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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 7, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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exclusive with haiti's'sutgoing president. as he said goodbye to his staff and office. he signed an order swearing he would step down as mandated tomorrow. >> he promised a stronger haiti after coming into office in a messy election five years ago. tonight he leaves behind a mixed legacy clouded by a political crisis all too familiar to the haitian people. local 10 news, calvin hughes is live in port-au-prince with his exclusive interview. calvin? >> calvin. carlos and cheyenne at 12:01 tonight, the president's five-year term will officially come to an end. last night key members of the haitian parliament came together in the wee hours of the morning came up with some sort of deal to strike a deal to have some sort of smooth transition of government and here's how the deal looks. as ofight now, first a provisional or interim government will take over starting tomorrow and will be in power foror20 days.
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select a new president and prime minister as quickly as politically possible. and the new president will have one job and one job only and that is to make sure the country has the presidentialunoff and legislative elections on april 24th and then the the inauguration on may 14th. here's what he said about the deal he struck with the members of the parliament last night. >> haiti has suffered great loss, great loss because people who never wanted elections are about to probably get the power again without elections because they forced me into exile. >> carlos: today as you spoke about today an unprecedent day in terms of our access to the president's final minutes, final hours in office. it was truly historic to watch him walk the grounds with members of his staff and it was very emotional for him and for everyone around him.
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it's the final moments much a five-year presidency, taking personal belongings from theoffice of the national palace. haitian president marking his final minutes in office taking pictures, walking the halls to say goodbye to even secretaries. and then it's downn the stairs for the final time. [appuse.] walking out to a grateful staff. he fought back the tears. but this is a presedent who lives in the moment and that makes him no match for emotion. unconventional until the very end. dancing withhecurity guards with big guns on their backs. he told me he had one final act as president. >> when you offer them. >> repororr: turning over social program he started for people who usededo live on the streets to drive vans to earn a living. haiti's constitution said he must be out of office 1 minute
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he left the grounds of the palace for one final time as president of his country. it's democracy at work, but sometimes democracy can be messy. powerful and painful. he says he will take a break and then he will go back to his music. and by the way, carnival was supposed to start tomorrow, but some of the floats will bee canceled and he says he's not quite into possibly getting onto a float and celebrating what is a big tradition here in this country. and one final notee here. there was a protest today right outside thth palace while president martali was saying his final goodbyes. >> cheyenne: i understand you said calvin he will plan to aacsb break. but any indication what he will do in the future? >> calvin: we did have a chance to talk about that today during his final exit interview.
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talked wit today inside of the national palace, what is remaining of the national palace. here what he had to say. take a listen. >> if i'm needed, i'll be there. i'm not afraid. except i don't want to say i will be president. there are bigger things,hings that i wanted to do. >> calvin: he said there are things that he wanted to do for the haitian people that he didn't have a chance to do as president but he hopes to be able to do as a citizen now. so he didn't quite leave the door o on to run for president again, but if i'm guessing, he will likely try to do that five years from now. >> he leaves office just as he came out w th a lot apparently still to do. >> cheyenne: lots of passion. calvin will be back tomorrow morning with more o what he had to say. look for his live reports on at 9 o'clock. >> carlos: now to vote 2016. it was an awkward and shaky start to tonight's republican
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the candidates came to the stage out of order with their names called out incorctly. now, no sooner were those pleasantries over with than the gloves came off. kris kris try was relentless in going after marco rubio. >> the only female republilin candidate was excluded. glenna is live with the latest. >> reporter: carlos, cheyenne, it looked like tonight belonged to the governors. there was so much focus since iowa on trump and cruz and rubio. but tonight governor bush, governor christy, governor kassig, they were the ones who really came on strong, really their best debate and new hampshire is so critical for them. first, though, before any debating, cruzspan dr. ben carson had to take over leftover drama from iowa. >> ben, i'm sorry.
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cruz apologized for making voters think ben carson was leading the race. >> it gives us a very good example of certain types of washington ethics. >> reporter: it was the most attention dr. carson has gotten all week but the most went to marco rubio expected from the front runners but a carp bombing from christy. >> when you're president of the united states, governor of a state to memorize the 30 second speech how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> it was ohio governor john kassig with the first word on immigration. >> finish pay a fine, a path to legalization not citizenship. >> build a wall, we will triple the border patrol, we will increase and actually since donald enjoyed that, i will simply say i've got somebody in mind to build it. >> who has the leadership skills to lead? and i'm proud of the fact that i have 12 medal of honor recipients, over 30 admirals and
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a stcady hand as commander in chief. >> jeb bush finally polling in the double digits here, kept it positive redirecting attacks from rubio right next to him to front runner donald trump. >> what donald trump did wasas use eminent domain to try to take the propepey of an elderly woman on the s sip in the city. that is downright wrong. >> governor bush really coming on strong challenging trump on eminent domain, that's the taking of private land for what is supposed to be projects for public use. so this last gop debate before tuesday's new hampshibe primary is seen as so critical, as is the campaigning that all the candidates for both parties will do this weekend because this is the time they really get to make their case to new hampshire voters. almost half of them are either undecided or no party affiliation. and in this state, people who don't have a party affiliation can choose to vote in whichever
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that is the latest from manchester, new hampshire totoght, i'm glenna reporting. >> carlos: already two cps are claiming victory. >> cheyenne: stay warm. the hunt is on for a driver who hit a groupf people in miami and took off. family of the victims spoke out to local 150 news. michael is live in miami with the story. michael? >> michael: talk about a tough day for the victims and their families. i can tell you that right now two women still remain here in the hospital and one of them is in icu. he's not doing good. in a lot of pain. the guy came out of no where and hit them. they say they flipped in thee air. >> tonight ruby english is trying to stay stron right now her daughter, fran brown, is in the hospital after the 21-year-old and four of her friends became victims of a hit-and-run crash in miami's liberty city neighborhoo in fact, this man suffered multiple injuries but was released drom the hospital late
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but ruby's daughter could be hospitalized for days. >> and she has lacerations and she has bruises all over her boyd, her chest, sore. >> any broken bones or anything? >> yes, i t tnk she had her legs. >> it all happened overnight, arouou 3:30 a.m. in front of this liquor store on northwest 17th avenue. witnesses tell us that that chevy pulled up to this liquor store. they were parked here illegally here in the middle of the street. some of the passengers went inside to buy alcohol. on their way out, they were getting back into their vehicle, that's when they were rear-ended by a mercedes suv. the america mercedes in police custody but remains on the run. the driver showed no remorse.. >> he got out of the car and he said what the hell was that? and then he got back into the car. >> turnn yourself in. do the right thing and turnyourself in. it's only right because you have family members also.
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from a detective telling me that they are reviewing surveillance video from that liquor store, so ey are hoping that when they release that to the public, we will of course bng it to you. someone will come forward with information that will track dowpn the driver. we are live tonight in miami, i'm michael siden, local 10 news. >> carlos: we're just getting started tonight preparing for the worst in south florida. coming up tough training all day long for emergency responders making sure their skillll are sharp for terror strikes. local 10 news has been withhem every step. >> right now in weather we're tracking the lalings the few showers moving through miami dade and broward county. before you know it,ur temperatures will be dropping and dropping fast. we'll let you know how cool
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minutes. >> also at 11 o'clock, tough training in south florida. emergency responders preparing for the worst to me sure they were read toy save lives. the terror training went well
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>> cheyenne: crews spent an entire saturday in several different scenarios making sure they are ready when needed. derek shore is live at marlin park with the latest. derek. >> derek: cheyenne and carlos, this was called operation heat shield. unpresident training that would have both law enforcement and medical response crews working together in a staged terrorist attack that took place all day all across miami and would end here a marlins park. as night fell, marlins park became ground zero for first responder training, a mock terrorist attack going down in what was supposed to be an all-star game. police and rescue crews descenedding on the sports venue as an active shooter moves in. >> how effectively can we work amongst the departments, state, local and federal here? ourommunications, how did that work out? >> reporter: more than a dozen agencies joining together in a day of terror training that has ver been seen before in our
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settings and practicing communication amongst each other. >> the difference today is that there's a collaboration between police and fire that has never taken place before. >> reporter:r:he premise: a staged, coordinated attack of sleepepecells coming to life throughout miami. an attack at the miami d de government center, another on board an airliner at miami international airport, one at the coast guard station and hundreds of volonteer victims and hostages came out to participe. >> these terrorists, these criminals, these home grown terrorists, they're going to think of different ways on how they can provide danger to our homeland. >> and today's training has beenmore than a year in the making. but the attacks in paris as well as san bernadino only strengthened their purpose. so how did they do today? well, they will be analyzing that in the coming days. live in little havana, derek shore, local 10 news. >> carlos: as you could see in his live shot as well as michael's shot.
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pick up some fresh florida zucchini, beautiful golden squash, plumptomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more delicious recipes visit >> carlos: i don't know what to expect from mother nature anymore the past couple days. i don't know. trent trent it was beautiful this afternoon. it's wet, gloomy, tomorrow? it's going to need the warm stuff. it will get cool. clouds, rain. up and down and up and down. it's south florida wintertime during el nio, right? drops of water on the lens. it is coming down in broward and miami dade. over the past three hours, the heavier stuff has continued to move toward the bahamas but right now broward county most of
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coast as it continues to clear out out west along the saw degrees expressway. over the next hour or so, all of south florida including the florida keys will finally begin to dry out, that includes key west and marathon. right now the wind is shifting as the cold flow moves out of the northwest. it will pick up overnight and 30 miles per hour. and our temperatures will continue to fall. right now low 60s. mid 60s down in key west. and by tomorrow morning, low 50s out west. a little bit warm ear long the coastlinin our temperatures will stay pretty uniform with that strong wind, e en key west will struggle to get out of the 60s tomorrow as we' going to be very, very cool. here's the setup. area of low pressure moving away from us tonight. that's going to set up a very blustery sunday. it is going to be windy and it is going to be chilly. our high temperature tomorrow? only up around 65 degrees. as a matter of fact, let's look at that extended forecast here as we go through the next few
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windy and chilly, 30 percent chance of rain mainly between new and 5 a.m. it will belearing out and we're going to stay cool. look at monday morning, we will ke up to 44 degrees.
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here after the break. >> will: the first place panthers were s@eam rolling some of the best the teams in the nhl during their five-game winning streak. a much different store toy night against the penguins and sidney crosby, panthers fans, big crowd with the space phenomenon after a scoreless first period. look at this impmpsible angle. scores. 1-0 cats. same score in the third. all alone, the pretty move and short-handed goal. 2-0 game over, right? the panthers are on fire. not so fast. pinning wins pull a goal he and
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forces overtime and in ot it's crosby to chris with the power-play goal. oh, man. give the panthers credit. they got oututo the lead. they lose 3-2 snappinin that five-game winning streak. white a streak. he seems to be playing angry since coming off injury. triple double. and he might pull another against the clippers. >> i know i will come out here with a chip on my shoulder ever since the all-star game. i really felt i should have been in that. i will just come out here and play with that aggression. >> and will he do it tomorrow? onlylyne place to find out against the clippers right here on local 10. start your super bowl sunday party with the pregame show that begins at 1 as you see the game. finally the canes will be well represented in super bowl 50. there's tight end greg olson of the panthers soaking in the scene at the stage today of the big game against the broncos. and then there's dorcy who is the panthers' qb coach. olsoso and company posing for the
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they all dabbed. robbery var an posted this picture. lundy won mvp the other day. everybody is dabbing. do you see if he's dabbing the celebration? >> who will win? >> panthers. i think they are the best. >> i will wear the color of the team. >> i just want some pizza.
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