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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 6AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> todd: good word for it. i'm todd tongen. thank you for waking wups. we want to get to jennifer correa for the forecast for the rest of the weekend a. and hopefully the sun will come out at some point. >> jennifer: no, the sun don't be shievment but i think it might be shy the next couple of days actually. we're not expecting that much sunshine. i'll explain that later on a talk about the seven day but right now we're waking up to temperature in the l#w 60s across area. upper 50s for just tw areas. pembroke pine and kendall. 59 degrees. so it is cool out there. it does feel good but we do expect temperature to be warmer later on today compared to yesterday. now the winds this morning still out of north fororort lauderdale miami and even at homestead. light breeze there at three mielz miles per hour. breezier than that for marathon wins out of the east north eechts mid while on the radar tracking a few showers that have developed offshore. most of these are starting to dissipate and zooming in closer. there were some rolling over
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those have dissipated as well so. chance for rain this morning isn't as high but it does go up later on this evening. all the detail on that plus, those tool cool or i should say chilly temperature. i'll have all that coming up. todd. >> todd: breaking news out of tampa this morning. police say there was a shooting at a strip club and one person has been killed. seven others injured. right now police investigating on the rain. they have not commented o on those injured yet. police say there was a casegreement inside the club no. other detail yet but we'll keep you update as more information come into our news room. >> >> a boy struck by a police cruiser. we're hearing from the familyy who say they need to hear answers from the police depapament. that boy riding outside his home
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local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live at jackson hospital with the latest. good morning sa net a. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. that child accorng to the family says he has a long road ahead of him. he will have to learn how to walk quan and he will be at hospital behind me for the next next several months. let's get to video. the accident happened on wednesday. an dwon lawson was riding his skooter just west of northwest 58th street when he was accidentally struck by a miami police officer. this cell phone video show the moments right afterhe accident. you can see the utter chaos and panic. another officer come together aifd the child. not believed to be the one behind the wheel. the police cruiser. >> the mie play police deptd says it was a simple accident before the boy dismoortd street making it hard for the family to see him. the witnesses say the cop was
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a and he wa hurt. i don't see no sympathy from miami police. they trying to make it it seem like her neglect but it wasn't neglect because herer kid were being watched. >> >> reportete theolice named the officer e. has been with the department since 20 14. his personal record is clean however on one driving evaluation he an issue with directions no. charges filed gaps him. the investigation is still ongoing. reporting live in miami. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: michael her nan de is closer to receive age naw sentence. 12 years after convicted killing his middle school classmate when he was 12 years owl. day 369 rehearing was yesterday and hernandez's mother did take the stand where she was con fronned with the compelling evidence of her son. >> did you ever see this list before. >> yes. >> that's the hit list. >> yes. >> that's disturbing isn't it.
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and he was originally sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole but being retrield tried to after they say jiewf nailed cannot be sentenc to life without parole. >> neki: a medical examiner identified the bodies found nay submerged car. the victim are that of a couple what were missing since sunday morning. miami police found the car thursday in a canal 268th 268th street and 107th 107th avenue with two bodies inside. the bodies now identified as alexandra picon and brandon arana ooflt the couple both 21 years old. last seen sunday after meeting in go get@ a drink. >> todd: now to a bizarre scene caught on camera. main not satisfied with his cable service decides to retall yaivment davie police reand his first throw didn't do much but second one shatters a wininw. police say the man also left a note reading dr friends.
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please remove your nonsense from my foan phone. your pal, frndly neighborhood spider mand end quote. a eye this come on the heels of a case in dallas texas. pregnant woman and their male counter parts shouldalk to their doctor.. >> the widow of a mission nair ri killed in last month easter or tack in bar tina fa so spoke about the a attack yesterday. he lived with h h wife in hollywood before moving to africa to work at an orphanage. his wife said they planned on making it h life's work. >> and every sith time he would say i'm going to be buried on african soil. i'm going to be buried on orange
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for the rest of my life so of course that is where he wa going to be buried because this is what he wanted. >> todd: michael and amy also adopted two children from ber tina fa so. he was 45 years old. >> neki: new this morning one person cead and another critical at after ate s sog at a mall in orlando. deputy says a 19-year-old man ran for help outside the mall and found by a shopper before he collapsed. the other nan found dead in the car in the parking lot. police say right now they are not entirely sure what happened because no one heard gunshots or saw any problem. >> todd: crews working to prevent lake okeechobee from flooding florida because of all the rain the level is at the highest since 2005. they are to work remove gallons of water from the lake and improve the dam that surrounds the lake. >> the importance to people in south florida is this is is a
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that keeps lake oak bow from over flowing the bank. the hoover dam has been the countrs most at risk for failure for quite some time. >> todd: officials are invention $500 million to repair the dike to reduce the flooding here in south florida. >> neki: and now to the crisis in haiti. local 10 knew has learned that haitian pred michelle martelly will leave office tomorrow. they rereceived a letter stating le step down after midnight tonit over growing violent protest over the recent presideneial election. march tee tellly saysly leave without regret, envy or without the desire to remain in power. a ban of soldiers road through the streets in port-au-prince protest the country's embattled capital. escalating violence and one of the mill trair ri ved veterans was stoned to death by a protestor. and a transitional president
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until a replacement is chosen. a new election set for april 14th. and calvin hughes will be there for more and look for that on "this week in south florida." >> todd: a 6-year-old girl died while flaig the snow out said herome. >> neki: coming up we'll tell what you lead to her tragic death. >> todd: and a deadly earthquake in taiwan scawt on cravment coming up we'll show you the video the moment the quake struck. >> jennifer: and a cool start this saturday morning f. you're in the inland area. temperatures have dropped into the 50s. along the coast in the low 60 eachts it temperature already warmer later on today. all the detail on that coooodown that is headed our way. it is big. temperature dipping far into the 40's. all the details on that coming up. >> you're watching local 10 news th todd tongen and neki mohan.
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>> neki: at least 11 people are dead and hundreds more injured ave 6.4 magnitude quake rocked taiwan. local news outlets there is a four of the seven people who died and many ofhose who were injured were inside a residential buildldg that collapse ntd citit tan a an. ty taiwan'n' agency says young girl and infant are among the
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>> from a above you can see how devastating the quake was. the building collapsing. 200 rescued so far and 30 more believed to be trapped inside. with we have new surveillance video this morning of the earthquake that struck taiwan. thru can see t t moment that thalt 6.4 quake hit. investigators say they are going exam whether the collapsed building construction met requirements. >> todd: and a fire in doral sent one person to the hospital. that fire reported friday morning near northwest 66th 66th street and 84th avenue. firefighters say a machine towards the back of the warehouse exploded causing a fire. 35 people i iide the warehouse at the time but only one had minor injury. >> neki: rescue crews are now searching for survivors after a midair collision caused two planes to crash into the ocean off the coast of california. police say debris from the plane were found including a log book that shows two men ages 61 a 81 that were on that plane together. >>. 72-year-old woman wa in the
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police say all the pilots involved were experienced pilots. >> todd: a 6-year-old girl in massachusets wa killed ave tree limb pell on her while she was flaig the snoasm the girl's family says she she was outside shoveling and flaig the snow when the tree snapped. a neighbo performed cpr a and called 911. the girl was taken to the hospital where she later died eye oo she was running out saying daddy, let's make a snow man. the next in thing i know a tree broke and fell on her. he and i ran and tried to to lift hir out of there and almost couldn't. >> todd: heavy wet snow was report add cross massachusets yesterday and police warned people t t stay inside because of falling limb a. >> neki: a child recover this morning after a daycare bus overturned in north carolina. happened in the town of matthews southeast of charlotte.. a car hit a bus with eight children inside causing it to turnn it's side. one of the daycare workers says
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the hospital is doing just fine. police say it could of been much worse. >> i'm glad we have seat bessments if not i would be probably be in the hospital. >> i was really scared and nervous and i just w wn't expecting it. i wasn't expecting us tolip over jiet driver of the car involved was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >> todd: heavy snow came dn in new york city covering car, sidewalks and street sis and the wet snow did cause for slushy road conditions there yet yesterday affect traf letter. another round of snow is expected to fall later this week and they say that the snow and wind also partially responsible be for that crane collapse. >> neki: what do we have to complainin about? >> todd: we don't. thief had a rougheather new york. >> neki: they waited forever to get it but once they got it, they got it. >> todd: and we have cooler temperature. i'm not mad at you. >> neki: no, i'm not.
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>> jennifer:, well t will become wet neki. i think the best time to doo anything outdoors will be early in the day. the showers will increase later this evening. the evening plans where you have to watch and keep a watchful eye on the radar and maybe take the umm wrel as with y y just in case if you're heading out tonight this morning1 degrees along the coast in fort lauderdale and miami. 59 for pembroke pine at kendall and homestead. but temperatures aren't as cool as they were yesterday morning or at least wide spread cool but it does feel cool out there thank to the north lir breeze we're vsmght light across broward and miami-dadad county down through the keys though, a little breezier especially for marathon this morning at 13 miles per hour. wind out of east northeast there. a few very lightht showers u. can hardly see them. off the coast rolling on shore. there's actually a stationar boundry. this is not a huge im pabl pack for thus morning. so it's, this morning enjoy the weathe because tonight again, the stationary boundry that we
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eventually turn into a cold front because a low will actually develop right long our coast and push out towards the northeast directions over the western atlantic. as it does, that is going to amplify and really bring brisk winds across the southeast including here in south florida. alg with that strong north lir flow. that will push in some much colder air over us by tomorrow. so today not so cool, temperature actually warming up into the upper 70s for some of us or if not the mid 70s a. now by sunday night, this is at 10:00 p.m., expect a brisk breeze. we're talking about wind out of northwest. 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusts up to 2525o. wind chill expected to lower a across the area which m mns even though temperature are dimming down into the 50s and even the 40s eventually by monday morning. it will feel much cool thearn for a lot of us and of coue it's all relative. but most of us in south florida,
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tomorrow and monday. now f you're heading out to the beach today, not really a beach day out there. a lot of cloud cover for us today. a far a the rain chance goingng up as well. small craft advisory by the way remain in effect 'til 9:00 a.m. this morning and then again tonight. now, temperature again warming up to those mid and upper 307's later this afternoon. it's warmer but it doesn't last too long because we expect that major cool down so temperatures in the morning sunday will start off in the low 50's. upper 60s will be the high keeping us cool. again monday it is cold, early in the morning. 46. that will be be the temperature monday mornini. 68 degrees for the high. and guest what, we stay cool jiew throughout rest of the week. todd. >> todd: thank you jen ch a group of cuban mie migrants in el salvador arriving yesterday. all hoping to reach the iewssments thousands of cuban
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it ta reca since november after 234eubg reagan closed it's boarders it to them.mexico a several nations struck a deal to move the migrants with france pore taition. >> and stage on cuba pope francis will be heading to the islandndation. leb heading there for a historic meeting with the head of the russian or though dosm church next week. the catholic and or tho do. church flit split years ago acht and this would be the first time in history the head of two chowch chuchs have met. >> drinking a and drive ck deadly but there another danger on the road that's often over looked. coming up in today's health cast, christy kreuger explains the dangers of crowsdy driving. and the photo of a mother hnd ear two daughters taking the internet by storm. people can't tell them apartment. which one is mom. nd out next. but first here's a look at the
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>> a. >> all watching. all tracking.
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ot one and only local 10 knew. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that torks there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do itt amazing right? i never would have expected would havehought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> neki: what do you have planned for today? with we have a few eye geez towmplet you can enjoy live music and activities with your family happening today in north miami. the city celebrating the 90 aj birthday way festival at the mocha plas blast a starts at 2:00 this afternoon and it is free. >> burn gore for a good cause. the family fun and fit day at zoo miami today. held at hedge and wellness. begin at 8:00 this morning. and another event for the family. corral spring hosting the family fun day and car show. the event heldd in downtown corral spring from ten to 2:00 and it's free. >> todd: well n today's health cast, somehings, we have familiar with here on the morning weekend show. the dangers of drowsy driving. we all know better to drink and driest and text behind the wheel is just as bad a. and now chris
6:21 am
us to main who hopes will you think twice before driving behind the wheel when you're tired. >> and he is packing for his first job in new york city. that is something that seemed impossible about two month ago after celebrating his graduation from fsu are with family and friends. christian was head home to miramar early one morning. he knew he was exhausted. i felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier and the constt blink whg you're real tief tired and then it wasne blink too long and my head fell once.& >> this is what happened next. christian woing as he was drifting off the road and turned the whe two too hard. his car ending up wrapped around a treatment specialist dr. lawrence monthly says drowsy driving puts every one on the road at at resting. sleep deaf per racing investigation is similar to being intoxicated.
6:22 am
your reaction timee is prolonged. it's a a dangerousus situation. >> christian ended up in the hospital with with three broken raifn broken pelvis and hip ch a cops lad lung and crack to his vertebrae. >> my legs hurt, my arm humplet opening my mouth hurt. >> 60% of adult drivers admit they have criefn while feeling druce sivment 1/3 of those drivers say they have fallen asleep at wheel. >> you're ability to be aware of your a alertness diminish and people under estimate their sleepiness. >> christian knows how lucky he is and hopes others will learn something from his story. >> i'm very, very grateful to have my job torks have my parents and have every one who has helped next it's really a good feel oog thousands of potential victims of ucf data breech say it could take hours to spe with someone on a hot line. find out if their information
6:23 am
social security number of 63,000 students and staff were pairntly accessed. ucf has settle up a webpage and call center to get answer. sthe are offing a year of free credit monitoring and identity protection. >> todd: this is the fun story of the morning. >> neki: yes, i hope they say this about me in 20 year. >> todd: where's waldo? >> neki: people wondering which one is mom. >>odd: the video wept viral. one of of the twins posted the photo of the casmghts mom, twin and me. >> can gu guess when which ismom. >> neki: i'm thinking it's the left. >> todd: the 35-year-old mom the one raising her hand on the left. i think it's in the other picture. that's mom. >> neki: wow, they look like triplets. >> todd: they do. >> neki: good for them. >> todd: i would gets one in the middle. >> neki: >> neki: i guessed the one on the left because of her expression.
6:24 am
>> there's month. >> neki: good genes,. >> neki: that's right. don't waist them. don't waist the jeans. >> todd: a 6-year-old boy recovering from injuries after being struck from the street while ride hig skooter. >> neki: coming up that young boy's family demanding answer from the police department. >> todd: and the so called facebook killerr sentenced to life in prison. up next derek medina speak owght in court for the first time since his trial ended jie. >> jennifer: and quite on crart at this hour. light descriz alls off shore. those have been dissipated. however, they will become more active later this a saturday. more detail oop that coming up. >> take local 10 on line with you wherever you're headed. lice like us on facebook and
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: dark and early. time now 6:30. 61 degrees. taking a live look out of our miami tower cam a at tpe sleep if i city. we see twinkling lights. not mh else going on right now other than you sitting at home watching us and hanging o out. >> todd: with we hope so. >> neki: how many cups of@ coffee have you had. >> zero. todd: what are you drinking right now. >> neki: no coffee yet. i'm saving it for later. >> todd: she gets jacked up. >> jennifer: i haven't had a cup of cop fee either. maybe i don't need it this
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>> neki: you're just sparkling. >> todd: it's cold enough out there. >> jennifer: it is cool enough to be nice and comfortable. temperature drop into the the 4r0e 60s axx notice one thing. pompano beach at 71. so it is not s s cool compared to yesterday mornini and today later this afternoon temperature will be also warmer than yesterday. now, be winds have remained this morning out of north and northeast, east northeast i should say for the keys. it's aight breeze out there. breezier in march an thoch a few showers developed offshore. the past 30 minutes they have dissipated. do i want to mention there is a stare stationary boundry just about about here. it's very week. however long this boundry there will be a low developing later today. it's associated with a trough. that will bring us colder ather a and bring us the rain chances later today. more detailsnhat coming up. nick neki and todd. >>0 neki:
6:28 am
our t story this morning. cell phone video capturing the chaos after a 6-year-old boy was struck in the street while riding his cruiser in front of his home. >> neki: that cruiser struck him on friday. >> todd: and the family now demanding answers from the police department. and sanela sabovic is live at the hospital where that young boy is recovering. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. the family of that six year-old child are speaking out and an greecht they are blaming the officer saying he was negligent and speeding at the time. accident and the miamiolice department saying that simply wasn't the ce. >> this cell phone video show the panic and utter chaos following the moments a six yeefer old child is accidenlly run over by a a miami police officer while he was on his skooter wednesday. the family of antoine lawson says he has a long road to recovery. his pelvic@ bone is broken. his fee mir m- you are bone is imroang.
6:29 am
he to have a tube down hi throaj throat. >> reporr: they also say the child will likely be be be in the mopt for months and learn how to walk again the family support set with the police department. >> very hurt and a don't see no type of tim pa think from the mie play police. >> reporter: they say the department sent miami-dade services to investigate the department. >> they trying find somewhehe to make it seem like her neglect but it wasn't negegct because them kids were being watched. >> reporter: m mmi police say crash h s an accident and he can't seat skooter because it dartd between two car on the street. >> meantime they haven't named e officer. you are vin the second what been a police officer since april of 2014 but still on the probationary period his file cln but one instructor noted he issues with directions. >> if is on prot base period, thean he should be supereised.
6:30 am
him unt the probation period ends. >> we want toention that the officer you saw open the cell phone individual would was not the with one behind the wheel at the time. accident. he was there to help out. meantime that officer what not been charged. the investigation is still ongoing. reporting live in miami. sanela sabovic a. local 10 news. >> neki: derek ma denat so called facebook killer sentenced sterday. he will be spending the rest of his life in prison. >> todd: medina who had remained silent throughout trial decided to speak up yesterday. >> neki: he delivered a ba disash rant that left many puzzled. and layron livingston is live in miami with the details. layron snien deed bizarre and they say they will appeal this life sentence after an emotionally trying and verbally interesting day in court. >> we've seen different form of derek medina throughout the past
6:31 am
>> anda president on this corrupted world that i'll be suing. >> he was in rare form on friday the point i'm trying to make it i did not get a fair trial. >>. i will be taking action. godose the truth and nothing further. >> reporter: prosecutors say he posted a picture of his wife jennifer alfonso's body after he shot and killed her in the south miami hoa. td home she the shared with their young daughter sthevment did not join the family members in court but was in the home when her mother was murdered. >> not being able to see her mother again, that say tragedy that no child should ever have totondure. >> and she wasn't just a body on the floor to be discovered. she was a wonderful amazing person. >> reporter: medina's lawyer says hi client has been in isolation since the 2013 arrest which might explain the impromptu words in court. >> he has been in isolation
6:32 am
that is not easy. i'm not his life coach. i'm liz lawyer. >> reporter: and we'll let now quha happen with this a appeal a. reporting live in miami. layron livingston. local 10 news. >> todd: now to a safety alert. a man a charged with molesting two young girls in hisis miami taekwondo class. 64-year-old rafael na gran targeted two young sisters. 115 years old and the other just ten. ys coofd exposition himself to the 15-year-old several time as well a as touching the 10-year-old inapproprtely. he is facing charges of lewd and low sufficient sif vee os exwhat base and molestation. and he is ciewfd molest himself to children on a play ground. 30-year-old hog imins approached girl and pulled down his pafnltd he is being held in on $1 million bond. people in the area loiz him and
6:33 am
there could be other victim out there. if you recognize him, call poloce. >> todd: two pair in custody ave bank robberies. another case bank along flamingo road in pembroke pines also hit. sky 10 ovethe scene of police say both of these bank robberies are connected. not far from the chase bank in miramar, sky 10 over head as one of the a accused robber was arrested. >>. again, a second person taken into custody. no one hurt and no cash was ever taken. >> neki: jackson health system has fired # employees for the data breech involving nfl star jason pierre paul. this is video of pierre paul training month after that july fireworks accident here in south florida severely injured hi right hand. we lose an indnd finger. a picture of the hand was linked to an espn reporter as paul was being treated at jmh. jackson health released this statement last night saying as part of our investigation into the breech t was discovered that
6:34 am
accessed the patients healthrecord. that finding resulted in the determination of both employees. >> todd: a family in mourning after a man was shot and killed in miami friday morng. family members say da paish was shot and killed early while standing outside hi home and they are the not sure why. >> and they don't do anything to anybody. the this man should not have to die. he is a family man. he all on facebook posting what he cooking. he always have fun with everybody. he been here almost 40 years. nobody had the right to kill him out here on these streets like this. >> todd: parish found dead on 1st avenue. police say they received proforts shots fired just after 1:00 friday morning and that's when they found the victim. >> neki: another teenager shot in miami while riding hi bicycle on thursday evening. the teen shot near northwest 64th street and 6th avenue. he was taken to jackson memorial hospital where at last check he is expected to recover.
6:35 am
man who staged the case appear arches his girlfriend's 21-month-old son has now plead guilty of manslaughter. last month lieu ben ebron lead proos cue towowds lonzie r rain. the boy's mother locked them in a bath room while they had sex he drawn drown. he pan mick and then tried to to cover it up. >> ir do believe that bring that chchd's body back to the community was important. >> we would not necessarily have made a deal like that if we any hope finding the body on our own eerks meanwhile the mother lonzie barton could face six years in prison. expected back in court on february 21. >> neki: a frightening scene in n york city as a large crane goes crashing several store redown. >> todd: coming up more on the video of the scary accident that left one person dead.
6:36 am
infamous affluenza teen making a move and taking a new picture. we have the latest update on this case. >> todd tongen and neki moh on the one and only local 10 news. >> i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of f eir way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so o lpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simpmp thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:37 am
new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active daily moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and active lha. it does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week.
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the active way to better skin. >> todd: welcome back. an investigation is underway after a crane collapsed in new& york city killing one firn and injuring two other. new york city mayor bill de blast diswro he is the victim was sitting in a parked car at time of the accident. worker in the are the process of lowering a crane because of high winds and that's when it@ could lpsd. a wit nets described the terrifying sne eye sought crane come down and then it made a loud noise and hit. we a all ran to help out. >> todd: the aftermath left bricks scattered every where a. a piece of equipment also came crashing through the roof of a nearby building. >> neki: the so called affluenza teen has been moved to a youth facility. he is eej ee sthan couch's latest mub mug shot. officials say the move does not mean that the 18-year-old probation case will be transferred to the adult system. couch fled the county with wiz
6:39 am
on line showing him vie lighting his probation. he was ensentenced to ten years probation after quilling four people while driving drunk. >> todd: 6:54 and the sun is coming up. i need tea. you know it's cool outside if he is cold in here. >> neki: a. >> jennifer: that rye. todd and neki it will stay cool as we head into next week. first let's talk about our saturday. with we have to take it t e day ate time and right now as you can see, mostly cloudy sky. very hard to notice but there are a few rain drops on this lens. a couple of these cloud producing light rainfall as they continue to push over the town town area of miami, brickell and also over key biscayne. 61 degrees in miami, fort lauderdale and key west here at 64. long. inland temperature a tad c oler at 69 degrees. the wind remaia out of north. northerly factor keeping us cool for this morning.
6:40 am
they will be light but they will become brisk by tomorrow. now on@ the radar very hard to see but right thru can see those shower that are pushing onshore over key biscayne. downtown miami or actually port of miami and closer to downtown miami very light dris drizzle. but these are heavier as you can see. so that will be headed your way into south beach, port of miami and as well a downtown miami. i don't think those will hold together too long for them to wai make thrair way far west butly say this, rain chance increase gradually throughout the day. rain chances today up to 60% by thing. now why? baw there's a stationary boundry but then it will come into a a cold front as a low develop off the southeast coast of florida. will strengthen and em fla fight. take a look. thatat it could bring snow into the mid atlantic. thats a big story thehe. for us here at home, big story will be tomorrow. a brisk breeze. we're talking about wind 15 to
6:41 am
a chihiy sunday starting off in the low 50s and then only a hive 67 degrees. with that breeze especiallydy bisunday night where wind gusts could be up to 25. yes, it will feel cooled, illy. enough to want to wear those swret sweater again and even into the start of of the next week. small craft advisory wil remain in effect until # a.m. and nan gairt tonight and tomorrowment high today in the mid to upper 70s but that warm air oy last for this afternoon. rain chances also going up. best chance to see heavy showers will be be throughout this evening and over night. neki and todd. >> neki: thank you jennifer. what a win for the the heat in chartte last night. >> todd: oh yeah. coming up in the sports show. it's how wade and the heat pulled this wownt out at the end thaw got to see.
6:42 am
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i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. a wild month that saw the heat play 14 out of 16 game at home a is finally overr and what a way to close it out last night. a heat in char light. homecong for hassan white side. we'll get to that in a moment but what about about wade last night. adding another t/ his career wheel. he goes for 22 in this one. halftime a cool moafnlt the the heat mon norring alonzo morning for his leg iment with the team. and 4th quarter how about white side? huge blocker right there. grab it it out of air and starts the the fast break. goes the other way. how about that? another prip tell double for white side. ten points. ten rebounds and ten blocks. and chris bosh drives inside bucket and the foul. he took a two-point lead and the heat step it up on defense. how about wade way steel and a
6:44 am
heat pull off an maig win 98 to 95 and huge win for white sidid and the family. >> amazing. i got 20 people here. i got my whole family here. just to win a gamee like that coming into charlotte my second game back coming ofort bench. it was an maig feeling. >> i shoved said it was three years for a lan do in charlotte. up next they host the clipper tomorrow. all here on local 10. starts with the local pregame season at 1:00 and the game at 2:00 and stay with us forhe post game show right here on local 10. >> on to ice, a night off for the panther and thursday's win in detroit and now they welcome a tough penguin team to o town tonight. >> another great team and it should be a real good game and again, it will be same as last night. a lot of good speet and game. hopefully we play well against a
6:45 am
>> and don shula spending the weekend watching hi son coach in the super bowl and spending time with the nfl commimiioner posting this picture on twitter yesterday. >> i'm clay ferraro. that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: the biggest football imaivment year just one day way. >> todd: that's right and north carolina fan seein say sign of good luck. we'll tell you all about it ahead. >> the president of haiti steps down but not before giving a an exclusive interview with with local 10 calvin hughes. exclusive interview saturday
6:46 am
>> neki: tomorrow is the big day. i eat all day. oh, there's a game too. >> todd: you're not alone. >> neki: the carolina panther plate denver broncos in super bowl 50.
6:47 am
their bets with you a player says he fouou a sign. >> the. >> neki: okay. >> todd: the sign says denver seven. newton 20. it show how far the sit tee are a apart but he says is is a sign from god. >> neki: put it on facebook and thought it was a coincidence. >> todd: and cam newton is the quarterback for north carolina eye and misguided sharon facebook. >> neki: and where y- is the panther wearing the zebra pants. >> todd: we're just getting started here folk. >> neki: a long way to government here what we're work on head at 7:00. we a continuing to follow that story of the little woi struck in the street by the police officer. here what the flame has to say about the recovery. >> todd: and the so called facebook killer speaking out in court after being sentenced to life in prison. hear the bizarre words he utters in court when we return. >> neki: and you heardbout
6:48 am
could a worse crisis be emerging in pennsylvania? we'll have that story coming up. >> todd: local 10 news at 7:00 coming up next. >> neki: and a check of the forecast after the break. as we go to break a look at the fort lauderdale tower cam. a lot of clouds out there. what does that mean. >> todd: no rain so far. >> neki: so far so good. we'll be back in a minute. flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one.
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast businesss built for business. >> neki: right now a boy stru in the street. 5eu6 year-old run over by a police cruiser. this morning hi family speaking out about the recover require. >> todd: at deadly earthquake in taiwan. the death toll are rising a as worker cram bell to finthose trapped in the rubble. >> neki: andaiti's embattled president stepping down a a the violence escalates on the streets.
6:51 am
taking a dive here in n uth florida.
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