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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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beach at the flamingo where two children, four and six years old may have seen the murder of their mother. the two little ones old enough to go downstairs at around 7:00 p.m. to tell condo security their mom was hurt. security then called police. miami beach detectives had to wait& for a search warrant after finding the victim dead inside an apartment on one of the lower floors on the south tower. >> okay. during that custody hearing we did -- we do know that there was a maternal aunt from orlando who came forward and said that she wants to keep the children, but as of now the judge has decided to remain -- keep them in foster care. there will be another hearing later this month. for now reporting live in downtown miami, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> hatzel, thank you. >> here's the latest cnn poll going into the first presidential primary in new hampshire. donald trump has 31% of the support new hampshire. fofoowed by 17% for marco rubio. ted cruz, john kasich and jeb bush
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bernie sanders maintains a sizable lead over hillary clinton. 61% to 35%. local10 news is live in new hampshire as voters cast their ballots in the nation's first primary. >> our own glenna milberg is already in position there, live in new hampshire with more on the mood as we get closer to the polls cling. glenna? >> well, the mood, they're exced here, laurie, calvin, this is a big event in new hampshire. they really like that spotlight, the magnified importance of beifg the nation's very very first primary and they love the attention from the candidates they get because of it.>> oh, that turned out good. >> hillary clinton angng for the best showing possible, neighbor state bernie sanders polling 2-1 ahead. >> i wish they could vote. i would be doing real good. >> marco rubio with his kids at a polling place in salem. >> jeb bush with his wife in manchester. the kind of up close and personal
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demand, even as they head into the polls. >> your father shook my hand and he won. your brother shook my hand and he won. >> first baptist church in nashua is the picturesque polling place where nearly 250 voters are registered and 60 had registered for the first time by 10:00 a.m. >> this ward we have 1,195 voters. >> how many of those do you expect will actually show up. >> from what i've seen somebody said it's going to be 60% turn out. that would be interesting. >> just as the polls indicated we found people waiting to cast their vote still right there undecided which candidate, even which party would get the vote. >> i'm down to two. >> you're standing in line to vote and you're down to two. >> one person who is a politician who is very smart, and i have another person that's not a politician, so, you know,.
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>> i'm struggling. >> okay. ps, we find out he actually voted for the politician. >> don't you want to hear the rest of the stories that go o in everyone of these polling places? they're o open until 7:00 generally. there are a few that decided to stay open until 8:00 tonight, so we have a bit more time. there is one polling place wear up near the canian border. they voted at midnight. their count is done there. nine votes from that township broke for bernie sanders and governor john kasich. i'm glenna milbergrreporting live in manchester, new hampshire, today, local10 news. >> stay with local10 for live team coverage of the new hampshire prary. glenna will be back with another live report at the top of the hour and ourenior political reporter michael putney will be watching the polls all night long with us and we want to remind you too, don't miss the vote. register to vote. we are more than a month away now from the florida primary,
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registered to vote, you are running out of time. tomorrow we are teaming up with the league of womom voters for our day long register to vote blitz. todd tongue inand neki mohan will be live all day long encouraging you to geet out and vote. todd will be at the f fiu campus. you can also register there at any public library. >> a pair of vicious attacks were caught on camera. an allegedly carried out by the same man. the first violent and bizarre encounter happened at a shell service station in lauderhill on sunday. jovan walker attacked this man with a metal shelving pole for no apparent reason. as he was rushed to the hospital, police say walker then attacked a store clerk with a sword at the nearby swap shop laurie and calvin west sunrise boulevard. meanwhile still isn't sure why he was attacked. >> i didn't see. he was hiding something behind his back.
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>> i know so. and i hope they take care of him. >> very compassionate man. walker was arresteted later that day. our derek shore is working this story. 'll have the latest live at 6:00. >> meantime, two people flying from new york city to miami, they were arrested for trying to sneak weapons on to their plane. port authority police releasi photos of the straight edg razors they uncovered at laguardia airport. the first was discovered underneath the sole of a shoe and another inside a baseball cap. a man and woman on the way to miami were arrested. >> today we're hearing from the emotional mother of a missing plantation teenager her home in hawaii. she mad a video begging for her son toome home. local10 terrell forney where that teen's father is being held. >> terrell. >> the man not helping police with very much information in this case.
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here at this facility in pompano beep for a week now, but we also know he's been long separated from that child's mother who today stepped forward with this m message. please be good and don't hide. >> with tears in her eyes she struggles to keep it together. >> it's been so long. i love you. and your sister really loves to see you. >> the emotional plea from this mom is aimed at her 16-year-old son who has been missing since december. it's believed the two hasn't seen each other in years. recently the boy has been staying with his father at their home in plantation, but the teen apparently disappeared after a dispute. >>. please don't he. >> the boy's for her bruce never reported his son missing. instead he posting missing person
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and has been uncooperative with detectives. investigators arrested him last month at the airport after he purchased a one way ticket to new zealand alone. the father has been discharged with decertification of a child. >> i pray that you are still alive. >> there's been no trace of the teen since his disappearance. we're told he dodo not own a cellphone and has no social media accounts. mom from her coaoaal pacific country ends her on camera appeal with this motherly advice. >> call the police. th fbi. those people there will help you so don't be afraid. >> and tt 16-year-old does have a history of running away from home, but he's never been gone this long. detectives in this case also tell us that foul play is not suspected at this point, but hat mom and those police officers really want this boy to pick up the phone and call someone.
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is okay and possibly to be reunited with his mother. we are moved in pompano beach, i'm terrell forney. local10 news. >> new details are coming in from adeadly train crash in southern germany today that killed nine people and injured m me than 100. this happened this morning near the height of morning rush i bavaria. officials say that the trains were on a curve and it appears that neither had time to break befor they hit head on. the bck boxes have been recovered which will provide more answers about why those trains @ollided. >> florida senator bill nelson is calling for the national transportation safety board to investigate a royal caribbean cruise ship that was damaged during a storm at sea. he wants to know why the captain would even head into a storm that had been forecast days earlier. our own neki mow man is in the newsroom now to explain. >> laurie no one was injured when royal caribbean anthem of the seas was hit by hurricane force winds all of the passengers were told to stay in their cabins and today for
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from the ship's captain. >> first came these frightening images fm the passengers who used their cell phones to capture furniture flying. soda cans sliding and giantaves pounding their cruise ship. >> i'm really concerned about the captain's judgment in this situation. >> and now this response from the captain. >> it just became so intensified. >> royal caribbean airing the interview on an in-house e annel on the ship. >> s for 24 hours it has moved from being this to what you see he. >> the captain is claiming the storm they encountered was worse than what was forecast. winds gusting over 100 miles per hour off the carolina coast just one d after leaving new jersey over the weekend. the bahamas bound cruise ship is now on its way back to jersey. >> the thing about this storm was that it was forecast for days. >> some are questioning the validity of the captain's explanation.
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calling for the ntsb to investigate. >> thank goodness there was not much damage and that it is sea worthy. but the question is, when there's a storm brewing, why are mistakes made? >> now, royal caribbean has apologized and is offering a full refund for passengers. the ship is scheduled to arrive back in new jersey storm tomorrow evening. >> laurie. >> all right, vicky, thank you. i want to let you know, pope francisss returning to cuba and local10 news will be right there. our hatzel vela reports from havana later this week when pope francis travels to cuba to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church, the catholic and orthodox churches split nearly 1,000 years ago so this is historic beyond description. don't miss hatzel's live report starting thursday at 5:00. >> let's check on the afternoon rush with local10 reporter jenise hernandez. jenise.
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cancel any of your evening plans, maybe you have some mardi gras plans, get a nice cup of gumbo tonight. this is the look of i-95 right around atlantic boulevard. seeing some slow traffic here and there, but nothing too concerning as we zoom into our maps. you will run into slow traffic, but speeds are clockingg in at 25 miles per houou as we crews on to dade countyy we do have two accidents to talk about. the first is on u.s. 27. this is southbound right around northwest 103rd street. speeds there are clock flooding at 6 miles per hour, so hardly moving at all. palmetto expressway also as an accident. we are seeing some delays as well with speeds clocking in at 16 miles per hour. calvin, laurie. >> okay, jenise, thahas a lot. we are now hearing from one of the victims of a violent rampage in lauderhill. he was left battered and bruised after being beaten by a pipe who attacked another victim with a swd. we'll have this story coming up at 6:00.
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with the leader of a local church whose project to help the homeless has suffered a serious set back. >> after the break we're hearing from a brave young boy who managed
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only to go back into save his bruce jorgensen it's eye busy day in the news department. following more breaking news now. >> a car has apparently crashed
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the details we know so far. this is 928 northeast 60 street street. this is just east of 95 and we believe that that black car had somehow slammed into the front of that boost mobile store. you can see the tape is up. fire rescue is there and it looks like crews are starting to do some shoveling to get the broken glass out of the way. no word at this point on any injuries, but you can see broward sheriff's office is on the soon as we get more calvin, we'll let you know. >> janine, thanks a lot. ininstigators risk their lives to save three young boys who had in pennsylvania. now we are hearing from one ofhe boys who had managed to climb out of the freezing water only to go back into rescue his friend. >> an emotional moment as colon ore and his father talk about the frightening ordeal that left them struggling in the icy water. die. it kind of felt like i was going to
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>> around 2:00 p.m., ore, 13-year-old just edwards and another boy were walking on the ice when it cracked beneath them. >> when it broke, i was the first one to fall in and instantly as a reaction, i still know this is bad, but i grabbed on to the ice to get back on and then it broke. >> you hear that scream that you know and went wrong. >> david bennett and two other neighbors ran to help out. they pulled one boy out with a stick, but they couldn't reach the other two. orr climbed up on a drain gate, but edwards couldn't. >> one kid was screaming he couldn't sm, he was yelling to him hold on to the bars, hold on to grate. >> he jumped intake into the water. i got his hand and got his backpack off and i put him on and he was like, and he instantly thanked me, because he's polite. >> divers from the pennsylvania volunteer fire department used the raft to rescue the boys who had been in the water for 30 minutes. >> i want to thank the neighbors and everybody that came to get them
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i can't thank them enough. >> beside some cuts on his hands and mild gh pressure they hypothermia he says ease doing well. >> do not ergo to o a frozen pond. otherwise you're going to regret it. >> that's a true friend. all three of the boys were treated for hypo they remember i can't, but they are all back home and safe with their families and they're going to stay away from frozen ponds for now on. >> all of us who grew up north we& all learned that. it's your greatest fear to ever think of that happening.>> but you want someone like that around you. absolutely. that's a true fresno until the end. >> all right, betty, that just got us all chilly and you're going to make us cold too. >> weather is not helping. the coolness hangs in the atmomohere tonight and tomorrow night. we're staring outside right now lookinggt fort lauderdale, plenty of mid to high level clouds out there help to obscure the sunshine at times today and ithelped keep
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we only made it up to about 67 degrees in miami. right now we're at 65. kendall 64. homestead 64, so we're settling into another cool night, grabbing the sweater if you're heading out. thelouds will be stubborn, but there's really no rainfall in the forecast, so dry conditions as by 9:00 some of you may slipff to 60 degrees. so one cold front after another. that's our theme for this week. winds flowing in from the west, northwest, but all the mid and high level clouds together in upstairs because we have the south westerly flow a lot. downstairs the northwesterly component to the wind will drag down the air and weans there's some ld air to be had. you can really see it in the color scheme on this temperature map, trough dipping in the jetstream as we're looking at the temperatures. atlanta at 32 degrees and it is fringes of that chill, mre of that will be draining down t the peninsula.
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start, because we expect thursday morning to be the coldest morning for the rest of the week. eventually winds will become northeasterly but we're going to tend to be on the cooler side. bottom line for tomorrow we're planning to start the day in the 50s, forecasting 53 for the low in miami. highs moving up to about 67 in the afternoon, some and clouds and northwest wind. thursday mornqng we're planning on some 40s with highs in the upper 60s. friday morning mid to upper 50s to start the day. that will probably feel kind of nice to some of and you thenn highs in the mid sevens so getting a little closer to average, but not quite where we should do be exactly, but at least milde stepping into the weekend. guys? >> all right. betty, thank you. and a frightening armed robbery was caught on camera and we have the video. the thief made for an imposing figure with his face and head masked in black. we'll show you more of the scary video at 6:00. >> annual gator tossed through the drive-thru window of a fast food
5:19 pm
hear what was bind it. >> i'm andrea brody live at the american airlines arena a. tonight is the last game for the heat beforeheir break, but some
5:20 pm
relax than i'm andrea brody live at the american airlines arena. the average height is 6'4" and then there's chris bosh. at 6'11" he's not only reguen-hying the field, but his only -- redesigning the field, but his game as well. >> a growing call sounded to the delight of heat fans. >> bosch fm downtown. and one about to be heard around the league. >> it's going to be exciting. it's going to be a lot of fun, just to be in these situations is a lot of fun.
5:21 pm
nba's towering figures. but his will be 18" in diamemer. he will join those for their finesse, accuracy and touch in the all-star three-point contest. >> i'm pretty much a whole different player than i was a few years ago. i didn't even shot 3's. so continue doing somethinin totally different and actually being in a contest for it, it's prerey cool. >> i feel like i'm in it, i'm just not shooting. >> dwayne wade has watched some of his teammates find success before. the difference is they've been shooti for distance their entire careers. b social media sh >> i don't have anything to lose. so nobody expects me to win, so i can just throw up hook shots up there and i don't think it will be a bigeal. >> this weekend the defending champion of thekills contest will literally take a step back to both shoot and reflect.
5:22 pm
cb has already emerged a winner perhaps. >> it'saught me about growth. it's taught me to always keep my mind open to new opportunities and things like that. or i'm just going to the three-point contest, i don't know which one it is yet. it might be reading too much into it. >> got to love chris bosh. he's going to have some tough competition in the reining champ steph curryry james jones, that's not c cnting and ray allen. those guys all won. so with that kind of pressure we asked him, are you practicing yet? he said, no, not yet. maybe he'll do it tomorrow if the kids let him. playing it cool our big m. playing it cool. >> you know, steph curry is really tough to go up against. bosh may have history on his side, but i think we should do put our money on steph curry. what do you think? right now they're all 0-0. anything can happen and we've seen it before, right?
5:23 pm
i have my money on him. >> we'll see you tomorrow. thank you andrea. >> a woman accused of harding men for their high end jewelry faced a judge today. >> our jenise and victor oquendo working on some of the stories for news at 5:30. calvin and laurie a story we reported befefe. a young man meets an older man at the bar and next thing the victim wakes up without his expensive wristwatch and police say thiswoman has a history of these types of robberies. >> we're also speang with with the pastor of a church in over town whose project to help the homeless keeps getting side lined by vandals. plus a 80-year-old man badly beat by a man who went on a violent rampage in lauderhill. he's speaking out. local10 news con (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound)
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>> local10 news starts right now. >> right now at 5:30 a developing story from jackson memorial hospital where the secret service is now involved in an identity theft investigation. >> the hospital system says an employee may have been stealing confidential patient information over the past five years.
5:26 pm
more. carlos? >> victor and janine the health system is working alongside the secret service to figure out the scope of the possible identity theft. jackson health identified the woman at the center of all this at -- we're told she worked as a hospital unit secretary. she's been with jackson health since 2005. it's believed she may have accessed the names of thousands of patients, their birthdays, social s surity numbers and home addresses. now the hospital released the statement that read i part, quote, the employee was placed on administrative leave pending termination proceedings. and all of her access to jackson's systems, facilities and patient information was immediately revoked. jackson health system is committed to patient confidentiality. the safety and security of our patients is a top priority. now, news of the possible breac come days after the jackson health department fired an operating nurse and a secretary for releasing
5:27 pm
player jason pier paul, he lost part of his finger in a fireworks accident last summer and then his medical chart ended up on espn. the hospital here was named in a lawsuit that has since been settled. jackson health says it is in the process of contacting thousands of patients who maid their information compromised. if you would like more information on exactly where all of this may have taken place as well as whether you can reach out to jmh you can head over to>> we're live tonight in miami. i'm carlos suarez, lococ10 news. >> carlos, though. >> also at 5:30, a young woman accused of a rolex robbery faced judge in miami today. this is not the first time she's been arrested for this. >> police say she meets her victims in bars, agrees to go home with them and that's where the situation changes drastically. >> local10 is live to explain. >> janine and victor it seems the way she chose their victims was
5:28 pm
>> tonight she's locked up, the 21-year-old from wisconsin is facing several charges, including. >> placing poison in food or water. armed burglary, strong armed robbery. grand theft. >> police say she has a type, targeting men witholex watches ask drugging them to get what she wants. coral gables police say that's her in the red dress. she allegedly met her victim atmore ton's restaurant. and -- that's when things went south. >> victim was drugged with a xanax benzo and he lost consciousness a fewinutes after having the drink. i guess when he woke up his rolex was ne and the gun was gone. >> this is her mo. she's facing similar charges in miami beach from an incident five days before. >> she's met judge at the sos hotel, pool and bar, after having drinks victim defendant returned to
5:29 pm
the victim had another drink, he fell asleep. he woke up, his rolex valued at $8,500 had disappeared. and other items as well. >> another one the month before. >> she is accused of meeting somebody, the victim falls asleep. when he wakes he realized the defendant had left and the victim had $70,000 worth of jewelry missing from the apartment. edges he was drugged by the defendant. >> williams is being held without bond. she has another court hearing scheduled f/r tomorrow. we are live in miami tonight, liane, local10 news. >> all right, liane, thank you. miami police say they've arrested five men response unilaterally for cargo thefts totally more than a million dollars. they were arrested in jacksonville back in january. they were accused of stealing tractor trailers full of sugar and
5:30 pm
the fifth suspect was arrested earlier today. police say the men were responsible for eight thefts in total worth more than $1.2 million. >> a church in over town is asking for your help after they were ripped off by vandals. someone stole all of the wiring in a building in the church that it purchased while it was being& renovated. as local10 jenise hernandez reports they have to repairs thousands of dollars in damage. >> we're talking about mission baptist church which is really a statement in overtown. they bought this building next door to serve as a living facility fofo the homeless, but look at this. they discovered about a week ago that seone broke these panels, stealing the wiring and now they're trying to figure out how t pay for all this damage. >> walking around this apartment buding you can see the damage. wires scattered everywhere. walls smashed in. broken windows and this isn't the first time something like this has happened. >> we were doing something good, but evil came so that the public n't know what we are doing. >> temple missionary baptist church
5:31 pm
they've been around for 86 years, but f@r years the apartment building right next door was a drug house. church goers would often see people passed out on the lawn. the church decided to buy the building and turn it into a temporary living facility for the homeless. >> we had no results from outside. all of it we have done ourselves. >> two years ago while the building was being renovated, crooks broke in and stole wiring. they were one expectation from opening this month. until last weekhen they discovered someone stole wiring again. the cost of all of this, more than $30,000. >> and this is how they believe the crooks were able to get inside. by throwing a rock through this window, breaking the glass, reaching into unlock it, giving them access to the entire secondfloor. >> the facility is meant to help people like theresa who have n place to call home and depend on the services this church offers. she and many others are hoping whoever did this will do the right thing and you were themselves in.
5:32 pm
report them to the police. because they stole from the h hse of god. >> evenly though this is a major set back for the church they are confident they will figure out a way to get this facility upnd running. in the meantime police are investigating and asking anyone with information to step forward. reporting in overtown, jenise hernandez, local10 news. >> a former teacher accused of digging his nails into a stupe's hand and leg pleaded guilty in a pepele courtroom. frededick mena. he was arrested last march when he wasorking as a double digit 10:00 school. he claimed he did this to the girl because he was frustrated she wasn't getting t correct answers. mena must go through therapy and month. if he violates his probation, he cocod spend up to 30 years in prison. >> a man accused of peeping into windows in pembroke pines is out of jail. he was released on bond today.
5:33 pm
he's facink several charges including burglary and aggravated stalking. he was caught on camera looking through women's' bedroom windows in pembroke pines late last year and also accused of fondling himself and trying to break into homes. he's been in jail since new year's eve. >> a wild story from palm b bch county where a man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly threw annual gator through a drive-thru window. >> but his parents say it was all a prank. it happened back in october at a wendy's restaurant in jupiter. the man's mother claims that her son was playing a prank on someone he knew who works at that restaurant. the three and a half foot long alligator, you can see right there was captured and safely released into a canal. josh james is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of annual gator. >> i feel bad for the people who work at that wendy's. >> a prank is like a rubber chicken. not annual gator. >> like a three and a half foot -- >> well at least it's in a canal living out its life.
5:34 pm
injuries after a man went on a violent rampage in lauderhill. one of those victims was left battered and bruised by the attack and you might be surprised about his attitude toward the man who beat him next at 6:00. >> shocking video of a canopy collapse and two workers that were on top of it. >> w w will show you a few fast and easy ways to erase those wrinkles
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in today's health watch we're talking about putting your best face forward.& valentine's day is on sunday so you may be have a special date planned. our health specialist kririi krueger shows us a few fast and easy ways to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles and get a healthy glow. >> it's the red carpet look, the bright dewey skin, but you don't have to be a scar to look like one.
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by day and a popular deejay at night. the last thing she wants is to look tired. >> your face is the first thing everybody sees, and so you need to take care of it. >> michelle is taking care of her skin with a couple of quick fixes. this device is called the p pelevet. radial tightening the skin andy racing the fine lines. >> is it produces new collagen so you keep getting better and better as the months go by. >> another quick fix is the tonight downed version of the laser which can be pretty aggressive. this is called clear and bright and it does smooth the skin but with no downtime. >> this device vacuums out impurities and then pusushes in the nutrients. >> we're forcing these anti-oxidants like the vitamin c's
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factors into the skin andd that gives you that glow and people walk out happy, very simple, painless with rosie, full hydratedkin. michelle says the quick treatments combined with a little botox give her a refreshed look like she's had a good night's sleep. > i like the glowingness and dewiness of the skin and the pumping of the skin as well. >> so with valentine's day coming and the oscars of course, a lot of dermatology offices and spaws are ofring deals on these quick fix treatments. for instance at the miami skin laser center right there that you saw they're bundling all three treatments up for $500. so it reallyoes pay to do a little bit of shopping around right now to get that rosie glow. >> in the newsroom with your health cast i'm kristi krueger. >> always glowing. love it. kristi, thank you. right now we want to take you to some live pictutus right now from the french quarter as mardi gras celebrations are reall starting to get going. mardi gras by the way means fat tuesday in french and it's
5:40 pm
drinking and eating and all that stuff before lent begins. the crews of zulu and rex started rolling through the streets earlier today. you can see they're on the balance balconies ready to throw some beads. >> the food is so good, but let me tell you something about the legendary cocktails, the hand grenades, skip past those. it 3 feet of pure sugar. >> it's a little early. there's never too early. >> maybe pace yourself. it's a marathon, not a sprint. now to this, a gas station awning collapsed in california. it was all caught on camera and when you see had video you might be made that nobody was seriously hurt. surveillance cameras nearby caught the moment the awning suddenly broke apart and collapsed. two maintenance workers were on tning at the time they were cleaning and told witnesses they noticed some cracks while they were checking things out.
5:41 pm
>> there was a car in there and i guess there was a passenger inside one of the cars and he got so scared that he just got out of the car running. >> and one worker had some minor injuries and was treated on the scenen the other worker fell with the awning all the way to the ground, but incredibly was not hurt. engineers are not inspecting the rest of the awning. the gas station is still closed today. >> on this tuesday, sort of cool, slightly gloomy, but betty has been telling us it's going to keep getting better and better. >> or colder and colder i think before then. right, betty. >> one or the two or both. there will be some improvements down the road. we'll get back into some sunshine eventually. but in the meantime, the focuss the temperatures and the fact that it gets cooler and cooler over the next 24 to 48 hours. especially with our mornin lows. we'll show you that in a second with the 7-day planner. in the meantime, though, high pressure sitting over the west. weather nice and quiet out over the west. ok at all these snow showers
5:42 pm
great lalkes region. mid-atlantic i think. very cold air entrenched over the east and more of that cold air spilling in our direction. today our highs only made it into the mid 60s between miami and fort lauderdale coming in at 60 search for mia and fll, 65 degrees. a good 10 plus degrees below average today, so we are settling into a cool evening as we stare out laurie and calvin the hollywood broad walk, not too many people out there at this point. mid to high level clouds araund, situation sway in the palm trees with that west wind sustained 10 to 15 miles an hour. our sky cast for the evening showing we will have some clouds around, but even with those clouds the forecast is d d and it is cool. but 10:00 tonight some of you may see some upper 50s out there. we are forecasting our lows to go down into the lower 50s tomorw as we're expecting a northwest wind to push more reinforcing cold air into the region. so that parade of cold fronts, it
5:43 pm
prepared for more@ chilly mornings. and then during the afternoons, temperatures make that climb toward the 60s. 67 degrees. if you're heading to the beaches, to 15 miles an hour miles an hour and the rip current risk should not be quite as high for tomorrow. so we're going to put it at slight. tatang the boats out, small craft advisory off miami-dade and browardthrough early tomorrow, so the morning and then after that, thin should easy a bit. a moderate chop on the bays. get ready forsome 50s in the morning. that's in our forecast plan. highs getting into the 60s forecasting 67, sun ask clouds, northwest wind, 40s in the forecast for thursday. yes, you did hear right. so quite the chill on the way for thursday morning. highs in the upper 60s. sunshine, more abundantly we think on thursday. iday, 50s to star the day. highs in the mid 70s. so we are planning on milder temperatures for the weekend. janine. >> beautiful. betty, thank you.
5:44 pm
get a check on the afternono rush with our traffic reporter jenis hernandez. >> i have to say it's been a bit ofan unusual commute because we haven't had a whole lot out there. i don't think anyone is really complaining about that. let's start with the palmetto expressway. there's a broken down car that is causing some problems. looks like those delays are really starting to pick up. there is a right lane blocked with speeds there at 15 miles per hour. checking out i-95 northbound, this is right around southwest eighth street, there is an accident there as well with speeds right now at 11 miles per hour. and as we crews off to broward county we do have one accident also on i-95, but this is as you're heading south right around cyprus creek road seeing some delays here as well with speeds clocking in at 19 miles per hour. janine. >> jenise, thank you. there are hundreds of animals in need of loving homes right here in
5:45 pm
advocate, jacey birch has a doberman that would like to meet. >> lucy is a beautiful gal, isn't she. just gorgeous. i'm jacey birch. we're here with doberman rescue leagag. this girl is special. she's been in foster care too long. i need a permanent pet parent, but she's not alone. i'm here with bruce and you have zeus. >> i have zeus. he was a stray and now he's up for adoption. >> of course. >> he's a 3-year-old and he's allll natural. that means he has his ears and his tail. >> oh, some romance. lucy and zeus sitting in a tree. kissing. >> maybe i'm not just an animal advocated. i'm i'm going to start a little row mansion department. i want you to check out lucy and zeus on slide down to the pet section and you can see all the dogs with drl. what's your favorite color?
5:46 pm
weekends i see a love connection that's it. romance is in the air. you guys can thanks me later. in the meantime i'll try and find you permanent pet homes. check them all out on with doberman rescue league. >> jacey, thank you. we have your tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. local10 is giving away tickets to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival. it attacks celebrity chefs from all over the world. head to our facebook page that's where you can enter. the news at 6:00 is just moments away. an 80-year-old man who was attacked by a stranger with a pipe is talking to local10 today and you might be surprised by his attitude toward the man who came after him. >> we have the scary surveillance video of an armed robber holding up a dollar general store full of customers and employees. >> two passengers heading to laguardia are arrested after authorities discoverer they were trying to sneak weapons on to the plane. >> the weather forecast for where
5:47 pm
meteorologist betty davis only on local10. your (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i s stched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come!
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don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the is considered one of the best in the world and their leader comes from right here in south florida and now he has a new book detailing his early days in i object either city and his rise to the top as he premiers a new dance piece here at home. neki mohan has more. >> when the curtain went up and the lightsent down and seeing the other company dance, my heart
5:50 pm
artistic direct year robert battle is the artistic director for the worl renowned alvin alley dance theater, a dream that began 20 years ago as a young boy growing up in miami city. he talks about the journey in his new book, my story, my dance. >> i if he will the story about when i was at miami northwestern i was picked on so much because i was a male dancer. called every name in the book. threatenen to be beaten up after school. >> battle beat the odds in so many ways. born in jacksonville with bow legs to a mother who could not raise him, he moved to miami to live with relatives who nurtured his soul in the church and encouraged the arts. he was drawn to dance and set up a field trip to see the alvin alely dance theater. >> revelations was that for me. >> andthat's what he hopes his book will do.
5:51 pm
may live in i am perished neighborhoods or less than ideal circumstances. he will premier awake things his new work in miami on february 18th. he hopes his story shows that hard work makes anything possible. >> i still go back to the little boy growing u in liberty city. the little boy who sat in the mango tree in ththback yard and imagined himself performing for thousands of people. >> neki mohan, local10 news. >> thank you. returns to art center next week. >> i've never seen it. i've always wantnt to. and i've erred not only is the athleticism amazing,ut i think the stories behind some of those stories are also really powerful as well. >> love it. that's going to do it for local10 news at 530. laurie and calvin back for the news at 6:00. >> thanks a lot. >> absolutely. >> look at this shot. at 6:00 today. bloodied and bruised and now telling a story.
5:52 pm
survived a wild rampage. >> your weather authority knows how low the temps will go. >> two grew some crime scenes. >> a mother making a painful plea as her son remains missing today and the teen's father locked up. >> tonight the first presidential primary, glenna milberg is live in new hampshire for it all. >> plus getting around mia just got a whole lot easier. the news at 6:00 starts now. >> live the one and only local10 news starts. >> they didn'tsk for money, didn't ask for anything. >> a left blood b blood he'd and bruised after a severe attack. >> the same suspect police say continued his violent rampage with a sword. tonight, two survivors after two horrifying attacks. >> those images of really hard to watch and also just@ hard to
5:53 pm
>> so what would make a man violently attack two different people in two different places? derek shore spoke with one of the victims today. he's live in lauderhill. this is the suspect we're talking about here, 21-year-old javon walker and this is his alleged victim. this 81-year-old man left badly bruised after an attack that took place here at the shell station. that man was just trying to get some gas. >> suddenly i was struck. >> douglas brochet's injnjies are perhaps just as hard to look at as the video of the attack t tat caused them. a brutal unprovoked beating in a gas station has left the 81-year-old with a black and blue face, 18 stitches in his face and a story you can't makeup. >> he was aggressive and he came and struck me with a piece of iron or something. >> it happened sunday morning at this lawsuit hill shay station.
5:54 pm
when the suspect identified by
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