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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 530AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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every one. it is february 6th. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: and i'm todd tongen. meteorologist jennifer correa is here with our forecast. hey nice weekend last weekend but you're bacac at it girl. >> jennifer: i'm back at it. it feels good to be b bk here. especially baw our temperatures weren't as cold as a was. i was up in the northeast. about. it it feels cool even though the temperature are in the low 60s. mot as cool as yesterdayorning but you'll feel the cool air coming in from the the north as tur winds are northeast down into key west and marathon. breezy down there. and we're tracking a couple of showers streaming up over the water. very light but that means that our rain chance are going up it this morning and we're expecting heavy rain. i'll tell you when and a big push of cold air coming here to south florida. todd. >> todd: all right. thank you jen. loved ones break their silence
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struck in the cruiser and we're learning more about the officer who was driving that car. local 10 news reporter derek shore has the detail. >> reporter: cell phone joyeded shows the terror and chaos afterer a miami police officer accidentally ran over a 6-year-old boy on his scooter wednesday afternrnn. tonight we're learning that little boy antoine l lson has a long road to recovery. >> his pelvic bone is broken. his femur bonis broken. he has punctured organ ech has his. >> reporter: his grandmother and god mother spoke to us telling us antoine will survive but likely be in the hospital for months and have to learn how to work again. >> baby hurt and i don't see no police. >> reporter: grandma says in the days following the crash police have sent family and children services to investigate the parents.
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somewhere to make her seem like neglect but it wa ntd her neglect because the kid were being watch snood we're learning more about the officer who struck antoine. he has been with the department since 2014 but still on the probobionary period. while the history is cleaned he emed to advice use with directions. >> he is on hisis probation period. he should be super viedz.a field training officer with him until his probation period ends. >> reporter: so as that little boy continue his recover i, the family insist the officer wa speeding through the residential neighborhood when the crash took place. police say they do not have any ef that is the case but their investigation continue. >> jennifer: should meion you saw an officer in the cell phone video. we do not believe that is the officer who was behind the wheel. local 10 news. >> neki: alsthis morning convicted of killing his wife and posting a picture of her
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derek medina now knows his fay. he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. medina had something to say before he was lead bay but so account crick simms of alfonso. >> and. >> >> reporter: his case captured attention and horror of the the world but before derek medina was sentenced before killing his wife three years ago, we go on this tirade in court. >> the point i'm trying make si did not get a fair try. i will be taking afntion i will be suing and i want barack obama the president of the united states of america to focus on corruption and only god knows the truth and nothing frnlg further. >> reporter: medina never looking at the family of jennifer alfonso police say he gunned down in their miamiome. and he her photographed body he
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>> what kind of person post a picture of their dead love ones body andnd leaves a small child alone that could possiblyiscf ver her body. derek mededa is that person. >> never being able to see your mother again, that is truly a tragedy that no child should ever have to endure. >> she wasn't just a body on the flr to be discovered. she was a wonderful mg person. >> reporter: in the end medina whose appearance h changed over the years was sentenced to life in prison. a decision his attorneys will appeal. >> as for the out bust in court. >> he has been in isolation for almost three year. that not. >> easy oomplet he wanted to make a statement and he made it. >> reporter: alfonso had one daughter.. she was home at the time. shooting. she is now esssstially left with without any parent and for her
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>> we're in miami this morning. i'm janine stanwood. local 10 news.>> neki: and another nearing michael hernandez 12 yea after he was convicted killing his middle school classmate when he was 14-year-old. it is day three of the resentencing hearing. we sought mother take the stand and she was confronted with the im pelling ef against her son. >> have you ever seen thisbefore? >> yes. >> what is the hit list? >> yes. >> that is disturbing? >> it is disturbing. >> neki: he is now being resentenced aftetethe court ruled juvenile cannot be automatically sentenced to life without parole. >> todd: and now a man accused of molesting two qulong girls in his miami taekwondo las. police say 64-year-old rafaela imran molest edited two girls. 115 and one just ten.
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himself seral time as well as touching the 10-year-old in appropriately. he is facing charges of lewd and lascivious molestatiwn. >> a. >> police say 30-year-old ricky haw gens approved a group of girl and pulled his pants down. he is being held on a million collars bond. police in the area recognize him and say he ablghtser rad ikly. police say there could be other victim oututhere. if you have any information call the police. >> neki: and a mededal exam sner have identified the couple found inhe missing car that wawa submerged. they confirmed they are the couple missing since sunday morning. miami police found the car thursday in a canal on southwest 268th street and 107th 107th avenue. with two bodies inside. they have been ideified as alexander ca tone and brandon. they were last seen sunday after neergt a drink.
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has fired two employees from a data breech involving nfl star pierre paul. this is video of him training months after a july 4th accident in a florida that caused him to lose his finger on his mand a. and he was being treate at jackson memorial hospital. jackson health held a statement ta last night that said in part apart of the wreech, two employees inappropriately accessed the health reported. that finding resulted in the term nation of both employees. >> neki: yesterday the cdc issued new guidelines to limit the expose siewfer zika virus thvment com came after a case in dallas texas. pregnant woman and their male partner should talk to doctor about the the exposure too zika.
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all men and women who travel to affected areas should use condoms. >>odd: we are tracking a developing story out of california. the coast gow gashed now looking for people on board two small plane that collided over the oceaea investigators believe thr people on board those planes when they crashed on friday. unclear if there were any survivor but rescue team and divers are searching the surrounding area eye oo. >> neki: a killer crane collapse leaving one man dead in new york city. >> todd: and wa new information on what caused that crane to crash to the ground just head. >> jennifer: and here in south florida tracking light showers mainly offshore but starting to enter the coastline. i'll tell you exactly where we're weel see the rain at this moment but we'll expect more coming our way oomplet.
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>>randon a ran na. >> >> neki: new de a tail into the killer crane collae in lower man hat an as we get video second after the tragedy. local 10 news reporter victor oquendo what more now. >> he is dropping it quick. >> reporter: watch as a monster of a mash come crawling down. >> the crane pure steelnd more than 50 store retall suddenly collapses into car on the street. >> tmz video showing people rushing to help a man trapped inside. >> the crane came dine and when
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noise and hit and 24e7b we ran help out. >> there was an emergency response. three people injuredy falling debris. one man 38-year-old wicks died. >> it happened just before 8:30 friday morning block way from the world trade center. official say because of snow and wind they were trying to secure the crane when it came down. >> and this incident occurred lit lawyers they were lowing the crane to secure it.>> then the aftermath. brick scattered every where and ln this roof a hole from a piece of equipment that came crashing on to the desk. for must day a threat on gas leefnlgtz the deadly crash follow one in 2008 that kille seven people and sparked safety measure that will no doubt be be looked at again. >> it turn out that crane wa in spoangtd thursday and passed all the tests. official are now kate investigating trying to figure out what cawed this crane t t come down. >> in the video port t ctor o'kendall. local 10 news.
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show. the. >> neki: we did. >> todd: like ready to rumble. >> neki: i'm ready for my check. >> what kind fd kay will it be jen. >> jennifer: not a sunny wrun one. plenty of cloud cover will be in store along with the rain chances going up. we're tracking a few shower offshore. second. it it feel cool out there. not as cold a yesterday morning where we dropped to the 50 eachts we've been hang on to the low and mid 50e67s with that said the northerly wind across broward and mied is providing for what feel cool out there. the breeze i light. three to 8 miles per hour. breezier than that down through the keys and the with winds are down out of northeast. meanwhile on the radar i mentioned how we're tracking a couple showers. they are very small. i'm going to zoom into a couple of these.
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bay and out into southern porlings of miami-dadcounty. but i think most of these have dried out as they get closer. however as we continue on throughout the day. we'll noti more cloud cover and rain chances definitely going up a stationary boundry just off the coast over the gulf stream and that is what is providing for the showers we see offshore. along this boundry eventually a low will develop with the cold front thvment low will l plafy as it it pushes into the southeast coast and really bring back that cold air from the north. so this wille felt by tomorrow. but before then rain chances aregoing up throughout today. especially tonight and over night when we expect the heaviest showers out there. maybe a f rumbles of thunder but so far as severe threat goes t is very minute ma mum, minimal. don't expect the severe storm but expect heavy shower out there. but again, that will be during tonight and during the over night hours very early sunday
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sunday will be a chilly one, lows in the 50s. highs only in the upper 60s and we get colder than that on monday waking up to 46 degrees. neki, todd. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. just month after a historic visit pope francis is heading back to cuba. >> neki: he is hoping to but an tiend con flaict is almost 1000-year-old. we'll have more on this next. >> todd: but first here a look at the winning lottery numbers. gogo luck.
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>> neki: now to the latest on the crisis in haiti. local 10 news has l ld michelle martha lee will leave office tomorrow. president martha lee will step dowp just after midnight tonight amid growing protest in the the election. martelly says quote,ly leave without any envy or desire to remain in power. and a band of soldiers road through the streets of port-au-prince. insults escalated to violence and one of the military veterans was stoned to death by a demonstrator ch a transitional
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there until a new president is chosen ch a new election set for a april 14 oofnlgt calvin hughes flb port-au-prince for an exclusive interview with haiti's out going president. look for that on sunday on this week and local 10 miew on our evening edition. >> todd: at least seven are cead and hundreds more i iured ave 6.4 wernlg quake rocked taiwan. local 10 news out let's say four of the seven who died and many of those injured were inside a rest depp sha building that completely collapsed. a young girl and annfant are among the dead. and from a above you can see how devastating that quake wavmentz we're told more than 200 vem people have been rescued from this building and at least 30 more still believed to be trapped inside. >> neki: pope francis is heading back to cue bax stopping in havana for a historic meeting with the head of the or though dosm church.
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ever meeting between a roman catholic pope and russian or tho doe dosm pay trio ark. the pope will stop briefly in cuba for a meeting b bore. >>, a and turning back the with a ferocious jam. >> neki: the way we like it. and the cats hosting sidney
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>> happy weekend everybody. i'm clay ferraro with the o local 10 morning sports wrap. a wild month that saw the heat play 14 out of 16 game at home is finally over and what a way to close itut last night. the heat in charlotte. a homecoming for han san. what a moment. what wade adding another to his career wheel on the break. how pretty is that? halftime. cool moant. the hor nents honoring alonzo mourning for his leg gentd with the team. how with about white sidid 450u7b8g block there. grabs it and starts the fast break. going the other way and how about. that another triple double for white side. ten points. ten rebounds. ten block. the hate were down 1n- with time winding down until bosh takes it inside. he took a two-point l ld and the heat step tup on defense.
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and a better flip head to lieu all dang. they pull off an maig win 98 to 95 on a huge night for white side in front of friend fanldly. >> i feel amazing. i go got 20 people here. i have my famil here and to win a a game in charlotte my second gamemeack coming off the bench. it was an maig feeling. >> i should say it was three years for alonzo mournrng. and host the clip fers tomorrow here on local tenh starts with the local 10 cort side pregame season at 1:00 and the game at 2:00 and stay with us for the st game show right here on local 10. on the the ice, a night off for the panthers and they deserve it. the cats winning a five game winning streak including thursday's win over to detroit and now they get ready to welcome a tough penguins team toninit. and another great team. sosot should be a real good game and it will probably be similar to last night.
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hopefully we play we8 against a good team. and legendary coach don shula spending the weekend watching hi son coaching in the super bowl. and i'm clay ferraro. that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> todd: we're just hours way now perfect for sieper bowl 50 between the carolina panthers and den fer von coasms carolina has never won a super bowl and police are pleading can can w- denver fans to stay calm since f- they come out on top. it has been 18 years sincece a victory in denver and police remember the rioting and asking them to control the enthusiasm. people use it that as an excuse to act out. i can't believe in. that i believe in celebrating response blilt bli and respeckling people's property. >> todd: and denver released a psa if to get their message out.
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will be arrested you. >> jennifer: good saturday morning is south florida. y weekend. wake up to temperature in the six 50e6789s pembroke p pes cool down to five in the kendall. it does feel good out there and rain is on the way. >> neki: head at 6:00 aicht 6-year-old boy struck in the street by a police oicer while riding a skooter near his home. we'll have the latest head at 6:00. we're hearing from the boy's family about how that recovery is coming long. >> todd: and so the called facebook killer sentenced to life in prison yesterday. ahead the bizarre behavior in
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could be a missing piece for you. right now on local 10 news a 6-year-old boy struck in the street by a miami police officer. we'll hear the latest from hi family. >> todd: and the temperature are taking a dip. how low will they go? meteorologist jennifer correa are will have the latest. >> neki: the president of haiti stepping dowp among turmoil. more on the exclusive. >> todd: and the earthquake in taiwan wreaking rave shock. the clean up this morning. live, the one and only local init knew starts right now. >> neki: goodorning on this brisk saturday morning.
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>> todd: good word for it. i'm todd tongen.
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