a post saying that he would be going to prison. today a judgeade that wish come true >> as to couou one, second degree murder, the court at this time will be sentencing you to life. >> todd: it was the maximum penay allowed for derek medina, the man convicted of shooting and killing h wife, 27-year-old jennifer alfonso, in the kitchen their mouth miami townwnuse back in august of 2013. today alfonso's family got their day in court to address jennifer's murderer, the now
5:51 pm
>> what kind of person posts a picture of their dead loved one's body and leaves a small child alone that possibly could discover her body? derek medina is that person. >> todd: alfonso's ten-year-old daughter who was left inside the home after the murder would be 13 now but she wasn't inside the courtroom. >> to lose yourother at ten years of age, never being able to see your mother again, that is truly a tragedy. that no child should ever have to endure. p. >> todd: his defense argued that modern was a battered boyfriend and that alfonso threatened him with a knife. >> the motion notion that my daughter was violent or abusive is an insult to me and my family. that's's fantasy that he created. >> todd: meanwhile derek medina showed no emotion.
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