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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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not even arrived y, but will it be on the way. the winds are flowing in from the northeast, so that will keep temperatures in the 60's, so not terribly chilly. we will have to deal with showers. as the showechance goes down so do the temperatures. look at where we are heading, monday morning 40's, i in the forecast back here in a while with a lot more of the changes in store. >> okay, betty, thanks. loves ones breaking their silence days after a little boy is struck in the streets. >> anchor: we are also learning more about the officer whoas driving that cruiser local 10 news reporter is live, with that young victim is recovering, derek. >> reporter: i believe offs to see a photo of that little boy in his bed, taken about 48 hours ago, the family didn't want to show that publicly, but i can tell you based on the picture,
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as were learning more tonight, about the officer who was behind the wheel. >> wait, wait, wt. >> sho the terror and chaos in the moments after a miami police officer accidently ran over a six-year-old boy on his scooter dnesday afternoon. tonight we are learning that little boy antwon lawson has a long road to recovery. >> his pelvic bone is broken. his femur bone is broken. he has punctured organs. he had to have a tube down his throat. >> his grandmother spoke to us this evening telling us he is expected to survive, but hee will likely be in the hospital for months and will have to learn how to walk again. >> very hurt, and i don't see no type of sympathy fromhese miami police. >> grandma says in the days following the crash, the police have sent children and family services to investigate the little boys parents.
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somewhere to make it seem like her neglect. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the officer that struck antwon. he has been with the department since april of 2014. but is still in his probationary period. his officer history is clele, he seemed to have issues with direction. >> he is on probation period, then he should be supervisors. a field training officer with him until his probation ends. >> so as that little boy continues his recovery, the famimi contends that officer was likely speeding in a residential area police have said they have no evidence that is the case, but the investigation is on going, i should mention you saw an officer assisting that little bit, we don't believe that is the officer that was behind d e wheel. local 10 news. >> anchoho all right, thank you. we wish him well. also tonight, convicting of killing his wife and then
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facebook, derek finally learning his fate in cour as he is sentenced today, he had somethtng to say before he was led away. >> so did the family members of his victim. local 10 news is live outside the courthouse in miami alfonso's family they were very emotional, they were tearful in court today derek medina expressed himself in a different way. >> president obama onhis constructive world. >> his case captured the attention of the world, but before derek medina was sentenced after killing his wife three years ago, he would go on this bizarre tirade in court the point i am making is i didn't get a fail trial, and i will be taking action, i will be suing and i want barack obama the president of the united states of america, to focus on corruption and god knows the truth, and nothing further.
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the family of his wife, who prosecutors say he gunnedown in cold blood, inside their south miami home, her contorted body he would photograph and upload to facebook. >> what kind of person post add picture of take dead loved ones body and leave as small child alone that possibly could discover her. derek medina is that person. >> not being able to see your mother again. that is truly a tragedy, that no child should ever have to endure. >> she wasn't just a body on the floor. she was a wonderful amazingng person. >> in the end, medina whose appearance has changed was sentenced to life in prison, a decision his attorneys will appeal as for his outburst in court. >> it's been in isolation since he was arrested that can't be easy. heheant add make a statement, he made one.
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am not his life coach, i am his lawyer. >> medina and al gone so has a daughter together. she was home at the t te the shooting happened. she has essentially now lost both of her parents the family members say this isn't easy on her. >> janine, thank you. the sentencing hearing for michael hernandez resumed today one day after he choked back tears on the stand. he was convicted of killing his middle school classmate when he was only 14. at first he received a mandatory sentence of life without parole, and today day three of the sentencing hearing his mother took the stand and was confronted with some of the compelling evidence against her son. >> did you ever see this before? >> yes. >> that's the hit list. >> yes. >> that's disturbing isn't it. >> it is. >> hernandez is now being resentencing after the u.s. supreme court ruled that juveniles cannot automatically be sentenced to life without
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is facing charges accused of molesting two young girls. police say 64-year-old targeted two youou sisters, one was 15 years old, the otherust 10. he is accused of exposing himself to the 15-year-old several times as well as touching the ten-year-old he is facing charges including lewd and he save yous exhibition. this man has been arrested for exposing himself to children on a local playground. he approached a group of girls and then pulled down his pants. he is being held on a $1 million bond. they say they recognize him and he does act eraticly often, they say there can be more victims out there if you have any more information, please call police let's open up tonight's follow up file. a medical examiner has identified the bodies found in the submerge car of those of a
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morning. with two bodies inside. those bodies have now been identified as al land extraby con, and brandon arena, the couple both 21 were last seen sunday after meeting to get a drink. >> jackson health system has fired two employees for the data breach invving jason pierre-paul. this is video of him training months a@ter a july fireworks accident. here in south florida, that severely injured his right hand. he would end up losing an index finger. a picture was leaked to an espn reporter. and jackson health release as statement said that as part of our investigation into the breach, it was discovered two employees inappropriately accessed the patient's health record, and thatinding resulted in the termination of both earlier today, the c.d.c. issues two guidance.
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reports this week of a sexually transmitted case in dallas texas. >> pregnant women and their sex partners should talk about the potential, pose sure. while the risk of transmission is extremely rarar all women and men who may have traveled to an effected area, should consider using condoms. >> and developing tonight, new details into that kler crane collapse as we get new video of the rescues seconds a f that tragedy. our victor oquendo is in the newsroom now. >> calvin, that crane was actually being lowered to a security position when it collapsed landing right across an intersection, all of it caught on camera. >> there it goes it isoving fast now, dropping it quick. >> watch as the monster of a machine comes crashing down. >> it is falling. >> and more than 50 stoties tall suddenly collapsed right on to cars. >> oh.
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rushing to help a man inside. >> i saw the crane coming down, and when it came down it made a loud noise, and d hit and we all ran. >> there was a massive emergency response, at least threeee people were injured likely by fallingdebris, one man 38-year-old david wicks dies. >> it happened just before 8:30, blocks away from the world trade center. officials say because of snow and wind, they were trying to secure it when it came down this occurs literally as they were lowing the crane to security it. >> then the aftermath, bricks scatters everywhere, and in this roof a a hole that came crashing right on to a desk. for much offhe day a threat of gas leaks, the crash follows one in 2008 that killed seven people, and sparked safety measures that will no doubt be looked at again. >>turns out the crane was inspected on thursday. officials say they are stili investigating trying to figure
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crane to come down victor, thank you. >> also developing the coast guard says two small planes have collided in midair off the coast of los angeles is not known how many people were onboard, or whether any survived the crash. about two dozen divers are searching the area right now. anchor: overseas after a violent earthquake toppled buildings in taiwan, the casual few is still unknown, as rescuers race to pull people. >> anchor: more trouble in haiti, the president vowing to step down this weekend. while the haitian army begins to make the presence felt. >> a couple of days i am chief meteorologist betty davis, the forecast is just ahead. >> anchor: and oneestaurant with 110 violations and even food on the floor. it is a dirty dining you can't
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and it is next. >> well, get this, one
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and on top of that, our cameras caught something disturbing on camera that even still exists in a kitchen now. >> anchor: in tonight's dirty dining local 10 investigator tries to get answers from the owner who doesn't want you to know what inspectors found. >> i don't know what this is. this is fish. on the floor. >> we don't know if it was going to be cooked or used for sushi, we are in the kitchen at china buffet. inspectors recently found 110 violations here, and we saw some of the issues still exist. >> you have steak on the floor can you just take the steak off the floor? that bin of raw meat was very close to the fish. no one could tell us what is in this sink in the dish washing area, there are three full pages of violation after violation,
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prep table, kitchen, beef, pork, ham, dumplings all out of temperature, the dish machine was not sanitizing, food debris, encrusted materials mold, and greece was found on everything. there was evidence of a employee smoking in a area. that could be coming coming from this bathroom that was in the kitchen it was full of standing water and wreaked of sewage, what is going on here? the ourer doesn't want to talk about it. >> no camerashat? >> first of all, don't touch -- >> that's assault, don't touch the camera. >> don't touch my camera. >> 110 violations. it's the worse inspection we have seen in a long time, 110. >> we showed those entering to eat what was found inside.
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>> we are shocked the state allowed this place to reopen following an ordered clean up and reinspection. and we have passed our findings on to the florida department of business and professional regulation. the good news, you now know what is going on behind the kitchen door. local 10 news. >>emember local 10 has made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection statewide right on your smart phone, it is worth checking. search restauran florida in the app store. >> and now to the latest on the crisis in haiti, local 10 news has learned haitian president will leave office on sunday, the one and only has obtain add letter stating that president rtin lee will step down after midnight saturday night as the constitution demands. she said i will leave without any regret, and without any desire to remain in power, a back of former soldiers reid
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in the downtown area, one of the military veterans was stoned to death in a clash with anti-president protestors. a transitional government will in place until there's a new election set for april 14th. i will be heading to port-au-prince in the morning look for that interview sunday morning on local 10 news as well as this week in south florida and on our inching newscasts. >> pope frances will be heading to cuba, with the head of the russian orthodox church next week, the churches split nearly 1,0000 years ago, the russian orthodox church is nowhe largest in orthodoxsy. and this would be the first time in history the heads of the two churches meet check in now with betty davis, we need devine intervention to warm us up. >> it is a dip in degreeses you called and it it is here. >> yeah, tomorrow will be the day where you get in the closet and try to plan ought what to wear next week, becauseseill it
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florida standards at least for some of you tonight as i mentioned we are holding in theh 60's. we have an easterly component to the wind there so that will help to keep temperatures up tonight, we will start tomorrow morning in the 60's, and we could have a few showers out there, right now a lot of the returns we are seeing are false returns so there's not actually rainfall in the area, there may be a few sprinkled maybe over by surf side, but nothing tesh bly heavy, we have this new changes that came in today cooting us off behind a cold front that went through early this morning so the winds are generally flowing in tonight, that means we will be cloudy, and there will be a frontal system making a move on us, and that can help to s sead some showers today saturday into sunday, b the bigger story will be the temperatures and how they change
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blowing in from the northwest, so the breeze is going to be brisk come sunday, it will be a chilly day, and then sunday night, with those brisk northwest winds the temperatures will held down, we will take a look at that, but i want to let you know the temperature change will be in the 50's, and then come sunday afternoon, we won't touch 70 degrees for the high sunday night is the biggest crash, that puts us at 47 by monday morning so the rest of your neighborhoods too likely to drop off as well, so that is how we will change up through the weekend, tomorrow is our mild day, we are forecasting a h hh of 75, but after that it goes down, wind and i can chihiy on sunday, a cold start on monday with those 40's dry condition as lot of low 5 's popping up, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, as you get out the
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always watching and tracking, jennifer will be here first thing tomorrow to letou know if any showers are out there. >> all right, have a good weekend. >> anut of control a.t.v., how this crazy scene ends just ahead. >> across america, it's megamillions. >> what's up america, friday february 5th, and tonight's jab pot is an estimated seventy-one million dollars. you must match these plulu that gold megaball, now let's see if we can make you a millionaire, first number is trent three, that's follows by four, up next we have 75, your next number is six, and your final white ball is 55 again, 23, four, 75,s six, 55 and the gold megaball is two, if no one matches all six, tuesday's jackpot can be $80 million good luck and plala
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combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more delious recipes visit pave people are dede, and hundreds more injured after a since .4 magnitude quake struck in taiwan. it struck overnight, and the official news agency says many of the injuries are coming from a residential building that collapsed. at least 221 people have been rescued from that building, as last count, 155 in total had suffered injuries, the news agency says among the dead are a 40-year-old man as well as an infant, both pulled from that building also, this is a view of one of the buildingsou can see dozens surrounding the rubble, as they worked to pull people to safety. >> anchor: here is something you don't see every day, a remote
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have a mind oft's own, the people controlling the a.t.v., weren't in control for long as it slammed into a wall, and it then began doing donuts. after crashing several more times they finally got it under control, no one was injured by that rogue a.t.v. clay, do you believe in ghosts in.>> no, i do not. after that i may have to rethink it, what a win for the heat in charlotte tonight, dwayne wade stealing the show@arly, with this slam, but how they pulled it off in the end. >> anchor: he is amazing, tonight's winning cash three, play four, fanansy five, and don't forget the lucky money
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america runs odunkin'. >> a wailed month saw the heat 26 out of s0 days on the road. is finally over, and what a way to close it out tonight. the heat in charlotte, a home coming for has sans whiteside, we will get to him, but dwayne wade adds another with the career highlight reel. juju admire, oh. how awesome was that. no more vintage dwayne wade, he is here, and he was gat, hey at half time a cool moment,t, the hornets -- a a hornets legend
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man, doing his best hassan whiteside with the block and then starting to break the other way, wade lays nit and whiteside fired up another 10 points ten rebounds ten blocks, but this was the play, and one, givingthem the lead, and then how do you seal wit defense? dwayne wade the steal, and then flipping it ahead,,that seals it the heat win this one, in a huge night in front of friends and family. >> i feel amazing i got 20 people here, i have my whole family here, and just to win a game likeehat, coming into charlotte, my second game back, coming off t t bench, it was just amazing feeling. >> up next may host the clippers you n watch it right here, ill all starts with our first local side pregame show, and then the game at 2:00, and then stay with us for the post game show, all of it right here. on the aid, a night off for the
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